One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 5, 2007 on OLTL

Marcie headed to Paris, Texas. John shared that Ramsey held John responsible for Caitlin's death. Death waited for Cole. Alex and David were married. Viki agreed to go on a date with Charlie. Cristian admitted that he was interested in Sarah. Natalie set Jared up.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 5, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, November 5, 2007

In New Orleans, Marcie panics when she realizes that Wendell's service call has led them right to the broken down car of John, Marty, Todd and Blair. Marcie hides in a drainage pipe to avoid detection, and is extremely grateful when Wendell deftly covers her tracks. Later, Todd, Blair, John and Marty have to stay in a motel while their car is repaired, and are mortified when they're forced to share the only available room.

Cole returns home and encounters the figure in the Death mask. When Starr calls him to get together, Cole, clearly in jeopardy, blows her off.

Posing as a wealthy, sex addicted divorcee, Alex manipulates David in hopes of getting a marriage proposal out of him. Viki turns down Charlie when he asks her out on a date, but later changes her mind after some friendly advice from Gigi.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Todd finagles a second room at the motel for himself and Blair, while John and Marty take the other. When Todd begins to doubt whether he should continue searching for his son, Blair encourages him not to give up. Grateful for her support, Todd and Blair come together in a kiss.

John tells Marty that Ramsey's holding a grudge because of his mistake that resulted in Caitlin's murder. Marty is floored when John also confesses that he's contemplating letting Marcie go if they find her. Dropping her own major bombshell, Marty reveals to John that Patrick was murdered.

The Buchanan clan arrives at Asa's Texas ranch for the reading of his will. While at the ranch, they meet Chuck Wilson III, the grandson of Asa's former right hand man. Chuck takes a shine to Natalie, who flirts with him to make Jared jealous. Pointing out that Dorian is really upset over Clint, Starr nails her aunt. Later, Dorian is stung when she calls Clint and gets Nora instead.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Adriana snuggles with Rex in bed, trying to get him to make love to her, but he tells her to stop because he's afraid of hurting the baby. Adriana asks "what baby" and Rex stumbles to explain that he thinks she's pregnant. She asks him if she looks pregnant. Rex stumbles some more and blurts out that he's told Roxy she's pregnant. He recounts the evidence: he overheard her phone call and her stomach was upset and she wouldn't drink anything but club soda. Adriana bursts into laughter, then tells Rex she's not pregnant. They had a misunderstanding because she's been doing research for a maternity line. He asks why she didn't tell her: she says it's because he had enough on his mind. Then he wonders how he's going to explain to Roxy. Adriana says if she were pregnant, she'd tell him right away. Rex tells her he loves her and he wants to have kids with her. Adriana thinks he'd be a fabulous dad. They agree that they're not ready for kids yet. Then they start to make love.

Nigel serves Asa's secret recipe coffee to Nora and Clint. Nora tells Clint that Dorian called him, then realizes that she shouldn't have answered Clint's phone. Nora tells Clint she blew it, and apologizes. Clint tells her not to be sorry, and he calls Dorian and leaves a message. Then he and Nora settle back and talk about Bo and Dorian. Then their talk turns to Jared, and they both think he's conning Renee. Jared listens at the door, and Nigel catches him in the act. Jared skulks off.

Natalie, wearing a sexy black dress, runs into Jared outside the hallway of her room. She asks if he's lost, and he says he's right where he wants to be. Natalie asks what Jared is thinking about, and he imagines a scorching, up-against-the-wall kiss. But what he really wants is a truce, and Natalie is dubious. She wonders what he's really up to. Jared thinks it's disrespectful to keep fighting in front of Renee. Jared says that they got off-track because of the kiss; he overstepped and he apologizes. Natalie accepts his apology, but won't give him his job back. Then he tells her to be honest: she wanted him to kiss her. Jared tells her he wants her, too, then tries to kiss Natalie. Chuck bursts in and interrupts them, and Natalie invites him in. She tells Jared to leave, even though he wants to stay. Natalie says there is something that Chuck can help her with.

David is annoyed that Alex hasn't answered him after he proposed to her. She tells him no. Then she takes the maraschino cherry from her drink and does the trick where you tie it in a knot using only your tongue (how do they _do_ that???) and says she can't take him seriously. David tells her she's beautiful, she's single, and a sex addict, which is enough for any man. Alex says she wants to get over her addiction before she gets married again. David tells her she doesn't know what she's missing because he's great in bed, then he asks if she wants to sleep with him. Alex grabs David and tells him she can't resist him and they start to kiss. Then she tells him to stop, and he says he won't be an enabler unless she marries him. Then, he says, he'll be her love slave. Alex says people will think he's marrying her for her money. Alex says he has a pattern of marrying rich women. David says he's changed, because of his friendship with Viki. David says he can help Alex, then starts joking and says maybe she's after his money, which of course, she is. Alex agrees to marry David, but wants a prenup first. She cons him into having it be a 50-50 split, both ways, in the event they get a divorce.

John tells Marty he didn't know Patrick was murdered, and she tells him he's the only one who knows. They bond over the fact that they've both lost someone they've loved due to violence. Marty had wondered why they were drawn to each other. He says she can tell him anything she wants. She begins to tell him how Patrick died, and how she lied to Cole about it. There were threats, and Patrick left her and Cole to go to Ireland and deal with them. They had one perfect last night together before he left. Patrick called her when he landed in Ireland and said that everything was going to be fine, and then Marty heard a gunshot. John tells Marty that he and Caitlin had come home from dinner, and she'd gone into the bedroom when John heard the gunshot that killed her. Marty says that Patrick was still alive after the first shot, and he recited a poem that he'd written her, and he was having trouble breathing. She called for help, but didn't know what had happened until the next day when a family friend came by and told her that Patrick was dead. Marty says that Patrick's death didn't seem real until she told John. John worries that Patrick's killer is still out there. He tells her she is not alone. Marty tells him she never thought she'd love again, and they go over what they have in common. John tells her that after Caitlin, he can't lose anyone, ever again, and Marty understands. They kiss.

Todd and Blair are kissing and about to make love, when Blair asks if he really wants to go through with it. After more kissing, Todd asks her for permission, and she wonders why it's always up to her, and they stop themselves. They joke that they are in a sleazy motel and they should be making "hot monkey love" but they still decide not to. Todd tells Blair if she gives him his $5 million back, he will take her down-town. She laughs and tells him he's not worth $5 million. Todd goes off to take a shower. Blair wants a cold shower, too. Todd comes out of the shower. They tell each other that they can't guarantee that they won't attack each other. They joke and Todd licks Blair on the leg, then the conversation turns serious. Blair says Todd will find his son. They get in bed and Todd tells her he's glad she's there with him. They end up holding hands.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Cris awakens from a passionate dream involving Sarah to find Antonio knocking at his door. He's there about Capricorn's books. He also suggests that his brother do something besides work. Cris mentions that he stopped painting when Sarah was around and proceeds to complain about her a little too much. An amused Antonio asks if he misses her and urges his brother to go for it when he admits to it. It's too late, he's already turned her down, Cris confesses. He just wasn't ready yet but she's seeing Jared now. Who he doesn't like by the way, he continues. And he's a good judge of character. Antonio begins to wonder if Jared might be a threat to Jess but Cris easily convinces him that she's no longer his worry. He turns the tables and asks Antonio about his own love life which causes the cop to leave abruptly. Before leaving, Antonio urges Cris to tell Sarah how he feels; Cris leaves her an awkward phone message to give him a call.

In Texas, the family begins to head down to breakfast. Jared finds Nat's bedroom door ajar and hearing noises, walks in. She's in bed with Chuck and he's quickly angered. He and the couple exchange insults. Once he heads out, slamming the door, Chuck asks Nat for the real story, as she thanks him for doing her this favor. She wants Jared put in his place, Nat tells him, since he claims to know what she thinks and wants. Chuck offers to help out any time. A missing Sarah shows up, having taken a walk around the grounds. Jared finally shows up too, as does Nat with Chuck, gushing about her best night ever. The comments are full of double meaning which has Clint's head spinning. He wonders what's going on, while Jess and Nash have a good idea. Chuck offers to take Nat riding and Jared asks Sarah to head outside. Unfortunately, Matthew and Renee invite themselves along. Later, Beaver Calhoun, Asa's attorney, arrives for the reading of the will. He mentions that Asa had a different way of looking at things. He tells Chuck that there's something in the will for him and family members in London are getting a reading as well.

Everyone in Louisiana has a great night's sleep but things are happening. Marcie needs to leave to protect Celia and Wendell, who try to give her some money. She refuses it and gives Celia a bracelet that Michael gave to her. They have the name and address of another person who will help her. Todd thinks it's a good day to find his son and Marty and John are not sorry that they spent the night together. Blair notices that Marty apparently had a really good night. John learns that the house where Marcie might have been staying was destroyed in the hurricane. He also finds out that his car is ready and insists on picking it up rather than having it delivered, after he hears Celia call to her dog, "Lady." He recalls Wendall stating that the dog's name was Penny. Lee Ramsey shows up looking for Marcie and threatens Wendall with jail. When John arrives to get his car, his knock is answered by Lee. "Too late, John," he says.

Bo pays a visit to Lindsay, with a huge bouquet of flowers in hand. It means a lot to her that he's there. She learns, after a phone call from Matthew, that the rest of the family is in Texas for the reading of Asa's will. After Lindsay is pretty persistent, Bo admits that he just didn't want to be there, having had issues with Asa before his death. He didn't want to be jerked around for a last time, he says. Plus the last time he left, Lindsay ended up at St. Anne's. She really hopes he didn't stay in Llanview for her. He is where he wants to be, he responds. She requests that Matthew visit her when he gets home, if he's not upset by it. She's feeling lonely there; Bo promises to come back again soon. She tells him what a good man he is.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday, November 9th

While left to their own devices in the hotel room, Todd and Marty argue about the fact that they need to try to get along for the sake of the children. Marty wants to put their past relationship behind them, but Todd has no intentions on developing any new friendship with Marty or Cole. Todd refuses to give Starr and Cole his blessing but states that he will not interfere in their relationship. Marty tells Todd that he is a good father and is the way he is because of his father's influence. She tells Todd that she can see that he is fighting against becoming the man his father was. Todd admits to Marty that Tommy was born because Margaret did to him what Todd did to Marty many years ago. Marty is surprised by Todd's new insight. Todd admits he will do anything for his children and reminds Marty that she demonstrated the same behavior by marrying Miles. Marty reveals to Todd that she believes Miles is trying to frighten her and tells him about the masked stranger that approached her on Halloween night. Todd offers to take care of Miles for her; Marty declines his help and tells Todd she is not positive whether or not it was Miles. Before leaving, Todd ridicules Marty.

John arrives at the Freeman's home and finds Ramsey already present and interrogating the couple about Marcie's whereabouts. Ramsey tells John that he's too late and that Marcie is already gone. John insists that he is only there to pick up his car and cell phone. When John questions whether or not the Freemans' are alright, Celia tells him that Ramsey has threatened them. Ramsey demands that John leave immediately; John refuses. Ramsey threatens to arrest John. Celia tells John that Ramsey has threatened to put Clarence in jail and take Wendell's towing license if he is not given answers. John reminds Ramsey that he is jeopardizing his career with the FBI. Ramsey leaves but not before telling John that he will come after him if John does not stop interfering in the case. Outside of the Freeman's home, Ramsey's agents question why they are leaving without receiving the information they seek. Ramsey tells his guys to place a tracking device in John's car. He tells the agents that if the Freeman's give John any leads they will be lead right to Marcie. The Freemans' thank John for his help with Ramsey. John tells the couple that he knows how to handle Ramsey because he was also once an FBI agent. After learning of John's background, the Freemans' become suspicious of him. John tells them that he is currently on leave from the Llanview PD and is looking for Marcie. The Freemans' pretend to know nothing about her; John persists and reveals he is her brother- in- law. He attempts to appeal to them by telling them that he wants to make her capture as easy as possible. He states that if Ramsey finds Marcie first, the ending may be a tragic one.

Gigi and Noelle rush Viki out of the diner so that she can prepare for her upcoming date with Charlie. Unhappy with Viki's appearance, Gigi helps Viki prepare for her date by trying to make her appear sexier. Viki tells Gigi she is not looking for a one-night stand with Charlie. As Charlie walks through the door, Viki appears happy to see him.

While requesting to wed at the rehabilitation center, both David and Alex have thoughts of scamming each other out of money. David is anxious to become man and wife, but Alex reminds him that they must first sign their prenuptial agreement giving each of them half of the others wealth if they were to ever divorce. The couple signs the papers. David says he feels guilty taking half of Alex's money but promises her all of him. As both walk away to prepare for the upcoming nuptials, each refers to the other as a "sucker" under their breaths. Wearing white jogging suits provided by the rehabilitation center, Alex and David recite their vows and are wed. After the ceremony, Alex wants to discuss their future. David tells her they can go wherever she desires. Alex leaves David in shock as she reveals that she would love to go to Llanview.

At the ranch, the Buchanans' prepare to watch Asa's videotaped will. Asa tells his clan that each of them will get exactly what is coming to them. Asa begins with giving each of his family members what he refers to as small but meaningful items. Rene weeps as she receives a valuable piece of jewelry. Jessica receives a horse shoe from Asa's prized mustang. Natalie is willed a copy of the Buchanan family tree. Sarah is left Asa's valued record collection. Asa then prepares to give his sons their inherited items. Before doing so he refers to then as his biggest triumph but also his biggest disappointment as well. Asa speaks about how they frustrated and defied him. He states that once they had children of their own, he realizes that he was the real problem and compliments both on being great fathers. Asa leaves Clint his spurs and leaves Bo the badge that once belonged to his great grandfather. Matthew is left Asa's Stetson cowboy hat. Asa prepares to will the "big ticket" items next. The Buchanan's are shocked when Asa leaves the ranch to Chuck Wilson III. Chuck is hesitant about accepting such a gift, but the family tells him that they should all honor Asa's wishes. Jared balks to himself about Chuck's inheritance. The family all smile lovingly at Rene as Asa speaks of leaving the mansion to a feisty and important red headed woman in his life. To their shock, he leaves the mansion to Nora. As Matthew rejoices, Nora is not overjoyed with her inheritance. Natalie tells Jared to start packing his bags. Nora begins to tell Rene that she cannot accept the mansion, but Rene is at peace and tells Nora to listen to Asa's speech in its entirety. The tape continues and Asa states that he is happy that Nora and Matthew will continue to liven up the home for Rene who will remain in the home. Nigel will also remain in the home with a permanent salary. Nora is still not willing to accept the mansion, but Rene tells her that Asa did this for her so that she would not be alone. Rene insists that Asa wanted them to remain a family and provided a home for all of them. Nora feels uncomfortable that Asa has left two of his assets to members outside of the immediate family. Clint reminds Nora that Asa has always been full of surprises and he is sure more are to follow.

After getting no response from Cole at his front door, Starr phones him and is stunned to hear his cell phone ringing through the door. On the other side of the door, Cole's cell phone lies opened on the floor ringing. Upon request from Starr, Langston and Markko arrive at Cole's apartment. Starr tells them that she is worried that something has happened to him; both Langston and Cole attempt to ease her mind that nothing is wrong. Starr is adamant about the fact that Cole is in some sort of danger and tells her friends that they will have to break into the apartment to find out some information. The trio enters the apartment and Starr finds Cole's phone. Starr questions why Cole would leave his phone, because he went home in order to retrieve it. As Starr frantically looks around the apartment, she gasps when she finds a "Death" mask lying on the floor.

Viki's friends are all smiles, as Charlie hands Viki flowers. Unbeknownst to Charlie, Viki takes Gigi's advice and unbuttons several buttons on her blouse. The two leave to begin their date. The Buchanans' are dumbfounded after Asa states that he would like to make a special bequest to the son he didn't realize he had until it was too late. Nigel appears worried as he hangs his head. David questions why Alex would want to go back to Llanview, he would rather go some place exotic. Alex assures him that they can travel to an exotic location but she would like to visit Llanview for a short time; she has some unfinished business there and suggests that he can help her with this "business". Starr is in a state of panic and tells her friends that this is the mask the intruder was wearing on Halloween; she believes the stranger may have abducted Cole. Starr wants to call the police but her friends remind her that they broke into the apartment and should call Marty first. Using Cole's phone, Starr dials Marty to inform her that Cole is missing. Returning to her room, Marty runs to answer her cell phone. Marty enters the room and leaves the door partially open. As Marty takes her ringing cell phone from her purse, an unknown person enters the room. Marty drops the phone as the stranger begins attacking her. Wendell wants John's promise that Marcie would not be harmed if they were to provide him with information. John assures the couple he is not the enemy and wants to help Marcie. Celia tells John that Marcie is on her way to Paris, Texas. In disguise, Marcie enters the diner carrying Tommy. Gigi tells Marcie to have a seat and she will be right with her. Marcie looks at Tommy and tells him the diner seems to be a safe place.

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