All My Children Recaps: The week of August 4, 2008 on AMC

Annie continued to have visions of Richie. Frankie learned that Randi's new life had a price. Colby went to an AA meeting with JR.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 4, 2008 on AMC
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Monday, August 4, 2008

Greenlee and Aidan were half naked and making out on the floor of their penthouse. They were about to make love when Aidan noticed an odd smell. He realized that there was a gas leak. He yelled at Greenlee to leave the apartment, but she refused. He discovered that there was a broken pipe in the fireplace and fixed it. She was very grateful that he had noticed the potentially dangerous leak. They decided to get dressed and leave the penthouse.

Annie was at the scene of the fake car accident that she had staged. She was annoyed because Ryan did not answer his phone, so she called Zach. She pretended to be frantic about her health and the health of the baby. After she hung up with Zach, she snidely commented that Ryan was probably with Greenlee, which was the reason he had not picked up his phone. Zach then arrived on the scene. Annie acted panicked about the accident. Zach called an ambulance, and it took Annie to the hospital.

Ryan and Kendall were at Fusion, discussing the key that Kendall had found hidden in Annie's desk. Kendall claimed that the key proved Annie was hiding a secret. Ryan thought that Kendall was overreacting. She wondered if the key was a clue that Annie had a lover and the baby was not Ryan's. He thought Kendall's theory was ridiculous.

Kendall continued to affirm that Annie was hiding something. He reminded Kendall that he was hiding his love for Greenlee. Kendall stated that Ryan was lying to protect Annie; however, Kendall firmly believed that Annie was lying to betray Ryan. She further stated that Ryan should not feel guilty about his secret. Just then, Greenlee and Aidan arrived.

Greenlee demanded to know what the secret was, but Aidan urged her to mind her own business. Ryan pulled Aidan aside. Ryan explained that Annie was hiding a key in a picture frame on her desk. Aidan offered to find out information on the key. Ryan took Aidan up on the offer.

Kendall received a call from Zach. Zach announced that Annie was in the hospital. Kendall relayed the message to Ryan. Both Kendall and Ryan left for the hospital. Aidan assumed that Greenlee wanted to go, as well, but he was wrong. She wished to concentrate on their relationship instead of their friends' drama. He was delighted and asked what she wanted to do with the rest of their day. She replied that she wanted to go to Las Vegas.

Annie entered the hospital, and Jake began to treat her. Annie pretended she was concerned that the baby had been hurt in the crash. Jake examined her and assured her that she and the baby were fine. She asked to have an ultrasound, just to be sure. Jake agreed, so Annie requested that he wait to do the procedure until after Ryan arrived.

Kendall saw Zach at the hospital. Kendall sarcastically noted that Annie should have her own hospital room because she was always in the hospital. Zach said that Annie was worried about the baby. Kendall looked sad and stated that she could empathize with Annie.

Ryan entered Annie's hospital room. He apologized for not getting there sooner. Jake performed the ultrasound, and Annie and Ryan saw their baby for the first time. Annie cried tears of joy as she looked at her unborn child. Ryan was very touched by the image of his child.

Kendall watched from afar as Ryan saw his child via ultrasound. Kendall told Zach that Ryan was in love with his baby. She wanted Ryan to be happy, but she could not shake the feeling that Annie was being deceitful. Zach admitted that he, too, suspected Annie of misdoings.

Ryan listened to his phone messages. He heard Annie's frenzied call for help after her accident. He looked sheepish and called Aidan. He told Aidan not to investigate the key and to also quit investigating Ryan's vasectomy.

Jesse had Colby, Cassandra, and Dre in holding at the police station. All three teenagers claimed that they had been driving the car that had killed Richie. Jesse was frustrated and separated all three of them into different rooms.

Samuel asked Jesse for permission to speak with Dre. Jesse allowed it, so Samuel went to see his son. Samuel inquired why Dre had not gone to his father before he had been taken into custody. Dre explained that he had not wanted to ruin his father's chances of becoming a senator. Samuel stated that he did not care about politics, but instead he cared about his son. Samuel promised to get Dre off of the charges. Dre said that he wanted to tell the truth, and Samuel agreed to support Dre's decision.

Adam and JR visited with Colby. Thy both pleaded with the young girl to admit that she had not run over Richie. Colby asked if Adam and JR were a "team" again. JR noted that they were on the same team for her sake. Colby refused to put the blame on her friends and insisted that she had been driving the car.

Angie and Jesse met with Cassandra. Cassandra felt that Angie had chosen Jesse over her. Cassandra was mad at Angie and Jesse for taking her to the police station. Angie pleaded with Cassandra to tell the truth, but Cassandra affirmed that she had been driving the car that had killed Richie.

Samuel encouraged Jesse to allow all three teenagers to speak with one another, so Jesse put them all in one room. Dre declared that he was going to take the blame and confess that he had been the driver. Colby and Cassandra tried to talk him out of it, but he was resolute in his decision.

All three teenagers sat in front of Samuel, Adam, Babe, JR, Krystal, Tad, Angie, and Jesse. They divulged all the details from the night that they had run over Richie. The adults realized that the teenagers had not stepped forward sooner because they had been trying to protect their families. Jesse then announced that Colby and Cassandra were free, but Dre was under arrest. Jesse proceeded to arrest Adam, also, for obstruction of justice, since he had lied to the police about Colby's car being stolen.

Samuel called Jack to tell him about Dre's arrest and to ask for help with the case. Samuel then spoke with his campaign manager, Carl. Carl was worried about the election, but Samuel snapped that he did not care about politics.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

At the hospital, Jake told Ryan that Annie and the baby were fine. After Jake left, Ryan went to get Annie some applesauce. Annie called the babysitter and asked her to take Emma to the hospital. When he returned, Ryan told Annie that Dre had been arrested for Richie's murder. Annie acted as though she felt so sorry for Dre, Colby, and Cassie, but Ryan wondered if Annie was sincere, since she wanted to pin the kids for Richie's murder.

Annie told Ryan that she just wanted to start over with their new life. The babysitter took Emma to the hospital. Annie showed Emma a sonogram of the baby. Ryan told Annie that he would always be there for their family. Annie was startled when she saw her brother's ghost as Emma slept in her arms.

Randi went to see Frankie at the hospital. Frankie immediately thought something was wrong, but Randi just wanted to make sure Frankie was okay. Randi said she had heard about what had happened to Cassie, but she knew Cassie would make it through the rough ordeal. Frankie and Randi decided to have a dinner date.

Police took mug shots of Dre as Erica waited with Samuel in the lobby. Samuel told Erica that he had pressured Dre to let him find a way to dismiss the charges, but Dre had wanted to stand up for himself. Jackson went to the police station to represent Dre. Jesse took Jackson aside to update him on the case.

Reporters rushed into the police station to hound Samuel about Dre's charges. Samuel said his son was taking responsibility for an accident gone horribly wrong. The press asked Erica how the news would affect her relationship with Samuel. Erica said she was there to support Samuel but did not have time for silly gossip.

Jesse kicked the reporters out of the police station. Samuel listened as Dre gave his side of the story to Jackson. Dre told Jackson that he had known he had hit Richie when Pete had tested the human blood found on Colby's car. Jackson said the blood had been on a bumper, which made it sound like Richie had already been down when Dre had hit him. Jackson said he wished he had the car to use as evidence for Dre's case. Jackson went to Jesse to explain about the bumper, but Jesse's hands were tied without any physical evidence to back up the theory. Adam threatened to sue Jesse once his name was cleared.

Adam's lawyer reported that Colby's car was untraceable. JR scolded Adam for lying to the police to save Colby, but Adam reminded his son that he had broken the law plenty of times to rescue JR, too. Adam asked JR to help him find a way to save Colby. JR was not sure if he could work with his father because of their differences. Adam said he and JR had always been stronger working together.

JR agreed to help Adam, but only for Colby's sake. Erica visited Adam to remind him that he had jeopardized the terms of Carmen's bail by getting locked up. She told him to fix the problem, and she left. Jesse delivered the news to Adam that his bail had been made.

Jesse told Adam that Dre could have been cleared if Adam had not gotten rid of Colby's car. Adam said Jesse could have simply left his daughter alone, too. Jesse showed Adam a piece of metal belonging to a car that matched the description of Colby's car. The metal had been found in a landfill, and Jesse was guessing his crews would find more.

Colby told Krystal and Tad that her father's lies had only made the situation worse for her, Dre, and Cassie. Colby decided to go to sleep in Krystal and Tad's guest room instead of going back to Adam's house. Tad asked Krystal how she had gotten involved with Adam again. Krystal said she did not want to be back in Adam's life but needed to talk to him to see if he would help Colby. Tad said Krystal's efforts had obviously failed.

Krystal thought she could talk Colby into being honest with the police. Tad said Krystal had lied to him, just like Adam had known she would. Tad said their marriage was doomed if Krystal continued to run to Adam. Tad told Krystal not to worry -- they would survive. Colby went downstairs and poured herself a glass of vodka after Tad and Krystal left. JR saw Colby throwing out the cup of vodka in a plant when he arrived at the house. He grabbed Colby and took her to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

JR and Babe confronted Colby about her drinking. They urged Colby to go to Alcoholics Anonymous with JR. Colby did not want to go. Babe promised Colby that if she went once and hated it, she would not have to go again. Colby agreed to attend the meeting.

Colby and JR entered the A.A. meeting at the hospital. Colby watched a woman get her "90-day chip." The woman was very grateful to be sober. The moderator asked if anyone wanted to share their feelings with the group, and JR volunteered. JR rehashed all of the terrible acts that he had committed while drunk, including shooting his mother. Colby looked horrified as JR told his story. JR stated that he had lost his wife and his son because of his drinking, but he vowed to get them back.

After the meeting ended, Colby wanted to leave the hospital. JR stopped her and asked what she'd thought about the meeting. She was annoyed that JR had taken her to see a bunch of "smacked-down alcoholics." He looked hurt by the comment and wondered if Colby perceived him as a loser. Colby snapped that she did not need A.A. because she was not an alcoholic.

Kendall told Zach that she thought Annie was crazy. Zach explained that Annie had invited them on a trip to Las Vegas with her and Ryan. Zach suggested that they go on the trip. Kendall did not want to go anywhere with Annie. He felt that it would be a good opportunity to see Annie in a different environment, so they could decipher if there were something truly wrong with her.

Kendall was still hesitant. Zach affirmed that it was important for them to find out if Annie was unstable because, if she was, she should not be around their children. Kendall agreed to go on the trip but worried about telling Babe and Amanda that she would be gone from work.

Zach went to the police station and asked an officer if he could see the report on Annie's car accident. The officer said that he would get Zach the file, since it was public record. Jesse overheard Zach's request and asked why he wanted to see the report. Zach slyly smiled and claimed that he was curious. After Zach received the file and walked away, Jesse told the officer that he wanted a copy of the report too.

Babe and Amanda were at Fusion. They were both livid because they were the only ones at work. They complained that Greenlee and Kendall did not pull their own weight at the company. Amanda commented that Annie was milking her injuries so she could play hooky. Just then, Kendall entered with coffee and pastries.

Babe and Amanda were uninterested in the food. Kendall could sense that they were annoyed, so she explained that family emergencies were distracting her from work. Kendall proceeded to announce that, due to the family problems, she was taking a few days off from work. Babe was furious and yelled, "I quit!" Kendall begged Babe to stay. Amanda added that she would quit if Babe quit.

Kendall looked worried and reminded Babe and Amanda that they had gotten through very rough times in the past, and they could do it again. Kendall divulged that she had to go to Las Vegas with Annie to try to mend their relationship. Babe and Amanda were skeptical. Kendall admitted that she thought Annie was crazy and that the trip was a chance to find out what she was up to.

Babe and Amanda relaxed. Kendall asked what she could do to make them happy. They said that they wanted better hours and better pay. Kendall said they would discuss the issue when she returned, but she gave Babe hiring power, so they could obtain more employees.

Dre and Samuel discussed the charges Dre faced. Dre assumed that Samuel was angry because his poll numbers were dropping. Samuel affirmed that he was not sorry about slipping in the polls, but he was sorry that Dre had not told him the truth about the hit-and-run sooner. Dre noted that his father had not revealed everything about his life, like his relationship with Erica. Dre's grandfather broke up the argument and reminded the men that they both needed to be more open with their communication.

Samuel apologized for being inattentive at times, but promised to get his son exonerated. Dre wondered if that was possible. Samuel said that the first step was for Dre to stop seeing Cassandra. Samuel explained that it would be bad for both of them to be seen together. Although Dre was disappointed that he had to put his relationship with Cassandra on hold, he agreed to stop dating her because it was in her best interest. The grandfather was happy to see the two men working together. The grandfather noted that they were acting like a family, and they all hugged.

Angie talked to Frankie about Cassandra. Angie was distraught over Cassandra's involvement in Richie's murder case. Furthermore, Angie was upset because Cassandra refused to speak to her. Frankie stated that Cassandra would not speak to him either. Still, he assured his mother that both of her children were strong and could survive hard times.

Angie confessed that she was worried about Frankie, as well, due to his involvement with Randi and Fletcher. He reminded his mother that she had taught him to look past what a person did in order to see who they really were as a person. He stated that Randi was a good person, and he wanted to date her. Angie was not happy but agreed to stop meddling in his life.

There was a knock at the door, and Frankie answered it. The nurse, Jill, from the hospital, arrived because Angie had invited her for dinner. Angie apologized for forgetting about the dinner and asked if they could reschedule. Jill said it was not a problem and left. Frankie laughed because he knew that his mother was trying to set him up with Jill. Angie confessed that it was her intention.

As Frankie left their apartment, Angie urged him to be careful. He reminded her that he had gone to war in Iraq and could protect himself. After Frankie exited his home, two men attacked him.

Carmen was cleaning in the living room while Adam read the newspaper. Erica entered, and Carmen got excited. Erica announced that she needed Adam's help to get the charges against Dre dropped. Adam refused to help and accused Erica of using Dre's case to bed Samuel. Carmen exclaimed that Erica did not use men like that. Adam laughed.

Carmen continued to yell at Adam, so he fired her. After Adam left the room, Erica promised to get Carmen another job. Erica then left Kendall a message stating that she had a new employee lined up for her.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

On the airplane, Ryan asked Kendall and Zach why they wanted to go on a trip with him and Annie. Zach said it had been Annie's idea. Ryan said he thought it was odd that Kendall wanted to spend time with Annie, since the two women were not on good terms. Zach told Ryan that he and Kendall just wanted everyone to rekindle their friendship again.

Kendall asked Ryan if he had found out what the key behind Annie's picture frame unlocked. Ryan said he had no desire to find out because he trusted Annie. When Ryan went to check on Annie, Zach scolded Kendall for pushing Ryan too much about Annie's behavior. Zach agreed with Kendall that Annie was acting strangely, but Kendall needed to back off.

As Annie checked her appearance in the bathroom, she kept hearing Richie taunting her to get rid of Greenlee. She emerged from the bathroom and assured Ryan that she was feeling fine. Nothing more than pregnancy sickness, she added. Annie and Kendall agreed to make amends and start their friendship over. Kendall tried to ask Annie what had happened with the car accident, but Annie got offended with all the questions. Kendall walked off and decided to play cards with Zach.

Greenlee and Aidan went to a bar and decided to guess people's stories while sipping drinks. Greenlee spied an older couple holding hands and snuggling in the corner. She guessed the couple was celebrating a wedding anniversary. To see if she was right, Greenlee sent the couple a bottle of champagne to catch their attention. The couple, Foster and Babs, thanked Aidan and Greenlee for the champagne. They all decided to share the champagne and get to know each other.

Foster and Babs announced that the celebration was in honor of their wedding, which would take place in a few hours. Foster and Babs had reconnected a year earlier after spending 40 years apart. Greenlee and Aidan shared with their newfound friends the story of how they had met and fallen in love. Foster and Babs encouraged Greenlee and Aidan to go ahead and tie the knot. Foster and Babs invited Greenlee and Aidan to their wedding.

Randi waited for Frankie at ConFusion. Fletcher shoved Frankie into the back of a van and pointed a gun at him. Fletcher called Randi to let her know that he no longer needed her working for him. Randi thanked Fletcher for letting her go so easily without any consequences. However, Fletcher said Randi would return to him eventually.

After Fletcher hung up, he told Frankie that he had no intentions of letting Randi go. He threatened to get rid of her permanently if Frankie did not follow his instructions. Fletcher gave Frankie an agreement that Randi had signed when she'd begun working for him. To get Randi out of her contract, Fletcher wanted Frankie to give him the money she would make for five years. Fletcher let Frankie out of the car.

Jake spotted Randi as she waited for Frankie at the bar. Amanda was not pleased when she spied Jake talking to Randi. Amanda immediately cut into their conversation. When Jake left to take a phone call, Amanda said she worked for Fusion Cosmetics. Randi said she loved their products and wore them all the time.

Jake's lunch date got canceled, so he headed to the gym. Randi asked Amanda how she liked working at Fusion. Amanda said work had been so busy that it would be nice to have extra help. Randi offered to apply for the position if Amanda was serious. Amanda told Randi to call her after lunch to talk about the job further.

Randi immediately hugged Frankie once he arrived at ConFusion. She gushed about Fletcher being out of her life and a possible new job at Fusion Cosmetics. However, Frankie barely paid any attention to Randi. He kept thinking about Fletcher's threats to hurt Randi if Frankie did not pay up. Frankie encouraged Randi to move to Los Angeles or Miami to find a great job and get a new start.

Randi said she could not believe Frankie wanted her to leave Pine Valley. Frankie said he wanted her in his life. She pushed him away when he moved in for a kiss. Randi told him that she obviously still did not know how to pick the right man. After Randi left, Frankie left a message for Fletcher. Frankie agreed to get Fletcher his money in a week.

As Jake was running, he saw the blonde woman who had been on the path before. Jake tried to talk to her, but she was too focused on her job and politely brushed him off. He later saw her resting on the beach. Jake introduced himself, but the woman only told him to "have a nice day" before rushing off.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Angie and Cassandra showed up at the Martins' for a cookout, moments before a late arrival, when Jesse crossed the threshold as well. Cassandra was immediately upset that he planned to join them, as she had yet to understand how Dre remained locked up even after they'd told him the truth. Jesse pointed out that he had kept his word because the case was still open, and the whole truth had yet to be found. Cassandra caustically announced that she did not trust the system -- or her stepfather. She completely lost her cool when Jesse told her that Dre was out on bail but hadn't contacted them because it could compromise the case that the D.A. planned to file against Cassandra and Colby.

Cassandra started to storm out, but Angie begged her to stay. Jesse offered to leave, but Tad roped him into some help he needed in the basement. As the men left, Krystal said she would get the rest of the food together and told Colby to help her. Colby opted to change her clothes first and headed upstairs, so Krystal went to the kitchen alone. Once they were alone, Angie again tried to explain to her daughter that Jesse had only done his job when he'd arrested Dre. Cassandra insisted that they not talk about it again, so Angie changed tacks and hugged her daughter instead. Angie said that though she wished she could take all of Cassie's pain away, she couldn't.

Downstairs, although Jesse admitted that he'd considered handing in his resignation from the job, he agreed that he couldn't until he saw the case through. Tad said that Jessie would never give up his job, regardless of how hard it got, and pointed out that Jesse just needed to focus, because he was cut out to solve the case. Tad offered an unorthodox solution when he cajoled Jesse into a video game competition while they talked about possible scenarios. They alighted on the confession that Dre gave and that he hadn't seen Richie before or after he had been hit. That fact lent credence to the idea that Richie had already been dead. If that were the case, it could be murder, and Tad asked a wide-eyed Jesse if he had any suspects in mind.

Tad and Jesse switched games but still continued to theorize along the same path. Jesse named possible suspects who had motives to kill Richie and then just as quickly ticked them off his mental list. When he reached the bottom, he realized that perhaps Richie had had help getting out of the restraints that Kendall, Greenlee, and Babe had used to tie him up in the cabin. Jesse thought that if someone had helped Richie get out, that same someone could have inflicted the fatal blow.

Tad and Jesse ruled out Ryan, and then Tad suggested Annie. Jesse's hesitation as he answered Tad's queries made it obvious that he had some doubts about the young mother. Jesse shared that he'd talked to Zach and felt that Zach had something on Annie that he wasn't ready to share. Tad thought he should question her again, but Jesse said that he couldn't continue to question people without direct evidence. He then admitted his wish that Annie had waited to cremate Richie's body, and they agreed that perhaps Annie had attempted to incinerate evidence.

Krystal went upstairs after Colby didn't return to help her with the food. The teen admitted that she had initially begged off from the task and cited her worry over Dre's future as the cause. Krystal tried to assuage Colby's fears but was of little help. Colby decided to get changed, and Krystal took the opportunity to check for alcohol in the water bottle on Colby's bedside table. Colby returned to the room before Krystal expected and was outraged at Krystal's perceived betrayal. She then told Krystal that despite the fact that JR had dragged her to an A.A. meeting, she did not have a drinking problem.

Krystal insisted that she, as well as other people who loved Colby, had just attempted to help her. Instead of being grateful, Colby's response had been to drink more, keep secrets, and get into more trouble. Krystal said that being an adult was about more than turning 18 and that the wisdom and maturity she saw in the person that had delivered Jenny was closer to adult behavior than recent stunts. Krystal then drove the point home when she said that she had second thoughts about Colby being Jenny's godmother. Colby's eyes welled up with tears as she begged Krystal not to take Jenny away from her, so Krystal acquiesced. She again offered her help, but Colby insisted she didn't need it and went to change.

In the foyer, Cassandra told her mother that she had wanted to confess once they'd realized what had happened, but she had stayed quiet out of the fear of punishment. She then extolled Dre's virtues and insisted that he had gotten a raw deal. Angie realized that Cassie's feelings for Dre were stronger than she realized and tried to find out just how far their relationship had gone. Cassandra bypassed the obvious and started to berate her mother for her assumption that Dre wasn't good enough.

Angie insisted that her hesitation was only because of her daughter's young age and Angie's need to protect her. Cassandra assured her mother that Dre was really a good guy, and Angie took her daughter's word as the truth. Cassandra questioned her mother's take on Frankie's new love interest, and Angie addressed both when she said that though she wanted both of her children to find love someday, if they ended up with a person she didn't think was right for them, she would make her feelings known.

Greenlee and Aidan showed up at the chapel, prepared to witness the wedding of Foster and Babs. Greenlee noticed a bouquet on a chair and picked it up as she marveled that a bride could have left it behind. The happy couple then joined them, and Babs reminded Greenlee that when a single girl got the bouquet, she'd be the next down the aisle. They then ran off to get changed for the ceremony, and when the man who was to officiate entered, he mistook Greenlee and Aidan for the bride and groom to be. He explained all of the wedding packages to them before he realized that they had no intention of getting married. Greenlee took it upon herself to order the package she thought their new friends would like, and the officiator went off to get everything arranged.

Babs and Foster returned to the chapel, dressed in garb reminiscent of the era when they'd first met -- the sixties. They instructed Greenlee and Aidan to go barefoot and adorned Greenlee's head with a crown of flowers before they danced down the aisle to get hitched. After the officiator pronounced them husband and wife, Babs told Greenlee and Aidan that their honeymoon would be to hitchhike back to Woodstock. She then told them to cherish each other and not lose 40 years, like she and Foster had done. They danced their way out of the room, leaving a smiling Aidan and Greenlee in their wake. After a few moments, Greenlee told her man that she, too, didn't want them to have any more wasted time.

Zach, Kendall, Ryan, and Annie arrived at a casino that teemed with business. Annie was ready to hit the tables, but when Ryan took off to get her chips, Richie appeared to her and posited whether she would finally lose at the games she'd played. When Ryan returned and snapped her out of her haze, Annie blew her behavior off as nervousness about the table games, as it had been a while since she'd last been to a casino. Across the room, Kendall reneged on her promise to go easy on Annie and bond with her on the trip because she felt that all Annie would do was continue to use Ryan. Zach interrupted her tirade and told her that he would take care of Annie.

Kendall tentatively agreed to back off but told her husband that he needed to keep her in the loop. She then offered to distract Ryan, so Zach snagged Annie from the game table and sent Ryan to talk to Kendall. Kendall fumbled with something to talk about, and Ryan immediately picked up on her continued irate feelings toward Annie. He warned her that if she didn't stop, he would no longer be able to consider her a friend.

Across the room, Zach and Annie sat at a side table with a drink, and Zach told her that it was his brother's birthday, and although he was long gone, the day still got to him. He likened his story to hers with Richie and asked if she'd been able to shake her baby brother yet. As he asked, Richie appeared behind Zach and stared his sister down. Zach took his turn to get Annie back to the present, at which point she told him that she had just pondered his question and realized that she had survived everything her brother had thrown at her. She then prattled on about some of the things that he brother had done but realized too late that part of her rambling included information that she could have only gotten had she seen her brother after he'd kidnapped Babe. Zach picked up on that, but Annie was frozen by her brother's words that she had blown her cover.

Kendall told Ryan that she loved him and that because she knew his heart always told him to do the right thing, she also knew that he sometimes paid the price. She pointed out that the price tag that went with his decision to stay with Annie was high. Ryan tried to defend Annie's actions as he pointed out that she'd continued to love him despite everything he had put her through. Kendall insisted that his noble attitude had made him blind to the truth. Ryan denied her claim and said that he was committed to giving his children what he himself had grown up without -- a father who loved and supported them without question. Kendall asked about his feelings for Greenlee, but Ryan simply pushed them aside and reconfirmed his allegiance to his family with his wife.

After an extended moment of silence, Zach asked Annie again if she'd spoken with her brother after he'd kidnapped Babe. Annie quickly said that Richie hadn't contacted her then tried to change the subject. Zach allowed it, but his suspicions grew visibly. They went back to the table, and when Ryan and Kendall joined them shortly thereafter, they found that Annie's winning streak had prematurely ended. Ryan thought that perhaps he could change that with his crazy Vegas idea: that they get remarried. Annie gleefully accepted, and after a celebratory kiss, they turned and asked if the Slaters would be their witnesses.

Although Kendall balked at the idea, the tone of Ryan's reminder that they were all friends convinced her otherwise. The duo ran off to find a chapel, and while they were gone, Zach admitted to his wife that Annie seemed to know more than she had let on. Ryan and Annie returned and said that they would all be headed to Cherub Chapel.

At that same moment, Greenlee asked Aidan to marry her on the spot.

Tad and Jesse went through a few more items that they could possibly get evidence from, but none panned out. Angie then joined them, told them that she'd had a long talk with her daughter, and then apologized to Jesse for the way Cassandra had acted. Jesse brushed it off, and with that, Angie told them that the food was ready. Tad remembered at that moment that he hadn't gotten supplies from the store to make dessert, so he headed for the store. Jesse attempted to accompany him, but Tad told him to stay and be the man of the house. After he bolted upstairs, Jesse made his own excuse to escape the premises and exited, hot on Tad's heels.

As Krystal and Angie caught up with each other in the living room, Colby and Cassandra met out on the front stoop, and Cassandra admitted that the only thing that she wanted to do was see Dre and find out how he'd been. Colby excitedly said that her friend would owe her and then took her back into the house. She told Krystal and Angie about a pool party they'd been invited to, and when the women reluctantly agreed to let them go, the teens dashed off before the decision could be revoked. When the teens left, Angie explained that her conversation with Cassandra had gone well until she had told her daughter what would happen if she started to date someone that didn't meet expectations. Angie said that she realized that she'd sounded just like her own father, and that reality had scared her.

A short time later, Tad arrived in a parking garage and attempted to break into Annie's car. His attempt was thwarted when Jesse arrived on the scene and asked if Tad had something particular that he wanted to find.



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