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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 9, 2007 on GL
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Monday, July 9, 2007

Gus meets up with Harley at the Spaulding mansion where he finds that Harley has put handcuffs on Rafe. Gus is disturbed that she has done that. Harley explains to Gus that Rafe assaulted Rick and refused to cooperate with her when she told him to go with her outside to wait for Gus. Harley goes on to tell Gus that Rick had to go to the hospital. She tells Gus how cozy Rafe and Alan looked with one another when she arrived. She is worried and wants to know how she can help. Gus tells her a good start would be to remove the handcuffs from Rafe. As Gus unlocks the handcuffs, Rafe looks at Harley and asks her if all this was because of Daisy. The three return home where Daisy immediately embraces Rafe and asks if he is okay. Gus and Harley scramble to figure out what they should do about the living arrangements now that they know how Rafe and Daisy feel about one another. They don't want Rafe to lose his place in the better school district. Daisy, not wanting Rafe to be kicked out of the house, offers to move in with Dylan. After some consideration, Gus and Harley agree with that plan...only with some ground rules. Talking separately with the teens, the adults tell the two that for at least a few weeks they can't have contact with one another. The teens don't like this idea.

On Main Street, Josh confronts Alan, telling him that he needs to talk to him. An eavesdropping Cassie looks horrified as she is certain Josh will tell Alan the truth about Beth's baby. Alan goes on a second-guessing rant, refusing to hear what Josh has to say. In frustration, Josh leaves without telling him anything more than to have a good day. Cassie leaves for Cedars where she witnesses Beth confessing to Rick that she had once been playing him in order to build up a case for her as a good mother in court. Rick tells her that that is all in the past. While he is having his nose examined, Beth goes to get something to eat. Cassie follows her to Main Street and warns Beth to stay close to Rick and away from Alan. After Cassie leaves, Beth is perplexed by their strange conversation.

Back at Cedars, Josh runs into Rick and tells him what he knows about the baby's paternity. Though he won't reveal how he knows, he convinces Rick that the test results had been switched and that Alan is actually the father of Beth's baby. He says he has told him this news because someday down the line, it may be medically important for the baby. While he won't at first believe it, Rick realizes that Josh wouldn't make up such a story. He is devastated by the news and asks Josh if Alan knows. Josh assures Rick that he will tell no one else what he knows...the rest is up to Rick. Rick thanks Josh for doing the right thing. When Rick leaves, Josh calls Cassie and asks her to meet him before the baptism rehearsal. When they meet, Josh fills her in on his meeting with Rick. Cassie says that she hopes Rick keeps the secret. When she asks if her actions have caused a problem between her and Josh, Josh assures her that they may disagree on some things, but he still loves her.

Coop makes a surprise visit to Ashlee's room. While he waits on the other side of the door, she hurriedly tries to clean up her room, stashing books and clothes under the bed and in the closet. Just as she is opening the door, she spies some of her underwear on the desk and stuffs it in her shirt. While doing this, she accidentally bangs the door into Coop's forehead. While still reeling from the comic blow, he invites her out for an early dinner. She agrees to go but needs to change clothes first. Looking in her bathroom mirror, Ashlee confides in her reflection that Coop actually wants to go out with her. When the two are at Company for dinner, Coop warns Ashlee to stay away from Alan for a while. Since Alan helped get her out of Juvenile Hall, Coop is afraid that Alan will demand some sort of payback. Ashlee agrees to heed Coop's warning just as Alan walks in. Coop forces Alan back outside and tells him to leave Ashlee alone. Alan tells him he has bigger problems. Coop says that he doesn't want Alan to then come after Ashlee once his current dilemmas are resolved. Alan takes Coop's hand and assures him that he is not going to go after Ashlee.

While Coop and Alan are outside of Company, Doris and Ashlee have a confrontation inside. Doris notices that Ashlee seems more self assured. Ashlee informs her mother that it is because Ashlee no longer has Doris on her back. Ashlee puts it on the line with Doris that Ashlee is now her own woman, not her mother's puppet. Doris still doesn't seem to have much of a clue. As Coop ushers Ashlee out of Company, Doris calls after her daughter to help her stuff campaign envelopes later. When Coop and Ashlee are gone, Doris prattles on about something to Alan who is definitely distant. Alan ignores what Doris has been saying and announces to her that he is ready to reclaim what is his. He leaves Doris and goes to Beth and Rick's suite. At the suite, Rick has had a chance to tell Beth about the baby's true parentage, but chooses not to. As they discuss baby names, Alan arrives and shocks them both by saying the baby should be raised by her biological parents. While they are skeptical of his sincerity, they accept it. After Alan leaves, Rick seems almost ready to confess all to Beth, but once again opts not to.

With their encounters with Doris and Alan over, Ashlee and Coop return to Ashlee's room. She has rented a movie and invites Coop in to watch it. He accepts. While watching the movie, Ashlee brushes against Coop and he seems to find himself aroused and excuses himself to the bathroom. While he is trying to cool himself down, Ashlee walks in and seems to see his problem.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The show opens with a review of the Coop and Ashlee scene from yesterday, where Coop became aroused after Ashlee leaned across him while she was reaching for the remote control. Coop is embarrassed about what happened, and after some awkward moments, he apologizes profusely and tries to leave. When he opens the door, he and Ashlee are surprised to see Ava is standing there holding a bouquet of flowers. Ava notices Coop and Ashlee were watching a movie together, and Coop and Ashlee both hint to Ava that she shouldn't stay. Ava gets the hint and leaves. Coop now doesn't feel the need to leave, since his "condition" has changed. Still embarrassed, he apologizes to Ashlee for the uncomfortable situation, and an interested Ashlee responds that she was flattered! He still feels he should go, after everything which has happened, while Ashlee tries to make him feel at ease and encourages him to stay. Just then, Buzz barges in without knocking, looks around and sees what looks like signs of a date night. He asks if he came at a bad time. Coop nervously says "no", while Ashlee says "yes"!

However, they say their goodbyes and Coop gives Ashlee a hug, then leaves, as does Buzz. Coop's nervous actions in the hall leaves Buzz speculating about what's going on with the Ashlee and his son.

Later, Ava shows up at Ashlee's door again, this time bringing a box of chocolates, saying it was another "Welcome Home" gift. Suspicious, yet confidant, Ashlee asks why. Ava sarcastically tells her that she thought if Ashlee had another movie night, she could give her "friends" some chocolate. Ashlee, aware of Ava's sarcasm, retorts that she is phoniness! As they continue their catty discussion, Ava tells Ashlee she doesn't want to see her get hurt by getting her hopes up, then having her heart broke. Ashlee tells Ava if she wants to fight for Coop, bring it on!

On Main Street, Jeffrey arrives for a meeting Olivia has scheduled with him. Since Olivia didn't say what the meeting was about, Jeffrey asks her, and she nervously says she wants to see him. Jeffrey, now looking confused, says she's seeing him now. Eventually, Olivia is able to get him to understand that she wants to see him socially, date him. As they talk, she explains that she feels she has to "fish or cut bait." She has to make a move one way or the other to explore possibilities of a relationship with him; she has to get out of the limbo she's in. Jeffrey is kind and shows his interest in this, and they plan to have dinner at his place. She tells him the first knock on his door will be room service delivering dinner, and the second knock will be her.

While Olivia is getting ready for her date, Ava stops by, saying she is returning a purse, but Olivia also senses she has something else on her mind. Ava describes what she just saw with Coop and Ashlee, and expresses how she finds it hard to believe Coop could really be interested in Ashlee, of all people. Olivia encourages her to go after Coop if she wants him. Ava realizes Olivia has a date, and learns it is with her father, Jeffrey.

Meanwhile, back at Jeffrey's apartment, Reva arrives with papers that show how Alan and Doris are trying to put her in jail. Jeffrey looks it over and can see its more antics designed to cause Reva grief. He sits down with the intent to look over the papers briefly, but ends up getting more involved. There's a knock at the door, and room service arrives with the dinner sent by Olivia. Reva notes how good it looks, and Jeffrey, now engrossed in paperwork, tells her to help herself, which she does! She's eating the dinner and drinking the wine that was sent, while discussing the case with Jeffrey as he continues to be distracted by the case, forgetting about his plans with Olivia. Another knock at the door and Olivia arrives, seeing Reva eating her dinner and drinking her wine. Jeffrey realizes he forgot about their date and apologizes sincerely. But Olivia is quite upset, walks over to the food, tells Jeffrey he looks like he was about ready for desert, and throws a piece of cake in his face. She walks out. As Jeffrey cleans the cake off of his face, he and Reva get into a chat about how he has these two women and yet he's not "gettin' any." Reva suggests a way to solve that problem: she and he are romantically involved, especially in public, and this way, he'll "get some" and it will rattle Olivia. Jeffrey scoffs at the idea, saying he'll pass on what he thinks would be little gestures like a pat on the backside and a peck on the cheek. Reva, playfully insulted, says not to knock it until he's had one of her pecks! He challenges her, saying, "Try me." She kisses him. He thinks it's "not bad", she challenges him, and he gives her a sample of his kisses. After a brief pause, the now excited pair ravages each other and has sex. Afterwards, the two friends decide they can continue to have a fun time within the boundaries of being friends only.

As Marina and Cyrus prepare to leave the hospital after visiting with Dinah, Marina steps away for a minute to check on a case, and invites Cyrus back to her place for another chance at time alone with him. He agrees, and just after she leaves, another woman approaches Cyrus, calling him by name. She is Terry Drones from immigration services, telling him his application for a green card has some problems with it. She tells him outright she is blackmailing him, and he needs to pay her or she'll have him "tossed from our golden shores." She says he'll hear from her later. Cyrus tells her she'll hear from him as well. Later, Cyrus watches for Terry to leave her room, then lets himself in and looks through her things. When he finds a red, lacy bra, he pauses, and appears to have just had a brilliant idea; he smiles.

Dinah prepares to leave the hospital, and is listening while the doctor tries to tell her not to try to take in too much information; take things slow, avoid situations which could be over-stimulating, such as places with crowds or loud noises. She listens, but seems to begin to be confused. When Mallet walks in, she smiles in relief at the comfort she feels with him. As he leaves for a moment to finalize her release, he hands her the cell phone and tells her she should call her mom with the good news. After he leaves the room, Dinah stares at the phone not knowing what to do with it. She fumbles a while, accidentally opens it, and continues to handle it with a sense of confusion. Cyrus walks in at this time, and Dinah looks at him with uncertainty. We hear her internal dialogue search for his name, as she seems to have vague, familiar feelings about him from the past. He is gentle and kind with her, and offers to help her with the phone, but she cautiously distances herself and asks him, "Shouldn't you be in jail?" Marina enters, telling Dinah how Cyrus has been worried and helpful. When Dinah hears the name "Cyrus", she remembers. Mallet returns, and Dinah clutches his hand as if she feels safer with him. Mallet senses something's troubling Dinah and asks her, but she only says she wants to go home.

Dinah arrives home, and stands in the doorway, scanning the room, trying to remember. Not long after, there's a knock at the door, which startles Dinah - its Matt coming to check on her. Dinah recognizes him, asks him if her mom dumped him, then realizes that may have not been an appropriate thing to say. Another knock at the door by a flower delivery person shakes Dinah even more. Mallet leaves to pick up food he ordered, leaving Matt alone with Dinah. Dinah immediately excuses herself and goes into the bathroom, where she curls up and sits in a corner. After some time passes, Matt goes to her and gently asks if she's alright, telling her she's been in there for a while. Through her tears, Dinah confides she feels blocked, she wants the words to come but they don't come. She's having trouble with the little details, and she is worried about Mallet noticing this about her, so she tries to hide it. Matt reminds her it's her first day home and she'll be able to do better over time. He advises her to watch and learn and make herself some notes to help her remember. He continues to help her, explaining how the answering machine works. Mallet returns with the food, and Dinah is happy to see him, feeling secure with him near.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Inside the Light: New Perspective

Harley, Gus, Dylan, Rafe, and Daisy deal with the new living arrangements. As the kids instant message each other, Harley and Gus discuss managing through them throughout the rest of the year. Gus says that, if it were he and Harley, no one would ever have been able to keep them apart. Harley smiles, saying that she wishes it had been her instead of Natalia. Meanwhile, Rafe sneaks out of the house, goes to Dylan's hotel room and easily talks Daisy into running away with him. Later, Dylan arrives at Gus and Harley's with a letter from Daisy that she took off. They then discover that Rafe is missing. After rounding up Natalia, Alan and Buzz, the parents search for their children.

As they split up, Gus and Natalia search together. Gus hugs her because she's so upset. He notes how nice she looks. Rafe and Daisy stop by Rafe's mother's apartment to figure out what they are going to do. After looking around with no luck, Gus and Natalia return to her apartment. The kids hear Gus and Natalia approaching and sneak out through the fire escape. Gus advises her to stay there and wait for him to call. Again she hugs him. Remy enters to catch the embrace. He's willing to help Gus search while Natalia waits at home.

After a short while, Alan knocks on Natalia's door. He tells her how important family is. He notices that they both are all dressed up with nowhere to go. Natalia doesn't need him to wait with her. Alan makes himself comfortable, deciding that she shouldn't be alone. He wonders why she didn't call him back the other day and Natalia says that she didn't know how to approach things with him. She notes that Rafe has taken to Alan rather quickly.

Meanwhile, Dylan and Harley work together to find the kids. They wind up at Company and Dylan breaks out a couple glasses of wine. Harley isn't interested in wine. She wants to find the kids. Dylan is relaxed confident that Daisy will be fine.

Rafe and Daisy wind up on Main Street. They hide behind a wall, trying to figure out where to go when they overhear Dylan and Harley on Main Street looking for them. It's dark and we hear crickets in the background as Dylan and Harley wearily sit on the Main Street bench. Dylan attempts a trip or two down memory lane, but he just sparks in Harley another idea for them to check the high school. The kids manage to avoid being seen by Daisy's parents. They decide to sneak onto the Spaulding estate and steal the keys to the lake house.

At the same time, Alan flirts a little with Natalia. Thomas calls him to say that the kids tried to get onto the estate. He and Natalia rush over there. At the mansion, Alan pours Natalia a drink. He confides that the last few days have been pretty rough for him. They discuss his loss of Beth and hers of Rafe, who lives with Gus now. Natalia wonders if Alan really cares for Rafe. Alan is grateful to Rafe for being there for him on the fourth. Rafe is always welcome at the mansion. In fact, he shows her where the keys to the house are. Just then, he notices the keys to the lake house are gone.

Meanwhile, Harley and Dylan wind up at his hotel room. Harley goes through Daisy's computer as they talk about what a good time they had a teens. He romanticizes their relationship, but Harley deems them merely horny teenagers. Dylan wishes that they had met when they were a little older. Harley laughs that she said the same thing to Gus in reverse, but then they wouldn't have Daisy. Dylan tries to kiss her, saying that they'd have each other. Harley pulls away and the moment is awkward.

Meanwhile, Gus and Remy look for the kids. On Main Street, Remy is accosted by Jimbo about where his money is. Remy wants to set up another date to gamble, maybe win his money back. Gus butts in and tells Jimbo that Remy was undercover when he gambled with him. When the case is over, Jimbo will get what's coming to him.

Once at the lake house, Daisy and Rafe immediately get intimate. Daisy sits on his lap and they kiss. Daisy offers to cook something, but there's nothing in the kitchen. They decide to go skinny-dipping. Rafe wobbles and faints on the floor. Daisy kneels down, shaking him.

As Alan thinks about the key to the lake house being missing, Natalia receives a call from Daisy. Something is wrong with Rafe. Alan deducts that they are at the lake house. Natalia and Alan rush there. They throw open the door and Natalia shrieks.

Meanwhile, at the Beacon, Dylan is not sorry for kissing Harley. He wonders about what could have been. Harley sighs and her phone rings. Annoyed, she asks whoever is on the other end what they want. She hangs up. To Dylan, she says, "The hospital," and they take off.

At Company, Gus wonders what if Natalia had been around to meet Jimbo. Remy claims he wouldn't put her in danger. Gus thinks Remy should concentrate on finding the kids instead of trying to get into Natalia's pants. Remy smugly says that he's glad Gus can finally admit his jealousy of Remy because he can be with Natalia while Gus can't. Just then Gus receives a phone call that the kids have been found.

At the lake house, Natalia tries giving Rafe juice. It doesn't work, so they go to the hospital. Gus and Natalia hug again when Gus arrives. The two talk to Rafe while Harley and Dylan talk to Daisy. Gus tells Rafe not to do this any more. He says that he'll miss him if he disappears from his life. Harley begs Daisy not to run away any more each time she gets mad.

Daisy goes in to see Rafe. Natalia and Gus stand together on one side of the waiting room. Dylan and Harley stand together on the other side. Harley and Gus stare at each other strangely.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dinah is alone in the apartment and is frustrated that she can't make the alarm clock stop ringing. She reads her notes and turns off the alarm. She next becomes even more frustrated that she doesn't remember how to open the closet door.

Mallet talks to Frank on Main St. about taking more time off to be with Dinah, and even resigning from the crime commission. He then calls Dinah and asks if she wants to get out a little, saying he wants to bring her to Company for a little party, that her friends are anxious to see her again. She pretends to be happy about this. We then see her trying to figure out how to button her blouse and having problems doing that. Mallet soon comes home and see that her blouse is not buttoned properly, and thinks she did that on purpose to get him to fix her buttons and teasing him in that way, but as he starts to go for more with her, she says no, they shouldn't be late for the party, so he just continues to fix her buttons.

As they approach the diner, Dinah pauses and stares at the "Company" sign, and Mallet thinks that she is disappointed that the party isn't at a nicer place like Towers, and he tells her he thought keeping it low-key would be best. Still trying to hide her struggles from him, she says it's perfect. The camera shows us what it was like from Dinah's point of view as she enters a sea of confusion, which shows on her face but only Matt notices. People talk to her as if she is perfectly fine, for example, Remy asking her about going back to work at the TV station and her fans, but she seems confused by all of this. Matt keeps a close on her from a distance. Later, Matt and Dinah are talking, as Matt encourages her to let Mallet help her. She becomes upset when she can't remember Remy's name, and leaves the diner.

At the party, Alex and Frank share notes on their attempts to keep Cyrus and Marina apart, Frank thanking Alex for the tip on them being together recently so that he could interfere. Franks asks what's in it for her, but she avoids saying too much by answering it keeps her driver safer if he's not distracted.

Now on Main St., Dinah fumbles through her purse and drops it. A jogger runs by, which frightens Dinah. Mallet comes along and finds a trembling Dinah, but she seems to feel much safer with him around. They sit down on a bench, and he apologizes for trying to have her do too much, too soon. She is sad that others may have noticed her not being quite right, and he assures her they didn't. He tells her that he is taking some time off from work to be with her. She says she doesn't want him to change his life for her, but he lovingly tells her that she is his life, and everything else is just "stuff."

Marina and Cyrus are at Company for the party when Cyrus sees the immigration woman, Terry, outside. He goes outside to try to charm her into a solution to his green card problem, but Terry informs him it won't work because she likes women, not men, and names her price of says he needs to find a way to get the $100,000 blackmail money fast. She suggests that he gets involved with Alex so that he can have access to her money, which will take care of Terry and be a good thing for him too. Terry leaves, and Cyrus sits alone on the bench, feeling unsure what to do. Marina comes out and sits with him, as he tells her that sometimes outside factors can get in the way of other things that should be simpler. As they sit closely together, Alex appears telling Cyrus she wants to leave now. Cyrus tells Marina he'll call her later.

At the mansion, Alex takes the pearls off and puts them away in the safe while Cyrus watches, but leaves before Alex closes the safe door. When she turns around, she sees that Cyrus is gone, and she goes into another room. As soon as she closes the door, Cyrus re-enters, and pauses as we hear his internal thoughts noting how easy it would be to break into the safe, wondering how much Spaulding security gets paid (if it's $100,000, the amount he needs for Terry), and guessing that the pearls are worth at least that much, and deciding that the Spauldings are so rich that they wouldn't miss one strand of pearls, he starts to walk toward the safe, but Alex enters the room and he quickly acts as if he's fixing himself a drink. She tells him she wanted to share his company, and he says he'd like that.

Reva and Jeffrey chat about how nice their "no strings attached" relationship is as they move from the bedroom to the living room and have a cup coffee, dressed comfortably, Reva wearing his shirt and he wearing a robe! Someone knocks on the door, and then Josh announces to Jeffrey that he knows he's in there because Mel told him he was working from home. Jeffrey and Reva do some scrambling but Reva decides not to hide, and Jeffrey answers the door. He steps into the hall and partially closes the door behind him. Josh says he's looking for Reva, and Reva cheerfully shouts from inside "I'm right in here", as Jeffrey opens the door and a surprised Josh sees Reva half-dressed as she is. Jeffrey hurriedly gets dressed and leaves so Josh and Reva can talk privately.

Josh tells Reva he was looking for her to tell her that he saw the DVD of Cassie changing the DNA results and that Cassie is aware that he knows now too. Reva tells him she's surprised that he would keep the secret if Rick wanted him to, not because Josh wants to be a minister, but because it isn't typical of Josh's nature. As she gets dressed, they continue talking, with Reva knowing the look that Josh had on his face when he saw her there in Jeffrey's room and knowing he was being judgmental yet also jealous, and tried to get him to admit this while being flirty at the same time. Josh listens to Reva as she tells him that she could tell as soon as he walked in that he didn't like her sleeping with Jeffrey, and asks him to consider why he feels that way, if it's because he's a lady's man, he's a bad boy, or because he looks a little too much like Richard. All of this appears to have an effect on Josh, and after a lingering moment, he responds by saying that he only came to tell her that Rick is the only one who knows, so she shouldn't say anything to anyone else. Reva calls him out, in a flirty way, saying that he is on this path that doesn't have him admit to anything (like his feelings for her) because that way he doesn't have to own up it. He only says that it's up to Rick now, and he leaves, but gives her one more look before he goes. Reva smiles, knowing she got to him and after he is gone, she says, "Snap!" to herself!

On Main St., Olivia see Jeffrey, whose appearance is rather shabby due to his rapid exit from his apartment, and they begin to talk about what happened on their failed attempt at a date night. Olivia apologizes for jumping to the conclusion that he was sleeping with Reva, as Jeffrey squirms a bit, knowing that he now is sleeping with Reva. This also makes him more edgy and snips at Olivia about trust. Just as Olivia is snipping back about the same, Alex appears and interjects how she's not sure she can trust Olivia because Olivia is calling Alan behind her back, which makes Alex wonder if Olivia is working with Alan to go against her. This now makes Jeffrey aware that Olivia has called Alan, and he now knows that she is the one trying to go after Reva, which causes more tension between Jeffrey and Olivia. She tries to explain that she is trying to protect him form getting hurt by Reva. Olivia feels he's been playing her for months, while he calls it "trying to make things right", which Olivia sees as something he's doing for himself and not for her, she calls him insensitive, he is upset that collide instead of talk and it may be best to forget everything since they can't seem to fix it. After a few more comments, he blurts out that he is sleeping with Reva, and that she un-complicated. She reminds him of how he stopped her wedding and now asks why he says he doesn't know, and walks away.

Josh comes into the diner, Olivia sees him, and soon they are sitting together, talking. Olivia tells of her concern about Reva and Jeffrey spending too much time together, and preacher-in-training Josh tries to council her. They have a lovely, friendly talk, as she expresses concern that her friend Cassie may get "flattened by the Josh/Reva steamroller." The conversation ends with Olivia saying she's still holding the ballroom for their wedding, but she's not holding her breath.

Jeffrey comes home, upset after talking with Olivia, and finds Reva, also upset about her visit with Josh. Reva starts to leave, reminding Jeffrey that they aren't supposed to whine about their past loves to each other, but Jeffrey coaxes her into an alcohol game after calling her chicken! The game is called "How stupid am I?", where they each complete the question that starts with "how stupid am I...." And try to out-do each other, the loser takes a drink. They each state their very complicated situations with Josh and Olivia as they drink. When Reva refers to herself as the "Slut of Springfield" as part of the game, they begin a silly session of calling each other a slut, Jeffrey being declared the bigger slut and the winner of the game! After they each drink another shot, Jeffrey poses the question "Ya know who the bigger loser is?" and after a pause, they each fill in that blank Jeffrey saying "Josh", and Reva saying "Olivia", then the drunken pair laugh hysterically, then kiss.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Natalia is relieved to hear Rafe can go home, and rushes into Gus' arms. When Alan gives Rafe an over-the-top gift, Natalia tells Rafe he can't keep it. Gus wants Alan to stay out of Rafe's life. When he's gone, Alan warns Natalia that it's Harley she needs to look out for. Terri demands $100,000 from Cyrus by the end of the day or she'll deport him. Jealous Marina decides to flirt with Remy, and Cyrus calls Marina out on it. He pulls her in for a kiss when he realizes he needs to leave to get the money. Marina tries to make sense of it all. Meanwhile, Cyrus successfully gets his hands on Alex's pearls, she walks in. Even though Dylan wants Daisy to stay with him, he agrees to let Harley take her back home. Harley tells Gus that Daisy is moving back home, and he accuses her of choosing her kid over his. Rafe tells Daisy that maybe they should "mellow out," and a heartbroken Daisy storms off as Rafe aches over what he's just done. Gus says he'll bring Rafe back to his house, regardless of what Harley wants Natalia and Rafe are as much a part of his life as Harley is. Alan presents Harley an idea of how to save her marriage: let Rafe move in with him.

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