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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 1, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, September 1, 2008

Due to the Labor Day holiday and CBS Sports coverage of US Open tennis, the entire CBS Daytime lineup was preempted. There were no new original episodes of As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, Guiding Light, and The Young and the Restless today. This scheduling change has been accounted for and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming returns on Tuesday, September 2nd.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

After Brad dragged Leo to the reservoir and tossed him in, the boy failed to surface. Brad jumped in and dragged out the unconscious boy. Getting no response from Leo, Brad began CPR and unsuccessfully tried to call for help on his wet cell phone. He ran to a public phone and called 9-1-1 anonymously, and then ran back to continue the CPR. When Brad heard the EMTs arriving, he hid behind some trees and let the medics do their work.

James offered Paul a drink, which his son refused. Paul accused his father of stealing Barbara's money and then playing games with him. Meanwhile Barbara realized that the driver of her limo was Derek Coburn, who wanted her to deliver a message to Paul so that he would take the loan shark's threats more seriously. Barbara called Paul, who asked to speak to Derek and told him to let his mother go if he wanted his money back. Paul then ordered James out of Fairwinds.

At her house, Liberty agonized about whether to call Parker. At Carly's, Parker was upset that he had not heard from Liberty. Each felt responsible for ruining their relationship. Janet showed up at Carly's with a basket of fruit and was surprised to find Jack there. He was unforgiving with her and told her he would be staying with his family that night. After Janet left, Carly accused Jack of being judgmental with someone other than herself, and Jack tried to explain why he felt justified in being disappointed in Janet. Carly suggested he lighten up on Janet, who was primarily trying to protect her child. Jack finally had to admit that Carly was "100% right," difficult words for Jack to utter to his ex-wife. The two of them decided they had actually found one of the rare perks of divorce. Jack got a call from Dallas, who told him that Leo was in custody in Memorial Hospital, so Jack left immediately. At the hospital, Dallas further informed Jack that the boy was in a coma and could not be questioned.

Paul went to Lucinda, prepared to sell Worldwide back to her for cash. She asked him how dumb he thought she was, and proceeded to turn him down. She then realized that Paul was desperate for cash and told him to get himself out of his own mess.

Barbara went to Fairwinds looking for Paul, but instead, she was stunned to find James Stenbeck in residence there. She was hostile to him and refused to share a drink with him. She told her ex-husband that she had substituted chemotherapy for drink, and James complimented her on how well she looked and how she had handled her cancer. Barbara told him that next to cancer, James was nothing. He mentioned how quickly one's fortunes could change, and Barbara realized that James was behind her missing money. Paul returned, and James suggested that they let him help with the money solution. Despite his mother's stern warnings, Paul asked what exactly James was offering. Paul was out of time, and he had to get Derek Coburn away from his family. James handed Paul a map, which showed where Barbara's money was hidden: under the Snyder construction site.

Janet went to Brad and Katie's and checked in with Liberty, who was still worried about Parker. Janet sang her daughter a song from her childhood until the girl got drowsy. Brad came home and Janet inquired as to why he was soaking wet, but Brad was reluctant to give any details. Katie came home as well, and before long, Jack arrived looking for his brother.

Jack announced that Leo was in a coma and told them an anonymous person had summoned help for the boy. Jack asked Brad if he had gone looking for Leo, and Brad lied and denied it. Jack asked a few more questions and then left, followed by Janet. When they were alone, Katie questioned Brad about his lying, and he admitted that he had pushed Leo, but had also gotten the EMTS there. Katie was horrified and told Brad he must confess everything to Jack, but Brad was afraid. He urged Katie not to tell anyone and then said he needed time alone and walked out.

Parker told Carly that he was having flashbacks to the time of Sam's murder and how it never seemed to be finally over. His mother reassured him that the nightmare with Liberty and the rape was, indeed, finished. He got a call then from Liberty, and the two had a good talk. Carly went to Memorial and talked with Dallas, who told her they were waiting for Leo to wake up. She spotted Brad sneaking into the boy's room and heard Brad apologize to the unconscious teen.

Jack found Janet gathering up her Italian spices from Emma's kitchen. He also noticed that Janet had her suitcase packed and waiting. When Jack questioned her, she announced she was moving out. Jack asked her to stay and said he still wanted the two of them to be together. Janet, however, had realized how easy it was for her to let Jack down, and she walked upstairs to get the last of her things.

Katie surprised Jack at the farm and told him she knew how Leo had been hurt. She begged him to understand that Brad had only wanted to scare the boy, not injure him. She told Jack she had urged Brad to confess to Jack, and asked for Jack's help. Janet walked in and said she had overheard their discussion. She told Katie that it would be terrible if Brad confessed, because that would mean that the police would take Liberty's father away when she was just getting to know him.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Alison discussed her wedding plans with Lily, and Lily suggested an outdoor ceremony with an arbor built by Mike. Lily called Mike at the construction site and told him she was coming to ask him a special favor.

Holden ran into Aaron at the Lakeview who was taste testing samples from the caterers for the wedding. Holden took another opportunity to tell Aaron he thought his son should not rush into marriage with Alison. Aaron wasn't listening, however, and the men got back to the food and decided they needed a feminine opinion of the menu. Aaron suggested Lily.

Chris visited with Nancy and her friend Dorothy Ward, who was upset because she could not take her puppy, Voldemort, with her to her new assisted living apartment at Mountain View. Dorothy saw Alison and assumed she and Chris were together and suggested the dog live with them. She remembered that it had been those two who had corralled the elusive pup several days earlier. Mrs. Ward's transportation arrived, so she told Chris where the dog was hiding under a bed and what kind of food he liked. Chris and Alison found the dog which they began calling "Morty" and decided to keep him in Chris' hotel room until Alison could make arrangements for him after the wedding.

Vienna noticed Henry had a case of the gloomies at the diner. He was upset because Bonnie was no longer working at Metro. He asked Vienna for her permission to rehire Bonnie because that would free his time to be with Vienna. Vienna agreed only if he would honor her terms: First, Bonnie had to stay away from Henry; second, there would be no contact unless it had to do with the business; and three, Henry had to learn everything Bonnie knew about the business as soon as possible so that Bonnie could depart.

Bonnie called Derek Coburn, and they met at the coffee shop. She told him all her nights were free since she was no longer working at Metro. He asked her out, but before she could respond, Henry called her. He asked her location, and said he was coming immediately to discuss something with her. As Henry arrived, he saw Derek speaking on his cell phone and overheard him tell his caller that he had "put the fear of God" into someone. Henry asked Bonnie how well she knew her new boyfriend, but Bonnie denied that was their relationship. Henry was worried about her because of Derek's language. Henry asked Bonnie to come back to work, but she refused because of Vienna's attitude. Vienna appeared and further irritated Bonnie who changed her mind and took back her job, if only to torture Vienna. Henry expressed concern about Derek's hanging around the club.

Paul brought Meg a tray in her room. Meg, who was on bed rest per doctor's orders, was bored looking at those four walls. After Paul left, James peeked into the room to see his new daughter-in-law. Meg saw James who tried to convince her she was dreaming. Paul went to the Snyder construction site and began digging with a shovel in hopes of finding Barbara's missing money. Mike approached and asked what he was doing, and Paul claimed he was checking the soil again. Lily arrived to ask Mike about the arbor, which he readily agreed to construct.

Aaron called Lily and asked her to please swing by the Lakeview and give her opinion on the food samples. She agreed and left Mike to go buy the materials for the arbor. Lily ran into Chris who was smuggling "Morty" into the Lakeview, and found Holden and Aaron. Alison arrived toting dog food, but she pretended she was involved in the tasting. She did not stay long and said she had to return to the hospital, but instead she went to Chris' room to deliver the dog food. They fed the pup and Chris offered Alison an extra key to his room so she could do some of the feedings.

Downstairs, Aaron decided his grandmother's cooking surpassed the delicacies of the Lakeview and wondered out loud if Emma might agree to do the cooking for the wedding. Holden thought it was a great idea, as well. Aaron then asked his father to be his best man, and Holden agreed. They split, and Holden announced he was going to Lily's to tell her of the change of plans.

Paul returned home and Meg told him about seeing James in her dream. Paul went immediately to the wine cellar and confronted his father. James called his bluff, and told Paul to get rid of the workers for as long as it would take to find the buried money. Paul went upstairs, and Mike showed up to tell Paul he would not be at the site for the next couple of days because he was building the arbor for the wedding. Paul feigned anger and said he would shut down the whole site until it was convenient for Mike to come back to work. James was listening to the conversation, and after Mike left, he complimented Paul on how he played Mike.

Paul returned to the farm and resumed digging by hand. He because exasperated when he uncovered nothing, so he went home and was surprised to find Meg resting downstairs. She commented on how dirty Paul's clothes were and told him again how proud she was of him for all his efforts to save the Snyder farm. Paul went down to the cellar and accused his father of still toying with him. James told him the money was buried too deeply for hand digging; he should use a backhoe instead.

Mike prepared the ground for the arbor at Lily's place, and Lily offered her shower to him since his clothes were soiled. She put his clothes in the washer and brought towels into the bathroom. Mike grabbed her and dragged her, laughing, into the shower with him. Later, Holden walked into Lily's house to find Mike and Lily, wrapped only in towels, kissing in the living room.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Brad dreamed he went back to the reservoir and something grabbed him and tried to pull him under the water. Katie comforted him and urged him to tell Jack what had happened to Leo. Brad said he just needed time to figure out what to do, and reiterated that he never meant to hurt Leo, only scare him.

Margo asked Jack if he had talked to his brother about Leo yet. They discussed the incident, and Carly showed up at the police station to tell Jack that she could not shake the feeling that Brad was somehow involved in Leo's ending up nearly drowned. She told Jack about seeing Brad sneaking into the boy's hospital room, apologizing, and looking ashamed. Jack asked Carly not to tell anyone else, and she reminded him that secrets usually came back to bite you.

Holden bolted out of Lily's living room after he found her kissing Mike, with both of them wearing only towels. Lily was unnerved, but Mike did not understand why Lily was upset. Lily excused herself to go find her ex. She located him at the barn on the Snyder farm and asked him what he had wanted when he barged into her house. Holden referred to the house as Lily's "love shack," which irritated her enough to warn Holden to get used to seeing Mike at that house. Lily stormed out and went back to Mike. She complained that Holden could sleep with her best friend while they were married, but once that they were officially separated, she could not have a new friend. Mike agreed to go to Aaron's wedding, but thought it would be better if he were not her date.

Janet told Liberty that she was moving out of Emma's house at the farm. Liberty asked if that was her idea or Jack's, and Janet assured her that it was her own idea. Jack came to Katie and Brad's and asked his brother exactly what had happened with Leo at the reservoir, and after Brad explained, Jack said that his brother could be facing jail time if Leo did not survive. Brad agonized over whether he should turn himself in, and Jack suggested that he go back to the station and wait for one hour for Brad to show up. Jack left, and Brad apologized to Katie for betraying her. Katie asked if he wanted to spend the rest of their lives in fear of discovery, and the phone rang. It was a private duty nurse taking care of Leo. The boy was awake and asking for Brad.

At the campsite in the woods, Brian Wheatley suggested the boys set up two tents, which pleased Lucinda. He told her to relax while he did the work. Noah was surprised that Lucinda and Brian were sharing a tent so openly, but promised Luke the two of them would be alone in the other. Brian stunned Lucinda, however, by moving his gear into the "men's tent." The boys were likewise disturbed that Brian would be sleeping with them. Brian got the campers started on their mushroom hunt while he went back to begin dinner.

Holden rode his horse out to the reservoir and found Carly there, deep in thought. He told her about walking in on Lily and Mike, almost naked. Carly tried to leave, but Holden stopped her with a kiss. He told her he could not stop thinking about her, but Carly was reluctant to continue the relationship for fear of hurting her children. Holden asked her to go to Aaron's wedding with him, but again, she cautioned against it.

The mushroom gatherers came back to camp and Lucinda had brambles stuck in her hair. Noah showed Luke a funny film of her on the hunt, and then told him that he was going to Rome to shoot a film for a school project. He suggested Luke come along, but Luke was involved in too many projects of his own, including Aaron's wedding to Alison. Brian came to involve them in more mushroom picking.

Liberty went to the Oakdale Police Station and begged Jack to ask her mother to come back to him. Jack said he had not asked Janet to leave in the first place. Liberty told Jack that he was the best thing that had ever happened to her mother, so Jack agreed to speak to Janet. He found her at the diner and asked her to give him five minutes of conversation time. He told her he did not want her to go and asked her to reconsider moving in with him. Janet expressed her concern that she would only disappoint him again. Jack argued that he was too rigid and vowed to loosen up. He confided to Janet that he was a better guy with her than without her, and they kissed.

At Memorial, Brad and Katie waited to go into Leo's room, but Margo preempted them and insisted on interviewing him first. When Margo exited, the two of them went in. Leo said he did not remember everything that had happened, but he remembered enough. He confessed that he hated himself for scaring Liberty and setting up the scene so that it looked as if someone else had hurt her. He pleaded with them to forgive him. Katie and Brad found Jack at the diner and asked him to keep Brad's secret, since Leo could not remember the accident. Jack called that "obstruction of justice," but Janet suggested that this was one of those times when he needed to cut somebody some slack, and he reluctantly agreed.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Due to CBS Sports coverage of US Open tennis, the entire CBS Daytime lineup was preempted. There were no new original episodes of As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, Guiding Light, and The Young and the Restless today. This scheduling change has been accounted for and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming returns on Monday, September 8th.

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