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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 24, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, September 24, 2007

After just Collapsing in Old Town, Carly regains consciousness as a man tries to help her. He asks if there is someone he could call for her. "I don't know." she said. Grabbing her head in pain, she says she is dying. A small group on bystanders has gathered around her as a police officer approaches. The man told him what happened and the officer said he would take it from there. He instantly recognizes Carly, but she doesn't know who he is. The officer mentions Jack- a name the Carly recognizes. She begins to cry, telling him to please call Jack. Confused, he tells her that Jack is getting married today "Don't you remember?" he says to her. Carly seems to remember, saying "how could I forget that?" The officer wants to call an ambulance, but she refuses. She tells him that she hasn't eaten yet, and this must be why she fainted. He refuses to leave her there alone and takes her back to the station. Once there, Carly wants to leave, but Dallas won't let her drive. He offers to call Gwen or Rosanna, but she refuses. He tells her that she can't leave in this condition unless someone comes to pick her up.

At the wedding, Henry walks Katie down the aisle to give her to the groom. Beaming, Jack tells Katie he loves her, and tries to kiss her but is stopped by the minister. "Not yet!" he said. Everyone laughs. Brad worriedly looks at his cell phone. Because of car trouble, Tom arrives with Bob and Kim just in time as the minister gets started. As he speaks, Bob and Kim exchange loving looks, Holden smiles touching his wedding band and Parker, JJ and Sage happily look on. A watchful Henry tells Vienna he is keeping an eye out for Carly. Kim notices that Brad seems distracted. The minister asks if anyone objects to the marriage, Henry whispers to Vienna "why would they leave that part in?" Just then Brad's phone rings. He leaves to answer it as everyone is disgusted including Margo who mutters "I knew I should have kept that phone!" It is Carly; she asks if it is a bad time and he says no. She needs him to pick her up, without hesitation he says that he will be right there. Brad returns to the waiting wedding and explains that he has to go- but will be right back. Jack wants to keep going without him, but Katie insists that Brad be there, so Jack announces to the guests that there will be a little wait.

In Emma's kitchen Katie is worried. Margo asks her if she thinks that Brad and Carly are up to something. Katie told her that Brad wouldn't do that. She then spills some of the water she is drinking on her gown.

Outside, Jack complains about Brad, and tells Holden that he better not let him down.

Parker takes off his tie saying he will put it back on if the wedding ever gets started. He and JJ bicker. Faith tells them how great they both look. JJ thanks her and returns the compliment drawing an evil look from Parker.

Bob remarks that it looks like rain; Tom points out that rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck. Not for an outdoor wedding, said Bob. Tom stated that he felt it was a bad sign when his car broke down on the way. Kim lamented that she wanted this day to be perfect for Katie. Bob said that as long as they get married, it will be.

Henry and Vienna decide to entertain the guests while they wait; Henry suggests that they each take turns sharing secrets that they know about Jack and Katie.

Henry gives a little speech about what a wonderful friend Katie is. Jack asks Kim if she thinks that Brad's phone call involved his job somehow. Kim said no, and suggested that Jack call him.

At the Oakdale Police Station, Brad arrives and wants to know what happened. Carly told him that she blacked out again and didn't want to go to the hospital because she already knows what's wrong with her. Brad points out that the doctors could possibly give her more quality time. Brad's phone rings; it's Jack. Carly tells him to go to the wedding because Jack needs him. Brad answers the phone and tells him that he is on his way. An impatient Jack tells him to hurry up. Carly, realizing that the wedding is soon starting, again tells Brad to go, but he tells her that nothing is as important as taking care of her. Carly worries that the wait at the ER would be too long. He lies and tells her that Katie is having issues with her hair and it would be another 2 hours, so they have plenty of time. Brad assures her that her neurologist will see her right away, and they leave.

Back at the farm, Margo is still trying to dry the water spot on Katie's dress. Katie doubts it will come out and sarcastically states the maybe she should have invited Carly- she would know what to do! Margo got the stain out and Jack told her that they wouldn't wait for Brad- they were going to get married now!

Jack and Katie resume their wedding. The minister picks up at the part where he was interrupted; does anyone have just cause to object to this couple joining together? Parker stands and says "nobody objects- let's do this."

Jack tells Katie that he was a lonely heart looking for someone who understood him, and then he saw her with his children and fell in love with her. He told her that they were not joining together as one; but as a family and he can't wait to build their family and future together.

Katie tells Jack how she was always searching for something, never sure what it was until she met him; he was what she was looking for. She told the children that she was not just making vows to their father today, but was making a promise to them as well. She knows they have a mother who loves them very much and she could never replace her and would never try- but she is here for them and will love and respect them always. She thanked them for sharing their father with her.

Jack and Katie each take their vows and are pronounced husband and wife. Jack happily kisses his wife as everyone blows bubbles around them.

At the hospital, Carly's doctor said he is concerned that the lesion is growing faster than he thought. He wants to admit her overnight for tests and observation. He leaves to get the paperwork. Carly tells Brad she doesn't know if she can do this. She says that dying is bad enough, but to know that Jack is marrying a woman she doesn't like who will now be a mother to her children is unbearable. Brad reminds her that her kids have one mother; her. She worries she will never leave the hospital. Brad tells her to get treatment and fight because no one can be a better mother to her children than her. Carly agrees to the tests, and Brad stays as they give her a hospital gown to put on. The nurse puts her wrist band on and Brad holds her hand as they draw her blood.

At the wedding, everyone is enjoying the reception:

Concerned by his worried look, Faith asks Parker if he is ok. He tells her that he is worried about his mom.

While dancing, Vienna asks Henry if he is ready to give marriage another chance.

Jack and Katie are happily interrupted by Sage, who wants a dance with her dad.

Margo toasts the newlyweds!

Jack and Katie cut the cake and feed each other.

Holden tells Jack and Katie that Brad doesn't know what he's missing. "Eat your heart out Brad!" says Jack as he kisses his bride.

A worried Parker tries to call his mother, but is unable to reach her.

At the hospital the Dr. has some results of Carly's tests. He tells her that the disorientation was caused by a seizure and that she is likely to have more. Brad asks what can be done. He tells her she can go on palliative treatment- which doesn't change the outcome, but will give Carly some better quality of life. Carly worries that the treatment will make her sick. He tells her she can stop the treatments anytime she wants, but if she is going to start she needs to start soon; her disease is progressing quickly. He urges her to stay the night. She says no, because she has to watch the kids while Jack is away on his honeymoon. She vows that she will not ruin his happiness; not this time. Brad tells her that Jack would never forgive her for not telling him. She asks the doctor if the treatment will give her more time, or make the time that she has more comfortable. He tells her that he can't make promises, but highly recommends it. Carly stated that this is now out of her hands. She tells Brad to go to the wedding, she wants to rest. He finally agrees. He kisses her on the cheek and goes. Alone in the hospital room, the words of the doctor and the ticking of the clock go through Carly's mind.

At the wedding Jack announces that he and his new bride have to leave to prepare for their early departure to the honeymoon, but Sage reminds Katie that she didn't throw her bouquet yet. All the unmarried ladies got ready, and Katie threw the bouquet- right into the hands of the just arriving Brad!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Meg gets back in town and arrives at the Lakeview to find Craig ordering room service. After he kisses her hello, she asks how they can afford to be there. He tells her that his lawyer has managed to free up some of his assets. Meg wants to make sure it is being done legally, and Craig assures her it is. She wonders if Rosanna is going to end this attack on him, but Craig reminds her that Paul is really the one behind it. Craig tells her how much he missed her, and wants to take her out to dinner tonight. He wants one perfect evening with her.

At Fairwinds Paul and Rosanna share the couch after making love. Much to Rosanna's dismay, Paul brings up the issue of Craig. She tells him that she wants to focus on them- not Craig. He says he wants that too, but all he can think of is how Craig took her away from him and he must suffer for it. He tells her she knows what to do to make that happen and the had made an agreement. He picks up the phone and hands it to her. She reluctantly takes it and calls the police saying she wants to report a crime.

Later, Rosanna worries that going after Craig might be a mistake- that it might open old wounds. Paul is unfazed- pointing out that while she was in a coma Craig lived in her house and spent her money AND he married Meg, Rosanna adds but Paul said she has nothing to do with this. Rosanna worries that they will lose "us" in the pursuit of Craig. Paul said that was not going to happen. They are doing this for Jennifer and for Johnny. Rosanna agrees and Paul toasts to Craig Montgomery finally getting what's coming to him. But Rosanna toasts to them; to their happiness and may they never forget the price they paid to get it.

Craig and Meg are waiting for a table at the Lakeview when Dallas approaches them and tells Craig he has a warrant for his arrest. Paul and Rosanna walk in and Meg is outraged. She asks them why they just can't leave them alone. She tells them that Craig is not responsible for Rosanna's accident, but Rosanna tells her that he is a liar. She tells Meg that Craig no doubt tells her that she is the only one that truly believes in him. Meg is taken aback by this. Rosanna tells her that Craig's lies aren't enough to save him now. Craig tells Meg to not worry because he can't be charged for the same crime twice. Dallas then tells him that the arrest has nothing to do with the accident. Paul tells Meg that Craig is being charged with kidnapping and fraud for switching Jennifer's baby with Gwen's baby- and Rosanna can prove it. Meg tells Paul that he is doing this because they couldn't get Craig for Rosanna's accident. Craig assures Meg that everything will be fine. Dallas takes Craig away in handcuffs and Paul reminds him to read Craig his rights.

In the interrogation room of Oakdale P.D. Craig tells Meg not to worry- his lawyer is on the way. She tells him that she is bothered by the fact that he didn't seem surprised; that he knew all along that this could happen. He admits to this, but tells her there is no evidence that he did it- the hospital could have made a mistake. Meg demands to know if Rosanna knew. He asks why it matters- Meg tells him that it matters because if Rosanna had figured out he had switched the babies, maybe he did run her off the road that night on purpose to cover it up. He tells her that she can believe him or Paul and Rosanna. Dallas tells Meg that she has to leave. Craig tells her that he will be home soon and then they can figure everything out. Meg says nothing and leaves.

Back at Fairwinds Rosanna goes upstairs to bed, leaving Paul downstairs. Meg shows up and wants to talk to Rosanna about the accident. They argue about Craig. As the argument escalates, Paul grabs Meg's arm, she tries to get away but he pulls her closer, demanding to know why she is still with Craig and does she let him touch her the way he used to. Rosanna walks in and they separate. Just then Craig arrives, but they don't see him. Paul tells her that Meg was just leaving. Meg apologizes to Rosanna for disturbing her. Paul tells Rosanna that Meg is in denial about marring a would-be murderer. Craig then interrupts and a shocked Rosanna wants to know why he is not in jail. Craig says he made bail and he is there to collect his wife and they leave.

At the wedding, Katie gets ready to throw the bouquet to the waiting single ladies. She counts to three and throws it right into Brad's hands! Vienna says that she was supposed to catch it- and grabs it from him, but he takes it back and passes it back to Katie for a do-over. Vienna and Katie are both outraged, as well as Jack who tells him that he treated their wedding like a joke. In the kitchen with Brad, Jack is furious. He asks Brad how he could take a phone call during his wedding; he needed him there, to stand up for him. He accused Brad of doing this because he couldn't have Katie. Brad told him to please listen to him, but Jack refused telling him he had to go on his honeymoon and turns to leave. Brad tells him that he was with Carly- the she is sick. Jack doesn't believe him, saying that Brad will use any excuse. Brad tells him that he wouldn't lie about something like this. He told Jack that she called him because she had no one else to turn to and she made him promise not to tell. Jack still doesn't believe him, but Brad tells him that she had collapsed in Old Town and he took her to the hospital. He told him that the first time she collapsed it was real- she was having really bad headaches and blackouts; like the one that caused the accident with Sage. Jack, now realizing that Brad is telling the truth admits that Carly was vague about what had happened. Katie comes in, sees the look on Jack's face and accuses Brad of upsetting him, but Jack tells her he did nothing wrong. He tells Katie that they may have to change their flight; Carly is sick and he needs to know what is going on before he leaves the kids with her. Katie is concerned and agrees. Jack leaves for the hospital.

Holden brings Parker, JJ and Sage back into the house and he and Faith leave to go home. Sage and JJ go upstairs. Parker notices Jack's luggage on the floor and asks Brad why it was there. Brad told him that Jack and Katie missed their flight but were still going, just later. Parker says he knows Brad is lying- he thinks it has something to do with his mom. Brad changes the subject and tells Parker that Carly is tough and will be ok. Parker, satisfied for the moment tells Brad he hopes so.

At the hospital Carly tells Dr. Evers that she doesn't want to have anymore tests since it won't change the fact that she is dying. He tells her that she is leaving against medical advice and that they can make her more comfortable. She tells him that she understands, but if nothing can save her life- was there really any point?

Jack arrives at Carly's hospital room. She is surprised to see him. Dr. Evers tells him that he hopes he can get through to her. He then leaves to answer a page. Jack tells her that he knows she is refusing treatment wants to know why. She tells him that there is no point to the treatments because she is dying. He refuses to believe this. She tells him that there is no cure- she has a tumor in her brain and they can't operate because where it is. She tells him that she only has a couple of months left. Jack cannot believe it. "I'm not going to let you die Carly." She tells him that she doesn't know how to tell the kids. She starts crying and Jack assures her that they will tell them together. She laments about leaving them- she will never be able to make it up to them now and knows that the time she was away was gone- and she can't get it back. Sobbing, she says that she wants more time to watch them grow.

Katie arrives at the hospital with Henry; she goes to the room and sees Jack holding the sobbing Carly. Katie doesn't go in. Katie tells Henry that Jack needs to be with Carly now and that they should go, so they leave.

At the Lakeview, Henry wants to stay with Katie, but she wants to be alone if she can't be with Jack. She opens the gift that Jack gave her before the wedding. It is a sports jersey with K Snyder on it.

At the hospital, Jack tells Carly that they will find another doctor- that she must fight. Carly then sees the band on his finger and realizes that he and Katie got married. "You did it- you and Katie, you're married!" Her face was full of joy. She tells him "Go! Get out of here- now!" But Jack tells her he isn't leaving just because he is married now. He tells her that she can't refuse the treatments. She tells him she will hold off just while he is on his honeymoon, but Jack tells her that he is not going anywhere- he is not letting her go through this alone. Carly tells him he is not her husband; he is Katie's and that this is his wedding night- a hospital is the last place he should be. Crying now, Jack begs her to fight for their children.

Jack arrives at the Lakeview waking Katie. He tells her that they have to postpone the honeymoon because Carly is dying. A shocked Katie tells him that she understands.

Jack joins Katie in bed and they hold each other. He tells her he is exhausted and they can talk in the morning. She says ok. He thanks her for being understanding. He rolls over and says goodnight. They lie on separate sides of the bed not sleeping.

Carly tells Dr. Evers that she will stay and agrees to the tests and treatments. He tells her they will start in the morning.

Alone in her hospital room, Carly lies not sleeping.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gwen and Alison arrive at the hospital to discuss their progress with the fertility treatments when Gwen learns about Sofie's dilemma from Alison. Gwen warns Ali that Aaron should stay clear of both Sofie and Cole. Alison explains that Aaron will help Sofie out regardless of what drama Cole may cause.

Aaron runs into Cole at the Lakeview and Cole warns Aaron to stay away from Sofie now that she is no longer pregnant and doesn't require his help. Sofie hears the conversation and shakes her head to hint to Aaron that she hasn't told Cole she kept the baby. Aaron assures Cole that he and Sofie are just friends. Cole sees Sofie and tells her that he is on his way to a job interview and leaves. Sofie explains that she didn't tell Cole she kept the baby because he had such a bad day, but she just needs a little more time. Aaron explains that Cole isn't going to step up regardless of when Sofie tells him and that he thinks Cole is going to just let her down again. Sofie lashes out at Aaron and tells him he doesn't know what he is talking about and she won't burden him with her problems anymore. As Sofie leaves, Alison arrives. Aaron explains to Alison his argument with Sofie and as they are talking Dallas arrives to question Alison about Dusty. Alison says she knows nothing about Dusty's whereabouts and Aaron backs her up.

Gwen runs into Sofie at the hospital and questions why Sofie is there. Gwen apologizes for coming down on her before and explains that she was just upset after her miscarriage. Gwen learns from Sofie that she is still pregnant and planning on staying with Cole. Sofie asks Gwen to encourage Cole's music career and explains that if she does he will be happy about the baby. When Gwen declines Sofie leaves in anger telling Gwen to mind her own business.

Craig tells Meg the D.A. has pushed up the date of his preliminary hearing on the charges of kidnapping and switching babies. Meg informs Craig she doesn't know what to believe about him any longer and isn't sure if he tried to run Rosanna off the road. Craig questions what changed her mind and Meg claims his arrest and Rosanna's potential testimony has opened her eyes. Craig tells her that Rosanna's testimony won't change anything and he will beat this. Craig begs Meg to believe in him again. Meg tells him that if she finds out he tried to run Rosanna off the road she will leave him. Meg leaves Craig after telling him she needs to go talk to Holden.

Rosanna flashes back to when she walked in on Paul holding Meg and snaps out of it when Paul enters the room with a gift for her. Paul surprises Rosanna with a huge engagement ring, but she is reluctant to put it on her finger until she knows how Paul really feels about Meg. Rosanna explains that when she walked in on him and Meg last night they "pulled apart like they were doing something wrong." Paul denies having done anything with Meg, but Rosanna doesn't believe him and wants to know how he feels about Meg. Paul claims Meg is trying to rekindle their relationship because she realizes now that she is married to a monster. Rosanna tells Paul she just wants the truth and he says he has always loved her, not Meg. Rosanna lets Paul put the ring on his finger and the two decide to set a date. Paul goes upstairs to get his PDA so they can chose a date for the wedding when Rosanna gets a call from Craig telling her to meet her right away so they can talk about Meg and Paul. Rosanna tells Paul she has to run out and goes to meet Craig.

Rosanna arrives at Craig's hotel room where he explains that if Rosanna testifies against him he will lose Meg, leaving Paul and Meg to reunite. Rosanna tells Craig that Meg is just throwing herself at Paul and she has even kissed him. Craig explains that Paul is obsessed with Meg and that his going to jail will only send Meg and Paul back together.

Meg arrives at the farm and learns from Holden about Carly's illness and Jack's troubles. He tells her to keep it a secret since Rosanna and Gwen don't know. Meg in turn tells Holden about Craig's legal problems and her dilemma. Meg leaves to go to Old Town and as she remembers a kiss she shared with Paul she sees him and he turns and walks away. He turns back around to talk to her, but she is gone.

Colonel Mayer arrives at the police station and informs Dallas he is leaving town and Dallas encourages him to leave his information so that he can be called as a witness in Cheri's murder. Just as he is leaving his information Holden comes in to speak with Dallas and answer his questions about Lily's whereabouts. He tells Dallas that Lily is out of town and when he questions why he needed to know; Dallas tells Holden that Dusty did not show up for his hearing that morning. Holden tells Dallas that Lily promised not to be involved in Dusty's legal problems any longer. The Colonel overhears everything about Lily and Dusty.

Meanwhile, Dusty lays wounded in the trunk of a car after being shot by the Colonel. As he comes to the trunk pops open and Dusty finds himself face to face with a man. Turns out the man is petty theif and he asks Dusty who did this to him and Dusty simply says, "Mayer." When Dusty passes out again the bum starts to go through his pockets, but when he sees Dusty's wallet is gone he sticks around and gives him a drink from his flask. Dusty tells the man to call the police, but the man says he can't help him out and leaves. In his wounded state, Dusty begins to hallucinate about Cheri who tells him he is already gone.

Maddie meets Noah at Al's Diner to return his belongings and the rent deposit. Noah asks if he and Maddie can be friends again and Maddie explains that right now she just isn't ready for that, but may be soon and they hug. The Colonel arrives at the diner happy to see Noah and Maddie embracing and asks if he can join them. Noah's dad explains he is leaving town for a long trip and is happy knowing Noah is back with Maddie. When Noah tries to tell the Colonel the truth, Maddie interrupts and says she will take care of Noah. After the Colonel leaves, Maddie tells Noah that lying to his dad now will give him time to figure out how to get him to accept him when he returns from his trip.

Noah goes to the station to get some work done and runs into Luke. He tells Luke the good news about his dad leaving town and that he is happy he is gone. Noah explains that with his dad gone he can be himself again and he feels he owes Luke a lot for his freedom. The two kiss just as the Colonel walks in and sees them.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Colonel Mayer makes his disgust known to Luke and Noah. Maddie enters and, sensing tension, keeps up her charade as Noah's beard. Colonel Mayer reacts angrily and accuses the kids of lying to him and disowns Noah. Later, Noah tells Luke he has no regrets about their kiss. Noah asks his father to try to accept him for who he is. He promises Noah he won't lose him, and jubilant Noah calls Luke to share the good news, as a steely Colonel Mayer is watching. A spectral Cheri visits feverish Dusty, as she tries to tempt him into the Great Beyond. Dusty rouses himself and unsuccessfully tries to get the car to start. He slumps forward and sounds the horn. Carly's doctor calls Jack and says she needs a ride home from the hospital. Katie overhears and is upset that Jack's leaving her again. Carly is distressed to learn that her doctor's called Jack. Jack insists that he can't go lie on a beach when he knows the mother of his children is dying. Jack brings Carly home and gets her settled in. Parker shows up and gets Katie to admit that something's wrong. Katie arrives and relates her conversation with Parker. But Carly is adamant that they will not tell him she's dying, but Jack takes Katie aside and says that she's right. Katie calls and asks Brad to bring the kids over. Jack and Carly gently explain to the kids that she's sick, but sidesteps the issue of her prognosis. Carly tells stricken Parker she's dying, and Jack assures her that he's right here, facing this with her.

Friday, September 28, 2007

At the Lakeview, Aaron hands Sofie some mail that came for her there and notices one letter is from her doctor, so he says he sees she's still keeping things from Cole. Sofie tells him to mind his own business, but later, Aaron finds a bottle of prenatal vitamins hidden behind the bar and tells Sofie it's hard to mine his own business when she's hiding things from Cole right in front of him. Sofie apologizes just as Cole walks in; he's there to get money from her so he can go eat at the diner, and when she asks how his writing is going, he snaps at her to stop nagging him and leaves.

At home, Will tells Gwen he'll feel better when it's just him, Gwen, and the baby, without Alison being involved anymore. Gwen tells Will she's worried about Sofie and Cole and thinks she may have been too hard on Cole, given that he also had to put up with Iris as a mother. Will doesn't agree, but he says he'll go with her if she truly feels the need to try to reach out to Cole. They find Cole at the diner, where he rudely tells them to get out. Gwen repeatedly tries to apologize and offers to take his music to a composer friend of hers, but Cole continues to be belligerent about it, so Gwen says Will is probably right, Cole just needs to grow up. She tells him he's not doing a very good job of that, letting his pregnant girlfriend work to support them and turning down offers of help; Cole says Sofie's not pregnant anymore, and Gwen starts to contradict him before she realizes he doesn't know that Sofie never had the abortion. She tries to cover, but Cole realizes what she means and goes to the Lakeview looking for Sofie. He sees her just after she turns away from the bar and puts her hand on her abdomen, feeling her baby move.

At the Lakeview, Henry and Vienna visit Katie, who tells them Jack is with Carly, telling the kids about her illness. When she says she wishes there were something she could do, Vienna says there is, and she makes up the room and tells Katie she should dress more attractively for Jack, to remind him that there is good and bad in life at the same time; she needs to not let Jack forget the good things. They tell Katie that Jack needs to take care of Carly, Katie needs to take care of Jack, and they will take care of Katie.

At Carly's, Jack tells her that the kids are asleep, and Carly tells him that she has decided to take whatever treatments the doctor offers that will help improve the time she has left to live. She asks Jack to be honest with her throughout this ordeal and let her know if she's not acting like herself, and if she can't get it together, to please take the kids so they won't see her like that. Carly then asks Jack if he will videotape her making some messages for the kids to watch on future occasions like birthdays and graduations. He understands the need to do this while the kids are sleeping, so he goes back to the Lakeview to find the video camera the kids gave him as a wedding gift. Once there, he explains to Katie what Carly wants to do, and she tells him not to worry about her, but to help Carly through this. He leaves, and Carly has him tape messages, including one for Sage's 16th birthday, in which Carly asks her to try to be like her father (to think about what's right and wrong and to tell the truth, something that did not come naturally to her); she tells Sage to seek advice and strength from all the wonderful women in her life, including her aunts, the Snyder women, and Katie, who's in her corner, too. When she's finished, Jack goes back to Katie, who is watching TV with Henry and Vienna. They leave so Katie and Jack can have their privacy, but Jack is so exhausted that he lays down on the bed and immediately falls asleep.

At Carly's, she awakens after having a bad dream, and she sees the video camera still set up and decides to tape a message for Jack. In it, she tells him about her dream and how her current situation feels like a bad dream to her; she also tells him how much she loves him, and how much she wants him to be really happy with Katie, because more than anything else, she wants Jack to have a happy life. She finishes the tape and turns off the camera, then begins crying. Parker comes downstairs and sees her sobbing, so he uses his cell phone to call Jack. Carly hears him and takes away the phone, telling Jack she's fine and saying that she and Parker will talk about things some more. She tells Jack to turn off his phone and go back to sleep, but instead, Jack takes the phone to bed with him, laying it between him and Katie. Carly talks to Parker, who says he called Jack because he always knows what to do. Carly says that's a great quality for a father to have, and she'd feel better if he would let Jack adopt him. Parker says he doesn't want to talk about it, and Carly says she'll shut up when the adoption papers are final; Parker starts to get mad, but then catches himself and apologizes. Carly tells him she wants to spend her remaining time with her kid, the one who gets mad, the one who gives her a good fight; Parker says meekly, "I hate you." Carly laughs and says, "Right back at you," and hugs him.

Rosanna tells Paul she has a session with her physical therapist and would appreciate some time alone, so he tells her he's going to Old Town to shop for a while. After he leaves, Rosanna gets a call from Craig, who again tries to tell her that pursuing a case against him will only result in Meg ending up with Paul. She hangs up, and a private investigator, Jim Fellows, arrives; she shows him a picture of Paul and Meg and says she needs to be sure it's over between them. She tells him where Paul has gone, and he tells her she'll have an answer by the end of the day.

In Old Town, Meg walks by Barbara and tries to get away without talking to her, but Barbara corners her and says she was shopping for something festive to wear to Craig's trial tomorrow. Barbara tells Meg one of the many reasons she wants Craig put in jail is that then Meg can leave him and try to save her soul, if she still has one. After Barbara leaves, Paul walks up; seeing Meg, he turns to walk in the opposite direction, but she goes after him and gets him to sit with her for a minute. As they are talking, Mr. Fellows arrives and begins taping them with a cell phone video camera. Meg doesn't think what Craig did in switching the babies was any worse than what she and Paul did in keeping the information from Jennifer. She wants to know whether Rosanna truly remembered what Craig did the night of her car accident or if she's just saying what Paul told her to say, because if Rosanna really remembered it, and Craig did try to kill her, then she wants to see Craig punished for it, no matter what the actual charges are. Paul says Rosanna really remembered it, and he can't understand why Meg married Craig, knowing what kind of man he was. Meg reminds him that he knows exactly why she married Craig, and he knows who she really loved at the time. When Paul asks why she doesn't just walk away from Craig now, she says because she's been told there's no hope of being with the one she really loves, so she has nothing to walk to. Mr. Fellows leaves, and then Paul tells Meg that it's over between them; Meg responds that saying it doesn't make it so. Then she says that ever since Craig returned to town, Paul was more involved in hating him than in loving her, and she thinks he came back from the dead not to find Meg, but to get Craig. She then tells Paul she knows who Craig is; it's Paul she's not sure she knows anymore.

Meg leaves and finds Craig, who is upset because his lawyer thinks he should accept a plea bargain because he's afraid of Rosanna. Meg thinks Craig should be afraid, too, and she asks again if he tried to kill Rosanna. Craig again says no and wants to know how many more times he has to tell her that; she says until she believes it. Then she asks what happens if he goes to trial and is convicted, and Craig says the lawyer thinks he would get 10 to 15 years in jail. Meg says, "Go for it."

Barbara goes to see Rosanna, telling her how happy she is about her recovery and that she knows Paul is happy being with her. Rosanna is surprised, saying things sure changed in 2 years, and she thinks it's because she's the one who can put Craig in jail. Barbara says if that happens, then Paul will be happy and Lucy can bring Johnny back, and Rosanna says "Everyone lives happily ever after?" Barbara agrees, but she says it's all up to Rosanna. She leaves, and Rosanna wonders what Paul will do after she solves all his problems. The private investigator arrives with his camera and tells Rosanna he's sorry, saying she can keep the phone. Rosanna watches the video until Paul arrives. He is surprised she's not resting after her therapy session, and she says she does feel very tired and is going to go to bed so she can be rested for tomorrow.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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