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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 18, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, June 18, 2007

Miguel promises to protect Maria from the earthquake, which is what he thinks is happening. He also notices that the Bennett household is not affected. Tabitha awakens from her nap and realizes what Kay has done. Miguel is on his way to help Kay, but she does not want him to discover her secret, so she asks Tabitha for assistance. Tabitha tries and tries until she manages to stop the earthquake. She tells Kay not to try to do magic on her own again, but Kay is too stubborn to listen. All she cares about is getting back together with Miguel. Kay tries to cast another spell, and this time she strips Miguel of all his clothes.

Paloma and Simone bought take out for Jessica, but she is not home. Spike drugged her and is off to get rid of her. He prepares to kill Jessica and bury her.

Fancy and Sheridan rush to find the doctor who did the blood work on the blackmailer. Meanwhile, the blackmailer is attempting to kill the doctor. The doctor tries to talk the blackmailer out of his irrational behavior, but the blackmailer wants to quiet the doctor before others get to him and find out the truth. Sheridan and Fancy locate the doctor's office and open the door, and Sheridan is taken aback at what she sees.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Simone, Paloma, and Noah, go in search of Jessica. They know that Spike has taken her, but they cannot pinpoint the location. Simone is very worried for her. Spike is preparing a cozy place for Jessica to rest, but it's her grave. Despite his vicious way of getting rid of Jessica, he finds it in his heart to leave her a flashlight so that she can at least see her surroundings. He buries her and then tells himself that this is what happens when Jessica does not listen to him. Afterwards, he gets drunk, on top Jessica's grave, and then apologizes for doing this to her.

While with Jared, Theresa dreams of Ethan. She is interrupted by a phone call from TC telling her that Whitney needs her friendship. While Theresa gets ready to go and see Whitney, the phone rings, so Jared picks it up, and it's none other than Ethan. Jared meets him downstairs and asks him why he is calling his wife, Theresa, in the middle of the night. Ethan makes it very clear that he is not going to just disappear from Theresa's life, and Jared tells him that life is good without him in it. Ethan asks Jared why he is so worried if life is so good, and Jared tells him that he is just fed up with him being around Theresa. Ethan lets Jared knows that he can do what he wants, and he will not let him tell him otherwise. Meanwhile, Theresa is being a friend to Whitney. Despite what Whitney thinks of Chad, Theresa wants her to let Chad help with the Miles since she has another child on the way, but Whitney is too hurt to let Chad near their son. She cannot come to grips as to why Chad would cheat on her, and to top it off, it's with another man. Theresa tries to change the subject to distract Whitney from her suffering, so she talks about Ethan.

The blackmailer manages to kill the psychiatrist who is able to ID him. Had Sheridan and Fancy arrived to the doctor's room earlier, they could have saved him. However, they have another problem. The blackmailer has escaped, and there is no other way to save Luis. Fancy and Sheridan call Sam, and he thinks that he has the blackmailer cornered.

Tabitha laughs at Kay's faulty magic. She accidentally casts a spell that left Miguel without clothes. Tabitha keeps telling her that she has to be properly trained before performing these magic, but Kay refuses to listen. She quickly tries to cast another spell to fix the damage that she has caused, but it only gets worse. This time around, Miguel is split in half and the bottom half is walking around on its own. Miguel is wondering what's happening to him. Kay begs Tabitha for help, but she tells Kay that there is nothing that she can do. Kay pleads with Tabitha some more, and she tries to reverse the spell and succeeds. Kay tries to figure out how to explain it to Miguel but couldn't, so Tabitha freezes him and then erases his memory. Kay doesn't know when to quit. Now that Miguel is back to normal, she now wants to find a quick fix for Fox's supposed ailment.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Theresa visits Whitney and Miles in their home. The girls share their usual conversation. Whitney encourages Theresa to tell the truth to Ethan but Theresa is so insecure of Ethan's love that she is convinced that he will be lost to her if the truth comes out. Apparently she does not understand that she can never scale the highest peaks of love with Ethan as long as there is a secret between them. (Perhaps that is why she could not tell the difference between Jared and Ethan when she had sex with Ethan and thought he was Jared.) They enjoy ice cream and then Theresa takes a picture of Miles and Whitney, which Whitney tells Miles she will send to Chad because Miles is missing him. She tells Theresa that she does not intend to send it, but somehow it gets sent anyway. When Theresa inquires about custody, Whitney is adamant that she will never allow Chad to see Miles or their unborn child again.

At the hospital, Fancy and Sheridan rush to protect the doctor who did the DNA test on the blackmailer, but arrive too late. The doctor is dead. They hurry out to find Sam, who optimistically believes that he has the blackmailer trapped in Eve's office. He hesitates to go in because he and another deputy are waiting for backup. Eventually, he deputizes Fancy and gives her a gun. After an extended warning, they enter the office, but instead of the blackmailer, they find Valerie, gagged and tied up in Eve's chair. The blackmailer knocked her out before she saw anything and can offer no help. Sam gets bad news when his deputy tells him that a security guard stepped away from his post and that the blackmailer got away. He gets more bad news when he learns that Jessica has disappeared. He drops everything, including the investigation of the crime scenes and rushes off. Sheridan and Fancy bemoan the lack of clues as the camera pans over Eve's office to the air duct and we see a pretty pink stiletto just inside.

Meanwhile, Ethan and Chad meet up in the square. Ethan has a feeling that someone is following him, but neither he nor Chad notice the black suited figure lurking behind a nearby fence. They have their usual conversation. Despite the fact that his client Luis is on death row, Ethan bemoans that secrets always come out and wants to know what Theresa is hiding from him. Chad vows his love for Whitney and Miles and his desire to be a family again. Ethan tells him not to get his hopes up, but when Chad receives the picture of Whitney and Miles, he takes that as a sign that Whitney has decided to forgive him. He rushes over to Whitney's place with Ethan, who is not so sure that he is correct. Neither of them notices that a black-suited figure is following closely behind them on a deserted, well-lighted street. When they arrive, Whitney does not know what to say, so Theresa invites them in. Chad starts talking to Whitney like nothing has happened. Whitney is nonplussed.

Julian is working late and finds that his assistant, Conrad, is also there. When Julian questions him, he learns that Conrad is unhappy because his divorce has left him lonely. Julian realizes that he has many of the same lonely feelings as Conrad. At the Blue Note Bar, Ivy also runs into a fellow traveler. In her case, an embittered divorcé who has nothing good to say about any man and tells Ivy that men in their age bracket want much younger women, and that those men with money can have them. "All men are bastards," she says. Ivy is thoughtful. Later she shows up at Julian's office and tells him, "You're the biggest bastard I know."

Paloma, Noah and Simone meet on the wharf after searching unsuccessfully for Jessica. They call Kay, who is with Tabitha, trying to remove the misspoken spell she placed on Miguel. They tell her that Jessica is missing and they are going to look for Spike. She tells them to wait for Miguel, who Tabitha finally gets back to himself after erasing his memory of Kay's spell. Kay sends him off to help search. She turns to Tabitha to help her cast a spell to find her sister. Tabitha tells her that she is too undisciplined and that she may not be able to correct the next spell she messes up. Kay acts suitably demur and Tabitha agrees to look in her magic bowl to find Jessica. She cautions Kay not to use the book of spells, and Kay promises, but as soon as Tabitha leaves the parlor to go to the kitchen, Kay picks up the book. She assembles the required objects, and despite the dire words and the ominous rumblings from the boys in the basement, she persists in casting the spell instead of waiting to see if Tabitha's usually reliable bowl can be helpful. As Kay continues the part of the spell that requires that she swear to do anything asked of her, the house starts rocking. Tabitha rushes in and tries to stop her, but Kay is determined to do whatever she has to help her family. Tabitha watches in horror as a door materializes and a small elf appears casting a lecherous gaze at Kay.

Meanwhile, Spike is having all kinds of fun taunting Jessica, even though she is still unconscious and buried underground. Eventually he leaves. Jessica wakes up, unsure where she is and pleads for Spike to let her out. Eventually she discovers that she is in a box and that dirt is leaking in. She starts screaming. Spike strolls onto the Wharf and straight into Miguel, Paloma, Noah and Simone, who are apparently hunting in a herd. Spike, despite his unhealthy lifestyle is too fast for buffed Miguel, Paloma, Simone and Noah. He manages to hide and the group rushes right past his obvious hiding place, but as he is about to get away, Chief Sam nabs Spike.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Spike is hauled into the police department. Sam questions him as to Jessica's whereabouts but Spike doesn't tell. Sam, Paloma, Miguel, Simone and others leave Spike handcuffed to a post and go to start their search for Jessica. Their search takes them to a wooded area but no clues are forthcoming to Jessica's location. Little do they know that Sam is standing right over the spot that Jessica is buried alive but due to some barking dogs in the area, none of the group can hear Jessica's screams for help down below.

Tabitha demands for Kay to break the spell and her pact with a demon elf. Kay is torn because she knows that if she does break the pact then the elf may not help her find Jessica. Tabitha warns her that this will be a deal she'll regret.

Ivy makes her way to Julian's office and confesses to him that she still wants to be with him. As the two are engaged in a lip lock, the cleaning crew hears some moaning from within the office. Each member takes a bet as to who Julian is sleeping with. One of the crew peeks in and sees Ivy, they all chuckle and make jokes. Meanwhile, Ivy sees a letter that Julian wrote to her where he onfesses that he wants to be back with her too. They both waste no time for a rendezvous in the office.

Whitney is confused as to how Chad received an e-mail allowing his visit with her and Miles. Ethan tries to get Whitney to allow Chad more time with Miles. Ethan and Theresa leave the room to give them privacy. Ethan tells Theresa he can't shake the feeling that someone is following him. Whitney again tells Chad that their marriage is over and asks Chad to leave. Theresa and Ethan are chatting about Jared's conversation with Ethan. When the two embrace to share a kiss, the door opens to the kitchen and in walks Gwen. Ethan and Theresa are stunned to see her.

Fancy tells an anxious Luis that not only did the blackmailer get away again but that the he/she has killed the doctor that may have helped them get closer to finding the identity of the attacker/blackmailer. Luis continues to hold hope that a miracle will happen.

Friday, June 22, 2007

After having a few drinks, Ivy and Julian find themselves in bed together again. Julian asks Ivy if she is over Sam Bennett, and Ivy asks Julian the same question of him and Eve. Julian tells Ivy that he is over Eve because she doesn‘t want to have anything to do with him again. Ivy is grateful that Julian loves her in spite of her faults. Valerie goes to see Eve to give her news about her son. It turns out that her son wants to meet with her. He expresses meeting both Eve and Julian at the same time. In addition, he also wants Eve and Julian to reconcile and get back together. Valerie volunteers to relay the message to Julian, but Eve feels it's best if she gives Julian the good news. Eve thinks about her son's request and considers giving Julian another chance, but she walks in on Ivy and Julian in yet another compromising position. She lashes out at them and eventually tells Julian that their son wants to meet with them. Eve is hurt and does not want Julian to meet their son.

Kay cast a spell and conjures up a demon elf to aid her in finding Jessica. Tabitha tries to talk Kay out of accepting the demon elf's help because he is extremely evil. Kay is desperate to find Jessica, so she cannot refuse the elf's help. In order for Kay to get help from the elf, she has to make a deal with him, a deal that can cost mayhem per Tabitha. Kay decides to make a deal with the evil elf. Meanwhile, Jessica is finding it more and more difficult to breathe since dirt is collapsing her coffin. She doesn't want her baby hurt.

Gwen returns to Harmony to find Ethan and Theresa together, and she is not in the least bit surprised. It's the same old script since day one. They can't seem to stay away from each other. Ethan is playing innocent by stating that Gwen walked out on him, and Gwen lets him have it. The reason why she left the marriage is because of Ethan's constant need to be with Theresa instead of being happy with his wife. Gwen is surprised that Theresa married Jared after all that she has done to win over Ethan. Gwen gets all the anger off her chest by letting Ethan and Theresa have it. She tells them that they are both sick and twisted. Ethan wants to know why Gwen is even in Harmony, and she tells him that she is here to finalize their divorce and to see Jane. Gwen walks out of the room relieved, but in spite of the drama, she still loves Ethan. Theresa tries to convince a wavering Ethan that she won't manipulate him. The blackmailer is eavesdropping on the conversation and is pleased at what Gwen has to say to Ethan and Theresa. He thinks that Theresa is losing her hold over Ethan, and soon and very soon Ethan will be all his.

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