One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 2, 2007 on OLTL

Miles kept Todd hidden and drugged. Blair learned Todd's location and realized it was Marty's place. Cole found Todd, and Miles blackmailed Cole into helping him out. Jessica and Antonio divorced, but Antonio and Talia grew closer. Jessica and Nash shared a bed and their feelings.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 2, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, July 2, 2007

Marty continues to refuse John's help as she believes she's protecting him from Miles. A frustrated John has no choice but to accept Marty's decision but clearly isn't giving up on her. Meanwhile, Miles is shocked and horrified when Hunter arrives on his doorstep with Todd in a body bag. Although he's in cahoots with Hunter, Miles is genuinely shaken by the turn of events. After getting paid off by Miles, Hunter leaves him with a still unconscious but alive Todd. Miles has a close call when Marty returns home but manages to stash Todd in the storage room without being seen. In Chicago, Blair, Rex and Cristian pressure a scared Sarah for answers but she has little to tell them. Rex and Cristian decide to stay in Chicago to keep an eye on Sarah after convincing Blair to return home to Llanview. Viki is speechless over David's indecent proposal but is charmed by him nonetheless. An exasperated Clint fills Nora in on what happened between Dorian, David and Viki. Dorian is forced to eat crow in front of Nora as she apologizes to Clint. Dorian hopes Clint can find it in his heart to forgive her. Michael is anxious to have more children but a privately troubled Marcie seems content to just focus on Tommy.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Miles keeps Todd sedated and hidden in the storage room at Marty's apartment building. Miles tells an unconscious Todd that he only has himself to blame for the predicament he's in. Cole and Marty are civil towards Miles, who wants to have a real family more than anything. Meanwhile, Blair is completely honest with Starr about everything that happened in Chicago concerning Todd. Blair and Starr drop in on Cole and Marty wanting to lay down some ground rules for the kids seeing each other. Marty and Cole are surprised by Miles' strong reaction when Cole states he's going to retrieve a box from the storage room. In Chicago, Rex and Cristian remain suspicious that Sarah knows more than she's saying but she insists that isn't the case. Sarah tells Rex and Cristian why she chooses to live her life the way she does. Talia helps Antonio home from the hospital and they're greeted by Carlotta and Jamie. Talia can't help but be affected by the sight of a shirtless Antonio. Jessica wants to throw a party for her family and friends as she and Nash look forward to getting back to a normal life

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Talia takes Antonio's shirt off and removes his bandage. He asks her how bad it is. She doesn't say anything but looks flustered at seeing Antonio shirtless. Antonio asks if there's going to be a scar. She tells him there will be one, but it won't be that bad. She thinks scars give a person character. They compare various scars they have, until Talia abruptly stops when things start to heat up. She finishes dressing the wound. He thanks her, but she tells him that she'll collect at some point. He teases her about just buttering him up. Talia asks him if he thinks there is more to their relationship, which he does. Talia is shocked and thinks he means more than what he actually does until he clarifies that she's the only one who's been totally honest with him. Antonio begins to get down on himself, but cheers up at the fact that he is at home. Later on, Jamie and Antonio invite Talia to stay and watch the fireworks.

Lindsay and Roxy put down a blanket for a picnic with Michael and Marcie. Roxy talks about Bastille Day, calling it Brassiere Day. That reminds Mike that they need to get Tommy some new clothes. Marcie thinks that they should get together all of Tommy's old clothes and donate them. Roxy mentions that they should save the old clothes for the next Little McBain. Lindsay and Roxy start to fight about Roxy having a big mouth, but Michael breaks it up. He tells the women that he and Marcie are planning on having more kids, so they can just relax about it. Marcie says that they're just enjoying Tommy while they can. Later Michael and Marcie start to have a serious discussion about having more kids. Lindsay and Roxy walk in on it, and awkwardly avoid the conversation. Mike reassures Marcie that they can take as much time as she needs before they have more children.

Nash and Jessica wake up in each other's arms. Jessica tells him he should start cooking, which prompts him to make out with her. She pushes him off the couch to clarify that he should start barbecuing. Brennan wakes up and Jess mentions that they have to legally change her name to Bree. Nash is reluctant to do that until Jess mentions that once she and Nash get married, their daughter's name will be Brennan Brennan. Nash concedes that her name should be changed. As Nash prepares the grill, Jessica says that she's going to call reinforcements because of the amount of food they have.

Meanwhile, Miles stops Cole from going to the storage room to look for his swimsuit. He then gives Cole some money to buy a new one. Marty is appalled at first, but then realizes that it would take too long for Cole to search the storage room for a swimsuit and convinces him to just wear a pair of shorts. Starr and Cole go to his room to pick some out, and Marty tells Miles he has a lot to learn about parenting. As Cole and Starr head out, Marty gets all the necessary information from them. Miles abruptly mentions sunblock to them, which brings the conversation to an awkward halt. Once the kids leave, Miles tries to get Marty to give him some information about Cole so that they can start acting like a real family. She tells him it's going to take a lot of time for that to happen. Just then, the phone rings. Jessica's calling to invite Marty and Miles to the vineyard for a picnic. Marty tries to decline the offer, but Miles takes over and accepts.

At Dorian's, Starr and Cole mock Miles as she puts sunblock on Cole. Cole teases her about having to call him mom because Dorian isn't there. Starr squirts a large amount of sunblock on him and they playfully wrestle. Later on, Cole mentions that they'll need a new plan if they want to figure out if Miles is behind Todd's disappearance. Starr tells Cole about the lead Blair got in Chicago, and then worries that if Miles is behind it, Miles could be dangerous. Cole doesn't care and vows to continue to help her find Todd.

Marty and Miles arrive at the vineyard with pie. Miles and Nash go inside the house to get the corn ready while Marty and Jessica tend to the grill. Later they prepare the table. As they all sit down, Miles asks Marty to renew their vows in town in front of their friends and family. Marty counters by saying that she doesn't want the extra attention. She lies about their wedding, telling Jessica and Nash that is was nice and intimate. Nash thinks eloping is a good idea, but Jessica knows her family is too traditional to go for that idea. Marty quickly adds that she's not traditional at all.

Dorian remembers walking out on Clint the night before and berates herself for being so stupid to chase after David and Viki. She's surprised to find Clint arriving. He says that it's time for an apology. Dorian starts to apologize again, but Clint stops her and apologizes to her. He says that she was just acting honestly, and he wasn't. She says she's trying to change, but he tells her she doesn't have to. They kiss. Clint then suggests that Viki and Dorian should call a truce. Dorian slowly warms up to the idea, and when she fully accepts it, Clint begins to have second thoughts. She wants to go right away.

Meanwhile at Llanfair, Viki brings David some orange juice. He makes a face because it has no champagne in it. He then asks her what's on her mind, and she simply says she's looking forward to a leisurely day celebrating the nation's birth. He not very subtly asks her if they had sex because he found himself naked in her bed that morning. Viki tells him that he fell asleep during the movie and she decided to sleep in the guest room because he was snoring, but she has no clue how he got naked. He starts to do his Tai Chi and offers to help Viki unblock herself. She declines, and then he whines that it's too late to do Tai Chi. Viki feigns disappointment. He then offers to help her unblock in a different way. He gives her a back massage, which she is really enjoying. She asks him where he learned that, prompting him to reminisce. As he compliments her on how sexy she is, Dorian and Clint make their presence known.

As Dorian and Clint offer a truce, Dorian gets distracted by David's ankle GPS. Clint prods her to continue, but when she remains too flustered he takes over. They all agree to be nicer to each other. Viki says she could be more welcoming of Clint and Dorian, and Clint admits he's had his bad moments. Dorian stumbles for something to say until Clint prompts her to be more gracious to Viki. David suggests that he could wear more clothes. After all this, Viki invites Dorian and Clint to stay for a picnic and to watch the fireworks.

While Clint is grilling, David brings him a cosmo, which Clint refuses to drink. Viki comes up and brings the cooked meat to the table. She and Dorian snipe at each other about David. Dorian brings up his not so fine qualities, and Viki counters every one of them, saying nice things about David. Viki then mentions David's snoring, which shuts Dorian up quickly.

After eating, Viki asks Clint how much of the truce his idea was. He lies, saying it was mainly Dorian's idea. David then tells Dorian that she could have easily been the recipient of his massage instead of Viki. Then the fireworks start to go off.

While watching the fireworks, Clint and Dorian stand very close to each other. David walks and stands near Viki to keep her company. Antonio, Jamie, and Talia watch them from his fire escape, while Talia looks longingly at him. Starr and Cole cuddle by the pool. Michael cuddles with Marcie, but she looks worried after Lindsay turns to look at her. Miles puts his arm around Marty, who looks disturbed to be with him. Jess and Nash cuddle and tell each other, "I love you."

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Marcie is keeping something from Michael. She can't have children and she's been advised by several doctors that fertility drugs would be of no use. She cries to Lindsay who informs her what, in reality, makes a mother. It's not just giving birth she tells her. Marcie has no plans of telling Michael any time soon as he's been through too much in the past year.

Cris and Rex put up with cold showers and cold coffee as they wait on some kind of word from Hunter. Sarah assures them that he won't return and the guys figure he's probably already dumped Todd's body somewhere. As Sarah makes fun of Rex talking in his sleep, the phone rings. It's Hunter, who won't give up any information but in return accuses Sarah of selling him out. He threatens her and upsets her, prompting Cris to grab the phone and threaten him back. Rex grabs the phone next and tries to make a deal by suggesting that a wealthy Blair will pay more than what he's getting from whoever hired him first. He turns it down cold. Sarah makes a run for it, not wanting to stick around and be hurt by an angered boyfriend. The guys are in close pursuit and manage to bring her back to the apartment. They figure maybe Sarah can be used as bait but she's not liking the idea of heading to Llanview, which is where they figure Hunter headed.

John, sleeping on the roof, has a nightmare of Miles raping Marty. Awakening abruptly, he throws a beer bottle as Michael shows up to clean up from their previous little party. He tries to find out what's wrong with his close-mouthed brother and can only get Marty's name. It's not what you think, John hurriedly assures him. He just doesn't believe she loves Miles and explains that sometimes people do the wrong things for the right reasons. He refuses to say anything else.

Blair gives the kids a pep talk on Todd's return before they head out for the day. Starr doesn't fall for it, but makes her mom promise to call if she hears anything. She's headed off to see Cole. Once Starr and Jack are gone, Blair goes to make a phone call as she's spied on by Hunter, hiding in the bushes. He sneaks up on her and grabs her phone. I know where Todd is, he tells her.

Cole wonders why his mother and Miles never do anything together, hold hands or kiss like newlyweds. Marty is able to explain everything away though her son is disbelieving. He actually would feel sorry for Miles if he liked or trusted him, Cole confides. He can't believe the way his mother treats her new husband, like crap, he says boldly. Marty denies it and explains that they simply have an understanding. She mentions that everything she's done has been worth it which causes Cole to ask her what she's done. She didn't do anything, she quickly replies, just changed her attitude towards Cole and Starr among other things. She tries to lecture him on appropriate behavior with Starr but he doesn't want to hear it for the umpteenth time. He also believes that Blair will stand up for them should Todd return, but Marty disagrees with him. He wonders if Miles had something to do with Todd's disappearance and Marty is sure that he didn't. She never would have married him otherwise, she says with certainty. Now she and Blair have things in common, due to Starr and Cole. In the meantime, Miles, who had gone for a run, stops in the storage room to check on Todd. He "hears" Spencer's words of encouragement and shortly after, Spencer is there. Miles complains that he can't "do this" much longer, he's a wreck and didn't know it would go this far. This is not the man he wanted to be and he's done everything that Spencer asked in his letter. Spencer tells him that he must finish what he started. Miles agrees that Todd must die for what he did to Marty and he would do anything for Marty. He will wait for her. Spencer taunts him about John and then suggests that Miles really has a major problem since he's really not there talking to him. He pushes him to give Todd one final shot to kill him. Upstairs, John arrives to see Marty and tells her it's personal. She sends Cole down to the storage room for a box. The man who appears to be sleeping takes him by surprise but he's in for a bigger one when he sees that it's Todd.

Friday, July 6, 2007

John assures Marty he'll protect her if she just leaves Miles but she sticks to her guns. Miles tries to goad Cole into doing his dirty work and then resorts to blackmail to get what he wants. Blair is stunned by what she learns from Hunter. John informs David he has an eyewitness to Spencer's murder and it is none other than David himself. Rex plays hardball with Sarah but she ends up driving a hard bargain as well. Viki is concerned for Jessica as she and Nash head to court to face Antonio. Antonio is grateful for Talia's support on the day his divorce from Jessica is about to become final. Jessica expresses her remorse in front of the judge, who makes the divorce official. The stress of the day takes a toll on Jessica. David continues to be a friend to Viki.

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