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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 11, 2008 on GL
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Monday, August 11, 2008

The defense attorney had no further questions for Cassie and Jeffrey, and chose not to redirect. As Cassie left the stand, she gave G a long, rueful stare. G turned his head and his lawyer whispered that it was good that G appeared remorseful. G replied that he actually did have remorse. Jeffrey called for a short recess before Daisy, the next witness, took the stand. After court recessed, Jeffrey and Reva couldn't find Daisy. As Reva called Ashlee, Jeffrey instructed Reva to tell Ashlee that Daisy would face obstruction charges if she didn't get down to the courthouse in two seconds. Reva was shocked that Jeffrey would charge Daisy, but Jeffrey replied that Daisy was his key to winning the case for Tammy. Reva told Jeffrey that he hadn't failed Cassie or Ava, but Jeffrey insisted the case was about Tammy. He couldn't go easy on Daisy, and he hoped Reva could deal with that. Reva gave him a long hug.

While in private, G told Cyrus that Cassie had gotten to him. He was unsure how his lawyer could trump a dead girl's mother. Cyrus replied that Daisy would be on the stand shortly. G didn't know what Daisy would testify to, and he wished that he'd never even come to Springfield to find her. Nothing good had come from him stepping foot back into that town.

Meanwhile Daisy sat out by the hit-and-run site on Old Mill Road. Alan joined her and said that Gus was with them. He told her that Gus wanted her to do the right thing and reminded her that Gus had protected her after he'd found her in the wrecked car. Daisy said Gus had done that because she'd been high. She said Harley would want her to tell the truth. Alan reminded Daisy that even though Harley knew that it was wrong to hide Rafe, Harley was doing it anyway because she thought Rafe deserved a second chance. Daisy wondered about Tammy, and Alan replied that Tammy had given Jonathan more than a second chance. Alan doubted that Tammy would regret that choice.

Daisy had a flashback of her first encounter with G. He had been homeless and breaking into dorm rooms for shelter over the Christmas break. Daisy had remained at school over the break. She was in her room when G had barged in to check out the room's suitability. He'd said he'd come upstairs to her level of the dorm because he thought there might have been a better view than the previous room he'd broken into. Smiling at her, he'd added that he'd been right. Daisy then had another flashback of G showing her a skeleton key that he'd used to pick locks. He'd offered it to her, but she wondered if he still needed it. G had said his need for it depended upon whether or not he had to break into another room or she'd let him stay in hers.

Meanwhile Frank saw Natalia over at Company after he'd been to court that morning. He told her that he was taking Zach to the park later. Natalia thought he must have meant to say Jude because Zach was with Harley and Rafe in Europe. Frank did mean to say Zach. Apparently, Harley had sent Zach home because things had become dangerous in Europe. Natalia got upset when Frank told her that "someone who shot first and asked questions later" had spotted Harley and Rafe. Frank tried to calm Natalia by assuring her that Harley was watching out for Rafe.

Daisy finally showed up at the courthouse and told Reva and Jeffrey that she'd gone to the crime scene to try to understand how Tammy might have felt at the point of impact. Daisy was sorry about what had happened to Tammy. Reva asked her to do her best to make things right. Daisy was brought to the stand and Jeffrey questioned her.

Daisy testified that she was in the back seat of the car and G had been driving. Jeffrey asked her if she liked her cousin Tammy. Daisy said she'd loved Tammy. Jeffrey asked Daisy to recount what had happened that night. Daisy said that everything was her fault. She told the court that there had been no hit job. She and G had just been out driving that night. Jeffrey told the judge that Daisy had changed her story. Daisy explained that she'd lied on her initial statement because she didn't want the court to know that she'd gotten some ecstasy pills from a kid in school and had taken them without eating. She said while G had been driving, she'd felt like vomiting. Daisy swore that the second G had turned his attention from the road out of concern for Daisy had been the instant that the car hit Tammy. If Daisy hadn't gotten sick, Daisy said that Tammy wouldn't have been hit.

Jeffrey decided to treat Daisy as a hostile witness and began attacking her credibility. He brought up the fact that Daisy had been in and out of juvenile hall and she had been sent there by her own mother. He also brought up that Daisy had met Rafe in the detention center and Rafe was a fugitive from the law at that very point in time. He said Daisy had a thing for the bad boys, and the court shouldn't believe a word she'd said. Jeffrey deemed her a liar, willing to cover up the murder of her own cousin. Reva hung her head and G jumped up, demanding Jeffrey leave Daisy alone. The judge called for order, and Jeffrey disdainfully said he had no further questions for that witness.

Reva chased Daisy through the courthouse to ask her why she'd lied. Daisy denied lying, saying that she'd been the only other person in the car to know what had really transpired. Daisy insisted that someone needed to give G a second chance and testifying any differently wouldn't have helped Tammy. Daisy said she and G were "outsiders." Reva tried to convince Daisy that she had family and loved ones, but Daisy insisted she'd been abandoned when Harley had given her up for adoption, even though she'd had two great parents in the Lamays. Daisy thought that she and G understood each other. Reva told Daisy that she was loved and she did belong. She sadly warned Daisy that one day she'd have to explain herself to Cassie.

Meanwhile Josh caught up to Cassie to see if she were okay. She said she was leaving because she'd rather be home when R.J. arrived than to stay at the trial. Cassie went to Tammy's grave to tell Tammy that her part in the trial was over. As she told Tammy that she wanted to spend every moment she could with R.J., Josh arrived. He said he was still concerned about Cassie and wondered if he could do anything. Cassie asked him to file for divorce that day. She felt the trial had ended for her that day and if they filed for divorce, as well, then the following day could be about new beginnings. She didn't think their marriage was a failure, saying that Josh had come into her life to help her get over losing Tammy. Josh thought Cassie had helped him find his faith. They decided that their marriage hadn't failed; it just hadn't lasted.

Cassie and Josh went to Mel's office and had Mel draw up divorce papers. Mel tried to be professional in presenting the papers, but as their friend, Mel said they shouldn't end their marriage casually. Josh told her that they'd been seeing a marriage counselor and the divorce wasn't casual. Mel asked for the reason for the divorce. Cassie and Josh said they wanted to use "irreconcilable differences." Mel wondered why they couldn't work things out after they'd already been through so much together. Cassie said they'd been through too much. Josh believed that a lot of things had changed between them as a result of their past issues. Cassie added that they were no longer the same people after suffering through the problems they'd had. Cassie and Josh both apologized to each other that their marriage was ending that way.

Josh took Cassie to the farm and Cassie asked Josh to be there for Will and R.J. if they needed him. He replied, "I'm their father. End of story." He told Cassie that he thought he had a chance with Reva. He wanted Cassie to know from him that he planned to go after that chance. Cassie said she'd already known he'd do that. Smiling, she guessed that "this" was goodbye. Upon leaving, Josh said he'd be around if she needed anything.

Meanwhile, once testimony had concluded in the courtroom, Jeffrey gave his closing argument. He said Daisy and Cyrus were witnesses with criminal records and couldn't be believed. He asked the court to believe Cassie and said that Tammy would never see another day because of G's premeditated actions that night. He asked them to deliberate and find Grady Foley guilty of first-degree murder. Court went into recess. A very short amount of time later, Cyrus and Jeffrey were surprised to learn that the jury had reached a verdict. Jeffrey called Cassie to tell her. When court reconvened, the jury found G not guilty.

Jeffrey, Reva, and Cassie, who'd just reentered the courtroom, were all devastated by the news. Relief washed over Alan. Daisy rushed into G's arms, saying that she and Tammy had given him a second chance. As the two kissed, Jeffrey told Reva that it wasn't right. Reva said it was over since the jury had found G not guilty. Jeffrey vowed that it wasn't over and he left. Reva ran into Josh as she turned to go after Jeffrey. She told Josh the verdict and then hastily continued out of the courtroom.

At the police station later, Alan told Natalia that he'd been set free by the day's verdict. Because of that freedom, he said he could help Rafe. He prodded her to call Rafe. Natalia left Rafe a voicemail saying that Alan had received a message from Gus. She said Gus wanted Rafe to come home and they'd do all they could to help Rafe upon his return.

Meanwhile Cassie went to Tammy's grave. Cyrus watched her from a distance as she told Tammy that she'd been telling the truth when she'd said she needed to move on from Tammy's death and concentrate on R.J. However, after the not guilty verdict, Cassie said she didn't know if she really could move on.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Outside the police station, Mallet presented Marina with concert tickets; however, Marina was disinterested in the concert in light of Grady Foley's not guilty verdict. Reading the case files, Marina said there was no reason Foley should have walked. Marina figured that Grady was a habitual criminal and she planned to be there when he struck again. Mallet reminded her that Grady had been on trial, not Cyrus. He urged her to let the case go. Marina snapped that she knew which Foley brother needed to be in jail and she might have let the case go if her best friend hadn't been the victim. Mallet wanted Marina to admit that she wasn't objective when it came to the Foley brothers, citing how much she'd been smiling when she'd had lunch with Cyrus the other day. Marina retorted that she'd known what Cyrus had been up to and pointed out that Mallet had rescued Dinah from jail. She told Mallet that she was taking her files to a judge to get court ordered surveillance for Grady Foley.

Later Marina angrily stalked around Company and Buzz guessed that she and Mallet had had their first fight. When Buzz congratulated her, she asked him if he even wanted to know what the fight had been about. Buzz figured it'd been about sex or money, and he didn't want to hear anything about his granddaughter's sex life. Marina said she and Mallet hadn't even had sex and their abstinence should count for something. Buzz made a rude remark about Mallet, which caused Marina to retort that Mallet was considerate and loving. She grunted, realizing that Buzz had tricked her into saying nice things about Mallet. Coop and Frank joined the conversation. Frank told Marina to be careful in her relationship with Mallet. Coop rhetorically asked who'd bailed Dinah out of jail. Marina told Coop to mind his own business and then she left.

Meanwhile at Maximus, Bill buried his grief in his work. Billy stopped by to tell Bill that it was okay to grieve. After Billy left, Dinah entered Bill's office to harangue him for locking her out of the house and changing all the security codes. Bill sarcastically said he'd forgotten to mention the changes to her. She wondered what kind of brother threw his sister in jail and then refused to bail her out. He told Dinah that he'd been angry and he'd needed to lash out at someone. He said he'd decided to drop the embezzlement charges against her. Dinah was still upset and Bill suggested they go to Towers for lunch. He said she'd see that everything he'd done had been for her own good.

At Towers, Dinah said she thought Bill was punishing her. Bill doubted that punishment would deter her erratic behavior. Instead, he'd decided to change their situation. Dinah learned that Bill had somehow gotten Dinah's power of attorney without her knowledge. He said he'd put the house, their stocks, bonds, and cash reserves all into his name. Dinah argued that she'd been the one to finagle the house and the company from Alan. For her good work, Bill granted her permission to stay in the house. Glaring at Bill, Dinah shoved her plate across the table.

After Dinah left, Vanessa joined Bill at his table. Bill pretended not to understand why Dinah had been so upset, but Vanessa bluntly said it had been because Bill had had Dinah thrown in jail. Bill told his mother that his older sister sometimes behaved like a child and one had to set limits for children. Vanessa gasped at his gall, wondering if that meant she should set limits on her childish son Bill. Bill said he had a meeting to attend and left Vanessa at the table.

Meanwhile Dinah visited Mallet at his hotel and caught him fresh out of the shower. She told him that Bill had dropped the charges against her, and then handed him an envelope with the bail money that Mallet had posted. When Mallet said he trusted her, Dinah murmured that she was glad someone did. Mallet wondered if Bill were giving her trouble. Dinah replied that Bill was keeping her on a tight leash like a good poodle. Mallet asked if he could help, but Dinah didn't really think Marina would like that. Mallet replied that Marina understood his friendship with Dinah; however, when Dinah asked if Marina was okay with Mallet posting Dinah's bail, Mallet was slow to agree. As they spoke, Marina wandered through Mallet's open doorway to discover Mallet standing in a towel talking to Dinah. Dinah explained that she was repaying the bail money and then made a hasty exit.

Once Dinah left, Mallet tried to explain why Dinah had been there. Putting her arms around his neck and kissing him, Marina uttered that she didn't care. Marina said they talked way too much. Mallet removed Marina's shirt and they made love. Afterward, Mallet wondered what made Marina decide it had been time. Marina said she thought she'd been on a mission to make Mallet prove something. Mallet thought she wanted him to prove that he wouldn't abandon her like Cyrus had. Marina said he'd passed the test and that day, he'd been "really, really good."

Meanwhile as Lizzie packed for L.A., Alan entered the house in a celebratory mood due to G's acquittal. Alan was ready to put the past behind him and move on. Lizzie decided that she'd escape her unpleasant memories by returning to L.A. Alan asked Lizzie how she'd like to see a proper memorial established for Tammy. He proposed the "Tammy Winslow Wing at Cedars Hospital for Children." Lizzie said they couldn't afford it. Alan thought they could some day. Lizzie rolled her eyes, saying, "There's not enough money in the world for what you want."

Later, Alan had just gotten off the phone, reassuring his groupies that they could still count on him, when Alex came over for a visit. Alex was amazed that Grady had beaten his charges. She asked Alan if the communications he'd been having with Gus were real. Alan said, "As real as we are." Alex admonished Alan for using the dreams to make Daisy change her testimony and to manipulate other vulnerable people. Alan defended himself, saying that Gus had given the gift to him above all others.

As they played cards, Alex said she wouldn't tell anyone if Alan were using his Gus visions to cover up something else. Alan said that he wasn't. The only thing Alan totally believed in was Gus. He wondered if Alex would want visits from her deceased son, Lujack, and Alex replied that she certainly would. Alan said the gift he'd received from Gus had restored the power and confidence that Alan felt he'd lost. It had opened his eyes to many things he hadn't seen before. Alex admitted that he was indeed glowing. Alan believed his hope would reunite his family and he intended to continue spreading happiness. "And gain back Spaulding Enterprises and all the perks that go with it?" Alex asked. Alan smiled, replying, "Are you with me?"

Sometime later, Alan went to Towers where he saw Dinah. He sent her a cocktail and then joined her. Dinah figured that Alan wanted to gloat because he'd avoided jail while she'd spent the night there. Alan said brother-sister relationships were complicated. Alan hadn't planned to gloat. Instead he congratulated her on beating him. They toasted to being free, whether or not their freedom was deserved. When Dinah said she wasn't one of Alan's groupies, he replied that she could be if she wanted to. He asked her if she wanted a word from Ross. Dinah became offended that Alan would try to manipulate her with her dead father. Not meaning to have offended her, Alan apologized. Since Bill possessed Alan's company, Alan thought that Dinah and he shouldn't be enemies. Dinah retorted that the company belonged to her and Bill, not Alan. Alan replied, "We'll see about that. Uh, just let me know if your brother gets too big for his tailor-made breeches." Dinah said she'd never turn to Alan. Upon leaving, Alan suggested that he could help her put her brother in his place.

Meanwhile, Lizzie visited Billy to tell him that she was having a memorial statue made for Max. She planned to present it to Bill and then return to L.A. Billy felt that Bill needed Lizzie more than he did the memorial statue, but Lizzie said she couldn't get sucked back into Bill's drama. Together with Vanessa, they awaited Bill in the mansion's parlor. When Bill entered, he saw the three of them and a large crate. Bill said he didn't want the crate. Lizzie explained what a hope and blessing children were and told him that Max had been a blessing. Billy added that Max had been loved by all of them. Vanessa said that they all loved Bill as well. Bill broke down, saying that Max would have been the best part of him. Lizzie hugged him as he cried.

The statue was erected on the patio beside the statues for Sarah and Beth's miscarried baby. Bill thanked Lizzie for insisting on the statue. He lamented that things were different for Lizzie and Sarah. Bill said Max was dead, but Sarah was alive. He wondered if Lizzie might pursue Sarah and bring her home. Lizzie stared thoughtfully at Sarah's egg-shaped statue.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In the mansion's parlor, Dinah apologized to Bill for missing Max's memorial, but she'd been unsure that Bill had wanted her to attend. Bill dismissively said it was over. He'd heard from Hilda that Dinah was planning a party at their house that evening. He told Dinah that she couldn't go to the staff with her every whim, but he agreed to let her have her party. Since he was still being scrutinized in the press, he requested a list of the attendees. After Dinah handwrote her list, Bill perused it, making sure no tabloid reporters had been invited. Bill instructed her not to add anyone else to the list. Dinah asked him to attend, but he said he had other plans and then he left. Needing support, Dinah called Remy to talk.

Meanwhile, on Remy's way to met Mel at Company, he called someone named Bo to find out how much it was to "get in" that night. When he met Mel, she seemed worried about him. He assured her that he had no plans to explode as he'd done after Tammy's death. Mel informed him of a security job at the university where their father worked. Remy didn't want any job working around their father, who'd always harshly judged Remy. Remy didn't blame their father, because Remy knew he'd always been a screw-up; however Remy said he'd enjoyed being an EMT. He wanted to regain his job. He planned on making himself a better person, whether or not Ava returned. Remy received a call from Dinah and then left to meet up with her at the mansion.

When Remy arrived, Dinah invited him to her party. Remy wasn't interested, but Dinah said she was lonely in the house without him. When Dinah added that Bill wouldn't be there, Remy agreed to show up. Bill wandered up and asked them what they were doing. Dinah said she'd needed someone to talk to and called Remy. If Dinah needed to talk, Bill said, she could talk to her brother. Bill then noted that Remy's name hadn't been on her guest list. Dinah retorted, "It is now." Bill sarcastically thought it was great that Dinah had time to party since she no longer had any real responsibilities. Remy said Bill wasn't worth it and walked off. Dinah snapped at Bill that it was her life and then she followed Remy.

Later, Remy and Dinah were on the patio talking about Ava and Max. Remy said Ava didn't call him, but he called her periodically. Dinah felt lucky to have a friend like Remy. When Hilda walked by, Dinah asked her how many people had RSVPed for her party. Hilda broke the news that Bill had canceled her party due to excessive chemicals in the pool. She told a red-faced Dinah that the pool had been drained. Dinah ordered that the pool be refilled, but Hilda said construction workers were in it. Dinah strode off to handle the matter, leaving Remy alone on the patio where he saw Max's memorial statue. He touched it sadly.

Remy then called his EMT dispatcher, looking to be reinstated; however, he was told that he'd already been replaced. Remy said he was the best paramedic they'd had and he'd work for free until he could be trusted again. Even though he'd been replaced, Remy knew the station was always short-handed. Later, Remy showed up at his station dressed in his EMT uniform. The dispatcher told Remy to go home, but Remy decided he'd wait around there until they needed him. Remy sent Ava a text message, telling her that he was on the road to reclaiming his job. He wrote that he missed her and Max, and he thought of them everyday.

At Harley's old house, Lizzie walked in on Beth and Alan arguing. Alan had just learned that Beth had been taking law classes in the evenings at the university since June. Beth had just informed him that she'd signed up for some classes that were only offered during the day. Alan accused Beth of abandoning Peyton. Beth told him not to even go there because the rest of Alan's children had been raised by nannies. When Lizzie volunteered to take Peyton to Mrs. Jones, her babysitter, she accidentally called the child "Sarah" instead of "Peyton."

After Lizzie and Peyton left, Beth worried about them. Alan told her to go after them because her law classes were a waste of time. Beth said she'd started taking the law classes for Alan. She'd become concerned when he'd started depending on Gus and his visions. Alan reaffirmed his faith in Gus since the trial. Though Beth had faith in Alan, she said she needed to attend school for herself.

After checking Maximus' declining stock, Alan went to Towers to meet Alex and get some figures he'd wanted from Maximus' accounts. Alex had been able to obtain them because she still had friends in the department. Alan said everything was going according to Gus's plan and Alex giggled uneasily. Alan told Alex that she'd been smart to suggest they befriend Dinah. He said Alex was right; Dinah's brother treated her like an imbecile and they'd use that to their advantage. Alex reminded Alan that Dinah had been the one to steal the company from him. Alan replied that Bill had then stolen it from Dinah. If Alan got the company back, Alex wondered how he'd deal with Lizzie's feelings for a defeated Bill. Alan thought Lizzie would just get over it. Alex said Lizzie was a lot like her father. Alan doubted Lizzie would go crazy like Phillip had. Instead, Alan believed Bill would be the one to go over the edge.

Later, Dinah called a meeting with Alan at Towers. She told him that they had business to discuss over the most expensive bottle of champagne in the house. Alan wondered to what he could attribute Dinah's change of heart in dealing with him. "Chlorine," Dinah responded. "It's a chemical they put in pools." If she worked with Alan, she wanted it in writing that she was the boss. Alan said he had no intention of sharing his power with her, but he'd give her a piece of the company. When Dinah said she'd take her chances with Bill, Alan decided that he'd try to work something out to Dinah's satisfaction. Growing serious, Alan asked her how she felt about his contacts with Gus. "I don't care if you're communicating with Elvis," Dinah said. She was only concerned about proving to Bill that she was still in charge, saying, "I can giveth and I can damn well taketh away." Alan said that was all he needed to know and they toasted.

Meanwhile, Lizzie strolled up to the babysitter's house but decided that it looked like something out of "Hansel and Gretel." Lizzie delayed dropping off Peyton and instead took her to breakfast at Towers. They ran into Alex, and Lizzie told Alex that Beth was having separation anxiety from Peyton. After talking to Alex, Lizzie took Peyton back to Mrs. Jones's house. When Mrs. Jones opened the door, Lizzie questioned her credibility. Mrs. Jones invited Lizzie in for tea, but Lizzie said she couldn't stay and then left with Peyton still in tow.

Lizzie retreated to the lake with Peyton where Bill found her. Lizzie told him that she didn't trust the babysitter with Sarah. "Peyton," Bill corrected. When he heard that Lizzie had been ignoring Beth's calls, Bill decided to go with Lizzie to check Mrs. Jones out. Once at Mrs. Jones's house, Bill helped Mrs. Jones withstand Lizzie's grueling questions. Strolling away with Peyton, Mrs. Jones kindly told Lizzie that everything would be fine. Lizzie tried to go after them, but Bill held her back. Lizzie said Peyton thought Lizzie was abandoning her. Lizzie grew upset, crying that she was missing everything in Sarah's life. Lizzie was frantic that Sarah might be afraid of the boogieman and wondered if Sarah cried out for her mother. Bill tried to calm her by saying that Jonathan was there for Sarah, but Lizzie sobbed that it wasn't enough.

Bill took Lizzie to Company and they saw Alan exiting. Lizzie assured Alan that Peyton was at the sitter's. She then realized that she didn't give Peyton's blanket to Mrs. Jones. She rushed off with the blanket, saying she'd only be a short while. Alan gave Bill his condolences about the baby. Alan then informed him that he'd soon be taking Spaulding back. Bill said the name of the Company was Maximus. Though Bill said he hadn't a clue what the voices were telling Alan, he said that the company battle was over. Alan informed Bill that forces bigger than the both of them were guiding Alan. Bill retorted that Bill was being guided by common sense, and the only power Alan had was what he'd order on his Buzz burger.

Alan said he had influential friends in town that believed he was a prophet. Bill scoffed that Alan would use his visions to gain support for himself. Alan assured Bill that his visions were real. Alan said Bill had built his house on sand and lies, even naming the company after a child that wasn't even his. Max was Remy's, and Maximus belonged to Alan. Alan said Gus had been right about that and Gus was also right when he'd predicted that it was over for Bill. Bill replied that Spaulding Enterprises was gone. "That's what they said about Rome," Alan said, and then departed.

Later, Lizzie found Bill on the phone changing security codes on Maximus accounts. Bill told her that she shouldn't have left him alone with Alan, saying, "He's still hearing voices from the great beyond and he thinks that Maximus is his." Lizzie discouraged Bill from taking on her grandfather, because Alan always won. Bill thought that was just because Lizzie let him win. Bill pointed out that Lizzie had paid Alan's way even though he'd been the reason that Tammy was gone and Lizzie had lost Sarah. Lizzie didn't want to fight any more and said her daughter was safe. "Is she?" Bill asked. Unable to deal with it anymore, Lizzie walked away.

Meanwhile, Beth went to Company before class. When she dropped her books, Mel stooped down to pick them up. Mel noted Beth's law books and she informed Beth that she was teaching one of Beth's classes. Beth groaned that she wouldn't be getting an "A" in that course. Mel agreed. Beth apologized for her affair with Rick, saying that being with him showed Beth what she'd really needed. Mel retorted that Beth's enlightenment had come at Leah's expense. Beth decided she'd drop Mel's course, but Mel thought Beth should stay and learn something from her. Later, Beth brought Peyton home from the babysitter's house. She told Peyton that she was working hard to ensure that she'd never depend on a man for anything ever again.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Josh barged into Cross Creek with an apricot danish breakfast surprise for Reva. She said realized that he'd had to travel three towns over to get her favorite flavor, but she still wanted him to leave. Josh came inside anyway, saying he had danishes for Jeffrey, too. When Josh asked how Jeffrey was, Reva replied that Jeffrey had a lot on his plate with Ava and the loss of the trial. "Then you should let me take care of you," Josh offered. Frustrated, Reva went to the calendar, circled the weekend at the end of the month, and then told Josh that she'd just set her wedding date. Seeing the date, Josh noted that he only had two weeks to win her back. He left, saying that he had a lot of work to do. After he'd gone, Reva rolled her eyes.

Later, Josh excitedly worked at the construction site of his new church. Billy approached, wondering if Josh had talked to Cassie. Josh said they hadn't really spoken about anything but the divorce. Josh added that he'd spoken to Reva and had declared his intentions to have her back. Billy replied that Reva was marrying Jeffrey. "In two weeks," Josh responded. Josh explained that his life had been stagnant before, but he'd found a sense of accomplishment since he was filing for divorce, constructing a new church, and rebuilding a life with Reva. Billy hadn't seen Josh that "stoked" about anything in a long time. Billy noted that Josh was digging on the site without having approval on the building plans and worried that Josh had developed a disregard for rules. Josh tried to brush off the technicality, but Billy said Josh couldn't have everything. He couldn't be a pastor, builder, and a home wrecker. Josh requested to see the building plans, and asked, "Home wrecker, Billy? Really?" Billy and Josh chuckled. Later at the church, Josh put on his collar and then smiled as he cleaned the dirt from beneath his nails.

After talking to Josh, Billy paid Reva a visit. Reva said she was marrying Jeffrey in a couple weeks and thought Josh might cause trouble. Billy knew Josh would indeed cause trouble. Billy said he'd enjoy seeing the contest between Josh and Jeffrey. He was anxious to learn who the best man really was. Reva said Billy was the best man. Billy thought that if Jeffrey and Reva could survive in light of Josh's feelings, then perhaps they really were solid and meant to be.

Reva visited Jeffrey at his office to tell him that their wedding would be two weeks from then. When Reva added that Josh had been driving her crazy, Jeffrey wondered if Josh were the reason that they rushing the wedding. Reva said Josh wasn't the reason. She couldn't wait to be Jeffrey's wife and she felt they were overdue for some joy in their lives. Jeffrey didn't think he deserved happiness because he couldn't get Tammy justice or help Ava or Max. He said he couldn't even get a good case together against Alan because of Reva.

Before he'd met Reva, he'd been a cutthroat lawyer who'd get the job done by any means necessary. However, with Reva in his life, he'd changed. Since she was his family, he was reluctant to use his former tactics. Reva said she was "really sorry" that her presence had stopped him from doing something stupid or dangerous. On the one hand, Reva was glad for the change in him. On the other, she didn't want to be the reason that he couldn't live the life he wanted. Jeffrey replied that the life he wanted was with Reva. Reva murmured that she didn't want to spend her honeymoon visiting Jeffrey in jail. Jeffrey decided he needed to go somewhere to think, and left.

Meanwhile, Natalia visited Alan at Harley's old house. She hadn't heard from Rafe, but Alan seemed certain that Rafe had gotten her message from the other day. He reiterated that Gus felt Rafe would be safer in Springfield than abroad. Alan showed her an expensive pen that he'd given Gus when Gus had worked at Spaulding. He said he wanted Rafe to have the pen. Alan envisioned that one day Rafe would work at Spaulding. "Spaulding Enterprises?" Natalia asked. Alan replied that he would have his company back. It was what Gus wanted.

Meanwhile Jeffrey and Olivia both sought solace at the church. Olivia didn't think Jeffrey should blame himself for losing the trial or for Ava's problems. Olivia had heard from Ava and said she was doing well in her treatment. They both thought it was unfair that Ava had lost Max and Tammy had lost her life, but Alan still roamed free. When Jeffrey exited the church, he was angered to see Alan strolling by. Alan told Jeffrey that he was on the way to the mansion. Jeffrey thought Alan had some nerve to come near Tammy's burial site. Alan said he was sorry that Tammy was dead; however, Alan believed that he was meant to be free.

Later at Company, Jeffrey was sitting outside making calls about the Foley trial transcripts. Natalia approached and asked him what would happen to Rafe once he returned to town. Jeffrey said he'd do his best to help Rafe because Rafe was a good kid. He felt that Natalia deserved to have her child home with her. Jeffrey called Reva from his office. He left her a voicemail telling her that she'd been right all along. All he wanted at that point was to marry her and begin their life together. He said he'd dropped the Alan thing because he'd just wasted too much time on it. He'd taken a whole month off from work and he planned give her the best honeymoon anywhere in the world that she wanted to go. "I love you," he said and hung up.

Some time later, Natalia ran into Olivia at the Beacon. Natalia noticed that Olivia carried shopping bags with baby clothes. Olivia said she'd tried to return them to the store, but she'd missed the deadline. Natalia said Olivia's loss was difficult. She thought perhaps all the things happening to them were just part of an overall plan. Guessing that Natalia had spoken to Alan, Olivia grew outraged that Natalia was still listening to the bile Alan was spewing. Whether Alan's visions were real or not, Natalia said they'd come true. Alan sincerely believed them and Natalia wanted to as well. Olivia yelled that Gus wasn't in heaven pulling strings. If he had been, none of those bad things would be happening to them. Olivia slammed her door on Natalia and started crying in her room.

Meanwhile Alan had somehow sneaked into his old mansion and Lizzie found him in the parlor. He was making big plans, and he told Lizzie which wings he thought he'd resettle various family members into. Lizzie asked him where Sarah would sleep. Alan seemed confused and reminded her that Jonathan was in hiding with Sarah. Lizzie reminded him that he'd promised to help her find Sarah. Alan back-pedaled on that promise, and Lizzie said he was starting to sound like the old Alan, who'd used any tactics available to achieve his ends. Suddenly she found it very suspicious that the only vision from Gus that Alan had been incorrect about had been the one relating to Sarah. Alan told her not to blame him because Jonathan had taken Sarah. "I can't believe you just said that to my face!" Lizzie raged, then continued, "Jonathan took her because of you!" Alan said he wanted Sarah back, too. Lizzie said he was unbelievable and then she left.

Lizzie went to Cross Creek and asked Reva for Jonathan's contact information. When Reva said she didn't have it, Lizzie asked her to tell Jonathan that she was sick again or make up some kind of lie to get him to return to town with Sarah. Reva refused to lie and said Jonathan wouldn't return as long as Alan was around. Reva had been hoping a guilty verdict in the Foley trial would bring Jonathan and Sarah home, but that verdict had never come. Lizzie cried, saying that it was easier for Reva because she had her wedding to look forward to. Reva responded that she wanted at least one of her children at the ceremony. Reva promised Lizzie that if she did speak to Jonathan, she'd do her best to persuade him. Reva and Lizzie hugged.

Meanwhile Olivia stormed into Alan's house, berating him for filling Natalia's head with lies. Alan thought that all Olivia really wanted was to know that Gus was okay with her having his heart. Olivia admitted that Alan might be correct in his assumption. Hugging Olivia, Alan said Gus was glad that Olivia had his heart. Alan showed Olivia his plans for the mansion, which included rooms for Olivia and Emma. When Olivia asked where Ava would reside, Alan smiled, glad that Olivia was giving his plans serious thought. Olivia denied considering it but wondered if he were serious or whether it was just another vision. "It's real and so are my visions," he said.

As they talked, Lizzie entered. Olivia left, saying she'd think about things. Lizzie asked Alan to use his powers to reattempt to locate Jonathan. Alan reluctantly confessed that he'd made up the numbers and visions regarding Sarah. He insisted his other visions had been real. Lizzie was astounded that Alan had let her go to that house and beg to see Sarah. Alan shrugged, saying that he'd had no idea that the address had actually been real. He'd never intentionally hurt Lizzie; however, when he'd overheard her speaking to Beth about how miserable she'd been without Sarah, Alan had wanted to give her hope. Lizzie resented Alan's attempt to give her false hope. She said he could have at least told her the truth later, but he hadn't. She wondered how he could have done that to her and then she left.

Lizzie went to Jeffrey's office to talk about Alan's case. Jeffrey said he was dropping the case against Alan. Lizzie told him that she was willing to deliver Alan to him if it would help her get Sarah back.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Jeffrey asked Lizzie why she wanted to testify against Alan. Lizzie revealed that it was because she wanted her daughter back. Jeffrey questioned Lizzie's change of heart, since she had been working on helping her grandfather. Lizzie told Jeffrey that Jonathan was keeping Sarah away because of Alan. Lizzie stated that if there were a choice between Alan or Sarah, she would choose her daughter. Lizzie informed Jeffrey that she knew that Alan hired Grady because she was there. Lizzie admitted that Alan hired Grady to get rid of Jonathan-permanently. Lizzie said that if Alan was in prison, Jonathan might return to Springfield with Sarah. Jeffrey stated that there was no guarantee of that and questioned if Lizzie could handle Alan's wrath. Jeffrey warned Lizzie that Alan would fight back. He also warned that Lizzie could destroy her relationship with her mother and she might never see her sister again. Lizzie insisted that she would not back down.

Alan tried to talk Beth out of leaving for Chicago to take law classes. Alan argued that being a lawyer did not seem to fit her and Beth replied that the family could use a lawyer. When Beth mentioned who would be taking care of Peyton, Alan offered to watch the baby while Beth was gone. Though skeptical at first, Beth gave Alan detailed instructions on how to take care of the baby. After calling her mother to ask her to check in on Alan and Peyton periodically, Beth ran into Lizzie. Beth told Lizzie about going to Chicago and asked Lizzie to check in on Alan and Peyton as well. Lizzie told Beth how much she approved of what Beth was doing and suggested that it would be good for her to be self-sufficient in case things did not work out with Alan.

At Maximus, Bill walked in on Dinah as she was ready to peek at some files. Bill told Dinah his suspicion that someone on the inside was working with Alan to help him regain his company. Bill stated that he thought he knew who it was. Dinah accused Bill of being paranoid and volunteered to investigate the matter. Bill warned Dinah not to screw up, and left. Later, Alan called Dinah, and she warned him that Bill might be onto them. Suddenly, Bill walked in and, while Alan was still on the line, apologized to Dinah for walking, out and invited her to lunch. At lunch, Bill told Dinah that their mother was worried that they were not getting along. Dinah raised her eyebrows at Bill's comment that they both loved and respected one another. Bill went to the restroom where he ran into Alan and the two exchanged words about Alan getting his company back. Later, when Bill went outside to place a call, Alan angrily confronted him and suddenly collapsed. Fearing that he would get blamed, Bill revived Alan, who kept calling him Gus. Bill tried to get Alan to Cedars, since it looked to him like Alan had a seizure. Alan told Bill that he had a vision of Gus who told him that he was doing the right thing by fighting for his legacy.

Jeffrey saw Dinah eating alone at Towers and joined her. When Dinah mentioned his upcoming wedding, Jeffrey stated that he was too busy for it and told her that he was reopening Tammy's case. When Dinah commented that the same person could not be tried twice for the same crime, Jeffrey stated that he was going after Alan.

Bill found Lizzie at Company and tried to talk to her. After Lizzie brushed him off by stating that she was tired of fighting him, Bill finally got a word in edgewise and told her that something was seriously wrong with her grandfather.

Beth returned home to find Alan playing with Peyton. Alan told Beth that he left Peyton with Lillian earlier while he bought some supplies. Alan admitted that he heard from Gus again and knew that he was on the right track. He then said that he was going after Bill with a vengeance. Meanwhile, Alan's cell phone rang. Since he did not pick up, Dinah left a message telling him that something was up.

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