One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 25, 2007 on OLTL

Kirk pleaded with Tate to tell the truth and threatened him in the event that anyone else was injured. Blair, Rex, and Cristian got a lead on Todd's whereabouts. They found Sarah Roberts in the apartment where Todd had been. Todd was dumped at Miles's front door. John proved Marty innocent of Spencer's murder. Bo and Lindsay shared a common grief: the death of their children.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 25, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, June 25, 2007

Marty admits to John that Miles blackmailed her into marrying him. Marty defends her actions to John, who's angry she didn't come to him before making her situation even worse. John works to help Marty construct a timeline of her movements on the night of Spencer's murder. Marty begins to remember a little more but there are still gaps to be filled in. John decides to take Marty to the scene of the crime to help jog her memory. Blair deals with her mysterious caller, who offers to tell her where to find Todd if Blair promises not to involve the police. The caller is clearly intimidated by her shady boyfriend but doesn't want Todd to die. Cristian insists on going to Chicago with Blair in her quest to bring Todd home. Miles goes to Natalie wanting Buchanan Enterprises' help in starting a charitable foundation and they begin to forge a friendship. A homeless David tries to get a room at Roxy's hotel but balks at her method of payment and ends up on Viki's doorstep. The tension is thick between Viki, Clint and Dorian. Viki offers David a guest room at Llanfair just to spite Dorian. Lindsay, Marcie and Rex remember Jen on her birthday. Rex gets a tip about Todd.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

John takes a nervous Marty back to the scene of the crime in hopes of jogging her memory of the night Spencer was murdered. Marty remembers more from that fateful night but none of it seems to have any bearing on the crime. After entering Spencer's room, Marty remembers something that could be potentially useful. Rex tells Bo that he's heading to Chicago to follow up on his lead about Todd. Rex admits to Bo that he's concerned for Adriana's safety because of her growing closeness with Tate and asks him to keep an eye on her. Bo has a lingering feeling that the OPP case may not be as closed as it appears. A concerned Rex tells Adriana he's leaving town and asks her to be careful around Tate. Jessica contemplates her divorce papers and confesses to her sister that her track record with marriages makes her worried about her future. Natalie dismisses Jessica's fears and tells her to enjoy her happiness with her soul mate Nash. Natalie wonders about the future of her own love life. Vincent tells Nash he's ready to make his feelings known to a certain woman. Lindsay surprises a grateful Bo with a framed portrait of Matthew and they continue to reconnect as friends.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Matthew and Bo go to visit Lindsay at the gallery, and Nora shows up a little later. Matthew made the plan to celebrate Jen's birthday, which really moves Lindsay. Bo opens the box of cupcakes they brought, and Lindsay takes Matthew in the kitchen to get some sodas and set everything up. While they're busy, Bo and Nora bond over how good a kid Matthew is. She then tells Bo that she plans to go see Kirk at Statesville and asks him not to question her about it. Bo doesn't like the idea, but Nora won't take no for an answer. Just then, Michael and Marcie arrive so that Lindsay can babysit Tommy, but when they see that she's busy, they offer to take Tommy on their date with them. Lindsay tells them not to be silly and insists that she watch Tommy for them. She then thanks Bo, Nora, and Matthew for celebrating Jen's birthday with her, and they leave. Michael and Marcie say they should leave, too, and Lindsay practically kicks them out of the gallery. After they leave, she snuggles with Tommy and tells him his parents love him just like she loved Jen.

Later on, Lindsay is frantically looking in Tommy's diaper bag for something to calm him down when Bo returns. He realizes what good timing he has, and offers to help her.

Tate visits Kirk in Statesville and tells Kirk he's there to make sure that Kirk taking the rap for him is the last stupid thing Kirk does. Kirk tells Tate that no one will ever find out from him that Tate is the one behind the attacks. He continues that the only reason he confessed is to protect Tate because he loves Tate no matter what Tate believes. Then they discuss how Tate came back from Wyoming a completely changed man. Kirk is disgusted, but Tate believes he's doing the right thing. He starts propagandizing about being part of a war, but Kirk tries not to listen. After his spiel, Tate again asks Kirk what he's taking the fall. Kirk says that he wants to give Tate a chance to redeem himself, but Tate will hear none of it.

Kirk then realizes how big a mistake he made in confessing to crimes he didn't commit. He tells Tate to stop the violence or he'll tell the whole truth about the hate crimes. Tate asks Kirk if that's a threat. Kirk simply says that he wants to protect Tate and other potential victims, but Tate refuses to give up his agenda. Kirk asks Tate how Adriana fits into his plan. Tate gives him no answer and walks away. As Kirk asks the guard to take him back to his cell, Nora walks in and tells the guard to wait for a bit.

Nora rails at Kirk for the attacks and says that his crimes have only made the victims stronger. The only thing she can't understand is how he could raise a son and know what unconditional love is like yet still attack other people's children. She goes on, saying that the things Kirk did are tearing up his son and that he'll lose Tate. Kirk tells Nora that losing his son is the greatest loss he's ever had. She glares at him, tells him that he makes her sick, and walks away.

Adriana returns home looking sullen. Layla asks her if anything is wrong, and assumes it must be something about Tate. Adriana tells Layla that Rex is still worried about her. Layla agree with Rex, and asks Adriana how she knows that Tate isn't like his father. Adriana reasonably suggests that Tate wouldn't have gone into business with a black woman and a Latina if he was racist. Layla then starts to blame herself for Evangeline being in a coma, and thinks that they should have screened Tate better. She also worries about losing her sister forever. Adriana comforts her, telling Layla that it's not her fault and that she won't lose her sister.

Tate arrives at Adriana and Layla's apartment. Layla makes a hasty retreat. Tate realizes that Layla hates him and fakes agony over how his father being a racist is hurting him. Adriana gives him a hug. During this hug, Tate gets a suspicious look on his face. Later, he tells Adriana that he has a feeling that his father is a marked man while he's in prison.

Vincent brings Natalie a drink at Rodi's. He tells her that he was thinking about her, which prompts her to ask him to go out with her. Vincent assumes he's the rebound for Natalie, but she says otherwise and asks him out again. He tells her he can't because he's started seeing Layla again. Natalie is embarrassed and thinks that she's a loser. Vincent starts chuckling at the idea that Natalie thinks she's a loser just because she doesn't have a handful of guys chasing after her. They banter a bit and he gets Natalie to laugh. He then gets introspective, saying that the attacks are what brought him and Layla closer together. Natalie then realizes that she just has bad timing. They decide to remain friends. They then banter a bit more, and Natalie says that it never would have worked out between them. Vincent agrees, because he's too good for her, which gets a hearty laugh from Natalie. They toast to their friendship and give each other a hug. At that exact moment, Layla walks in to see them embracing.

Miles orders a drink at Rodi's and Roxy introduces herself to him. She talks about Natalie and how Nat broke up with John. Miles says he knows her history. She then mentions John going after Marty, but Miles corrects her by saying that Marty is his wife. Roxy is shocked that she hadn't heard this before and that she thought John had the hots for Marty. Miles insists that John and Marty are just work colleagues. Roxy mentions how John tends to date his colleagues, and notices that Miles is getting jealous. She then digs into his marriage and realizes that he's like his brothers by getting married rather spontaneously in Las Vegas. Miles is insulted by this. Roxy apologizes, and then notes that Miles isn't anything like John either.

Roxy doesn't understand why Miles isn't home with Marty. She asks him why he married Marty and if he made Marty an offer she couldn't refuse. Roxy then starts to ramble about how whirlwind romances can turn sour at the drop of a hat and notices Miles having a reaction to that statement, too. She's surprised that his and Marty's relationship has turned sour already. He just tells her that they haven't had a honeymoon yet, but they will eventually. Roxy says she has to get going, and gives Miles a kiss before leaving. She also congratulates him on winning Marty before John could.

At the hospital, Marty has a feeling that she might not have killed Spencer. She remembers being in Spencer's room when he was still alive but ends up in a different room some time later. She describes the room to John and he brings her to the ICU on-call room. She has a memory of waking up there with her head pounding. She then remembers that she tried to go home after she woke up, and John thinks that Spencer was killed while Marty was trying to go home. Despite John's prodding, Marty remembers nothing else about the night in question. She concludes that she must have killed Spencer, but John's not convinced, especially given the lack of blood on her that night. Yet they both can't figure out why she remembers holding the bloody scissors.

Marty gets frustrated at not being able to remember anything. John wants her to get her head injury checked out. She asks him if he's doing this because of Miles or because he believes she's innocent. He simply answers that Miles has to be stopped.

John sets up Marty's CT scan, but says he has to leave to go follow up on a few things. He tells her to trust him to get her out of both her marriage and a murder charge. Marty asks him to leave her marriage alone. He asks why, but she doesn't give him an answer. He storms off, vowing to figure it out himself.

Later a nurse comes to get Marty for her CT scan. The nurse asks how Marty got her injury. Marty tells her that she wished she knew.

At Rodi's, John ambles up to Miles and orders a beer. He tells Miles that the thing Miles calls a marriage is over.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dorian complains about Viki and David, ad nauseum, to Clint who wonders if she's jealous. She's really not, she doesn't care, she says, but quickly amends that to caring in a different sense. She's afraid a charming David will get Viki to marry him by the time he's through, which causes Clint to laugh. They'll have to get married to keep raising the bar to get her upset. Clint does not want to hear about this, doesn't want her to go to Viki's to "mouth off" and doesn't want her to make a fool of herself. She's overreacting and falling for the bait, he warns her. If she cares about him, she won't go, as their actions reflect on each other. He wonders why her relationship with Viki always comes first and before she can deny it too much, he points out that the two women are like an old married couple. How can their relationship work out if she can't overcome the past? Dorian swears Clint is her first priority but unfortunately, she would forget who she herself was if she didn't pursue this. She's off, but promises to be gone for only a few minutes. Clint calls Viki to warn her of Dorian's imminent arrival and leaves.

Viki is greeted by a bath-mat clad only David as he finishes his shower. She's embarrassed and turns away, trying to get him to put something else on. She really wants him to leave and admits she only agreed to let him stay to annoy Dorian and Clint. He quickly agrees that he's on board to ruin Dorian and he'll make it worth her while if she lets him stay. He'll provide companionship, the kind that any kind of woman would want, he offers. He continues to talk about "them" as she keeps ordering him out. She's not interested and offers to call the Palace. Regrettably, Dorian shows up before Viki can get David out of her room. Actually, he won't leave and instead pushes her gently onto the bed and begins to kiss her as Dorian makes her way upstairs.

Blair, Cris and a late-arriving Rex anxiously wait for their delayed plane to Chicago to depart. They have the same address but Rex thinks the others should have called Bo, in case it's a trap. Rex and Cris manage to smooth things over between the two of them. Cris is invited to the next Jen memorial and he offers his support to Rex in his pursuit of Tate and the truth. Blair is missing the opening of the school musical and calls Starr, telling her to break a leg. She also advises her that she's hired someone to videotape the show for her. Starr understands and just wants her dad back. "You sing for your daddy," Blair tells her daughter.

The young woman tells an unconscious Todd that it'll all be over soon and after much effort manages to convince her boyfriend, Hunter, that they should leave their apartment for the evening. She leaves the door unlocked. The three arrive and enter the place when Blair's knock is not acknowledged. The guys try to stop her but she runs to the bedroom. "No!" she yells.

At Rodi's, John warns Miles that his marriage is over and he knows everything. As he animatedly and loudly speaks, Nat comes over to tell him to lay off. He shouldn't be speaking to Miles like that in public. Plus, John has a crush on Marty, Nat tells Miles snidely. Miles actually defends John, and after Nat walks off, Miles is asked if he's blackmailing her too. John acknowledges to Miles' surprise that yes, he knows of the blackmail and mentions the tape. Miles steadfastly sticks to his tale of love and how it was Marty's idea to get married. Miles wants to know if Marty will be arrested. Nat again comes by to find out what's going on but she's not successful. Layla appears jealous of Nat but Vincent successfully convinces her that their hug wasn't what it looked like. He begs for a second chance and kisses her. He'll be straight with her. She's agreeable.

Bo and Lindsay entertain Tommy and try to get him to bed. Bo rather enjoys himself, seeing that he missed lots of bedtimes with Drew and Matthew. Lindsay offers to call him over whenever she babysits. She also asks for advice on getting over the death of a child, seeing that it doesn't seem to be getting any easier. He will let her know how it is, should it ever get that way, he tells her sympathetically. She also wants to tell him something but they're interrupted by a phone call. Miles wants to tell him something about Spencer's murder.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Blair, Rex and Cristian make several important discoveries and demand answers from Sarah when they catch her at the apartment. John stops Miles from telling Bo about Marty's possible involvement in Spencer's murder. Miles seethes when John encourages Marty to end her marriage. Miles subtly threatens Marty, who is resigned to stay in her marriage for fear of what Miles might do to John if she left him. Marty is caught off guard by John's suggestion. Miles gets a very surprising delivery. Viki and David take delight in getting Dorian's goat by pretending to be having a hot and heavy affair. Dorian wonders if her obsession with Viki and David might have cost her her own romance with Clint. Tate plans on using his growing relationship with Adriana to his own sinister advantage. Bo and Lindsay are grateful for each other's friendship.

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