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Monday, October 29, 2007

Kendall held a small gun in her hand and then hid it in her diaper bag. Zach then approached Kendall and asked why she was in the park. Kendall admitted that she was meeting Greenlee. Zach was shocked because Kendall had Spike with her. Zach did not think that Kendall wanted Spike to have any contact with Greenlee. Kendall looked distraught and agreed that she did not want Spike and Greenlee together. Zach suggested they leave as he grabbed the diaper bag. Then, Zach opened the bag and found the gun. Zach asked why Kendall would have a gun, especially around their son. Kendall began to cry and said that she was going crazy. Zach brought Kendall home and held her in his arms. Kendall admitted that she brought the gun for protection against Greenlee. Kendall regretted this action because it was reckless. Zach asserted that Kendall was a good mother that would do anything for her children. However, Zach wanted Kendall to stop whatever plan she had in motion for Greenlee. Zach then affirmed that Greenlee would get the justice she deserved.

Greenlee and JR were at The Comeback. Greenlee asked JR if he knew where her embryos were. JR said yes, but that he would only divulge their location for a particular price. JR then asked for the contractual rights to Ava. Greenlee agreed. Then, JR asked for all of Greenlee's Fusion stock. Greenlee was appalled and refused to give into this extortion. Greenlee stated that Fusion was a part of her because she built it from the ground up. JR argued that Fusion would not call her mommy like a baby would. JR further stated that he loved his yacht, but he would sink it for Little Adam. Greenlee looked infuriated and slapped JR across his face. JR was not deterred by the slap and still demanded the Fusion shares. Greenlee said that she could not sell her shares to JR mostly because Kendall would never forgive her. Greenlee did not want to force Kendall into a partnership with the man that almost killed her and her baby. JR stated that this was his only offer and that Greenlee had twenty-four hours to make a decision.

Erica went to the mansion to see Adam. Erica asked Adam for help on an issue that he had a lot of experience with. Adam was intrigued. Erica wanted Adam to help her commit "someone" against his or her will to a mental asylum. Adam asked who this "someone" was. Erica did not want to divulge this information, but Adam assumed that it was Greenlee. Erica admitted this was true and pleaded with Adam for his help. Erica explained that it was not just for Kendall's protection, but for Jack's as well. Erica felt that Greenlee tricked Jack into believing that she was no longer a threat. Erica did not want Greenlee to hurt Jack. Adam laughed and anxiously agreed to help Erica. Erica wondered why Adam was so eager to help get rid of Greenlee. Adam claimed that it was his "community service" since Greenlee hurt so many Pine Valley residents. Then, Adam called his lawyer to start the paper work for their scheme.

Annie asked Richie if he was dying. Richie looked surprised by the question. Annie then showed Richie the bottle of pills that Babe found. Annie revealed that this medicine was taken to treat the final stages of leukemia. Ryan asserted that this was a con and that Richie was not really sick. Richie remained calm and claimed that Ryan was right, but Annie was not convinced. Annie asked her brother again if he was sick, but Richie did not give a definite answer either way. Then, Richie left. Ryan insisted that Richie was trying to play the "death card" to garner sympathy from Annie. Annie felt confused because she did not know whether to feel compassion for her brother if he was really sick. Ryan encouraged Annie not to be deceived by Richie's con. Meanwhile, Richie went to see Babe at The Comeback. Richie wondered why Babe got involved in his personal business, even though she asked him to stay out of hers. Babe did not want Richie to be alone if he was really sick. Babe felt that Annie should know if Richie was terminally ill, so she could support him. Still, Richie inquired why Babe got involved when she supposedly wanted nothing to do with him. Babe finally admitted that she cared for Richie. Richie was very happy to hear this.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kendall and Zach visit Ian in the hospital, but are interrupted by Julia, who asks them to go see Joe to discuss Spike.

Annie tries her latest coffee recipe on Ryan, who is surprised by its wonderful taste. Jonathan stops by, but declines the offer to taste Annie's new coffee. Jonathan tells Ryan that he needs to talk to him about Ava. Ryan says he heard about the engagement through the news. Jonathan says he meant to tell his family, but knew Ryan and Annie had so many other things on their minds with Richie. Jonathan wants to know if his family feels he is making a mistake marrying Ava because of her wild ways and resemblance to Lily. Ryan says he does not object to the marriage, but just wants his brother to be happy. Kendall and Zach come over to tell them Spike's infection is gone, so he is now eligible for the cochlear implants. Everyone embraces with joy over the good news. Also, Ian is coming home in a few weeks, Kendall says. She congratulates Jonathan on his new engagement, and tells Annie that Ian and Spike's health is a sign things are looking up for the family. Jonathan asks Ryan to be his best man and Ryan accepts.

JR and his Roger Davies, a computer whiz work on the business web site at The Comeback. Ava visits and JR introduces her to Roger, who says he will be in touch with JR later. JR says the web site is up and running and has received more hits than other websites, but they can't start selling products until Ava gets out of her Fusion contract. JR says they are going to meet with a German investor who wants to donate a large sum of money to the business, if he can meet Ava, next weekend. Ava tells JR she can no longer work with him. JR thinks she is scared to work with him because she secretly has the hots for him. Ava denies the attraction, saying she loves Jonathan, but does not push JR away when he kisses her. Ava tells JR to back off and rushes off.

Ava calls Jonathan and asks him to meet her at Wildwind. When she sees him, she rushes into his arms and gives him a passionate kiss. Ava tells Jonathan she wants to set a wedding date as soon as possible.

Aidan wakes up in Greenlee's apartment and finds her staring out the window. She tells she went to JR and asked if the embryos existing, but he wants all of her Fusion shares in return. Greenlee says that JR wants an answer by the end of the day, and, she is considering taking the offer. Aidan tells Greenlee she can't make any decision until he can locate the embryos. Greenlee admits she is worried JR will tip off Zach if he knows what they are up to. Aidan says she has to talk to Ryan before making a decision. But if she doesn't want to, Aidan says he is willing to put some distance between he and Ryan because it is her decision to have the baby. Greenlee begins to blurt out, "I love," but stops before she can finish the sentence. She says that she meant to say she was so grateful to Aidan for how he has supported her the past few weeks.

Aidan finds JR at The Comeback and punches him in the face. Greenlee goes to Ryan's house, ready to talk to him, but is shocked to see everyone else there too.

Tad goes to The Comeback and is immediately smitten when he sees Hannah. Krystal looks at them oddly as they smile and flirt with each other. Krystal asks Tad if work is keeping him busy because he looks tired. Tad says he was busy, but it was not due to work reasons. Hannah tells Krystal that she is not going to hurt Tad, but if she had to chose, she would pick Tad over Adam. Krystal said she does not care if Hannah sees Tada again, but just wants him to be happy.

Tad spies Julia, who informs that Kathy was asking about him. Tad apologizes, claiming he turned his phone off because he was busy. Julia's eyes widen when she realizes Tad was out having fun with a woman. Julia points out that Tad should not upset for Krystal sleeping with Adam because he got frisky with someone too. Tad says Krystal slept with his arch enemy. Julia agrees, but says that Krystal slept with Adam because she loved him. Tad said he chose to sleep with someone just because he could, but is not still angry at Krystal for her decision. Tad gives Hannah a good-bye kiss and invites her to dinner.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

When Greenlee showed up at the penthouse, Kendall, Zach, and Annie immediately left. Greenlee told Ryan that she needed to speak to him about babies. Ryan stopped Greenlee because he had something to say first. Then, Ryan apologized for all of the hurtful things he did to Greenlee in the past. Ryan apologized for refusing to have children with Greenlee and for pretending he was dead. Ryan admitted that his actions led to Zach causing the blackout. Greenlee was shocked, but grateful for the apology. Ryan went on to apologize for the way he treated Greenlee when she returned to town. Ryan felt partly responsible for pushing Greenlee over the edge the night she took Spike. Then, Greenlee asked how Ryan would feel if they had a child together. Ryan said he would love their child like he loved Emma and Spike. Still, Ryan did not want to think about this because they did not have a child. Ryan reminded Greenlee that it was impossible for them to have a child. Ryan also stated that Greenlee could not be a part of his new family because of what she did to Spike. Then, Ryan shared the news that Spike was a candidate for the cochlear implants. Greenlee was elated. Ryan told Greenlee that he did not hate her and that he wanted her to be happy. Ryan then encouraged Greenlee to move forward with her life and to find something that made her truly content, like he did with Annie. Greenlee thought this was a good idea. Greenlee left with a smile on her face. Then, a deliveryman dropped off a package from Richie. It contained pictures of Annie and Richie dressed up for Halloween. The note urged Annie to remember the good times they shared. Ryan looked mad and stormed off.

Annie went to see Richie at his office. Annie did research on Pine Valley hospital and their success with curing leukemia. Richie was uninterested in the information Annie brought and threw it in the garbage. Annie demanded to know if Richie was sick. Richie still would not say, but hinted that if he was, he might want to take Annie with him. Annie wished they could share a real moment with each other. Richie assumed that Annie wished he would die. Annie felt that she already lost her brother because his heart was dead. Then, Annie pleaded with Richie to read the literature she brought him, but he refused again. So, Annie insisted that Richie stay away from her family, regardless of his health status. Then, Ryan entered and announced that he was taking Richie on a "business trip."

Erica was in her office daydreaming about Greenlee getting taken away in a straitjacket. Then, Kendall entered. Kendall shared the good news that Spike could get the cochlear implants. Erica was ecstatic. Then, Kendall explained the promise she made to Zach about giving up her revenge scheme for Greenlee. And, at the time, Kendall was sincere, but when she saw Greenlee at Ryan's penthouse, she wanted to continue with her plans. Erica encouraged her daughter to permanently relinquish her plotting. Kendall was resistant for fear that Greenlee would continue to invade her life. Erica assured Kendall that Greenlee would be taken care of. Kendall wondered what Erica had in store for Greenlee, but Erica did not divulge her plan. Instead, Erica urged Kendall to enjoy Halloween with Spike. Kendall agreed to put her feelings for Greenlee aside so she could spend a nice day with her son. Then, Kendall left and Erica's lawyer, Barry, entered. Barry gave Erica papers for Greenlee's involuntary admittance into a mental asylum. The papers were forged to appear that Mary Smythe agreed to have her daughter committed. Barry warned Erica that she could be charged with a felony, if she was caught. Erica had no reservations and stated that she hired Barry to make sure she did not get caught.

Aidan punched JR in the face, but JR was unaffected. Aidan stated that JR would have to go through him to get to Greenlee. Aidan then demanded to know where Greenlee's embryos were being stored. JR refused to tell Aidan. JR believed that Aidan was jealous over the fact that Greenlee's child would be Ryan's. JR wondered if Aidan wanted the embryos so he could destroy them. Aidan said that he wanted to give the embryos to Greenlee because they were rightfully hers. JR explained that he proposed a business deal with Greenlee and that Greenlee understood the reason for the high price. JR stated that Aidan was trying to save a woman that did not need saving. Then, Greenlee entered. Greenlee told JR that she was moving forward with her life. JR assumed that this meant she wanted the embryos, but Greenlee did not. Greenlee said she was leaving her past behind her and told JR she no longer wanted the embryos. JR was upset and left. Aidan was pleasantly surprised and asked what changed Greenlee's mind. Greenlee said she had an amazing day. Greenlee explained that she regretted her selfish behavior. Greenlee was appalled that she wanted Ryan's baby at any cost. Meanwhile, Kendall walked up just as Greenlee began to talk about her previous desires for Ryan's child. Kendall took the comments out of context and worried that Greenlee still wanted Spike.

Zach and Lily were at work. Zach told Lily that Spike could get the cochlear implants. Lily was happy for her nephew. Still, Lily could tell that something was bothering Zach. Zach said that he had a problem, but that the solution might be worse than the problem. Then, Josh entered and Lily exited. Zach admitted that he was having doubts about his plans for Greenlee. Still, Zach wanted to protect his family in any way possible. Josh stated that it was not too late for Zach to halt his plans.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

As Kendall overhears Greenlee telling Aidan she wants Ryans baby, Kendall assumes she is talking about Spike. Freaked out, Kendall rushes off, even more determined to get rid of Greenlee. They decide to go celebrate at Greenlee's apartment with some passionate kissing and expensive alcohol. Greenlee tells Aidan that she wants a family of her own, but something separate from the Lavery's and Slater's.

Kendall takes a trip to the hospital to visit Ian. She tries to break into one of the rooms, but is surprised to a nurse on the other side. Kendall says she is waiting for a friend, but rushes in with Spike as the nurse leaves. She doesn't get far when Julia spies her. Kendall explains that she needs another blanket to help Spike sleep. As soon as Julia leaves, Kendall grabs chloroform from a cabinet and stuff it in her purse. Julia brings four blankets back for Kendall, who thanks her for the generosity. She takes Spike to the boat house to figure out her plan for Greenlee, but is interrupted by Simone's ghost. Simone says that she knows what Kendall has been going through, but she does have to go through with the revenge against Greenlee. Kendall demands that Simone get out of her mind so she can execute her plan.

JR comes into The Comeback to tell Zach that Greenlee did not agree to give up Fusion. Disappointed, Zach says the deal is over, but JR refuses to give up. Zach tells JR he won't help him with his finances since he didn't get Greenlee to change her mind. JR is stunned Zach is backing out of their deal, and just asks him for a few more days. Zach pulls out his Blackberry and deletes any trace Greenlee's supposed embryos.

Krystal asks Babe why she is so distracted, and Babe says that she is upset she has ticked off Richie and Annie. Babe tells Krystal that Richie is dying, but no one else believes him. Krystal says that she should walk away from Richie because he will only be trouble. Babe tells Krystal that Adam is more twisted than Richie, but Krystal says Adam is still legally her husband. Babe says having sympathy for a dying man is different than loving him. Krystal tells Babe that she doesn't want her to learn the hard way that you can't fix a broken man. When Babe goes inside, she is shocked to see JR sitting at the bar, looking like he is about to have a drink.

Annie asks Ryan where he is taking Richie, but Ryan won't say. Instead, he pulls out a package, telling Annie that Richie was going to give it to her. Ryan backs Richie up against the wall so he can handcuff them. Ryan opens the package and shows Annie the old photos of her and Richie at a Halloween pageant. Annie says she trusts Ryan, but wants to come with them on the trip. On the plane, Ryan has a doctor draw blood from Richie to prove if he is really dying. Annie gives Ryan permission to take the blood.

Kendall calls Greenlee, pretending to be distraught over Spike. At first Greenlee begins to refuse so she can be with Aidan, but changes her mind. She whispers to Aidan that she will be right back, but he is sleeping soundly. She says she loves him, kisses his cheek and leaves. Greenlee goes to the boat dock, so overwhelmed that Kendall asked for her help with something.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Babe confronts JR about the drink in his hand, and subsequently throws it over the bar to stop him from drinking it. He chuckles and then tells her that she needs to apologize to the man behind her, as the drink actually belonged to him. She does just that, sheepishly so, and says that the next drink is on the house. Then, being an expert at reading between the lines of JR Chandler, she digs further to find out what is really bugging him. He starts by relating his car troubles and, after some prodding, admits that he has spent the last week getting beat up in some way or another. He tells her about rejecting his father's offer to help with financing, only to have Ava reject his deal and have his seed money disappear before his eyes. Babe tells him that she still believes in him and his extraordinary ability to rebound from any and everything. A short time later, the mechanic finds him and says that his car needs to be taken into the shop to be completely repaired. Babe offers to drive him back to the Yacht Club and initially JR refuses because it is out of her way. She insists and he caves, grateful for her generosity. When they arrive, they make some small talk, but eventually JR's pointed looks lead to him kiss Babe. Without consciously reacting, she kisses him back momentarily before backing off and telling him that they can't act like that. He tells her that he knows and follows by saying simply that he missed being with her like that. Hearing that is all Babe needs to fall in his arms again and start to make love to him.

At 10,000 feet, Richie admits that he isn't sick and that he told people he was so that he could get sympathy. Annie tells him that doing things like that are wrong, but he reminds her that men freshly sprung from jail aren't usually very high on the forgiveness list. He also notes that he told Babe that he was dying to get on her good side. Disgusted, Annie tells him that maybe it would be better if he did die so that he couldn't be a sick and twisted monster any longer. She then steps away from him, overwhelmed by the evil living in her brother. She wonders if the propensity for evil is genetic – and says that if it is, Richie has been right about her all along. Ryan tries to soothe her and encourage her not to be taken in by all of her brother's manipulative tactics. He tells her that he understands her fears because he lived with it when he thought he would end up like his father, and ran from it in the worst ways possible. She asks him how he got over it, and he tells her that the only thing that helped him was getting his family – becoming a father and marrying her. Then, Richie gets up and asks if he can use the restroom. Ryan unlocks the shackles and gives his brother-in-law two minutes to get done and get back. When he returns, Richie refuses to be re-handcuffed. The pilot emerges from the cockpit to find out if everyone is okay, and Richie grabs him suddenly. With the pilot in a headlock, Richie takes control of the situation, and Ryan and Annie loudly try to rationalize with him.

Jack shows up at the special room he shares with Erica at the Yacht Club and finds his ex-wife in a negligee and waiting with a romantic dinner. He tells her that he doesn't want to talk about Greenlee or hear her say bad things about his daughter. If she violates that, he will leave. Erica notes simply that this set up should tell him what she has in mind. They dine, and then dance, but a phone call interrupts their near kiss. Erica answers it, and finds Barry on the other end of the line. He tells her that the officials are in place and that Greenlee will be taken the psychiatric ward shortly. Erica makes sure to note that this is not something she wants to do, but rather has to do. Barry tells her that this call is their last communication and they both hang up. She then deftly lies to Jack and tells him that the call was about an interview that she doesn't really want to do. She then redirects the conversation and continues to profess her unending love. Jack tells her that once Spike's surgery is done and he is on his way to recovering, he will whisk her away. He looks in her eyes and still thinks there is more that she needs to tell him, but she dismisses his worry and tells him that nothing can ever drive them apart. They dance a little while longer before she asks him to make her love to her and always obliging, he lifts her into his arms and grants her wish.

Zach shows up at his office to find Aidan sitting behind his desk, lying in wait. Aidan confronts the mogul about the scheme he cooked up: torture Greenlee with her embryos and use JR as his patsy. Zach maintains his innocence, but Aidan tells him that his actions have consequences, and that he will personally deliver them if needed. He asks Zach if he is done messing with Greenlee's head, or if there is more in store. Zach tells him that he is done and Aidan warns him that if he is lying and attacks Greenlee again, Aidan will come back and kill him. Zach tells him that he doesn't take death threats lightly but does understand Aidan's position, as they would both do whatever is needed to protect the women they love. He goes on to tell Aidan that if his plan is to stick by Greenlee, then he also takes over the job of making her understand that she needs to stay as far away from Kendall as she can.

Once Greenlee arrives at the boathouse, Kendall confesses that once she heard that the surgery was back on for Spike, all she wanted to do was talk to her best friend. Greenlee tells her that she is available for anything that she needs. Kendall apologizes for sending mixed messages – one moment wanting to be friends and the next freaking out. Greenlee tells her that she understands, that she wants to become a team at Fusion again and she wants things to be exactly the way they should be. Kendall hides a look that says that her idea of the way things should be is completely different than Greenlee's. Kendall then fakes a phone call, and freaks out again – telling Greenlee it was the hospital and that Zach had been in a horrible accident. Kendall tells her that she can't take Spike with her, because she doesn't want him to see her upset, and tries to call Rachael. After getting Rachael's voicemail, she asks Greenlee to step in but the young woman recoils, saying that she can't drive him anywhere. Kendall tells her that all she needs to do is sit with Spike at the boathouse until she gets a hold of Rachael and the nanny shows up. Greenlee reluctantly agrees, and Kendall rushes out of sight. Under cover, Kendall places a 911 call and tells the emergency responder a vague tale of having something done to her, and her baby being stolen. She gives them the location and quickly hangs up. She then listens to a conversation that Greenlee has with Spike, and hearing nothing sinister, briefly reconsiders her plan. Shaking off her regret, she makes another call.

Zach's cell phone rings, and when he answers it, he finds his wife hysterical on the other end. He rushes the conversation along and then promises that he will be with her soon. When Aidan asks, Zach quickly tells him that Greenlee stole Spike again and runs off, with Aidan following right behind.

Back at the boathouse, Kendall hears sirens and realizes she needs to act quickly. She takes the contraband chloroform out of her pocketbook and dumps some on a cloth. She then tosses the bottle in the bushes before covering her mouth with the rag and passing out. She regains consciousness when EMS shows, and she immediately falls into victim mode, babbling about what Greenlee allegedly did to her and needing to see her baby. Zach and Aidan show up at that moment and Kendall's voice reaches panic. The officials draw their weapons and approach Greenlee, ordering her to put the baby down. Confused, she tells them to put their weapons away because they might scare Spike. His fear secondary, they keep their aims trained on her until she does as instructed. When she does, they grab Spike and give him back to his parents. Then, as they lead Greenlee out of the boathouse, her bewilderment becomes apparent. She takes in the scene – Kendall's irrational behaviour about her son being safe again and back where he belongs and Zach, unharmed – and she realizes that she has been played.

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