One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 18, 2007 on OLTL

Britney vowed revenge after prom night left her alone. David moved in with John. Miles forged a friendship with a young boy with a face deformity. Kirk was arrested as the arsonist, though it appeared he was covering for his son. Jessica was released from the hospital, and she received divorce papers from Antonio.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 18, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, June 18, 2007

"Prom Night: The Musical" continues. It's a stormy night in Llanview both figuratively and literally as Starr's prom gets underway. Starr, Britney and Langston each have bittersweet musical moments about how they envision their perfect worlds. Britney tries to cover the insecurity she feels over Cole as she knows he really wishes Starr was his date. David, just released from jail, appears on Dorian's doorstep demanding the ten million dollars he claims she cheated him out of. Starr finds herself the unintended target of David and Dorian's antics but eventually sets off in Dorian's limo to meet up with Marrko at the dance. After getting a flat tire, Starr heads out in the storm to make her way to the prom and falls face first in the mud. Britney is crushed when Cole takes off when he senses that Starr needs him. In song, Langston and Marrko trade sarcastic jibes to hide the fact that they really do like each other. Marcie knows that Langston and Marrko have chemistry and decides to sing about it. Dorian won't allow David to stay with her and kicks him out in the rain. Meanwhile, Bo and Talia begin their stakeout at the gallery. Lindsay is embarrassed when Rex good-naturedly points out that she had been crushing on Bo.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"Prom Night: The Musical" continues. Starr is certain that her father carried her to the hospital but a sympathetic Viki knows Starr only saw what she wanted to see. Cole is desperate to find Starr as they both sing about wanting the person they long for to appear. Cole is amazed when he finds Starr's phone by the side of the road and realizes how close she had been. Britney can't fight her true nature when she intercepts Starr's call to Marrko and torments Starr by lying and saying that she and Cole are having the time of their lives together. Back to form, Britney does a number driving home the point that the cheerleader is always a bitch. Viki acts as Starr's fairy godmother of sorts when she convinces her to go be with Cole at the prom. After several near misses, Starr and Cole finally find themselves in each other's arms at the magic hour. Marcie tries to play matchmaker when she arranges for Marrko and Langston to be named King and Queen of the Prom. Marty and Blair are none too pleased when they both find themselves at the Palace Bar. Marty starts to sweat when David comes up to the bar but he leaves without coming out and saying he suspects she killed Spencer. Blair and Marty share a rare, and also brief, moment of connection. Clint won't give in to David's attempt at blackmail and sends him packing.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Marty returns home from the Palace and asks Miles if Cole came home yet. He says no and asks her where she's been. She simply tells him she was out. Miles then mentions that David was released from prison and worries that John might know something about who really killed Spencer. They hear knocking at the door, and Marty find John on the other side. Miles wants to know why John is there. John says he's there on police business. Miles tries to get information about the murder case from John, but he doesn't give Miles any. He asks to speak to Marty alone, but Miles has a problem with that while Marty doesn't. Miles tries to stop her from talking but gets a phone call from his lawyer, which he has to take. Once he's out of the room, John again offers to help Marty if she tells him the truth. She insists that she told him everything she knows, but he remains unconvinced that she's the murderer. Miles returns from the other room, and Marty tells John that they're finished. After John leaves, Miles asks Marty what John wanted to know. She covers by saying that John was there to get her opinion on the profile of the killer. Miles accepts that and says that he's worried about Marty. She knows he's only worried because if she gets arrested, he'll lose all the leverage he has against her. He tells her that he won't lose it all, which prompts her to warn him not to hurt John. He assures her that he'll only hurt John if John takes her away because John will be the bad guy then.

David arrives at John's apartment because he has nowhere else to go. He reasons that John owes him something for cheating him out of the ten million dollars he was supposed to get from Asa. As David talks, John stares at him, astonished.

In the interrogation room, Bo and Talia are trying to get Kirk to admit to his involvement in the hate crimes, but he tells them they don't have proof of anything. Bo has Talia show Kirk pictures of each crime scene, but Kirk remains adamant that they don't have enough evidence to connect him to anything. Bo is convinced that they'll find some way to make the charges stick and put Kirk in jail for the rest of his life. Bo then presents more evidence, which Kirk scoffs at. Bo tries to reason with Kirk to get him to confess, but Kirk remains steadfast. After more prodding, Kirk lawyers up. Bo asks him for the name of his lawyer, but Kirk demands a public defender instead. Talia realizes that Kirk doesn't want to give the name of an OPP sympathizer. She handcuffs him to bring him to a holding cell.

Adriana comes to see Tate at the police station. He tells her about Kirk being arrested. She's shocked, believing that Tate would know his father is a racist. He reminds her that he and his father aren't close, and says he can't believe that Kirk could do something like this. Adriana tells him that she couldn't believe that her family and friends could have been targets of a hate crime. She then wonders if Kirk could be the one behind the arsons and bombings. Tate refuses to believe Kirk is a racist and accuses Bo of just wanting to put a check mark in the win column. Adriana insists that Bo wants to find the right man. She hopes that whoever did all the hate crimes, and everyone like him, gets put away for a long time. Tate asks her if she'll hold it against him if Kirk is guilty because he came from his father. She assures him that she couldn't especially because he and Kirk weren't close. Tate calms down and mentions that he's not like his father, just like Adriana isn't like her mother.

As Bo and Talia lead Kirk to a holding cell, Tate offers to get Kirk a lawyer. Kirk refuses his help, though. Bo has another officer take Kirk to his holding cell, and works to get the evidence against Kirk ready for the district attorney. Adriana tells Tate that he should go home and get some rest. He thinks the press has already found out about this and realizes he can't go home and has nowhere else to go. Adriana offers to let Tate sleep on her sofa. He greatly appreciates that offer.

"Prom Night: The Musical" continues. Cole and Starr kiss outside and the rain stops. She realizes what a huge mistake she made in pushing Cole away and they declare their love for each other. He wants to bring her into the gym so they can say they went to prom together.

Britney and everyone else in the gym are shocked to hear that Markko and Langston were named prom king and queen. Markko and Langston think it's a big joke until Marcie encourages them to come up on stage to accept their crowns. When they get to their thrones, Marcie coos and baby talks at them about how cute they are as she crowns them. They, however, look disgusted. Marcie tells them to say something. Langston grabs the microphone and both of them threaten to hurt whoever voted for them. Markko wants to abdicate his crown. Langston agrees, but then decides to give her crown to Starr when she sees Cole and Starr enter the gym. Markko follows suit, giving Cole his crown. Marcie tries to stop them from giving up their crowns, but Langston threatens to have the votes counted. Marcie relents. Cole and Starr share a dance. Starr, Britney, and Langston do a number where Starr and Britney snipe at each other while Langston encourages them to make prom a night to remember.

Starr jokingly yells at Langston for giving up the crown. Langston wonders what happened to Cole and Starr. Starr decides to tell Langston the story later because she wants to spend some time with Cole. Langston happily realizes that Starr and Cole are back together. Starr and Cole then surmise that Britney must be pissed off at them. Cole wants to make it up to her, but first brings Starr to the lockers rooms to dry off.

Marcie finds Langston and Markko in the hallway and says that she's giving up on getting them together. The teens admit to not hating each other and do a reprise of the number they did about being freaks.

Starr is amused to see Langston and Markko being all nice to each other. She and Cole prepare to leave, but Britney stops them. She chastises Cole for leading her on and accuses Starr of only wanting Cole back because someone else took an interest in him. She then says that Cole and Starr deserve each other. Cole admits that Britney's right. He and Starr leave. Britney's friends want to know what she said to them, but she won't tell them anything. She does a number about Starr and Cole being trash, while flashing back on all the times she's felt hurt by them.

After the prom, Marcie tells Langston and Markko that they have a lot in common for people who detest each other. As she walks away, Markko offers Langston a ride home. She starts to ridicule his car, and he rescinds the offer. She backs off and admits that she would like a ride from him. As they walk to the car, they come together and share a kiss.

Cole drives Starr home. They talk about how unreal this seems. Then they worry about what their mothers will think about them being back together, but they realize that their feelings should be the only thing that matters. They take some time to enjoy being with each other. Cole wants to finish the dance they started at prom and turns on the car radio. "Together" happens to be playing at that exact moment. They dance to the music and kiss in the moonlight as "Prom Night: The Musical" ends.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cole is anxious to tell Marty that prom night was the best night of his life though he's hesitant to tell her why. He and Starr got back together, he finally says. He loves her and he knows she can't say the same about Miles, he challenges. He knows his dad would like Starr; in fact she's a lot like Marty and she's great. They know all about the history of Todd and Marty and they won't make the same mistakes, he promises. Marty doesn't have much argument left after her son states his case.

Starr explains her "appointment" as prom queen but has difficulty answering all of Blair's questions. Answers are suddenly forthcoming when Marty and Cole show up at the door. Blair learns the kids are back together. Starr tells her that she's never been so happy and Marty admits to Cole making a strong argument. She's quick to admit that she doesn't approve but why have them lie and sneak around all summer, she asks? Blair rips into her for her quickie marriage and Todd's disappearance. It doesn't matter what anyone says; Blair refuses to accept the relationship and will not accept the kids' request. Starr points out that she hates her life without Cole and reminds her mom of how she and Todd fought against everyone who tried to separate them. Besides, Todd isn't around to disapprove, Starr mentions. It doesn't matter; Blair refuses to budge. Starr announces that she's through listening to her mother and grabbing Cole, kisses him deeply and storms upstairs. Marty points out that Blair has more problems than she does, as she and Cole leave. Starr runs back downstairs and yells how Cole was going to help them against Miles. Blair will not keep them apart, Starr assures her as she rushes out of the house.

As John tries to go over details of the Truman murder case, he hears an awful sound. David is practicing his tai chi in the other room. He didn't sign up for this, John tells his temporary roommate, who's made himself quite at home and is using John's things. David's response involves holding Marty's confession over John's head but John threatens him right back by promising to go to his "sugar daddy," Asa, he guesses, surprising David. They discuss Marty's confession. "Hot for her, aren't you?" David asks John, who refuses to discuss the subject further. It's always the shrinks who need shrinks themselves, John hears David say as he heads out. He orders him gone by the time he gets back.

Rex is shocked when a toweled Adriana, closely followed by a barely dressed Tate, answers his knock at the door. "You slept with this son of a racist," Rex accuses. She denies sleeping with Tate as Rex explains that he stopped by, thinking she'd be upset over Kirk's confession. She's not nervous to be with Tate? Layla and Vincent walk in and think the question needs to be answered. As everyone takes the opposing side, Adriana defends her friend, stating that he's not his father and racism isn't genetic. Rex forcefully pronounces that he knew Tate was hiding something and should have pushed even harder which gives Adriana something to ponder. They are all off to the arraignment.

Viki brings Bree by to visit with Jess and Nash at the hospital and is displeased to hear Jess beg to go home. When Paige comes by to check Jess over, Viki and Nash head to the hallway and have an argument. She wants Jess to eventually come home with her when she's ready, which certainly isn't anytime soon. Nash will not be able to provide the care that Jess needs, she continues. Surprisingly, Paige gives her ok on Jess going home and assures Viki that she wouldn't do so if she wasn't ready. She reminds everyone that Jess still has Hepatitis C and must take it easy. In another room close by, Antonio teases Talia for solving the arsonist case without him. Cris arrives to demand that he have his brother back and Talia puts in a good word for him before she departs. Antonio points out that technically they're not brothers but Cris reminds him of past days. Cris reiterates that he was trying to protect Antonio and wonders how his brother would have handled it if the tables were turned. Antonio admits that he himself protected others in the same way himself at times and so the brothers are reunited. Cris points out how Antonio has always been his hero, not just now. Jess comes by with Bree on her way out to let Antonio know that she's leaving. She wanted him to see the baby to remind him that everything that he did, he did for her. She wants him to stay in Bree's life somehow. He says sadly that Bree will never remember him though he will always remember her.

Nora promises Bo that she's alright to prosecute Kirk Harmon even though the case affects her personally. She wants to send a message to his racist pig friends. Bo only hopes they have the right man. There's nothing to connect him to the other crimes and they only have him with the bomb in the gallery. Many Llanview citizens arrive for the hearing, including Lindsay, who tells Bo that she plans on opening the Real Americans exhibit. He asks her to wait, to make sure they have the right person in custody. He seems to be the only one who is uneasy about the arrest. Tate and Adriana arrive and he's figuring that everyone there hates him. The charges are read and Kirk pleads No Contest. He has nothing to say and court is adjourned while the judge decides what happens next. Again, Bo wonders if it's over, as everyone happily thinks. He explains that the suspect is not saying he's guilty but just protecting himself against any suits. As people disperse, Kirk asks to speak to his son. He tells him he loves him and then leans over and whispers in his ear, "I'll take this to the grave. No one will ever know that it was you."

Friday, June 22, 2007

John won't take no for an answer when he sets out to get the tape recording of Marty's session with Dr. Young. Meanwhile, Miles is hurt when Marty wishes she could still see some traces of the kind man he used to be before he forced her into marrying him. Despite her feelings about the marriage, Marty can't help but be affected when she sees Miles interact with the young boy with a facial deformity he befriended. John has Marty dead to rights when he catches her in a lie. A miserable Starr thinks she and Cole are doomed. Cristian helps Blair see that allowing Starr to date Cole doesn't mean she's giving up on her belief that Todd is still alive. Starr screams in delight when Blair gives her permission to see Cole. Britney vows that Starr and Cole will never be happy together. Blair receives a mysterious phone call. Nash brings Jessica home and they've never been happier. Antonio has Jessica served with papers suing her for divorce.

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