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Rex was Bo in 1968; he prepared to leave for Vietnam. Tess realized that Todd was aware that she had returned. Clint had Langston investigated in order to get Buchanan Enterprises back from Dorian. Starr and Blair opted not to have a role in Starr's baby's life. John obtained a search warrant after learning that Todd had a mystery woman staying with him.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 18, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, August 18, 2008

Love The One You're With

At the Buchanan ranch in the year 1968, Rex sat in the hall thinking about losing Gigi forever. Walking away from the door, Rex said, "Sorry Morasco!" At that very moment, Gigi knocked at the door. After receiving no answer, Gigi entered the mansion and began her search for Rex.

Gigi stood in complete shock when she noticed Noelle and Mo, who were actually Maria and Jeremiah. Unable to get their attention, Gigi tried to understand what exactly was taking place. As she analyzed the situation, Renee approached her and called her Emma. Realizing that she had been transported to 1968, Gigi asked Renee if she had seen Rex. Believing Emma had hit her head while out in the storm, Renee escorted her into the dining room, to help Emma compose herself. Jeremiah entered the room and turned on his transistor radio. The radio announcer suggested that due to the severity of the storm, everyone should stay put and wait for the storm to end. Gigi was adamant that she couldn't stay the entire night at the ranch.

Startled to learn that Renee might actually be Renee Buchanan, Gigi was more amazed at the sight of Clint, who looked like Jared. Unable to learn Rex's whereabouts from Renee, Gigi questioned Clint about Rex. Clint had no idea who Rex was, but he told Gigi that he had heard the name mentioned several times that day. Clint told Gigi that a strange man, who had been hanging around Asa and Bo, referred to his brother Bo, as Rex. Clint's statement raised Gigi's suspicion that perhaps Rex was nearby.

Stepping out in the hall to look for Rex, Gigi was horrified to see Spencer, who looked like Shane. When a frantic Gigi grabbed Spencer and held him tightly, Spencer responded by kicking Gigi. Gigi told the child that his name was Shane and she was his mother. Before running off, Spencer told her that she wasn't his mother. Gigi was puzzled when he told her that his name was Spencer, not Shane.

As Gigi tried to figure out her next move, Jeremiah approached her and began discussing Bo Buchanan shipping off to Vietnam. Realizing that Rex might actually be Bo, Gigi asked Jeremiah if he had seen Bo. Jeremiah stated that he had seen Bo headed down the hall several moments ago.

When Rex attempted to turn in for the night, he was startled when Emma wandered into his room. As Rex expressed his fear of shipping off to Vietnam, Emma tried to calm his nerves. Rex mentioned how he regretted never telling Gigi how much he loved her, and feared he wouldn't see her again. Emma tried to convince him that he could find a way. As he stared into Emma's eyes, Rex was amazed at how much Emma reminded him of Gigi. Momentarily, Rex appeared to believe that Emma was actually Gigi. After regaining his senses, Rex said that there was no use to pretend because it wouldn't be fair to either of them. Attempting to comfort him, Emma told Rex that she could be Gigi for the night-if he wanted her to be. Emma offered to pretend to be Gigi, so Rex could say goodbye. A distraught Rex responded by returning Emma's kiss.

With thoughts of Gigi, Rex made love to Emma. Meanwhile, Gigi wandered through the halls looking for Rex. Opening every door she came across, Gigi vowed to find Rex and bring him home. As she nearly gave up, Gigi spotted a light on in a bedroom that she had yet to check. Inside the room, Emma slept as a bewildered Rex appeared bothered by his encounter with Emma. Moments later, Gigi opened the door. Failing to notice Emma, Gigi smiled as she locked eyes with Rex.

As Mike was headed up to John's apartment to turn in for the night, he encountered Marcie. She informed him that Cole had agreed to sign over his rights to Starr's baby. Marcie begged Mike to reconsider his decision about adopting the child. Mike expressed his love for Marcie, but said he couldn't go through the possible loss of another child. Mike promised to pray for Marcie and her baby, but refused to be a part of their lives. Marcie wondered if they were breaking up. Mike believed that their relationship had obviously come to an end.

Inside John's apartment, Blair and John flirted. Blair told John that he was still in mourning and she planned to cheer him up. Loving the attention that he was receiving from Blair, John had no objections.

When Mike approached John's door, he realized that John was entertaining. As Marcie stood nearby, Mike stated that he would spend the night at the hospital. Marcie suggested that Mike stay at her apartment. Initially, Mike refused but changed his mind. Inside the apartment, Mike and Marcie argued over who would prepare the sofa for Mike to sleep on. The argument soon ended when the two stared into each other's eyes. Mike and Marcie embraced and questioned what they were doing to one another.

Blair and John shared a drink and toasted to her new life, without Todd.

At Todd's residence, Marty had a terrible nightmare about the night she was raped. The nightmare revealed the dorm room where the rape had taken place many years earlier. After hearing blood-curdling screams coming from Marty's bedroom, Todd rushed in to check on her. Marty told Todd about her dream and described the dorm room. Todd regretted telling her about the night she was raped. When Marty revealed that she saw him in her dream, Todd nearly panicked. He tried to convince Marty that she was mistaken, but she was certain that Todd was indeed in her dream. She asked him if they had ever been together in that particular room. After Todd made up an excuse, she became convinced that she saw Todd's face because she needed help and was certain that he would've helped her if he had been there. Relieved that Marty didn't suspect him of raping her, Todd attempted to calm her nerves. Fearing that she would have another nightmare, Marty begged Todd to spend the night in her room.

With Todd by her side, Marty had a vision of John standing at the foot of her bed.

After an intense lovemaking session, Blair and John fell asleep. John awoke and saw a vision of Marty in his bedroom.

Mike and Marcie made love. Afterward, Marcie watched as Mike wept.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dark Nights Of The Souls

Marty was shocked to see John McBain appear at the foot of her bed, as Todd slept on. Frightened, she asked what he was doing there, and slowly came to the realization that it was a dream. John seemed surprised that she didn't remember him, and Marty said she knew all she needed to know; Todd had told her how John had hurt her and left her to die. As she reiterated Todd's false version of events, John refuted her points, saying that he would never hurt her. He told her that Todd was the liar, a dangerous man who had hurt her far worse than he. Marty snapped that Todd was "the exact opposite of [John]." John noted that Todd was also sleeping beside her. Marty was put off by his insinuation; "It's not that kind of relationship." She said that Todd was her friend, who took care of her. "In your bed?" John asked. He told her that he hadn't taken Todd's wife and children from him, but that Todd had done that on his own. Marty refused to believe John's words, sure that he was a liar and a criminal and she was well rid of him. "So why are you dreaming about me?" John challenged. Marty told John she hated him, and would go back to sleep and forget all about him, but John smiled, and assured her that she'd dream of him again. As Marty lay back, John put a tissue in her hand to dry her tears, and disappeared into the night.

At John's apartment, John "awoke" to face his own dreaming vision - of Marty. The spectre of Marty took a look at Blair lying beside John and quipped, "Is this a bad time?" Marty was struck that John would be getting over her with Todd's ex-wife, a woman who hated her. John said that Blair didn't hate Marty, not anymore; he was overcome by seeing Marty again, and explained that he thought about her everyday. Marty asked if that was why he'd gotten involved with Blair, to numb the pain, but John said that "we're not involved." Marty asked if he was trying to get back at Todd, and sighed with disapproval; "Anybody but Blair..." She warned John that Todd was most dangerous when wounded, and that with Blair in John's arms, he was badly hurt, and would soon strike back.

John said he'd protect himself and Blair from Todd. Marty wondered if that was what John was trying to do: "Save Blair." "It is your way, isn't it?" she mused aloud. She said he'd had the same hero complex with all of his women: Herself, Natalie, Evangeline. Marty theorized that he was trying to reenact his failed romance with Caitlin Fitzgerald, with a different result, but each time he lost the woman he loved anyway. "If you couldn't save me, how can you save Blair?" She urged him not to underestimate the danger of Todd and his vindictive nature, and said she knew it better than anyone. John insisted that he could handle Todd, but Marty wasn't so sure. She wondered if she could've been "the one" for John, but both she and John agreed they'd never know. Looking to Blair, Marty cryptically commented that she should be where Blair was, and Blair should be where she was. John asked what Marty meant by that, but Marty said she had to go. "You'll see me again," she told John, and the lovers shared a passionate kiss before Marty disappeared, leaving John in tears.

At the Buchanan ranch, Bo wandered through the deserted drawing room alone, only to find himself communing with the spectre of Asa. Bo said he was glad he'd found his "Pa" again, and that it was time for them to put the past to bed for good. He recounted to Asa what he'd gone through in recent weeks, and said he wasn't sure what his trip to 1968 had been; dream, fantasy, or something else. When Asa learned Bo had had to stand in as him, he growled that Bo had "big boots to fill." Bo said Asa's boots hadn't fit him at all. Bo told his father that he'd hated having to live Asa's life, having to treat people, especially women, as Asa had, and that as a result of Asa's domineering presence, Bo and Clint were still carrying around Asa's legacy in the present. Asa said he'd done it all for his family, and snarled that he was a good father, whether or not Bo wanted to admit it.

Bo told Asa he'd felt empty when Asa died, because he'd never been able to fully prove himself to him. Asa brushed that off, telling Bo that he was overthinking things as usual. Bo said he wasn't like Asa in that he hadn't wanted to conquer or control women, but only wanted to be truly loved. Asa scoffed at the assertion that Lindsay truly cared for Bo, and said she'd only been looking for a ticket out of prison. Bo said that that was the way Asa saw things, but not reality; he said that his father had used women and pushed them away in his youth so he couldn't get fully involved, or hurt. "Better them than me," Asa replied. Bo said that through his 1968 experience, he had found a way to finally let go of Asa. Asa asked what his son would do without him, and Bo said he'd start over, and live for himself. "You'll always be Asa Buchanan's son," Asa intoned. Bo countered that he'd also always be just Bo, his own man. Asa chuckled, and said it was about time Bo had figured that part out. Bo asked why Asa had never told him that, and Asa explained that Bo had had to learn about himself in his own time. "Rest now, Pa," Bo said. He told Asa he'd miss him, and Asa replied that he'd miss Bo too. "You and your brother were the best things I ever did," Asa declared. When Bo turned back to face him again, Asa was gone, leaving only his bar glass on the chair where he'd been sitting.

At the cottage, Brody brooded over Adriana's note, and Rex's toothbrush which she had sent along. He hid the items behind a cushion when Shane came down the stairs complaining of bad dreams. Shane told Brody that he'd dreamed that Brody wasn't really his father. He said he'd dreamed Brody had died in the war, and worried that he'd go away if Gigi chose Rex, who Shane knew she loved, over Brody. What if Gigi wanted Rex to be Shane's new dad, the boy asked? Brody comforted his "son," assuring Shane that even if Gigi and Rex were together, he wouldn't leave him, and would always be a big part of his life. He said he couldn't make Gigi want what-or who-she didn't want, but when Shane said he wished his mother would see what she had in "Dad," Brody couldn't help but agree.

As "father and son" played cards together, Shane explained that Gigi had never dated after Brody had left, and said that he knew that it was because she'd missed Rex, not Brody. He confessed that when Gigi had stood up at Adriana's wedding, he'd been hoping that Rex would leave Adriana for his mother and make them a family. Shane admitted that for a time, he'd wanted Rex to be his dad, and apologized to Brody. Brody said it was all right; he understood. He promised to always be there for Shane. After Shane went back to bed, Brody uncovered Adriana's package, and mused over the contents again.

In 1968, Gigi was overjoyed to find Rex, but shocked to find him in bed with another woman-who looked exactly like her. "Who the hell is that?!" she exclaimed. Awkward and flustered, Rex leapt out of bed and embraced Gigi, who explained that she'd found her way back through time with Madame Delphina's help. She couldn't get over the sight of the woman in his bed, and repeatedly asked how Rex could do that to her. Rex said he only did it after learning she'd slept with Brody, but Gigi immediately saw through Brody's deception and gave Rex the true story. Before Gigi could start railing at Rex about his "cheatin' ways" again, Emma spoke up, and told Gigi that he was only with her because of Gigi, who he'd thought he couldn't have. Rex gave Gigi the full story behind his and Bo's trip to 1968, and how he thought he'd lost all chance of returning to the future, and sought comfort in the only woman who could remind him of her. Rex swore to Gigi that he loved her and only her. As Rex and Gigi embraced, Emma took that as her cue to leave and wished the lovers luck as she skipped out.

Alone at last, Rex and Gigi compared notes. Rex explained that he was set to go to Vietnam the next morning in Bo's place, and that though Emma had been the closest thing to Gigi that he could find in his misery, she wasn't Gigi. Rex told her again that he was sorry, and that he loved her. Though she was still perturbed, Gigi melted at his words, and said she'd been waiting so long for him to say that, which led to a passionate kiss. After a brief makeout session, Rex explained to Gigi the connections between Madame Delphina and Professor Fina, who had gotten Bo home but not Rex. Gigi said they had to go home and get back to Shane and their friends and family, but Rex wasn't sure it was possible-according to Professor Fina, the portal was closed and would not open again for twenty years. Gigi was horrified at the prospect of being lost in the past, but Rex comforted her, promising they'd find a way back. They embraced and walked off across the ranch house, with both Gigi and Rex agreeing they were glad they'd found each other again.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Effective Detectives:

At Llanfair, Natalie and Jared were in bed, sharing a bit of post coitus pillow talk, when suddenly Natalie smelled smoke drifting through the house. Downstairs in the kitchen, Tina pulled a baking tray, with burnt muffins, out of the oven just as Tess slipped into the kitchen through a side door. Tina was surprised to see her niece enter through the door and asked if it led to the mausoleum. Tess confirmed that it did, but, she added, it also led to the breaker box. Tess went on to explain that she had been drying her hair when the lights suddenly went out, forcing her to check the breakers. Tina was impressed by her niece's resourcefulness and confessed that she would have just thrown on a hat. Tina then switched the subject and expressed concern over Jessica's late-night wanderings. When Tina suggested calling Viki, Tess panicked and quickly tried to talk Tina out of making the call.

Luckily for Tess, the timely arrival of Natalie and Jared distracted Tina. When Jared announced that he intended to look for a job, Tess suggested that he see Dorian. Natalie found the comment insensitive and asked her why she would say such a thing. Tess showed Natalie an article about how Dorian had successfully outmaneuvered Buchanan Enterprises from a hostile takeover. Talk of B.E. led to talk of Clint. Tess pretended to have sympathy for Natalie's situation with their father. Later, after Natalie and Jared left, Tina's dog, David Vickers, ran to the door that Tess had entered through earlier. He began barking and scratching. Tess ran over to the dog just as Tina scooped the pooch up into her arms. Tess was clearly annoyed by the near discovery of her secret room. Tina was taken aback by her niece's anger and asked Tess if she was hiding something.

At the Buchanan mansion, Cole was having breakfast while Nora gave Clint the news that Bo had resurfaced. Clint was delighted to hear that his brother had been in contact with Matthew and that all was well with Bo. When Cole complained of a headache, Nora checked to see if he had a fever. He didn't so Nora invited Cole to lunch at the country club. When Cole agreed, Nora turned to Clint and asked him to join them. He declined, insisting that he had work to do.

A short time later, they were joined by Simon, the detective Clint had hired. Nora believed that Simon was there about Bo, but in actuality, Simon had found something that Clint could use against Dorian. Clint was grateful that Simon had kept quiet about the real reason for his visit. When they were alone, Simon handed Clint a file that seemed to center around Langston. Upon reading it, Clint was happy with Simon's discovery.

As Nora and Cole were preparing to leave to spend the day at the country club, Jared arrived and asked to speak with Clint. Clint agreed to talk to Jared and invited him in. Clint was surprised when Jared offered to help Clint take Buchanan Enterprises back from Dorian. Clint asked Jared how far he was willing to go to help. When Jared made it clear that he'd go to any lengths, Clint handed Jared the file on Langston and asked Jared if he would be willing to go as far as Dorian did.

Blair walked into the kitchen of LaBoulaie and found Starr, Langston, Jack, and Addie gathered together over breakfast. Starr immediately suspected her mother of having spent the night elsewhere and began asking questions. Blair lied and said that she had left earlier to fetch some bagels. Unfortunately for Blair, she didn't have any bagels to back up her claim. Addie accused her daughter of being out on a booty call and told her that she shouldn't be ashamed to admit it. Talk of Blair's night of passion led to speculation about whom she'd been with. Blair refused to name anyone so Addie took a practical approach. She began listing eligible bachelors, starting with Bo and Clint Buchanan. When Blair continued to remain tightlipped about the identity of her lover, Addie suggested they consult Madame Delphina. Blair made it clear that she did not want Madame Delphina in her home. Blair felt that the woman was a con artist who took advantage of her family. To delay further argument, Blair reminded Starr of an OB/GYN appointment and hustled Starr out the kitchen.

At the OB/GYN's office, Marcie arrived early for Starr's appointment. When Blair and Starr walked in, Blair was surprised to see Marcie. Starr explained that she had invited Marcie and apologized to Blair for not telling her sooner. While Starr was taken to an exam room, Blair and Marcie waited in the reception area. Marcie surprised Blair by asking Blair to be the baby's grandmother, after Marcie adopted the child.

In the exam room, Starr realized that the receptionist, who had shown her in, was someone she recognized from school. As the two talked about Starr's situation, Starr revealed that she intended to give her child up for adoption to Marcie. The young lady was impressed by how well Starr's parents seemed to be handling things. Starr quickly corrected her, saying that her parents were not dealing with the situation well. Starr went on to say that it didn't really matter how her parents felt, as long as Starr was okay with her decision.

Marcie and Blair were invited to watch the ultrasound. Marcie looked at the monitor with an expression of awe on her face. The doctor told them that the baby appeared healthy. She then asked Starr if she wanted to know the gender of her baby. Starr felt it should be Marcie's decision to make. Marcie said that she didn't need to know, as long as the baby was healthy. Marcie left it up to Starr, so Starr told the doctor that they would wait until the birth of the baby. Later, as they prepared to leave, Blair invited Marcie to lunch with her and Starr. Marcie accepted.

Todd woke up in Marty's bed. Marty was teasing Todd about his snoring when Janet walked in, carrying a breakfast tray. Marty was silent as Todd snapped at the woman and ordered Janet out of the room. After the nurse left, Marty confessed that she should be the one who was short-tempered because she had dreamed of John. Todd questioned Marty about the dream but Marty remembered little beyond that she had a sense that John had been challenging her, in some way. Todd suggested that Marty stop thinking about John but Marty didn't think that was possible.

Later, Janet returned to the bedroom to hand Todd an envelope. It was from his detective. Todd followed Janet into the hallway and asked her if she had a copy of the Sun. When Janet produced the newspaper, Todd ordered her to take it to Marty. Janet was uncomfortable with the new orders, but Todd was insistent.

Marty appeared rattled when she saw the front page headline of the Sun which read, "Lock Your Doors; McBain = Top Cop; Did He Kill Ramsey to Get It?"

When John walked into the police station, an officer handed him one of Ramsey's files and a small brown paper bag. John was told that a woman had dropped the bag off. John went into his office and pulled out a wrapped bagel and a note that read, "Sweet Dreams Last Night?" John flashed back to seeing Marty at the foot of his bed. John quickly shook off thoughts of Marty and focused on his work. He reviewed Ramsey's file on the jewel theft, including the list of suspects. At the top of the list was Todd Manning's name. John then looked over the file of Todd's bodyguard, Keyshawn. He decided to have Keyshawn brought in for questioning and ordered one of his men to find the ex-bodyguard.

When Keyshawn was brought into John's office, he was initially uncooperative. However, John managed to rattle him enough that Keyshawn admitted that he had information about a beautiful blond woman who was staying in Todd's home. Keyshawn added that the same woman had once stayed with Ramsey. Unfortunately, Keyshawn was not able to provide a name for the woman.

Todd walked into the exam room where Starr's doctor was jotting down notes. She demanded to know what Todd wanted. Todd tossed the file that his detective had given him on the exam table and told the doctor that he wanted his grandchild.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

All In The Family

As David Vickers, the dog, tried to make his way into the basement, Tess lost it and gave her aunt hell. Citing the dog's fleas and his peeing on the floor, Tess let her aunt have it. She griped that she was fed up and reminded Tina that she wasn't invited to stay at Llanfair. She also refused to clean up after Tina and her dog and suggested that Tina stay with Sarah if she wanted a free ride. She further insulted the dog by pointing out that he looked more like a rodent than a dog. A shocked Tina reminded Tess that Llanfair was her house, that she wasn't looking for anyone to clean up after her, and that she could remember when her niece loved dogs. When Tess stepped over the line and accused her aunt of waiting around to sleep with Jared, Tina picked up the phone to call Viki. It was certainly not the Jessica she knew and loved, she complained. Tess, on a roll, pointed out that Tina never loved her, as she grabbed the phone from Tina's hand. As she ordered her aunt to quit complaining and stay out of her way, Cris and Sarah arrived to see Tina. Immediately, Cris felt that Tina was to blame. "What did you do to Jess?" he demanded to know.

At the airport, Antonio had some special time with his family before getting ready to board a plane for Mendorra. Jamie asked her dad to bring Talia back when he asked her what kind of souvenir she would like. She drew a map for her dad so that he could locate his princess and bring her home. The little girl was looking forward to a future of happily ever after. Carlotta voiced concern and wondered if Antonio had some kind of plan but he thought that she should know as little as possible. While she blamed Tina for all that happened, Antonio placed full responsibility on Carlo, and reminded her that he knew what it was like to have a mobster for a father. He vowed to help Talia as Carlotta helped him.

An eager Jared told Clint that he would do whatever he could to get himself and Natalie back into the good graces of the Buchanans. Clint indicated that Jared was the problem, not Natalie, and he had a job for him. His plan was for Jared to do to Dorian what he did to the Buchanans, enabling them to get their company back. He would have to "hit her where she lives," and that involved Langston. He pointed out that family was the most important thing to Dorian, who always stood by her family members and defended them no matter what. He knew of someone to take Langston away from Dorian and had no doubts that Dorian would do what it took to keep her.

At the country club, as Langston sat with Markko, who was filling in an application for a new job, Cole walked in. He was thumbing through the college directory he received from Nora and noted that he wanted to be as far away as possible from Starr. Markko shared that he didn't want his family to spend money or be in debt with loans. Nora gave the three a pep talk on applying to college and believed that they should all be eager to leave their nests. Langston felt obligated to stay with Dorian because the woman took her in.

Inside, Blair, Starr, and Marcie sat through an awkward lunch, as they oohed and aahed over Starr's sonogram pictures. Marcie mentioned that she had asked Blair to remain in the baby's life as his or her grandmother, and wanted Starr to be a part of the baby's life, too. Starr replied that she finally understood all of Marcie's previous actions with Sam, even as Blair stepped up to defend Todd's actions. Starr continued that she didn't want the baby to be confused, and only wanted what was best. Therefore, she would not want the baby to even know of her until it was older, and she had even prepared a video for when that day came. She felt that Marcie, as the baby's one mother, would be sufficient. Marcie promised that the baby would learn all about his or her amazing birth mother when the time came. Starr reminded her that Cole should be included in that description.

Todd told Starr's doctor that he wanted her to help him to get his grandchild, but she refused to discuss anything, citing confidentiality laws. Todd ordered her not to cross him. When he pointed out that Marcie was a felon, she reminded him that he was, too. She also reminded him that he'd lost his family because he always needed to have his own way. Refusing to be bullied, she picked up the phone to call security. When he mentioned the "sad and pitiful life" that she would have if she refused to listen to him and the secret regarding her own son, the doctor was forced to go along.

According to the file that Clint handed over to Jared, Langston had an uncle living in Columbia, South America. Apparently, both he and Langston were unaware of each other, but it was Clint's plan to change that. He felt that if Dorian were threatened with the man taking away both Langston and her trust fund, she would give her new company back to the Buchanans in order to save what was dearest to her. Jared wondered what would happen if Dorian offered the man more money than Clint, but Clint suggested that he was ready to step in and handle that issue. He suggested that he and Jared had two things in common: Natalie, whom they loved, and Dorian, who brought out quite the opposite feelings for both of them. A sensitive Jared voiced concern for Langston, who had led a tough life. He also thought the job sounded dangerous, since it appeared from the file that the uncle was not exactly a "white knight." Finding his need to get into Clint's good graces again more important than his own safety, Jared agreed to take on the job and all it entailed.

Nora left the teens momentarily, and Cole started small talk about the summer. This enraged Langston, who was angry that he was avoiding any talk of Starr, and ordered him to stop punishing his ex. A sorrowful Cole asked that Langston not mention him to Starr as he headed to his table inside with Nora. Markko and Langston felt that they should stick close to home when making their college choices. Langston wondered again over Delphina's words of her not being alone. Markko reminded her that she had him, though Langston felt sure that Delphina meant someone else. At the ladies' table inside, talk turned to all of the couples no longer together. Sorrow was expressed over Marcie and Michael, but Blair thought that Michael was right to worry about Todd. Quickly changing the subject, Starr asked her mom to be her coach at birthing classes, and she asked Marcie if she would like to be present during the baby's birth. The overjoyed women accepted immediately.

Tess responded hastily, referring to her hormones and pregnancy and stepping on the dog's tail. She added that she was going to the doctor shortly and hoped to get some help for herself. After she left the room, it was agreed that Jessica just hadn't been herself. Tina learned that Cord had departed for London without saying goodbye to her. Cris and Sarah explained that they were looking for anything at all to help Antonio in his quest to retrieve Talia from Mendorra. Thinking quickly to the hidden jewels, and just as quickly blocking them from her mind, Tina seized a book from the other room. It was a tell-all on all things Mendorran and went so far as to list schedules for happenings at the palace, such as the changing of the guard and the names of the hired help. Cris and Sarah were sure this would be a great help. Tess headed out, telling Tina to stay the hell out of her way. Once they all left, Tina felt happy that Sarah loved her, and expressed how lucky she was to have no problems for a change, other than Jessica. David Vickers attempted to get into the basement, but the door was locked. Tina realized that she wasn't the only one with secrets.

Todd jogged the doctor's memory as he handed her a file, reminding her of her son's theft of drugs from the hospital and how she covered his tracks. Appalled, the doctor retorted that the incident had happened a long time ago and that her son had had treatment. He had become a respected teacher. Todd smugly assured her that he was only protecting his daughter as she protected her son and he only wanted a favor.

When Starr retreated to the ladies' room, Blair and Marcie spoke of the awkwardness of their meeting. They agreed that Starr was a special person. Blair mentioned that she would have raised Starr's baby if it had been up to her. Nora and Cole walked in on the way to their own table, and Cole spied the sonogram. As Marcie thanked him for allowing her to adopt the baby, she invited him to be a part of the baby's life. He refused her invitation, emphasizing that he could not allow himself to be in and out. He needed to be alone and stalked off, putting a hold on his lunch with Nora. As Cole found himself outside, he came face-to-face with Starr.

Antonio was ready to board his plane when Cris and Sarah arrived and announced that they were going with him. He attempted to change their minds, but it was no use; their minds were made up.

Todd made his demands known to the doctor who reluctantly had to give in. He asked for updates on all of Starr's procedures and a phone call when she went into labor, none of which seemed too bad. Unfortunately, there was more, and when the doctor refused, Todd picked up the phone to call his newspaper and the police. Again, the doctor had no choice. Calling Todd a bastard, she unenthusiastically shook his hand when it was offered. Outside in the waiting room, a loud and obnoxious Tess was doing some demanding of her own. She wanted to see the doctor right away and didn't care what or who was holding her up. Todd heard the noise and recognized the voice. As he peered out from the doctor's office, he was aghast at what he saw.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Crank Dat Soldier Boy

Outside the Buchanan mansion, Bo phoned a private investigator and hired him to locate Rex and Gigi. Meanwhile, inside the mansion, Clint urged Jared to help him regain control of Buchanan Enterprises. Insisting that he wanted Natalie and Clint to repair their shattered relationship, Jared agreed to help Clint battle Dorian. A confused Bo interrupted the conversation and received a pleasant welcome from Clint. With a look of shock on his face, Bo stared at Clint and Jared. Bo remembered having a strange dream that included them both.

Bo wondered if Clint had decided to forgive Jared, but Clint was adamant that he had not. Jared excused himself. Before Bo could question Clint further, Nigel interrupted and welcomed Bo back home. Nigel revealed that he had found a case containing letters that Bo had written to Asa while serving in Vietnam. Stunned, Bo accepted the case. As Bo opened the case, Matthew interrupted and welcomed his father home. Bo expressed his love for Matthew and promised his son that he would be a better father. Matthew briefed his father on events that had taken place during his absence. Bo was shocked to learn that Lindsay was serving time in prison for Spencer's murder.

Later, Clint entered the room as Bo read the old letters. An amazed Bo revealed to Clint that exactly forty years ago, he had left to serve in Vietnam. As the brothers recounted that fateful day, the discussion turned to Asa. Bo admitted that he went to the ranch because he had wanted to prove to himself that he was tough-just like Asa. Bo told Clint that although he loved Asa, he realized that he didn't want to be like him. Clint stated that perhaps a son was destined to be like his father. Puzzled by Clint's remark, Bo inquired about Jared's presence at the mansion earlier. Bo asked if Clint had made a deal with Jared. Avoiding Bo's questioning, Clint changed the subject and informed Bo that John had been appointed police commissioner. Bo was certain that his friend could use his position as commissioner to help locate Rex and Gigi. Recalling that Rex left town to search for Bo, Clint asked his brother what had taken place in Texas. Bo had no answer.

Back in 1968, Rex and Gigi expressed their love for one another and pondered their future. Exhausted from the ordeal, Gigi didn't want to discuss the situation, but Rex reminded her that unless something drastic happened, he was headed to Vietnam in a few hours. Rex and Gigi pleaded with Professor Fina to devise a plan to launch them back into the future, but Fina sadly informed the couple that the portal was closed and they were stuck in the year 1968. Horrified that she would never see Shane again, Gigi told Rex that he was all she had left and begged him to run off to Canada with her. With regret, Rex told Gigi that he couldn't alter the future and had to go to Vietnam-otherwise Bo would never meet Nora and Matthew would never be born. In tears, a devastated Gigi broke down in Rex's arms.

Clint, Chuck Sr., and Chuck Jr., awoke from a night of heavy drinking. Announcing that he wanted to spend some time with his brother before he was shipped off to Vietnam, Clint headed off to find Rex. As Rex comforted Gigi, Clint entered the room and interrupted the couple. An angered Rex demanded to have some time alone with Gigi, but Clint stated that he was looking for Asa. Unable to find Asa, Clint complained that his father had ruined his life and didn't have the decency to see Bo off to the service. Chuck Sr. advised Chuck Jr. and Rex that the time had come for them to prepare for their trip. A terrified Gigi watched as Rex walked away.

While the family waited to say their goodbyes to Rex, Olympia consoled Gigi. Moments later, Rex surfaced dressed in his military uniform. As Olympia expressed her displeasure over Asa being absent, Asa (with an unfamiliar face) appeared and proudly announced that the time had come for Bo to serve his country. Upset over Asa's treatment of Maria, Clint informed Asa that he would lose both his sons because Clint was leaving town.

Realizing that Bo was no longer Asa, Rex believed that Bo might have returned to the year 2008. Gigi prayed that there was hope for them as well. Before Rex could respond, Asa informed Rex that it was time to head to the bus station. Asa joked that the army would consider Rex AWOL if he arrived late.

At Rodi's, Brody left a message on Gigi's cell phone. Stating that Shane was worried sick about her, Brody begged Gigi to return his call. Layla joined Brody at the bar and appeared to be in a somber mood. Brody wondered how she was handling her breakup with Vincent. After admitting that she was having a difficult time, Layla told Brody that Adriana had inquired about a package that she had sent Gigi. Brody had a quick flashback of opening the package that contained Rex's toothbrush and immediately denied having any knowledge of the delivery. When Brody mentioned that Gigi hadn't returned from her trip, Layla realized that Gigi was still searching for Rex. Layla was certain that Rex and Gigi's disappearance was bad news for both Brody and Adriana.

Alarmed when Madame Delphina approached him at Rodi's and returned his check, Brody demanded to know what had happened to Gigi. As Layla listened, the psychic informed Brody that she had lost contact with Gigi. Believing that Gigi was dead, Brody wanted answers. Madame told him that although Gigi had reunited with Rex and was very much alive, she couldn't come back. A panicked Brody reminded Layla that he wasn't Shane's birth father and feared the child might end up in foster care. Before leaving, Layla assured Brody that Gigi would return home with an explanation. Retrieving Rex's toothbrush from behind the bar, Brody studied the object.

At a nearby table, John asked a judge to grant him a search warrant for Todd Manning's home. John explained that Keys had given him an oral statement connecting Todd to Ramsey's murder. John stated that the mystery woman, who was staying in Ramsey's home the night of his murder, was residing in Todd's home. The judge reminded John that Keys was a criminal and that John didn't have probable cause to search Todd's home. Fearing that Todd might attack him in the press, the judge refused John a search warrant. After much convincing, the judge granted John's request but warned him-if his search uncover nothing, he would drop his investigation concerning Todd.

Unnoticed, Todd observed an irate Tess perform inside Dr. Joplin's waiting room. As Tess berated the nurse, Todd watched with amusement. Upon noticing Todd, Tess appeared nervous, but quickly apologized to the nurse, citing her recent troubles as the cause of her emotional outburst. Avoiding eye contact with Todd, Tess explained that she hadn't been herself lately. A suspicious Todd agreed that his niece appeared disturbed. Tess became defensive when Todd continued to comment on her bizarre behavior. When Tess lashed out and made negative remarks concerning him, Todd's suspicions were confirmed-Jess was actually Tess.

Todd was amused and played along with Tess's charade. While continuing to browbeat Todd, Tess ranted about her hatred for Natalie and Jared, and the fact that Tina was residing at Llanfair. Shocked to learn Tina was in town, Todd had questions for Tess. Believing that Todd could take Tina off her hands, Tess urged Todd to allow his sister to live with him. When Todd refused, Tess verbally attacked Todd and questioned why he was in Dr. Joplin's examination room. Tess suggested that Todd was planning a dastardly deed involving Starr's unborn child. In a threatening tone, Todd warned Tess to back off or he would cause her grief. Fearing Todd might be onto her scheme, a panicked Tess ran after him.

Todd returned home and was annoyed when Tess forced her way inside. Todd advised her to leave, but Tess attempted to head upstairs. Upon observing Todd's nervous demeanor, Tess demanded to know what Todd was hiding. Fed up with his niece's antics, Todd revealed that he knew she was Tess. When Todd attempted to call Viki, Tess struggled with him over control of the phone. During the altercation, the doorbell rang. Tess wondered who had decided to pay Todd a visit.

At Angel Square Park, Cole ran into Starr. When Cole showed interest in her emotional state and revealed that he still cared for her, Starr appeared hopeful. However, reality set in when Cole reminded Starr that he could never forgive her for giving away their child. A group of Llanview High students interrupted Starr and Cole's conversation and made negative remarks concerning Starr's pregnancy. Defending her actions, an angered Starr lashed out at the teens and they quickly dispersed. Noticing that Cole was bothered by what had transpired, Starr asked him if he wanted to join the teens and stated that she had an appointment with Blair and Marcie. In disgust, Cole stormed off.

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