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Monday, September 3, 2007

Due to the Labor Day holiday, today's ABC Daytime lineup – All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital – featured the rebroadcast of episodes from earlier this year.

There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this scheduling change. The regular broadcast schedule will resume tomorrow, Tuesday, September 4th.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tad and Krystal come home and find Colby and Sean sleeping together innocently on the couch. Tad tells Sean to go home and Colby goes to bed. Krystal asks Tad why he kissed her at The Comeback and Tad says it was an accident. Krystal admits that she enjoyed the kiss, but is not over Adam yet. Tad agrees that he liked the kiss, but know it is not the right time for either of them to try to be in a relationship. Jenny begins to cry so they go check on their daughter. The next morning, Tad, Krystal and Colby are rudely awakened by a loud noise from their new neighbors, a rock band. Sean brings donuts to the family as a peace offering to Tad. When he asks if Colby is around, Krystal says that she went to confront the neighbors. Moments later, the band, Forbidden City, comes into the home with Colby. Krystal invites the band members Ren, Dre and Corina to sit down, but Tad tells the kids not to play their music so loud in the music. Corina offers to fix Tad's faulty television, while the other kids scarf down the donuts. Corina tells the boys they need to go so they can practice for a gig. Sean and Colby offer to help lug around band equipment and the band leaves.

Aidan and Greenlee go to Greenlee's apartment after Tad's birthday party. Aidan, a bit tipsy from alcohol, tells Greenlee that she was so cute when he was acting normal on the pain medication. A blushing Greenlee tells Aidan that she is not cute. When Aidan tries to leave, Greenlee insists that he crash at her home for the night. When Greenlee walks past Aidan, he grabs her wrist and gives her a kiss. The kiss eventually leads to Greenlee and Aidan making love. Greenlee wakes up with a smile on her face beside Aidan the next morning. She tries to sneak out of bed, but Aidan is already awake. He immediately bandages Greenlee's cracked ribs, despite her protests. Aidan makes them coffee, but Greenlee says he doesn't need to stick around. They both admit what happened was strange but Aidan says it is nothing to be ashamed of. Greenlee tells Aidan he should shower up before leaving and she looks at the stuffed animal after he leaves. Greenlee and Aidan decide to pretend nothing ever happened and Aidan leaves.

Zach takes Spike out of Kendall's arms and puts him to bed. When he returns Kendall wakes up, looking for Spike, but Zach assures her Spike is sleeping safely. Zach says that it was good to see Kendall acting so happy around their friends at the party. He lifts her into his arms and carries her upstairs to bed as Dr. Hilliard's medicine continues to sit on the coffee table. Kendall gets up first the next morning and slips the medicine in her robe before Zach sees her. Zach follows behind and is greeted by a good morning kiss from Kendall. She tells him that she feels so much better about Spike and Ian because they are both getting stronger and better. Kendall thanks Zach for being so supportive during the crisis their family has experienced. Kendall goes to check on Spike when he wakes up and Zach finds the medicine when it slips out of her robe.

When Annie's father refuses to meet her demands, Annie begins to walk away, ready to make good on her word. Her father tells her to stop and she tells him her list of demands. When Annie comes back to the room, she is surprised to find Ryan walking in behind her. Annie tells Ryan that she just needed to go for a walk because she couldn't sleep. Annie hops into bed, ready to go to bed, but wakes up before Ryan the next morning. Ryan finds Annie staring out a window in the living room. Annie tells Ryan that she visited her mother at the cemetery last night instead of going for a walk. Annie's father comes by to visit and Ryan tries using sign language to communicate. Annie's father tells Ryan that although he and Annie have their differences, he is happy she has a family. Annie's father tells Ryan he wants to know more about Emma, so Ryan shows him pictures of Emma and Spike. Annie tells her father that her mother would he so happy for her new life. Annie's father says he has to go for a meeting and hugs his daughter good-bye. After Ryan leaves, Annie's father tells her that her mother would be ashamed. Annie says they are through and wants to keep it that way. Ryan and Annie pack up their belongings, but Ryan senses something is still wrong with her. Annie says she is just overwhelmed by meeting with her father.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Greenlee was working the night shift at Fusion. Greenlee smiled when she recalled her passionate night with Aidan. Then, Erica entered. Erica came to check on the presents she was storing in the office for baby Ian. Erica and Greenlee were agitated at the sight of each other. Erica immediately hurled insults at Greenlee. Erica said that Greenlee was sad and pathetic because she had so much potential, but self-destructed. Erica explained that she felt sorry for Jack because he had a daughter like Greenlee. Greenlee protested and stated that her father loved her. Erica said this might be true, but that Jack always looked at Greenlee with disappointment in his eyes. Greenlee told Erica to stay away from Jack because she only jerked him around. Erica asserted that Jack was the love of her life and that Greenlee knew nothing about their relationship. Erica then told Greenlee to stay away from Kendall's family. Greenlee slipped and said she was trying to help them. Erica asked what this meant, but Greenlee kept quiet. Erica reiterated that Greenlee must stay away from her daughter and her grandchildren.

Jack asked Aidan to meet him at the yacht club. When Jack arrived, he announced that he wanted to discuss what was going on between Aidan and Greenlee. Aidan looked nervous. Then, Jack thanked Aidan for being a good friend to Greenlee because she really needed one. Jack hoped that their friendship would continue. Then, Jack got a phone call from Erica. Erica said she needed to see Jack, so he rushed to Fusion. As Erica waited for Jack she looked at baby Ian's toys with tears in her eyes. After Jack arrived, Erica admitted that she was having a hard time dealing with the pain her family was enduring. Erica did not want to be alone. Jack said Erica did not have to be and they left the office together. Meanwhile, Greenlee arrived at the yacht club and discovered that Aidan met with her father. Greenlee inquired about Jack and Aidan's meeting. Aidan joked that he told Jack all about their hot night. Greenlee looked horrified, so Aidan admitted that he was teasing her. Then, they both agreed that the night they spent together was a mistake. Both stated it would never happen again. Then, Aidan kissed Greenlee on the cheek and left.

During Julia's shift at the hospital, she saw Josh visiting with baby Ian. Julia was happy to see that Ian was doing well and that Josh was a devoted uncle. Josh then apologized to Julia for being a "jackass" to her when he worked at the hospital. Julia was shocked by this. Josh explained that after seeing Kendall and his family go through hell, his views on life changed. Julia was impressed and stated that Josh was becoming a family man. Josh smiled and said he would like to have kids of his own one day. Then, Josh asked about Cathy. Julia gushed about how wonderful the little girl was. Then, Julia realized that her shift was over, so Josh asked if she wanted to get a cup of coffee. At first, Julia declined the offer, but changed her mind quickly. Then, they both left the hospital room together.

Ryan and Annie's plane landed back in Pine Valley; however, they were delayed on the runway. Annie was anxious and jumpy because she wanted to get off the plane. Ryan tried to relax his wife and held her hand, but Annie snapped at him and demanded that he not touch her. Ryan was shocked and confused and assumed this had to do with Annie's father, Walter. Annie denied this and claimed she was just tired. So, as Annie closed her eyes to nap, Ryan took out his laptop. Ryan began to research Walter's accident. Ryan was perplexed by what he discovered. Then, Annie awoke and saw what Ryan was doing. Ryan asked why Annie lied about her father's accident. Annie claimed that Walter fell down a flight of stairs, but he really fell out of a fourth story window. Annie chastised Ryan for snooping and declared that her family history was none of his business. Ryan explained that Annie knew everything about his life, but he knew very little about hers. Annie apologized for her rude behavior. Ryan stated that Annie might not get over her past because she would not open up about it.

Zach was very unhappy with Kendall because she lied to him about Dr. Hilliard. Kendall explained her fear that Zach might react like Ryan did. Zach stated that he was not Ryan. Zach then reminded Kendall that he offered to seek out alternative treatments with her. Zach also urged Kendall to consider the cochlear implants. Kendall asked Zach if he agreed with the doctors that Spike was permanently deaf. Zach said that Kendall needed to accept that this was a possibility. Kendall became enraged. Kendall insisted that Spike would be cured because she did not want him to be different from other kids. Kendall worried that the implants would make Spike vulnerable. Zach said he would never let this happen. Still, Kendall declared that she would do anything to cure Spike, regardless of Zach's opinion. So, Zach agreed to go meet with Dr. Hilliard if Kendall promised to be honest with him in the future. Kendall agreed. Zach then suggested that Ryan and Annie go as well because they were a family. Kendall did not want Ryan involved because he almost ruined Spike's chances with Dr. Hilliard initially. Zach disagreed. Zach felt that Ryan had a right to know since he was Spike's father. Then, Zach gave Kendall an ultimatum. Zach affirmed that if Kendall did not tell Ryan then he would. After Zach said this, he realized that Annie and Ryan were standing right behind him. Everyone looked tense.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

When asks Kendall what is going on, Kendall tells him that she took Spike back to Dr. Hilliard, who agreed to help their son. Ryan is upset that Kendall consulted the doctor again without his consent. Kendall shows Ryan the vitamins she got from Dr. Hilliard, explaining that they are harmless and the beginning of his treatment. Ryan tells Kendall that he can find another doctor who will help Spike. Ryan grabs Spike and tells Ryan he is taking his son to the park. When Annie asks Ryan if she wants him to go with her, he says he needs to be alone with Spike. Kendall immediately follows Ryan, even though Zach thinks it is a bad idea. Zach tells Annie that things will work out, but Annie says her inability to open up to Ryan is creating more problems for him. Annie tells Zach the trip to see her father was a disaster. Annie admits that she is hiding her past from Zach, but he advises he tried the same thing and it blew up in his face. Zach reminds Annie that Ryan loves her, no matter what. Zach and Annie go visit Ian, which makes Annie smile and laugh.

Kendall finds Ryan signing "I Love You" to Spike, but Ryan is not interested in speaking to her. Ryan tells Kendall that he does not want to hear her badmouth Greenlee again because she is acting just like her – do whatever it takes to get your way. Kendall does not disagree with Ryan's statement, but apologizes for not consulting him before taking Spike to Dr. Hilliard. Kendall says she was worried Ryan would shoot her down if she asked him about it, but only had the best intentions. Ryan says he knows she loves Spike, but it makes him mad when she treats him like his opinion doesn't matter. Ryan, Kendall and Spike find Annie and Zach with Ian.

Adam goes to Krystal, Tad and Colby's home disguised as Stuart, but is surprised when he hears loud noising playing from outside. Adam comes inside the house and sees Tad, Krystal, Sean and Colby partying with the band members. Adam goes inside, saying he didn't realize it would be a bad night to work on the painting. Krystal says it's no problem and insists he join the party. Colby asks Krystal and Tad for a curfew extension – 3 a.m. – to help with the band at the next gig. Tad agrees to let Colby stay out late, as long as he can accompany her and Sean to the gig. After the band leaves, Adam asks Colby how things are going. Colby says she feels that living with Krystal has been really good for her, but she does miss her father tremendously. Adam and Colby share a hug. Colby asks Adam, thinking he is Stuart, how her father is holding up. Adams says her father is eating better and even exercising. When Adam suggests Colby visit her father, she says that Adam will make her feel bad about moving out and dating Sean. After Colby goes to wash the dishes, Adam tells Jenny how beautiful she is. Krystal overhears Adam and is overwhelmed by his affection toward Jenny. Krystal tells Stuart that Adam never loved Jenny and she will not get past him trying to give Jenny to strangers.

Amanda tells JR that she has to leave because she needs to meet a client for Fusion the next morning. JR tells Amanda that whether she likes it or not, Ava is the reason Fusion has gotten more clients. Amanda tells JR that it's strange he talks about Ava so much since he is supposed to hate her. JR says he admires Ava for taking chances, but he is also knows she can make him independently wealthy. Amanda tells JR that he is trying to steal Ava from Fusion, but JR simply wants to come some sort of agreement. JR proposes creating a shopping network online using Ava as the spokesperson. JR promises not to screw over Fusion to get what he wants with Ava. After JR and Amanda make love again, JR tells her that she can be included in his business plans, since he still owes her money. They are interrupted by a visit from a repossession company wanting to take the boat. Amanda tells the men that the boat belongs to his friend, but realizes it was a lie from JR.

Ava and Jonathan enjoy their picnic on the beach, although Ava wishes they could stay there forever. Jonathan tells Ava about the brain tumor and how Erin and Ryan saved his life. Jonathan gushes about how great Ryan is and says she feels the same way about Lily. Jonathan says the reason it is so easy to love their siblings because they are the only people who truly know them. Others shun them for their mistakes, he adds. Ava throws her top off and leaps into the water, with Jonathan close behind. After the swim, they make love on the beach, unaware that photographers are hiding behind rocks.

Friday, September 7, 2007

On the beach, Ryan assures Annie that no secret she could tell him would change his love for her. Uncertain, she asks that he kiss her first, as he may never kiss her the same way again. She then brokenly tells him what life was like growing up with her brother – he was a person that could do no wrong and was always supported by their parents. However, if she dared to speak out against him, she was told that she had problems and that she was sick. Then, when her father had his accident, she was appalled to find that her parents still insisted that her brother was in no way at fault. Although she didn't have any physical proof, she was certain that her brother was behind everything. The case went to trial, and she decided that she couldn't continue to let her brother hurt people, so she lied on the stand and said that she witnessed her brother violently commit a robbery, all while her mother was sobbing her denial. She goes on to say that she believed her brother would be sent to a mental hospital to get help for his issues. Instead, the prosecution pressed for hard time and he was sent to prison for 10 years. Ryan tells her that he understands what she did, and that she shouldn't blame herself. On a roll now, she tells Ryan that the same day that her brother was sent to prison is the same day her mother killed herself, after mother and daughter had a huge fight. She admits that her father has blamed her for everything since then, and Annie couldn't help but agree. Ryan tells her that her father was wrong for doing that, and asks if he has been the one responsible for the phone calls and the packages. Annie says that she thought it was her brother, but she called the prison and they confirmed that he was still there, and that he hadn't been granted the privilege of using a phone. However, the thought that her father would torture her like this seemed unfathomable. Shielding her protectively in his arms, Ryan promises that he will not let anyone hurt her or their family anymore. She wonders how that is even possible, and then decides that the first step is getting rid of the locket – the one her mother was wearing when she died. She yanks it off of her neck and with Ryan's hand cupped over hers, they throw it out into the water.

Back at the house, Kendall thanks Zach for calling her out on her old behavior, where she acted out because she couldn't trust people. She apologizes for everything that she did and makes him promise that he will stay with her even when she messes up. He does, and makes her promise in return to be honest with him. Then, although Zach offers to help, Kendall insists that she would be fine putting Spike down for the evening. She demands that he stay put until she gets back and spirits the little boy away with a sly grin on her face. She returns a short time later wearing a short trench coat, and Zach, intrigued, asks her what took so long. She takes a seat beside him and tells him that he'd just have to find out for himself. She shoots naughty glances at him, enticing him to relieve her of her jacket, and Zach happily obliges. Then, when he gets a few buttons undone, Kendall stands and crosses the room so that she could more easily show him the outfit that she picked out to wear for him. All signs point to lingerie of some sort but when Kendall finally stops teasing her husband and opens the jacket, she reveals that she is wearing a cheerleader's uniform emblazoned with the logo of his favorite hockey team. Zach is more than pleased with her choice and to show his appreciation, he slowly makes love to his wife. Afterwards, as they relax on the couch with the baby monitor near by, they decide that while small talk is fine, round two is a better idea. Zach reaches up to turn off the light, and accidentally knocks it over. At the same time, Spike starts crying and Kendall immediately thinks that Spike's hearing has been restored.

At the Yacht Club, Erica and Jack sit down for dinner, grateful that they were able to share some intimate time together in "their" suite. Greenlee walks in but upon seeing her father with her less-than-favorite person, starts to leave. Erica spots her and calls her over. Greenlee can't imagine why she would do such a thing, but quickly realizes that Erica is trying to save face. Unwilling to let that come to fruition, Greenlee takes verbal jabs and drops loaded hints – which Erica can't help but respond to – until the truth comes out about their heated confrontation at Fusion. Jack begs them to leave their animosity alone for a short while so that they can have a peaceful dinner, but it was not to be. Erica is appalled that Jack is so blind to the fact that Greenlee is still such a bad influence in her daughter's life. Jack, not realizing that the word wasn't already out, tells Erica that Greenlee has been trying to help out as a way of atoning for her mistakes, including finding a doctor that would help Kendall with Spike's hearing loss. Greenlee is shocked and wants to know who has been spreading around her personal business, but Jack is too flustered to reveal the truth. Erica, irate that Greenlee is still insinuating herself into her family despite the fact that she is the cause of all of the drama, demands to know the doctor's name. It falls out of Greenlee's mouth in the course of conversation, and that morsel of information is enough to send Erica flying off to track him down. She storms away from the table and quickly places a call to Val, asking for assistance in finding where the doctor is located.

Amanda is beside herself with rage when she finds out that JR doesn't own the yacht that they have been frequenting. The true owner demands that they vacate the ship, and starts to make rounds to discover if there is anything that needs to be repaired or replaced. JR insists that he had the best of intentions, and that he thought he would have more cash by now to make the purchase go off without a hitch. Amanda tells him that he should give up his pipe dream of earning money fast with his Ava idea, and simply ask his father for his shares back, since Adam would do anything to win JR back. JR tells her that he doesn't want to be won, and further notes that he made the decision about the stocks because he wanted to get out of his father's corporate shadow. He believes that if Adam can build an empire out of nothing, so could he. Amanda seems less than impressed, but when the owner comes back, JR quickly spins a tale of how he has his eye on a larger boat that's in better shape a few slips down, and this causes the man to reconsider his eviction of the young mogul and his companion. When he leaves, JR tells Amanda that the Chandler name is like a platinum card with no limit, and he plans to use that to his advantage as long as he can. Amanda is wooed once more by the idea of a lot of money and with all thoughts of her meeting out the window, she falls back into bed with him.

At the Martin-Carey residence, Krystal spends some quality time with Adam, who is still masquerading as his brother. In that time, Adam continually fears that he will be found out because Krystal remarks more than once about a shared look that the brothers have. Adam is able to keep her suspicions at bay while finding out how she truly feels about him. Krystal admits that while she wishes she could love Tad, that part of her heart still belongs to Adam. He asks her if she could ever be with Adam again, and Krystal says that even if she could forgive her ex-husband for leaving her while she was in active labor, or for the stunt he pulled to get another couple to adopt her baby, she can't change how Adam feels when he looks at Jenny. She believes that for Adam, forgiveness will never come. Adam tries to affect his brother's lovable persona enough to convince her that Adam could change, but Krystal notes that family is a possession for Adam, and that he could never look on them with the kind of love and caring that Stuart does. She then thanks him for being such a good friend and rewards his kindness with a small kiss on the lips. Adam is a little flustered but luckily that kind of behaviour falls in line with how his brother normally acts. He uses that feeling as an excuse to get home and as he leaves, Krystal places a finger to her lips and watches him go with a more knowing look on her face.

Across town a short while later, Erica storms into Dr. Hilliard's office and starts to demand information about who he thinks he is and what he thinks he is doing with her family. She stops short when she recognizes him and, with his head quickly snapping up, he recognizes her too.

Greenlee makes her way to the beach after the disastrous meal and after a moment, she sees something gleaming in the sand. She bends down and finds the locket that the Laverys tried to discard.

JR returns to his old haunts with the intention of speaking with his father. He shows up in the library only to find his uncle dressed in Adam-like clothes, seated behind the desk. Moments later, Adam himself appears in the doorway and after glancing back and forth between the two brothers, JR realizes that a switch had been made – he just didn't know why.



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