One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 11, 2007 on OLTL

Starr agreed to attend the prom with Markko. Langston was forced to work off her detention at the prom. John didn't believe that Marty was Spencer's killer. Talia was suspicious of Tate. Nora's frustration at not having a home of her own continued to grow. Jessica realized that she would have to wait before asking Antonio for a divorce. Todd was unconscious. The high school musical began.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 11, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, June 11, 2007

John doesn't readily accept Dorian's claim that someone hired David to kill Spencer and that he only confessed to a crime he didn't commit in order to collect down the road. Dorian shocks John with her accusation against Marty. John is unsettled to get confirmation that Marty had been to see David at Statesville. Dorian drops a bombshell on Clint. Marty struggles to keep up the charade of her marriage to Spencer while trying to keep the peace with Cole. Cole promises Starr he'll try to figure out what Miles knows about Todd's disappearance. Marty is horrified when Miles states he can't wait to make love to his wife on their wedding night. Blair tells Starr she still thinks Miles holds the key to them finding Todd. Antonio's condition continues to improve and Jessica insists on seeing him. Jessica still wants Antonio to be in her life but he doesn't think that's possible although he confesses part of him still loves her. Nash hopes Cristian will be able to reconcile with Antonio. Nora is frustrated over the fact that she and Matthew have yet to themselves a home of their own and are still living at Asa's.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

David cracks under John's questioning and admits he didn't kill Spencer but doesn't rat out Asa. David tells John he believes Marty committed murder. David isn't pleased by John's determination to get him released from prison. Marty makes it clear to Miles in no uncertain terms that they are married in name only and she will never make love with him. Miles accepts Marty's decision for now but implies he may not be patient forever. Without Marty's knowledge, Miles dismisses John when he arrives to see her. Clint is livid when Dorian fills him in on Asa's deal with David. Dorian and Clint grow closer as she convinces him not to turn his father over to the police. David wants to settle the score with Dorian for ruining his big payday. Nash and Jessica realize they will have to wait a while before Jessica can ask Antonio for a divorce. Antonio admits to Talia that he still loves Jessica. A clever Talia subtly probes Tate and gets a sample of his handwriting. Adriana agrees to go on a date with Tate but only for breakfast. Talia shares her gut instinct about Tate with Antonio.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nora and Bo discuss the bombing at the hospital and about how Tate may fit in to the OPP case. Thinking about Tate leads Nora to worry about Adriana's safety. He then starts to explain a plan he's coming up with to catch the arsonist, and that he wants Lindsay to help out with it. Nora has misgivings, but Bo says that they can't let personal feelings get in the way of solving the case. Just then Lindsay arrives, and she and Nora fake warmly greet each other. Bo outlines his plan to use a photography exhibit to lure the arsonist into a trap. Nora has some concerns about it being so close to the bombing, but Bo isn't worried. In fact, he wants it really soon because the arsonist is arrogant. Lindsay offers to use her gallery to hold the exhibit, but both Bo and Nora automatically shut her down. Lindsay counters by saying that the exhibit would look more realistic if it's held in her gallery than if it were held in some warehouse somewhere. Nora grudgingly agrees with her. Bo relents, but tells Lindsay that he's putting her up in a hotel the night before the exhibit, just to keep her safe. He then thanks her for her help and she leaves.

Viki calls Kevin to give him an update on Jessica. After she hangs up, Kirk arrives and asks her how her family is doing, and then asks if the police know anything about the bombing. She tells him that they don't know anything, but she hopes they catch the arsonist soon. After chatting a bit more about her family, Kirk asks Viki if he can get her anything. She politely refuses then asks him why he's so interested in her family. He explains that he knows what it's like when a child is in danger. Viki gets a call from Bo and mentions to him that Kirk is at the hospital with her. Bo asks her to keep him there so he can meet him, which she agrees to. She asks Kirk if the offer of coffee still stands.

John brings the case files for Spencer's murder into his office. The secretary hangs around a bit until John makes it clear that he wants her to leave. While he's going through the evidence, he flashes back to memories that seem to prove that Marty indeed killed Spencer.

Cole walks into the living and sees Miles's bag. He starts to go through it as Miles walks in and asks him what he's doing. Cole fibs, saying that he was going to pack up Miles's things so that he might get the hint that he's not wanted here. Miles tries to calm Cole down by putting his hands on Cole's shoulders. Cole immediately shrugs them off, as Marty walks into the room and tells Miles never to touch Cole again. Miles tattles to Marty that Cole was going through his things. Cole plays it off a bit, and then comes out and asks Miles if he has information about Todd's disappearance. Miles insists that he doesn't have any information and Cole storms out of the apartment. Marty and Miles continue their argument. Marty specifically states that their marriage is on paper only. Miles disagrees and knows he'll make her see she's wrong about him. Marty is shocked that Miles believes this is love. He tells her that he'll turn the tape over to the police if she doesn't start making an effort with their marriage. She asks him what he expects of her. Miles says that he wants to go out in public as a married couple.

Cole goes to talk to John about Miles and Marty getting married. John asks him if he has any clue why they got married. Cole thinks it's his fault because he told Marty to try to move on and find someone new. John tries to convince him otherwise. Cole asks John to talk to Marty. John says he will, and Cole heads to the school for play rehearsal.

After Kirk goes to get some coffee for Viki, Miles and Marty show up to see Jessica. Miles then has Marty tell Viki that they're married. Viki is shocked. Miles tells her about how he had to convince Marty to marry him, conveniently leaving out the blackmail. Bo arrives at the hospital, and Miles doesn't hesitate to tell Bo about his marriage to Marty. Bo's stunned as well. Kirk returns with the coffee and Viki introduces him to Bo, mentioning that Bo is the police commissioner. Viki, Miles, and Marty go into Jessica's room to chat while Bo starts up a conversation with Kirk.

Bo begins to pepper Kirk with questions under the guise that he's a big fan of Tate's. After Bo asks Kirk about Wyoming, Kirk gets suspicious and immediately gets out of the conversation.

Viki tells Miles and Marty that she wishes them all the happiness in the world. Privately, she notes that Marty seems rather unenthusiastic about the marriage. Marty gets a phone call from John and lies that it's a patient. John asks to see her. Marty excuses herself, saying that she has to go to a consult. Viki asks Miles how he got Marty to marry him. The last time she talked to Marty, Viki was convinced that Marty wasn't ever going to marry again. Miles tells her that his and Marty's feelings kind of took them both by surprise.

Rex sees Adriana and Tate together at the diner for breakfast and assumes they spent the night together. Tate and Rex have words until Adriana steps in to convince Rex that she and Tate are just having breakfast. Rex apologizes and goes to sit at a different table. Adriana says that she knew going out with Tate was a bad idea. He tries to convince Adriana to go out on a few more dates with him so that Rex will get the hint that she's moved on. Adriana reluctantly agrees to that. Meanwhile, Rex calls one of his sources and demands to get any information on Tate that he can get his hands on. Rex gets another call and arranges to meet his source. Tate asks Adriana to go to a charity dinner with him, but she hesitates. He eventually gets her to agree to go with him. Rex then walks up to talk to Adriana about Todd. He tells her that there may have been a sighting of Todd in Chicago. Tate snarks to Rex that he doesn't need to tell Adriana about his cases anymore. Adriana insists that it's okay with her. Rex then leaves. Adriana and Tate chat a little bit more before Kirk interrupts, needing to speak with Tate. Adriana excuses herself. Kirk sits down and tells Tate that Bo was asking him about Wyoming.

At the high school, Marcie rehearses with some of the girls, including Britney. After going through the whole dance, she gives the girls a short break before returning to rehearsal, much to Britney's discontent.

As Markko is running lines, he rewrites part of them, infuriating Langston. Markko refuses to say the lines Langston wrote because he thinks they won't work. Langston tries to convince him to say the lines so she can hear if they won't work. Langston does some quick rewrites to her script, and Markko reluctantly rehearses the new lines.

Marcie asks Starr if she's seen Cole. Starr says she doesn't keep track of Cole anymore. Marcie then asks her about Todd. Starr doesn't know anything more about his disappearance. Marcie decides to rehearse one of Starr's songs to help her get her mind off of Todd. As they begin, Britney talks about prom with a bunch of the other students. Starr overhears and says she can't rehearse the song for Marcie. She convinces Marcie to work on some other aspect of the play.

Britney tries to convince her friends that she's not going to the prom with Cole just to irk Starr. She then tells Amber to try to get practice done early. Amber goes to ask Starr if she wants to go home to get ready for prom. Starr tells Amber that she wouldn't be caught dead at prom. Amber's shocked.

Langston has a fit about Markko trying to rewrite everything she's written, so Marcie goes to have a talk with him. Langston and Starr then chat about Markko. Starr then mentions that she saw Cole, but says that they're not back together. She simply says they're working together to find out information on Miles. Langston goes to check on Markko as Cole walks in. Starr mouths to Cole, asking him if he found out anything. He sadly shakes his head no.

Marcie tells Langston that she got Markko to agree to play the scene as written. She notices the tension between Markko and Langston and asks if they're going to prom together. They both quickly and adamantly say they're not going.

Britney goes to cozy up to Cole while Starr looks on longingly. After another spot of rehearsal, Britney runs up to Cole to gush about prom. Markko then asks Starr to the prom.

Marty arrives at John's office. He tells her about Cole visiting him and asks her what she's not telling him with respect to her marriage to Miles.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Markko asks Starr to the prom, totally attracting the attention of an engrossed Cole and Langston, trying to eavesdrop. The rest of the kids in the musical are shocked to hear they're going together, most of all Langston, who plays indifferent. Britney points out that Langston's the only one not going to the prom, though she apologizes later, stating that she merely thought it would be fun if everyone could go. Starr tells her obviously jealous friend that the date only came about minutes ago and that she and Markko are only friends. She suggests various boys for Langston to ask but she's not interested in any of them. The one guy she'd want to go with probably wouldn't go with her, she says, though quickly says that it's not anyone specific. Marcie hatches a plan to include Langston and tells her she can either help out at the ticket table or face a detention, hours longer than what she'd face at the prom. Starr is excited that her best friend will be going after all. Cole wants to know what the motive was behind Markko's invite but adds that he and Starr are finished. Markko gives Cole permission to cut in while dancing. It's not what Starr would want, he replies. Catching Starr alone after she frantically calls her mom with a plea for help in getting ready, Cole pulls her aside and tells her not to go with Markko.

Cris and Lindsay are interviewed for television regarding their new planned exhibit called Real Americans. As people such as Nora and Matthew, Talia, Vincent, Layla, Sean and his granddad pose for pictures taken by Cris, Lindsay explains how the exhibit represents artists addressing racism. "...If people can be taught to hate, they can be taught to love," is among the words expressed and quoted from Nelson Mandela. Nora is annoyed that Lindsay is so involved but Bo explains how they want everything to look real and hope that the arsonist will view the interview and catch the exhibit. He plans for the stakeout as surveillance equipment is set up.

Kirk encounters Tate at the diner and tells him with a sense of urgency that the police are asking questions about Wyoming. If he doesn't step up, he'll take them down, he tells his son. Tate responds that it's not his problem and that he's not like his twisted father at all. Furthermore, he can't believe that his father's blood is running in his veins. Tate needs to stop and look at the big picture, Kirk pleads. Filled with venom, Tate snarls that he's had to raise himself since high school and doesn't want to be associated with his father and his garbage. He orders him to stay away from him.. Later, as the photo exhibit interview plays on the television, Kirk rudely tells the waitress to turn off the television.

When Marty shows up at John's office, the first thing he wants to know is why Marty married Miles. She in turn demands an apology for his disrespecting her marriage. But it's not real, he yells. She chose Miles and she doesn't have to explain, she retorts. She also denies visiting David in prison but John lays out the facts as he has them, including her panic attacks and her wanting to tell him something. She stammers and stutters as John offers his help. The truth will come out eventually and he can help her now, he continues, but not later. She confesses to killing Spencer. He wants her trust and her story, he advises her. The problem is that she has too many blanks, can't recall much of anything and can't answer John's questions. He wants to know if the memory of the murder is connected to her marriage but she denies that they have anything to do with each other. He asks about blackmail, he wants her to admit she's lying. She finally breaks down and tells him that she married Miles because of Cole, so that he'll have someone to take care of him when she goes off to prison. Miles has resources. She confesses that she doesn't love Miles. She asks to be arrested but John refuses. She can't give any details and doesn't remember anything. Things just don't add up and he's not placing her under arrest. After she leaves his office, John calls the prison to have David Vickers released.

Blair is waiting for Miles when he returns home. She's dressed to kill though mentions that she'll be performing at Capricorn later. Miles mentions that he'd love to fix things up between Blair and Marty but is assured that it's not his responsibility. Blair claims that she's no longer interested in Todd and apologizes for accusing Miles of being involved in his disappearance. She gives some advice on living with a teenage boy. She begins to make a play for Miles and "recalls" how she told Dorian how he was so perfect when she first met him and how he was an anti-Todd. Miles catches on and begins to flirt with her in return. He didn't know how to act before but now he does, he smiles at her. He asks for a kiss to show that she's really on his side now. Blair is surprised and pushes him away. He was only kidding, he laughs. Is this an act and how you were to Spencer? He loves his wife. Blair is angry to be caught and tells him she'll do what she has to in order to get Todd back. Marty returns home.

Todd lies in a bed. A young woman comes in to the bedroom and calls out to him, thinking his name is Hunter. She's taken aback to see him there.

Friday, June 15, 2007

"Prom Night: The Musical" begins. Starr and Cole are miserable over the fact they aren't going to the prom together but Starr sticks to her resolve. Dorian comes to Starr's rescue when she produces the perfect gown at the last minute. Blair shares a warm moment with her daughter. John meets with the warden at Statesville to try to secure David's release as part of his plan to smoke out the real killer. John contacts Marty. Blair clings to the belief that Todd is still alive. Todd seems to be a death's door but his savior could be nearby.

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