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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 11, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, June 11, 2007

Cleo enlists Barbara's help in encouraging Gwen to re-make her CD. Later, Barbara interrupts Gwen and Will's love making with a proposal for Gwen to make her CD and donate part of the profits to charity. Will learns that it was Cleo's idea. Later, Gwen decides to make the CD, while Cleo makes a diary entry soon she'll win over Will. Lance leads Alison on about his great plans for her, but when Rex shows up it's clear he wants her to make another porn flick. Lance is trying to force her to make the film when Dusty arrives. Lance lets Dusty in and knocks him unconscious. Alison holds Lance and Rex off with a straight razor, and cuts Lance. Dusty comes and sees a bloody Alison, who collapses in his arms. When he's sure that she isn't hurt, he rocks Alison in his consoling arms. Carly tells Jack she's not sending her son away. JJ is upset that Parker's always chasing Carly away, and swears Parker will be sorry. Later, Jack meets with Tom about signing legal guardianship papers, but Carly interrupts. Tom refuses to represent either one of them, and Carly vows that she'll wage war over custody of the kids. Back at the farm, Parker goes off with arriving Morgan to the barn. JJ gets the BB gun and puts the gun outside to get Parker in trouble. Faith, who has come to spy on Parker and Morgan, trips over the gun and gets shot.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Paul tells Barbara he doesn't like Meg's decision to marry Craig, but when it's over, he and Meg will be together. Meg tells Craig she's going upstairs to Barbara's hotel room, but as soon as Craig leaves, she rendezvous with Paul. They begin to make love when Craig discovers Paul is also staying in the hotel. Paul and Meg are making love as Craig starts to unlock the door. JJ finds Faith bleeding and realizes she was shot with the BB gun he left out. JJ calls Jack and alerts him that Faith has been shot. Everyone gathers at the farm to tend to Faith and Jack confronts Parker. He accuses Parker of leaving his gun out, but Parker insists it wasn't him. Parker is rebuffed by Faith and in turn, he blows off Carly. Margo and Katie are talking about Craig, when Jack calls Katie with the news. Jack again thinks Parker should go to camp for troubled kids, and tells Carly it's his decision, not hers.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cleo sits on Will and Gwen's couch munching on cookies and writing in her diary about how she is making progress infiltrating Will and Gwen's lives. It becomes obvious through her writing that Cleo hopes Gwen's demo will lead her to great success away from Oakdale and Will; leaving him alone so that Cleo can become his girlfriend.

Gwen and Will share a hug downtown and are approached by Barbara who has good news for the two. She has found an award winning producer to finish Gwen's demo. At first Gwen is apprehensive about the idea of working on her demo again, but Barbara and Will's enthusiasm for the project is contagious and Gwen quickly becomes excited. Before she leaves Will and Gwen thank Barbara for all of her help. The two aren't alone long because Cleo arrives with some of her homemade cookies for Will. Gwen shares her good news with Cleo and thanks her for her support. Cleo goes with Gwen to share the information about the demo with Maddie.

Meanwhile, Noah, Luke, and Maddie are given free range to develop a project during their internship at WOAK. Noah tries to convince Maddie and Luke that they should use this opportunity to make mini films that people can view on their cell phones. Luke is resistant to the idea, but Maddie is quickly on board when Noah encourages her to be the star. When Noah says they need a writer, Maddie volunteers Luke. He is equally as reluctant to this idea and the conversation comes to an end when Gwen and Cleo arrive at the studio and Maddie introduces everyone to Noah. Gwen tells Maddie and Luke about completing her demo and Maddie is excited to learn about Gwen's news. Gwen takes this chance to introduce everyone to Cleo and tell them about her role in getting her demo rolling again. Maddie takes a moment to thank Cleo for getting Gwen excited about singing again. Off to the side Jade watches the scene unfold and walks out in disgust. Luke leaves to run an errand for Kim and Noah suggests that Gwen may be able to go to Branson to sing at a benefit there. Out in town Luke runs into Jade who questions him about Cleo. Jade learns about Cleo's involvement in Gwen's life and is convinced she needs to get rid of her before she ruins her life. Gwen and Cleo make their way to Al's to discuss her life after the demo and wait for Will to finish work at the bookstore. Will arrives and takes Gwen out to celebrate leaving Cleo alone to write in her diary about her "incredible day" and her fantasy future with Will. Jade makes her way to Will and Gwen's house and plants a pair of Gwen's earrings in Cleo's bag to make it look like she is stealing.

Craig uses the pass key he bought off the front desk clerk to open Paul's door. Inside Paul and Meg are still in bed, but Paul jumps up and runs to the door and demands to know what Craig is doing. Craig pushes past Paul and insists he knows Meg is there and wants to see her now. Craig searches the room for Meg while Paul criticizes his paranoia. As the two go round and round Meg stands on the ledge of the Lakeview high above Oakdale. Inside Craig accuses Paul of taking a room at the Lakeview as a way to keep tabs on him while outside Meg edges towards Paul's window and slips, but regains her grip. Paul finally threatens to call the police if Craig doesn't leave, but before he goes he tells Paul that he better not come between him and Meg getting married. Once Craig has left the room Paul rushes to help Meg back inside and he finds her frozen with fear. Paul manages to talk Meg back inside and once she calms down and gets dressed she leaves to find Craig, but reassures Paul this will be one of the last times she has to leave him to go to Craig. .

Down in the lobby Craig bumps into Barbara and asks her where Meg is since he last saw them leaving together. Barbara digs into Craig's about his past behavior and failed marriages and as they argue Meg gets off the elevator and sees the two. With Barbara's help she is able to sneak past Craig only to return again to meet up with him. She tells him she was just freshening up in the restroom and was looking for him. Barbara takes leave of the two and Craig asks Meg why she is so flushed. He grills Meg about Barbara's comments and then asks her to return to his home to taste cakes for their wedding. He then insinuates he wants more than just cake from Meg tonight. Meg tells Craig that they won't be sleeping together until after they are married. With this bit of information Craig tells Meg that he is going to move up the wedding so that they can be married tomorrow.

Barbara rushes up to Paul to make sure he is o.k. and learns that Meg was out on the ledge. She is concerned about the safety of both Meg and Paul, but Paul lets her know that once Meg marries Craig and gets World Wide back for Lucinda the two will disappear from Oakdale and away from their past mistakes and Craig. He convinces his mom that the only way he and Meg can have a good life is away from Oakdale. Barbara tries to convince Paul that Craig is a vindictive man who will destroy him and Meg and if he messes with Craig he is putting his and Meg's lives in danger.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Craig tells Margo that Meg is fine with moving up the wedding date. He also explains that he was able to get their wedding rings because someone else had returned them. Meg arrives and per Paul's instruction asks when they're going to sign the contract turning over WorldWide dampening the mood for Craig. Margo gives happy Craig the hard news that she thinks Meg sees this marriage as nothing more than a business venture. Meanwhile, Paul is trying to find loopholes in Craig's contract when he overhears a florist who is delivering flowers to the Montgomery wedding. Paul outlines his plans to whisk nervous Meg off post-wedding and is happy that he returned the rings from his vision. When Paul sees that Meg's a little unnerved by the upcoming wedding, he suggests forgetting the whole thing and just leaving town. Meg gives Paul a locket to pledge that they'll be together despite this wedding. Gwen is thrown when Cleo has her favorite earrings. Cleo convinces Gwen that it is not as it appears. Later, Cleo wonders who would have set her up. She confronts Jade and insists that she doesn't want Jade messing up things for Gwen and Will. Jade tells Cleo that it's fine for Gwen and Will to believe Cleo's a simpleton but Jade knows better. Alison, still upset about being forced to attack Lance, is panicked when the police arrive at the door. Dusty finally convinces Alison to let him make the call to reassure Emily. Later, Dusty comforts Alison who is convinced she's still covered with Lance's blood. They begin to make love.

Friday, June 15, 2007

In Old Town, Will spotted Jade and Cleo engaged in an animated conversation and saw Cleo grabbing Jade by the arm. Cleo warned Jade not to interfere in her relationship with Will and Gwen, then she left. When she returned to Will and Gwen's place, Will was already there, and he asked her to explain why she lied to him about knowing Jade, saying that he saw them talking in Old Town, and they didn't appear to be strangers. Cleo covered by saying Jade approached her and tried to scare her off from being Will and Gwen's friend. When Will asked Cleo why Jade would care about her, she said because Jade apparently doesn't want anyone to be friends with Gwen. Will took Cleo at her word and said he was going to go confront Jade about this. While he was gone, Cleo wrote in her diary about how Will was off to defend her honor. She wrote that Jade wouldn't dare reveal her role in bringing Cleo to town because it would incriminate her, but just in case, she was going to work on a different way to stop Jade for good; then, Cleo fingered a necklace she was wearing that had a pendant shaped as the letter "J."

Will found Jade in Old Town and told her to leave Cleo alone. Jade told Will she didn't approach Cleo, but rather, Cleo approached her and was trying to keep her away from Will and Gwen. Will told Jade that Cleo is a good person, and he told Jade to keep away from her.

In Las Vegas, Alison had a nightmare about her fight the night before with Lance, then dreamed about making love with Dusty. When she woke up, she told Dusty about her dreams, then realized the part about making love with Dusty had actually happened. He brushed it off as having been "a crazy night" and said it wouldn't happen again. After calling the local police, Dusty informed Alison that they had found and arrested Lance in the possession of drugs and child pornography.

At Al's Diner, Emily was sitting alone eating when she spotted Aaron Snyder outside the door. She got up and confronted Aaron, who said he had just returned to town and was nervous about seeing Emily. Aaron told Emily that after his mom recovered from her illness, he and Alison had a lot of time to contemplate their life together, and it didn't all go smoothly. After a few minutes, he excused himself so he could go call Holden to let him know he was back in town, and Emily took the opportunity to try to call Dusty. When she reached him, she asked when he and Alison were returning to Oakdale; he said they were headed back now, but when she asked to speak to Alison, he told her that she was in the shower, because Alison gave him a signal that she was unwilling to speak to Emily. After Dusty hung up the phone, Alison told him she couldn't go back to Oakdale with him and lie to Emily about what had happened between them, but Dusty said she didn't have to talk about it at all because it was nobody's business but theirs, and they should just pretend it never happened. On their way out of the hotel room, Dusty looked back at the rumpled bed, remembering the night with Ali, and smiled to himself.

Back at Al's, Emily told Aaron that Alison had had a hard time with the breakup and had been through some tough experiences since then, but when Aaron asked, Emily said she'd rather let Ali fill him in on whatever she wanted him to know. Aaron said he didn't want to derail Alison if she was getting back on track, but Emily told him she thought he was exactly what Alison needed right now.

At the farm, Parker spoke to someone (apparently Holden) on the phone, trying to find out how Faith was doing. He ended the conversation by saying "yes, sir," he understood, and he wouldn't call again. JJ asked Parker what was wrong, and Parker told him, then showed him a completed application to a juvenile camp.

At the police station, Carly confronted Jack again about trying to send Parker to a juvenile camp, saying she'd fight him on this because she disagreed with what Jack was trying to do. Jack told her he could do this without her approval and that he had consulted a lawyer. After telling Carly that Parker's behavior had improved until she came back to town, Carly asked him if he would still be sending Parker to camp if Faith hadn't been accidentally shot with the BB gun, because if not, then he needed to consider the possibility that Parker wasn't lying when he said he had nothing to do with it. While Jack and Carly argued, JJ walked in, having ridden his bike to the police station, and said it wasn't fair to send Parker away. Jack tried to tell him this was best for Parker, but then he got a phone call he had to take, so Carly and JJ were left alone for a few minutes. Carly told JJ he was a loyal brother to ride up there to try to help Parker, but JJ said he wasn't loyal at all, and he again said it wasn't fair. Carly said it was Parker's fault that Faith got hurt and nothing could change that, but seeing the look on JJ's face, Carly asked him if something was bothering him. JJ said no, just that he had to get to his baseball game, and he left.

Jack and Carly went to the farm, where Jack tried to sell Parker on the idea of the summer camp, pointing out the fun things Parker could do there, too. When he asked if Parker would agree to go, Parker said, "Whatever," and Jack said that was close enough to his consent, so he went to call the camp director to sign Parker up. Carly told Parker that she wanted to help him, but he had to give her something to go on; Parker said no one would believe him anyway, that they would all just say, "Like mother, like son," and then he walked outside. Jack returned and told Carly it was all set, and Carly told Jack she wished he would trust her judgment on this, reminding him that no one believed Parker when he thought Jack was still alive, but Parker didn't give up on Jack then, and Jack shouldn't give up on Parker now. Carly then said that together, she and Jack could help Parker, without any camp or therapy or intervention group.

Faith and Lily went to Old Town so Faith could go to her dance class. On the way, Lily's cell phone rang with a business call, but she told Faith it could wait, and Faith said she'd hoped it was Parker, checking on how she was doing. Lily explained that Parker had been troubled at home lately and that it would probably be best if she steered clear of him for now. Faith said that wouldn't be hard for Parker, and she told Lily about her feelings for him and how Parker said he wasn't ready for a girlfriend right now, but then he left Faith to be with Morgan, another girl from school who was more Parker's type. When Lily asked what that meant, Faith said Morgan was skinny, and she ended up confessing to her mom about how she ate all the candy bars for the movies after having seen Parker and Morgan together. Then Faith told Lily that it was her own fault she got shot, because she followed Parker back to the farm after seeing him talking to Morgan. Lily told her it wasn't her fault, and she asked her to come talk to her the next time something like this was bothering her, instead of eating a bunch of candy; Faith agreed. Lily then left Faith to go to her dance class, but Faith ran into JJ, who told her about Jack and Carly sending Parker off to juvenile summer camp. JJ confessed to Faith that he saw Parker put the BB gun back and lock it up, and he told Faith that he was the one who took it back out and put it by the back door.

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