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Zach and Josh each warned Hanna to leave Kendall alone. Annie learned that Richie had been released from jail. Tad and Julia bonded over Kathy. Aidan kissed Greenlee. Wes rescued Babe. JR and Ava shared a hot kiss.
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Monday, September 17, 2007

Zach was surprised to see Hannah in his office. Hannah announced that she wanted to thank Zach for helping her become a happy person again. Then, Hannah asked if Kendall knew what had happened between them the night she'd left town. Zach explained that Kendall was going through a difficult time and did not need any added stress. Hannah gave her condolences about Zach and Kendall's children.

Hannah stated that she'd hoped she would have a child of her own by that time; however, Hannah was not pregnant. Zach asked if she had returned to proposition him once more. Hannah said that she'd returned to reclaim her old job. Hannah wanted to help Zach run Cambias, especially since he was busy with Ian and Spike. Zach looked hesitant but gave Hannah her job back. Hannah smiled and immediately hugged Zach.

Kendall went to see Greenlee in her penthouse. Greenlee was shocked to see Kendall but even more shocked to hear what Kendall had to say. Kendall explained that hating Greenlee took up too much of her energy. Kendall believed that her main focus should be on her family, not her rage for Greenlee. Kendall affirmed her willingness to try to forgive Greenlee, although it might take a while. Greenlee was ecstatic and went to hug Kendall.

Kendall backed away from the hug and stated that she was not doing it for Greenlee's benefit. Greenlee did not care because she was appeased with any type of reconciliation. Kendall then suggested that their first step toward forgiveness should be a civil working relationship at Fusion. Greenlee agreed.

Kendall told Greenlee that she could not tell Zach or Ryan about their truce. Greenlee explained that Ryan would find out because of his constant surveillance. Kendall offered to talk to Ryan. Finally, Kendall wanted Greenlee to swear that she would not go near Spike or Ian. Greenlee agreed. After Kendall left the penthouse, she smirked and stated that Greenlee had "bought it."

Ryan was driving home from the prison and tried to call Annie from his cell phone. Aidan picked up the house phone. Aidan was confused because Annie had left the house without telling anyone. Ryan was concerned for fear that Richie had abducted Annie. Then, Ryan entered the house. Aidan assumed that Annie had left willingly because there was no sign of a struggle. Aidan also divulged that Annie had had the locket watch in her purse.

Ryan looked startled but assumed that Richie had planted the watch there. Aidan seemed skeptical, so Ryan asserted that his wife was innocent. Then, Annie arrived home. Annie claimed that she had gone to the beach for some fresh air. Aidan left, and Ryan broke the news to Annie that Richie was out of prison. Annie freaked out.

Ryan swore that he would protect Annie and their family. Ryan asked for a description of Richie. Annie described him and stated that his most noticeable attribute was a spider tattoo on his neck. Ryan left the room to make a phone call as Annie told herself that she was the only person that could stop Richie.

Babe and Wes were cleaning up at the Comeback when a man walked in and asked for a beer. The stranger was quiet and looked angry as he drank alone. Meanwhile, Babe and Wes flirted as they finished their chores. Wes joked that he made great nachos and asked Babe if she was interested in going on a date with him to eat nachos. Babe was flattered but explained that she was not ready to date yet.

The stranger grabbed Babe and put a knife to her throat. The man demanded the keys to the register. Wes was calm and pretended to get the keys but instead lunged for the knife. The two men grappled for a minute, and the stranger finally ran out. Wes had a minor cut on his arm from the fight. Babe cared for the wound and thanked Wes.

Babe said that she'd changed her mind about the date. Wes was happy. Then, Derek entered and asked for a description of the culprit. Babe and Wes stated that he had a spider tattoo on his neck.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Erica and Jackson got ready for their new show, He Said, She Said. They began debating about how much parents should get involved into their children's lives. Jackson thought parents should butt out of their child's life after a certain age, but Erica disagreed. Erica said it was not right to stand by and watch their children hurt other people. Erica offered an example of a child kidnapping another child or the role of a stepparent disciplining a stepchild. Jackson said he didn't think she would treat her stepchildren the same as her biological children. They finished their fight, and after the camera stop rolling, they kissed and left together.

Kendall told Zach that she had glanced at a message board for parents with deaf children and learned that she could show Spike she loved him with hand gestures and facial expressions. Annie and Ryan entered the room and announced they were moving out but not taking Spike. Ryan explained that Annie's brother was threatening her, and they felt it was safer for them to move out. Seeing Annie so upset, Kendall sat beside her and held her hand. She said they were a family who stuck together, so there was no need for anyone to move out.

Ryan and Annie insisted on moving out and asked Zach and Kendall if they would take care of Emma. Of course, Kendall and Zach agreed. Kendall told Annie that she knew it would be hard to be away from Emma, but Emma would be safe with them. Kendall told Ryan he could drop his bodyguards on Greenlee and use them to protect Emma and Annie. Ryan said he had enough guards for Spike, Emma, and Annie. Kendall and Zach asked Emma if she would like to stay for a sleepover, and Emma agreed. Ryan and Annie left the house as Richie watched from the bushes.

Colby went downstairs and found Krystal cleaning as a way to cope with Babe's life being threatened. Babe, Tad, and JR, with Little Adam, entered the room a few minutes later. Adam stormed through the front door and demanded that Colby quit working at the Comeback because she might get hurt. JR said that Colby had not been at the bar when the incident had happened. Colby said she liked her job because it made her feel like a responsible person, not a spoiled brat.

Adam told Colby that it would make him worry less if she moved back home. He said that Zach had given him the house back and invited JR back to the house too. Colby and JR refused to leave Krystal's home, despite Adam's pleas. Dre went to the house and saw Adam, telling him he couldn't paint in the suit and tie. Tad explained that Adam might look like Stuart, but they were nothing alike.

JR told his father he could tell Adam was happy he'd gotten the house back, but JR would have to spoil the fun by telling Krystal Adam had been impersonating Stuart. JR said he wouldn't tell Krystal about Adam's impersonations, as long as he backed off Krystal. Tad asked Dre where the rest of the band was, but Dre joked that he might not be able to keep up with them. Colby explained her family situation to Dre but said it was complicated. When Colby asked Dre about his parents, he only said that he was on his own. Colby noticed a scar on Dre's arm and got ready to go to school.

Colby told her father that she was not moving back with him but would spend the weekends and some evenings with him. Krystal asked Adam to tell Stuart she needed his help with something at the bar later on. JR and Babe decided to make amends for Little Adam's sake. JR showed Babe a sketch of the robber on his phone and asked if that was him. Babe said yes, and JR joked that she would have taken the robber down.

Julia and Jonathan looked after Ava as she was recovering from surgery at Wildwind. Julia took Kathy to school and told Ava to get some rest. Jonathan told Ava that her career was not his business, but JR couldn't be trusted. Ava said having her own network would be great, and she respected the fact that he had ambition. Jonathan asked Ava about her pregnancy scare, but she didn't want to discuss it. Ava told Jonathan that she was on the pill "most of the time," but Jonathan agreed they both needed to be sexually responsible.

Ava said that she wasn't ready to be a mother but thought Jonathan would make a good father. Jonathan said he never wanted to be a father because everyone still considered him "Ryan's crazy brother." Ava told Jonathan he was not crazy anymore and shouldn't let that determine his parenthood skills. JR entered and showed off the headlines of Ava and Jonathan making love on the beach. He told Ava that after that incident, he didn't want to work with her anymore.

Julia took Kathy to see Tad. Kathy gave Tad a drawing, and he thanked her with a muffin and orange juice. Julia gave Tad one of Jamie's books she'd found at Wildwind. She admitted she had gone to see Tad because Kathy had been talking nonstop about him.

Tad said he should not have gone off on Julia about trying to pass Kathy off as a replacement for Kate. Tad said he loved being with Kathy and still had faith he would find Kate. Julia said Tad seemed more content than ever, thinking he was dating Krystal again. Tad explained he and Krystal were just friends.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Greenlee met Aidan at the Comeback. Greenlee was mad at Aidan because he'd told Ryan that they were not close. Aidan explained that he'd said that to get information out of Ryan because they were working on a case together. Aidan apologized, and Greenlee accepted. Then, Aidan asked Greenlee about the locket watch.

Greenlee realized that the watch was connected to the case with Ryan and asked Aidan for details. Aidan said that it was confidential. Aidan then told Greenlee that he really did care about her and kissed her goodbye. Afterwards, Aidan received a phone call about the origins of the locket watch.

Babe and Amanda were at Fusion when Kendall and Di entered. They were surprised to see Di, so Kendall explained that she'd asked Di to go there for a staff meeting about Greenlee. Kendall then announced that she'd called a truce with Greenlee for Fusion's benefit. The other women were not happy about that. Kendall thanked Babe for her hard work but remained determined that she and Greenlee had to run Fusion together. Babe looked disappointed but understood. Then, Di told the women that the tabloids had written that Ava was dating Jonathan, a psycho murderer.

Babe and Amanda had had enough of Ava's scandals and wanted to fire her. Then, Greenlee entered and asserted that Ava should stay because she was good for business. Kendall agreed. Kendall then asked Babe to be Ava's new handler. Babe was hesitant but gave in. Then, Greenlee gave Kendall two gifts for Spike and Ian. Kendall thanked Greenlee but immediately threw the gifts in the garbage when Greenlee left.

JR went to Wildwind to tell Ava that he no longer wanted to go into business with her due to the scandal in the tabloids with Jonathan. Jonathan was irate, so Ava asked to speak privately with Jonathan. Ava calmed Jonathan down by assuring him that she could handle JR. Ava also said that she did not care about the tabloids because she knew Jonathan was a great guy. Jonathan was happy and left.

Ava called JR's bluff by declaring that he still needed her for his fashion network. JR admitted that was true. Then, he informed Ava that Jonathan had already passed on the idea for Ryan's venture capitalist company. JR wanted Ava to convince Jonathan to fund the project. Then, JR described the fame that Ava would achieve from the project.

As JR and Ava discussed the idea, the two got closer and eventually kissed. Afterwards, they looked at each other awkwardly and claimed the kiss had been a mistake. Then, Ava asked how JR would get around her Fusion contract. JR asserted that Babe would give him whatever he wanted. Then, JR looked up and saw Babe standing there.

Josh entered his office and saw Hannah sitting at his desk. Josh was startled and asked why Hannah had returned. Hannah stated that Zach needed her help. Josh did not believe that. Josh bluntly asked Hannah if she'd slept with Zach before she left town. Hannah said it was none of Josh's business.

Josh then warned Hannah to stay away from Zach and Kendall. Hannah smiled and said that she had not returned for Zach. Hannah then admitted that she missed Josh, and that was why she'd returned. Josh was skeptical. Hannah slyly smiled when she stated that she believed Josh had missed her too.

Ryan and Annie went to their penthouse. After they entered, the robber from the Comeback put his ear to the front door to eavesdrop. Annie worried that Richie might hurt Ryan. Ryan assured Annie that they would be safe and urged her to relax. So, Annie began to unpack. Annie then found her high school yearbook. Annie turned to the page that had Richie's picture, but his face was crossed out. Annie proceeded to burn the book in the fireplace.

Jonathan stopped by to tell Ryan and Annie about the tabloids calling him a murderer. Jonathan suggested that he resign from Ryan's company. Ryan refused the resignation because Jonathan was family. Annie told Jonathan that Ryan was lucky to have such a great brother.

Jonathan left, and Aidan stopped by to see Ryan. Aidan revealed that Annie had sent the locket watch to herself. Ryan was speechless. Meanwhile, the robber made a call to an unidentified person. The robber claimed that he was "just starting to have fun."

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Erica went to check on Kendall at Fusion. Kendall told her mother that Di had established a foothold in New York, and she and Greenlee were working well together. Erica thought Kendall should get rid of Greenlee, but she agreed to let Kendall handle the situation her way. Erica told Kendall she shouldn't have to deal with Greenlee, but Kendall said it had worked well. Zach took care of Spike while Kendall worked, and they both visited Ian, Kendall added. As Kendall remembered seeing Greenlee looking at her holding Ian, Erica sensed something was wrong. Kendall said her pain was nothing compared to what Spike had been through.

Erica commended Kendall for keeping a positive attitude and invited her for a girl's night out. As Kendall locked up, Erica called someone and whispered, "It works. We're on our way." The pair's first stop was at the New Beginnings studios, where Kendall met a ten-year-old boy named Jason. Kendall began talking to the child about soccer and said she hoped Ian and Spike grew up to be like him. Kendall was surprised when Erica said he was a guest on the show. Kendall and Zach listened to Erica explain that Jason was deaf but was still able to participate in many activities.

Babe asked JR what he'd meant by telling Ava how easy Babe was, but a call interrupted JR before he could answer. Babe told Ava they needed to have a serious talk, but Ava said she hadn't done anything wrong. Babe warned Ava not to listen to JR's pitch or else she would make the biggest mistake of her life. Ava claimed she didn't know what he wanted, but Babe continued to say that JR was only looking out for himself. Babe walked outside and immediately asked JR what he wanted with Ava. JR explained that he wanted to start a web site selling Fusion products with Ava as the star.

Babe reminded JR that Ava had no say in Fusion's business decisions. Ava stood by the door so she could overhear the conversation. Babe told JR that if he didn't start telling the truth, she would go straight to Greenlee and Kendall. By taking his network and aligning it with Fusion, it could be attractive to potential investors, JR said. He added that he wanted to show people he had changed and wanted to make Little Adam proud. Babe said she couldn't help JR by backstabbing Fusion.

JR went back inside, and Ava immediately asked him when he was going to start up his company. When JR said if she went to work with him, it would mean breaking the Fusion contract, Ava didn't seem to mind. Ava said her fans were ready for more, but JR said they needed the cash from Jonathan to dump Fusion and never look back.

At the Comeback, Wes told Krystal that one of the light bulbs on the ceiling needed to be fixed. Krystal told Wes that Stuart would fix it when he visited, and she sent him home. Krystal told Jenny that Adam had been pretending to be Stuart because he knew it was the only way to spend time with Colby and her. Krystal said she was going to make Adam regret ever letting her go in the first place. Stuart walked in, and Krystal was ready to put her plan into action. Krystal asked Stuart to help, leaned over, and put the light bulb in. When her efforts failed, she turned back toward Stuart and admitted that she missed Adam.

Krystal gushed about how much she loved Adam, despite the rotten things he had done to her. Krystal got down from the chair, took off her jacket, and rolled a cold beer around her chest to cool off. Stuart encouraged Krystal to tell Adam how she felt because he would say it back to her. Krystal told Stuart that the jig was up and planted a kiss on him. When she pulled away, she was stunned to realize Stuart was not Adam.

Ryan showed Annie a shipping receipt Aidan had taken there, which proved she'd sent her mother's locket to herself. Annie claimed the receipt was wrong, but Ryan pointed out it had her signature. Annie said Richie had faked the signature and was trying to make her look like she had lost her mind. As Ryan began to question Annie, she thought he didn't believe her. Ryan said he didn't doubt her but didn't understand how Richie knew where they lived and so many other things about their lives.

Annie explained that Richie had always had a knack for knowing the right things. Her parents had always taken his side because he'd made her look like the problem child, Annie said. She added that her greatest fear was that Ryan would meet Richie and think she was crazy. Ryan promised that would never happen and hugged his wife. Derek arrived and said his men had found a dead man who fit the description of the Comeback robber and Annie's brother. He asked Annie to go to the morgue to identify the body.

Josh told Zach that when he'd walked into the office, he'd seen Hannah sitting at Josh's desk. Zach told Josh he had given Hannah her job back, but nothing more. Josh asked Zach if he'd slept with Hannah before she'd left town, but Zach did not answer. He told Josh that her motives for returning to town were simply about business. Josh said that the Chandler Enterprises takeover was not going smoothly, but it didn't help that he'd given Adam his house back.

Zach said he didn't need the house anymore, and it would take more than that for the Chandlers to get back on their feet. Zach told Josh he had given Hannah her job back because he wanted to work with the best people possible, considering he had so many other personal problems to deal with. Josh admitted he didn't trust Hannah, so Zach asked him to keep an eye on her.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Kendall was stunned when she found out that Jason, the young guest on Erica's New Beginnings show, was totally deaf, just like Spike. She watched in stunned silence for a few moments as the interview progressed but then accused Zach and Erica of setting her up. When the interview was over, Erica, obviously pleased with herself, went over to gauge her daughter's reaction. Kendall was incensed that once again, the great Erica Kane had tried to control everyone around her.

Zach supported Erica's effort, saying it wasn't control but rather a way to show Kendall that her son could lead a normal life despite his hearing loss. Not being able to process everything quickly enough, Kendall prepared to leave the studio. Before she could go, Jason called to her and asked if they could speak before she left.

Derek visited Annie and Ryan and asked that they go down to the morgue to see if the man that had overdosed was really Richie Novak. Ryan assured Annie that there was no rush, and Derek simply asked them to go there when they were ready. He left, and Ryan tried to make Annie aware that everything would be all right. He told her that if her brother was indeed dead, then all of the horror she had been living through would be over. Annie told him that he was wrong then dismissed that tack, instead choosing to focus on her disbelief that Richie could get into drugs.

Annie told Ryan that it was very unlike her brother because he had never liked being out of control. She told him that she couldn't believe her brother would have changed that much in prison. Ryan told her that they would only know for sure by seeing if he was really at the morgue. She took another turn at blaming herself for what had happened to her brother, even though Ryan confirmed his belief that she had done the right thing by saving her brother from himself.

Although she was terrified to see a dead body, Babe was able to go into the morgue by holding Wes' hand for support. They were only in there for a few moments, and when they emerged, they confirmed that the corpse was of the man who'd held Babe at knifepoint. Derek arrived just then, and Babe overheard that Annie and Ryan would be going to the station. Derek confessed that the dead man might be Annie's brother, and Babe felt compelled to stay. Wes offered to stay, as well, but Babe noted that it would be hard enough on Annie without a stranger hanging around. Wes agreed then wrote his phone number on Babe's arm for her use should she need it.

Annie arrived in short order with Ryan trailing quickly behind. Although she was appreciative of Babe's offer to stay, Annie promised that she would be fine because she had Ryan with her. Babe hugged her and made her promise to call no matter what happened. After her coworker vacated the premises, Annie tried to ready herself. Before going in, she paused to say that if she positively identified her brother, her only choice would be to confess what she had done to get him sent to prison.

Annie thought that she would need to go to prison for perjuring herself, but Ryan told her that Emma and Spike needed her more. He promised to help her through if it turned out that she actually had lost her brother. She then walked into the room where the body was covered by the sheet, and after checking in with her visually one more time, the medical examiner pulled back the sheet. Before she could comment, she fainted.

Babe wandered to the Comeback, where she found Wes waiting for her. He offered to fetch a drink for her, but she begged him not to leave her alone. She told him that she'd thought she was prepared, but seeing the would-be robber's face had taken her right back to that night and the feel of the knife against her throat. Wes tried to comfort her by saying that he would protect her and that she would be around for many more years to watch her son grow up.

While working inside the Comeback, Krystal apologized profusely to Stuart for kissing him the way that she had, guaranteeing him that she had only acted in that manner because she'd believed that his brother had been impersonating him again. Stuart rambled on about how Adam still really loved her and just didn't know how to show it. He also confessed that the twin switch had been his idea that time. Krystal didn't believe him at first, but after he hotly insisted that he didn't lie, Krystal accepted it as fact. However, Adam's deception made her angry, and she reminded Stuart that Adam's brand of love was something that she could do without, especially given what he had done to her while she had been in labor and to Jenny shortly after she had been born. Stuart tried to convince her that she needed to give Adam another chance, but Krystal was back in her mindset that she could never have a future with Adam.

Adam got a delivery at the mansion, and after opening it, asked the staff member to get Colby's old room ready, as he expected the young girl to spend nights and weekends at the house -- and to eventually move back full time. Tad broke up his gleeful mood by trying to convince Adam that the way he loved his children had never worked because he drove everyone away. Adam blew Tad off in his typical style, saying that he would get his children back someday because only so much nonsense -- such as what was witnessed in Tad's house -- could be tolerated. Tad called him on the truth, saying that Adam not only wanted his children back, but he also wanted Krystal. Adam denied it and continued to give Tad a hard time about wanting his family for all those years.

Adam took it one step further and said that Tad had deserved to lose Kate and that it was his punishment for fathering a child with another man's wife. Tad was tempted to retaliate but barely resisted the urge. Instead, he told Adam that he would no longer be allowed to violate his house the way that he had when he'd shown up unannounced. Adam promised that he had no other reason to go there, since his daughter was returning home.

Tad dared to challenge Adam's theory, noting that there was much more in the house that he wanted. Seeing where he was going, Adam questioned his protection of Krystal. While Krystal entered the foyer unnoticed, Adam asked if Tad was in love with her. Pausing for only a moment, Tad admitted that he did love her, much to Krystal's shock.

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