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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 25, 2008 on GL
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Monday, August 25, 2008

After Cyrus left, Cassie cleaned the house. Blake came to the door in a hot red dress, saying that she was Cassie's fairy godmother. She told Cassie to put on something sexy because they were going to Towers. When Cassie said she had a million things to do, Blake listened to the air and then said she heard the sound of mice busily doing Cassie's chores for her. Blake wouldn't take no for an answer. Cassie agreed and asked Blake to help her pick out a dress, adding, "And nothing too slutty."

After dropping R.J. off at his friend's house, the sultry ladies saddled up to the bar at Towers. Cassie said the last time she'd done something like that, she'd ended up in bed with a stranger. Blake smiled, saying that perhaps they'd find another lucky stranger. When Cassie retorted that it had ruined her marriage, Blake said it was lucky for her that she no longer had a marriage to ruin. Cassie said she knew Blake was kidding, but Cassie never wanted to be that desperate again. Blake made a toast to their successful careers, their children, and great facial products. Cassie laughed and decided that she'd missed Blake.

After having fun out, Blake took Cassie home. They talked about some guy that Blake had gotten a phone number from. When Cassie asked if Blake planned to call him, Blake shrugged, saying she just took numbers arbitrarily. Whenever Blake felt lonely, she'd stare at the numbers, thinking that she didn't have to be alone if she didn't want to. Then she'd go to bed. After Blake left, Cassie looked at the family photos on her mantle and then went to bed crying.

Meanwhile, police had surrounded Harley's old house. Inside, Daisy begged Rafe to believe that she hadn't been the one to turn him in. Scared, he said he did believe it, but that meant his mother had done it. Daisy wanted to go outside and talk to the police so that they'd understand that she wasn't Rafe's hostage. Rafe wouldn't let her, saying that they'd accuse her of aiding and abetting him. Outside the house, the police gave Rafe thirty seconds to come out. Rafe kissed Daisy and then went outside with his hands up. All the while, Grady hid behind trashcans watching.

Outside Gus's house, Natalia convinced Olivia to make a doctor's appointment. She insisted on driving Olivia there to make sure Olivia actually went. Olivia persuaded Natalia to take care of Rafe while she went to her appointment alone. When Natalia started her car, she heard a radio bulletin announcing that state police had surrounded a house where fugitive Rafe Rivera had taken a hostage. The police had orders to shoot to kill. Natalia whipped the car into gear and took off.

Olivia went to the hospital and encountered Rick. She was a little paranoid about her symptoms until Rick told her that he'd lived through the same symptoms. He reminded her that both of their transplanted hearts were gifts that they needed to take care of. A nurse asked Rick to sign some papers. As he signed them, the nurse mentioned that she'd heard that one of Rick's patients, Rafe Rivera, had been arrested. Olivia suddenly took off and Rick called after her.

Down at the police station, Daisy tried to convince Frank to let her see Rafe; however, Frank refused, lecturing her on why she got into trouble that other girls her age never did. When she said Rafe had turned himself in so that the police wouldn't shoot, Frank wondered if she even heard herself talk and asked her how she got herself into those situations. Frank said Daisy was not to see Cyrus, Grady, Rafe, or any other person who would bring her down. Just then, Natalia showed up and Frank gladly granted her permission to see Rafe. As Natalia went to lockup, she turned and told Daisy that Rafe had come back for her. Daisy asked Natalia to tell Rafe she was sorry and she was there for him. Daisy left the police station and saw Grady beneath a tree across the street. She ran to him through the drizzling rain and asked him to hold her. When she sobbed that Rafe had been arrested, Grady held her with a sneaky grin on his face.

Sitting in a booth at Company later, Grady couldn't understand how Rafe had almost gotten Daisy killed, but she acted like Rafe deserved a medal. He said, "Maybe I should have..." When he didn't finish his sentence, Daisy asked him what he should have done. Grady responded that he should have just left town so that Rafe and Daisy could make babies together. Daisy said that she was with Grady and that people could love others in different ways. Grady replied, "So you love him?" Daisy rolled her eyes and left Grady at the table.

After Daisy stalked off, Cyrus came around the corner and accused Grady of setting Rafe up. In a high-pitched falsetto, Grady repeated the things he'd said to the emergency dispatcher earlier. Cyrus wondered what would've happened if someone had started shooting and Daisy had gotten hurt. Grady said he hadn't thought of that. Cyrus said Grady never thought; he just grabbed what he wanted and lashed out at those who stood in his way. Cyrus said that he loved Grady, but if Grady hurt anyone that Cyrus loved, Cyrus would take him down.

In the meantime, Daisy sat on the boardinghouse steps, calling Harley. She was relieved to at least get Harley's voicemail, since Harley's line had been dead for days. She left Harley a message saying Rafe was in trouble in Springfield. She asked Harley to come home because both she and Rafe needed her. When Daisy returned inside Company, she saw the tension between Cyrus and Grady as they sat in a booth together. When Cyrus left, Daisy wanted to know what had happened. Grady said Cyrus just wanted him to take better care of Daisy.

As Rafe sat in his cell staring at a picture of Daisy that he'd tucked in his pocket bible, Daisy went to the Aituro house. Grady followed her there and said he'd squatted in the house before. Daisy told him that the house had belonged to Rafe's father, but he'd died before the family could live there. Grady wanted to go in. When Daisy hesitated, Grady looked disappointed, saying they needed to spend time together. Daisy decided that it was just a house and agreed they could enter. After they sneaked into the basement, Daisy worried about Rafe. Grady was glad to be with her so that she wouldn't be alone. Daisy thanked him because she said her family didn't understand her. They kissed, but Grady thought he should just hold her that night. "If you do," Daisy said, kissing him, "I'll never forgive you." They began making love on the mattresses in one of the bedrooms.

After talking to Grady, Cyrus took a ladder to Cassie's house and climbed it to hammer in her gutters. He peeked in the upstairs window and saw her inside half asleep on the bed. Cyrus broke into her house and startled her when she saw him sit down on her bed. When she asked him how he'd gotten in, he didn't have a good excuse. Cassie asked him what he wanted and he said he'd been fixing her gutters and saw her inside. He thought if he could just come over to her place and fix enough things, then perhaps her feelings would change. Cassie understood that Cyrus was a good guy, but his brother was different. Cyrus tried to defend Grady, but Cassie couldn't be sympathetic to someone who'd run down her daughter. Each time she saw Grady, all she could think of was Tammy's grave. She said if Cyrus really wanted to do something for her, he'd take Grady and leave town. Cyrus took his ladder and left.

Meanwhile, in lockup, Rafe didn't want to have anything to do with Natalia because he believed she'd been responsible for the police ambush. He said Daisy could've been shot. Natalia replied that she hadn't even known he was with Daisy, so she couldn't have told the police what she hadn't known. When she started saying Gus would take care of them, the light in Rafe's eyes dimmed. Natalia said she'd prove she didn't tell the police he'd kidnapped Daisy with a gun and then she and Frank left the cell.

When they came out from holding, they saw Olivia there, ready to bring down a barrage of lawyers and P.R. for Rafe. Natalia told Olivia to stay out of it and take herself back to the hospital before she killed herself. As Natalia fussed about Olivia's health, Olivia laughed, saying, "You sound like me." With a reassuring smile, Olivia told Natalia everything would be fine. Olivia then asked to see Rafe. Natalia warned Olivia not to be too harsh with Rafe. Smiling, Olivia promised to be as gentle as a lamb. After Olivia went back to see Rafe, Frank told Natalia that Rafe was considered a flight risk and probably wouldn't get bail. Rafe's troubles had gone beyond the powers of the Springfield P.D.

Outside Rafe's cell, Olivia clanged her purse against the bars, yelling, "You selfish, thoughtless, ungrateful little twit! What are you doing to your mother?" When Rafe said Natalia had ratted him out to the police, Olivia wanted to know what the hell was wrong with him to think that his mother would sell him out. Rafe looked bored as Olivia told him how much Natalia had worried about him. Olivia said if Rafe wanted to get out of jail, then he'd better listen to her.

When Olivia returned from lockup, she said she'd been as gentle as a lamb with Rafe, and Rafe had changed his mind. He wanted to see Natalia first thing in the morning. Overjoyed, Natalia said, "Just like the Bible says. Everything you ask for in prayer will be yours if you have faith." Natalia decided to do something for Olivia in return. She took Olivia's arm and said they were headed to see the cardiologist that instant. Olivia had no time to protest as Natalia led the way.

The two ladies went to the hospital and were greeted by a sarcastic Rick, who asked Olivia if she wanted a tour of the morgue. He said a patient who'd died waiting for a liver was down there. Rick assumed Olivia wanted them to find a drawer in the morgue for her as well. Natalia said Olivia had left the hospital to help her and Rafe. The two women started talking about faith in Gus and Alan, and Rick told them Gus was dead. "In some ways," Natalia replied. Rolling his eyes, Rick decided that he needed to break his confidentiality agreement in order to save Olivia's life. He told her and Natalia that Alan's visions and claims of speaking to Gus were all byproducts of a blood clot in Alan's brain. He told Olivia to stop believing in the delusions of a sick man and get herself into a room with a doctor. After Rick left, Natalia and Olivia stared awkwardly at the floor.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bill chased Lizzie to her rental house to talk about the conversation she'd overheard him having about Alan's illness. Bill didn't understand why he was the bad guy and not Alan, who'd been the reason that Lizzie didn't have Sarah. Lizzie was adamant that she had to get Alan the help he needed. As Lizzie tried to slam the door on Bill, Jeffrey came up behind Bill and said he was looking for Alan, whom Jeffrey suspected of skipping town. Lizzie checked Alan's things and noted that his silk pajamas were missing. She told Jeffrey she couldn't give her deposition because she'd learned of Alan's blood clot. Jeffrey couldn't believe Lizzie would cover for a man who'd had one of her best friends killed. Lizzie told Jeffrey that most of the bad things Alan had done, he'd done to Lizzie. She felt Jeffrey just didn't understand her love for Alan because he'd never been there for Ava. Upon leaving, Jeffrey told her to justify her decision to Sarah.

Once Jeffrey left, Bill said Jeffrey had some good points. Bill understood that Lizzie went to the ends of the earth for the people she loved. Instead of doing that for Alan, he said she needed to do it for Sarah. Lizzie said she couldn't turn her back on her family like Bill could. Bill cupped her face and urged her to find her daughter because Sarah deserved her mother.

After talking to Bill, Lizzie went to Reva's house for advice on what to do about Alan. Lizzie didn't know how she could live with herself if she put a sick and dying Alan in jail. She wanted Reva to tell her what to do and said she'd do it, no questions asked. As much as Reva wanted Jonathan and Sarah back, she said she couldn't tell Lizzie what to do. It had to be Lizzie's choice. Lizzie shared her childhood memory of Alan at her bedside while she'd had leukemia. He'd told Lizzie that they'd one day run Spaulding together. Lizzie had wanted to believe Alan. Alan wasn't always a good man; however, he'd been good in those moments and he'd taken care of her. For those reasons, Lizzie felt she had to find him. Reva said to find him then.

While at the church, Josh received a cryptic phone call from Alan Spaulding, ironically asking for spiritual counseling. Only Josh's side of the conversation played on screen. Josh said he'd heard that Alan had been "counseling" faith to half the women in Springfield. Josh listened to Alan for a moment, and then, puzzled, he replied that he'd never had a doctor question his faith. "Spiritual journey, really..." Josh said, his curiosity piqued. "Sure, Alan, I have time..."

Some time later, Bill visited Josh with the blueprints for the new church. After they discussed them, Bill mentioned that he couldn't understand the spiritual kick that the whole town was on. Alan was the last person Bill thought would buy into something like that, but as it were, Alan had even convinced Lizzie. Josh found it strange that Bill brought up that topic because Alan had just called him, claiming to be on a spiritual journey in New York City. Josh said Alan told him that he was in New York to prove to the doubters that the visions were real. Bill asked Josh where Alan was staying and Josh said the Financial Center Hotel. "Alan is not on a spiritual journey," Bill adamantly asserted. "He's out to steal my company."

Bill returned to Lizzie's place and informed her that Alan was in New York. He gave her the name of the hotel, saying that he knew she wouldn't rest until she found her grandfather. Excited, Lizzie took back every horrible thing she'd said about Bill. Bill replied that she hadn't said anything horrible about him. "I thought it," Lizzie replied. Lizzie decided to go to New York and Bill asked her if he could come along. Lizzie thanked him for helping her but said she needed to do it alone. As Lizzie went to take care of the travel details, Bill made a call to have his jet readied for a flight to New York.

Back over at Cross Creek, Reva folded her monogrammed towels as she talked to Hawk on the phone. When she explained that her wedding had been postponed, Hawk said postponed equaled canceled. Reva couldn't debate it because a deliveryman had shown up. She got off the phone to accept her delivery. Upon opening the package, she discovered a baby-doll dress inside. It was black on the top with a white pleated bottom. When she turned, she saw Josh leaning in her doorframe. Josh asked her to give him a dress preview, but Reva said he wasn't invited to her wedding to Jeffrey and didn't need a preview. "No, I'm talking about your wedding to moi," Josh replied. Reva duly asked him if he'd come there with a purpose or just to harass her.

Josh said he'd gotten a message from their son Shayne. Apparently Shayne was dating the girl he'd taken to the prom. After Josh and Reva strolled down memory lane about their children's proms, Josh said Reva could never have those memories with Jeffrey. Reva replied that she and Jeffrey would make new memories. Josh spotted the J-O-R towels and said, "Very nice. Thank God for garage sales."

After Josh left, Reva sent Shayne an email inquiring about the new girl in his life. She asked him to come home for her temporarily postponed wedding, promising him that she was happier than she'd ever been. Later, Josh received a text message from Shayne, saying that he'd gotten an email from his mother earlier. Because Reva had told Shayne that she was happier than ever with Jeffrey, Shayne thought it was time that Josh "took off the gloves."

Over at the courthouse, Jeffrey stopped Rafe as a guard led him through a room. Rafe remorsefully told Jeffrey that he'd never meant to hurt him. Jeffrey knew that and said he planned to do everything he could to help Rafe. Doris approached with an audacious look on her face and ordered the guard to take Rafe away. Once the guard complied, Doris told Jeffrey that he was to stay out of Rafe's case. Jeffrey told Doris he had no intension of pressing charges against Rafe because the shooting had been an accident. Doris retorted that Rafe had fled town and taken a hostage. Jeffrey said the girl hadn't been coerced. Doris suggested Jeffrey let her do her job while he focused on the Spaulding case, and then she coldly asked, "Or have you lost your key witness? Well, you know what? It's just not been your day."

Upon exiting the courthouse, Jeffrey received a call from Ava's clinic. They sought permission to change Ava's treatment plan. Jeffrey asked them to contact Olivia, but they said Jeffrey had to do it since he had power of attorney. They faxed him some paperwork, and he sighed wearily as he sat down with it.

Meanwhile, Natalia and Olivia went to the lake, where they debated the validity of Alan's visions. Although Natalia knew it was hopeless, she still wanted to believe in the visions, saying that God worked in mysterious ways. Olivia cynically quipped that Alan worked in mysterious ways, and she planned to expose him for the faker he was. Natalia replied that Olivia would go to her doctor's appointment before she did any exposing.

Natalia led Olivia back to the hospital and waited while Olivia saw the doctor. When Olivia came to the waiting room, she told Natalia that the doctor said she'd been neglecting her health and was stressed about Ava; however, she hadn't been as bad off as she'd thought. Natalia sprightly reminded Olivia about having faith and a positive attitude. As they spoke, Jeffrey approached them. He told Natalia that Doris had taken him off Rafe's case. Natalia said her son was in good hands and she knew Jeffrey was doing his best. As Natalia left, Jeffrey said he envied her optimism. Olivia said she felt sorry for Natalia because some day Natalia would learn that her faith was a cosmic joke. Natalia overheard Olivia and then left the hospital.

Jeffrey gave Olivia the papers from Ava's clinic, saying that after the debacles he'd made, Olivia, not he, should make decisions about Ava from that point forward. Jeffrey felt he'd screwed everything up in regard to Ava's care, Max's care, Rafe's case, and the Foley case. Olivia told him that he'd done the best he could with Ava, even facing the hard choice of sending her away. Olivia continued, saying he defended Rafe even though Rafe had almost killed him, and he continued to fight for justice for Tammy and Cassie as if they were his own family members. If those things didn't make Jeffrey a family man, Olivia didn't know what would. Jeffrey nodded and decided he'd fax the papers back himself.

Jeffrey went home to Cross Creek. Reva hid her wedding dress beneath other clothes, telling him that he was early. Jeffrey, however, hoped that he wasn't too late. When Reva asked him what he meant, Jeffrey told her to pack a bag because they were taking off to get married. Reva gave him a suspicious look and Jeffrey confidently cocked his brow.

Once Natalia left the hospital, she sat pensively by the lake. She received a phone call from Frank saying that she could see Rafe. Upon seeing Rafe behind bars, Natalia asked him if he was okay and if his sugar was normal. Rafe said yes. Natalia admitted that she had asked Mallet to arrest him, but she'd only done that because she'd wanted Rafe to be safe. Rafe nodded that he understood. Natalia told Rafe that Alan had a blood clot on his brain and that it could have been causing his visions. Nevertheless, Natalia said she still chose to believe that Gus was looking out for the two of them, and she hoped Rafe believed that also. Rafe said he'd try. In the background, Olivia listened to them and she shook her head pitifully.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

After Daisy and Grady made love, they lay in their underwear on the mattress at Gus's house. Though Daisy seemed distracted, she said she was fine. Grady kissed Daisy's naked back. Upon seeing Rafe's Cubs hat near the bed, she rolled over and sighed. Daisy thought it was wrong that Rafe was sitting in a jail cell alone. She couldn't understand how Natalia could've turned Rafe in. Daisy got out of bed, deciding that she had to assess the situation with Rafe before she could relax and concentrate on her relationship with Grady.

At the jail, Frank sneaked Rafe a meal that Natalia had prepared. Rafe said he hadn't set out to hurt Daisy. Frank knew that, but he said the state police didn't make up the tip they'd received about Rafe having a gun and a hostage. A thought seemed to occur to Rafe, and then he agreed, "No, they don't make up stuff like that." Rafe challenged the facts, saying that he didn't even have a gun on him like the tipster had said. Frank concurred that the police hadn't found a gun. He asked Rafe why he hadn't just come to Frank for help. As it stood, Rafe faced stiffer charges because he hadn't done that. Rafe said he wanted to make his one phone call.

Rafe called Daisy, disguised his voice, and asked to speak to Grady. She didn't recognize Rafe's voice and handed Grady the phone. Rafe told Grady that he was wasting his one phone call on him and ordered him down to the jail immediately. Grady said Rafe had the wrong guy, but Rafe retorted that he'd just talk to Daisy if Grady didn't come. Grady got off the phone and told Daisy that the caller had been some guy wanting to buy his motorcycle, but he'd decided not to sell it. He said he'd find a way to busy himself while Daisy checked on Rafe's situation.

Grady went to see Rafe in his cell and pretended not to know what Rafe was talking about when Rafe accused him of making the 9-1-1 call. However, when Grady slipped up by mentioning that Rafe had been reportedly carrying a gun, Rafe grabbed Grady through the bars and clanged his body against them. Rafe seethed that no one knew about a gun but the police and the 9-1-1 caller. Grady laughed menacingly. Rafe said Grady had to play games because he feared that Daisy would choose Rafe over him without them. Rafe promised that he'd make Daisy see through Grady. Grady said he wouldn't let Rafe close enough to Daisy to even try. Grady left and Rafe called for Frank. He asked Frank to get Daisy down there for a visit.

At the courthouse, Natalia met with Mr. Russo, one of Alan's former lawyers. Olivia had hired him to defend Rafe. When Russo was more interested in cutting a deal with the prosecutor than having faith in Rafe, Natalia fired him on the spot. Russo replied that there was no place for faith in a courtroom. Even though Russo asserted that he was Rafe's best chance, Natalia still sent him packing. She then went to Company. Shortly after sitting down, Russo found her. He said Natalia couldn't fire him because he worked for Olivia Spencer. He said he'd filed a bail motion for Rafe; however, it had been denied. Natalia frowned and Russo exited.

Daisy then approached Natalia to talk about Rafe. Daisy asked her if she'd made the infamous 9-1-1 call about Rafe. Seemingly offended, Natalia said she'd never endanger Rafe and Daisy that way. Daisy knew that in her heart, but said she'd needed to hear Natalia say it. Daisy said she really did care about Rafe and thought Frank might let her see him. Natalia offered to help her see Rafe, but Daisy then changed her mind, saying that perhaps she only had a selfish need to see him. Daisy decided that if Natalia thought Daisy and Rafe shouldn't see one another, then Daisy wouldn't attempt to see him. Natalia replied that Daisy was really growing up, but she then admitted that she just didn't know what was best for Rafe anymore.

Daisy left and found Grady kneeling in a shallow creek. She told him that she'd changed her mind about seeing Rafe. Grady confessed that Rafe had been the caller earlier, not a motorcycle buyer. He said Rafe had called him down to the station to warn him off Daisy because Grady wasn't good enough for her. Confused, Daisy said Rafe didn't know Grady and had no right making that judgment. Grady couldn't blame Rafe, saying Rafe was just frustrated by facing a long time in jail. Grady did blame Rafe, however, for pulling Daisy into his problems. When Grady had been imprisoned in Australia, he said he'd wanted to reach out to Daisy himself, but he thought it would be selfish if he had done so. Grady said he didn't think Rafe was man enough to give Daisy up for her own good. He said he wouldn't tell her what to do, but he hated that the Rafe problem had come about when Grady and Daisy finally had a chance to be together. Daisy decided that she wouldn't see Rafe again.

Meanwhile, Josh and Billy played a game of hoops at the gym. Billy mocked Josh on his lack of progress in the battle for Reva. Josh found it hard to fight Jeffrey when Jeffrey wouldn't fight him back. When Billy said it was time Josh took off the gloves, Josh wondered if Billy had been talking to Shayne, who'd said the same thing. Josh said he had to go to the church. Billy joked that it was probably hard to put on the collar and take off the gloves at the same time. Josh didn't want to hear another boxing metaphor and said he knew he wasn't a typical pastor. He felt he had a good angel on one shoulder and a demon from hell on the other. "Skippy's back?" Billy asked, referring to the demon. Billy then asked, "Is he winning?" Josh said he'd keep Billy posted.

Over at Cross Creek, Reva wasn't interested in Jeffrey's sudden decision to elope. She said the wedding had been constantly on and off at his whim. She said she'd been patient so far, which was "anti-Reva", but she didn't trust that the new wedding plan wouldn't also be thwarted. "'Pack your bags, Reva,'" Reva mocked. "You can pack the damn bags, O'Neill-or you can unpack them. Unpack them because you're going to come in here in another ten minutes and postpone the whole thing all over again." Reva was done planning and unplanning the wedding. She said he needed to convince her not to pack his bags and throw his sorry butt out of there. Jeffrey grabbed her and kissed her. He said he'd lost his grandson, he was losing Ava to depression, and he'd lost the Foley case. He'd wanted to solve all those things before he married her because he wanted to be a good man for her and not a man who couldn't do anything right. Reva replied that what he'd just said was right. She asked him where he'd gotten his newfound wisdom and then laughed when he replied that it had come from his ex-wife, Olivia. Jeffrey told her to forget waiting two weeks; they'd marry in two days.

Jeffrey and Reva debated going to pre-marriage counseling. They chose to go, but when they arrived at the church, they learned from Josh that the counselor they'd chosen was on leave. Josh said he was a professional and could handle their session. Reva seemed dubious, but Jeffrey readily agreed. Josh asked them why they thought they were suited to marry. Jeffrey said it was because he knew how to respect Reva's wishes. Josh surmised that love didn't have anything to do with it then. Reva declared that they loved each other and asked Jeffrey if they could leave. Josh ignored her, asking what the two had in common. When Jeffrey said they had a lot in common, Josh fired off a bunch of questions such as whether or not they'd grown up together or whether they shared children. Jeffrey said no and Josh recalled that Jeffrey had dated Reva and Josh's daughter, Marah. Jeffrey rebutted, "But I didn't marry her sister." Reva giggled and Josh said he'd be doing them a disservice if he didn't ask the tough questions. Jeffrey suggested he move along to the tough questions because the questions thus far had been easy.

Josh worried whether or not Reva and Jeffrey could make it for "always," and he asked Jeffrey if he'd consulted any of Reva's previous ex-husbands. Reva said that Josh could ask whatever he wanted, but she was committed to Jeffrey. Josh disagreed, noting that they both had that "what the hell" attitude. Reva affirmed, "That's the way I live my life now." Josh asked her if "now" meant post-cancer, and she stiffly agreed. Josh said it was kind of like her "what the hell" attitude to not telling her husband she'd had cancer or the "what the hell" attitude she'd had when she'd pushed said husband into the arms of her sister. Reva curtly replied that she'd thought she'd been dying. "Oh, so you still love him, the ex-husband, I mean me?" Josh wondered. Reva somberly said she didn't love Josh the way he wanted her to.

Reva decided that the session was over because she'd never been surer than at that moment that she was doing the right thing. Josh replied that if they constantly had to keep proving themselves, then perhaps that was a clue that it really wasn't right. Reva said the only person who didn't believe in Reva and Jeffrey as a couple was Josh. Josh responded that she was wrong; he really wasn't the only one. On that note, Jeffrey and Reva left the office.

Reva decided she needed a hot bath and a long nap. Jeffrey told her to go ahead home but he had to stop by his office. After Reva left, Jeffrey reentered Josh's office and handed him a pen and piece of paper. He told Josh to write down his exact address so that Reva and Jeffrey could send him a post card while on their honeymoon. Josh granted Jeffrey's request, but warned him that a lot could happen in two days. After Jeffrey left, Josh seemed worried.

Later, Reva sat on her sofa in her robe crying. Lillian came by and said Reva must have forgotten that they had a visit scheduled. Lillian unloaded cookies from the cancer survivors group, mentioning that she'd missed Reva in the sessions. She told Reva they could have used one of her pep talks that day because unfortunately a member of the group had found a mass. Frightened, Reva uttered, "What a coincidence. I found one, too."

Thursday, August 28, 2008

While Jeffrey slept on the sofa covered by the morning paper, Reva sneaked out of the house to visit Dr. Hendrix in Oncology at Cedars. After awakening and finding Reva gone, Jeffrey stopped by Company to tell Buzz that the wedding was back on. Jeffrey wanted all the food Buzz had on hand for the reception. When Jeffrey said the event was happening that day, Buzz looked shocked. He was even more astounded to hear that Jeffrey lacked a location for the wedding. Jeffrey asked Buzz to help him find a place that said, "Reva and Jeffrey" to him. They got into Buzz's car, and Buzz complained because he had to drive. Jeffrey offered to give him a half tank of gas. Before they even took off, Jeffrey spotted a place and said it was the one he wanted for the wedding. "You see the sign? It says scheduled for demolition," Buzz said. Jeffrey replied that as long as it was still standing that afternoon, he didn't care.

Later, Jeffrey and Buzz sat down with the owner of the place, hoping to convince him to let them hold the wedding there before the demolition. The owner debated their unusual request, and Jeffrey thought perhaps money was his issue. Buzz lightly touched Jeffrey's arm and said money was no issue. Since Buzz thought it was all about love, he urged Jeffrey to spring the extra bucks to get the place he wanted. Jeffrey asked the owner to ignore his partner. The owner's interest piqued and he said his life partner, David, was the same way about money. The owner asked Jeffrey and Buzz how long they'd been together. Buzz looked mortified when Jeffrey took his hand and said, "Sometimes it seems like forever." Jeffrey continued, saying that he and Buzz had seen the place and it looked new to them all over again. The owner didn't think he could stand in the way of true love. Buzz covered Jeffrey's hand with his and stiffly replied, "You've made us the two happiest men in Springfield."

Moments later, a woman walked up and told Jeffrey that it was a shame he was going off the market. The owner looked confused. The woman left, and with a fake lisp, Jeffrey said, "She's been trying to get me to switch teams forever." The owner nodded and then told Buzz and Jeffrey that they should get together with David and him sometime to go out. After the owner left, Buzz said Jeffrey owed him one, but Buzz was going to give him a pass because Buzz had become convinced that Jeffrey was good for Reva. Even so, Buzz thought that the incident with the property owner had sparked a question. Stroking Jeffrey's hand, Buzz raised a tantalizing brow and asked him just how far he'd been willing to go to secure that place for the wedding. Jeffrey tossed Buzz's hand off his arm, saying, "Wouldn't you like to know?"

After her appointment, Reva encountered Lillian at the hospital. Lillian asked how her appointment had gone. Reva shrugged anxiously, saying that the doctor had to run tests. Lillian asked her if she'd told Jeffrey about the lump she'd found, and Reva said there was nothing to tell. Tearfully, Reva said she wasn't being righteous or noble by keeping it a secret as she had been the time she'd kept the cancer news from Josh. As she tried to explain herself, Reva got overwhelmed with anxiety and rushed to the bathroom to throw water on her face. A trembling and wet Reva looked at Lillian standing behind her in the mirror. Crying, she told Lillian that she was scared. Reva went home to tell Jeffrey about her appointment. She found a note from him that said there was a lot to do since the wedding was really happening. Upon reading the note, she again decided that there was nothing to tell Jeffrey.

Hawk visited Reva to say that he couldn't make her impromptu wedding because he had a meeting with Carson in California. He said he'd cancel it if Reva really wanted him to. Reva wondered if that was his way of still rooting for a Reva and Josh reunion. Hawk said he'd come by to give Reva his blessing to marry Jeffrey. Still, Hawk admittedly worried whether or not her new marriage could withstand the "Always" promise from Josh. Reva told her father that when he'd left their family, Reva had been just a little girl who'd thought she'd done something wrong. All she'd wanted was to feel safe and secure with her father, but Hawk had left her. Ashamed, Hawk said she hadn't been the reason he'd gone. Reva replied that she'd understood that in time; however, Josh had been there for her in the meanwhile, making her feel safe and loved. Once she'd battled cancer alone, she'd realized that she didn't need Josh to feel safe. Everything that she'd needed had been inside her all along. Reva felt that her cancer battle had made her whole. About the time she'd realized that, she'd fallen in love with Jeffrey, whom she loved in a different way than she'd loved Josh. Tearfully, Reva said she couldn't wait to start her life with Jeffrey.

Hawk seemed to understand her feelings and told her that if she ever needed to feel safe again, she could call him and he'd be right there for her, "First class." Reva chuckled and then asked him when his flight was. Hawk said he still had time and then he turned on the radio. He said her wedding to Jeffrey seemed like it'd be her last, so he had to take advantage of the time he had left. Hawk took Reva into his arms and told her that he wanted dance with his best girl. Reva curled onto her father's embrace and danced with him.

After Hawk left, Reva pulled out her wedding dress. She heard a knock at the door. Upon answering, she saw huge red arrows on the ground. "Jeffrey..." she uttered and followed the arrows until she reached a huge, white two-story home with a wrap-around front porch. Reva strolled across the large front yard to read the demolition signs on a trellis. She looked to the porch just in time to see Jeffrey unrolling a banner that said, "O'Neill/Shayne Wedding: Two hearts, One Love."

Jeffrey greeted her with a kiss beneath a sprawling tree. Reva said she always loved that place, but she'd thought they were tearing it down. Jeffrey said they'd slipped in right under the wire, but then he asked her was it too shabby. An emotional Reva thought it was perfect. "We're going to get married here, Reva. What the hell!" Jeffrey said. Reva agreed, "What the hell..."

Meanwhile, Ashlee stopped by the mansion with breakfast and informed Dinah that Bill was in New York City on business. Some time later, Dinah looked over the balcony in the parlor and found Alex on the sofa with her feet up. Wearing a dynamite powder blue skirt suit, Alex seemed to make herself at home since Bill had gone out of town. Dinah figured she must have been the only one who didn't know Bill had left. Alex said partnering with Alan and Alex gave Dinah the chance to one-up Bill. Alex wondered if Dinah wished Bill would realize he was taking her for granted on his own. Alex sighed, saying she'd been waiting for Alan to make the realization about her since before Dinah had been born. Dinah said she'd found a small company that she could "buy for a song," and it was the type of thing she and Bill would've celebrated together. Alex said that was before Bill stopped taking Dinah seriously. Dinah huffed that she couldn't do anything since the company belonged to Bill. "When the cat's away...tra-la, tra-la, tra-la." Alex replied.

Alex and Dinah went to the bar at Towers. Later, Alex boarded the elevator and Dinah said she still had some calls to make. Alex asked Dinah if she wanted some company so she wouldn't be alone in the mansion. Dinah said she didn't see it as being alone but rather being in charge.

In the meantime, Bill tailed Lizzie through the streets of New York. She found Alan's hotel room, but only the maid was inside. The maid knew Lizzie's name and advised Lizzie to stay, saying Alan could use her help. Lizzie sat in the room crying, looking at a picture of herself as a child. Bill took a call in the hallway and told the caller to keep the lawyers on it because Alan was after Maximus. He then went to the room where Lizzie was. Lizzie looked up and wasn't surprised that Bill had followed her. She just wondered why he'd come. Bill said she shouldn't be alone in her state. He took her hand and offered to help her find her grandfather.

After a couple hours searching the city for Alan, they sat down in a park near a fountain. Lizzie worried that Alan might be dehydrated or that no one in the city would know who he was if he collapsed. Bill uttered that Alan was probably a lot better off than Lizzie thought. Lizzie pressed him for an explanation to the comment, and Bill said he thought Alan was in New York to somehow steal Bill's business from him. Lizzie grew upset, thinking that Bill wasn't there for her benefit at all. He swore that he was there because he cared about her, but Lizzie stalked off.

Bill chased Lizzie back to Alan's hotel room, and they argued about Bill's motives. She called Bill a liar who only pretended to care. Bill said he was worried that his relationship with Lizzie would never happen. Lizzie retorted that he should worry because it wouldn't ever happen as long as Bill wanted to have it all. Lizzie said their relationship was perfect as long as they could live in a bubble without the complications of the world and his ambition. Bill said he and Lizzie wanted the same things. He wanted them to try harder at their relationship. Even though he was ambitious and wanted everything, he said he wanted Lizzie the most. Lizzie turned her eyes away from him.

Friday, August 29, 2008

In New York City, Alan received a call from Dinah. Alan correctly guessed that she was warning him that Bill was in New York. Dinah told Alan that the only reason she was helping him was to teach her brother a lesson in appreciation. Alan told Dinah that he was not scared of her brother because Gus was on his side.

In Alan's empty hotel room, Bill and Lizzie discussed their relationship. He suggested that they start over. The pair began kissing and was interrupted by a knock on the door. It was the maid who was bringing towels. After suggesting to Bill that he shower, Lizzie asked the maid if she had seen Alan. The woman stated that he went across the street. After telling the maid not to reveal that information to Bill, Lizzie slipped out. Later, Bill came out of the shower to find Alan in the room. Bill told Alan that Lizzie was looking for him. Alan said that Lizzie would have to wait since he had a very important meeting. Bill saw some of Alan's papers and discovered that he was meeting with the Blackthorn Group. Alan told Bill that he was there because of Gus. He was going to talk to the Blackthorn Group about faith. Alan stated that Gus had given him a second chance. A disbelieving Bill sent Alan off to his meeting. Later, Lizzie returned and Bill told her about Alan going to a meeting but did not tell her with whom. Later, Bill slipped out and found Alan, who told him that he was too late-the day was his.

Grady shoplifted some candy bars while Daisy got gas. Daisy said that she could barely afford a half a tank of gas and told Grady that they had to get jobs. Grady brought up Rafe and said that it was okay with him if Daisy saw him. Daisy asked why others could not see this side of him and Grady stated that no one else really needed to. They decided to separate and look for work. Daisy's search led her to Company, where she spotted Dinah. Dinah mentioned that Buzz was busy with preparations for Reva and Jeffrey's wedding and Daisy revealed that she was boycotting the wedding since her boyfriend was not welcomed there. Daisy vented about her family not liking the guy and always telling her how to live her life. She then informed Dinah that her boyfriend needed a job.

When Dinah asked if this boyfriend had a name, Daisy admitted that it was Grady. Dinah responded that in that case, she sided with Daisy's family. Daisy talked up Grady and stated that all he needed was someone to take a chance on him. Daisy insisted that Grady had changed and said that if anyone should know about second chances, it should be Dinah. Dinah announced that it would be strictly a business decision and asked Daisy about Grady's previous work experience and skills, which she discovered were few and far between. Ultimately, Dinah told Daisy that she could not hire Grady because she did not have hiring approval. Afterwards, Bill called Dinah and informed her that he found Alan. After her talk with Bill, Dinah talked to Daisy told her that she had to go to the wedding. Dinah commented that though family can hurt one another, as time passed, everyone forgot it. Daisy asked if that meant Dinah could hire Grady. Dinah told her that she might hire Grady.

Cyrus was at Cassie's house doing some handyman work. Cassie told Cyrus that she would pay him for his help, but he told her that was not necessary. He saw his helping out as a way of making things up to her. Cassie reminded Cyrus that she told him that he could do that by leaving town with his brother. Cyrus stated that he would, however he was not ready to yet. Cassie correctly guessed that he was waiting for Harley to return. Cyrus stated that he was convinced that she would return to town. Cassie had doubts. After letting Cyrus know where her good jewelry was, since there was no reason for him to mess up the whole house, Cassie left. At that point, Grady arrived. Grady suspected that Cyrus had a thing with Cassie and stated that if Cyrus wanted to nail her, that was great as long as that was all it was.

Cyrus ignored the comment and went back to work, leading Grady to ask if Cyrus was avoiding him. Grady got Cyrus's attention by asking if Cyrus was trying to handyman his way into Cassie's bed. Cyrus denied it and told his brother that unless Cassie was back on her feet, Grady had no chance of anyone in Springfield accepting him. Grady asked why Cyrus was doing this and commented that if Cyrus and Cassie became close, she would be in and Grady would be out. Grady told Cyrus that he killed Cassie's daughter. Cassie would never accept him and when push came to shove, he knew who Cyrus would choose. Cyrus stated that he was wrong about that and about him being interested in Cassie. Grady figured out that Cyrus was sticking around for Harley. Grady doubted that Harley would come back for Cyrus, considering that she did not come back for her own daughter.

Olivia stopped by Company for a beer. When Buzz refused to give her one and asked her what was wrong, she ranted about how much of a fool she was to believe in Alan's visions. Later, Olivia went to Towers and enjoyed a martini until Cassie saw her and berated her for drinking. Olivia informed her that it was only one drink and mentioned that she thought it was Josh's job to save souls, not his wife's. Cassie informed Olivia that she and Josh were divorced. Olivia guessed that it was about Reva and Cassie replied that it was a mutual decision. Cassie surprised Olivia with the news that Josh wanted Reva back and she rejected him in favor of Jeffrey. They pair commiserated about Reva having two men fight over her.

After Cassie left, Olivia was joined by Grady, who asked her for a job. After some discussion, Olivia asked him how much he wanted the job. Afterwards, she brought him to her room at the Beacon. Grady saw a picture of Emma and discovered that Olivia was a single mother. Olivia admitted that Emma was gone for a few days, and she wanted some companionship. As Olivia flirted with him, she almost fainted. Grady helped her sit down and Olivia decided to pay him to return Josh's Bible to him.

Cassie returned to the farm and ranted to Cyrus about how Reva got everything and how Josh could hardly wait to reunite with her. Cassie railed about Reva and Jeffrey, leading Cyrus to ask if Cassie was interested in Jeffrey. An upset Cassie stated that she was not; she was just tired of Reva always ending up on top. As Cassie continued to rant about Reva and men, Cyrus got her to laugh by telling her to watch out for R.J. Cyrus volunteered to be Cassie's friend if she needed one, but Cassie told him that it was way too late for them to be friends. Later, Cassie apologized for snapping at him. Cyrus admitted that their lives were complicated and suggested that they make a fresh start. Later, the pair met up at Towers and reintroduced themselves.

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