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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 24, 2007 on GL
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Monday, September 24, 2007

At the docks Dinah has set it up so that Mallet discovers her and Matt "making out." Mallet and Matt fight until Vanessa arrives and breaks it up. Dinah emotionally tells everyone that she has sought comfort from Matt because Mallet treats her like a child. Mallet is upset but doesn't seem ready to let go of Dinah. He and Vanessa leave. At Company Mallet tells Vanessa that he blames Matt for taking advantage of Dinah. He calls Dinah and asks her to meet him. At the docks, Dinah is worried that she will always be a burden to Mallet.

Before the fundraiser, Ava confesses to Doris that she invited Jack Summers to the event as her date. Doris is livid. At the fundraiser, Coop introduces Ashlee to a reporter, calling her his girlfriend. The reporter loves that the children of the two opposing candidates are a couple. Ashlee is shocked to see that Ava is with Jack. Coop confronts Jack for what he "did" to Ashlee in the past. Doris pulls Jack away and warns him to stay away from Ashlee. Jack reveals that he knows that Doris had set him and others interested in Ashlee up to keep Ashlee to all to herself.

Also at the fundraiser, Marina realizes that Cyrus has been stealing routing and account numbers in order to steal money from all the donors at the event. She makes him an offer to arrest him now or leave with him for good if he returned the stolen money. He says it is a deal and Marina heads off to pack. Cyrus tells Griggs the scam is off because the police are onto them. Cyrus approaches Vanessa at the party and gives her a big pep talk about how wonderful she is and how well she will be heading Spaulding. It is his way of saying goodbye to an unsuspecting Vanessa. Marina has said her goodbyes to an unsuspecting Frank.

Cyrus leaves the party with the laptop and goes to a playground where he breaks the deal with Marina and transfers the funds from the donors into his private account. Griggs has kidnapped Marina on the boat. Cyrus arrives just in time to see Griggs speeding off with her.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Josh and Cassie are in a Beacon room while reporters are camped outside of their door, waiting to get a chance to ask them questions about the building collapsing. The couple, in good spirits, is determined to find a way to sign marriage papers today, so Cassie suggests slipping past the reporters by climbing out of their 2nd floor window, which they do. They make it to the police station, sign the papers, and are now officially married.

Later, after Josh and Cassie leave the hospital, Cassie asks Josh if he has ever thought about having kids with her.

Rick and Beth are at the diner, where Beth is reading about the Spaulding event in the paper. She tells Rick that they should go to the event. Rick isn't so interested, but Beth persists. This makes Rick wonder if she misses being a Spaulding, so he asks her. Beth reassures him that she loves her life with him, but she does miss the energy that surrounds Alan, the Spauldings and their events. Rick and Beth dress to go to the event and are on their way, walking the last block or so on main Street, when Beth starts having pains and sits on a nearby bench. Josh and Cassie are nearby and notice Beth having a problem, and offer to help by driving them to the hospital.

While Beth is being checked by Dr. Sedwick, Rick is being more like an over-reacting doctor than a supportive husband and is asked to wait outside of the room. Josh and Cassie raise the issue that thought they believe everything will be fine, there is a chance that something more may be needed to help Beth and the baby, and in that case, having Alan, the biological father, nearby may be needed, to save precious time. Rick calls Alan but gets his voicemail, and leaves a message to call back. The baby is fine and the contractions have stopped.

There is a replaying of the end of yesterday's show, where guests at the Spaulding fundraiser discover their bank accounts are empty, and Marina is abducted by Griggs. Cyrus has jumped into the water to try to swim to get to Marina as Griggs drives the speeding boat away. While Cyrus is swimming back to shore, Harley suddenly appears in a rowboat and tells Cyrus to get in. Back on land, Cyrus tells Harley everything, in hopes of helping Marina. Harley handcuffs Cyrus and takes him away.

At the Spaulding event location, Frank shows up, asking about the money that people are missing from their accounts, and asking where Cyrus is. Alex defends Cyrus, saying he has everything he could want and doesn't need to steal, but Frank still thinks he's behind this mess, informs Alex that she could be an accessory if she is covering fro him, and suggests that she also check her bank account. Frank leaves, and then Buzz approaches, telling Alex he believes Cyrus did take the money because he saw him leaving alone, and asks Alex if she is covering for him - she's says she is not. Buzz believes that she's a woman who is believing in her husband but realizing she could be in for a rude awakening, and offers to be available if she needs him later. Later, we see Alex, alone, in a room on a bed, crying.

The guests are now gone, and Buzz sits alone at a table, saddened by all that has happened. Frank enters and asks Buzz if Alex is helping Cyrus, but Buzz firmly says she is not, that she really doesn't know anything. Just then, Harley enters, with a handcuffed Cyrus, and Frank is pleased to see him finally caught. He gloats about how he knew this day would come when Cyrus would get caught, but all the while Harley is trying to interrupt to let him know something more. She finally gets his attention and tells him that Marina has been abducted. Frank is now in "angry father" mode and takes charge of setting things in motion to find Griggs and Marina.

Frank throws Cyrus in jail, while Cyrus begs to let him help find Marina. Alex shows up to talk to Cyrus in jail. He admits the truth about everything and says he never meant to hurt her, that he thinks he's just another speed bump on her successful path with a couple of dollars lost and a few months squandered. He tells Alex that his partner took marina when he turned his back on him. Alex replies that she'll offer the police the use of all of the resources they have - boats, the Spaulding plane, everything, to help find Marina.

Meanwhile, Harley calls Mallet and leaves a message that Griggs is around and has abducted Marina. Then, Harley sees Daisy, who has handled other home matters such as arrangements for the younger kids, and in a tender scene, Harley recalls a memory of Marina from when she was about 3 years old at a birthday party and putting on her father's police hat, and now that Marina is missing, and Gus is gone, she feels everything is moving so fast. Daisy offers to call Gus, but Harley, though she would like Gus around, insists that she not lean on him now, not while she's trying to be strong.

Time passes, and no one has heard from Griggs, so Harley convinces Frank that the best chance they have to get Marina is to let Cyrus out of jail and go with Harley out to search.

Meanwhile, Griggs is shown with a bound and gagged Marina on a boat sitting in the middle of nowhere, as Griggs tells her that she is the reason that he lost a huge payday. Then Griggs is on the phone saying he's got Marina with him just like the caller wanted, and asked what to do with her now. Then we see only a woman's lips saying, "I'll let you know." Then, the camera reveals who the woman is - Alexandra Spaulding - as she continues, saying "For now, just hang on to her."

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Inside the Light: Focus

Dinah Mallet copes with her recovery, struggling to regain her coordination and her focus. It is still extremely difficult for her to complete multiple tasks or to focus on more than one thing at a time. Her doctor tells her that she has reached a plateau in her recovery, and he's more interested in making her comfortable with her current state than pushing her progress. On Main Street, she runs into Cassie, who explains the latest news about Marina and Griggs. Now that Dinah knows she was right about seeing Griggs, she rushes to the station to support Mallet. Dinah interrupts Mallet before he can reveal to Frank his past with Griggs. She explains to him that he doesn't have to throw away his life to find Marina. Mallet tells her that she was his life until she decided to throw it away last night.

Dinah goes to see Cyrus and reminds him that she told him that she saw Griggs. Now she wants her cut of the money. He can't believe she's bringing that up. "You're not that damaged, are you?" he asks her. He is only concerned about Marina and how she can die. He shoves the laptop at her and tells her to have fun figuring out where the money is. Dinah takes the laptop to Company, determined to figure out the computer.

Meanwhile, Mallet goes to some shady guys, pretending that he's still one of them in order to locate Griggs. He claims he needs him for a job. The two men think they can do the job and don't need Griggs. The men start to rough him up when Dinah enters the room and sees what's going on. Mallet urges her to leave. Dinah goes into her thoughts, trying to remember what her doctor told her to do in order to figure out her plans. He explained that she should start at the end and work her way backwards. He gave her a note pad in order to do so.

Back in the room in the present, Dinah rushes into the room and grabs a pad to figure out what to do about these thugs. The thugs are confused about what Dinah is doing as she writes as fast as she can her plan. They hustle Mallet out onto the balcony as Dinah composes her get away plan. As they tussle with Mallet, she dives at him and hurtles him and herself over the balcony. They fall into a pile of dirty laundry. Arguing about whether or not Dinah really knew the laundry bin would be there, they escape to the docks.

At the docks, Dinah and Mallet discuss their relationship. He believes that she did what she did with Matt because of her condition and her condition happened because of him. As they argue about their relationship, Frank calls. He wants Mallet to bring Dinah down to the station. She overhears Mallet and Frank talk about how Cyrus tipped them that Dinah was blackmailing him about his plans with Marina. Mallet doesn't believe that Dinah would have done that. Dinah thinks to herself that she knew exactly what she was doing.

When Mallet talks to Dinah, he encourages her to get the heat off herself by playing up her condition. Dinah goes into the interrogation room. She tells Frank that she needed money for her medical bills, so she blackmailed Cyrus to get in on the deal. Mallet adds that she wasn't in her right mind. Dinah tells Frank she knew what she was doing, but she doesn't know where Marina is. Frank believes her, but he won't drop the blackmail issue. They will resume it once Marina returns.

Later, Dinah tries to tell Mallet how the scheming of Cyrus suddenly made her feel alive and brought back her focus. She tells him that she loved it. Mallet tells her that isn't who she is. That scheming person was the person who came to town to hurt Cassie. He asks her if that's really the kind of person she wants to be.

Later Dinah sees Vanessa at Company. Vanessa is angry and doesn't want to speak to her because she slept with her husband. Dinah retorts that Matt's her ex-husband. Vanessa screams at her to show her some respect. She explains that this has nothing to do with her condition. She has choices in her life to make. Until she decides to grow up, Vanessa has nothing further to say to her.

Later Dinah witnesses Lizzie ripping into some Lewis employees. She finds her later to tell her how awesome she was for what she did with the employees. She sees what she wants and she goes after it. Lizzie thanks her for the compliment. Dinah opens up her laptop and tells her that now she wants Lizzie to help her steal the cash that she already feels like she deserves. She offers her to split half with her. Lizzie explains that she is not a thief. She's a legitimate businesswoman. Lizzie wants to take her to Mallet, but Dinah explains to her that it didn't work out with him. Dinah takes her to the hotel room where they view the tape of her failed interview with Frank. She explains to Lizzie how she is unable to focus unless she's up to no good. She thanks Lizzie for listening. Now she at least understands herself better.

Later Dinah packs, thinking that she doesn't need Mallet or Lizzie or anyone. Mallet enters. She tells him moving out is something she needs to do in order to be herself. She asks him to help her pack. If she's going to throw her life away, Mallet says that he isn't going to help her do it. He kisses her and leaves. Lizzie returns to tell Dinah that at Lewis they like people who know what they want and go after things they need. She offers to bring Dinah into the Lewis Oil business. Dinah tells herself, "Welcome back."

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Daisy visits Harley at the station to bring her food and offers of help with finding Marina. While there, Daisy uses the station phone to call Natalia's phone to talk to Rafe. They agree to meet.

Alexandra sees Cyrus' ankle bracelet. She's short with him. He makes an attempt at making her feel better by telling her he was planning to steel the least amount of money from her. He verifies her promise to offer Spaulding's resources to find Marina. She confirms her offer. Alexandra talks to Griggs checking he received her payment for kidnapping Marina. Griggs tells her he wants more money. He asks her what he is to do with Marina next. He lets her know he'll kill Marina if the money stops flowing.

Reva and Alan discuss the past events (his killing a man who threatened Reva's life and their burying the body.) Reva tells Alan she's not going to tell anyone their secret. They agree that they don't trust each other.

Gus calls Harley and leaves her a voice mail telling her he's working on helping to find Marina. While leaving the voice mail, Harley walks into the room. She tells him she doesn't want to talk about work. She tells him he'll be working with Mallet, not her. Gus argues with her trying to get her to be his partner. She tells him she's working with Cyrus.

Alan tells Alexandra he knows she's involved in Marina's kidnapping. He tells her the caretaker in Manhattan calling him to let him know there was a boat that docked at their slip. She tells him she's just teaching Cyrus a lesson. He tells her she's doing a terrific job with Spaulding.

Reva checks on Daisy with Harley working on Marina's case. Daisy assures her she's doing well. Rafe shows up and Reva comes back to find them together. She threatens to tell Dillon. While she's threatening the two of them, Natalia comes into the picture telling Reva Daisy is also to blame. Daisy and Reva have a talk about the "birds and the bees". Daisy tells Reva she loves Rafe.

Alan runs into Rafe and Natalia hanging signs for the Coopers. Natalia tells Alan she's teaching Rafe to do the right thing by helping find a missing woman. She doesn't want Alan to stop him from doing good things.

Alexandra calls the bank to find out she can't process another transaction to Griggs.

Gus comes in while she's on the phone. Gus questions how she's managed to forgive Cyrus. She passes out while he's talking with her. He takes her to Cedars where they think it's an embolism in her lung.

Reva takes Daisy down to the docks and arranges to have Rafe meet her.

Cyrus contacts someone who has seen Griggs in NYC.

Griggs finds out Alexandra didn't come through with the next installment.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Cassie wonders why Josh is avoiding the topic of having children. Ruthledge informs Josh that the church in Springfield will soon need a replacement. Josh's board meeting starts out on the wrong foot as they find Josh kissing Cassie. A tipsy Josh confronts the board, only to learn that Cassie already gave her own speech to the board one that they actually liked. Vanessa tells Billy she wants to go to visit Bill in Venezuela and get away from everything. Dinah and Olivia overhear and want in. Billy tells everyone that Bill's phone's been disconnected. Unable to reach Bill, the worried group packs their bags for Venezuela. Vanessa gets a message from Bill saying that they should come visit next month instead but it turns out that the person sending the message is a woman. Alan calls Griggs from Alex's cell phone and says he can help him after Alan has already promised to wire the money over to help the search for Marina. Gus notes the calming effect Nat has on Alan. Later, Alan pulls Nat into a spontaneous kiss, just in time for Gus to see. Nat tells Gus that she wants him and always has and now wants him to be clear about what it is that he wants. Cyrus says he can get Griggs to hand over Marina all Frank has to do is give Cyrus a million bucks. Harley stops herself from kissing Gus after he agrees to get Alan to fork over the money to help find Marina. Harley and Cyrus head to NYC where Harley's clocked over the head with a gun by a mugger who gets away with the suitcase. Cyrus goes after the mugger, who gets away, leaving his gun and the money. Groggy Harley realizes that Cyrus and the money are gone. Cyrus comes back, with the briefcase and an ice pack for Harley. Later, Harley finds Cyrus and the suitcase gone once again but this time, he's taken the tracker off of his ankle.

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