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Monday, July 2, 2007

Erica and Jack were happily kissing in Erica's hospital room when Pam barged in. Pam told them to stop kissing because if anyone saw them it would ruin their show. Jack declared that he and Erica were not divorcing. Pam thought this was great, but felt they should keep their reunion for the dramatic season finale of their show. Jack was not interested, but Erica was intrigued. Erica did not want to "rip her fans off" with an anticlimactic end. Erica stated that their "new divorce" could still help a lot of people. Jack laughed because he knew Erica and Pam were only doing this for the ratings. Still, Jack could not say no to Erica and agreed. Meanwhile, Pam got a scoop from one of her inside sources that a tabloid magazine had a picture of Jack and Erica kissing. The magazine was reporting that the "new divorce' was a scam. Pam was nervous, but Erica asserted that no one would see this article.

Zach was at his casino when an employee told him that a VIP wanted to raise the limit at the baccarat table. Zach went to the table and found Adam waiting for him. Adam said he wanted to raise the limit from five thousand dollars to fifty thousand dollars a hand. Zach said that Adam did not have enough money to wager that amount. Adam reminded Zach that his home and his belongings added up to more than the amount he initially owed Zach. So, Zach agreed to give Adam some money. Then, Zach sat down and the two men began to play cards. At first, Adam lost a few hands, but proceeded to win six hundred thousand dollars. Zach quipped that Adam only needed ninety-nine million more to repay him. Then, Adam tried to talk business with Zach, but Zach refused to discuss Chandler with him. Adam then accused Zach of kidnapping JR and setting him up for the ransom money. Zach denied this. So, Adam quit playing and threw a few chips on the table. Adam said the chips were his rent for one month in the mansion. Zach accepted the money and allowed Adam and his family to stay in the mansion for the month.

Kendall was at work and saw that Annie was very upset. Kendall asked why Annie appeared so distraught. Annie looked at Greenlee and walked out. Then, Kendall asked Greenlee to accompany her to dinner. Greenlee looked surprised and accepted the offer. So, they went to the yacht club. Over dinner, Greenlee explained that Ryan completely cut her out of his life. Greenlee thought this was peculiar, especially because he kissed her recently. Kendall was shocked to hear about the kiss and asked if Greenlee would follow Ryan's wishes. Greenlee was not sure, so she changed the subject to work. Greenlee felt they needed a strong marketing plan for Fusion Green. Kendall said that Annie was handling this. Greenlee stated that Annie was not good for Fusion because she drained the energy and creativity out of the company. Kendall asserted that Annie proved herself as a valuable worker and refused to fire her. Then, Josh entered and Kendall asked him to join them. Kendall wanted Josh to become better acquainted with his neighbor, Greenlee. Kendall then announced that Greenlee and Josh had a lot in common. So, Greenlee and Josh laughed about how complicated both of their last relationships were. Then, they joked about how crazy they were over their exes. Then, Josh teasingly picked Greenlee up and kissed her. Kendall realized they were doing this to tease her and told them to stop. However, after the kiss, Greenlee and Josh could not keep their eyes off of each other!

Annie came home to find Ryan anxiously awaiting her arrival. However, Annie snapped at Ryan since she was in no mood to talk, especially about Greenlee. Meanwhile, Emma heard the raised voices and came into the living room. The little girl wondered why her parents were fighting. So, they assured Emma that everything was fine. Then, Emma asked her parents to kiss goodnight. Annie coldly kissed Ryan to appease Emma and the little girl went to sleep. Annie was upset that Emma was wakened by their fight. Annie never wanted Emma to feel unsafe again. So, Ryan assured Annie that he had a solution to their problem. Ryan explained that he omitted Greenlee from their lives permanently. However, Annie was not convinced. Annie believed that Greenlee would always be a part of their lives. Then, Annie wondered if Ryan would have married her if Greenlee had successfully crashed their wedding. Ryan asserted that he chose Annie to be his wife and his love. Regardless, Annie was frustrated with the situation and did not want to talk anymore. So, Annie went to bed, but requested that Ryan let her sleep alone. Ryan looked concerned.

Tad went to the mansion to see JR. Tad said that a friend of his in the FBI told him about JR and Amanda's kidnapping. Tad inquired about the details and JR became defensive. JR explained that Adam gave up everything to save him. Tad believed this was proof of Adam's love for JR. Still, JR was furious and stated that Adam never should have gone outside of the family for help. Then, JR divulged that Adam admitted to working with Zach to reclaim Chandler before the kidnapping. Tad looked suspicious and said that Aidan told him about Shamus Wong's disappearance. Tad further stated that Shamus received a large sum of money before JR's kidnapping. Tad believed this money trail would lead to the kidnapper. JR looked nervous, so Tad asked if JR staged his own kidnapping. JR adamantly denied this, but Tad was convinced. Tad urged JR to tell Adam the truth because Adam told JR the truth. Still, JR denied the accusation. Tad did not press JR anymore, but assured JR that he would be there if JR needed help. Then, as Tad left, he wished JR a happy birthday because it was the next day.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Affected by his father's misplaced guilt, JR comes clean and admits he staged his own kidnapping. Adam is shell-shocked as JR attempts to do damage control by claiming they can work together to beat Zach at his own game. Hurt beyond words, Adam walks away from a devastated JR. Annie's at a loss to come up with a solution for her and Ryan's situation. Kendall senses the tension between Ryan and Annie and tries to calm the waters. Kendall reaches out to Ryan and is determined to help her friend find an answer to his problem and save his marriage. Colby sees red when some snotty girls tease her about working at the Comeback and insult Krystal. Krystal jumps to the wrong conclusion when she sees Sven keeping a close eye on Colby. Colby admits to Krystal that Sven is her bodyguard but doesn't tell her about JR's kidnapping as she reveals that Adam lost his fortune to Zach. Di warns a scantily clad Ava to behave herself, especially around Aidan. Aidan tells Amanda he knows the real story about the kidnapping and warns her not to get involved with JR and his schemes or risk ending up in prison. Jonathan gives Ava bartending lessons as she prepares to start working at the Comeback. Di notices that Jonathan and Ava are getting along and seem to enjoy each other's company.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Kendall summoned Greenlee, Annie, Babe, Di, and Amanda to Fusion on the Fourth of July. The Fusion women were annoyed to be at work on the holiday. However, Kendall felt it was imperative that they spend the day together and work on the company's morale. So, Kendall set up numerous team building exercises. First, the women meditated to clear their minds. Then, each of them had to fall backwards and trust that the group would catch them. However, when Annie fell back, Greenlee refused to catch her. Annie was appalled and the two women exchanged nasty words. Then, the women moved onto the next exercise. Kendall paired the women into partners. One woman was blindfolded as the other woman guided her around the room. Kendall purposely put Greenlee and Annie together. The two women reluctantly started the exercise. However, Greenlee did not trust Annie's directions. So, Greenlee did the opposite of what Annie told her and smashed into a wall. Greenlee was furious and attacked Annie. The two women then rolled on the ground as they fought each other. Finally, Kendall stopped the fight and reprimanded them. Then, they all started the next exercise. Kendall asked the women to share their childhood fantasies with the group. Everyone did this, except for Annie because she said her childhood was perfect. This annoyed Greenlee and led her to verbally attack Annie again. Annie looked distressed and ran up to the roof. Meanwhile, Colby and Ava were on the roof because they were catering the event for The Comeback. While they cooked, Ava and Colby began to fight. Ava called Colby a spoiled brat. Colby explained that she was separated from her father and disowned by her mother. Ava felt no sympathy because her mother said she wished Ava was never born. Then, Annie arrived on the roof. Kendall followed her and tried to console her. Kendall knew that Annie's childhood was not perfect, but Annie did not want to talk about it. Then, the other Fusion women came to the roof. Ava saw this as an opportunity to promote herself as a new model for Fusion. Greenlee crudely told Ava that she was all wrong for Fusion Green. Then, Kendall realized that Lily would be perfect for the campaign. Ava did not understand why Lily was a better fit because they looked exactly the same. Then, the women went back downstairs as Greenlee and Annie continued to argue. So, the Fusion women decided that Greenlee and Annie should have it out with a "makeup makeover make-off." So, Annie and Greenlee gave each other makeovers. Greenlee made Annie look very plain because she viewed Annie as a very "basic" woman with no sex appeal. Annie made Greenlee look like a witch with very dark makeup because Greenlee was so overbearing. The Fusion women laughed and then got an idea from the makeovers. They wanted to create a palette of makeup that would contain colors for night and day looks. Then, Kendall said that Greenlee and Annie would work on the concept. Kendall thought this would be a good bonding experience for them. Kendall then explained that she had this team building day because she wanted to make sure that the company would survive during her maternity leave. Then, the women went up to the roof and watched fireworks together.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Jonathan walks into the livingroom as Ava checks herself out in the mirror at Wildwind. When Ava begins asking Jonathan how she can look more like Lily, Jonathan gets suspicious. Ava tells Jonathan that Kendall wants to use Lily for Fusion Green, but is worried Lily won't be able to handle the pressure. Ava admits that she wants the job, but doesn't want to impersonate Lily again. Jonathan says Lily is a unique person because of her personality, which shows people how to be authentic. He adds that Ava is special too, but in a different way. When Ava asks Jonathan why she is special, he says it is because he can sense when she is deep in thought and is beautiful. He says that she tries to act tough, but deep down, has a soft spot. Jonathan invites Ava to dinner, but she says she has to work. He tells her that he will be at the yacht club at 8 p.m., whether she shows up or not.

Kendall visits Lily to ask her if she is interested in helping with the new Fusion Green campaign. Kendall says Lily would be the perfect fresh face for the new campaign line because she represents women who want an all-natural look. Lily says that most models are cool, like to have their picture taken and constantly embarrass themselves in public – all qualities she does not possess. Kendall says that Lily is honest and unique because she is not like everyone else. Kendall tells Lily when to show up and promises no loud noises or a bunch of people in the room. Lily says she will think about it and Kendall leaves.

Zach makes a call to an unidentified person and asks him or her to meet him at the casino to discuss a proposition. Zach goes to meet Josh to ensure that they are on the same path when it comes to destroying JR and Adam. Kendall comes to visit her husband and tells him about her plans to make Lily a model for Fusion Greene. She whispers an idea in Zach's ear, which makes him chuckle.

At the Chandler mansion, Adam gets angry at a newspaper article, crumples it into a ball and throws at JR as he walks into the room. JR tells Adam that the media is blaming him for the fall of Chandler Enterprises, but promises to get the stock back. He tells his father he has some leads on Shamus Wong, but Adam is skeptical. JR says if Shamus is caught, they can use him to prove Zach defrauded the company, but Adam is not interested in his plans. JR suggests asking Palmer to trick Shamus, but Adam says it is out of the question. As Adam rants about JR faking his own kidnapping, Colby walks in. She scolds JR for playing such a mean trick on her father, especially since he is recovering from a heart attack. JR drags Colby out of the room and tells her that he will not apologize to Adam because it will come across as a weakness. Colby tells him to suck up his pride, but JR says the only way to prove his is sorry is by retrieving the money from Zach. When Adam walks in, JR asks his father if he wants to work together to bring down Zach.

Kendall and Zach come by the mansion to discuss renovations to the home. JR leads Kendall out of the room so she can joke about the number of bodies in the tunnels. JR warns Kendall not to make light of the situation and apologizes for hurting her and Spike. JR compliments Kendall on the new baby, but Kendall could care less about his sincere attitude. They go back into the living room and Kendall begins picking out which items can go to the Goodwill. Colby gives Kendall a tour and Josh walks into the room. Zach informs them that the future of Chandler Enterprises is in Josh's hands now.

Jackson goes to the yacht club to meet Erica, but finds Sean picking up trash as part of his community service sentence. Sean senses that Jackson and Erica are together, so he promises to keep it a secret. When Barbara walks in, Sean scurries off and the producer tells Jackson they will begin taping shortly. Erica tells the producer she managed to avoid the picture of her and Jackson kissing being spread on the front page of the paper. After the producer reminds Erica to keep up the divorce act, the show starts rolling. The reporter quizzes Jackson and Erica on their last holiday together as Barbara rolls her eyes and listens. Erica and Jackson begin bickering and flirting for the cameras, breaking briefly for lunch. They sneak away to a hotel room and immediately make love. Once they go back downstairs, Jackson and Erica begin their childish fighting for the cameras, but Barbara sees Erica's foot rubbing Jackson's leg under the table.

Ava goes to see Lily, who is eager to ask her advice about the photo shoot. Ava says she knows how they help each other with the problem.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Jack meets his eldest daughter for lunch on the roof of Fusion and tells her that he is pleased that she dropped the custody suit, as it has to make her feel better. She tells him that she is happy about the direction that her life is taking, especially since the people who she thought loved her still do, including the ones that professed to be over her. She quickly makes it clear that her joyous mood is not so much about things being better with Kendall, but rather her perception that things are pointing at a reunion with Ryan. She claims that in his defense of her to everyone, he proved what a wonderful person he is by taking her side. Jack agrees that Ryan is wonderful...when he's not being a son of a bitch. He believes that Ryan should be setting boundaries instead of stringing her along. She tells her father that out of fairness to Annie, Ryan did say that he couldn't associate with her anymore. Jack asks if he is supposed to believe that she isn't upset by that, and Greenlee tells him that there are some things in life that you believe will last, but don't. Jack asks her if she views Annie as a "don't".

At the Yacht Club, Annie reluctantly meets up with her husband, afraid of what the next round of talks would bring. Ryan tells her that he feels like the class geek who got a date with the prom queen. Annie is quick to point out that her royalty is the stuff of fairy tales, but Ryan informs her that she was able to convince him that they were magic – and asks if she lost faith. She tells him that she loves him and that she thinks she always will, but he takes her noncommittal stance the wrong way. He keeps telling her that all he wants is for them to work through things so that he can make her happy. She tells him that the harder he tries to right the wrongs, the sadder she feels. Then, as Erica spies them, Annie tells him that she can't go over things again and runs off. Erica immediately butts into their business and tells Ryan that he should run after his wife. Ryan doesn't think it's the right time, but Erica thinks that anytime is the right time to save your marriage. She figures out that Greenlee is at the root of Ryan's problems and tells him that he can't let Greenlee's narcissistic behaviour destroy the happiness he found. Ryan latches on to how positive she sounds and wonders if she isn't working things out with Jack. At that mention, Erica is suddenly plagued with the reminder of a place she has to be and quickly rushes off. Soon after, Jonathan joins his brother and after some small talk, Ryan throws a prospectus at Jonathan and asks if he thinks it seems like a sound investment. Jonathan tells him that the number cruncher he used to be is light years from the person he is now. Ryan still believes his little brother can do anything or be anything that he wants to be – he just has to decide what that is. Jonathan shoots back that he feels like he is between lives right now and isn't quite sure what he really wants. Ultimately, to get the conversation steered away from talk about his personal life, Jonathan agrees to read Ryan's information and mistakenly notes that he will review it while waiting for his date. Unable to take it back, he suffers under Ryan's question of whether or not this new woman in his life had the potential to be serious. Jonathan tries to make his brother drop it, noting that she probably wouldn't show up, but Ryan wants to know if it's anyone he'd met before. Jonathan hems and haws for a moment, and then admits his date is Ava. Ryan is mildly flabbergasted and asks his brother if he thinks it's a good idea to date her. Jonathan tells him that he has gotten to know her better now that she has been living at Wildwind, and his attraction to her has nothing to do with her resemblance to Lily. Ryan asks about the fact that Ava lied a lot when she hit town but Jonathan points out that they both did a lot of lying of their own. Jonathan then explains that the problems Ava has with being compared to Lily are similar to the ones that he had growing up in Ryan's shadow.

Jack and Greenlee proceed with eating, but only Jack is successful at finishing his sandwich. He believes that Greenlee is stressed out over the way things have gone with Ryan, but as Annie appears in the doorway, unnoticed, Greenlee insists that she has no need to be stressed as some things were meant to be. Jack tries to impress upon her that she and Ryan do not fall into that category, prompting Annie to announce her arrival and ask if she should wait downstairs. She starts to leave, saying that Greenlee could join her whenever she has time, but Greenlee insists that Annie is the one who is late and bids adieu to her father. As soon as he vacates the area, Greenlee immediately tries to get under Annie's skin. Somehow, Annie stays cool and on track, willing to work with Greenlee to produce a seamless and successful ad campaign. Greenlee tells her that Kendall only offered it to Annie because she feels sorry for her. Annie flings back that as a team player, she is what Kendall wants. She goes on to say that she thinks Greenlee has issues because she is afraid that she will be compared to Annie and will fall short, and tells her that if she wants to bail on the campaign for any reason, she could feel free to go. Greenlee insists that she never quits but Annie coldly reminds her that she did exactly that when she bailed on Ryan and left town. Greenlee insists the tides will change now that she is back but Annie lays down the law calmly, and quietly – saying that Ryan finally has someone he deserves that is completely devoted to him. Greenlee, in Annie's estimation, is all ego and doesn't stand a chance.

At the soon to be ex-Chandler Mansion, Josh lays down the law with JR, saying that security will escort him to his former office so that he has an opportunity to clean out his things before moving to a cubicle. Offended, JR states that Josh will ruin the company without his insight and knowledge. Josh blithely notes that any help he needs he can get from Zach. Adam insists that handing over the reins to Josh is a stupid and careless move, but Zach exudes nothing but confidence in his brother-in-law, even after Adam offers a glowing recommendation of his son. Kendall appears just then and says that although the house is all wrong for the Hart-Slater clan, it could be well used by the Miranda Center as a shelter for homeless women and abused children. Zach informs his wife that he already offered it to Myrtle to use as a boarding house but that if she didn't want it, the Miranda Center would be a likely next choice. As if they weren't stressed out enough, Opal shows up at that moment and insists that the former Chandler Mansion would be the home to her new business venture – the Glamorama 2: Opal's Empire. She prattles on about how she would redecorate until Marian shows up and says that she should be the selling real estate agent. Adam thinks that her participation in the verbal melee is a betrayal to the family name. Zach then adds more fuel to the fire by saying that Palmer was interested in buying as well, and revels in the defeated look that takes over the faces of the Chandler boys. After he has his fun, he escorts everyone out but takes Marian's card before she leaves. The Chandlers present a united front and vow to take Zach down for what he cost their family. Zach admits that he used the mistakes that JR made to line his pockets, and that he doesn't feel badly about it. He leaves, and Adam tells JR that he will never forgive him for what he did. JR promises to sell his Chandler stocks and do whatever else it takes to keep the mansion in Chandler possession. Adam reminds him that he is owed much more than just a house. Chandler Enterprise is in Adam's blood and he built it for his son, and now his grandson. To realize that everything he worked so hard for was just handed off to the enemy is too much to bear. JR promises to call in old debts and get loans and Adam tells him they will need every penny to fight Zach. JR asks if his father trusts him, and Adam caustically denies as much, but admits that JR is all he has. However, to add insult to injury, he tells JR that he can always sire another son.

Livia accompanies her baby brother to a meal at the Comeback and immediately gives him a hard time in front of Krystal for eating out so much. Krystal certainly doesn't mind, and waits on them personally. After taking their order, Livia continues to come down on Derek, telling him that Krystal was obviously flirting and that he should think about flirting back. Derek insists that he doesn't need help with his social life but she doesn't believe he has one. He tells her that he does indeed, but she wants proof. Later, Derek checks in with Krystal to make sure that Livia's ribbing didn't bother her. She tells him she feels no pressure, and they confirm their dinner date for the following week. He kisses her hand before he taking his leave, leaving Krystal with a smile plastered across her face. Later, as Krystal takes a break and gets some fresh air, she runs into Adam.

Ava is appalled that Lily wants to pass up the opportunity to be the new face of Fusion Green. Lily is able to systematically list all of the reasons why any arrangement with Fusion wouldn't work, but Ava still thinks that there has to be a way around it. She then decides that she will go into Fusion, dressed and acting like Lily, and believes that once she convinces them how good she can be, they won't care that she lied. She goes off to retrieve all sorts of facial products and begs Lily to help transform her into a mirror image of her half-sister. Lily is reluctant and Ava knows that the touching that would inevitably happen is a problem. She reminds Lily of the time when they were able to touch hands, and tells her that she can do it again. Willing to try anything to make her sister happy, she grabs a tissue and tentatively goes to work. When she is done, Ava thinks that she looks enough like Lily to fool people, and is excited that she will have a chance at her dream job. She then points out that people think that Lily is perfect and when they are around her, they recognize Lily as someone with feelings. She notes that no one has ever thought that about her. She promises that she won't mess up people's perception of her sister, and offers to take Lily out for dinner at the Yacht Club. She tells her sister that if she isn't there right away, she can feel free to start without her.

A short time later, Ava shows up at the Fusion offices pretending to be Lily and initially manages to pass Kendall's cursory inspection. She deftly handles a lack of interaction with the photographer, and effortlessly rolls prime numbers off of her tongue when Kendall suggests doing so might help her get through the photo session. They get through some photos before Kendall thinks there is something wrong. Ava hides her alarm by using Lily's aversion to touch to save her when Kendall tries to touch her hair. Kendall suggests that it needs to flow more freely but Ava says she can't do anything differently. She is saved by Ryan's arrival and the fact that he is looking for his wife. Kendall quickly tells him that she is on the roof with his ex-wife and Ryan immediately goes to intervene. Kendall stops him, saying that they need to learn to work together so the company will thrive, but Ryan doesn't think that there needs to be any casualties. Kendall points out that there is silence coming from the roof and that he needs to let them work things out.

Annie and Greenlee throw barbs back and forth at each other, only this time, Annie doesn't back down. Greenlee claims that Ryan was just looking for a replacement but Annie reminds her that Ryan didn't come running after her, that he doesn't love her anymore, and that she made her bed so now she has to lie in it – alone.

Kendall turns her attention back to the model she thinks is Lily and offers that perhaps some different form of math will help her relax and will give the photographer the magic he needs. They settle on square roots and that works for a few moments until Kendall questions one of Ava's answers. Ava drops the ruse unintentionally to berate Kendall for not believing her. Just as Kendall realizes that she's been had, Annie and Greenlee come charging down from the rooftop, furious at being made to work together, and insistent that if either stays, the company will be ruined. They then storm off in different directions, leaving Ryan to comment on Kendall's stellar work with team building.

Erica returns to the patio of the Yacht Club in a get-up that is supposed to be a disguise and sees Jack across a non-crowded area. They meet up and she tells him that they have an open-ended reservation under the name of Mr. and Mrs. Henry McPherson to use any time they like. No sweeter words had landed on Jack's ears since Erica said yes to their reconciliation, and they make a beeline for their room.

Lily arrives at the Yacht Club and Jonathan sees her in short order. He asks why she is there, and she tells him that she is there to meet Ava after she tries out for her modeling contract. Jonathan is prematurely happy that Ava said she would be there – until Lily tells him that the sisters plan on having dinner together. He waits a while and with Ava still a no show, Jonathan suggests that they start without her. Lily remembers what her sister told her, deems it a good idea, and makes her way over to Jonathan's table.



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