As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 18, 2007 on ATWT

Parker ran away before his parents could fix the BB gun issue, but they got him home with Faith's help. Meg married Craig, who whisked her away to Vancouver before the reception and then threatened her. Luke had feelings for Noah and took to writing to process his emotions.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 18, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, June 18, 2007

Craig gives Meg the signed papers turning over Worldwide and wants to show Meg the wedding rings. She leaves without seeing them, and starts down the aisle. Meanwhile, Paul promises Lily that Meg won't end up hurt, but sees a vision of bride in distress. The jeweler tells Paul he can't tell him who has the rings, but Paul sees the man in his vision is Craig. Faith urges JJ to tell the truth about the gun. Katie learns that Jack has decided to send Parker away to camp, as they leave for the wedding. Carly is trying to prepare Parker for camp when JJ returns. Carly realizes that something is up between JJ and Parker, and starts to press JJ. JJ confesses to leaving out the gun, and Jack hears. He apologizes to Carly, when JJ announces that Parker is gone.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Paul races in to stop the wedding but Lucinda refuses to allow Paul to stop the ceremony. Meg and Craig are married. Meg spots Paul and makes an excuse to return to the church. He sees her ring and urges her to abandon the plan and run away with him now. Meg wants to stick to the plan, as Craig spots them together. After, Craig tells her there's been a change of plans. Everyone is waiting for the bride and groom, and Paul realizes they've been had Craig is onto them. Faith arrives and announces she may know where Parker has gone. Meanwhile, Parker has come to the museum but it's closed and he has nowhere to go. Carly asks Katie to stay with the kids, while Jack and Carly leave for the Chicago museum. Jack and Carly find Parker, and Jack apologizes for not believing him and promises not to send him away. Parker finally agrees to go home. Meanwhile, Brad has arrived to help Katie with the kids. Jack calls and tells them they found Parker. The kids go off and Brad tries to play on Katie's fears of Jack and Carly reuniting. Henry and Vienna tease Brad about being hung up on Katie. Meanwhile, Henry and Vienna trade thoughts about occupations, and Vienna demonstrates her massage techniques to Henry's delight. Vienna wants to open a spa and assures Henry that she'll save all her love for him.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

After finding Parker in Chicago, Jack and Carly arrive home at their old house with Parker in tow. As Parker comes to the threshold of the house he admits to himself and his parents that he missed his old house more than he thought. Parker asks to spend the night at the house with Carly and after some discussion Jack agrees. Jack and Carly discuss Parker's night at the house and Jack reminds Carly to keep an especially close eye on Parker to make sure he doesn't runaway again. Jack leaves to go back to the farm and get Parker's things and this gives Carly an opportunity to sit with Parker and talk about what happened early with JJ and the BB gun. Parker is very angry with JJ and Carly is trying to remind Parker that everyone makes mistakes. In an attempt to get Parker to open up Carly puts on an old CD that was Parker's favorite to help him remember good times and leaves the room to get him more juice. Once he is alone Parker becomes upset and goes to sit on the porch. Carly returns and searches for Parker and once she finds him Parker tells his mom he is sorry for not giving her a chance when she got back and she tells him that she is never leaving him again. They share a hug and go back inside. At Al's Diner Katie calls Jack and leaves him a message saying she is happy he and Carly were able to find Parker and invites him to join her at Al's. After she gets off the phone she receives a call from Kim offering her an opportunity to improve her show. Jack finds Katie as she is getting ready to leave and fills her in on Parker staying the night at Carly's. As Jack senses Katie's insecurity with his going back over to Carly's to drop off Parker's stuff he asks her if they can meet later at her house to spend some time together and spend the next day together. Katie agrees, but tells him she is leaving tomorrow to try to get a celebrity to come do their show. Jack puts Katie's fears to rest when he declares he doesn't want to be with any other woman but her and takes her with him to go back out to Carly's. Jack returns to Carly's house with Parker's things and finds Carly sitting on the couch with Parker resting in her lap. Parker goes up to bed and hugs his mom and surprises Jack with his first hug from him in months. Jack apologizes for being angry with Carly and tells her she is an amazing mother. As they are discussing a schedule for the kids and sharing a special moment about Parker's softening attitude, Katie comes through the door to bring in Parker's glove. She interrupts their discussion, but is thanked by Carly for watching the kids and escorted home by Jack.

At WOAK Luke arrives with boxes of video tapes and when Noah lends a hand with the load Luke drops them all over the floor. As the two begin to clean up, Luke touches Noah's hand and realizes he has a crush on Noah. Maddie arrives and whisks Noah away to help make copies. As Luke files tapes Jade arrives and asks for Luke's help finding her "J" necklace. He tells her he hasn't seen it and as they are talking she senses Luke's upset. Luke tells Jade that he "has fallen for the wrong guy again". He then tells her that he has figured out a way to work through his feelings with Noah and sits down at his laptop. Down in Old Town Maddie and Noah run into Elwood who asks about Casey and fills Maddie in on his life at summer school. Once he is gone Maddie tells Noah about Casey's going to prison and how bad she misses him. Noah tells Maddie that Casey is lucky to have her and they head back to the station. When Noah and Maddie arrive at WOAK they find Luke typing on his computer and he reveals to the two that he has written a story about someone burned by love for their summer internship project. The two sit down to read his work and are impressed by Luke's story of someone afraid to love again. Noah asks Luke where he got his inspiration, but Luke is reluctant to answer.

At the Lakeview, Paul and Lucinda (along with numerous guests) await Meg and Craig's arrival at their wedding reception. With Meg running late Paul becomes worried and tries to call her, but when he can't get her on the phone he becomes frantic and tells Lucinda that he is concerned that Craig has done something to Meg. As Lucinda tries to ease Paul's fears the two get word from the front desk that Craig has phoned and told them he and Meg will not be attending the reception. Paul, fearing that Craig has figured out Megs plan, quickly leaves the Lakeview to find Meg and rescue her from Craig. Paul heads back to the church to look for Meg and when he holds her locket he gets a vision of rocks going over a large cliff. Lucinda finds Paul at the church and tells him she has a lead about where the two might have gone. An air traffic controller arrives and Lucinda bribes him into telling the two where Craig's jet has gone. They learn that Craig and Meg have gone up north towards Vancouver. As Lucinda thanks the controller she turns back and finds Paul is already gone to find Meg. Once in his car, Paul phones the plane he earlier had on stand-by and offers to pay triple the money to be flown to Vancouver.

Meanwhile, Craig and Meg arrive at their honeymoon location and Meg tells Craig that she is upset that they didn't go to the reception. When a woman shows up at their door and asks Craig to take care of the paper work Meg takes the opportunity to try to call Paul, but is interrupted by Craig. Craig snatches away Meg's phone and tells her not to worry about telling his family where she is. He lets her know that the only people who know where they are are the pilot, the broker, and the two of them. He tells Meg that she needs to trust him, just like he has trusted her with his "heart and with his fortune". The two head outside to take a look at the view from their room and Craig points out a treacherous fall they can see. He then compares the fall to life and how any misstep could change everything. Craig's speech makes Meg nervous and when she goes to head back to the room Craig holds her tightly and tells her he will never let her go. Meg asks to go inside and Craig lets her go. Once inside he tells her he has another surprise for her, but before he can tell her Meg asks for a chance to clean up. Craig agrees to wait, but hands her a package with a negligee inside and hints at what will come next. When Meg hears Craig's insinuation she says she is "exhausted from the wedding and the trip" and asks Craig if he would mind if they just went to sleep. Craig agrees and after she cleans up the two head off to bed on their wedding night to sleep. Meg stashes her phone near the bed as Craig leers over his new bride.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Paul is working with a P.I. to find Meg and Craig, when Paul discovers Meg's locket no longer triggers a vision. Paul is furious with Lucinda, and accuses her of only being concerned about the contract. Paul throws Lucinda out, and the P.I. tells Paul he thinks he's found them. Meanwhile, Craig catches Meg trying to make a call, and pushes for Meg to make love with him. Craig tells Meg he knows all about her and Paul, accusing her of greed. Meg is scared when Craig says he thinks he'll be seeing Paul again, very soon, and she begs to make things right. Holden wants to know what happened with Aaron and Alison. Later, Holden says he's calling Jack to track Meg down, but Lily stops him. Meanwhile, Alison is guilt ridden about sleeping with Dusty and even more so when Emily wants them to promise they will never lie to each other. Emily demands that Dusty tell her everything that happened in Vegas, but Dusty's reluctant. Alison gets her job back at the diner, and she comes face to face with Aaron.

Friday, June 22, 2007

In order to protect Paul, Meg offers herself to Craig and starts to undress, but Craig orders her to stop. Craig puts together the extent of Meg's betrayal, and she admits she was plotting with Paul all along. He drugs her, and puts unconsciousness Meg in bed, then texts a message to Paul from her phone. Paul reads the message asking him to meet on Shadow Cliff. Paul discovers Craig, not Meg, waiting for him, and Craig pulls a gun on him. Although he flashes to making love with Alison, Dusty tells Emily she's the reason he's upset. Dusty apologizes to Emily for judging her, and they hug, both affected by the closeness. Alison declares that Aaron shouldn't have come looking for her. Alison reminds Aaron that he said she was trash, and he was right. Aaron tells Alison he thinks they deserve a second chance and insists he knows what he wants know her. Alison insists that the best thing she can do for him is say goodbye. Gwen gives Cleo the first finished copy of her demo and informs Noah that she'd like to be a part of the benefit concert in Branson. She asks Cleo to come along as her assistant, and Gwen and Will plan a second honeymoon in Branson. Cleo writes in her journal that the Branson trip will be the start of her life with Will.


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