One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 24, 2007 on OLTL

Natalie challenged Jared to a game of pool. Jared managed to get on Renee's good side, and she marveled at how much Jared resembled Asa. Nigel was suspicious of Jared. Todd and Blair got married. John and Natalie had a talk. Clint invited Matthew and Nora to move into the mansion permanently. Talia wanted to introduce Antonio to her boyfriend.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 24, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, September 24, 2007

Fists fly when Jared reveals to Nash that he is very well acquainted with Tess. Jessica and Natalie arrive to break up the fight, and Jessica is forced to confess to Nash how she slept with Jared and then framed him as a thief and had him sent to prison. Jared warns Jessica that she's going to pay for what she did to him. Blair fights Todd tooth and nail when he makes an interesting proposal to better his chances of getting his son back, and points out this strategy worked for him before. Blair agrees to Todd's plan on one condition – money.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lindsay's friends support her. Nora is deeply affected by the turn of events and the role she played in them. Jessica, Nash and Natalie try to explain to Jared that Tess, not Jessica, is the woman who set him up, but he isn't buying it. Jared blackmails Jessica, warning he'll turn her over to the police unless Natalie gives him an executive position at Buchanan Enterprises. Natalie thinks she has Jared right where she wants him when he challenges her to a game of pool with the job at stake, but he beats her at her own game. Sarah reaches out to Cristian. Markko wonders why Langston's parents are never around.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sarah is packing to move out of Cristian's loft. They flirt and argue over trying to get her overstuffed suitcase closed. Sarah hides something under the couch while Cristian isn't looking. Sarah tells Cristian he's going to miss her. Cristian teases her back, saying he won't miss her, and Sarah gets annoyed, then leaves. Cristian misses Sarah almost the minute she leaves the apartment. He finds the shirt she hid under the couch and smiles.

Vincent and Rex are helping Adriana move out of her place with Layla. Layla doesn't want Adriana to move out, and she's upset. Adriana tries to give back a bunch of Layla's stuff, and Layla gives back a bunch of Adriana's stuff. They both look sad. Vincent and Rex keep moving stuff while the girls sit sadly on the couch, holding hands. The boys finish moving, the girls reminisce, and then they hug goodbye. Adriana and Layla laugh and say they don't need to act like they're breaking up. Sarah arrives, and Layla introduces her to Vincent.

Natalie practices the pool shot she missed in the game with Jared, and John arrives to watch. They talk about Lindsay's arraignment, then the conversation turns to Michael, Marcie, and Tommy's custody case. Natalie asks John how long he's known about Tommy's paternity, and doesn't let him get away with it when he sidesteps the question. John says he owes Natalie an apology. Natalie is shocked. John admits he withheld information to protect his brother, same as she withheld information to protect John. They talk about why they broke up. John says he gets it now. Natalie brings up John's kissing Marty. John admits he'd be upset if he saw Natalie kissing another guy. She asks if he's together with Marty and he declines to discuss it. John asks Natalie why she keeps practicing the same shot. She tells him that now she has to work with a jerk, and asks John to run a background check on the guy. Then she reconsiders (probably remembering that such a request would be illegal, ha), and John says that since his badge is in Bo's desk anyway, John can do what he wants. Natalie can't believe John got suspended again, then says maybe it's a good thing, like a forced vacation. John asks if Natalie wants to shoot some pool.

Jessica and Nash talk tensely about what happened with Jared. Todd arrives at the door, excited and wanting Jessica to come with him and be the best man at his wedding. Todd tells Jessica he wants support from his family. She mockingly introduces him to her husband, Nash, and her baby who hasn't received even a card from Todd. Jessica wants to know why Todd's marrying Blair again. Todd asks Jessica to be his best man. Nash quips that she is missing the essential gear for that job. Jessica reluctantly says she'll be there, but first Todd has to tell her the truth about why they're getting married. Todd admits that they're only getting married to fake out the judge, and Jessica tells him that getting married at City Hall looks fake. Todd leaves in a hurry. Jessica and Nash talk about what Tess did to Jared; Nash wants to know why Tess had it in for Jared. Jessica tells him that Jared was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jessica tells Nash she's sorry. They promise to tell each other the truth. Then they begin working on a plan to deal with Jared.

Blair and Dorian talk about Lindsay being at St. Anne's. The conversation turns to Todd and his impending marriage. Dorian argues about Todd and the idea of their re-marrying, going so far as to call Blair an abused woman. Blair says she's marrying Todd for a good reason: Todd needs her help in the custody battle. Dorian mocks her plan, then realizes Blair is just copying Téa Delgado. Blair confirms that Todd is paying her $5 million, same as he paid Tea. Upon hearing that, Dorian is all smiles. Dorian and Blair argue some more. She asks what will happen to Starr and Jack when Todd decides he's done and he kicks Blair out again. Blair says Jack and Starr will understand what their parents decide. Todd arrives at La Boulaie. Dorian blackmails Todd, saying he'll have to pay her to keep her quiet. Dorian wants Todd to promise he's not going for full custody of Jack and Starr. Todd says he wants to get married at La Boulaie.

Jared arrives at Asa's mansion and tries to charm his way past Nigel; when denied entrance Jared says he's there to see Renee. Nigel tries again to get rid of Jared, then Renee comes downstairs and Jared takes the opportunity to introduce himself. Renee is shocked at Jared's resemblance to Asa. Nigel doesn't see the resemblance but Renee says it's uncanny. She asks how Jared knew Asa. He says Asa was his hero. Renee regales Jared with stories about Asa over coffee, as Nigel hovers uncomfortably in the background. Jared tells Renee he's starting work at Buchanan Enterprises today. Renee says Asa would have liked Jared, which pains Nigel. Jared schmoozes Renee on the way out the door, and Renee invites Jared to dinner with Clint.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

At B.E., Nash and Jess are taken by surprise when they learn that Natalie has given Jared a job. When she arrives, she confirms it. Jared explains it's because he's just perfect for the job, plus he and "Sparky" have a deal. When Jess speaks to Nat alone, Nat explains that she wants to protect Jess' name, but it's not the only reason. Jess wonders if her sister likes Jared. When she leaves she warns Jared that if he hurts Nat, his memories of Tess' actions will actually be pleasant ones. Nat and Jared discuss the real reason for the job; Jared's winning at pool. He's astonished to find out that he doesn't have his own office and accuses her of giving him a chore because she doesn't know how to do it. Her job is to make sure he does his, she informs him. She receives a call from Miles and agrees to meet him for dinner.

Talia and Antonio bump into John at Rodi's and have an awkward moment, due to John's suspension. Antonio asks Talia about her boyfriend "George" which puts her on the spot as she tells one lie after another. Not total lies, as she pictures Antonio when she describes her faux boyfriend. Antonio presses on meeting him and Talia is finally forced to agree to set something up. When Nash and Jess show up, Antonio cuts his break short.

Todd orders Dorian to host a wedding though she thinks the whole thing will be suspicious. Todd says he was stabbed and missing, so they couldn't get married any earlier. Blair wants her five million up front. Dorian thinks they will have trouble locating guests. Todd has errands and Dorian and Blair discuss what she should tell her children. She also still has her wedding dress from the last time, never got to donate it, Blair mentions. Workers begin to arrive to set things up. Dorian asks what Blair will do if Todd doesn't get Tommy back, but Blair believes that everything will work out. Dorian thinks she's in love.

The kids at school are shocked when Marcie shows up to teach class. Bitch Britney gets things going though when she states that she hopes Marcie keeps her baby and asks the class for their support. Marcie is taken aback and mentions that it's inappropriate to be talking about the case but Britney keeps going. She gets the members of the class going and then suddenly Marcie and Starr get into a full blown screaming match. The noise brings the principal, Mr. Fletcher, to the class and he dismisses them early. Britney continues to create friction in the hallway, while Mr. Fletcher lectures Marcie on bringing her personal life to school. She is put on temporary leave. The class is sent home. Todd walks in looking for Starr, as a shaken Marcie is packing up her things and on the verge of crying. She doesn't want to speak with him but does tell him that she'll do whatever it takes to keep her son. He's a murderer, kidnapper and rapist, he says, as she states she's not afraid of him. She should be, he responds. As he appears to lean in for a kiss, Marcie slaps him and orders him out. He thinks things are going his way, he adds.

Miles comes across Marty in the park and asks to discuss her kiss with John. It really hurt him but his therapist has convinced him that her happiness will come from elsewhere, not him. He had really wanted her to look at him the way he saw that she looked at John, who happens to show up just then. Miles tells Marty that the look looked good on her and departs. John asks what the conversation was about and Marty says they were just talking about going on. They're about to share a kiss when Cole walks by. He seems happy to see his mom and John together, as they quickly explain that they literally just ran into each other. School is out early, class cancelled, Cole announces, mentioning Marcie and Starr. John is worried about Marcie, Cole about Starr; Marty points out that someone is going to get hurt. John doesn't want to talk about the case, they make small talk, and John offers to toss the football around with Cole. Marty is pleased.

Starr arrives home early from school and wonders what is happening. Blair avoids answering her but finally admits that she and Todd are getting married. The teen thinks it's all an awful lot of trouble for a fake marriage, as her mom admits that the marriage will be in name only. She wants more for her daughter, Blair says as she hugs her. Starr thinks her mother is doing the right thing, as Todd returns and hears the conversation. He whips out a box and tells Blair he wants to do the right thing, right from the heart. He gets down on his knee and hands the box over. A happy Blair finds the check for five million dollars. Both she and Todd appear sad.

Nora explains the condition of Lindsay to Clint, that she is alone and her prognosis is poor. Clint stops her from calling Bo who is on vacation with Matthew. Opening the mail, an elated Nora finds a check, finally, from her insurance company. Now she will be able to buy a house, she shouts. Clint divulges that Asa wanted Nora and Matthew to stay at the mansion and he's asking her the same. Please make this your permanent home, he requests. She's stunned but agrees to give it some thought and will discuss it with Matthew as well. Dorian arrives just in time to hear the news, that Clint asked Nora to live with him. Not amused, she asks Clint if he has his tux.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Dorian is flustered as she advises the staff on wedding preparations for Todd and Blair's big day. Clint attempts to calm her nerves, but to no avail. Jessica and Nash are among the guests arriving for the ceremony. Cole arrives to visit Starr and is unaware of the upcoming event; Star invites him in and relates the news that her parents are getting married. Cole is skeptical of the revelation. Dorian and Starr convince Cole to stay for the wedding; Dorian supplies him with a suit to wear. Clint questions Jessica about Viki's whereabouts. Dorian overhears that Viki is in Paris and tells Clint that Viki imitates everything that she does. Nash informs Clint that he now has a partner and will be able to pay him back the money he borrowed. Nash questions whether or not Jessica will tell Clint about her past with Jared. Jessica admits that she has no idea what to do about Jared and hopes he does not make things bad for Natalie.

Natalie becomes upset when she finds Jared surfing the web, instead of working on a report that is due. Jared teases Natalie about being stressed out and asks her when she last had sex. Natalie threatens Jared with sexual harassment. The two continue to argue. Jared begins to massage the back of a stressed out Natalie. As Natalie begins to enjoy the back rub, the two are interrupted by Jim, an executive who reports directly to Clint. Jared and Natalie attempt to convince Jim that the two were working on an urgent report, but Jim is disgusted by their behavior. Jim questions Natalie's hiring of Jared and begins to attack her competence and qualifications. Jim informs Natalie that he may not be able to fire her but he will demand that she deliver results. Natalie does not back down and demands respect from him. Jim tells her she has to earn his respect and promises to make life miserable for her. Natalie is upset that Jared made her look unprofessional to her boss and warns him he could still be fired. Jared responds by threatening to send Jessica to jail. Natalie tells Jared that if he continues to come after her and Jessica he will regret it. Jared explains to Natalie that he is not the enemy and wants to succeed as much as she does. Jared presents Natalie with the report that she has been waiting for. Natalie is not impressed and tells him that the report is not detailed enough; Jim will never accept it. Jared states that he is willing to work on the report all night and asks Natalie if she will do the same. Natalie agrees to do whatever is necessary to get the job done. Jared says they both may as well because neither has anyone to go home to.

Adriana and Rex enjoy time together at their apartment. Adriana is insisting that Rex gets dressed because she has a surprise for him. Rex wants to know where she is taking him, but he obliges her.

Marcie arrives home to find an angered Roxy. Roxy is obviously upset with Marcie and threatens to kick her out of the apartment. Marcie is stunned by Roxy's strange behavior. Marcie begins to angrily question Roxy's actions. Roxy responds by forcibly pushing her out of the door.

Michael, John and Marty are on the rooftop of the Angel Square Hotel preparing a surprise birthday party for Marcie. Roxy ushers Marcie to the roof where everyone surprises her. Rex and Adriana have joined the celebration. Marcie thanks everyone for the surprise and states that she forgot about her birthday with all that has been going on lately. Michael tells her that is exactly why they decided to surprise her. John and Marty find time to be alone at the celebration. Rex apologizes to Marcie about not revealing Tommy's paternity; Marcie forgives him. Michael reminds them that there will be no mention of Todd on this day. Marcie agrees but states that Todd will not ruin their family. Michael toasts Marcie.

Todd barges in on Blair as she is preparing for the wedding. Blair asks Todd why he is there and he responds by embracing her and giving her a passionate kiss. Blair is shocked by Todd's behavior. Todd tells Blair he only kissed her to see if he still had an effect on her. His only concern is convincing everyone that their marriage is legitimate. Blair and Todd agree that a real relationship between them would never work. As Blair refers to the ceremony as a "fake marriage", Jack walks in and questions his parent's intentions. Blair and Todd explain to Jack that they are getting married but it may not be forever. Jack does not fully understand but Blair and Todd mange to calm his fears. Starr asks her parents if Cole can attend the wedding. Todd wants Cole to leave but Blair and Starr convince Todd to allow Cole to stay. Dorian threatens to kill Todd if he hurts Blair; Todd has no reaction. Starr helps Blair get dressed for the ceremony. Blair has a heartfelt conversation with Starr. Blair tells Starr that she wants her to marry for love and not follow the example that she and Todd have set.

The wedding ceremony begins. As they stand before the justice of the peace, Todd winks at Blair and she smiles nervously at him. Todd hesitates when asked to repeat after the justice of the peace. Blair is caught off guard and Dorian whispers to Clint that Todd is up to his old tricks. Blair asks Todd is he ready and he states, "not like this". The justice of the peace asks if Todd wants to stop the wedding. Todd says he would like for he and Blair to say their own vows. Blair agrees. Todd talks about his family being together again and speaks about the son that has been kept from him. At the same time Michael is toasting Marcie as she holds Tommy. Michael speaks about their love for Tommy and that he was always meant to be with them. Todd mentions that Tommy will soon be with them. Michael tells Marcie she is in his heart. Todd tells Blair she is in his blood. Todd ends his vows by telling Blair he is happier marrying her now than all the times before. Todd and Blair are pronounced husband and wife. Todd and Blair share a kiss as everyone congratulates them. Todd and Blair walk upstairs arm in arm. The two look to see if anyone is watching, then part ways with each going into separate bedrooms.

Later, Michael and Marcie enjoy time with Tommy in their apartment. As Adriana and Rex lie in bed, Rex presents her with a key to their apartment. Natalie and Jared are in the office completing the report. Jared calls Natalie over to look at his progress. Natalie is pleased and responds by touching his arm. Jared smiles surprisingly at her; Natalie nervously removes her hand and walks away. John and Marty share a passionate kiss on the rooftop. Blair opens her bedroom door and looks across the hall at Todd's closed bedroom door. She sadly turns away and closes her bedroom door. Seconds later, Todd opens his bedroom door and stares across the hall at Blair's closed door. He quietly closes his.

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