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Passions Recaps: The week of September 24, 2007 on PS
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Monday, September 24, 2007

Kay cries over the loss of Miguel while Tabitha tries to calm her down. Kay pushes Tabitha to try other means of finding Miguel and Endora, but Tabitha is out of ideas. The boys in the basement are draining Tabitha and Kay of their powers, so that they aren‘t able to catch up with them. Kay gives Tabitha an idea to travel to an alternate universe to find Miguel and Kay. Tabitha warns Kay about people of the alternate universe in that they will pretend to be neutral when they are really working for the dark side. Tabitha is able to connect to "Afterlife Instant Messenger" and is able to get a lead on Endora. As soon as Tabitha and Kay is given a lead, an evil spirit intervenes and blows up the computer, so they are left to figure out Endora's whereabouts without any external help. Tabitha and Kay try to flee the area, but they are sucked into a hole, which takes them back to earth. Tabitha receives a ransom note from the dark side and is instructed to do exactly as it states.

Sheridan pulls a knife on Alistair because she knows that he is lying about Marty. Alistair taunts her while she holds the knife, and tells her that she is weak and has no guts. Sheridan trembles while still holding the knife on Alistair, and Alistair keeps taunting him. Luis finally walks in and tells Sheridan that it's not worth it to kill Alistair. Luis tells Alistair that he is placing him under arrest. In the midst of this, Luis tells Sheridan that Fox has been shot and is killed. Sheridan cries while Alistair stands there emotionless. Luis comforts Sheridan since she is devastated by the news about Fox. Alistair uses that opportunity to escape from Luis. Luis tries to go after him, but Sheridan stops him and tells him that Marty is alive. Sheridan shows Luis proof or else he would not have believed.

Theresa admits to Ethan that Little Ethan (LE) is his son, but Ethan thinks that Theresa is referring to him as a substitute father. She tries to explain it to Ethan, but Ethan keeps interrupting her. He tells her that he will always be a father to LE. Gwen tries to stop Theresa from telling the truth, but since Ethan doesn‘t let Theresa get a word in edge wise, Gwen doesn't really have to do anything. Ethan still doesn't know that he is LE's father. Theresa is furious that she isn't able to tell Ethan the truth, and she swears to Gwen that she will tell Ethan the truth. Gwen is not holding her breath because she seems to think that Ethan will not find out. Gwen taunts Theresa by telling her that she has beaten her to the punch in that she has told Ethan that they have a son together. Theresa coldly tells Gwen that she does not believe that the baby she has belongs to Ethan since doctors told her that she wasn't able to conceive. Gwen tells Theresa that the baby is a miracle. Theresa tells her that she wants a DNA test done because she thinks Gwen stole the baby, so Gwen reaches into her bag for a DNA test result showing proof that the baby is hers and Ethan's. Theresa accepts the proof and tells Gwen that Ethan loves her and has a son with her. Gwen reminds her that Ethan won't be so accepting since she has been lying to him for over a year now. In addition, she blames Theresa for Ethan missing out on the birth of his son since Gwen thinks that it was all Theresa's fault that she divorced Ethan. Theresa is buying into what Gwen tells her. She wonders if Ethan will hate her and refuses to forgive her. She would hate to be out of Ethan's life forever.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Theresa continues to struggle over telling Ethan that he is Little Ethan's father as she watches his excitement over meeting his new baby son. Pilar tries to talk some sense into her daughter, reminds her that Theresa and Ethan are married, that Ethan loves her. Both a nurse and Ethan remark that the baby doesn't look quite right but Gwen quickly dismisses their concerns. Theresa finally decides to tell Ethan the truth, wants Pilar to go get Little Ethan so he can be there when Theresa reveals the truth, but Theresa is horrified when she calls the playroom and finds out that her son is gone!

Luis is stunned that Marty is still alive, ecstatic to see the image of his son on the laptop, wanting more information from Sheridan. They head out to search for Alistair, determined to make him give up the location of their son, but have no luck finding him. As they gaze at the image of their long-lost child, Sheridan reminds Luis of all the times he didn't believe her about their son, including this time. Sheridan insists that Luis promise that nothing and no one will get in the way of them finding Marty.

As Fancy and Ivy console each other over the loss of Fox, an angry Pretty rips into them, blaming Fancy for keeping Pretty from forging a relationship with her brother, blaming Ivy for always taking Fancy's side. Later, Fancy relates to Ivy her fear that she is too much like her grandfather, wondering why she lashed out at Luis like she did. Alistair demands Pretty stick to his plan, do exactly what he says, or everything will be ruined. He gives her whispered instructions and Pretty wonders if she can do what her grandfather wants her to.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tabitha and Kay read the ransom note from the dark side, demanding that they be bad witches in exchange for Miguel and Endora's return. They summon NASCAR driver Jamie McMurray as their first victim, but can't bring themselves to commit evil. Sam interrupts things to break the news to Kay that Fox is dead! When he presses Kay for her whereabouts at the time of the murder, she realizes that she's a suspect in her husband's death! Matters are further complicated when Sam asks to speak with Miguel.

Pretty warns Fancy that Sheridan's only purpose is to reclaim Luis! Meanwhile, Luis vows to help Sheridan find Marty and promises not to tell anyone else, including Fancy, so as not to arouse Alistair's attention. But when Fancy walks in on Luis and Sheridan in a close embrace, she demands to know what's going on.

As Theresa has the hospital put on lock-down after Little Ethan is taken from the playroom, Gwen and Ethan look to their future as proud parents. Ethan tells Gwen that she's made him the happiest man on the planet and admits that Theresa's voice, telling him he had a son, gave him reason not to give up on life. Pilar pushes Theresa to tell Ethan the truth about little Ethan before she loses him to Gwen!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

After again explaining why she doesn't want anyone to know that Marty is alive, Sheridan tells Luis her theory that Marty is somewhere in Harmony because of a special shoe company's deliveries to town. Realizing it's not based on anything more than a theory, Luis lays into her and accuses her of concocting yet another scheme to take him away from Fancy. Sheridan denies it. Meanwhile, Esme talks with Fancy about how perfect Fox was for her and now he's gone. When Fancy admits that Luis lied to her about Sheridan calling him, Esme leaks that she heard the two of them whispering together in the kitchen earlier and urges to do whatever she has to do to fight for her husband. Though she's relieved that her son has been found back in the hospital, Theresa warns Gwen that Alistair took the boy. Gwen warns that Ethan's life is in danger if the truth about little Ethan is revealed. Gwen then announces that because Alistair is alive, Theresa's marriage to Ethan is not valid anymore. Theresa claims she'll get a divorce but Gwen counters that Alistair won't allow it. Accusing her of wanting Ethan all for herself, Theresa rushes into Ethan's room and announces that little Ethan is his biological son. Unaware that Vincent is alive and tormenting Eve with his vision and words of blame, Julian tries to stop her anguish by reminding her that their son is dead. Vincent slips out and stops by Valerie's place to grab another wig so that he can torment Julian next. Julian starts drinking and, admitting he's lost two sons, he kisses Eve and confesses that he loves her. She counters that she doesn't deserve his love because she's a terrible mother but he kisses her again.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Passions no longer airs on Fridays. The show airs Monday through Thursday, with catch-me-up marathons on the weekends.

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