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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 18, 2007 on GL
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Monday, June 18, 2007

Jeffrey catches up to Reva on Main Street and accuses her of kidnapping Lizzie and wants to know why. At first Reva denies it, but eventually tells Jeffrey that after Alan's donation check bounced she confronted him about it and he turned nasty. Alan threw baby Sarah's death and her loss of Josh in her face. She told Jeffrey that she wanted to keep Lizzie "missing" for a week so that Alan would feel panic and fear. She had finally decided she couldn't go through with it and called it off after a couple of days. Jeffrey doesn't buy all of her story. He feels there is something that she is leaving out. He warns her to be careful of Alan because he bites when you least expect it. Reva leaves to visit with Daisy, who tells her about "Vent Boy." Reva is supportive of her granddaughter and tells her so. She agrees not to tell Harley. As she is leaving Juvenile Hall, Reva gets a call to meet with a mystery man on Main Street. When she meets him, Jeffrey is watching and intrigued by the man's name badge.

After a group English class with Teacher Coop at Juvenile Hall, Megan, an inmate, figures out that Ashlee has a crush on Coop. Ashlee denies it. When Megan leaves, Ashlee starts to approach Coop when Lizzie unexpectedly arrives. She was there to visit Susan/Daisy, but was not allowed to see her. She convinces Coop to join her for lunch. As he is leaving Juvenile Hall, Coop tells Ashlee that she did good work that day.

At lunch on Main Street, Lizzie tells Coop about the misadventures she just had but can't quite remember. He assures her that she seems fine and healthy and that these things just happen. After they have finished eating he tells her that he is going to return to Juvenile Hall to talk with Ashlee. Lizzie tells him that's a bad idea, seeing how Ashlee has such a big crush on him. He denies it but lets slip that Ashlee kissed him. He starts to explain but instead just leaves. Lizzie is left alone until Jeffrey approaches her. He tries to get her to remember what she did the last two days, but she is fuzzy. She sort of remembers there being a man or men involved who spoke either Greek or Latin. Jeffrey encourages her to call him if she has any other memories.

Coop returns to Juvenile Hall to speak with Ashlee. Ashlee speaks first, warning him that Megan is going to go to Ms. Hannigan to accuse Coop of coming onto her. Coop says that he was the one who turned down Megan's advances. He thanks Ashlee for the heads up and says he will take care of it. Ashlee tells Coop that she realizes that he came back to talk to her about the kiss. She says she knows she put him in an awkward situation and will just let the kiss be behind them. Coop surprises Ashlee by saying that he was not bothered by the kiss. The two sit down to discuss an assigned essay.

At Company, while trying to convince Natalia to allow Rafe to life with him and Harley for a while, he accidentally says it would be a better place for Rafe to be. Natalia is offended and takes a jab at Harley for giving up her child at birth. Gus redirects Natalia by appealing to the issues of a better and safer school district for Rafe. Harley puts in her two cents worth, letting Natalia know that Harley is not out to take her place. Natalia says she will consider the offer and leaves to pick up Rafe.

Natalia goes to Juvenile Hall to pick up her son. She tells him about Gus and Harley's offer to have him live with them for a while. He rejects the offer. Natalia, however, thinks it is important they visit Rafe's father's house and calls to let Gus know they are on their way. Gus and Harley are very excited. Harley gets Zach and Jude together to explain that Gus has a son and he is coming for a visit. When Natalia and Rafe arrive at the house, Rafe immediately wants to leave. At one point, Zach takes Rafe's hand and leads him into the living room. Harley takes Natalia outside for a heart-to-heart. She is able to convince Natalia that they should give Rafe's living with her and Gus a try. Rafe is not happy that his mother is leaving him with Gus and Harley. When Gus goes outside to speak with Natalia, Rafe calls Daisy but cuts the call short when Gus approaches him. Gus suggests they watch some baseball together. Meanwhile, Zach is looking through Rafe's backpack and finds a syringe and needle.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rafe, now staying with Gus and Harley, is watching the Chicago Cubs baseball game on TV, as Gus is happy to see that they have the love for the Cubs in common. Through conversation, they find another common bond – they each think they are the best at stickball! Things seem a little tense and awkward, but so far, so good, as they continue discovering more about each other. After Harley says that some of her family will be stopping over to visit, Rafe asks about Gus' family, asking if he has a father. Gus tells him he has a biological father. Rafe asks if they get a long; Gus says they do, but it's complicated. Rafe innocently suggests that maybe he'd like to watch the Cubs game too. Off screen, Gus tells Rafe his biological father is Alan Spaulding. We see Rafe pick up a picture of Alan, and is surprised to learn that THE Alan Spaulding is Gus' father. Rafe learns that the man who raised Gus was also a police officer named Joe, and that is how Rafe got his middle name. When Rafe is offered cake, he says no, but when Gus and Harley try to encourage him to have cake, he becomes angry and walks away into another room.

Meanwhile, Zack finds a syringe in Rafe's bag, but hides it for a while, until Harley sees it and she and Gus are shocked to hear that it came from Rafe's bag. Both are upset and not sure how to handle addressing this. Gus' biggest concern is that he builds trust with Rafe, so how he handles this will be important. Rafe returns to the living room, and Harley, being afraid and upset, finds it hard to control her feelings about Zack finding the syringe. She snaps at Rafe, accusing him of using drugs, and he snaps back, walks outside, and starts to repair a bike. Gus follows him, and tries to bond with Rafe while addressing the question of the syringe. Gus reveals that he is a recovering addict. Rafe sees that Gus thinks they will now bond over being addicts. Gus then says how he thinks it's a good idea to talk about what each has been doing for the last 16 years, but Rafe says "maybe later." Gus continues, saying that his is a good story, and that at first he was only going to try tell him the good parts, but he's been re-thinking it and decided to tell him all of it in an effort to be honest and be fair (trying to build trust). Rafe starts to open up and asks questions about Gus' addiction. Gus tells him it was pain killers, and they talk about it some, but then Gus doesn't push Rafe to talk about his past right now if he doesn't want to, and adds that maybe he can see why he needs to know about the needle. Rafe hesitantly confesses that he has diabetes, and that only his mother knows, and that he doesn't like to talk about it. Gus apologizes for himself and Harley for jumping to conclusions, and says that these mistakes will happen until they get to know each other better, and suggest going back inside and trying again. Rafe agrees, but says he's not sure if this will work, but then sees a picture of Harley with Daisy and recognizes Daisy as the girl from the juvie center. He then says to Gus that maybe he's right and he's staying.

Daisy writes a note to "ventboy" (Rafe) saying she's glad he called earlier, she was afraid she'd never hear from him again after he left. Now in the lobby area, Dylan comes to visit Daisy, and asks about the guy that Reva told him about. Daisy seems to blush as she tries to describe Rafe, although as she tells Dylan, she doesn't even know his name. Dylan agrees to make a few calls to help Daisy get out of juvie, after he believes her to be a different person now.

Frank pays an un-announced visit to Marina, to see if she and Cyrus might be hiding secret visits. As Marina asks why he is really there, they share a tender father/daughter moment when he confesses to following her when she was a new detective, to protect her. Marina tells him she knew, and that she liked it; it made her feel safe. He still feels guilty about accidentally shooting her before, and says that it happened because of her being involved with Cyrus, which is making him protective of her now. He gets a phone call from another detective who was assigned to keep tabs on Cyrus and he reports with some concern in his voice that Cyrus is at the Diner with Buzz and asks if he should move in. Franks tells him to stay put, that he's on his way.

At the Diner, Buzz is writing with a special pen, and remembering his deceased wife, Jenna by looking at her picture. Cyrus enters and notices the pen as a stolen item, and asks Buzz if it's his. Buzz tells him it's his son's, Coop's, and it was a gift from his mother. He tells Buzz that ‘mother' bought a stolen pen, and Buzz replies, somewhat proudly, "his mother didn't have to buy stolen goods, she took them." This leads Cyrus to draw the conclusion that she was a thief, and then he looks at her picture and recognizes Jenna as being one of the best and most famous thieves. Buzz, again somewhat proudly, tells Cyrus she gave up...for love. Cyrus starts asking questions about her, in an idolizing way, saying he wasn't lucky enough to have met her. Buzz closes the store so that they can have a private conversation over coffee at first, but later, beer, and they discuss Jenna, the myth and the legend, and how Buzz met her, and some of the infamous stories about her. As they continue to have this male heart-to-heart chat, Buzz brings up his concerns about Cyrus hurting people that he's close to, specifically Alex. Cyrus reassures Buzz that he's grateful to Alex for giving him the opportunity for more, and goes on to say fondly that he's never met a woman like Alex. Alex, who has been standing in the doorway listening for a short a while, enters the Diner and barely says hello when Frank storms in, suspicious of why Buzz and Cyrus are talking alone. Marina enters the Diner right behind Frank, having followed him after their little visit and talk. Frank proceeds to grill Buzz about why the Diner is closed but Cyrus is there, and is highly suspicious about Cyrus' motives and activities.

Outside the Diner, Marina sits on the bench, and then Cyrus walks out and joins her. She states that she didn't have anything to do with him being followed, and that she is sticking to their agreement to stay out of each other's lives, to which he says "sounds good to me." Marina questions if he really is trying to stay out of her life, since he was at her father's diner. They banter in soft, warm tones, as he sits near her and they inch closer to each other, until Alex comes outside saying she's ready to go.

Marina is now in the Diner, talking to her grandfather, Buzz, about what just happened with her father and Cyrus. He tells her that everyone deserves a second chance, that he did, and Jenna did too, and that she turned out great. Marina, still trying to figure out if Cyrus is capable of going straight, questions if Cyrus wants a second chance. Buzz tells her she'll never know until she gives him a chance. She asks if he thinks she should give a second chance; he tells her it's not his call, and it's not her father's call, implying it's her decision.

A tense Mallet, feeling the strains of the pressure he's under to kill Matt as ordered by Griggs, looks at his gun case while Dinah showers. He gets a call from Griggs wondering why Mallet has done the job yet. Mallet tries to appeal to Griggs, asking what if he can get his money – isn't it what he really wants anyway. Griggs tells him that he now wants to make an example out of Matt. Mallet suggests roughing him up a bit, but Griggs says it doesn't work like that, and threatens to kill Dinah. Mallet says he'll do it, and he puts a silencer on the gun and tucks it in the back of his slacks. Dinah comes out of the shower wearing a towel and hugs A.C. and finds the gun in back. She is worried that he feels he has no choice but to kill Matt, but he tells her it's for protection. She tells him they have options, that there are things they can do, and suggests calling the feds. He agrees, but only to appease her, as he knows what he has to do to protect Dinah now.

As Dinah and Mallet are on Main St., they are talking about what they should. They consider telling Jeffrey, the ATF, the FBI, but a stressed Mallet says to give him time and let him think. Dinah decides she should call her mother and let her know about all of this, but as Mallet is saying not to, she starts to dial her cell phone. Suddenly, car headlights are shining on Dinah, and we hear a car's screeching tires and the horn blowing. Dinah screams as she faces a car coming straight at her. She is shaken, but not hurt. Dinah reassures Mallet it wasn't Griggs because she got a look at the driver, but this doesn't comfort Mallet.

Dinah and Mallet arrive at the Diner and see Matt through the window. Mallet's phone rings just then – it is Griggs, but he tells Dinah it's the police station. He tells Dinah, who wants to let Matt know what's going on, to wait inside but to not say anything to Matt. Griggs cryptically lets Mallet know that he was responsible for Dinah's near miss with the car, and again threatens to kill Dinah if Mallet doesn't do the job soon. Feeling the mounting pressure and the need to protect Dinah, he tells Griggs he's on his way to meet Matt now and he'll do it.

Inside the Diner, Vanessa announces that she and Matt are reconciling and Matt tells of a deal he's about to make that is legit and will enable him to repay the loan sharks, though it may take 20 years. While everyone thinks this is good news, Mallet knows it's not enough. After Dinah goes to clean a spill on her shirt, Mallet asks if Matt can join him to help with a jewelry selection for Dinah at a nearby store. Dinah returns from the ladies room and asks where they guys are. Although Vanessa was supposed to keep it a secret, she says she isn't good at that, and tells Dinah what Mallet said about looking at jewelry. Dinah quickly becomes aware of what she thinks is really going on – that Mallet is going to kill Matt, and a glazed stare washes over her.

Mallet and Matt are now at the docks, and as Matt says he wasn't aware there were any jewelry stores in that area, Mallet tells him there aren't any, that he just didn't want to do this in front of Dinah and Vanessa, then proceeds to tell Matt that his plan to pay the loan sharks back won't work, that they are not interested in anything but making an example out of him. Matt says he'll pack up the family and get away, but Mallet pulls his gun, points it at Matt, and says "sorry."

The show ends, as previews for tomorrow show a continuation of what happens with Mallet and Matt.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Inside the Light: Hero

At Company Vanessa explains to Dinah that Mallet and Matt went to look for a piece of jewelry for Dinah as a surprise. Instantly Dinah knows this isn't true and takes off to the jewelry store. When she learns that men fitting Matt and Mallet's descriptions never stopped in the store, she makes a desperate phone call to stop Mallet from gunning down Matt.

On the docks, Mallet aims the gun with the silencer on Matt. He tells Matt that he owes Griggs a lot of money. If Mallet doesn't kill Matt for Griggs, he'll kill Dinah. No matter how Matt pleas with him, Mallet cares more about Dinah than he does Matt. She was almost run down the other day and Mallet vows to kill Matt to keep Dinah safe. Mallet's cell phone rings and Mallet sees that it's Dinah. Matt begs him to talk to her. Somehow they tussle over Mallet's gun. In the struggle, Matt is shot in the stomach and falls lifelessly to the docks. Nervous and scared, Mallet rolls Matt's body into the water.

Dinah frantically calls her mother and Mallet, but gets no answers. Billy strolls by and tries to assure her that everything is fine. Vanessa and Matt are fine. Dinah tries to get her nerves under control. Meanwhile, Mallet waits in his hotel room with the gun still in hand. When the door to the room opens, he ducks behind a wall, poised to shoot. In comes a man in a hood. It's Matt. They congratulate each other on pulling off their plan. Matt complains about his swim across the lake, lucky that he was a lifeguard in his teens. He thanks Mallet for saving his life. Mallet just wants him to hurry to the meeting point to catch up to Vanessa and leave town. He thinks that staging the shooting will end the hit from Griggs and give them both their lives back.

When Mallet catches up to Dinah, she is elated. She heard the whole plan form her mother. Matt and Vanessa are safely out of town. Later Mallet meets Griggs on Main Street to close the case on Matt. He tosses him a cassette as proof. Griggs doesn't need proof. He had Mallet followed. An associate of his saw him shoot Matt and dump him into the lake. Unfortunately, another associate of his followed Vanessa and saw her gassing up her car on the way out of town. Matt was in the car with her.

Mallet denies this, but Griggs is angry. He wanted to make an example of Matt and now instead, he has to make an example of Mallet. Mallet huffs. He can take Griggs out at any time. He's a cop with a badge. Everyone will believe him. Griggs begs him to try it. If he does harm him, his associates will kill Dinah.

Back at the hotel, Dinah asks how everything went. Mallet lies to her and tells her that Griggs bought their story. He assures her that it's all over. Over wine, Dinah vows that this is the last of the drama. From now on their life will be safe and boring—well, maybe not boring—but safe. Sitting on the floor in front of the bed, they talk about the trials of their relationship. They agree that everything has been worth it. Mallet presents her with a gift. It's a horseshoe charm. She tears up thanking him for protecting her family. Finally after all this time, she feels safe. She thanks him again and again. He holds her. Dinah wants so much to be able to protect him, too, and prove how much she loves him. She wants a chance to be his hero.

After Dinah goes to sleep, Mallet thinks of how Griggs has someone watching her. He gets dressed and assembles his gun. He utters that he loves her before leaving. On Main Street that evening, he meets Mel on the way to dinner with her parents. He wants her to sit down with him and update his will right now. Griggs listens from behind the blotter board.

Dinah is awakened by a phone call from Matt. He is leaving a message for them to warn them about the person who tailed them to the gas station. Dinah hops out of bed and takes the call. Matt has a bad feeling about this. She hurries off the phone, realizing Mallet is not there and curses when she sees that he's taken the gun.

Immediately she calls Griggs. He still pretends about station business, but Dinah cuts the crap, telling him that she knows everything. She wants to know what he's going to do to her husband: "Will you try to kill him—before he kills you?" she says and tells Griggs she wants to meet with him before anything else happens. They agree to meet down at the docks.

While Mallet updates his will with Mel at a bench on Main Street, Dinah gets ready to confront Griggs. Mel tells him the paperwork will be ready tomorrow. When that's not soon enough, Mel becomes concerned about what's happening. He doesn't answer, instead asking her to scrounge up two witnesses to make it binding tonight. Mel does as he asks. When he returns to the hotel, Dinah is missing. He replays Matt's message on the machine. The part of Dinah's talk with Matt is also on the machine. He checks his silver brief case and murmurs, "No, no, no, Dinah."

Down at the docks, Dinah uses her sex appeal to get close to Griggs. She comes onto him and at the same time explains to him that she's a killer herself. She feels she's more suited for his jobs than Mallet is. She says that she'll kill Matt, the jerk that put her mother and sister in danger. Griggs wonders what Mallet will think of this. Stroking Griggs, she says that he won't have to know. Griggs kisses her. As they lock in a wild kiss, Dinah draws a knife from her purse and holds it behind his back.

Just then, Mallet rushes in and screams for her to stop. She yanks away from Griggs with her knife drawn. She screams at Mallet to leave and let her do what she has to do. Griggs chuckles that she's a sneaky little minx. Mallet yells that she's not going to do it. He's going to do it. He grabs Griggs and holds him from behind. As Mallet and Dinah argue over who will kill Griggs, he wiggles out of Mallet's grip and draws his gun. Mallet hops in front of Dinah and pulls a smaller silver gun. He laughs madly, unable to believe that Griggs chooses now to get his hands dirty after paying people do to it for him.

Mallet calls it a draw and convinces Griggs to lower his gun. Both men lower their guns at the same time. He directs Dinah to leave. She strolls out of danger but stands in the distance between the men. Suddenly Dinah screams and rushes forward. Griggs has raised the gun again. She hits it and it goes off. Dinah collides with Mallet and falls onto the docks.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Griggs and Mallet struggle. A standoff arises – guns pointed at each other. Dinah jumps between them and is shot. Dinah can speak – tells Mallet she's nothing but trouble. Mallet calls for help – she's been shot in the head. Blood is everywhere. Mallet's crying, begging her to hold on. Dinah lays shaking, eyes staring with a vacant look. He screams "Oh, God. I'm losing her!" Mallet keeps talking to her – telling her there in this together. There are sirens in the distance and blood is pouring onto his lap. The paramedics arrive, work on Dinah and take her off in the ambulance. They arrive at the hospital. Mallet is covered in her blood. The EMT hands Mallet the bullet and tells him it means the bullet didn't go in, that she might just need some patching up. Frank and Marina arrive. Mallet tells them how Dinah saved his life. Frank asks for a description of the shooter. Mallet has to tell Frank he knows him. He tells Frank it's all his fault. He avoids telling Frank about the person who shot Dinah.

Beth finds Rick at Company telling him she received a call regarding the custody hearing. Rick tells her he had no other choice. Rick tells Beth if she leaves Alan, the custody case will be dropped.

Josh tells Cassie he understands what she's going through. She assures him she's happy for him and proud of him for his choice. Cassie tells Josh the right things aren't always clear (as she's having a flashback to her changing the DNA results). Josh assures her that her faith (of lack thereof) is none of his business and that she doesn't have to pretend for his sake. Rick pays Josh a visit to discuss the Bauer bar-b-que. Rick asks Josh to host the party. Josh tells Rick no. Rick doesn't feel worthy to host the party because of what he's doing to Beth. Joshua he has to find another way to handle the situation other than tearing Beth's life apart. He should be her friend, not her enemy.

Reva runs into Jeffrey on Main St. She's spooked – feeling as though someone was following her. Jeffrey warns her someone will eventually find out what happened during the two missing days with Lizzie. Jeffrey tells Reva her story doesn't make sense and he saw her with the guy from the hospital. Reva tells Jeffrey the guy was someone she met (and spent the night with) the night she was with Lizzie. She claims she was telling him that night was a mistake. Nothing else. Jeffrey still doesn't believe her.

Cassie meets with Rev. Rutledge's wife and other students. Beth confronts her – asking her if she's satisfied. They have a confrontation – Beth reminds Cassie of all she did to her. She pushes Cassie to the point where she grabs Beth and shouts that she doesn't deserve her baby. Beth and Cassie scuffle. Jeffrey breaks them up. Beth tells him to keep Cassie away from her and her family. Jeffrey asks Cassie if she and Reva will ever get over the feud with Alan and wishes her luck.

Reva stops by Harley's to drop something off for Daisy and finds the babysitter is there. She calls Jonathan and asks how the baby is doing. She confirms she's planning to meet him tomorrow. Reva is near the door, sees a shadow and grabs a broom – to find Billy outside. He tells her he's following her to watch out that Alan doesn't have someone after her. Billy tells Reva he heard Alan asking about her twice on two separate occasions, so he was worried about her. She tells Billy the same lies she's been telling others – about their night of drinking. Billy doesn't believe her, either.

Rick goes to his room and finds Beth sitting at the table. She hands him back the key to his room. They reminisce how they met. He tells her he still loves her. She asks him if he really thinks she's a bad mother. He gets paged by the hospital and has to leave. He asks Beth to keep the key. He gets up to leave and she tells him she's going to splash some water on her face before she leaves. She reaches on the mantle and pulls down the video camera that recorded the whole conversation.

The doctor comes out, telling Mallet she's still sleeping. He wants to make sure she's going to be ok. The doctor tells him there's been a complication. Dinah's brain is swelling. The only way to save her life is for them to do surgery to relieve the pressure. Mallet signs the waiver with a stunned look on his face. Marina just hugs him.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Marina is with Mallet at Cedars awaiting word on Dinah. Finally the doctor arrives and states that while the operation was a success, it will take a few days to find it if Dinah will pull through. Marina tells a guilt-ridden Mallet not to punish himself. A wound up Mallet wants to go out, but Marina encourages him to sit with her and starts asking questions about the shooter; specifically, who it was. Mallet will not give her a name and Marina asks for his gun. When he protests, she states that she is concerned that he, like anyone else, would go after the shooter. Mallet complies and hands her his gun and Marina reminds him that he is one of the good guys.

Cassie outside Cedars telling Josh that she feels better than she has in months. She talks about how she went to Tammy's grave and felt that she was at peace. She states that she is too and notes that sometimes she likes to come to Cedars since it was the last place they saw Tammy. Cassie talks about how she is taking an active role now in her life instead of being the victim by helping someone else, Rick, hold on to their child. Josh still does not think her testifying is a good idea. Josh thinks that in order to heal, Cassie needs to find forgiveness. He hands her a paper he has written on the subject. Cassie admits that maybe it is time for her to let go. Suddenly, they are interrupted by Marina who assumes they are there to see Dinah. After telling them about Dinah's shooting, Marina goes back inside and Cassie starts to freak out. Cassie rails that it is not right that a woman who had turned her life around like Dinah would be struck down. Josh tells her not to let it get her down but it is obvious that Cassie's faith is destroyed again. Josh thinks they should pray for Dinah. Cassie doubts that would help and Josh admits that it may not help Dinah but it could help Cassie.

An upset Alan is on his cell phone with his Private Detective. Alan states that the only reason Reva did not go home last night must be that she knew she was being followed. After ending the call he comes across Lizzie at CO2 with her laptop. Upon seeing Alan, Lizzie hurriedly closes the laptop. After being reminded that they do not have secrets, she admits that she was at a website that has been helping her. She then tells him about the nightmares she has been having. Noticing that she keeps rubbing her wrists, Alan asks what is wrong with them. Lizzie tells him that is part of her nightmare---she is hanging out with Reva and then all of a sudden she is tied up and cannot move. After Lizzie walks off, Alan places a call to Doris and asks her to meet him. Later, the pair meet at Company and Alan comments on how he misses her and their repartee. He mentions that he misses Ashlee as well and tells Doris that he hopes they can be friends; to show that he is sincere, Alan gives her a gift-a diamond bracelet. Doris knows he is not showering her with attention for no reason and asks who she has to slaughter. Afterwards, she agrees to do him his favor.

Olivia sees Jeffrey at Company and starts asking him about her Spaulding contract. When Jeffrey tells her that he is busy right now, Olivia angrily states that he does not get to blow her off. Olivia asks who distress Jeffrey is helping now. When she discovers that it is Reva, Olivia is less than pleased. After asking what Reva the Diva has done now, she warns Jeffrey against being her next victim. Olivia points out that she lost her shot at a normal life because of him. When she speaks about having wanted a connection with Buzz, Jeffrey points out that connections are overrated-after all he does not have any. Olivia laughs at that since his life consist of helping damsels in distress. She thinks that is why he is not interested in her-she is not needy enough for him. As Jeffrey is trying to leave, Olivia insists that she wants to feel like a priority. Suddenly, they come across Josh who tells them about Dinah. When Jeffrey asks if Cassie knows, Josh admits that she does and tells Jeffrey to keep her out of Rick's custody suit. As Josh continues to rant that Cassie needs to let go of her vendetta against Alan, Olivia blurts out that Cassie should be grateful to have Jeffrey. After all, he fights hard for those he loves. Jeffrey thanks her and Olivia walks off with a disgusted look on her face.

Mallet comes across Cyrus on Main Street and attacks him, blaming him for bringing Griggs to town. Cyrus denies having anything to do with it and points out that Dinah was his partner-he never would have wanted anything to happen to her. Cyrus tells Mallet he can help him find Griggs and Mallet lets him go.

Josh goes to see an unconscious Dinah. At her bedside, Josh admits to Dinah that he cannot make sense of what happened to her. He does state that there are a lot of people in town who care about her and are thinking of her: that has to mean something. As he is talking, Mallet returns but decides to leave the praying to Josh-he is not good at offering encouraging words. When Mallet walks out, Josh tells Dinah that sometimes good an come from bad things. He only wishes that Cassie knew that.

On Main Street, Cassie would rip up Josh's paper on forgiveness. Soon she comes upon a slightly strung out Lizzie. Cassie asks if she has been drinking. Lizzie states that she had a Bloody Mary to wash down her antidepressants. Cassie warns Lizzie that pills will not bring back Sarah. Cassie lectures Lizzie that she has her whole life ahead of her, a life that Jonathan, Sarah and Tammy do not have. Cassie urges Lizzie not to give up and Lizzie breaks down in her arms.

Reva is at home getting ready to see Jonathan when she gets an unexpected visitor-Lizzie. When Lizzie notices Reva's luggage, Reva lies that she is going to see her father in Oklahoma. Lizzie tells Reva not to pretend and asks to go with her. Lizzie tells Reva that she enjoys her company and thinks them being together will help her. Reva tries to discourage Lizzie and so Lizzie tells her about her nightmares about being tied up. Reva tells Lizzie that could mean Lizzie feels tied down to her life and needs new experiences. Lizzie continues to tell Reva that being with her is the best therapy and so Reva tells her she needs some time for herself. Lizzie thinks this is a brush off and leaves. Later, Reva boards her private plane and gets another unexpected visitor-Alan. Reva demands that Alan get off the plane. When asked why she is leaving, Reva admits that she knows she is being tailed and sarcastically points out that, unlike Alan, her family appreciates a visit from her. Alan then leaves the plane and places a call telling the person on the other line that everything is ready.

Mallet's been summoned to Cyrus's and finds Griggs tied up.

Jeffrey follows Olivia to her place to talk. He cannot understand her attitude-first she hates him, then she says glowing things about him, then she gets angry at him again. Olivia tells Jeffrey that her feelings for him did not change. She was speaking of him as a lawyer and besides she only defended him because Josh was being self-righteous. As they bicker, Olivia suddenly kisses him. She then realizes that the only way to get over him is to seduce him. She then throws him on the bed, seductively making it clear that she is only doing this to get him out of her head once and for all. Jeffrey bluntly rebuffs her and states that as much as he wants her he does not want them making love as a way to make up for what happened when they were kids. He advises her to let it go and states that he will not sleep with her to erase that night. Suddenly his cell phone rings. Olivia tells him not answer but Jeffrey admits that if he does not he will change his mind. He answers the phone-it is Reva; she has been arrested for Lizzie's kidnapping.

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