One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 25, 2008 on OLTL

Rex wanted to reveal that he was Shane's father, but Gigi decided to wait. Brody revealed that he was Shane's father instead. Tess blackmailed Todd because she knew that he had been hiding Marty. Talia was freed of her father's clutches after her friends arranged for a scandalous photo opportunity. Blair received custody of Sam. Bo was reinstated as police commissioner.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 25, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, August 25, 2008

You say goodbye, I say hello

Back in 1968, Gigi held onto Rex for dear life at the bus station. Rex promised to find a way for Gigi to get back to Shane. As Clint announced that Rex's bus had arrived, a busload of returning soldiers entered the station. Rex watched in horror as a soldier, bearing a strong resemblance to Brody, grabbed a surprised Gigi and planted a kiss on her. After pulling the soldier off Gigi, Rex cautioned him to keep his hands to himself. The soldier announced that he was Ned Truman. Pointing to Gigi, Ned insisted that she was Emma, the mother of his child. Gigi claimed to be Emma's twin sister, but Ned was unconvinced. As Rex and Ned prepared to fight over Gigi, Emma entered the station with little Spencer and Renee. Brody apologized for the misunderstanding, and Gigi breathed a sigh of relief.

Upon witnessing the near fight, Renee told Emma that she was a lucky girl because Ned was head over heels in love with her. A disheartened Emma said that it was too bad that she didn't feel the same way. Ned greeted Emma with a kiss and reacquainted himself with Spencer.

Olympia, Asa, Clint, and Chuck Sr. said their goodbyes to Rex and Chuck Jr. The Buchanans gave Rex a minute alone with Gigi. Gigi begged Rex to reconsider running away with her, but Rex was adamant that he couldn't alter Bo's past. Rex asked Gigi to escort him to the bus. Before leaving, Olympia said a tearful goodbye to her son, while a stern Asa gave Rex a warning about survival. To Rex's surprise, Asa appeared emotional as he said a final farewell.

At the Buchanan mansion, Bo revealed to Clint that he felt stronger since returning from Texas. Bo was content about saying goodbye to Asa at the ranch. While Bo and Clint reminisced about Asa's behavior on the day Bo shipped off to Vietnam, Nora entered the room. Although Nora appeared a bit uncomfortable, she expressed her happiness that Bo was all right. As Bo apologized to Nora for leaving town without any notice, Dallas appeared. Bo stared at Dallas as if he had seen a ghost. A suspicious Nora watched as Dallas shared memories with Clint and Bo.

Clint, Bo, Nora, and Dallas discussed Asa's past interference in his son's love lives. Nora listened as Dallas reminded Clint that Asa had always wanted them to tie the knot. Nora wondered how long Dallas intended to stay in town. Dallas told the family that she planned to extend her stay in Llanview and asked if they could provide her with any leads on finding an apartment. Nora recommended a local realtor. After promising to see Clint and Bo later, Dallas accompanied Nora to the foyer. Nora handed Dallas the realtor's card and expressed great pleasure over helping her. Dallas suggested how nice it would be if she could join Nora and Clint for dinner one night. With a nervous laugh, Nora stated that having dinner with Dallas would prove Rachael wrong. Nora explained that Rachael had implied that Dallas had come to Llanview to win back Clint. In a confident tone, Dallas exclaimed, "Your daughter is one smart cookie!" A horrified Nora watched as Dallas pranced out the front door.

Todd and Tess argued in Todd's living room. As Todd threatened to call Viki and report that Tess had surfaced, Tess struggled with Todd over the phone. The altercation came to an end when the doorbell rang. Todd attempted to stop her, but Tess wasted no time opening the door. A devilish smile crossed her face as she greeted John and several armed officers at the door. After presenting Todd with a search warrant, John demanded that Todd step aside. As Todd ranted and demanded that John leave his home, Tess was amused.

Meanwhile, upstairs in Marty's bedroom, Janet attempted to give Marty a makeover. The makeup session came to an abrupt end when Marty and Janet heard the commotion downstairs. Believing Todd was in trouble, Marty asked Janet to help her downstairs. Janet tried to distract Marty, but Marty was adamant about helping Todd.

Back downstairs, as John attempted to search the house, Tess fell to ground and screamed that she was losing her baby. John called 9-1-1 and Todd ran to his niece's side. Convinced that Tess was in pain, Todd held Tess and promised that he would never allow anything to happen to her and the baby. While John was distracted, Tess whispered to Todd that she was faking and creating a diversion for him. Realizing that he needed to move quickly, Todd instructed his bodyguard to go upstairs and retrieve fresh water and clean towels for his niece. Aware of Todd's signal, the bodyguard headed upstairs.

As Marty tried to convince Janet to help her downstairs, Todd's bodyguard entered the room and advised Marty that he had orders from Todd to get her off the premises immediately.

After the paramedics arrived, John and his men headed upstairs. Tess told Todd that he owed her. Todd informed Tess that he didn't owe her a thing and followed behind John. While Tess tried to convince the paramedic that she was all right, she noticed Todd's bodyguard appear and motion to her that the coast was clear. Alone in the living room, Tess wandered off to find out what Todd was hiding.

When John broke down the bedroom door, he discovered Janet in bed. A relieved Todd berated John about entering his home and demanded that he leave at once. John questioned Janet about the mystery woman, but Janet refused to divulge any information. After John had left, Todd went downstairs to look for Tess, but she was nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Tess searched the grounds in hopes of discovering Todd's secret. A look of delight crossed her face when she located Marty in a storage area.

At Rodi's, Brody placed a call to the clinic. Staring at Rex's toothbrush, Brody requested an immediate appointment to establish Shane's paternity.

Brody arrived at the clinic with Shane. Shane was certain that his appointment was concerning his severe asthma, but Brody assured the child that he only wanted to prove that he was Shane's father. Insisting that they both already knew the truth, Shane questioned why Brody needed to prove his paternity. A curious Shane wondered if Brody needed proof because something terrible had happened to his mother. After convincing Shane that his mother would return home soon, Brody explained that he simply wanted to set things straight. Stating that his name was never entered on Shane's birth certificate, Brody advised the child that the matter needed to be resolved. Shane was excited to prove to the world that Brody was his father.

When the technician arrived to take samples of Brody and Shane's DNA, Brody explained that he was in a hurry. Holding a plastic bag that contained Rex's and Shane's toothbrushes, Brody pleaded with the technician to accept the DNA from the toothbrushes. The technician advised Brody that his request was against hospital policy, but reconsidered when Brody gave him an excuse about a vindictive ex-wife. Shane smiled when the technician informed them that the results would be available the next day.

Back in 1968, Gigi wrestled over telling Rex the truth regarding Shane's paternity. As the military police attempted to usher Rex on the bus, Gigi blurted out, "Shane is your son!"

As Antonio, Cris, and Sarah drove around the streets of Mendorra, they realized that they were lost. Cris and Sarah attempted to ease Antonio's mind, but Antonio appeared aggravated that he was unable to make the trip alone. Cris and Sarah reminded Antonio that they would find Talia together. While Cris was hell-bent on killing Carlo, Antonio was certain that John's friends at the bureau would put an end to Carlo's reign. Sarah read an article in a tabloid magazine that mentioned Talia. The article stated that Talia, the princess of Mendorra hadn't given a public appearance since her nuptials and insinuated that the royal couple was planning an heir to the throne. Antonio was troubled by the news and wondered if Talia was in trouble. As Cris and Antonio continued to argue about how to locate Talia and the palace, Sarah announced that the palace was up ahead.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fort Bliss

In 1968, soldiers tried to pull Rex away from Gigi and force him onto the bus to Fort Bliss as Gigi confessed her greatest secret: Shane was his son. Rex, stunned, asked Gigi to repeat herself and she did, saying she was sorry she hadn't told him sooner. As the soldiers ripped Rex away from Gigi, the lovers' hands remained linked. Professor Fina wandered in to see the fuse box above them begin to spark and arc with electricity, and in a flash of white, Rex and Gigi disappeared. The soldiers were baffled, wondering where their newest recruit had gone. Professor Fina picked up "Bo's" fallen nameplate from the ground, and mused aloud that they had discovered the powers of truth and love-forces that were greater than those of time and space. Just then, the "real" young Bo (played by Tanner Woods, real-life son of Robert S. Woods) wandered in, asking if the bus to Fort Bliss was there. Fina solemnly handed him the nameplate, and warned him to "keep your head down."

In 2008, Gigi and Rex found themselves standing in the same bus station, forty years into the future. A soldier in fatigues entered to board a bus to Fort Bliss, and when Rex buttonholed him about whether or not he was headed to Vietnam, the soldier scoffed and said he was shipping out to Iraq. Rex and Gigi were thrilled to learn they were back in the present, but already their memories of their adventure were growing foggy and indistinct. They each recalled having traveled back to 1968, but like Bo, wondered if they had had some strange kind of shared dream.

Rex asked Gigi if it was true that Shane was his son, and Gigi re-affirmed it. Rex was shocked and thrilled to be the boy's father, but furious with Gigi; he asked why she hadn't told him in ten years, and if she thought he wasn't good enough to be a father. Gigi tearfully explained that Rex had disappeared from Michigan without a word, and she'd felt sure that he had abandoned her when she was seventeen and pregnant. She said that Brody had offered her stability and security and she was sure she'd never see Rex again.

Rex reminded Gigi that she'd had many chances to tell the truth since they met again at Christmas, and Gigi said she had tried but other things had gotten in the way: his marriage, Brody's return, etc. She said she hadn't wanted to wreck his marriage by using her son as a weapon, and had also wanted to know for sure that he loved her. Rex repeated to Gigi that he still loved her, and softened, realizing that while she was the woman who had lied to him, he was also the man who had walked out ten years before. Gigi and Rex each said they were sorry, and that they forgave each other. They embraced, and Gigi asked Rex if it was really true-did he really love her? "Morasco, it was always you," Rex said. As they left the bus station hand in hand, more soldiers were shown boarding the bus to Fort Bliss, and a newspaper headline faded from a front page story about Iraq to one about Vietnam-and in 1968, the young Bo boarded his own bus to Fort Bliss, with an American flag covering the station wall behind him.

In Mendorra, Antonio, Cristian, and Sarah arrived inside the royal palace, being careful to hide from the guards. They split up as Antonio rushed off to find Talia. Cristian and Sarah hid in a corridor, listening to Carlo scheme with Bitterman, the royal aide. Bitterman warned Carlo that talk was growing amongst the staff, the media, and the citizenry about Jonas and Talia's unconsummated marriage. He said that Talia was putting Prince Jonas off "in the bedroom." Carlo assured Bitterman that he could deal with both the media and his upstart daughter. As Carlo dismissed several royal staffers, Cristian and Sarah snuck away, then cornered a steward and a maid in the halls, dragging them off to take their clothes.

In the prince's bedchambers, Talia and Jonas were at odds over the terms of their "royal union." Jonas was anxious to consummate their marriage, and angrily said that Talia's refusal made him look weak to the Mendorran people. Talia told Jonas that he was weak, and that her heart belonged only to Antonio. She said she'd only promised to say her vows, and Jonas screamed that she would honor them. "What do I need to do to make you go to bed with me?" he snarled. "Kill me first," Talia replied. When Jonas tried to manhandle her, Talia body-slammed him to the floor. Humiliated, Jonas stalked off to confront Carlo, leaving guards posted at the doors.

Cristian and Sarah donned the uniforms of the steward and maid and listened in as Jonas confronted Carlo in the foyer. Jonas told Carlo that his daughter was vulgar and uncooperative, and Carlo coldly warned Jonas never to demean his child again. Jonas demanded Carlo help Talia see "reason," and Carlo left to see to Talia, calling Jonas spineless as he went. After Jonas dismissed Bitterman, Cristian and Sarah ambushed Jonas while posing as the staff, and Cristian brained the nefarious prince with a serving tray.

At Jonas and Talia's suite, Antonio made short work of the guards outside the doors. As he entered, Talia was sure it was Jonas back for another go at "marital relations," but upon seeing Antonio, she flew into his arms and the duo shared a romantic embrace. Antonio said he'd come back to get her out of there, and Carlo wouldn't stop them. Just then, Carlo knocked on the door. Antonio hid as Talia allowed her father to enter, and as Carlo began to harangue Talia about not bedding down with Jonas, Antonio shut the door behind them and confronted Hesser. Carlo warned Antonio that he'd made a terrible mistake coming back to Mendorra, but before he could finish his threats, Talia clobbered him with a heavy vase, knocking her father unconscious. Antonio and Talia then proceeded to lift and drag Carlo's inert body.

Back in Llanview, Todd's house was full of guests as John and the Llanview Police Department continued to search for signs of Todd's "mystery woman." Todd stole a moment with his latest bodyguard to ask if he'd seen what had happened to Tess, but the bodyguard believed she'd left. He told Todd he was sure she hadn't seen Marty being moved. John and the LPD descended the stairs, having found nothing; John accused Todd of using Jessica to fake stomach pains. Todd told John to get out. Stymied, John was forced to retreat. After he was gone, Todd agonized over where Tess could be.

As she entered the gardening shed not far across the property, Tess was shocked to find Marty sitting in a chair, and called to her by name. Marty didn't recognize her, but took a guess, asking Tess if she was "Blair." Stunned, Tess did her best to improvise, explaining that she was Jessica, one of Marty's oldest and closest friends, and Todd's niece. She explained to Marty that everyone believed her dead, and asked what she was doing with Todd. Marty retold Todd's version of events to Tess-that he was protecting her from John McBain, just as Lee Ramsey had before him, and that she needed to be hidden for her own safety. "No kidding," Tess replied, dumbfounded. Tess quickly realized how skewed Todd's take on the truth was, and learned that Marty had no idea Todd was her rapist.

Todd arrived, dismayed to see Tess already there. Tess quickly pulled Todd into her pleasant conversation with Marty, each of them playing off the other's lies and hiding their aggression. Tess claimed she totally understood Todd's reasons for keeping Marty hidden. When Todd slipped and called her "Tess," Marty caught him, and Todd covered by claiming it had been Jessica's childhood nickname. "You want to hear my nickname for Todd?" Tess chimed in sweetly. Todd told "Jessica" and Marty that a longer reunion between the two "friends" would have to wait, and that Marty had been through enough. "And who would know that more than you?" Tess replied. As the two continued to hiss at each other through clenched teeth, they put on happy faces for Marty, and Todd told her he'd be back after walking Tess to her car.

At the LPD station, Blair arrived at John's office to find him gone. She decided to leave a note, and went through several different versions of a romantic letter before finding them all either too cheesy or too seductive, and crumpling the paper up. Just then, John arrived, heated after his failure to bust Todd for kidnapping. John explained the fiasco at the house to Blair, and Blair sympathized. She asked if he was sure Todd really was hiding anyone at all. "She's real," John said, referring to the mystery woman.

As John examined his file on "Jane Doe/Todd Manning," Blair said she could relate to finding it hard to let certain things go; she showed him that she was still wearing Todd's marital rings, and hadn't had the heart to take them off-until that moment. Blair asked John if she should, and John replied, "Only if you want to." Blair removed her rings, laying them on John's desk, and asked if maybe they could both let go of their obsessions. She urged John to forget the mystery woman, who clearly didn't want to be found. "Who knows? There just might a woman out there that you don't have to save," she said. John insisted on giving Blair back her rings, saying he didn't want them to end up in an evidence locker, and Blair reluctantly pocketed the jewelry. As he considered Blair's advice, John finally tossed his file in the trash-where he found Blair's note. Embarrassed, Blair tried to stop John from reading it, but to no avail. John, on the other hand, was amused and turned on by Blair's romantic prose; he reminded her that Michael was gone from the apartment for the night, and then took her arm to head off for a romantic evening.

Back at the house, Todd and Tess discarded their false pleasantries and squared off. "You're playing house with a woman you raped and she doesn't even know that's who you are," Tess spat. Todd warned her that she couldn't tell anyone, and claimed that Marty learning the whole truth at that time would "set her recovery back." Tess laughed at Todd's self-serving reasoning, but changed her tune when Todd threatened to have her thrown into St. Anne's. Tess and Todd realized they were at a stalemate, each desperate to keep their own secrets. As Tess prepared to walk out and "tell the entire English-speaking world" about Marty, Todd agreed to her terms: He'd keep quiet if she would. Tess agreed, and they had a deal. With that, Tess was gone.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

In Bed 2gether:

Cris, Sarah, and Antonio hatched a plan to deal with Carlo and Jonas. While Sarah and the brothers hid nearby, Talia made sure that Bitterman found her in bed with Jonas. Talia explained Jonas' unconscious state, suggesting that it was exhaustion after their night of passion. Satisfied that the marriage had been consummated, Bitterman told Talia that he was concerned by Carlo's sudden disappearance. Talia lied and told the royal aide that Carlo had gone boar hunting earlier that morning. Talia then put the next phase of their plan into motion. She ordered Bitterman to lift the blackout on the press corps and invite the reporters into the palace. A short time later, Talia held a press conference to announce that the King and Queen of Mendorra were ready to be crowned. Talia then offered to take the reporters on a tour of the palace.

A chorus of shocked gasps rang out when Talia swung the doors open to the royal suite, and revealed Jonas and Carlo-naked, in bed, and fast asleep in what appeared to be an intimate embrace. Talia pretended to be as stunned as everyone else by the discovery.

Bo visited Lindsay in jail to thank her. He told her that as deeply as Bo had been hurt by her deception, it had forced him on a spiritual journey, which lead Bo to find himself. Bo admitted that, even though he might never forgive Lindsay for what she had done, he had come to understand what had driven her. Bo realized that love could force a person to do extraordinary things in order to preserve it. Bo then wished Lindsay well and told her that he hoped her time in prison would pass quickly. Lindsay seemed hopeful and started to suggest that she might look him up when she was released from prison, but Bo stopped her before she could finish her sentence. He told her "good luck," and left.

In Paris, Texas, Rex continued to grapple with the revelations that Gigi loved him and Shane was his son. Gigi reassured Rex that it was all true. Acceptance led to anticipation. Rex began making plans for the future. Besides calling Adriana, Rex wanted to tell Shane the truth so that they could begin bonding as father and son. Gigi didn't want to rush into telling Shane the truth, because it would be a lot for a young boy to deal with. When Gigi mentioned that she had not been able to reach Shane since their return to 2008, Rex encouraged Gigi to call "their son."

At home, Shane gave Brody a special gift as they prepared to go to the kitchen for breakfast. It was a scrapbook, which Shane had made for his father, of the important moments in Shane's life. Brody was touched by the gesture and sat down while Shane explained the significance of each picture. They were interrupted when Gigi called. Shane was happy to hear from his mother. Gigi told him that she missed him and that she would return on the first available flight. They chatted for a bit before Shane passed the phone to Brody. Brody's joy soon turned to annoyance when Gigi told Brody that she was with Rex. Brody became defensive and justified his recent actions by claiming that everything he had done was for Shane's sake.

After Gigi hung up, Rex quickly realized that Gigi felt bad for Brody because he would end up losing the son that Rex gained. Gigi didn't deny it, but agreed that Shane had the right to know that Rex was his father.

At the house, Brody received a timely package. The test results were in and they showed that Brody was a DNA match to Shane. Shane was thrilled when Brody handed him the papers confirming that Brody was his biological father.

At Llanfair, Tina was disappointed by Todd's indifference to seeing her. Todd didn't seem concerned about Tina's hurt feelings. He was only interested in talking to Jessica. At the mention of her niece, Tina went on a tangent about how different Jessica had seemed since Tina's return to Llanview. As Tina recounted several recent events to illustrate the changes in Jessica, she mentioned the reaction Jessica had to David Vickers trying to get into the basement. Todd tried to cover for Tess, attributing her recent behavior to the stress of pregnancy and losing her husband, Nash, but Tina wasn't placated. Tina felt that Jessica's recent problems didn't give her the right to treat her aunt poorly. When Tina decided to call Viki, Todd stepped in and stopped her. Before he left, Todd warned Tina to steer clear of Jessica.

Tess went to the police station to talk to John about Todd's mystery woman. Tess tried to convince John that the woman didn't exist. Unfortunately, her desperation to convince John that the woman didn't exist had the opposite effect. After Tess left, John placed a phone call to find out when the 3-D reproduction of the woman would be completed. Bo walked in as John ended the call.

Tess returned to Llanfair and bumped into Todd in the foyer. Todd was furious when he learned that Tess had been at the police station. Tess confidently assured Todd that her mission had been a success. She told Todd that John had all but closed the case. Todd wasn't convinced. Tess promised him that as long as her secret was safe, Todd's secret would be safe. Todd asked Tess which secret she referred to, that she was Tess or that she was hiding something in the basement?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Don't Cry For Me, Mendorra

As Markko slathered Langston with suntan lotion by the pool at La Boulaie, he complained about the girls he had to deal with in his new job at the country club. He was less than thrilled to be working there, but needed to earn money for college. Langston reminded him of her own inability to tap any money in her trust fund. When Delphina showed up to give Langston a reading and requested $100, Markko was floored. He pointed out how long he had to work to make a similar amount.

Trying to advise Langston that Delphina was merely a phony, Markko was stopped in his tracks when Delphina called him Geraldo Rivera. Upon questioning by Langston, he admitted that Geraldo was indeed his real name, just like the newsman, but he had changed it to Markko. He still felt that Delphina could have easily obtained that information anywhere. Delphina proceeded to have a conversation with a dark-haired woman and again told Langston that she was not alone.

At the diner, a persuasive Jared talked up Charlie's skills to Carlotta, regarding the post-fire makeover. Carlotta disclosed that her heart was really with Antonio and what he was involved with but she was unable to share any details. She decided that talk about rebuilding the diner was just what she needed to take her mind off of her son and give her hope for the future. She agreed to let Charlie put together an estimate of all of the improvements she might want, but advised him she had no money until the insurance company completed their investigation of the fire.

Jared confessed to Natalie that he was doing something for her father, in order for them to be in the man's good graces again. He admitted that he could not tell her what that something was due to it being something unethical. When Natalie vowed to go to Clint to get the details for herself, Jared felt that he had no choice but to tell her what he was doing. A shocked Natalie was dismayed that Clint wanted Jared to go after a teenager and could hardly believe that Jared would so readily do Clint's dirty work. Picking up the phone to call Clint herself to tell him off, Natalie unhappily allowed Jared to convince her otherwise. He explained that Langston was not an orphan and that he would merely orchestrate a tiny threat to get Langston's uncle to try to take custody of Langston. He was sure that Dorian would return Buchanan Enterprises to the family when her ward was threatened with this action. He hated seeing Natalie unhappy and was doing it to try to get things back to the way they were before.

Rex and Gigi stopped at the Bon Jour Café before leaving Paris, Texas, and talked more about their future together. Gigi tried to reassure Rex that he would be a great dad to Shane. She acknowledged that her success at raising a child herself was due to lots of love and laughter, and not letting her son get away with anything. A doubting Moe pointed out that Rex was still married, but Rex pledged his commitment to both Shane and Gigi. When Rex mentioned Moe's father and his diner in 1968, Moe was taken aback and wondered how in the world Rex would know anything about him. Rex assured him that Mr. Stubbs was quite legendary. Noticing Noelle's engagement ring, Gigi was happy for her friends. Moe pointed out that Delphina was wrong with her prediction. Rex thought it was the first time the psychic had not been right. Moe and Noelle had some goodies for Shane and Viki packed and ready to go back to Llanview.

John was surprised but pleased to see Bo when the former police head walked into his office. John let him know that he was only keeping Bo's seat warm until Bo could once again be the "commish." Bo wondered if the mayor was aware of John's proposal, and confessed that he left town not only because of the mayor, but because of his father and Lindsay, too. He was comforted to know that John understood.

As the men spoke, the mayor himself showed up. Ordering Bo out of the office, he suggested that John see Bo on his own time. He added that Bo had brought shame and degradation to the department and he had no respect for him. Bo spit out his coffee at the mayor's remarks. As soon as the mayor stopped his rant, the iron-willed new police commissioner jumped in. John advised the mayor that he would do as he pleased. Putting the icing on the cake, he ordered the mayor to re-appoint Bo as the police commissioner. John was adamant that the town needed Bo back, especially since John had no intention of ever making the mayor look good, as Bo would. As the mayor sputtered, John offered to call a press conference to let everyone know what had happened while Ramsey headed the department. A reluctant mayor gave Bo his old job back but gave orders to leave Todd Manning alone. A grateful Bo advised his friend that he owed him. John refused to accept Bo's thanks and instead they agreed that it was time to go after Todd.

An over-the-top Talia sobbed on Bitterman's shoulder as she spied her husband and father in bed together. As the press looked on, the men slowly awakened. As he realized the situation, Carlo immediately ordered everyone out of the room. As Talia continued to bawl about the affair between Jonas and Carlo, the press asked questions of the men, regarding gay marriage and their sexuality. Carlo insisted they were set up, but the claim fell on deaf ears. Bitterman recalled the men always having their heads together and being holed up in meetings late at night. Mendorra was defrauded, with Carlo wanting to bleed the country dry!

Suddenly it dawned on Carlo, seeing Antonio, Sarah, and Cris together; he and Jonas had been drugged. Carlo called for the guards as he mournfully expressed his love for Talia, reminding his daughter that he had made her a queen. She quickly pointed out with a straight face that she had returned the favor and advised him that pictures were probably already all over the Internet. She stood her ground and told her father that she and her friends were heading back to Llanview.

As Carlo continued to call for the guards, Talia begged him not to. When they finally showed up, he ordered that the intruders be arrested. Things backfired when Carlo was arrested for fraud instead. As he and Jonas were taken out, they learned that beheading was the punishment for such a crime. Talia refused to intercede.

As an inquisitive Todd continued to press Tess on what she might have hidden in the basement, Tess smoothly changed the topic of conversation to Todd's own secret about Marty. She again threatened to divulge the identity of his secret housemate if he continued to meddle in her business. Todd skillfully figured out that Natalie and Jared were the two people that Tess would want to hurt, recalling the faulty brakes on Natalie's car. He realized that the secret in the basement had something to do with them. Inside, Tina was enjoying the news coverage of the latest events in Mendorra.

Tess pointed out that Nash's death was no accident, as she recounted the events of that day. Nash was shoved and she was still holding Jared and Natalie accountable for that. As Todd owned up to not liking Tess, he suddenly grabbed her. Pushing her against the wall, he demanded that Jessica return, yelling and calling to her. As they continued to struggle and grab at each other, Jessica suddenly emerged. She told her uncle that she was back and wanted to be there. As Todd gradually accepted Jessica's remarkable return, she was gone in an instant when Tess spitefully called him Uncle Rod. She wondered if he had noticed that she was as good a faker as he was. As Todd forcefully grabbed her again and began to shake her, Natalie and Jared arrived home. They immediately deemed Todd the culprit and demanded to know if he had hurt Jess. Both Todd and Tess quickly covered up, explaining that Todd was merely offering comfort.

Delphina advised Langston that the person close to her shared blood and she was hearing the Columbian national anthem. Langston let on that both she and her mom had been born in Columbia but that her mom was an only child. Delphina was unable to learn anything else but mentioned that someone far away was talking about this person.

An agitated Natalie decided that she didn't want her father back if he were going to do something to hurt Langston. She wanted Jared to call Clint and tell him no.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Not The Safe!

At La Boulaie, Blair prepared for Sam's custody hearing. Fearing that Todd might gain custody, Blair expressed her love for the child to Dorian. Blair told Dorian that she didn't want to lose Sam and revealed that she loved him as if he were her own. Dorian sympathized with Blair and stated that Todd destroyed everything he touched. Blair asked Dorian to babysit Sam while she attended the hearing, and Dorian obliged.

Alone with Sam, Dorian played with the child and told him how fortunate he was to have Blair in his life. Dorian told Sam that Blair felt the same love for him that Dorian felt for Langston. As Dorian stated that she considered Langston a Cramer girl, Langston appeared in the doorway. Langston reminded Dorian that she wasn't a Cramer girl - her lineage consisted of Wilde and Montez blood. Apologizing for ignoring Langston's true heritage, Dorian stated that she shared the same love for Langston as she did her own daughters. Acknowledging that Langston had no blood relatives, Dorian promised Langston that she would never be alone, because the Cramers were her family. Dorian was stunned when Langston said that she might have a living relative. Unable to keep the news to herself, Langston revealed Madame Delphina's claims - an uncle existed in South America. Although she didn't want to discourage Langston, Dorian felt it necessary to mention that Delphina had made a few mistakes in the past. Dorian told Langston that a true family consisted of those that had unconditional love for one another.

After Dorian left, Langston turned her attention to her computer. Gaining access to a search engine entitled "Family Find," Langston entered the name "Montez."

Before heading to the custody hearing, Todd checked in on Marty. Still upset over John's search of the house, Marty feared that John would harm her. Worried that Jessica might reveal her whereabouts to John, Marty stated that she needed to get well so she could defend herself. Todd assured Marty that Jess would never confide in John, and promised that he would never allow John to hurt her again. Todd asked Marty if she trusted him. She replied, "Probably more than I should!"

At the courthouse, Blair spoke with the social worker. Meanwhile, Todd showed up late with several demands for his lawyer. Todd insisted on receiving custody of Sam and demanded to have the restraining order lifted so that he could see his children.

Inside the courtroom, the social worker spoke highly of Blair and told the judge that Sam was thriving in the Cramer home. Todd interrupted the proceedings several times and was warned by the judge. Fed up with Todd's antics, the judge asked if Todd had attended his anger management classes and enrolled in driving school. When Todd's lawyer informed the judge that Todd had been preoccupied and hadn't completed his court-ordered assignments, the judge ruled that Blair would retain custody of Sam. Stating that Todd had violated his restraining order several times and refused to allow Child Services to conduct a home visit, the judge ordered him to complete the orders of the court. He advised Todd that if met the requirements within a year, he could file for custody again.

After the proceedings, Blair suggested that Todd re-examine his life. Unwilling to listen to Blair's assessment of his life, Todd advised her that he would see his children again.

Todd returned home and spoke with Marty. He told Marty that he had lost custody of Sam, but received some good news. Todd claimed that Starr had agreed to allow him to raise her unborn child.

In the police commissioner's office, John told Bo that he suspected Jessica of helping Todd hide the mystery woman, who disappeared from Ramsey's apartment on the night of his murder. John related that he believed Jess faked false labor pains in order to create a diversion for Todd. Bo was shocked to learn that Jess would act as an accomplice, but acknowledged that Jess had been behaving strangely since Nash's death. John informed Bo that he intended to prosecute Todd once he gained enough evidence to link him to the crime. Explaining that he wanted to assure the case wasn't botched, John insisted that he couldn't protect any accessories, including Jess. Bo refused to believe his niece could be involved, but gave John the go-ahead to proceed with the investigation. Believing Jess would be truthful with him, Bo offered to question his niece about her possible role in the crime. As John headed off to investigate further, Bo warned him to be cautious. Bo reminded John that the mayor would cause problems if he discovered that John had reopened Ramsey's murder case.

John noticed one of the mayor's assistants with a box filled with evidence involving Ramsey's murder investigation. The assistant informed John that the mayor requested that the evidence be placed into storage. After convincing the detective to allow him to sign for the materials, John intercepted a security tape. The tape contained surveillance surrounding Ramsey's building. The date on the tape was the night of Ramsey's murder.

In the library of Llanfair, Natalie and Jared argued relentlessly. Upset that Jared accepted Clint's request to locate Langston's uncle, Natalie demanded that Jared call Clint and refuse to do her father's dirty work. Jared told Natalie that he felt obligated to do everything in his power to help the family regain control of Buchanan Enterprises from Dorian. Disgusted that Clint and Jared would use Langston to get revenge on Dorian, Natalie insisted that the child had suffered enough and didn't need further conflict in her life. Meanwhile, in the foyer, Tess exploded when she discovered Leo, the carpenter, at the front door. Screaming, Tess reminded Leo that she had instructed him to use the back entrance. As Tess berated Leo, Tina observed from the staircase. Unnoticed, Tina appeared suspicious of her niece. When Tess ordered Leo to use the back entrance, Tina approached and asked if she could be of assistance. Glaring at Tina, Tess explained that she had hired Leo "the electrician" to install lights in the kitchen. While Tess attempted to cover her tracks, Natalie and Jared's intense conversation poured out into the foyer. Thankful for the diversion, Tess sent Leo off to finish his work. As Tina tried to keep an eye on Leo, Tess motioned for Tina to help her referee the argument between Natalie and Jared.

Tess was curious to learn what was upsetting her sister. Natalie explained that Clint had asked Jared to go on a business trip. When Tess discovered that the trip was designed to help B.E. and that Natalie objected, she suggested that Jared go anyway. Natalie was obviously annoyed by her sister's interference. Attempting to calm the situation, Tina offered her opinion, which led to a shouting match between Tina and Tess. Frustrated with her family's meddling, Nat demanded that they stay out of her affairs. When Tina asked Tess why the electrician was in the basement with the door locked, Tess made up a lie and began to scold Tina for butting into her business. Stating that he had a plane to catch, Jared attempted to kiss Natalie goodbye but she turned away. Once Jared had left, Tina tried to console Nat. Refusing any comfort, Nat said that she had some business to take care of and stormed out of the house. While Tina appeared worried, Tess turned away and laughed hysterically. A confused Tina stared at her niece.

Afraid that Tina was watching, Tess continued to give Leo other jobs to do around the house, in hopes of throwing Tina off her trail. Fed up with Tess's ridiculous requests, Leo stated that Tess was making his job difficult to perform. Demanding that Leo follow her orders, Tess pushed him into the library and closed the door. Tina watched from the staircase. Inside the library, Tess chastised Leo about finishing the job quickly. As Leo walked toward the door, he stopped and observed a painting on the wall. Although unknown to Leo, the painting was hung over the safe that contained Tina's jewels. Bolting into the library, Tina screamed, "No! Not the safe!" A curious Tess observed her aunt's nervous demeanor. Realizing that she had said too much, Tina ran out into the foyer. Tess followed and inquired why Tina was concerned about the safe. After Tina gave Tess a flimsy excuse about taking safety precautions, an unconvinced Tess joined Leo back in the library.

Tina tried to convince herself that she hadn't revealed her secret to Jessica. Meanwhile, in the library, Tess gave Leo more orders. As the two argued, the library doors opened. Bo entered the room and asked his niece what was going on.

At the airport, Jared stared at a photo of Langston. To his surprise, Natalie appeared and insisted that they talk. Jared defended his actions. Citing that he was to blame for Dorian taking control of B.E., Jared wanted to help the family take back the company. He pleaded with Nat to understand that his actions could result in regaining the inheritance for Jess's children and possibly helping the family get over Nash's death. Nat understood Jared's position and begged him to be careful. After expressing her love for him, Nat pleaded with Jared not to do anything that would cause harm to Langston or himself. Jared assured Nat that he didn't want to hurt Langston in any way. He promised that his actions wouldn't cause Langston any pain. His only concern was convincing Dorian to return the company to the Buchanans. Jared and Nat kissed goodbye.

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