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Passions Recaps: The week of October 29, 2007 on PS
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Monday, October 29, 2007

While Jake is unconscious, Esme frantically tries to figure out how to call 911 for help. Esme does not feel a pulse and concludes that Jake is dead. She wonders why this is happening to her. At Tabitha's house, Kay tries to find a spell to reverse Tabitha's magic that she has cast on Sheridan and Luis. Kay manages to slow down Fancy from seeing Luis with Sheridan by throwing ice in the magic bowl and zapping Sheridan and Luis to the cottage. Both Luis and Sheridan are confused as to how they get to the cottage. Sheridan goes back to blaming Fancy and Luis for losing Marty, and Luis cannot believe it. Kay wonders where Fancy could be, and then she turns up in Esme's room at the mansion. Fancy sees Esme over Jakes's body and wonders why she is in the same room with them when she was just at a sleazy motel. Esme has more urgent matters, so she interrupts Fancy and asks her to help her with Jake. Fancy confirms that Jake is dead, and she asks Esme what could have happened. Esme cannot explain why it happened because she thinks they were having a normal sex romp, even though it was a little S&M. It still doesn't explain how Jake could have died. Fancy asks Esme if she is the one who killed Jake, and she tells her that she did not but wonders if Jake could have been murdered. Fancy does not believe that Esme killed Jake. Tabitha uses her magic to guide Fancy over to the poisoned pin. Fancy realizes that the pin could be poisoned and decides to look further into it. Tabitha helps Fancy out again by steering her to fingerprints on the bed's headboard. Kay wonders why she is witnessing all of that in the magic bowl. She comes to the conclusion that Jake's murder is tied to the other deaths. Back at Tabitha's house, Kay tries to plan her next move, but Sam and Ivy walks in. Sam tells Kay that he has the results from the evidence found at the scene and it doesn't look good for her. Sam looks around the house to see if he can find more evidence. While Sam is in the kitchen searching, Tabitha manages to cast another spell, and this time, Sheridan is calm and stops arguing with Luis. Moreover, Tabitha uses magic, while trapped in the paper bag, to make a box appears in the cottage. It's a chest filled with Sheridan's wedding gown that she wore while they were in Mexico. Tabitha uses more magic to draw Luis and Sheridan closer together, and they start to kiss passionately. Kay tells Tabitha that if she gives her a chance, she can come up with a plan to find Miguel and Endora without using evil. Back in Esme's room, Fancy's kit detects Kay's finger prints at the crime scene, and Esme concludes that Kay is really a serial killer. Kay accuses Tabitha of being an evil witch and begins to squeeze the paper bag she is in and tells her that she will never let her out. Ivy and Sam sees Kay squeezing the paper bag, and Sam concludes that Kay is stressed over the situation, and Ivy thinks that she is guilty as sin.

Vincent eavesdrops while Eve promises Julian that she will not take any more alcohol, and she accepts the fact that Vincent is dead. Vincent is determined to make Eve suffer. Theresa rushes in the hospital with Jonathan, and tells a nurse that he has a high fever. Gwen blurts out that Jonathan is warm because he was wrapped up in too many blankets. She keeps insisting to Ethan that Jonathan will be fine. Rebecca comes running into the room, and Gwen fills her in on the situation. She tells Gwen that she thought there was something off about Jonathan, but Gwen refuses to reason with Rebecca. She keeps insisting that Jonathan is fine. Rebecca questions Gwen as to why Theresa is comforting Ethan about their son when she is the one to be comforting Ethan. Eve manages to get Jonathan's fever down a little, and tries to calm Ethan's fears by telling him that she is doing everything she can. Meanwhile, Vincent is lurking in the corner stating that Ethan will have one son left after Jonathan is dead and buried. Julian walks by and tries to get Vincent's attention but does not know it's Vincent. Eve calls Julian away, so he does not get to speak to Vincent. Eve tells Julian that she is worried about taking care of Jonathan because of the previous incident in which she prescribed the wrong medication to a patient. Vincent hears all of this and decides to use it against Eve. Eve tries to concentrate on figuring out how to treat Jonathan, and suddenly, she hears Vincent's voice asking for help. She covers her ears and tells herself that Vincent is dead. She keeps hearing his voice, so she decides to take a drink. Vincent is outside the door telling himself that Eve doesn't realize how bad it will get for her. The voices stop, and Eve thinks it's all her imagination. Eve gets a call from a nurse who informs her that Jonathan's fever is not improving. She asks if she should administer the medication Eve prescribed. Vincent listens in on the conversation and then goes to Jonathan's chart and changes Eve's prescription by adding a zero. Vincent's intention is to kill Jonathan. Julian returns and realizes that Eve has been drinking. Eve tells him about hearing Vincent's voice, and Julian keeps telling her that he is dead. Eve tells Julian that she wrote Jonathan's prescription before she had a drink, so she is sure that Jonathan will be fine. The nurse gets ready to prescribe the medication while Vincent watches on. He tells himself that Eve's career will be over after the hospital discovers Eve's mistake. On the other side of the hospital, Rebecca tells Gwen that she cannot let Theresa tell Ethan that Little Ethan (LE) is his son. Meanwhile, Theresa is comforting Ethan, and he thanks her for being positive and for being there for him while his son is ill. Ethan revisits the topic of Theresa telling him something about LE, and he promises on his son's life that he wont' get angry at Theresa if she tells him her secret.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fancy is in a Crane guest room, occupied at the moment by Esme and her murdered lover, when she gets word from headquarters that the fingerprint she found near the corpse belongs to Kay Bennett. She and Esme conclude that Kay is the serial killer who has been murdering Esme's lovers. Esme's mute niece comes in and Esme comforts her. Fancy leaves to tell Sam about Kay. Esme finally gets up the courage to tell her niece that her parents are dead, a fact that Esme had been keeping from her because she feared her niece's reaction to the news. She notes that her niece does not seem upset. Esme assures her that family is about love and now Esme is her family. When Esme embraces her, the mute niece has a sly, I-killed-your-lovers-and-probably-my-parents-just-so-I-could- get-close-to-you, smug, evil smile on her face.

At Tabitha's place, Kay is struggling with the burger bag containing Tabitha while Ivy and Sam watch. Ivy insists that Kay is a serial killer. Sam does not believe that she is, but he definitely thinks her behavior is bizarre as she flails around the room talking to the bag. Eventually they stop her and Ivy wrests the bag out of Kay's hands. When it falls to the floor, Ivy stomps on the bag and a red liquid squirts on her ankle. Kay is immediately devastated and starts bemoaning Tabitha's death. She accuses Ivy of being a murderer. Kay tells the truth about everything as she talks to the bag. To Sam and Ivy, she sounds crazed, especially when she reveals that both she and Tabitha are witches. Sam is trying to comfort her when Fancy arrives to tell Sam about Kay's fingerprint at the crime scene. Kay insists that Tabitha framed her, but Ivy insists that Kay be arrested for all the murders, including that of her son Fox.

Julian and Eve are in her office at the hospital. Julian tries gently to get her to eat some soup and have coffee before returning to the ER. He notes that she has been drinking. Only a sip she tells him, because she thought she heard Vincent. Nonetheless, says Julian, he can smell alcohol on her breath. If he can, so will others. Even though Eve wants to get back to see if the medication she prescribed for Gwen and Ethan's son, Jon, has reduced his temperature, she acquiesces to Julian. Unbeknownst to her or to anyone else, a disguised Vincent has altered Eve's medication instructions so that Jon will get a fatal dose, and his mother, Eve, will be hurt professionally. He has no remorse about taking the life of an innocent to achieve his goal. Out in the waiting area, Gwen and Rebecca talk, while Theresa tries yet again to tell Ethan that he is the biological father of Little Ethan. Before she can, Jon goes code blue. A doctor rushes to his bedside. She looks at the chart and spots the overdose that has been increased from 10mg to 100mg. She says so to the nurse. Gwen, Ethan, Theresa and Rebecca all overhear. Anxious parents, Gwen and Ethan reach out and hold each other for support. Theresa attempts to get between them, but Rebecca prevents her. After finishing her soup and agreeing to take a trip to Italy, Julian and Eve exit the elevator to find Jon coding. When Eve tries to enter his room, Gwen slaps her and refuses to let her touch Jon. Lurking close by, a gleeful and vindictive Vincent is delighted to see his mother's reputation damaged and his plan to ruin her, progressing.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's Halloween in Harmony. Ivy lays into Kay, accusing her or being a serial murderer. Sam and Fancy aren't so quick to judge, but Sam arrests Kay regardless, based on a fingerprint Fancy found at a murder scene. Kay tries to explain about her being a witch and her magic, but no one believes her. Meanwhile, someone is watching the action unfold from behind the door, unseen by everyone else. Just as Sam is about to take Kay to the police station, Tabitha enters the room to everyone's surprise! She pulls Kay, who's thrilled to see her friend is alive, aside and explains to her that if Kay lets Tabitha do evil, she will clear Kay of the murder charges. Ivy is getting impatient and wants Sam to arrest his daughter. When Ivy looks out the window, she shocked to see actual real ghosts! Tabitha tells Kay that she is having a Halloween party and her guests, consisting of ghosts, goblins, etc., will be arriving shortly.

A distraught Gwen blames Eve for making her baby sick. Vincent, dressed as an orderly, is content with his actions, continuing to cause others harm. Eve wants to help the baby but Gwen refuses her help and Julian takes an upset Dr. Russell back to her office. Ethan and Gwen feel helpless, not being able to help their sick child. Theresa wants to console Ethan, but Rebecca stops her and reminds her that she needs to stay away.

When Julian and Eve are alone, Eve accuses Julian of not believing her about anything she is saying. Julian tries to reassure her that he does and pleads with her to calm down and relax while he goes back to the ER to check on the situation. Once Julian leaves, Eve pulls out a bottle from a drawer. Just as she puts it down, Vincent appears. She refuses to believe that he is real, but he assures her that he most definitely is...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Gwen and Ethan are stunned, fearing Jonathan has died, but they soon learn that their baby is alive but suffering from liver failure due to the overdose of acetaminophen prescribed by Eve. The doctor tells Gwen and Ethan that Jonathan needs treatment right away, but Gwen refuses. She blames Eve for her error and won't allow anymore treatment on her son. Ethan tries to get through to Gwen but she won't budge, so Ethan decides that he's going to make the decision and sign the papers - their son's life is at risk! But then Gwen shocks the room when she tells Ethan he can't sign the papers - he isn't Jonathan's father!

Meanwhile, Rebecca orders Theresa to back off and leave Ethan alone or she and her entire family will pay the ultimate price. Theresa tell her she will never do that, but suddenly Pilar appears behind her and tells her daughter she must listen to Rebecca and leave Ethan to Gwen. Theresa begs her mother to tell what this horrible secret is that Gwen is holding over her, but Pilar refuses, just insists that Theresa obey her.

The danger to Eve's life builds as Vincent continues to break her down emotionally, convince her that she is a terrible person and has nothing to live for. Vincent crosses the final line as gets his mother to slit her own wrists and slowly bleed to death. As Eve starts to fade, Vincent admits that he is the one who altered Gwen's baby's prescription and now everyone will think that Eve couldn't live with the guilt. Eve is horrified as reality crashes down around her...

Sam is ready to take Kay off to jail. A desperate Kay pleads for Tabitha to help her, but Tabitha tells Kay she won't unless she agrees to stay out of Tabitha's way, let her destroy people's lives. Kay is still reluctant, but Tabitha reminds her they have to do evil in order to get Endora and Miguel back. Kay is torn, but knowing she can't risk going to jail and being separated from her daughter, she gives in to Tabitha's demands. Tabitha zaps Fancy's PDA and she gets a message telling her that the print she found doesn't belong to Kay, but to Officer Olsen. Sam is relieved, but a suspicious Ivy is certain that something fishy is going on....

Luis and Sheridan are locked in a kiss after being zapped by Tabitha until they break from each other, confused as to what happened. They talk more about Marty and their need to find their child. Sheridan has a fantasy of her, Luis and Mary enjoying a family Christmas together and she prays that she has her son home for the holiday....

Friday, November 2, 2007

Passions no longer airs on Fridays. The show airs Monday through Thursday, with catch-me-up marathons on the weekends.

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