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Kendall told Erica about the plan to get rid of Greenlee for good. Greenlee and Aidan worked together to try to get the personal effects of the man who was in prison with Richie. Zach had a proposition for JR.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 24, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, September 24, 2007

Tad declared his love for Krystal to Adam. Krystal was eavesdropping and immediately barged into the room when she heard this. Tad then proclaimed his love to Krystal in front of Adam. Adam wanted his marriage to end with Krystal, so Tad could marry her. Tad was pleased and tried to get Krystal to leave, but she refused. So, Tad planted a big kiss on Krystal and left. Then, Krystal announced that history was about to repeat itself for her and Adam. Adam asked what part of their history would be repeated, but Krystal was too distracted by a jewelry box to answer. Krystal assumed the box was a bribe for Colby. However, when Krystal opened it, she realized it was her wedding present from Adam that she had sold. Adam claimed that he bought the present back because he wanted to bury it with all of his other memories of Krystal. Then, they began to fight about their marriage. Still, as they fought, they moved closer and closer to each other. Then, just as they were about to kiss, Krystal backed away. Adam stated that Krystal could keep the present because he did not care about it. So, Krystal took the jewelry box and left.

Jason, the deaf boy that was interviewed on Erica's show, asked to speak with Kendall. The boy sensed that Kendall was worried about her deaf son, Spike. Jason assured Kendall that he had a full and wonderful life, despite his deafness and cochlear implants. Then, Jason left and Zach and Kendall went to The Comeback for dinner. Kendall was very impressed with Jason, but still had concerns over Spike getting cochlear implants. Kendall thought that allowing Spike to get the implants would be giving up. Kendall also felt that the implants would signify that Greenlee's actions meant nothing and that Greenlee could be forgiven. Zach asserted that the only person who mattered was Spike. Zach believed they should focus on what would help Spike the most. Kendall agreed and walked over to Joe, who was sitting at the bar. Kendall asked Joe if she could discuss cochlear implants with him. Joe said yes and Zach looked happy. Then, Joe and Tad began to speak. Tad explained that he professed his love to Krystal just to deter her from being with Adam. Joe felt that Tad might actually love Krystal, but Tad refused to get involved in a love triangle with Krystal and Adam.

Aidan brought Greenlee back to the beach where he was mugged. Aidan wanted Greenlee to try to remember anything from that night that might give him a clue as to who attacked him. Greenlee said she did not remember anything out of the ordinary. Then, Aidan asked Greenlee to hold the rock that the attacker used to hit him. Greenlee lifted the rock easily, so Aidan deducted that Annie could have assaulted him. Greenlee was shocked to learn that Aidan suspected Annie. Greenlee asked for the details. Aidan was hesitant, but eventually admitted that the locket belonged to Annie's mother. Aidan also divulged that Annie's brother might be out to get revenge on Annie. Greenlee was surprised, but did not want this to affect their relationship. Greenlee suggested that they both let go of their pasts and look to the future. Aidan agreed and kissed Greenlee. Then, as they rolled around on the beach making out, Ryan walked up.

Annie saw the body at the morgue and stated that it was not her brother. Then, the coroner said that the dead man got his spider tattoo only a few weeks ago. This proved that it was not Annie's brother because he got his tattoo many years ago. Then, Annie and Ryan went home. Annie was distraught because she assumed that Richie hired this man to impersonate him and torture her. Ryan wanted Annie to get a gun for protection. Annie refused because the last time she shot a gun, she shot Ryan by mistake. Ryan understood and assured Annie that he would not let Richie hurt their family. Then, Ryan left to try to find some more information on Richie. But before Ryan left, he locked all of the doors. However, when Ryan was gone, Annie opened all of the doors and windows. Annie then got a knife and lied on the couch and sang, "We all fall down."

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

At ConFusion, JR orders Amanda and he a bottle of champagne. He tells Amanda that is very close to having Ava sign onto his new business plan. Amanda invites Babe and Wes over when she spies them come in the door. Babe and Wes sit down, but look uncomfortable as Amanda and JR begin questioning the couple about how they met. JR proposes a toast to Wes for his heroism, but Wes claims he is no hero. When JR and Wes leave the table, Babe scolds Amanda for inviting them to sit with JR. Amanda says she was just being nice, but Babe explains that she doesn't need Amanda shoving Wes in JR's face. Babe suspects Amanda wanted them at the table to throw Wes in JR's face and prove that JR is hers once and for all. Amanda claims that Babe still has feelings for JR, but Babe says she knows Amanda thinks JR is the worst mistake of her life. Babe apologizes to Amanda for being so harsh, but explains she just cares about what happens to her.

Jonathan and Ava go to ConFusion, but Jonathan seems a bit paranoid about people looking at him since his background hit the headlines. Ava tells Jonathan that if he can get Ryan to invest in JR's idea, Jonathan would be on top. When Jonathan asks how she got JR to call his bluff, Ava flashes back to the passionate kiss she shared with JR. Ava claims that JR knows without her support, his business idea would flop. Jonathan tries to point out that JR can't be trusted by the fact that he has endangered Ava's life more than once. Jonathan suggests they don't need JR to become a "power couple" and should launch the network themselves. Ava says Jonathan would not have enough time to devote to the network with his other job and Spike's health. JR walks over so he can overhear Jonathan telling Lily that JR is likely to screw up the business plan. When JR winks at Ava, she drags Jonathan out of the club. Ava brings Jonathan to a secret room in Wildwind and they make love.

Babe, Wes, Amanda and JR decide to make a toast to everyone's dreams coming true. Amanda drags JR away, so Babe and Wes can have their first date alone. Babe apologizes to Wes for JR's behavior, but he just shrugs it off. Babe gives Wes a kiss when he asks about his chances for having a second date. Amanda tells JR that she knows he was spying on Ava and walks off.

Ryan asks to speak to Aidan alone at the beach. Greenlee says she will wait for Aidan in the car, but she sneaks behind a rock to eavesdrop. Ryan says that he is having Greenlee followed to protect his family and doesn't care about her love life. Aidan says that he can understand Ryan's position, especially since evidence shows that Annie may have been the one who knocked him out. Ryan says it is crazy to think Annie assaulted him, but Aidan thinks it is possible Annie has been lying to him all along. Ryan tells Aidan about the dead man who matched a similar description to Richie, but it was another man, Eddie, a guy Richie met in prison. Aidan asks Ryan how he knows the man wasn't really Richie, if the only person who has seen him is Annie. Ryan explains that they need to obtain Eddie's backpack, which is in the evidence room at the police station. Aidan agrees to help Ryan, if he stops having Greenlee followed. Ryan agrees, but says that if Greenlee makes any type of moves on his family, it would be Aidan's fault. Greenlee walks up and after Ryan leaves, Aidan tells Greenlee about the plan to get his hands on Eddie's stuff. Greenlee offers to help Aidan, but Aidan does not think it is a good idea. Greenlee begs Aidan to let her prove herself to Ryan and Kendall, so Aidan agrees, as long as she promises to do everything he says. Ryan tells his guards to continuing keep an eye on Greenlee and tap her phone lines.

At New Beginnings, Kendall thanks her mother for bringing Jason on the show because talking to him made her realize how lucky Spike is to be a candidate for the hearing implants. Kendall explains that hearing Jason talk about how he felt like a normal kid made her see that Spike has hope. Kendall tells Erica that she and Ryan are going to learn about cochlear implants and discover all their options for Spike. Kendall gets a call from Greenlee, who says that the only time she can talk to Kendall is at work or in between the times Ryan's goons aren't following her. Greenlee asks Kendall how her day has been and Kendall explains about her meeting with Jason. Erica overhears Kendall telling Greenlee that no one can know about their calls. Erica freaks out when Kendall gets off the phone, but calms down when she realizes Kendall is setting Greenlee up. Kendall says she is keeping Greenlee close to get rid of her forever. Kendall explains her plan to her mother (the viewers don't get to hear) and asks Erica to keep it a secret.

Hannah scours through Zach's desk, but is caught off guard when he walks in. Hannah tells Zach she didn't find the work file, but Lily comes in and explains the how the files have been categorized. Hannah admits she was looking for a personal items she left

behind the last time she was in Zach's office. Lily assumes Hannah is referring to Josh and asks if she is going to have sex with him in the office again. Hannah shyly says there will be no more sex in the office, and explains she came back to work to help Zach. Lily and Josh leave, giving Hannah a chance to explain that she was looking for the letter she sent in regards in the night she asked him for a child. Zach says he never read the letter, but Hannah does not believe him. Zach tells her no more trips down memory lane, and from now on, they only look ahead. Lily tells Zach that she did not mean to hurt Hannah's feelings, but Zach says he likes her honesty. After everyone is gone, Zach recalls Hannah asking him to father her child.

At a hotel room, Josh pays Hannah a visit. Immediately, they pick up right where they left off in the sheets.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Greenlee and Aidan were outside of the police station. Greenlee was in a disguise with tattoos all over her body and braids in her hair. Greenlee wanted to pretend that she was Blue Johnson, Eddie Johnson's widow. Greenlee felt that if she was able to get Eddie's belongings, they might find a clue about Annie's brother, Richie. Aidan was hesitant about the plan, but allowed Greenlee to go undercover anyway. So, Greenlee went into the police station and asked for Eddie's belongings. The cop said that he would have to call Derek first because the chief had a big interest in the case. Greenlee looked nervous, so she protested that she needed the belongings immediately. Luckily, Derek was unavailable, so the cop went to get Greenlee the belongings. Meanwhile, Aidan saw Jack arrive at the police station. Aidan tried to distract Jack from seeing his daughter undercover. However, Jack was suspicious and followed Aidan out of the police station after Greenlee had received the belongings. Jack demanded to know what Aidan and Greenlee were involved in.

Tad and Krystal were discussing Adam. Tad explained that he professed his love for Krystal because he wanted to deter Krystal from having a relationship with Adam. Tad did not want Adam around Krystal, but Tad especially did not want Adam around Jenny. Krystal claimed that she went to see Adam because she wanted to talk about Colby. Tad did not believe that this was the only reason. Krystal admitted that sometimes she just liked to see Adam. Tad joked that he was putting her into the "Adam Chandler 12 Step Program" to wean her off Adam. Krystal laughed and agreed that she needed to get over Adam. Meanwhile, Colby was eating breakfast with Adam in the mansion. Colby wondered what Adam does to "chill out." So, Adam took Colby fishing. They both laughed together and had a great time. Then, Colby expressed her wish that Adam and Krystal get back together. Adam looked sad. Then, Colby caught a fish. Afterwards, they went home and found Krystal waiting for them. Colby immediately left, so they could be alone. Krystal then announced that she was done with the Chandlers. Krystal wanted Adam to tell Stuart that he could no longer come to her house. Krystal felt that Stuart was a reminder of Adam that she did not need. Adam thought this was cruel because Stuart would be crushed. Krystal said she never meant to hurt Stuart. Then, Krystal handed Adam her wedding present and left.

Sean volunteered to photograph the album cover for the hip-hop group. The three members were not taking the shoot seriously, so Sean got annoyed. Sean urged them to be more professional because it might help their career. So, everyone cooperated, except, Dre. Dre wore sunglasses and looked away from the camera when Sean tried to take a serious shot of the band.

Ryan asked Annie why she opened all of the doors and windows after he locked them. Annie explained that her brother would get to her, regardless of locked doors and windows. Ryan then asked why she had a knife under her pillow. Annie admitted it was for protection because she was certain that Richie would find her. Once again, Ryan assured Annie that he would not let anyone hurt his family. Ryan then announced that he rented half of a private island. Ryan did this so Annie could relax. Annie worried about leaving Emma and Spike, but Ryan felt their kids would be fine with Zach and Kendall. So, Annie agreed and they packed their bags. Then, they kissed and happily left the penthouse. However, after they got in the elevator, an unidentified man dressed in all black walked up to their front door.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ava comes to ConFusion to meet JR, but he not happy she is half hour late. Ava tells him that she with Jonathan, but can't resist flirting with JR at the same time. JR tells Ava to back off and asks if she changed Jonathan's mind about financing his new business. Ava says that Jonathan still needs more time. JR claims he doesn't need Ava to try to impress him with her flirting routine all he wants her for is the money. JR tells Ava she needs to quit Fusion, but Ava says the company won't release her. JR says she can get out of the company by just causing a little trouble by causing bad publicity for them. Pretty soon, the idea start spilling out.

Babe comes in, orders a drink and spies Ava with JR. Wes comes into the bar with a surprise for her, but he thinks she is too distracted looking at JR and Ava. Babe apologizes, but says that she is not bothered by his relationships with Amanda and now, possibly Ava. Babe thinks she is talking about JR too much, but Wes does not mind listening. Babe explains that living in a small town makes it hard to escape her past with JR. She promises not to talk about JR anymore today and Wes gives her a kiss. Wes takes Babe to her surprise at a batting cage. Babe says she only played softball when she was younger, so Wes gets behind her, grabs the bat and shows her how to swing.

Jackson demands to know why Greenlee is dressed with fake tattoos and piercings, but she pretends not to know him. As Jackson raises his voice, Aidan warns him that if he does not keep quiet, Greenlee will end up in jail. Aidan tells Jackson that he and Greenlee are working on a case together. When Greenlee leaves the two men alone, Aidan says he is working on a case for a friend, but Greenlee wanted to help. He promises that Greenlee is not doing anything illegal. Jackson apologizes for being so hard on Aidan, but he is just concerned about Greenlee's safety. Aidan says Greenlee is not in any danger and they won't be working on cases together more than just this once. When Jackson asks about the nature of Aidan's relationship with Greenlee, Aidan says he and Greenlee are just friends.

Erica comes to see Kendall and tells her they need to discuss the plan for Greenlee. When Zach overhears, he asks the ladies what plan they are talking about. Kendall explains she is having a hard time dealing with Greenlee working at Fusion, so Erica wanted to come up with a plan to help her. When Zach suggests they buy Greenlee out, Kendall says Greenlee will never go for it because she is a partner. As soon as Zach leaeves, Erica apologizes for almost blowing their plan in front of Zach. Kendall explains she can't tell Zach about their plan because it could implicate him. Erica says she is risking her life and marriage to get revenge on Greenlee and needs to be prepared to deal with the outcome. Kendall says she is the only person who can stop Greenlee from invading their lives. Kendall receives a call from Greenlee, who explains that she took the day off to help Aidan with an investigation. She dishes about her possible romance and Kendall wishes them luck. Erica checks on Kendall after visiting with Spike. Kendall says it is sad because Greenlee actually thinks that she is serious about forgiving her. Erica asks Kendall what will happen as they grow closer and Greenlee wants to hang out with Spike. Kendall says she can handle her emotions, but needs her mother on her side. Erica tells her daughter she believes in her and promises not to tell Jackson. Kendall searches for a set of keys to Greenlee's home that Bianca left behind.

Greenlee comes back to see Aidan and Jackson. Jackson kisses her forehead and leaves. Aidan and Greenlee scour through Eddie's book bag, looking for clues leading to Annie's brother. Aidan finds a little bit of cash in a wallet and a check written from Annie. He quickly tucks the check away and tells Greenlee there is nothing there to help them. Greenlee suggests they call the numbers listed on the cell phones. The first call Aidan makes goes to Annie's voicemail.

Erica finds Jackson, who is upset over Greenlee. He tells Erica he doesn't want to fail Greenlee, but Erica assures him he is a wonderful father.

Zach goes to visit Ian at the hospital and finds Hannah looking at him through the glass. Hannah says she needs Zach to sign some papers, but he reminds her that if she needs him to sign something, she should catch him at work. Zach accuses Hannah of breaking into her office, but she continues to claim she was looking for papers. Hannah thinks that Zach might want to take Ian since they did not make a baby. Zach says he just wants to protect his family, considering Greenlee has implemented herself back in their lives. When Hannah asks Zach why he has not gotten rid of Greenlee yet, he says he hasn't come up with a plan. He tells Hannah to meet him at the office. After Zach leaves, Hannah makes a call and tells the listener, "Everything is going as planned. He doesn't suspect anything."

Friday, September 28, 2007

After a romp on the beach, Ryan and Annie return to their room for some alone time. Ryan delights in the paradise they are sharing, but his joy doesn't hold Annie for long, as her mind always drifts back to her brother. He promises her that his men are still on the lookout, and that they will find him before they have a chance to return to Pine Valley. He walks away for a moment, and when he returns, he finds Annie pouring the sand from her shoes over her hand. He is glad to know that the sand can still remind her of their safe space. He then grabs her compact out of her purse and, after assuring that she has another one to use, empties it of its powder and fills it with sand. He gives it back to her, and says that she will now always have a safe space and a little piece of him with her. He goes on to talk about how wonderful she is despite all she'd been through, including loving her mother so much that she passed her name on to her daughter. Annie shies away from the compliments but does admit that she loves her mother with all of her heart and misses her every day. She also says that she misses her dad the dad she used to know even though he is still alive. She thinks it's sad that Emma doesn't know her grandfather, and Ryan expresses his belief that it still could happen. Annie tells him that wish won't come true until her father destroys the allegiance he has with her brother. She then says that they are due for something good in their life, and Ryan offers up the idea of another baby. Annie wholeheartedly agrees but says that she can't think about such a time until after her brother is found and taken care of. Understanding, Ryan takes that moment to reconnect with his wife and they make love by candlelight.

Babe and Wes show up at the batting cages and reminisce about the dreams they had while they were growing up. Babe admits that she has let go of her dream of being a ballerina because with a child of her own, part of being an adult means focusing on someone other than herself. Wes tells her about how much he loved playing baseball and how he was drafted to play in the major leagues but didn't because his life changed. He tells her that perhaps their childhood fantasies could hang out together once in a while. Then, Babe notes that she doesn't know much about him and thinks that he has to have some secrets hidden in the recesses of his closet. He asks her if she would be upset if he didn't. She tells him if he had no shadows creeping up from his past, she would do some leaping ballet moves and does some just to prove her point. After her performance, they agree to go out again, and he tells her that they can take things as quickly or as slowly as she wants.

Kendall arrives at Greenlee's place and lets herself in with the keys that Bianca had left behind. Unconcerned with getting caught, she rifles through Greenlee's things until she happens upon a Fusion scrapbook. She opens it and sees that Greenlee had retained the articles and artifacts that track Fusion from its birth and humble beginnings to the empire of now. Seeing these things causes Kendall to flash back to the times when she and Greenlee were bonded over creating new products in their kitchens for Fusion Green. She then sees an article about Simone, one that details all of her arrests in the name of cosmetics, as well as a note that Greenlee had written. The note begs the young woman to at least come visit her in dreams so that she could have the chance she missed to say goodbye. This strikes an emotional chord in Kendall's heart, and tears spill out of her eyes as she vows that she can no longer go through with her plan of revenge. She puts the book back where she found it and in doing so, spots a toy that Spike had with him the night of the accident. This causes a whole new set of flashbacks, this time of the night the Hart-Slater family changed forever. Her fury renewed, Kendall regains the strength to go through with things as originally planned.

Hannah meets with Zach in his Cambias office and they talk about what the possible strategies are in the plan to get rid of Greenlee. Hannah offers up that they could buy out Greenlee's shares but Zach rejects that because Fusion is the only thing she has left that connects her to Kendall, and through her, Spike. She thinks that maybe they should get Kendall to leave but Zach tells her that the company is the only thing that is holding Kendall's sanity together. Lily comes into the office as instructed and prepares to take Zach's dictation, and Hannah worries about the young assistant hearing the wrong things. After both Zach and Lily reassure her that what is said in the office stays there, Hannah then tells him that they should destroy Fusion. Zach doesn't think they can make it happen, but agrees that they need to do something big like that to get Greenlee out of their lives while still protecting Kendall. Hannah believes that total destruction is the only way but then Lily pipes up and lets them in on JR's plans for a beauty network. They ask for more details and after Lily offers up what she knows, Zach thinks that JR may be the ticket to getting Greenlee away from his loved ones.

At the Comeback, JR spots Jonathan joining the crowd within and prematurely ends his call. He approaches Jonathan as though they were old friends, and Jonathan quickly sees through his act. He knows that JR is only trying to find out if he'd asked Ryan about financially backing the beauty network idea. Jonathan, unwilling to let go of the bad taste that JR leaves in his mouth, soundly rejects the hopeful mogul. As in times past, JR lashes out in retaliation, telling Jonathan that he is losing out on the best chance he has for redemption, and taking Ava's career with him. He recalls all of Jonathan's horrific past deeds as though that will somehow garner him points. As expected, the exact opposite happens and Jon laughs off his fledgling attempts to provoke him to anger. He tells JR that all of the people in town who have the money to back him wouldn't want to do any business with him. With that he walks out, leaving a frustrated JR to slam the bar with his hands. Out of nowhere, Zach shows up and informs JR that he can't mess with Fusion and not expect to be found out. JR tells him not to worry because his dream is over, but Zach surprisingly offers that he may be able to help.

Aidan and Greenlee look through the contents of the box belonging to the recently deceased thug, and muse over what to do about his cell phone. Aidan calls the last number and is shocked to find that in doing so, he reached Annie's voice mail. He hands the phone over to Greenlee who proceeds to find out any pictures had been taken with the phone while Aidan continues to look in the box. He finds a check written out to the deceased for the sum of $5,000 from Annie's bank account. He initially decides to keep it to himself, but when Greenlee finds a picture of the infamous spider tattoo on the phone, he changes his mind. They continue to look through the pictures and they determine that they were taken recently in Pine Valley. They then find a picture of a man who might be Richie and Aidan notes that all of the clues are too obviously pointing to Annie, and that someone must be framing her. He feels compelled to call Ryan, and when Ryan answers the phone, Aidan apologizes for suspecting Annie. He then tells him of all of the clues that had been uncovered, including the picture. He offers to send it to Ryan's phone but with a sleeping Annie in his arms, he asks Aidan to email it instead since he had brought along his laptop. A short time later, he untangles himself from his bride and takes his first look at his supposed brother-in-law. The picture is of a man unkempt wild hair and scraggly beard. Knowing that time and freedom can change a man, Ryan starts to Photoshop the picture into something that might be a bit more passable in Pine Valley. In the midst of the process, Annie joins him and is stunned to see a picture of her brother on the screen. The updated picture then fades to a picture of Wes telling Babe that she can take as long as she needs since he has no plans to leave thus revealing him as Annie's long-lost brother.

Back in the alley, Greenlee calls herself a genius and says that she and Aidan should officially become partners. He laughs it off for the most part, only admitting that she had the most convincing offer he'd ever heard. They agree to take their congratulatory love fest to somewhere more private and end up back at her place. Kendall hears them laughing in the hall and then the key in the lock and is frozen in place, unsure of what to do.



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