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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 25, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, August 25, 2008

At the farm with Aaron, Alison went online and was delighted to learn she had received a B+ grade on her chemistry exam. She and Aaron were celebrating her success when suddenly Aaron asked her if she loved him. Alison was totally surprised but did admit she loved him. Then Aaron offered to make her a sandwich and asked Ali to get some lettuce from the refrigerator. While Alison's back was turned, Aaron hid something under a dishtowel on the counter. Alison opened her sandwich to add mustard and discovered a diamond engagement ring nestled on a bed of lettuce. "Will you marry me?" asked Aaron, on his knees. Alison was hesitant, she said, because although they loved each other, perhaps the time was not right for them to marry. Aaron then asked her to wear his ring and see if it felt right. He was willing to wait until Alison could say yes.

Dani Andropoulos found Chris at Memorial and made a strange request: Could he hook her up with some dead people? Dani explained she was tracking violent death statistics for her job and needed to ask questions about how some crime victims had died. Chris fetched a doctor from the pathology department, "Dr. Mort," who proceeded to wheel out a body on a gurney. Dani took one look and passed out. When she awoke, Chris was hovering over her, teasing. Dani offered to buy lunch for him, but he said he had to make rounds first and then would let her know.

Lily took Faith and Natalie to Fashions to check out its new children's department. Lisa tried to persuade Lily to leave and come back later, but Lily did not understand Lisa's attitude until Carly came out of one of the dressing rooms. Lily assured Lisa that she needn't try to keep Carly and her apart. Natalie asked if Sage could come home with them and spend the night, and both mothers agreed. Lily told Carly that she and Holden were legally separated, but Carly tried to assure Lily that there was nothing between Holden and her. Lily explained that Carly should feel free to go on with her life. Lisa was stunned that Lily apparently gave Carly a green light to be with Holden. Carly bought one of the dresses she had tried on.

At the Lakeview, Holden ordered breakfast, but when Mike Kasnoff walked in, he cancelled it. He and Mike sparred about Mike's new relationship with Lily, and Holden agreed that Lily was a free agent and could date whomever she pleased, but he, Holden, didn't have to like it. Holden left, and Lily called Mike. She invited him to spend the afternoon with her at her home. When he arrived, Faith asked her mother if she was getting back at Holden. Lily was disturbed by Faith's continued dislike of Mike, but Mike had an idea. He invited the three girls and Lily to go to Magic Land Amusement Park for the afternoon. The younger girls were enthusiastic, but Faith asked Mike if he was trying to buy her off.

Carly called Holden and told him about her chat with Lily. When she explained that Lily had suggested she help herself to Lily's ex, Holden was insulted. Carly believed that it was the first day of the rest of their lives, and perhaps they should take advantage of it. She invited Holden to get together since Sage was with Lily and the boys were at a two-day school retreat. Holden was overwhelmed, but agreed to meet Carly for a real "date."

Holden was waiting for Carly in the bar at the Lakeview and she arrived wearing one of the new dresses. Holden told her she stopped his heart, she was so beautiful. Carly looked at the menu and blurted out that the salad sounded good, but that she was allergic to radishes. The conversation was very forced, and Carly finally came out and asked Holden if it were not the worst date either of them had ever had. She could not figure out why there was no longer any spark between them. Holden took her up to his room, and Carly decided that without extreme guilt and sneaking around, there was no excitement in their being together. "Ain't this somethin'!" she declared, and departed. Holden followed Carly home and kissed her, telling her never to doubt their relationship again. The two of them made love, knowing they had the house to themselves all night.

At Magic Land, Mike and Lily had a chance to talk while the girls were on the rides. Mike threw darts and rings and won prizes for all three girls. Faith finally relaxed and smiled and seemed to be having fun.

Alison came to Memorial and Chris immediately congratulated her. Alison misunderstood, thinking Chris was referring to her engagement, while Chris was speaking about her good grade on the exam. Alison kept her left hand, with Aaron's ring, behind her back, which Aaron noticed, so he assumed she had a problem with her arm. Dani arrived and claimed Chris for lunch while Alison showed her ring to her mother. Susan was so excited, she could hardly wait to start planning the wedding. She got a page and had to leave, so Aaron came in and asked Alison if she were really saying yes to his proposal. She agreed, and they kissed.

At Carly's, she and Holden, in various stages of undress, were eating ice cream in the living room when they heard a car pull up in front. It was Sage, returning from her trip to the amusement park. Carly pulled on a robe and Holden hid in the kitchen. Sage explained that Natalie had gotten sick on the way home, and she decided she had better come home. Sage went upstairs, and Holden snuck out the front door.

Lily wanted Mike to stay at her house, but he was not willing to risk giving up the ground he had gained by taking the girls to Magic Land. He kissed Lily goodnight and left.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Luke's foundation had a meeting with all the principals. Brian Wheatley apologized again to Luke for his seemingly homophobic comments, but Luke was not impressed. Lucinda offered to buy dinner for the four of them, but Luke begged off because he and Noah had been invited to the engagement party for Alison and Aaron. Lucinda and Brian went to the diner where Brian invited Lucinda camping so that they could hunt mushrooms. She accepted the invitation with no hesitation. Brian expressed interest in getting Luke to trust him again.

At Memorial, Alison had Susan check out Aaron's healing wound one more time. They planned the engagement party for that evening. Someone sent Alison a huge bouquet of freesias and she assumed they were from Aaron. She had to leave, so Aaron read the card on the flowers and learned they were from Chris. He asked a nearby nurse for Chris's cell phone number.

Dani Andropoulos found Chris at the coffee shop and invited him to dinner to thank him for setting up her appointment in the morgue. Chris admitted he was still carrying the torch for Alison and explained that the situation was complicated but that he was not available.

Emily told Casey she was headed to her sister's party but excluded him as not being family. Casey reminded her that they were married, which made him part of the family, but Emily did not want him to accompany her. She left without him, so Casey went to the coffee shop where he met up with Dani. Casey told her about Alison's engagement to Aaron, which pleased Dani because of her interest in Alison's other suitor, Chris. Dani found a message on her cell phone inviting her to the party, and she took Casey with her.

Holden arrived at Lily's to pick up his children for a special date, but the girls were already excited about going to the races with Mike. Holden declared he was taking the children and felt he should not have to compete with Mike for his children's attention. He felt Mike could hurt the kids by disappearing when Lily's relationship with him was over. Holden told Lily about the engagement party for Aaron, and Lily agreed that a family party took precedence and said that she would drop the children at the Lakeview so they could attend.

The party got underway with the arrival of Alison, and Aaron greeted her with a big kiss. Julie and Caleb, Aaron's mother and uncle, called from the northwest to congratulate the couple. Much to Emily's chagrin, Casey walked in with Dani. Emily warned Dani not to mess with her life and took Casey away with her. Lily dropped off the girls and chatted with Aaron, who begged her to stay. She left a message canceling her date with Mike and joined the party. Holden was not pleased that Lily was staying, however. Aaron began a toast to his beautiful bride-to-be when Chris Hughes walked into the room. Aaron continued his speech, and Chris turned and walked out. Alison followed him and asked why he had come. He told her she had invited him by text message, but Alison denied it. Chris showed her the message on his phone, and told her he had sent the flowers. They both realized that Aaron had set it up so that Chris would be humiliated. Chris walked out.

Lucinda found Luke and Noah at the farm, dressing for the party. She told them that she was going camping with Brian to hunt for mushrooms. After his grandmother left, Luke could not believe the lengths to which his foundation director was going to impress him. He also wondered why Lucinda was so interested in the man. He persuaded Noah to abandon the party and instead check out Wheatley by starting with the recommendations on his resume.

Alison went back to the party and confronted Aaron about his sneaky tactics with Chris. She was unhappy that Aaron had used her to hurt Chris. Aaron complained that she was sending mixed messages to him about Chris, and Alison accused Aaron of acting like the old Alison, sneaky and underhanded. Lily and Holden came by with the girls to say their goodbyes, and Aaron especially thanked Lily for staying. Holden sneered when Lily announced that family came first.

Chris went to Yo's to get drunk, and Dani found him there. He asked her if she could read the future, and she answered that he needed to rethink his dating options. They played some pool, and Chris admitted that he still cared about Alison.

Luke and Noah called all the people on Brian's resume, but no one answered. Brian showed up and questioned Luke why he was checking up on him. Luke suggested that cozying up to wealthy women was more lucrative than working for non-profit organizations. Brian then invited the boys to go camping with him and Lucinda, and they accepted. Luke called Aaron and apologized to his stepbrother for missing the party. Noah told Luke he felt different about Brian, but the boys were sure the camping trip would reveal Wheatley's true colors.

Lucinda dropped in to World Wide and was pleased to find Brian there. She had bought a book on mushrooms in preparation for the hunt, and she was surprised when Brian told her that Luke and Noah would be coming along.

At Lily's house, Holden told Lily that he missed the bedtime routine with the children. Lily reminded him he was welcome anytime. They reminisced about raising Aaron from a surly young teen to the young man he had become. They made a deal that they would not ruin their other children.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Carly got Brad, Katie, Jack, and Janet to come have a conference about the kids. Even though Brad initially objected, the parents decided they needed to trust the kids and stop interfering. After they went home, Brad admitted to Katie that he felt like a failure. Katie comforted him and they made love. Meanwhile, Jack and Janet also went home and got closer. When Carly found Janet had left her sunglasses behind, she wanted to return them, but realized Jack and Janet were together and she didn't want to interfere. Meanwhile, Liberty told Parker she just wanted to be friends. He was upset but Jack talked to him and he felt better. Liberty went to a school picnic where Leo gave her brownies he said he got from Java as an apology. Liberty ate the brownies then when Parker arrived, she started acting crazy and dancing sexily with him. When she saw Leo was watching, she dragged Parker off to the woods.

Paul and Meg went to the Lakeview to have breakfast with Barbara and tell her the news about their pregnancy. With Meg out of earshot, Paul told Barbara he couldn't take her advice to tell Meg the truth about his money problems because Meg was pregnant. He also said that Derek was threatening him. Barbara then called her banker and left word that she wanted to withdraw her money so she could give it to Paul to pay off Derek. When they joined Meg, Paul was upset to find Derek was with her and that he had given her a baby gift. Meg didn't understand why Paul was so rude. Meg felt a twinge and Paul took her to the hospital, then, while the doctor ran tests, he returned to Barbara. The banker came and told Barbara the money she wanted was transferred out of her account a week earlier. Barbara was distraught and the banker said they would investigate, but the money was gone. Barbara and Paul wondered if Derek or Decker could have done it. Paul went to get Meg from the hospital and was told she needed to have bed rest. He took her home, and then went on the computer. While he was doing research into what happened to Barbara, James Stenbeck's face appeared and he said, "Hello, son." Paul was shocked.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

When Paul searched "Black Pearl" on his laptop, James Stenbeck's face appeared on the screen. Paul asked his father if he were still in jail, and James refused to tell Paul where he was. He also made it clear that although he was not responsible for taking Barbara's money, he would be Paul's only solution for getting it back. When Paul asked what James wanted in exchange, James said that they would discuss it when they were face-to-face. The screen faded to black, and James was gone.

Jack and Janet were playing in Emma's kitchen when Janet expressed interest in having a kitchen of her own. Jack agreed, and then declared he wanted to move in with her. Janet could not believe that Jack wanted to live with her and reminded him of the problems between their children. Jack stated the children would be happy if the adults were happy. Janet grabbed the real estate section of the newspaper, and Jack gave her a big smooch.

Katie and Brad arrived late for their segment of "Oakdale Now," and Kim was more than ready to tape their travel show. Brad wanted to wing it and not rehearse, something that always made Katie nervous. As the show began, Brad griped about the fact that he and Katie were married on the air and never got any kind of a honeymoon. He suggested that they do the show from Tahiti and share their adventures with the audience. Katie loved the idea, and Brad dragged Kim on camera since that was her decision to make as producer. Kim agreed as long as the couple allowed some of their honeymoon activities to be shown.

Parker and Liberty wandered into the woods from the school picnic, and Liberty was extremely affectionate. Parker couldn't figure out her strange behavior. Liberty wandered off, and Parker followed as she finished off the last of the brownies that Leo had given her. Parker soon got disgusted and started home, leaving Liberty a bit dizzy. She tried to move and passed out. Leo approached, looking pleased with himself. He called Brad anonymously and told him that Liberty and Parker were in the woods and that Liberty was in trouble. He gave directions so Brad could find the girl easily, and then he ran off.

Carly checked in at Metro and found Henry with nothing to do. Bonnie was proving to be a whirlwind worker who got all the jobs done in record time. Carly was at a loss as to how to spend her free time, and Henry was feeling the same. They shared a drink and Henry grieved for Vienna, who had gone to Sweden. Carly said she missed no one, and the pity party continued. Suddenly, Vienna walked through the door, and Henry could not believe his eyes. Vienna told him she had made a terrible mistake and could not live without him, and they kissed as Carly snuck out the door. Vienna suggested they run both Metro and the diner together, and then Bonnie walked in.

Back at Fairwinds, Paul went to Meg's room and urged his wife to continue resting. He was nervous because of his father's surprise appearance on his computer. When Meg went back to sleep, Paul went downstairs and called an Internet genius to help him trace where James' transmission had originated. Paul was stunned to see his father walk into the room saying, "Hello, son." James told Paul he knew Meg was pregnant and he also knew that Paul had borrowed money from a stranger-"a dumb move," he said. James demanded food, a sandwich in particular, and because Paul wanted answers, he complied with James' wishes and made a sandwich. When Paul returned to the living room with the food, James was gone but Meg was there. James was lurking behind a door while Meg ate half of the sandwich. While Meg dozed on the couch with Paul, James snuck in and took the rest of the food. Meg went back upstairs, and James suggested to Paul that he stay down in the wine cellar at Fairwinds for the time being.

Carly arrived at her empty house, but Parker came in soon. He refused to talk about the picnic, but he was obviously upset. Meanwhile, Katie and Brad found Liberty passed out in the woods with her clothes disheveled. They roused her, and she remembered being in the woods with only Parker. Brad was distraught and told Katie to take his daughter to the hospital, and then he took off at a run. He drove to Carly's where he loudly confronted a bewildered Parker and forcibly dragged the boy from his bedroom. He told Carly her son was going to the police station because he raped Liberty. A panicky Carly phoned Jack at the farm, but he ignored the call.

The longstanding antagonism between Bonnie and Vienna resulted in a nasty catfight in Metro. Bonnie tried to quit her job there, but Henry intervened. Then Bonnie promised him only 24 more hours of her time, and she ran out. Vienna explained how much she detested Bonnie, so Henry acquiesced that just the two of them would run both the diner and the nightclub.

Carly burst into the kitchen at Emma's farm and told Janet and Jack that Brad had accused Parker of raping Liberty. She said Katie had taken the girl to Memorial, so that was where Janet headed. Jack went to the police station to talk to his son. When Janet arrived at the hospital, she asked Liberty if Parker had really attacked her, but Liberty could not remember. A nurse took the girl away for her exam while Janet blamed herself for all the trouble.

Jack hustled Parker into one of the interview rooms at the Oakdale Police Station and questioned the boy. Parker described Liberty's odd actions and how she had finally run him off. Jack told Brad that he believed Parker was innocent, but Brad needed much more convincing.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Alison found Chris in Old Town and tried to apologize to him for the fact that Aaron basically ambushed Chris at Alison's engagement party. Chris admitted he had imagined that he and Alison still had a chance together. As Chris walked away, Aaron walked up. Aaron told Alison it was time they concentrated on themselves, and Alison agreed. Aaron suggested they set a wedding date, perhaps the following summer, but Alison said they should get married sooner, and she suggested the following week.

Aaron went to the farm and let Emma and Holden know about his imminent wedding. Emma was thrilled, but when Aaron asked about having the wedding at the farm, she said that with the construction work and the soil contamination problems, it wasn't a good idea. Emma suggested Aaron and Alison get married at Lily's home instead. Emma pointed out that Lily was still Aaron's stepmother, and it was still Holden's house.

Aaron and Holden went to Lily's, where they found her and the kids having a picnic with Mike. When Aaron explained about his upcoming wedding and about the problems at the farm, Lily immediately asked if he would like to have the wedding there. Aaron said he would love it and that it would be small. Faith asked whether there would be bridesmaids, and Aaron told her he and Alison had thought Faith and Natalie could be bridesmaids and Ethan could be the ring-bearer.

Faith asked her mom if they could look for dresses the next day. Lily said it would have to wait a day, because they would be with their dad the next day. Holden said he was sure they could work something out. Holden and Aaron left, and Mike remarked to Lily how civilized their encounter had been. Lily agreed.

Holden went back to the farm and told Emma what had happened. When Emma realized Holden was upset about seeing Mike with Lily and the kids, she told him that if he wanted Lily back, he'd better do something about it. Holden said he wasn't sure that was what he wanted. Emma asked whether Holden was still seeing Carly. Holden replied that it was on and off with Carly, and Emma warned him to be careful, or he could lose everything.

Alison went to the hospital to tell her mother about the wedding. Susan was surprised by the timing, but Alison insisted she and Aaron wanted to keep it simple and could make it happen quickly. As Susan congratulated Alison and hugged her, Chris walked into the room.

Alison found Chris later at the hospital, and he told her he hoped she would be happy. He left, saying he had to get back to work. Chris then encountered a woman who was holding a basket and talking to her puppy, Voldemort. However, the woman discovered the puppy wasn't actually in the basket anymore. Chris told the woman he would find the puppy. Alison saw Chris calling for the dog, and she agreed to help him find the puppy. They finally did, and after Chris picked up the dog, it promptly peed on him. As Chris took off his shirt, Alison held the puppy. Looking at the shirtless Chris, Alison decided she'd better leave and take the puppy back to his owner.

At the police station, Jack and Carly insisted that Parker was not guilty of raping Liberty. Brad continued to argue and was adamant that Parker be locked up. When Brad went to the hospital to check on Liberty, Jack got Dallas to let him take Parker for an hour to try to find proof of Parker's innocence.

Jack, Carly, and Parker went to the site where Parker and Liberty had been earlier in the day. Carly found Liberty's purse; in it was a bag of crumbs left from the brownies Parker had seen Liberty eating. Jack sniffed the bag and took it back to the station to have tests run.

At the police station, Dallas sniffed the brownie bag and told Jack he was sure the test results would show the brownies had been baked with marijuana or hash. Jack asked Parker whether Liberty used drugs. Parker said Liberty thought people who partied like that were losers and that if the brownies had been laced with something, Liberty must not have known it. Jack asked Carly to take Parker home while he went to the hospital to question Liberty. Carly asked Jack to please take Dallas with him, since Jack couldn't be objective about the situation.

At the hospital, as Dr. Schiller examined Liberty to determine whether she had been raped, Janet and Katie bonded. Janet blamed herself and the way she had raised Liberty for making Liberty too reckless, but Katie assured her that what had happened was neither Janet's nor Liberty's fault. Brad arrived, and Janet told him she thought it might be best if she took Liberty back to Michigan, but Brad said Liberty would be fine once Parker had been locked up for what he'd done.

Dallas and Jack arrived at the hospital and told Brad they wanted to question Liberty. Brad objected, but Dallas said it was necessary. Jack then asked Janet if she knew whether Liberty used any drugs. Janet couldn't believe Jack was asking her that and told him Liberty definitely did not do drugs. Jack said that Liberty had apparently eaten brownies laced with marijuana. Brad accused Jack of concocting that story to get Parker off the hook and make Liberty look bad.

Dr. Schiller came out of the examining room and told Brad and Janet that Liberty had not been sexually assaulted. When Jack asked Dr. Schiller to test Liberty for marijuana, the doctor told him that she had ordered a toxicology screen and was waiting for the results. Brad told Jack that even if Liberty had consumed marijuana-laced brownies, it had probably been Parker who had given them to her, to make her more willing to have sex.

Brad and Katie went in to see Liberty, and Janet told Jack she couldn't believe he was trying to blame the assault on Liberty just to get Parker off the hook. When Jack protested that he wasn't doing that, Janet said everyone knew how messed up Parker was. Jack said if Janet believed he would accuse Liberty just to save Parker, then she didn't know him at all.

Janet went into Liberty's room. Dallas and Dr. Schiller approached Jack and told him the test results had come back and that Liberty's blood work had tested positive for marijuana. Jack went into Liberty's room and told her about the drugged brownies. Liberty began to remember what had happened. She told Jack that Leo, the WOAK intern, had given her the brownies. She remembered that after Parker left, Leo had approached her in the woods and tried to sexually assault her. Liberty remembered she had fought Leo and yelled at him until he ran off.

Jack asked for Leo's last name, and Brad and Katie said it was Morrissey. Brad wanted to go with Jack to track down Leo, but Jack said Brad should find Parker and apologize. Jack walked out, and Brad told Katie that Leo would pay for what he'd done. Katie said they should go to the station and check Leo's personnel file for information.

Janet told Liberty she was going to go talk to the doctor. When she walked out into the hall, she found Jack telling Dallas to bring Leo in for questioning. After Dallas left, Janet apologized to Jack for having thought Parker could be guilty. She said she should have trusted Parker and Jack. Jack said he understood that Janet had never really had a reason to trust a man before, but he had hoped he would be the exception. Jack told Janet to take care of her daughter, and he left.

At WOAK, Katie told Brad she had called Dallas and given him the information from Leo's file. Katie told Brad he didn't look very good. Brad said he had a headache, so Katie suggested he go home and rest. Brad agreed to leave, but he cornered another station employee and asked whether she had Leo's phone number. The employee said she had just seen Leo cleaning out his locker at work and that if Brad hurried, he could catch him.

Brad found Leo, chased him, and made him get into Brad's car. He took Leo to the reservoir, where Brad told him to stay away from Liberty. To reinforce his point, he threw Leo into the reservoir. A couple of minutes later, Leo still hadn't surfaced, and Brad began shouting for Leo to come up.

Jack went to Carly's and told her and Parker about Leo. They were both relieved, and Parker was glad to hear that Liberty would be okay. Later, Jack asked Dallas whether the police had found Leo, but Dallas said Leo wasn't at his apartment and that he was supposed to have met his roommate at Al's Diner but hadn't turned up.

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