One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 4, 2008 on OLTL

Bo and Rex discovered that they couldn't change the past without repercussions. Talia bargained with her father. Viki bumped into her sister Tina at the airport as Viki prepared to leave for an extended trip. Delphina told Gigi that she knew where Rex could be found.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 4, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, August 4, 2008

Disappearing Axe

At the Buchanan mansion, Nora listened as Dallas and Clint shared past memories. Clint was taken aback when Nora asked Dallas why she was in Llanview and when she planned to return to London. Dallas said that upon learning of the difficult times that Clint was experiencing, she had wanted to offer her support to him. With David Vickers, the dog, in hand, David interrupted the tense discussion and asked for a moment alone with Clint. The ladies obliged, and Nora escorted Dallas to the door. When Dallas informed Nora that she might extend her trip, Nora was less than thrilled.

Nora returned to the study just in time to witness David present Clint with a release form. The paperwork stated that Dorian had signed her rights to Buchanan Enterprises back to the Buchanan family. David claimed to have divorced Addie after Clint's proposal and said that Dorian had signed the papers with great joy. As Clint relished the victory and David appeared quite nervous, Nora watched silently. David urged Clint to make good on the ten million dollar check, but Clint wanted to call Dorian and thank her for having a change of heart.

When David abruptly begged Clint not to contact Dorian, Nora became suspicious and glanced through the newspaper. While David continued to plead his case to Clint, Nora called David a fraud and presented him with the paper. Dorian had placed a legal notice in the paper of David and Addie's annulment, along with a time stamp. The notice proved that David had already signed off on the marriage when Clint had requested that he do so. Clint ordered Nigel to show David Vickers and his dog to the door.

Alone together, Clint and Nora claimed victory for outsmarting David. Clint had a few ideas about how to take back control of B.E. but, for the moment, was relieved that he didn't have to tell David that David was really a Buchanan.

Out in the foyer, David discussed his string of bad luck with Nigel. As Nigel held the door for him, David began wheezing and appeared to be sick. Before leaving, David looked in a nearby mirror and was stunned when he didn't see his reflection. Assuming he was under the weather, David left the mansion.

Back in 1968, Emma stopped Spencer from stealing change out of the jukebox in the Good Day Café. Rex tried to convince Emma that she needed to find the right man to share her life with. Emma asked Rex if he had someone special in his life. Sadly, Rex's thoughts turned to Gigi. He told Emma that he did love someone but would never see her again.

Gigi met Brody at Rodi's Bar. The manager had offered to hire him as a bartender and Gigi as a waitress. When Brody told Gigi that the job was hers if she wanted it, Gigi hesitated. He reminded her that they were in desperate need of jobs, but Gigi was skeptical of spending so much time with Brody. Feeling insulted, Brody lashed out at Gigi and insisted that she was consumed with thoughts of Rex. Brody tried to convince Gigi that Rex had been drunk when he'd placed the weird call to her, but Gigi defended Rex and was certain that he was in trouble. After Brody reminded Gigi that Rex had run out on her before, Gigi reluctantly agreed to take the job.

While Rex told Emma of his fear of heading to Vietnam, Bo and Renee sat at a nearby table. Renee thanked Bo for being truthful with Emma. Bo appeared to flirt with Renee. When Renee stated that she was staying at a nearby hotel, Bo asked if she would like some company. Renee told Bo that the fling they'd had was over and warned him to stop the flirting. Renee told Bo that she was leaving town in the morning, and perhaps they would run into each other again in the future. Bo was certain that they would. Since Emma and Renee were staying at the same hotel, Bo and Rex both walked the ladies, and little Spencer, across the street to the hotel.

Seconds after Bo and Rex left the café, Maria and the other maid, Rosa, entered. Maria admitted that she had plans to meet Clint; she intended to tell him that she was pregnant with his child. Although Rosa warned her to break things off with Clint, Maria was certain that he would marry her once he learned of the pregnancy. Clint entered the café and greeted Maria with a kiss. When Maria told Clint that she had something important to discuss with him, they retreated to a booth to talk.

Meanwhile, a nervous Maria spoke with the café owner, Jeremiah, who resembled Mo. Upon learning that Maria and Rosa were maids, Jeremiah warned Rosa that Asa had just left the café and wouldn't like the idea of his son spending time with the hired help. Insulted, Maria told Jeremiah to mind his business. Jeremiah didn't want to fight, and he responded by placing a flower in Rosa's hair.

As Maria tried to tell Clint about the pregnancy, Bo and Rex returned to the café. Clint and Maria ended their conversation and separated. In a harsh tone, Bo warned Clint to stay away from Maria. Before leaving the café, Maria told Clint that she needed to speak with him. Clint agreed to meet her back at the ranch. After saying his goodbyes to Bo and Rex, Clint headed off to the ranch.

Upon witnessing Bo's strange behavior toward Clint, Rex asked Bo if he actually thought that he was Asa. Bo knew exactly who he was. He told Rex that things weren't as they appeared. Bo informed Rex that Maria was pregnant with Clint's child. In order for history to play out, Asa had to pay Maria off to leave town.

Bo reminded Rex that if Clint and Maria didn't break up, Clint would never meet Viki, and Natalie would never be born. Rex surmised that if Asa never slept with Emma, David would never exist. Bo admitted that he didn't want anything to do with David Vickers but was certain that if he never existed, other things would be affected -- and not for the better. Afraid of being stuck in the past and being shipped to Vietnam, a frantic Rex tried to call Gigi.

Jeremiah observed Rex attempting to call Gigi from his cell phone. When Jeremiah asked what the gadget was, a sarcastic Rex told Jeremiah that he was actually from the year 2008 and had been accidentally trapped in the past. Showing little reaction, Jeremiah said that he understood and had read a book about time portals. Citing the book, Jeremiah suggested that they relocate to the portal and head in the other direction. Surprised by Jeremiah's apparent knowledge of their situation, Bo asked Jeremiah if he had the book on hand. While Jeremiah left to locate the book, Bo and Rex surmised that either Jeremiah was crazy or held the key to their problem.

In Mendorra, Cristian watched as Carlo announced to the townspeople that Tina and Cain were to be executed immediately. Carlo was eager to begin the execution, but a servant informed him that the executioner was in the process of sharpening the blade. Unnoticed, Cristian entered the room where the executioner stood sharpening the blade for the beheading of Tina and Cain.

In the bridal suite of the palace, Talia refused to believe Jonas' claim that Antonio was dead and demanded to see his corpse. Jonas told Talia that he had killed Antonio and that she could forget about him rescuing her. Jonas demanded that they consummate the marriage. Talia stated that she would die before ever allowing Jonas to touch her. In a threatening tone, he replied, "Let's hope it doesn't come to that." Jonas grabbed Talia, but she fought him off.

Outside the room, Antonio watched the guards from a distance. Blood dripping from his uniform, Antonio touched his wound and concocted a plan. Talia's desperate screams echoed through the halls of the palace. After diverting the guards' attention and rendering them both unconscious, Antonio removed a revolver from one of the guards. Antonio barged into the bridal suite and demanded that Jonas release Talia. Antonio punched Jonas several times. Leaving a badly injured Jonas behind, Antonio and Talia fled the palace and headed to the airstrip.

Meanwhile, Tina and Cain pleaded for their lives, but Carlo wasn't amused. Wearing a mask and carrying an axe, the executioner entered the room. Carlo demanded that the execution begin. Fearing their lives were over, Cain told Tina that he loved her. Tina replied, "I love you too, Cord!"

As the executioner dropped the axe upon the bound prisoners with great force, the crowd gasped as the axe made contact with the ropes that secured Tina and Cain. Tina and Cain were in shock and stood motionless. Removing his mask, Cristian told Tina and Cain to run and that a plane was waiting for them at the airstrip. As Tina and Cain ran off, Cristian held off Carlo and the guards with the axe.

Cain ran through the palace. He surfaced carrying several pieces of jewelry.

At the airstrip, Tina was reunited with Antonio and Talia. When Antonio inquired about Cristian and Cain, Tina had no idea where Cain was but told Antonio that she feared Cristian would be unable to escape the guards. Everyone was relieved when Cristian appeared. Seconds later, wearing a disguise, Cain surfaced. Cristian said that the Mendorran government kept a plane waiting at the airstrip at all times.

When Tina asked if they could convince the pilot to fly them away, Cristian adamantly stated that they would force him. Before they could flee, Carlo and several armed guards appeared. With a big grin, Carlo exclaimed, "Looks like your flight is grounded!"

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night:

At Llanfair, Natalie and Viki were surprised when "Jessica" ushered them into the living room, which had been decorated with balloons and a farewell banner. Tess explained that she had decided to throw together an impromptu goodbye party for Viki. Since it was a last-minute event, Tess asked Natalie to call the family and invite them over for the celebration. While Natalie made the necessary phone calls, Tess handed Viki an itinerary and informed her that she had arranged for a car to pick Viki up that very evening, at 9:00 p.m. The car would whisk Viki to the airport.

Viki appeared taken aback and asked her daughter what the rush was to see her embark on her trip two days early. Tess didn't appear to expect the question, but she recovered quickly. She explained the early departure was so that Viki would have the opportunity to visit with Joey, Kevin, and Zane in London before she embarked on her trip to Africa.

At the Buchanan mansion, Clint and Nora discussed the situation with Dorian. Clint tried to devise a new plan to wrest control of the family business from his bitter ex. While Clint made a few business calls, Nora took a moment to talk to Cole when he returned home. He told Nora that he had relinquished parental rights to his baby. Nora was sympathetic as Cole went on to tell her that he had also broken things off with Starr.

Later, while Clint and Nora were at Viki's farewell party, Markko stopped by the mansion with a game in hand. While Markko and Cole played the video game, Markko asked Cole about his decision to break up with Starr. Cole told Markko that he had lost his parents, Patrick and Marty. Staying with Starr, Cole felt, would be a constant reminder of another loss, the baby.

At La Boulaie, Dorian and Langston walked into the living room and found Starr sitting in the dark, watching a movie. They were both concerned when they saw the sad expression on Starr's face. Dorian and Langston rushed to Starr's side and asked her what had happened. Starr stopped the movie and told them about Cole's decision to give up the baby and end his relationship with her.

At first, Dorian and Langston felt that Starr had misread Cole's intentions, but Starr soon convinced them otherwise. Dorian was furious and blamed Todd for Cole's decision to break things off with Starr. Starr insisted that Todd had had nothing to do with Cole's choices. Dorian pretended to drop the matter until she excused herself and stepped into the foyer. Alone, Dorian vowed to make Todd pay for forcing Cole to break Starr's heart.

Blair and Jack bumped into Todd at the Hallowed Grounds coffeehouse. It wasn't long before Blair and Todd were bickering. Jack grew annoyed with his parents, but neither seemed capable of setting their differences aside for their son's sake. Todd accused Blair of being behind Cole's decision to sign over his rights to the baby, which would allow Marcie to adopt their grandchild. Blair was stunned by the news and insisted that she'd had nothing to do with Cole's decision.

Todd didn't believe Blair but the argument took a turn when Todd admitted that it was killing him that he couldn't see his children. Blair was sympathetic and told Jack that he could spend a few minutes with his father before she dropped Jack off at his friend's house for a sleepover. Unfortunately, Todd made a crass comment about Blair having plans for a sleepover with John. Blair quickly gathered up her bags and marched out. Jack was equally disgusted with Todd and followed his mother out the door.

At La Boulaie, Blair returned home and found Dorian in the foyer. Dorian quickly told Blair what had happened between Starr and Cole. Blair, in return, told Dorian about Todd and mentioned that he had been headed to Viki's for a farewell party. Dorian was furious. She couldn't believe that no one had invited Dorian to Viki's party after Dorian had recently saved Viki's life. Dorian left in a huff while Blair went into the living room to see Starr.

Roxy was trying to cool off at the Angel Square Hotel when Jared walked in, looking for Charlie. Roxy explained that the air conditioning was out and that Charlie had gone to buy a fan. Jared decided to wait in the lobby until his father returned. When Charlie returned empty-handed, Roxy left to run an errand. Alone in the lobby, Jared gave Charlie a special gift. It was a rare book of architecture that included a building that Charlie had built. Charlie was touched by the gesture. He admitted to Jared that instead of looking for a fan, Charlie had decided to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Blair stepped out into the hallway to sift through the shopping bags that she had taken home. She wanted to show Starr and Langston a couple of blouses that she had bought for them. Unfortunately, Blair found an unfamiliar woman's garment and quickly realized that she had accidentally picked up one of Todd's bags.

At Viki's party, Todd asked Natalie questions about the brakes on her car. He suggested that they might have been tampered with. Everyone dismissed the possibility, but Tess was clearly nervous. She quickly distracted Todd by talking about Bree. Minutes later, Tess appeared annoyed when Dorian walked in unannounced.

In Mendorra, Talia found herself in the middle when her friends ended up in a standoff with her father. Talia was forced to find a compromise. She promised Carlo that she would remain in Mendorra if Carlo allowed her friends to board a waiting jet, unharmed. Carlo reluctantly agreed.

Antonio refused to follow his brother and the others to the plane. He wanted to remain with Talia. Talia refused to consider the offer and reminded him of Jamie. It was the one argument that was certain to sway Antonio to leave with the others. Talia and Antonio shared a bittersweet goodbye before Antonio walked away.

On the plane, Antonio was patched up. He promised that he would return for Talia and rescue her from her father's clutches. As the jet began to taxi down the runway, Cristian looked out the window and started yelling for the plane to stop. Minutes later, Cristian returned to the jet with Sarah. She was disheveled but appeared otherwise unharmed.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jumpin' Jehosophat!

The Mendorran escapees were thrilled when Cristian took Sarah aboard the plane. Tina embraced her daughter, who was bedraggled and dirty but seemed otherwise fine. While the others were distracted, Cain furtively examined the Mendorran crown jewels, which he had pocketed for himself. Sarah explained to Cristian and Tina how she had survived the plunge from the falls; she said she had been swept far downriver, where Cristian had been unable to reach her, and that she had woken up on the shore, presumably after the boat had split apart on the rocks.

Sarah said she'd just started walking through the woods, eventually ending up near Mendorra City, where she'd heard cheering. When she arrived in the village square, she had seen chaos amongst the crowds, and when she'd heard people mention "the airstrip," she had followed them there. Cristian and Tina were overjoyed that Sarah had survived, but Sarah asked, "Where's Talia?" Antonio told her the sad news: they'd had to leave Talia behind. Alone with Cristian, Antonio vowed to get Talia back.

At Viki's going-away bash at Llanfair, Dorian was an unwelcome party-crasher. Tess snapped, calling Dorian a "bitch" and saying she had no right to be there after helping to put Nash in the ground. Dorian tried to defend herself, saying she had only revealed Jared's fraud against Buchanan Enterprises; Nora countered that Dorian had capitalized on it for her own gain. Todd asked Viki if he could throw Dorian out, but Dorian told Todd she was there to see him and that she blamed him for Cole breaking up with Starr.

Nora said it wasn't the time or place for them to argue, and Viki used her best polite voice to ask Dorian to please leave. She explained that she was off to Africa as a goodwill ambassador and that, while she would always appreciate that Dorian had saved her life, she could not forget what Dorian had done to Buchanan Enterprises, to Nash, and "probably to Charlie." Viki said that Dorian should expect some retribution. Dorian scoffed, asking if one of Viki's "spare personalities" would rebuild the secret room and lock her up again -- an idea that visibly intrigued Tess.

After Dorian stalked off, Viki said her goodbyes to everyone, asking Nora and Clint to watch over Jessica, and Todd to make amends with Blair. She then hugged Natalie, pointedly asking Jared to look after her. Over her mother's worried protests about "Jessica," Tess "lovingly" urged Viki to go and get on with her good deeds, hustling her out of the drawing room and throwing the doors shut behind her.

At Todd's house, Blair blustered past Keys, the bodyguard, asking to see "the lady of the house." Keys insisted there was no lady, but Blair showed him the nightgown she'd found in Todd's bag and asked who it was for. Keys remained silent, but when Blair began to sweet-talk him in the hopes of getting to the truth, Keys turned lustful and flirtatious, asking if Blair would put on the nightgown for him in order to get upstairs and find Todd's mystery woman.

Back in 1968, Jeremiah lent Bo his copy of Mysteries of Time by renowned professor Del Fina. Bo seemed skeptical about the metaphysics involved but was prepared to try anything to get back to 2008. Meanwhile, Rex tried again to reach Gigi by cell phone. At the same time, in the present day, Gigi and Brody settled in for their shifts at Rodi's. Gigi handed Brody her purse to put behind the counter, and after she walked away, her cell phone rang. When Brody picked it up, he saw that Rex was calling and hesitated; before he could answer it, Rex lost the signal in 1968.

Jeremiah suggested to Rex and Bo that the phone was the "conduit" through the "gateway" of time that would allow them to reach 2008, but Rex was frustrated, having almost drained his phone's battery and desperately in need of a charger. Jeremiah warned Bo that he could not change history and destabilize the timeline, but Bo feared that he already had by ending Asa's relationship with Emma Bradley, endangering David Vickers' future existence.

Rex gave the phone another try, and Brody did pick up but refused to let Rex talk to Gigi, even though Rex insisted it was a matter of life and death. Brody lied that Gigi was in the shower and that he was about to get in with her, telling Rex that he was living in the past. "That's exactly what I'm trying to tell you!" Rex yelled. Brody told Rex to stay there, and hung up, deleting all of Rex's recent calls as he did so.

Rex was furious that Brody had hung up on him, and Bo tried to reassure him, saying that Brody could've been lying. Jeremiah pressured Bo and Rex to make sure history was righted and that David Vickers was conceived; otherwise, he said, they'd have no way to get home. Bo told Rex that in order to save their lives, he would have to, as Asa, go to the hotel across the street and "put the spurs" to Emma Bradley; he told Rex not to think of her as Gigi, who Rex would be home with soon.

Rex reluctantly agreed and watched as Bo left the café. As he watched, he toyed with Jeremiah's book and then made the connection between Dr. Del Fina and Madame Delphina, who bore a striking resemblance to each other. "Jumpin' Jehosophat! Delphina!" he said.

Gigi was dismayed to realize that her first customer at her new job was Layla, Adriana's "BFF." The ladies exchanged some barbs about Adriana, who Layla said was in Paris and dying to return home to her husband. Gigi hurried off to get Layla some water, while Layla waited for Vincent, her date. When Vincent arrived, Layla was irritated, complaining that he'd had no time for her lately. Vincent claimed he was just busy trying to "make money" and provide for his lady love, but his excuses blew up in his face when another attractive young woman approached the table, having overheard Layla and Vincent's argument.

The young woman said that "Vinnie" couldn't be Layla's boyfriend, because he was already hers. When the young woman threw a drink in Vincent's face, he was forced to admit to Layla that it was true: he'd been stepping out with both women. Vincent said Layla had been too unavailable, visiting with Evangeline at the hospital in Baltimore and jetting across the country with Adriana and Dorian earlier in the year, and that he'd needed more of her attention.

Both Layla and Vincent's "other woman" were disgusted by his excuses, and the weeping Layla told Vincent that they were over, and she'd leave his things on the front stoop. "Look for the bonfire," she said. Vincent tried to put the moves on Layla, but Brody stepped in front of her and told him to get out. Shamed, Vincent slunk away into the night, while Gigi tried to comfort the crying Layla.

On the royal jet, Tina fussed over Sarah and said they'd have a hospital check her over as soon as they landed. Sarah was puzzled but delighted that Tina was finally acting like a mom, and the estranged mother and daughter shared a hug. Out of the corner of her eye, Sarah spotted Cain rummaging in his pocket and snatched the crown jewels from his hands. Tina was stunned to realize that the jewels were what Cain had gone back to the palace for, and Cain claimed he'd taken them "for us." Sarah challenged him, saying that if that were true, he wouldn't have hidden them from the others.

Tina flashed back to a moment from the recent past, in which she herself had replaced the stones in the crown jewels with fakes, sure that "Cain [would] never know the difference." Having remembered that, she let Cain get away with his excuses.

While Cristian and Sarah tried to keep Antonio's spirits up about rescuing Talia, Cain disappeared into the cockpit and returned decked out in full skydiving gear. Tina and Sarah were shocked as Cain told them he was diving out of the plane and escaping with "the jewels." He told Tina he was sorry, but the jewels were first, and he knew she was still hung up on Cord. Before the party's astonished eyes, Cain leaped from the plane, screaming, "Geronimo!"

Sarah tried to console her mother, but Tina didn't seem too broken up about losing Cain. She said she didn't need a man but rather a companion, like her beloved dog, David Vickers, and that when she got back to Llanview, she would make finding him her first priority.

At the Llanview airport, the dynamite tag team of David Vickers and David Vickers were ready to board a plane out of town. The human David was particularly anxious to find greener pastures before he could be nailed for the accidental fire that had burned down Carlotta's diner. He talked incessantly to "Princess David Vickers" to soothe his nerves, worrying about their lack of funds for whenever they got to wherever they were going. Just then, David spotted a travel poster, which read, "Picture Yourself At St. Blaze's." To his horror, he once again could not see his reflection in the glass.

"I know people say I'm transparent, but I never took them literally!" David moaned. He chose to blame "Princess David Vickers" for his malady and told his furry counterpart that they had to say their goodbyes. When he spotted a group of nuns with a donation booth, he realized how he was going to offload the dog. "If it's good enough for Todd's baby, it's good enough for mine," David said as he "donated" Princess David Vickers to the befuddled nuns.

Ready to board his plane, David ran smack into Viki. The two friends compared notes about Addie and Charlie, and David told Viki he was headed back to L.A. to give fame and fortune another shot. Viki kindly rejected an offer to give their own "passionate love affair" another try, and David gave her a hug, pleased to see his own reflection again in the mirror behind them. With that, he left Llanview once more, just missing the arriving Tina in the terminal behind him.

Blair reluctantly modeled the nightgown for the lascivious Keys and asked if she could go upstairs yet. Just then, Todd walked in.

At Llanfair, Natalie saw Nora and Clint off and thanked them for stopping by, and Clint admitted he still loved Natalie despite everything that had happened. Tess said goodbye to Clint and Nora then ushered Jared and Natalie off to bed, smirking as she heard Jared asking Natalie about the secret room.

At Rodi's, Gigi praised Brody for his chivalry toward Layla, calling him Shane's "superhero." Brody took the compliment, guilt-ridden about ignoring Rex's call. Then Gigi walked up to her next customer: Madame Delphina.

At the airport, Viki awaited her flight and got a text message from Charlie: "Here's looking at you, kid." She was shocked when Sarah, Cristian, and Antonio walked up. They explained that they had been in Mendorra, and when Viki asked why, Cristian said it was because of "her." Viki turned around and saw her long-lost sister, Tina. "Hi, Sis," Tina said meekly.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

There Must Be Some Way Outta Here!

Rex realized that Professor Delbert Fina, in 1968, was the key to finding the way back to 2008. While Rex was engrossed in reading Fina's book, Bo interrupted and promptly announced that he and Emma were over. Following close behind, an irate Emma made it clear how disgusted she was that Bo had asked her to sleep with him, even though he had dumped her first. She was ticked off further when Rex told her that she'd had to sleep with Bo because it was a matter of life and death.

Todd was appalled when he returned home and realized that Blair was wearing a nightgown he had purchased for Marty and modeling it for Keys. He denied that it was his, but Blair reminded him that she had apparently picked up one of his bags when they had bumped into each other previously. She and Keys attempted to explain themselves out of the situation, but Todd wasn't interested. He admitted that the gown was for a woman who already knew him better than Blair did. Blair found that difficult to believe and recapped all of Todd's previous misdeeds, wondering if the woman knew of all of those.

Viki couldn't believe her eyes as Tina stood before her in the airport. Before the two women could catch up, Viki broke the news of the diner fire to the Vega brothers, and they and Sarah went off to find Carlotta. Tina admitted that she had wanted to call Viki often over the years but had always seemed to be caught up in some type of adventure. She confessed that she had just learned that she still had feelings for Cord, which had probably prompted Cain to desert her midair.

Viki pointed out that Tina had also expressed her feelings for Cord when marrying Max, which caused Tina to shudder. Viki said she understood Tina's inability to get over a man. When Tina learned of Viki's imminent departure for Africa, alone, she felt that Viki herself had to be running away from someone. "Who needs a man, anyway?" Tina asked. She felt that one could get more out of having children.

As Tess researched the secret room in Llanfair, she vowed to go back in time to make Natalie and Jared pay. Just then, the doorbell sounded. It was Rocco, from the local garage, who felt obligated to report to Viki or Natalie that he knew the cause of the car accident. Tess invited him in, insisting that he give her the information. He shared the news that someone had cut the brake lines and that he intended to go to the police.

At Rodi's, Madame Delphina offered her help in locating Rex, for $50, when Gigi asked to take her order. When Gigi balked at the price, Delphina suggested she "ask the sailor about the phone call you missed." Gigi was confused until Delphina hastily corrected herself and suggested she consult the officer. Layla asked Brody for a strong drink and told him that he was as bad as every other man around. He retorted that he had changed because he had a future.

Madame Delphina asked Brody if he had done anything sneaky recently, causing an uncomfortable Brody to look away. "You really can't be a better person for someone else. You have to do it for yourself," Layla admonished him. Gigi sauntered over and asked for her phone. Noting that she hadn't missed any calls, she suddenly realized that all of her calls were no longer listed and that everything had been erased. A shamefaced Brody confessed that Rex had called.

Carlotta was at the diner when Antonio, Cristian, and Sarah showed up. She was thrilled to see her sons and barely took note when Antonio grimaced after her fierce hug. She told them that the fire department was still conducting an investigation into the fire.

Viki and Tina rehashed ancient history, which caused Viki to remember that she had recently had a dream about Niki Smith. She thought that Niki was trying to tell her something. Viki explained that Jess had been the one who had insisted that Viki go on the trip so that Jess could try to get back to her old self without her mother hovering over her. Tina remarked that Viki had always hovered over people.

Tina announced that she needed to find David Vickers, her dog, and get back some of the time she had lost with Sarah over the years. The women admitted that they missed each other in spite of things that had happened in the past. Tina hoped to still be around when Viki returned to Llanview.

Tess confessed to Rocco that she was already working with the police in trying to determine who was threatening Natalie after recent family events and the takeover of Buchanan Enterprises. She felt that Natalie would be pushed over the edge if the reporters who consistently lurked at the police station were to learn of this newest threat with the car. She convinced Rocco to turn over the report to her, and she would notify the police herself. She wrote him a check for double the cost of the bill, as a bonus for keeping the information confidential. She also asked him if he happened to know of someone in construction. After he left, Tess vowed not to give up until Natalie and Jared paid.

Emma was dumbfounded to think that a son was trying to help his father get laid. Bo and Rex tried to explain that it was a case of abnormal circumstances. Rex pulled her aside to talk, but Emma told him that after a previous talk, she was taking better care of herself thanks to him, and so would not be just going to bed. Bo, too, was happy with her decision, since he felt that she looked young enough to be his daughter, which made him uneasy.

The men realized, too late, that if they behaved like their normal selves, it would make it difficult for them to get back to the future. Rex admitted that he hadn't realized that he wasn't supposed to change things. He decided that his next move would be to try to call the professor at the University of Austin.

Brody reported that Rex had sounded drunk on the phone and hadn't made much sense. Gigi turned abruptly and handed her money to Delphina, who realized that Bo had to have taken the ride and that both he and Rex had gone back in time. Gigi chuckled at first but quickly became annoyed, feeling the psychic had duped her. Delphina explained that a portal had opened and that she was getting her information from a physics professor in the '60s. Gigi told her about the earlier phone call she'd had with Chuck, who had Rex's cell phone. The phone was the connection between the past and present, Delphina continued, as she became quite technical with Gigi.

Todd ordered Blair from his home, telling her that she was just jealous of his new woman. He also told her to take the gown with her, as it had already been spoiled for his real woman. Blair suggested that he buy something sexier. Keys was fired, though he threatened Todd with knowing too many things about him. Todd countered that he knew lots about Keys -- enough to have him put away. Keys wasn't sure if he'd stay quiet. "Maybe, maybe not," he said.

After Viki departed, Tina headed out of the airport. On her way, she spotted the two nuns with her dog and tried to convince them that he was hers. They refused to return him until she wisely offered them a donation. They gave her the dog but were disappointed to receive only five dollars. Tina was ecstatic that she had found David Vickers and the real crown jewels, hidden in the dog's coat.

Sarah felt sure that Talia would be back and told Cristian how sorry she felt for Antonio. As Cristian looked at the framed first dollar that his parents had made, Sarah felt compelled to suggest that her own mother was the complete opposite of Carlotta. Cristian confided that he had seen the look on Tina's face when Sarah had reappeared on the plane. He told her how confident he was of her mother's love for her.

As Tess ripped up the car mechanic's report, again the doorbell chimed. It was Tina, who announced quite boldly that she and her dog were moving in.

As Gigi announced that Delphina was cut off from drinking, even if it was water, the psychic appeared to be communicating with someone alongside her. She mentioned Hamburger Hill and received the numbers six and eight. She told Gigi it was about 1986. Gigi asked at the bar and was told that Hamburger Hill was in Vietnam. As Delphina babbled on about twin paradoxes and time travel, they realized that it was 1968, not 1986. Gigi asked Delphina to get her back to 1968. Delphina offered to try.

In 1968, Professor Fina arrived at the café. He laughed and thought that he was being held hostage to a prank when Rex and Bo tried to explain their arrival from the future. When he saw the cell phone, he was speechless. He offered to help them get home. Bo and Rex asked about helping them get to 2008. He offered to try.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Hello? I Love You

Back in 1968, while listening to a song recorded by the Doors, Rex and Bo discussed how to return to the year 2008. As Bo skimmed through the local paper, he was horrified by the terrible tragedies that were taking place in the year 1968. When Clint and Chuck III entered the room and announced that they were throwing him a farewell bash, Rex was reminded that he would be shipping off to serve in Vietnam the following day. Everyone encouraged Rex to accept his fate, but Rex begged Bo to send him away to Canada. In a harsh tone, Bo told Rex to suck it up and fight for his country like a man. Rex was shocked that a father could show such little compassion for his son.

Interrupting the argument between Bo and Rex, Clint asked who the strange houseguest was that had stayed overnight at the ranch. Before Bo could respond, Professor Fina entered the room and stated that he was ready to catapult Bo and Rex back into the future. Although Bo made up an excuse to explain the professor's presence, Clint remained skeptical and chastised Rex for allowing a con man to scam Asa. After Bo ordered Clint to stay out of his affairs, Clint stated that he had better things to attend to. Bo told Clint to stay away from Maria.

Clint attempted to stand up to Bo but was instantly warned to do as he was told. Alone with Fina, Bo and Rex were determined to leave the past behind. Fed up with Fina's ramblings, Rex demanded to know if he could help them. Fina stated that he could -- as long as they hadn't done anything thus far that would alter the future. Fina's words left Bo and Rex concerned.

After learning that Bo hadn't slept with Emma, the professor said that it was possible to get around the birth of David Vickers but warned that if any further infractions were to take place, Bo and Rex could end up stuck in 1968.

Meanwhile, in a nearby room, Clint told an uncomfortable Maria how much he loved her. Noticing that Maria seemed worried, Clint begged her to tell him what was wrong. Rex reminded Bo that he needed to prevent Maria from telling Clint that she was pregnant.

As Maria prepared to tell Clint the truth, Bo barged into the room and reminded Clint that he had a job assignment to tend to. Clint refused to leave Maria's side. After Maria urged Clint to do as he was told, Clint left the ranch. Alone with Maria, Bo offered to pay her to leave town.

In Llanview, Gigi treated Shane to a special breakfast and listened to the Doors, which was playing on the top 40 countdown charts, a salute to the year 1968. An agitated Brody entered the room and attempted to change the station, opting for music from the current century, but Gigi stopped him by claiming she loved the music from that era. Realizing that his mother only made waffles on special occasions, Shane questioned what was going on. As Brody listened, Gigi told Shane that she would be leaving town for a while. She promised that she would only be gone for a few days and assured him that his dad would take good care of him while she was away.

Gigi told Shane that Rex was in trouble and needed her help. With Brody's encouragement, Shane begged his mother not to go. The child stated that he cared for Rex but loved the idea of having his parents together. Gigi pleaded with Shane to understand, but the child refused and stormed out of the room. While Gigi and Brody argued, Madame Delphina knocked on the door. Holding the book that Professor Fina had written, Delphina told Gigi that she knew exactly where to find Rex.

Rex asked exactly how Professor Fina planned to return him to the future. Meanwhile, Gigi asked Delphina exactly how she would transport Gigi to the year 1968 and back to 2008 afterward. At the exact same time, Fina and Delphina explained to Rex and Gigi the same situation. They needed to find the time portal that had placed Rex in the past. Rex and Gigi would have to pass through the portal. Professor Fina told Rex that he had never heard of two people going through the portal at the exact same time.

Gigi balked when Delphina announced that it would cost five thousand dollars to help locate Rex. As Gigi refused to pay and walked off, Delphina told a shocked Gigi that she needed to find her son's father. Realizing that Delphina wasn't a fraud, Gigi told her that she didn't have five thousand dollars and asked what would happen to Rex. Delphina refused to offer any information without a monetary gift.

Fina racked his brain to uncover the portal. Holding his cell phone, Rex announced that the phone was the portal. Rex explained that he had placed a call to Gigi from the phone. Fina told Rex that he believed that Rex and Bo were running out of time.

Initially, Maria refused to accept Bo's bribe. After realizing that Bo didn't want a Mexican grandchild, an angry Maria took the money. Before leaving the ranch, she told Bo that his grandson would be a better person for never meeting Asa Buchanan.

Bo returned to Rex and Professor Fina. Sadly, Bo informed Rex and Fina that he had set things in motion. Sensing that Bo felt terrible about sending Maria away, Rex reminded Bo that he wasn't anything like Asa. Fina told the men that the time portal grew smaller with every passing day. He feared that they had already been in the year 1968 for so long that perhaps the portal was too small to enter through.

Fina said that if the portal closed before they reached it, the men would have to stay in 1968. If they missed the current portal, they would have to wait until the year 1988, to make another attempt. Fina informed the men that if they wanted to return to the year 2008, they would have to leave that night.

Inside the carriage house, Brody asked Shane to understand his mother's decision. Brody promised that he would never leave Shane. Gigi returned and apologized for upsetting Shane. She announced that she wouldn't be leaving and mumbled that she could never come up with five thousand dollars. As Brody watched, Shane hugged his mother and told her that all he wanted was for her to be happy.

After much thought, Brody handed Gigi a book that she had given him years before -- he said it had always given him luck, and he felt she could use it on her trip. When Gigi opened the book, she was shocked to find a check for five thousand dollars. Brody said that it was his military benefits, and he had been saving the money for a rainy day. He urged her to accept the money and get Rex back home.

As Gigi tried to reach Madame Delphina on the phone, she panicked when she received no answer. Brody was certain that she hadn't gotten very far and offered to look for her. Seconds later, there was a knock on the door. Brody opened the door, and there stood Delphina. With a satisfied look, she said, "Well done, officer. I had a feeling you might come through!" After sharing a tearful goodbye with Shane, Gigi left with Delphina. Delphina told Gigi that she needed to go through the portal that night.

At her apartment, Sarah awoke from a nightmare about going over the falls. Cristian comforted her and assured her that she was safe. Sarah asked Cristian if he believed Talia would ever return from Mendorra. Cristian was certain that Antonio would find a way to rescue her.

Sarah happily greeted Layla. When Layla asked where Talia was, Cristian prevented Sarah from revealing the truth and stated that Talia was spending time with her family. After Cristian left, Sarah told Layla that she and Cristian had declared their love for one another. Layla appeared bothered by Sarah's happiness.

At Llanfair, Tina removed the jewels from David Vickers' dog jacket and placed them in Viki's wall safe. As she locked the safe, Tess appeared and advised her to leave Llanfair immediately. Hearing Tess's screams, Natalie and Jared rushed into the room. Instantly, Tess's demeanor changed and she happily introduced Natalie to "Auntie Tina."

Although Tina greeted Natalie, she appeared curious by "Jessica's" behavior. An impatient Tess watched as Tina and Natalie appeared to bond with one another. Feeling content, Tina looked around the library and stated how nice it was to be at home. When Natalie encouraged her to stay for a while, Tina said that she intended to reside at Llanfair for quite some time. With disgust, Tess asked Tina what made her feel that Llanfair was her home. Tina informed Tess that Victor Lord, Tina's father, had built the mansion for his heirs, and she had no intention of leaving.

Natalie was relieved when Tess told her that no one had tampered with her brakes. Leaving Natalie, Jared, and Tina in the library, Tess said to herself, "Death is too easy for you, Natalie. I can think of something way more painful."

In the library, Natalie admitted to Tina that Jared had posed as an imposter and that the entire family was upset by Natalie's relationship with Jared. To Natalie's surprise, Tina remarked that there was nothing wrong with being an imposter. Tina believed that Jared's actions were no worse than Asa's. Natalie and Jared listened intently as Tina recalled how Asa had paid off Maria to leave town, resulting in years of Cord never knowing his true identity.

Sarah and Cristian visited Tina at Llanfair. Overhearing Cristian mention that an unscrupulous contractor was attempting to place a bid to rebuild Carlotta's diner, Tess recovered the contractor's business card.

Expressing her love for Sarah, Tina announced that she planned to stay in Llanview indefinitely and build a life with her daughter. An ecstatic Sarah was pleased to have her mother back in her life.

At the police station, Antonio briefed John about what had taken place in Mendorra. John showed little reaction when Antonio confessed that Tina and Cain were the cause of the fiasco and that Cain had escaped with the jewels.

As Antonio and John discussed possible ways to get Talia back to the states, the mayor entered the office and announced that no one from the Llanview Police Department would be stepping foot in Mendorra. Antonio and John argued that all efforts to return Talia should be exhausted and reminded the mayor that Ramsey -- the mayor's appointment -- was to blame for everything.

Mayor Floyd said that he didn't have the time to worry about Talia because he didn't have a police commissioner. The mayor said that Ramsey was a disappointment, and he needed to find someone that would heal the department. John said that there was only one person who could accomplish that. To John's surprise, Floyd said that John was that man.

Citing that he was only a cop and that the job of commissioner only belonged to Bo, John refused to accept the position. Floyd asked John to step in as interim commissioner until he found a replacement. Without waiting for John to accept the offer, Floyd congratulated him and left.

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