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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 1, 2008 on GL
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Monday, September 1, 2008

Due to the Labor Day holiday and CBS Sports coverage of US Open tennis, the entire CBS Daytime lineup was preempted. There were no new original episodes of As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, Guiding Light, and The Young and the Restless today. This scheduling change has been accounted for and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming returns on Tuesday, September 2nd.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

In New York, Bill Lewis accosted Alan just before Alan entered his meeting with Blackthorn. Even though Bill said he had no reservations about letting Alan make a fool of himself in the meeting by talking about Gus, Bill wouldn't let Alan hurt Lizzie by ruining the Spaulding name. Unbeknownst to the two men, Lizzie eavesdropped on them from across the corridor. Alan thought Bill was just afraid that once Alan reacquired his company, he'd send Bill back to digging ditches with his father. Bill called over two men in suits, saying, "You guys know what to do. Don't hurt him." The two men took hold of Alan and led him away. After Bill followed them out, a man came out of the Blackthorn meeting looking for Spaulding. Lizzie readily replied that she was the Spaulding representative and joined him in the meeting room.

Bill escorted Alan back to his hotel room where Bill instructed his two men to get the jet readied for Springfield. Bill asked them to have the head neurologist at Cedars on standby because Bill planned to take Alan straight to the hospital. A short time later, Lizzie entered and said Bill had done a wonderful thing for her family by stopping Alan from ruining the family name. Bill said he still intended to kick Alan's butt once Alan recovered. When Bill said he'd miss their level playing field, Lizzie replied that they'd find another. Just then, they heard a thud. Both turned to see that Alan had collapsed on the hotel bed.

Lizzie and Bill rushed Alan back to Springfield and Cedars Hospital, where Rick ordered Alan off for tests. Bill hugged Lizzie as she worried, assuring her that she was not alone. Later, Rick approached Bill and Lizzie in the waiting room to tell them that Alan's clot was still intact. Alan needed to have an operation, but there was a chance Alan wouldn't be the same after the procedure. Rick asked Lizzie to convince Alan to have the surgery.

When Lizzie visited Alan in his room, Alan insisted he'd seen Gus when he'd collapsed earlier. Alan refused the surgery because he thought everyone wanted to take Gus away from him. Lizzie implored him to stop depending on Gus. Alan said the only person he could depend on was Lizzie. Alan asked her to retrieve a picture from his pocket. Lizzie found a photo of herself as a child. When Alan asked if she remembered that age in her life, Lizzie said Alan had given her a briefcase back then. Alan added that he'd then told her that she was the future of Spaulding. He said she still was. Alan held onto her hand, saying, "If anything should happen to me..." Lizzie quieted him, saying not to worry because she was there for him.

Later, Lizzie thanked Bill for putting her and her grandfather first, even before the company. Bill said he felt sorry for the corporate raiders at Blackthorn who'd thought they'd had a Spaulding primed for a takeover. Lizzie told Bill that Blackthorn had gotten a Spaulding after all: Lizzie. Smiling, she said that Blackthorn had just called her. By the end of the day, Lizzie expected to own 49% of Maximus. Bill looked a little ill. Lizzie kissed him and said they'd just gotten that level playing field that he said he'd wanted for their relationship.

Meanwhile, Buzz busied the Cooper family with preparations for Jeffrey and Reva's wedding later that day. He put his family on teams: Mallet and Marina were in charge of decorations, Frank and Coop were in charge of beer, and Buzz and Daisy were in charge of food. Glancing around for Daisy, Buzz realized he'd lost half his team and ran off looking for her. He found her frosting cupcakes on the veranda at Company. Jeffrey came around the corner just as Josh was approaching in the distance. Josh listened to Jeffrey excitedly proclaim to Buzz and Daisy that he was marrying Reva that day. As Josh removed his sunglasses, Billy tapped him on the shoulder and said, "If you let this happen, then you're not half the man I thought you were."

Billy and Josh went to the construction site where Billy proposed a hair-brained scheme to kidnap Reva before the wedding. Being a minister, Josh refused to commit a felony. Billy looked at it more as rescuing Reva, but Josh still said he wouldn't do it. Josh left in his red pickup truck. He went to the church and found a package on the steps. Inside was the Bible that Olivia had asked Grady to return to Josh. Upon thumbing through the Bible, Josh saw old, tattered photos of Reva and him. Josh got into his truck and returned to the construction site to tell Billy that he was onboard with the kidnapping plan.

Eager for some action, Billy concocted a scheme by which they would kidnap Reva and whisk her away to Tulsa. Josh convinced himself that Reva really did want him to kidnap her and, after she was done being upset, Josh said she'd realize that he'd done exactly what Reva had wanted him to do. Josh planned to lure Reva from Cross Creek to go with him to pick up a package from Shayne. He'd then take her to pick up Billy, and they'd hop on the road to Oklahoma. The brothers excitedly put their plan into action.

At Cross Creek, Lillian urged Reva to tell Jeffrey about the lump she'd found. Reva tearfully said she couldn't tell Jeffrey about the cancer resurgence on their wedding day. Lillian said Reva not telling Jeffrey was reacting the same as when she hadn't told Josh. Reva replied that she didn't want Jeffrey to be with her out of pity. Lillian wanted Reva to let Jeffrey make that decision. Jeffrey entered and Lillian left. Jeffrey seemed set to get married, but then Reva reminded him about the marriage license. Reva told him to go get it, saying he shouldn't see her before the wedding anyway. "After all we've been through," Jeffrey said, smiling, "bring it on!" After Jeffrey left, Reva found a CD in the closet. "How do you tell her what you want to tell her?" Reva read and then she put the CD into a player. A song written and sung by Jeffrey played. Smiling, Reva listened to the song and read the lyrics that Jeffrey had written.

Reva found Jeffrey at the courthouse and hugged him tightly. Reva reminded him that they'd agreed to always be totally honest with each other. She took in a hesitant breath and then told Jeffrey about the lump she'd found. Jeffrey hugged her and then they sat on a bench by the lake. Reva was emotional, prattling on about how they had to tell Buzz that the wedding was postponed again after all the trouble Buzz and Jeffrey had gone through to secure the abandoned farmhouse for the location. She said Jeffrey had signed up for the "What the hell" wedding, not a ticket to the cancer ward.

Jeffrey replied, "I signed on for the whole damn thing. Not just the wedding, but everything that comes after it. You may have cancer today. Tomorrow we might get hit by a bus." Jeffrey ordered her to stop giving him an escape and marry him so he wouldn't have to hold hands with Buzz again to get the farmhouse back. Reva felt she was burdening him too soon after Ava's problems, but Jeffrey believed that Reva had gotten him through those times. He said their vows were for better or for worse. Kissing her, Jeffrey decided that they'd get married that day and then deal with Reva's results together when they came in.

Reva returned to Cross Creek. She was on the phone with Marah when Josh pulled up outside. Josh went to the open door and overheard Reva saying that she belonged with Jeffrey and had never been happier in her life. Reva said that she hadn't even known it was possible to be that happy. Sullen, Josh hung his head and left. Reva started to tell Marah some other news, but was interrupted when she heard a car outside. Reva went to the door and looked perplexed to find her driveway empty.

At the wedding location, Daisy told Buzz that Jeffrey wanted "What the Hell" written on the cupcakes. Buzz rushed up to Jeffrey to talk about that and saw that Jeffrey was in his light-colored suit, still concocting his vows. Jeffrey had decided to write a song and asked Buzz to think of what rhymed with "What the hell." Buzz replied, "The farmer in the dell?" Jeffrey threw his papers in the air, deciding vows and songs didn't matter because he only needed his bride.

Jeffrey searched the farmhouse grounds for Reva but found an angry Josh instead. Jeffrey welcomed Josh to the wedding, and Josh said a wedding was a serious thing. He hoped Jeffrey understood how lucky he was. Jeffrey thanked Josh but said love, not luck, had a lot to do with it. Josh didn't think Jeffrey understood real love. Josh confessed that he'd intended to take Reva from Jeffrey and drive her to Tulsa, but he hadn't. "Because gas is five dollars a gallon?" Jeffrey asked. Josh said he hadn't because he loved Reva and respected her choices, even when he knew her choices were wrong for her. Jeffrey thanked Josh for being a man of faith and restraint, but he said Josh's plan wouldn't have worked anyway. As Jeffrey turned, Josh leapt at him.

Josh and Jeffrey squared off near a fence behind the red barn. Jeffrey warned Josh that he was trained to kill. Josh retorted that he'd been trained by his brother and father to fight Oklahoma style. Removing his jacket and tie, Jeffrey decided that Josh had been asking for it for a long time. The two men eagerly began to brawl.

Meanwhile, an anxious Reva dressed in her wedding gown. She gathered herself to leave, but the phone rang. She answered it, hoping it was Shayne, but instead she heard Rick on the other end. Rick said he'd rushed Reva's tests results and they had come in. Dr. Hendrix had just gotten the results and Rick asked Reva to come down and hear them. Scared, Reva confirmed that she'd be there later on and hung up the phone.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

At the gate by the red barn, Jeffrey and Josh tussled with each other. Each one landed a good punch on the other before Reva ran onto the scene in her baby doll wedding dress and broke it up. Reva told Josh to leave, and Jeffrey repeated her, saying that Reva had enough to worry about. Reva grew somber and Jeffrey apologized to her. Reva said it was okay and then she revealed to Josh that she had another lump that could be malignant. Josh seemed hurt that Jeffrey knew about it, and Reva said she told Jeffrey everything. She added that she'd learned her lesson from the last time she'd kept her mate out of the loop. Jeffrey told Reva that she looked beautiful and then left to let Reva talk with Josh alone.

Josh was emotional and he said he was sorry she had to go through the cancer scare again. Josh proclaimed that he loved Reva the same as he had back then and he would have been there for Reva the first time she'd gone through it if he had known. He felt that if it had happened that way, then Reva wouldn't have been standing there about to marry another man. Reva uttered that they didn't know that. She said she was making choices, none of which were meant to hurt Josh. When Josh asked her if she really loved Jeffrey, she affirmed that she did. Head down, Josh decided he had no place there then. He asked her to tell him about her test results so that he'd be prepared when talking to their children. He additionally wondered if it were okay to notify Billy about the lump. Reva agreed that he could tell Billy but no one else until she knew more. She asked Josh where he was going and Josh dubiously shook his head, saying he didn't know. Reva called after him as he walked away, but he said he had to go.

Josh drove to the kidnap rendezvous point to meet Billy. When Josh hopped out of his truck, Billy immediately noticed that he'd been in a fight and wondered if Reva had kicked his butt. Josh explained to Billy what had happened and then said he'd given up on Reva. Josh told Billy about the possible cancer resurgence, noting that Reva had told Jeffrey about it instead of hiding it as she had with Josh. Billy stiffened, hearing the news, and Josh said he knew Billy had been there with Reva the last time. Josh and Billy went to the church to pray. After Billy left, Josh sat on the outside steps to talk with God. He asked God for direction in his life, saying he'd spent more time in his ministry telling God what God's job was than taking God's direction. Josh received a text message from Shayne, who asked Josh to come visit him. Josh thanked God that his son needed him. Josh then asked God to look out for Reva because so many of them needed her.

Afterward, Josh went to Cassie's farmhouse and found Cassie on the porch, gardening. She said she'd been invited to the wedding, but she'd chosen not to attend. Josh replied that Cassie probably expected him to be at the wedding breaking it up instead of on her doorstep. Cassie admitted she was surprised to see him. Josh told her that he'd come there to say goodbye. Josh explained that he was going to visit Shayne for a while and the chance to visit Shayne had come at the best time for him. Josh decided that his discontentment hadn't been about Reva and Jeffrey. He felt that his marriage to Cassie hadn't fallen apart because of Reva, or Cassie's cheating. Josh admitted to being just as lost as Cassie had been. The only difference was that he hadn't known he'd been lost. Josh said he was going away to figure out what was next for him. He wanted Cassie to know that their marriage hadn't fallen apart because they didn't love each other enough or because he'd loved someone else. Cassie thanked him for telling her that.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey apologized to Reva for fighting on her wedding day. Reva wasn't perturbed, saying that it was actually a first for her to have two handsome men fighting over her on her wedding day. Jeffrey was glad that they could still have some firsts.

Remy sat in the grass fiddling with Ava's camera. He wanted to take pictures of her father's wedding for her. Marina helped him with the camera and then took a photo of him for Ava. Remy said Max would've been two weeks old that day. Marina sympathized with Remy, wondering if he'd talked to Ava. Remy replied that he did on and off, but he didn't want to interrupt her treatment. Mallet strolled up with some flowers he'd been made to pick since he'd been relegated to flower patrol with Daisy earlier. Remy left, and Mallet and Marina talked about what kind of weddings they'd hypothetically want. They agreed that they liked weddings like Reva and Jeffrey's because they were more about the people than the event.

Mallet and Marina strolled up as Coop and Frank drank beer as fast as they could so that Buzz and Daisy could tie the cans to the back of Jeffrey's SUV. Jeffrey and Reva gathered everyone to drive to the abandoned farmhouse to meet the pastor. Remy and Marina arrived first and discovered that the house had been demolished already. Reva hopped out of her car with a grave expression, murmuring that it was a sign. Jeffrey yanked a banner out of the backseat of the SUV and told her that it was also a sign. "Just Marri-?" Reva read the banner. She then realized that the banner hadn't even been finished in time, which to Reva meant that they wouldn't get married in time. Jeffrey figured out that she meant her test results had come in. Reva said it was true; she was supposed to hear them soon. Jeffrey said they would get the results right after they got married. Reva sighed, but Jeffrey was adamant that they were marrying that day. He said they had friends, flowers, cupcakes, and a half painted sign that said their wedding was supposed to happen. He wondered what more they needed. Reva said she had all she needed and told him to jump in the car quickly before it broke down. They took off, leaving Marina and Remy at the demolition site.

Jeffrey and Reva returned to the field where Buzz had been preparing the reception and discovered that the Coopers had been swarmed by bugs, deer, and gophers. Remy and Marina made it back as the bride and groom learned that there was no more food-animals had ransacked the flowers, and Frank had caught a bad case of food poisoning from Buzz's potato salad. Apparently their pastor had gotten called away on an emergency, but Lillian said everything was under control. Jeffrey said they'd get married over by the "Weenee Wagon" for all he cared, because all they really needed was each other.

The wedding party headed to a camper with hot dogs painted on the sides and ordered forty hot dogs with mustard. Afterward, Reva strolled over to thank Daisy for not bringing Grady. Daisy understood about Reva's wedding, but she said excluding Grady wouldn't be the norm. When Reva returned to the gathering, she overheard the men discussing who'd marry her to Jeffrey. Jeffrey decided that he'd do it himself since there was nothing legally prohibiting him from doing so. Jeffrey asked Remy to stand up for him and gave Remy the wedding rings.

The guests sang the wedding march out of tune and Lillian walked down the imaginary aisle. Daisy escorted Reva to Jeffrey's side. Jeffrey officiated his wedding to Reva. He asked her if she took him to be her husband and she agreed. Jeffrey had forgotten to ask if anyone objected, but when he did, he received a resounding "NO!" from the crowd. He then told their guests and Reva how incredible his life had been since he had come to share it with Reva. She made him want to be a better man. He felt that their relationship just kept getting better and more fun with each day that went by. Jeffrey promised to do all he could to keep a smile on her face for as long as they lived. Reva tried to kiss him, but Daisy wouldn't let him until they exchanged rings. After they exchanged them, Jeffrey pronounced them man and wife and kissed his bride.

Afterward, Reva proposed a toast to her new husband and to finding a man who loved her just the way that she was. Reva thanked her guests and then tossed the weedy bouquet Mallet had made her. Marina caught it. The Coopers enjoyed some Greek dancing, but Reva and Jeffrey sneaked away to Cross Creek for their wedding night. Reva didn't think it was the wedding night of Jeffrey's dreams and Jeffrey replied that he'd never even dreamt he'd be married. He said the wedding night was a first for him. They said they loved each other and kissed.

The next morning Jeffrey took Mrs. O'Neill to her doctor's appointment. Reva was queasy and went to the bathroom. While she was gone, Jeffrey saw Dr. Hendrix and asked him if he could hear his wife's test results. Jeffrey felt that if they were bad, he could brace Reva for them. Dr. Hendrix gladly told Jeffrey that they had good news. Reva's lump was not cancerous. Relieved, Jeffrey hardly expected it when Dr. Hendrix added, "Mr. O'Neill, your wife is pregnant."

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jeffrey stood in Dr. Hendrix's office, stunned by the doctor's revelation that his new bride was pregnant. Dr. Hendrix said it was highly unusual, but definitely evident in Reva's blood work. Dr. Hendrix asked a perplexed Jeffrey to retrieve Reva. As Jeffrey later sat in the hallway still absorbing the news, Billy Lewis hurried to him and asked about Reva's test results. Jeffrey just sighed and hurried off.

In the meantime, Reva went to Company and awakened a grumpy Buzz from his nap to order a dozen shots of whiskey. She told Buzz that she needed some courage. She was about to tell him about the lump; however, Buzz's phone rang. Buzz said he had to take the call and went outside. When Buzz took too long to return, Reva decided to pour her own drink. She toasted to beating cancer once and vowed to beat it again. Before Reva could drink, Jeffrey came around the bar and told her to stop. She put the glass down and asked him what the doctor said. Jeffrey swiped her shot off the counter and swigged it himself. As he poured himself another, Reva apologized for leaving the doctor's office and then asked Jeffrey how long the doctor said she had left. "Oh, about nine months," Jeffrey replied and then gulped another shot.

Outside by the lake, Reva harassed Jeffrey to just tell her the results of the tests, saying that taking her to the lake wasn't going to make her any more calm. Jeffrey still didn't know how to say it, rambling that the doctors could easily tell someone his butt was falling off without batting an eyelash. Reva sarcastically asked him if the doctor had said her butt was falling off. She figured that she was dying of cancer and urged Jeffrey to just tell her. She asked what could be worse and Jeffrey chuckled wryly, saying, "You're pregnant."

Reva burst into absurd laughter. She thanked him for the good laugh, but Jeffrey said he wasn't kidding. Reva verified that the doctor had said the cancer was completely gone. Jeffrey said he knew the difference between "cancer" and "pregnant." Reva became overjoyed that the cancer hadn't returned but then did a sudden double take, incredulously saying, "I'm pregnant?" Reva said the doctor was mistaken because she was in menopause. Jeffrey said the doctor was probably still waiting for them at the hospital. He took her hand and escorted her back.

Reva and Jeffrey returned to the doctor. Reva was confused about having been pregnant for three months, saying that she would've known if her cycle had returned. The doctor replied that the Tamoxifen she'd been taking could have triggered her ovulation because it had been known to spur fertility. The doctor considered her conception amazing. Given her age and history of breast cancer, he said there were many risks involved with the pregnancy. The miscarriage and birth defect rates were higher for her, and the doctor said she'd have to cease some of her cancer medications. With the elevated hormone levels that occurred during pregnancy, Reva would be at higher risk for cancer resurgence. Because Reva was only three months along, the doctor said they still had time to "handle it" if they felt that Reva's life was at too great of a risk. The doctor said they had to make their decision quickly.

Reva and Jeffrey returned home from the doctor and tried to behave normally; however, the visit with the doctor weighed heavily on their minds. Jeffrey tried to work and Reva tried to watch a movie on TV, but they both wound up silently sitting on the leather sofa. Reva put her head in Jeffrey's lap and he stroked it, seeming worried. An antsy Reva went outside barefoot in her black dress and started winding up the garden hose. Jeffrey asked her what she was doing and Reva said someone could trip. Jeffrey told her she shouldn't be doing that and Reva huffed that she was pregnant and she could die. "So what else is new?" Jeffrey asked. Reva said everything was different and then she worried that they couldn't go on their honeymoon. She didn't want to miss her honeymoon for anything. Jeffrey said the situation wasn't just "anything." He asked, "What do we do now?" Reva sighed, saying they'd hold on tight. They hugged each other.

At the farmhouse, Cassie readied R.J. for the first day of school. She said Josh was setting up a web cam to communicate with R.J. while Josh visited Shayne. On the way out the door, they almost collided with Cyrus, who'd come by to fix the shutters. Cyrus asked if R.J. could help, but Cassie abrasively said R.J. had school and practice to attend. After Cassie sent R.J. to the car, Cassie ordered Cyrus to be gone by the time she returned. Cyrus said he thought they'd decided to start anew, but Cassie said Cyrus couldn't make up for Tammy by working on her house. Whatever agreement she and Cyrus had come to didn't include R.J. She said it was too hard to explain to R.J. that his mother was hanging around his sister's killer's brother.

After dropping R.J. off at school, Cassie went to Company and saw Buzz distraught as he hung up his cell phone. Buzz grimly told her that Harley had found a job in Greece and wasn't coming home. She'd sent for Zack and had talked to Rick to get his permission to send for Jude as well. Cassie thought it had to be one hell of a job, but Buzz said he thought Harley had found a man. Cassie wanted Buzz to call Harley for her, but he said he had to find Daisy.

Daisy and Grady sat on a swing set, discussing Reva's wedding. At first, Daisy had thought it would've been lame to attend a wedding at a rundown farm. Grady realized that she'd had fun with her family and said it was good that he'd stayed away. Daisy said it was great because no one had even mentioned him. Grady sardonically replied that they'd pretended that he didn't exist. Daisy was relieved that they hadn't been hounding her about getting rid of him. With time, Daisy expected her family to grow bored with bashing Grady. She said they'd eventually accept him and maybe even like him.

Daisy saw an ice cream truck and went to get them ice cream. After she left, her phone rang. Grady answered it and heard Rafe asking for Daisy. Grady hung up and Rafe called back. Rafe and Grady exchanged insults. Rafe said Daisy was going to drop Grady the moment she figured out he'd been the 9-1-1 caller. When Daisy returned, Grady hung up the phone, saying it was the wrong number. Daisy thanked him for taking care of it.

Grady and Daisy went to Marina's room for some alone time since Marina was pulling a double shift. Their make out session was interrupted by Buzz, who asked Grady to let them talk alone. After Grady left, Buzz said Harley needed to talk to Daisy but Harley didn't want Daisy to be alone for the call. Daisy figured out that Harley wasn't coming home. Daisy asked Buzz a million questions and Buzz said Daisy had to talk to Harley herself. He did tell Daisy that Harley had a security job and she seemed happy. Daisy was confused that Harley would be happy away from her family and Buzz replied that while Harley didn't verify it, Buzz had a feeling a man was involved. "When is Harley's life not about a guy?" Daisy raged. "She has three kids and they all have different fathers." Daisy derided her mother for falling in love with Gus and then Cyrus and then flipping back to Gus after his death. Buzz reminded Daisy that she'd flipped between Grady and Rafe pretty quickly. "I'm eighteen! What's her excuse?" Daisy retorted. Buzz offered to spend some time with Daisy, but she said she wanted to be alone.

In the meantime, Grady ran into Cyrus in the hallway at the Beacon. Cyrus tried to explain to Grady that helping Cassie wasn't entirely for Grady's benefit. Grady guessed that he was doing it because of Harley. Cyrus said Harley was the best thing he'd ever had in his life. He felt lucky that a woman like Harley had chosen him and he said he needed to hang on to that. Grady portended not to understand Cyrus, but Cyrus said he knew Grady did understand.

When Grady reentered Marina's room, a distraught Daisy latched onto him and sobbed. Grady took her to Harley's old house to hide out from her family. In the open garage, Daisy told Grady that Harley had abandoned her again and she hated that Harley could still hurt her. Grady said that if Cyrus and Harley wanted to choose their lovers over him and Daisy, then screw them. He said he and Daisy had each other, like when she was in boarding school. They made love in the garage, but afterward Daisy still felt upset. She wanted to go somewhere to help her accept what had occurred with her mother. Grady offered to go with her, but Daisy replied that her family had to help her with that one.

Daisy got dressed and left. Grady tailed her to Company and eavesdropped on her asking Buzz to help her convince Natalia and Frank to let her see Rafe. Daisy felt that Rafe might know something about Harley's new beau, or Rafe might be able to help her understand what her mother was doing. Buzz said he'd help.

Back at the farm, Cyrus decided to fix Cassie's kitchen sink and was beneath it when Cassie entered the room. Cyrus claimed he wasn't breaking any of the rules because R.J. wasn't home from school and he planned to be gone by the time R.J. did return. Cassie reluctantly told Cyrus that Harley had decided to stay abroad. Confused, Cyrus wondered what was over there for Harley. Cassie said that according to Buzz, Harley had a new guy. Cyrus grew angry and Cassie felt responsible for Harley's choices because Cassie had told Harley about the affair she'd had with Cyrus. Cyrus retorted that Cassie had done that to hurt Cyrus for helping Grady. Cassie tried to offer him a drink or food, but he said he didn't need anything from her and stormed out. Later, Cassie was in a hotel room at the Beacon doing some paperwork when she heard a knock at the door. When she opened it, Cyrus swept her into a long, hungry kiss.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Due to CBS Sports coverage of US Open tennis, the entire CBS Daytime lineup was preempted. There were no new original episodes of As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, Guiding Light, and The Young and the Restless today. This scheduling change has been accounted for and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming returns on Monday, September 8th.

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