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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 17, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, September 17, 2007

At the hospital, Gwen and Alison had their first appointment for the egg donation process, which included hormone shots for Alison. The doctor met with them briefly to see how they were feeling. Alison denied any nausea. As they were parting, Alison got a phone call from Aaron confirming their movie date that night. They planned to meet at the Lakeview.

Back at Gwen's house, Gwen and Alison were surprised to find Iris waiting there. An exasperated Gwen introduced them. Alison asked to use the bathroom to touch up her makeup, and Iris told Gwen how sorry she was about the baby. She gave Gwen a plant and told said that Gwen needed her mother. She said that maybe Gwen wasn't meant to have children.

As Alison was leaving, Iris thanked her. Alison, thinking that Gwen had told her about the egg donation said, "You told her?" Iris wanted to know what Alison was talking about. Gwen covered, saying that she and Alison were putting together a memorial for the baby that Gwen had lost. She then walked Alison outside. Alison apologized for her blunder. Gwen said it was not her fault and that she wasn't going to tell Iris about it. Alison left.

Back inside, Iris questioned Gwen's friendship with Alison, mentioning her previous interest in Will and her porn movie history. Gwen told Iris to leave. Iris played on Gwen's sympathy, saying that she had lost both her grandbabies. Gwen asked what had happened to Sofie's baby. Iris said that she'd paid for Sofie to have an abortion.

Gwen was outraged and wanted to know what had changed Sofie's mind and how Iris could have done that. Iris told her that Sofie and Cole weren't ready for a baby. She tried to make Gwen feel guilty for not helping Cole with his music career. Gwen told her that after that, she would never help him. Iris said that she wished Gwen could have a child so she could see just how ungrateful children could be. She stormed out.

Gwen threw out the plant that Iris had given to her and called the Lakeview, looking for Sofie.

At the Lakeview, Aaron's boss asked about Sofie's whereabouts, and Aaron covered for her.

In Old Town, Sofie remembered Cole asking if her unborn baby were his. Cole took her some breakfast, but she told him she wasn't hungry. Cole apologized for acting the way he had, and he told her that there was a way out of it -- to get an abortion. He told her that they could have a baby when they were ready, but the time was not right. Sofie tearfully said he was right.

Cole gave Sofie the envelope of cash that Iris had given him. She rejected the money and wanted to know where it was from. He told her it was from his mother. Sofie worried that Iris would think she was a horrible person. Cole said that Iris understood the situation and pointed out that it was ultimately her choice, but if she had the baby, he wouldn't be involved. He left her standing there, holding the envelope of money.

At the Lakeview, a distraught Sofie told Aaron what had happened and contemplated going through with the abortion. Aaron asked her if it was what she wanted. She said that she had no choice and that she could not lose Cole. She told Aaron that she loved Cole and that her baby deserved to have a mother and a father. Alison showed up to meet Aaron but ran to the bathroom with nausea, and Aaron followed her.

Cole saw Sofie sitting there and asked if she had changed her mind. She said that she was going to have the abortion. She wanted to know when to schedule it and asked if he was going with her. He said that he would but made her feel guilty by reminding her that he got "weird" around doctors, and he wouldn't want to make things worse for her. She sadly told him not to worry about it and that she would go by herself. Cole told her that he loved her and left to meet a business contact.

Aaron returned and offered to go with Sofie if she decided to get the abortion, but she told him that Cold had already said he would go then she left. Alison returned. Aaron asked if she was okay, and she admitted she really wasn't -- the hormone shots were making her sick. She canceled her date with him that night so she could go home and rest. Aaron told her he wanted her to go home with him so that he could take care of her. Sofie saw them walk out together.

In Old Town, Sofie called the clinic to make an appointment for the abortion, asking to make it for that day.

At Emma's, Craig received a large envelope that he had apparently been waiting for. He tipped the courier generously and left with a large smile on his face.

At Fairwinds, Paul and Rosanna shared breakfast after a night of lovemaking. Rosanna wanted to forget about Craig and just focus on them. Paul said it was a mistake to forget about him. He insisted that the only place where Craig wouldn't be able to hurt anyone anymore was prison. Rosanna agreed, but pointed out that she couldn't testify against him if she couldn't remember what had happened. Paul told her that it wasn't an issue; she just needed to not tell the judge and jury that. Rosanna said that she couldn't do that. She said that Craig no longer had power over them.

Just then, Craig walked in and stated that they shouldn't be so sure about that. He served her with papers; he was suing her for freezing his assets. Craig said that she wasn't acting like herself and hoped that the brain damage hadn't altered her personality. He said that he was worried about her. Suddenly she got a flashback of him saying those words. Craig left.

Rosanna told Paul that she was no longer worried about lying in court because her memories were suddenly returning to her. Rosanna remembered confronting Craig with the truth about Jennifer's baby being alive -- she'd told him to call Bob so that Rory could be tested. She couldn't remember what had happened after that. Frustrated, she became very short of breath. Paul went to call a doctor, but she stopped him. She remembered realizing that Rory was Jennifer's baby and that she had to tell her the truth even though it meant losing the baby, and she remembered fearing Craig would kill her for crossing him.

Paul told Rosanna that she'd nearly lost her life because of Craig, and they needed to stop him. He went to call the police; Rosanna said no and put her hand on the phone. She suddenly had another memory of Craig ripping the phone out of her hand and telling Rosanna that no one would ever take his son away from him. Rosanna still couldn't remember everything, but Paul said he had an idea. He arranged for her driver to take them to where the accident had occurred. Just then, she heard the tires of the car peeling out, and remembered being in her car, trying to get to Paul. She saw headlights behind her and saw Craig in her rearview mirror. She said that she remembered everything.

At the Oakdale Police Station, Craig showed up to talk to Margo. He lamented about Paul and Rosanna's vendetta against him. He told her that Paul was obsessed with him. Margo wanted to know why he was really there. He asked her for a favor. If the case against him for running Rosanna off the road were to be filed again, he wanted her to be fair. Margo told him she would not look the other way. He said that he hadn't done anything wrong.

Margo said that if Craig hadn't done anything wrong, he had nothing to worry about. He said that it wasn't always true -- that they had both done jail time for crimes they hadn't committed, but he didn't want to dwell on that because he loved her. Margo told him that she wasn't the one he should be sucking up to -- but rather, he should be sucking up to Tom, because if he were arrested, she would do her job.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

At her house, Carly was on the phone with the hospital, trying to get the results of her tests. She told them she suspected it was an inner ear issue and for the doctor to call in a prescription so she could drive again, but the results weren't in. She left with her keys in hand.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Katie and Jack sampled wedding cakes. Jack fed some to Katie, and they shared an amorous moment, which was cut short by a knock at the door. It was Carly waving a pink piece of fabric, telling them that she was there in peace. She apologized for the night before, insisting that she'd never meant to interrupt the shower. She asked about Sage, and Jack assured her that Sage was okay. She asked Katie if she could make Sage's dress for the wedding and showed her the piece of fabric she was holding. She told Katie there was no pressure, and Katie and Jack could talk it over.

Carly left, and Katie worried that yet another thing about the wedding would be about Carly instead of them. Jack apologized for the latest upset and said if she didn't want Carly to make the dress, she wouldn't. Katie said she didn't mind Carly making the dress and that Sage would love it. Katie said that she couldn't get mad at Carly when she was being nice, even though she again was butting in on their wedding. Jack questioned if Carly was actually being nice and told Katie that he thought the decision they'd made the night before was the right one and that he would tell Carly.

Carly returned to the room, and Jack told her that she could make the dress. Carly happily thanked them. She turned to leave, but Jack wanted to talk to her. Katie left them alone. Jack then told Carly that she wasn't invited to the wedding. Jack told her that there would be other weddings for her to see the kids involved in, such as perhaps Paul and Rosanna's. Jack apologized for blindsiding her. She was hurt but told him it was okay. She had expected it. She admitted that her previous bad behavior was to blame. She told him that there was no excuse, but she just couldn't accept them not being together.

Jack told Carly that she needed to get used to it. He told her that the wedding was happening and that maybe someday they could all be one big happy family. She said they could be that. She could go to the wedding and sit quietly in the back just so she could watch her kids. Jack asked her how she would be when he was saying his vows and kissing the bride. Carly nervously laughed and told him she shouldn't and wouldn't go.

Carly started to leave, but Jack stopped her. He told her that he'd tried to forget what they meant to each other and tried to pretend that it was less than what it was. He told her that he remembered everything and wouldn't change a thing, but he was never going back there. She softly told him goodbye and left.

Katie met Nancy at the Lakeview. She said how lucky she was to have Jack. Nancy asked about Carly. Katie said they'd had their ups and downs. She told Katie that Carly would never stop trying to win Jack back. She offered to put Carly in her place, but Katie told her that Jack had already done that.

Katie wanted to know how Nancy had stayed married for so long. Nancy handed her a box; it was the pearls Nancy had worn for her wedding. She told Katie her secret to staying married: "Whenever Jack is mad at you, climb into bed with the pearls on and nothing else."

Back at the station, Katie greeted Jack with a big kiss and asked how Carly had taken the news of not going to the wedding. Jack admitted that she had been disappointed, but he asserted that she always bounced back.

At the hospital, the neurosurgeon met with Carly to discuss her test results. She tried to minimize her symptoms, but the doctor told her the problem was very serious. She tried to tell the doctor that she had been under a lot of stress and that she was an emotional wreck, but the told her the symptoms were being caused by a physical problem. A shocked Carly learned she had a lesion on her brain.

At the women's clinic, the doctor told Sofie that she was well into her second trimester. Sofie looked relieved and smiled. She asked if it was too late. The doctor told her that she still could have the abortion, but there might be complications. Her smile faded, and Sofie told the doctor that she had to have the abortion. The doctor told her that she would need someone there with her for after the procedure and left to answer a page. Sofie picked up her phone to call Cole but then stopped.

At Emma's, Alison's nausea continued, but when Gwen called to check on her, Alison reported that she was feeling better. Aaron asked why she was hiding her nausea from Gwen. She told Aaron that if she told Gwen she was having a bad reaction to the hormones, she feared the doctors wouldn't let her go through with the donation. She really wanted to do it so she could finally do something that she would be proud of. Aaron told her that he regretted making her feel like she had to prove something to him and wanted to make it up to her.

Aaron turned to Alison. She thought he was going to kiss her, but he turned her around and gave her a shoulder massage, which she enjoyed. He told her he would give her anything she needed, and they almost kissed, but just then, there was a knock. Aaron went outside and found a very distraught Sofie. She told Aaron that she couldn't go through with the abortion. Aaron asked her what he could do to help, but she told him she'd just wanted to tell someone. He asked where Cole was. She told him that he was at work, and Aaron realized that Cole hadn't even gone to the clinic with her.

Aaron was outraged, and Sofie tried to make excuses for Cole. He asked her what she was going to do. She said she didn't know. Aaron told Sofie to be careful with Cole, and she left. As he went back in the house, Alison told him that she was going to get going because she didn't want to interfere with him and Sofie. Aaron asked her if she was jealous and insisted that she had no reason to be. Alison told him that she might be jealous if they were still dating.

Aaron told Alison that Sofie had a lot of things going on and didn't have anyone else to talk to, but that was as far as it went. Alison smiled at the information. He asked her to please stay. She told him how nice the day had been with him and that she was feeling a little nervous. Aaron told her that maybe the next time she would feel a little better. They kissed, and she left.

Will found the plant that Gwen had thrown out and took it back in the house. Gwen took it out of his hands and hurled it outside. She explained to him that the plant was from Iris and that Iris had given Sofie money to make her get an abortion. Gwen frantically searched for Sofie's number so she could stop her, but Will told her that the decision was between Sofie and Cole. Gwen was worried that Cole wouldn't even go to the clinic with her.

Thinking that Iris had given Sofie the money the day before, Gwen decided that Sofie had probably already gone through with it. Will told her that she needed to think about something else. An envelope appeared at their doorstep from a fan who wanted her to listen to their CD. Gwen was skeptical, but Will said they should listen to it.

At Henry and Vienna's diner, Gwen and Will listened to the CD that the fan had sent. Unimpressed, they mocked the lyrics aloud. Suddenly from behind, an angry Cole confronted them, admitting that the CD was from him. Will asked if Gwen knew who he was, and she said it was her brother. She started to explain that not everyone had the same tastes, but Cole snatched the CD from her hand and stormed off. Gwen went after him, and they argued as Will watched. With Cole gone, Will and Gwen talked about their future parenting.

In Old Town, Cole found Sofie sitting alone. He thought that she'd had the abortion and told her that he knew she'd wanted the baby, but it wasn't the right time. Sofie said nothing as he told her about his disastrous encounter with Gwen. He told her he had nothing left but his "sweet Sofie," and he wanted to take her home so he could take care of her. He told her to forget about the baby; they didn't need anyone. Still silent, she took his offered hand and went with him.

At the Lakeview, Rosanna and Paul met with Tom. Rosanna wanted to hire him as her lawyer. She asked him how to get Craig charged with attempted murder. Craig, who was walking in, heard and hid nearby, trying to listen to their conversation. Rosanna told Tom what she remembered. Tom told them that putting Craig in prison wasn't going to happen.

Paul angrily got up to leave, saying Tom was biased because Craig was Margo's brother. Rosanna asked Tom why Craig couldn't be arrested, and Tom said it was because Craig had already been tried and convicted of that charge. Short of accusing him of another crime, there was nothing that could be done.

Back at Fairwinds, Rosanna wondered what to do. Paul left to handle the lawsuit. He told her to stay there until he returned and to not do anything crazy.

Outside the Lakeview, Craig confronted Tom and demanded to know what his conversation with Rosanna and Paul had been about. Tom refused to tell him. Craig bullied him, saying that his lawyer had told him that he couldn't be prosecuted again because of double jeopardy. Tom admitted that the law was on his side that time and that he needed to have the good sense to not harm Rosanna a second time. Tom left.

Craig then received a phone call from Rosanna. She told him that she wanted to draw up settlement terms so that they could stay out of each other's lives. She told him that the clock was ticking and to meet her at Fairwinds.

Craig arrived at Fairwinds. "So, you want a truce?" he said. He told her that she wanted to settle, since he wouldn't be going back to jail. Rosanna snickered and told him that he might not be going back to jail for trying to kill her, but he should make no mistake; he would be going back to jail.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Carly learned from her doctor that she had a lesion on her brain that appeared to be deadly. Carly asked the doctor what his plan was, and he informed her that there was no surgical or radiation option for her because of where her lesion was and that she might have only a few months to live. She told the doctor he had to be wrong, and as she was set to storm out, the doctor told her to please get a second opinion and seek out medical attention immediately. He advised her she needed help -- "now."

Vienna and Jack planned a surprise for Katie that backfired. Vienna showed Katie brochures of a beautiful island for her honeymoon and questioned whether or not Katie thought it was the perfect spot for a honeymoon. When Katie replied no, Jack appeared with tickets to that same island. Katie tried to backpedal her way out of ruining his surprise but told him that islands tended to remind her of Simon. In the end, Jack told Katie that the island had been Vienna's idea, and the two agreed to plan their honeymoon together. Jack and Katie headed out to take Sage to dance class while Vienna decided to continue with her plan of surprising Jack and Katie with the "perfect" honeymoon.

Carly arrived at the farm while on the phone with another physician who gave her the same diagnosis as the other doctor. Carly went into the farm and ran into Brad, who asked about the doctor, and she told him to shut up. Sage overheard the two arguing and asked why Carly was mad at Brad and why she was seeing a doctor. Carly explained to Sage that she had just seen a doctor to make sure she was all right after the accident, and she was fine.

Carly told Sage she was there to work on Sage's flower girl dress, but Sage explained she was waiting for her dad to take her to dance class. Carly tried to convince Sage to skip the class, but Jack arrived, and after hearing Carly trying to persuade Sage to miss the class, he insisted on talking to Carly alone. He chastised Carly for sneaking out to the farm and trying to take Sage without talking to him first. Jack got very angry at Carly, and she became flustered and overwhelmed and ran out of the house.

Carly returned to her house, where she spoke to another doctor who agreed with the other physicians about her diagnosis, and a dejected Carly headed up to take a bath. As she soaked in the tub, she went under the water as Brad banged on the door. Brad got inside and pulled Carly up, but she insisted she hadn't been trying to kill herself. Brad asked what she'd been doing, and she said she'd just been trying to feel what "it would be like." With a look of shock and wonder on Brad's face, Carly told him she was dying.

Back at the farm, Vienna arrived and gave Katie another look at a new honeymoon, but Katie said to let her plan her own honeymoon. Vienna said, "Okay," and as she turned to go, Katie questioned why Vienna was trying to plan it. Vienna explained that Jack had planned the original surprise and she'd only gotten involved to help out because it had been booked. Katie felt bad that she hadn't realized that the surprise had been Jack's. When Jack returned from driving Sage to class, Katie apologized for not liking his honeymoon surprise and told him that she wanted to go and didn't care about Simon or her past.

Craig and Rosanna continued their discussion about Rosanna's declaration that she planned to "bring him down" and send him back to prison "where he belongs." Craig informed her she might want to send him back to prison, but she had no chance of getting him charged a second time with attempted murder. Rosanna explained that she knew why Craig had run her off the road and would do what she could to send him back to jail. Craig continued to explain that Rosanna would make a terrible witness and should give up her fight.

Rosanna said that she might not be a great witness, but the nurse Craig had bribed to switch the babies could probably be bought again, and she was just the person to do it. Craig told Rosanna that she wouldn't do any of that because she was a truthful person who wouldn't go forward based on lies Paul had put in her head. Craig condemned Rosanna for remembering his past but for refusing to see Paul for who he really was. He informed her about Paul's previous two years of using and lying to people to get revenge. Rosanna told Craig that he might have known the woman before the accident, but he had no idea who she had become.

At the Lakeview, Dusty overheard Noah's dad telling Lily that he knew what Luke was doing to his son, and he wanted it to stop. He went on to tell her that he didn't want Luke's influence around Noah, all the while implying that Luke was making Noah homosexual. When Lily tried to comfort Winston and tell him that she understood how difficult it could be to deal with the reality of who their sons were, he said he wasn't denying who Noah was and refused to "throw in the towel" about Noah's future. Before he left, he made it clear that he wanted Luke to stay far away from Noah, and Lily agreed.

Dusty arrived and asked Lily about Colonel Mayer, Noah's dad, and found out that his son was Noah. When Lily tried to find out why Dusty was interested, he told her to not worry about it and to let him take care of Cheri's murder. Dusty left, and Lily was determined to find out what Winston and Noah had to do with Cheri's death. She also wanted to make sure that Noah was all right.

Luke found Noah at the station and said he wanted to be there for Noah to help him through what he was dealing with. Noah replied angrily and told Luke to "go to hell." Noah went on to blame Luke for all of his troubles. Luke said that he cared about Noah and wanted to help him live his life truthfully. With that, Noah stormed out.

Luke headed out to talk to Maddie and found her at Al's. Luke told Maddie that nothing had really happened between him and Noah and that everything that was going on was happening inside Noah. Luke explained that he'd encouraged Noah to tell Maddie the truth, but he'd refused. Maddie was still angry and believed that Luke had sat by and watched as she'd planned her life with someone he'd known she could never really share it with. Maddie explained to Luke that she felt horrible about herself, partly because she had lost Noah to a guy. Luke told Maddie that the situation was bad for everyone, and they both agreed it was especially bad for Noah. They discussed the difficulty Noah faced in dealing with his dad.

Lily arrived at the station and asked Noah where Luke had gone. She asked Noah to give Luke a message, and he explained that Luke was done with the project and probably wouldn't be back. Lily said she'd talked to his dad that day, and Noah immediately apologized. She said not to apologize for him and detailed for Noah what the colonel had said about Luke. Lily offered to help Noah by talking to his dad again, and he told her not to bother because nothing would change his father. Noah explained to Lily that he wanted the thing with Luke to be over and that he had to live his life so that he didn't lose his dad.

Meanwhile, Dusty had followed Noah's dad into Old Town and confronted Winston. The colonel explained that he remembered Dusty was the one who'd threatened Cheri and didn't think it was right for them to talk. As he turned to leave, Dusty yelled after the colonel that he knew who Cheri really was. The colonel threatened Dusty to keep whatever information he had to himself and walked away. Their exchange convinced Dusty he had found his "guy."

Dusty returned to his room and poured himself a drink. He prepared to call Margo with his information about Noah and Winston Mayor and their connection to Cheri. As he stood up and started to dial, he passed out. After Dusty was out cold, a gloved Colonel Mayor arrived, found the evidence Dusty had on him, and took it out with Dusty.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Carly explained that multiple doctors agreed she was terminal, but Brad was unwilling to accept that. Brad wanted to get help for her illness, but Carly refused to tell anybody -- especially Jack. Sage innocently mentioned to Jack that Carly had gone back to the doctor that day. Jack accused Carly of giving Sage misinformation about her health in order to put a pall on the wedding. Katie no longer feared a honeymoon island hex but was still concerned about a Carly crisis creeping up. Katie and Jack ran into Brad, who couldn't cover his upset. Jack guessed Brad was upset about a woman, and Brad claimed that the woman he was upset about was Katie -- and how Jack had stolen her from him.

Lily told Luke about her ineffective chats with Colonel Mayer and Noah, respectively. Luke appreciated Lily's concern but thought it was best if she stayed out of it. Holden questioned why Lily hadn't volunteered for Natalie's trip and quickly guessed she wanted to stick around to help Dusty. Dusty surprised Colonel Mayer by leaping up and grabbing him. When Dusty managed to overtake Colonel Mayer, he pulled a gun and shot. Having shot Dusty, Colonel Mayer planted evidence against Dusty and found the picture of Cheri with Noah.

Lily let herself into Dusty's room, unaware that Mayer was in there. Dusty started to awaken as Lily left him another message. Later, Dusty fought to get out of the car. Noah wanted things to go back to the way they had been, but Maddie didn't see how that was possible, since Noah was gay. Noah was surprised when Maddie revealed that Luke was the one who had helped her understand Noah's dilemma. Later, Noah confided in Luke that Maddie wouldn't take him back and thanked Luke for helping Maddie understand. As Noah prepared to tell his dad, Luke assured Noah he wasn't alone.

Friday, September 21, 2007

At the Snyder farm, the kids and Holden and Brad were supposed to be getting ready for Jack and Katie's wedding, but Brad kept getting phone calls, which turned out to be from specialists he had called about Carly's brain lesion. Brad took a moment to call Carly to let her know he was trying to find a miracle for her, but she was upset that he was making those calls at the farm, where someone might overhear him. After he hung up from talking to Carly, he was in the middle of another call to a specialist when Margo, who had recently arrived and who had heard from Holden that Brad was shirking his duties, confiscated his cell phone.

At the Lakeview Hotel, Katie had a nightmare in which she was late for her wedding to Jack and instead saw him marrying Carly, who told her she was the only one Jack would ever love. She awakened screaming, and Henry and Vienna ran in to see what was wrong. Katie calmed down but was concerned that Jack hadn't called yet; however, she told them she trusted him.

Meanwhile, Jack had gone to see Carly to pick up Faith's dress. Carly had a wobbly moment, and Jack worried that the doctor had released her from the hospital too soon. Carly insisted she was okay, and she became upset when Jack suggested that perhaps she was not in any shape to watch the kids while he was gone on his honeymoon.

Carly calmed down and told Jack she wished him the best, saying maybe it was meant to be for him to end up with Katie. She told him he deserved the best, and he said she did, too. She confessed that she'd thought they'd be together always, but Jack said they'd run out of time to get it right. Carly almost cried, and Jack kissed her on the cheek then held her for a moment before taking the dress and leaving.

Jack went to the Lakeview, where Katie would only crack open the door to her room, so he wouldn't see her before the wedding. He handed her two presents, telling her to open just the little one at that moment. She did, and it was a beautiful necklace; when she said she hadn't gotten him anything, he responded that she had given him the best gift of all --- herself. After Jack left, Henry arrived to pick up Katie, and she told him how glad she was that their friendship was back on solid ground; she said that despite the fact she was marrying Jack that day, Henry would always be her best friend.

At Fairwinds, Paul found out from Rosanna that she'd invited Craig to go see her the night before, and Paul was concerned that Craig had threatened her. Rosanna said he had in a way, but she said she was fine, and what she wanted more than anything else was just to end up with Paul. Then, Rosanna left to see how Carly was doing on Jack's wedding day, and Paul took the opportunity to go to Will and Gwen's place to try to convince them to testify against Craig.

Will said Gwen was out at the moment, and he was unwilling to put her through any type of trial in which Paul would expect her to rehash her feelings when she'd found out that Craig had switched the babies and that her son had died. Paul couldn't believe Will wasn't jumping at the chance to lock Craig up for the baby switch, but Will pointed out that Paul was just as guilty as Craig because he had known about the switch and had kept it from their sister. Paul said Craig was much worse than he was, and he'd thought he could count on Will to do it for Jennifer, if nothing else.

Rosanna visited Carly and said she'd remembered everything about the night Craig had tried to run her off the road, and she asked Carly if she'd be willing to testify against Craig in a trial. Carly said a trial could be months away, but she would help Rosanna any way she could if she was still around. Rosanna asked where Carly might be going. Carly said she didn't know, but she might not have a choice about being around. She said how lucky Rosanna was to have another chance with Paul and told her not to waste her life trying to get revenge against Craig. Rosanna understood her point, and when Carly turned down an offer to go out to lunch, Rosanna suggested she go shopping instead, buy something really expensive, and have it billed to Rosanna. Carly said she might just do that, and Rosanna left.

Back at Fairwinds, Paul told Rosanna that Will wouldn't agree to testify against Craig and thought they should give the whole thing up. Rosanna told Paul that maybe they ought to do just that, but Paul said they could never be completely happy with Craig still free, not having paid for his crimes against them, and he told her he wanted them to be happy because he wanted to marry her. They made love, and Rosanna then said that her answer was "yes," including that she'd continue to try to have Craig put away so they could put all of it behind them and start a new life as husband and wife.

Jack arrived at the farm, and Margo told him that he'd be writing parking tickets for the rest of his natural life if he did anything to hurt her baby sister. Brad got his cell phone back and found he had missed ten calls. Katie arrived with Vienna and Henry, and Vienna gave her the blue garter from her leg as "something borrowed, something blue." The pendant Jack gave Katie was "something new," and Margo gave Katie a bracelet she'd worn when she'd married Tom, saying Katie was joining the exclusive club of couples who were meant to be together forever. The wedding music began, and Jack and Holden noticed that Brad was still on his cell phone, talking to someone, even as Katie was about to walk down the aisle.

Meanwhile, Carly watched her clock at home then grabbed her keys and left to go window shopping at Old Town. She saw a clock and watched it ticking away then, suddenly, she collapsed. A stranger walked up to her and tried to rouse her, asking her if she could tell him her name. She looked up at him and said, "I don't know.



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