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Passions Recaps: The week of June 11, 2007 on PS
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Monday, June 11, 2007

Noah is upset at Sam for trashing him to Paloma. The thing is that it's all a set up. Sam knew that Noah was hiding all along, so he decides to trash Noah in order for him to come out of hiding. He tells Paloma that it's against police guidelines for Noah to be present while she is on duty. Sam gives Noah a very special gift.

Luis' guard, while on death row, was a former Harmony PD, and he is out for blood. He sets Luis up to be beaten by two other prison inmates. Fancy finds out the results of the lab test that came from the blackmailer‘s duct tape, and she can't believe that there is no DNA match. She is racking her brain to try to figure out who the blackmailer is. She plans to run a DNA match against Harmony Hospital's database. Fancy visits Luis and he downplays his beating to Fancy. Fancy tries to reassure Luis that she is working hard to clear his name. Luis tells her not to work alone and to involve Sam since it's so dangerous, but Fancy is afraid that the blackmailer will find out. Fancy tells Luis that no one, not even the blackmailer will stop them from being together.

Chad pays a visit to Whitney, and she is upset that he is contacting her. Chad claims that he wants to see Miles, but he is using that excuse to try to worm his way back into Whitney's life. Whitney tells Chad that he has put her at risk for diseases since Vincent may have had multiple partners, and Whitney insinuated that Chad may have slept with other men, but Chad denies it and says that Vincent is the only man with whom he has slept. Whitney is sick of Chad's lies and wants nothing to do with him, ever again. Whitney returns her wedding ring to Chad.

Father Lonigan tells Theresa to tell Ethan the truth since it will come out sooner rather than later. Ethan comes by during their conversation, and he thinks he knows Theresa's secret, or does he? All Ethan knows is that Theresa has told Julian her secret. Theresa, realizing that Ethan does not know the full truth, decides to keep on lying to Ethan. Ethan tells her that he would not forgive anyone keeping secrets about his child from him since a man has a right to know what's going on in his son's life. Theresa plays along instead of telling Ethan the truth. In addition, Ethan tells Theresa that he has always been jealous that she has a son with Julian, and he also feels as if Little Ethan (LE) is his own son because of the strong connection he as with him. Ethan tells Theresa that he trusts her not realizing that Theresa is lying to him. Ethan leaves, and Father Lonigan pleads with Theresa again to tell Ethan the truth about LE being his son. Theresa refuses because she does not want to lose Ethan.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Noah proposes to Paloma, using his grandmother's old engagement ring. Though Paloma is overcome with joy, she is hesitant to accept. She does not want to appear selfish while everyone around them is suffering.

Whitney tells Theresa that Chad's cheating was her fault, because she's a bad lover. She is determined to never let another man into her life! Chad tries to convince Ethan that he's not gay, all the while checking out a man at the bar.

Luis has nightmares about Fancy being killed at the hands of the blackmailer! As Fancy and Sheridan break into Eve's office to run the blackmailer's DNA sample through her computer, he poses as a hospital janitor, prepared to stop them once and for all!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

At the Blue Note bar, Chad tries to prove to Ethan that he is not gay by making a spectacle of himself with two women on the dance floor. Theresa and Whitney arrive and see him. Whitney tells the women to get lost. She tells him that he is sick and needs help. Chad continues to insist that he is not gay, but Whitney does not believe him and tells him to leave her alone.

Ivy and Julian are also at the Blue Note and as the reminisce, we see flashbacks of the many times they threatened and attempted to kill each other during their marriage. They decide to take another chance and reconcile. Ivy wants to travel and sees no impediment. Julian does not tell her about his new responsibilities at Crane Industries.

Ethan and Theresa talk, and one wonders, why, with Luis' death by lethal injection imminent, that he is not calling judges and filing appeals. None-the-less, he tells Theresa that Ivy and Julian are getting back together. When Julian and ivy join them, Theresa goes to the bar to talk with Julian and Ethan talks to Ivy. He tells her that Julian will not be traveling with her because Theresa has given him a much bigger role in the business. Ivy is not happy to hear that Julian withheld the truth from her. Theresa tells Julian that she will never tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan. When Ivy overhears Julian tell Theresa his plans for the company, she slaps him. As they look on, Ethan tells Theresa that secrets always come.

Noah and Paloma try to find out the truth about the serial killer who is murdering Jessica's johns. At the police station, they discover that the fingerprints Paloma found are not Jessica's, but they are only partials so they cannot match them to anyone else. Simone visits Jessica at the Bennett house. Jessica is still worried that she killed the johns. Simone points out that it might have been Spike. Jessica does not want to believe it and tries to defend Spike, but Simone does manage to get through. After she leaves, poor dumb Jessica opens the door to Spike. When she stupidly tells him that she is going to suggest to her father that Spike killed the johns, he grabs her and forces a liquid drug down her throat.

While Fancy waits for a DNA match in Eve's office, which holds the slowest computer on the planet, the blackmailer, dressed as a janitor, sneaks up on her and tries to strangle her with a rope. He tells her that her sister Pretty will be glad to learn that Fancy died a slow and painful death. Sheridan is in the lobby having coffee when Sam arrives looking for Fancy because Luis has called, worried that the blackmailer is after Fancy. Sheridan does not tell Sam where Fancy is and fantasizes about Fancy's death. Sam searches the hospital and she pretends to search. Outside Eve's office, she hears the struggle and decides to let the blackmailer kill Fancy. Fancy fights off the attack and manages to make it to the hall. Sheridan is forced to act. Instead of decking him as she did in the church, she hits him with her purse and he runs away. When Sam arrives, Sheridan pretends concern for Fancy. Sam orders security to close down the hospital and the blackmailer appears to be trapped, but he vows that he will not be caught.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

At the Blue Note, Ivy explodes when she finds out that Julian is back as the #2 person controlling Crane Industries and she lashes out at him. She tells him that he is the same lying, manipulative man that she met many years ago. Ivy then spews her insults towards Theresa who is standing at the bar with Ethan. Ethan defends Theresa and Ivy can't believe that Ethan won't see Theresa for what she is. Ivy demands to know what secret Theresa is hiding. From all the pressure, Theresa runs out. Ethan runs after her. Julian tries to tell Ivy that even though he is now back in power, that he still wants to try to have a future with her. Ivy tells Julian goodbye for the night and to their possible relationship. Ehtan catches up with Theresa on the wharf. He, again, tries to get Theresa to tell her secret. Theresa is scared and says she can't. Ethan tells Theresa that she owns his heart and that nothing will tear them apart.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Sam continues to help Fancy after she has been attacked yet again. Both Fancy and Sam are stunned at Sheridan's lack of concern for Fancy. Fancy accuses Sheridan of knowingly allowing her to be attacked and possibly killed. Sam too wants answers from Sheridan. Sheridan says that even though she lied to Sam about Fancy's whereabouts it was to protect the fact that they had broken into Dr. Russell's office to run a DNA photo match for the attacker. Sam gets a call that the blackmailer has been cornered. He runs off to meet the other deputies. Sheridan and Fancy run back to Eve's office to see the photo but the computer goes down. Sam and the deputies begin their search of a closet.

Kay is looking through her bedroom window at Miguel and Maria sitting on a swing. She tells Fox, who is ready to begin his next round of the placebo drug, that she will be right back. She goes downstairs and is just about to go outside when Tabitha stops her. Kay tells Tabitha that she regrets making a deal with Julian. Kay daydreams about how she can use her supernatural powers to both cure Fox and have Miguel. Tabitha can see into Kay's vision and warns her that the results of using her powers could be dangerous and disappointing.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Fox is tired of pretending to be sick. Nurse Stevens remarks how jealous she is that Fox loves Kay and is willing to feign being sick just to keep her in his life. Fox doesn't like the idea of Miguel living under the same roof with him and Kay. Kay is anxious to hone her powers, but Tabitha is trying to tell her to be patient because she could eventually put them in danger if she is not in control of her powers. This is all new to Kay, so she wants to try every trick in the book starting with getting back with Miguel and then curing Fox. Tabitha warns her once more. She tells Kay a story of her great-great-great-great grandmother, Prudence. She was a good witch that hated to use her powers, and she was warned that all the unused pent up powers could be passed on to her descendants and not necessarily used for good. Miguel pleads with Kay to see him again, but Kay stand her ground as per the agreement with Julian, which is to stay married to Fox in exchange for Miguel getting out of jail. Miguel wishes that someone would use magic to heal Fox, so Kay takes him up on his wishes despites Tabitha's warning. Kay goes to get the magic book of spells while Tabitha drifts off to sleep. She wants to cast a spell to cure Fox so that she can be with Miguel. As Kay is casting the spell, she realizes that something is wrong. The spell she is attempting to cast has triggered an earthquake.

Jared catches Theresa on the wharf with Ethan and inquires why, and he almost caught them kissing. Theresa lies to Jared as not to arouse suspicions. She uses the "Chad and Vincent having sex" story. Jared tells Theresa and Ethan that he knew of Chad's affair, and Ethan tells him that he should have warned Whitney, but Jared didn't think that it's his place to interfere in their relationship. Ethan controls his jealousy when Jared insists that Theresa returns to the mansion with him so that they can resume trying to make that baby. Ethan senses that someone is watching him. Ivy remarks to Ethan that Theresa is no good for him and that he should have learned his lesson by now. Ethan claims that he loves Theresa deeply. Ivy can't convince Ethan to move on from Theresa, so she tells him to at least respect Theresa's marriage vows. Ethan's reply: "A lot of good that did me." Ivy loves Ethan and wants the best for him, and she does not see Theresa in the picture. Theresa and Jared make love, but she is thinking of Ethan. Ethan can't shake the feeling that someone is watching him.

Luis is worried about Fancy. As Fancy and Sheridan were about to identify the blackmailer from the DNA download, the power went dead due to the blackmailer. Fancy blames Sheridan because of her jealousy. Luis manages to convince a guard to lend him a cell phone. He calls Fancy to check up on her while Sheridan is standing there. Sheridan grabs the phone from Fancy so that she could talk to Luis. She did not hear what she expects from Luis. He wants Sheridan to watch over Fancy. Luis tells Sheridan that she and Fancy must find the doctor who ran the blood test on the blackmailer before the blackmailer gets to him first. Meanwhile, the blackmailer sneaks up on the doctor, who seems to know the blackmailer quite well. Apparently, the blackmailer had some blood work done, but he disappeared shortly after that. The blackmailer now wants to kill the doctor before he tells the police.

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