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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 18, 2008 on GL
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Monday, August 18, 2008

Bill sought Lizzie to say that he was concerned about Alan's blackout. At first Lizzie thought Bill's concern was a ploy; however, Bill reminded her that he'd found Alan sprawled out on the ground once before. When he mentioned that Alan might have had a seizure, Lizzie began to think it could be serious. Bill left and Lizzie called Jeffrey to postpone her deposition to a later time.

Meanwhile, Dinah and Alex visited Alan. Dinah told Alan that Jeffrey was reopening his the investigation into Alan's role in Tammy's death. Alan thanked Dinah for her concern for him, but Dinah said she was only worried about herself. Alan believed Jeffrey was just blowing smoke. Dinah wondered if Gus had told Alan that. "No," Alan replied. "I'm telling you that."

After visiting Alan, Dinah went to the mansion and overheard Bill canceling his business appointments so that he could go to the hospital. She asked him if he were okay, and Bill replied that Alan had an emergency. Surprised to know Alan was ill, Dinah almost let it slip that she'd just been to his house. She guessed that Bill was leaping to Alan's rescue because of Lizzie. Dinah wondered why Bill called her a stalker whenever she was near Mallet but it was okay for him to follow Lizzie around. Dinah dismissed the comment and told Bill that he was doing the right thing. Bill asked Dinah where she'd been and Dinah lied that she'd had a hair appointment. Without even looking at her, Bill said her hair looked nice, and left.

In the meantime, Lizzie went home and convinced Alan to go to the hospital for a check-up. She said she was postponing her trip to L.A. and asked him to get the tests run for Peyton and Beth's sakes. At the hospital, Alan told Lizzie that he believed Gus was taking care of him. After the last conversation he'd had with Gus, Alan felt it was a miracle that Gus had chosen Alan as a vessel. Before going to the exam room, Alan acknowledged that he was on thin ice with Lizzie and he thanked her for caring about him despite his deception. When she checked her watch, Alan asked her if she had somewhere to be. Lizzie nervously said she had an appointment. Alan asked her if she'd wait for him while he was being seen and Lizzie agreed. A short while after Alan went back for his exam, Bill surprised Lizzie by showing up to check on Alan.

Meanwhile, Alan discovered that Rick Bauer was conducting his exam and demanded another doctor. Rick ignored Alan's whining and went into the waiting room to ask Lizzie and Bill about Alan falling down earlier. Alan hurried into the waiting room and accused the three of them of trying to have him declared incompetent. Alan was convinced that Bill had suckered Lizzie into the scheme so that Alan couldn't get Spaulding Enterprises back. They tried to tell him that there was no scheme, but Alan left the hospital without being examined.

After Alan left, Lizzie admitted to Bill that Alan had been right: Lizzie really was trying to set Alan up. Lizzie revealed that she'd gone to Jeffrey to make a deal to put Alan in jail so that she could get Sarah back. She began sobbing because the thought of Alan being sick had sent her plan flying out the window. If she testified against Alan, Lizzie thought she'd lose him and her whole family. She cried that she'd have no one and said she was sick of being in it alone. Bill put his arm around Lizzie and told her that he would be there for her for as long as she needed. In the meantime, Alan returned home and stared at a picture of Lizzie. Angry, he slammed the frame down on the end table.

Meanwhile, Blake and Mel visited Cassie at the farm to try to cheer her up. As they ate ice cream, Blake mentioned that they should all take a beach trip. Mel said she had some brochures in her bag. Cassie sprang up to retrieve them and discovered her divorce papers also in Mel's bag. Mel said perhaps it was too soon to look at them, but Cassie replied that she wasn't a fragile china doll. Cassie felt she had to come to grips with her divorce and also deal with Grady and Alan getting off for Tammy's death. Once the visit wound down, Blake and Mel invited Cassie to get pedicures and martinis, but Cassie said she had a doctor's appointment to get to. Upon leaving, Mel said Cassie and Josh could return the divorce papers at their leisure, but Cassie confirmed that both she and Josh were ready to move on.

Meanwhile as Grady and Cyrus returned home from shopping, Grady wondered how to thank Daisy for the risk she'd taken for him in court. Cyrus felt that if Grady really wanted to do something for Daisy, he'd walk away from her. Grady said he couldn't walk away from Daisy and he didn't want to. Cyrus said that Grady had a second chance for a good life ahead of him and asked him if he really wanted to blow it on a crush. Grady said that his feelings for Daisy were more than a crush.

At Company, Daisy asked Buzz and Frank to hire her at Company so she could prove that she could still be trusted. Buzz said Daisy's terrible judgment had led her to commit a felony by lying on the stand to save a murderer, and she could never wash enough dishes to fix that. Frank said G had killed her cousin and then asked her if she understood that. Daisy whined, "Yes..." Frank said that G probably wouldn't be there for Daisy if Jeffrey charged her with perjury, but her family would. Frank decided she couldn't have the Company job. Instead, he was sending her to Greece to be with Harley. As Frank hustled Daisy out the door, G showed up. He ordered Frank to stop and then asked Daisy to come with him. Frank asked her what had happened to her desire to prove she could be trusted. G and Frank seemed ready to go to blows, and Daisy asked G to leave. Once G had gone, she told Frank that she knew what she wanted. Frank didn't think she did, noting that Daisy had been trying to get a job one minute, and then leaving with G the next. Daisy said she wanted to be treated as an adult and then left.

Later, Cyrus went to Company looking for G. Buzz said G had come there, but Buzz had said a prayer and then G had left. Still upset about Daisy's testimony, Buzz asked Cyrus to understand his position. Four women that Buzz loved had been either used or destroyed by the Foley brothers: Marina, Tammy, Harley, and Daisy. Cyrus called Buzz a hypocrite, saying that they both knew Buzz would have done anything to help a family member in trouble just as Cyrus had done for his brother. Buzz said that if Cyrus still had a shred of decency, he would stop the insane crush G had on Daisy. When Cyrus replied that he was beginning to think it was more than a crush, Buzz's face filled with dread.

Meanwhile Daisy encountered Cassie by the lake. Daisy wanted to explain her testimony, but Cassie kept walking, telling her not to even bother. Daisy strode up to her again, saying she hadn't wanted G to be another person hurt by what had happened. Daisy felt she'd done what Tammy would've done. Cassie halted, livid that Daisy thought Tammy would've lied on the stand to save a murderer. Daisy defended that she'd given him a second chance like Tammy had given Jonathan. When Daisy said she'd wanted that for G, Cassie cut in, saying, "Yeah, that's right. You wanted that for him. Don't pretend it was about Tammy. You were just thinking of yourself." As Daisy tried to plead her case, Cassie yelled, "You need to get out of my face. I can't even stand to look at you. She was your cousin. She was your cousin and you sold her out for some fling!" Daisy said she was sorry. Cyrus approached as Cassie screamed, "Shut up! Shut up!" Cyrus instructed Daisy to go home and then he chased after Cassie, who'd walked away.

When Cyrus caught up to Cassie, she was still enraged that Daisy had apologized to her as easily as if she'd just cut Cassie off in line. Cyrus held her from behind as she cried that it wasn't fair that G had killed Tammy, "and now they get to live the life that Tammy and Jonathan were supposed to have..." Wiping away tears, Cassie whimpered that Tammy was gone and it wasn't fair. Cyrus saw Cassie home safely. Upon entering her house, Cassie told Cyrus to leave because he would've done the same thing that Daisy had done on the stand. Cyrus uttered that G was his brother. Cassie told him to get out and slammed the door on him.

When Daisy got back to her car, she saw a shirtless G polishing her windshield. He said he knew it might be weird, but he'd wanted to do something to thank her for what she'd done for him. G told a speechless Daisy that no one had ever stood up for him before and he was sorry that he'd caused her to choose between him and her family. When Daisy still didn't speak, G decided that his surprise had been stupid and he was going to leave. Daisy walked around the car and hugged him. They sat beneath a tree and Daisy asked him what was next. G didn't know. He'd been in jail for more years in his life than he'd been out of jail. He thanked her again for saving him. After seeing Cassie, Daisy felt as if the whole town hated them. G said the only thing that Daisy had done wrong was choose G. Daisy replied that G had chosen her as well, but no one understood that because everyone else already had their "pit crew." Smiling, G said he liked being Daisy's pit crew. They both understood that things would be hard, but they had each other.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When Reva received a huge bouquet of white and yellow roses from Jeffrey, she said she could smell a guilty conscience from a mile away. She joked that he was trying to get out of marrying her, but her jaw fell open when she realized that he actually did have a problem with their nuptials. Jeffrey said he needed to postpone the wedding for a couple weeks. Reva grew frustrated because it seemed they always kept putting off the wedding. Jeffrey replied that he'd marry her the next day if it weren't for Lizzie's new deal to testify against Alan. He said Lizzie had offered it after he'd left Reva the long message saying that he'd let go of the case. Reva told him to take all the time he needed to put Alan behind bars for what he'd done to their family. Jeffrey handed her a rose and swore that he'd marry her once the whole mess was behind them.

Meanwhile, a frustrated Cassie tried to fix her broken doorknob before R.J. returned home. Josh showed up to review the divorce papers and offered to help, but Cassie said she'd manage herself. They sat down and went over their divorce papers, which Cassie had already signed. Josh said he hated divorcing, but he had to remember that even though it felt like the end, it was really a beginning. Cassie said, "I don't know. You've done this more than I have." Josh looked offended and Cassie apologized for her words. He again offered to fix her door, but Cassie refused, saying his need to fix things had been the problem in the marriage. Josh took exception that Cassie thought his fixing things had broken the marriage. Cassie hadn't meant it that way. She explained that somewhere along the line, the marriage had become about her being dependent upon Josh instead of solving her own problems. Cassie wanted to take care of herself and figure out who she was without him. Josh signed the papers as Cassie looked on.

After Josh left, Cassie returned to fixing her doorknob. Jeffrey stopped by and also offered to help with her door. Cassie said she could handle it. Jeffrey informed her that he was building his case against Alan. Cassie said she couldn't have her hopes for a conviction dashed again. Jeffrey explained that he wouldn't go after Alan unless he had something solid. He revealed that a witness had come forward. Jeffrey assured Cassie that she'd done enough, but he just wanted her to know that he was on her side. Cassie asked him to do it for Tammy's sake, not hers. Jeffrey left, promising to call when he knew more.

A little while later, Cyrus popped in on Cassie. He saw her door and said he knew someone who could fix it for free. When Cyrus suggested his brother, Cassie blasted him for even suggesting that she let the man who'd run down her daughter do odd jobs at her house. Cyrus said G would do anything for Cassie to make things right. Cassie still refused, grabbed her doorknob to let him out, and grimaced when the doorknob came off in her hand. Cyrus silently took the handle from her and started fixing the door. As he worked, Cassie said the only reason she let him fix it was because she wanted the door to lock. Cyrus said that Cassie used to be forgiving. Cassie rasped that sometimes things didn't go the way people wanted them to. She hurdled her divorce papers at him. Cyrus picked them up and wondered if their affair had precipitated the split. Cassie said it was complicated and added that she'd been forgiving before Tammy's death. Handing her back the papers, Cyrus said, "We'll fix it."

Meanwhile, Reva went to Company to tell Buzz that the wedding was off for the time being. The inference in Buzz's gaze caused her to turn around. She saw Josh sitting at a table listening. Reva said Jeffrey had a really important case and so they had to postpone the wedding. Josh wasn't surprised to hear that Jeffrey was too busy with work to marry Reva. Buzz grew uncomfortable, rattling dishes as Reva and Josh exchanged banter. Reva mentioned that Billy had said Josh was spending more time at the construction site, and Josh was thrilled that Reva had been asking Billy about him. Reva retorted that she hadn't been asking; Billy had volunteered the info. She thought it was great that Josh was getting back to construction. When Josh said he was trying to get back a lot of things he'd lost, Buzz rattled the dishes again. Reva said Josh was making Buzz uncomfortable. Josh decided that it was Reva who was uncomfortable and thought that was a start. Reva assured him that it wasn't a start; it was the end. "We'll see," Josh uttered with a sly smile and walked away.

Reva sat down with Buzz and he told her that when he'd been a bridegroom, he'd taken a whole day off for his wedding. He wondered why Jeffrey couldn't do the same. Reva said the case Jeffrey had was important, but she couldn't divulge the details. When Buzz mentioned that Josh had already signed his divorce papers, Reva said she hadn't been aware. Reva's life seemed like a Greek tragedy to Buzz and he wondered if fate had to hit her in the head. To prove to Buzz that she and Jeffrey were committed, Reva dragged Buzz to Cross Creek and showed him some towels that she'd had monogrammed. Reva felt she didn't need a ring when she had J-O-R towels hanging in her bathroom. She knew she was going to get married, but she said she had a hell of a time bringing Buzz, Josh, Billy, and Hawk on board with it. When Reva said she'd never ordered anything like the monograms before, Buzz replied that she hadn't done it before because it wasn't like her. Reva gave Buzz a set of the towels and told him to hang them behind his bar to shut-up all those "naysayers." Buzz looked skeptical but took them and left.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey was at his office when Josh walked in. He told Josh that he was busy, but Josh replied that if Reva could wait, then so could Josh. Jeffrey called Lizzie. He left her a message telling her that she was a half hour late for the interview about Alan's case. Once he hung up, he called Josh back in and reviewed some zoning paperwork Josh had showed him. Jeffrey said it wasn't his expertise, but the papers looked fine. Josh looked around and wondered if "this" was what kept Jeffrey so busy. "You got something to say?" Jeffrey asked. Josh reiterated his desire to get Reva back and said Reva had told him the wedding would be postponed due to some "big honking case" Jeffrey was working on. Josh thanked Jeffrey for giving him more time to convince Reva that she was making a mistake. Jeffrey saw Josh to the door and told Josh to take the time he'd planned to spend with Reva and use it to figure out when he'd become so selfish.

Josh went to Cross Creek and scared Reva when he showed up behind her in the living room. He returned her cell phone to her, saying she'd left it at the chapel again. Taking it, Reva said she'd thought she'd lost it forever and had been about to replace it. Josh thought it was an interesting concept, "Thinking you'd lost something forever and then rushing out to replace it." Josh recalled when they'd stood atop the lighthouse and had torn up their divorce papers. Reva reminded him that they'd wound up divorced anyway. Josh took her wedding postponement as a sign. Reva told him she'd call the police the next time he arrived in her house unannounced. Josh replied that since he'd brought back her phone, she could do just that. He pointed out that he'd taken the liberty to reprogram her cell phone so that his phone number was number one on her speed dial. When she asked where Jeffrey's was, Josh said, "Number two. Jeffrey will always be number two." As Josh left, Reva swore she was reprogramming it right that instant. Josh wished her luck with that and Reva growled when she couldn't figure it out.

Over at Cyrus and G's house, Daisy strolled up as the two grilled hot dogs outside. At first, Cyrus didn't want Daisy there. Daisy overheard him tell G that she had to leave. Daisy decided she wouldn't stay where she wasn't wanted. Frustrated because he'd promised Harley that he'd look out for Daisy, Cyrus said he'd given up. He decided to accept G and Daisy's relationship on the conditions that they try to live normal lives in Springfield and make amends with those they'd hurt. G said he was remorseful and did want to make things right. Cyrus thought the two were lucky to be together because they would to need each other.

Excited about their new chance, Daisy and G went to Marina's hotel room to see if they could also get Marina on their side. G was weary about the plan but happy to discover that Marina wasn't home. Daisy found a note from Marina saying that she was spending the night at Mallet's. Daisy and G figured that they could spend a night alone together. G left to get some clothes and Daisy said she'd make the hotel room more comfortable.

Some time later, G sat outside Company with a gym bag when Jeffrey approached, telling him not to skip town. Jeffrey said he had new evidence in Tammy's case. G replied that he couldn't be tried again due to double jeopardy. Jeffrey said G would help him build a case against Alan or else Jeffrey would go after Daisy for perjury. G didn't believe Jeffrey would do that to Reva. "I haven't always been such a good guy," Jeffrey told him. "But I have been a good prosecutor. Daisy committed a crime and if she goes to jail, I am not going to lose any sleep over it." G wondered what he needed to do to assist Jeffrey. Jeffrey said if G were subpoenaed, he'd don a suit and convince a jury of his testimony. G agreed to do it, saying, "You haven't always been the good guy and I haven't always been the bad one. I'd do anything for Daisy."

Meanwhile, back at Marina's room, Daisy put on lip-gloss in the mirror. There came a knock at the door. She opened it, expecting to see G. When she swung the door open, she was shocked to see Rafe on the other side.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

When Daisy saw Rafe on her doorstep, she pulled him into her arms for a tight hug. Rafe came inside and told Daisy that he'd sneaked away from Harley in order to return to town. He assured her that Harley was okay and had taken good care of him. Daisy had missed Rafe a lot and said she'd had dreams about him. She told him that she and Frank had even gone to Greece to search for them. Rafe apologized for shutting her out after Gus had died. He felt that if he had let her in, then things might have been different. Rafe said he missed her and gave her a black choker necklace he'd picked up for her in Europe. Daisy readily put it on and said it was beautiful. Rafe replied that it wasn't as beautiful as she was.

Meanwhile, G stopped Olivia in a parking lot to apologize for botching the job she'd given him. Olivia pretended not to know him, but when he mentioned the hit she'd put on the leggy brunette, Olivia snapped that the woman was her daughter. G said in that case, he deserved a bonus. Olivia wondered why he'd want a job scrubbing toilets for minimum wage. G replied that it beat jail. He figured that if Olivia hired him, people might start to forgive him. Olivia refused, saying he'd killed Tammy. G countered that Olivia had hired him to hurt Ava. G then reminded her that she'd been given a second chance by receiving Gus's heart. He'd heard she didn't deserve it, but he didn't plan on judging her if she didn't judge him. Since half the hotel belonged to Cassie, Olivia doubted that Cassie would ever allow G to have a job there. Before leaving, she told him it would take a lot more than a job for people in that town to forgive him.

G went to Marina's hotel room to spend time with Daisy as planned; however, when he let himself in, he found Daisy hugging Rafe. Rafe and G immediately began arguing, each wanting to know who the other was and what the other was doing there. Daisy introduced Rafe to G. When Rafe heard who G was, he threatened to call the police. G took great pleasure in explaining that he was sleeping with Daisy and Daisy had testified for him in court. G said he was a free man, which was more than they could say about Rafe.

Rafe asked Daisy if she were dating G, but suddenly a knock came to the door. Rafe slipped out the side entrance as Daisy answered the main door. A Beacon security guard entered, saying that he was responding to a noise complaint. After they got rid of the guard, Daisy wondered where Rafe had disappeared to. G asked her why she hadn't told him that Rafe had returned to town. Daisy said she hadn't known Rafe was back, but she told G that Rafe's return didn't change their plans to be together that night. G thought Rafe and Daisy had seemed pretty cozy when G had come in. Though Daisy still cared about Rafe, Daisy said it was G that she'd taken the stand for. All she wanted was to be alone with G. She kissed him, but G decided it would be better if he just left.

Meanwhile, Alan visited Natalia at the boardinghouse and they talked about Rafe. Alan thought that everything was going to be fine for Rafe. Natalia thanked him for keeping her faith going. He decided Natalia needed to get out and took her on a picnic by the lake. Alan wished he could give her more proof about Gus, but Natalia said that was where faith came in. She took a nap on their blanket and Alan whispered a prayer to Gus to watch over them. Natalia awakened about a half hour later and Alan told her that he had a meeting to get to. She offered to clean up the picnic and drop the basket off at his place later. Alan gave her his keys and he left.

At Harley's old place, Lizzie called Jeffrey's office to let him know she was running late. When she got off the phone, Rick called her saying he had the results of the tests Alan had taken before he'd bolted from the hospital the other day. Rick asked her to come down to the hospital to discuss them. Meanwhile, Bill was discussing Maximus' security with one of his employees, telling him that anyone caught having contact with Alan or Alex would be terminated on the spot, when Rick called him down to the hospital as well.

When Lizzie and Bill arrived at the hospital, Rick said he thought Bill might be a good support for Lizzie since Beth was out of town and Bill had been with Alan when Alan had fallen. Rick diagnosed Alan with a condition know as temporal lobe epilepsy, saying that Alan had a blood clot in his brain. Rick believed the condition caused Alan's visions. Lizzie looked scared and worried as Rick said patients with the diagnosis believed their hallucinations. Rick didn't know how to treat it without further testing and feared that if the clot moved or shifted, Alan could die. Lizzie wanted to call her mother, but Rick said they couldn't wait for Beth. Rick said Alan refused to take his phone calls and implored Lizzie to get Alan back to the hospital.

After Rick left them to grapple with the news, Lizzie's cell phone kept ringing. Checking the caller-ID, she told Bill it was Jeffrey calling her about her meeting with him to turn in her sick grandfather. Bill thought turning Alan in was something that she had to do for Sarah. Lizzie worried about Alan dying, but Bill said she had to do the one thing Bill couldn't do for himself: she had to get her child back. The phone rang again and it was Jeffrey on the caller-ID. Lizzie decided she'd check into Alan's health and make sure he'd be all right before she met with Jeffrey.

Lizzie went to Towers and found Alan at a table with a business associate. She took him aside to tell him that she was concerned about his health. Alan balked, saying he wouldn't take more tests because Rick would probably change the results. Tearfully, Lizzie told him that he had a blockage in his brain and he could die. Alan didn't believe her. Smiling cockily, Alan said he'd never felt better in his life. Lizzie said the condition caused hallucinations. Alan refused to listen anymore, but Lizzie urged him go to the hospital and look at the results for himself. Alan said he'd believe her once she told him that she didn't think that her life would be better without him. Fed up, Lizzie warned him not to die on Beth, James, and Peyton, and then she left.

Meanwhile, Bill walked into the parlor at the mansion to find Olivia there. She'd been visiting Max's memorial statue. They talked about getting through Max's death and Bill wondered how anyone got through that type of thing. Olivia said he'd call her crazy, but faith had gotten her through it. Bill hadn't known Olivia to be religious. Olivia said she wasn't talking about God, but rather Gus. No matter how much she yelled at Alan, she said Alan just sat there like Buddha, as if he knew something the rest of them didn't. Bill asked her how she'd feel if she discovered that there was another explanation for Alan's visions. Looking hopeful, Olivia said even it wasn't real, she'd be grateful because it had gotten her through at a time when she'd needed to believe something. Bill received a phone call. Seeing Lizzie's name on his caller-ID, he said he had to go, but Olivia could let herself out.

Bill met Lizzie down at Company to tell him that Alan wouldn't listen to her. Alan was still paranoid that she, Bill, and Rick were plotting against him. She couldn't believe she'd wanted Alan out of the way so that she could get Sarah back, but ironically, Alan might literally be out of the way by dying. She said she couldn't go back home because Alan was upset with her. Bill offered to put her and Roxie up at the mansion. Lizzie went home with Bill, but before she'd even gotten settled in, she overheard Bill on the phone in another room telling someone not to do business with Alan because he was a very sick man who didn't have long to live. Bill turned to see Lizzie in his doorway, angrily glinting at him. She went to her room, grabbed her bags and skirted out of the house with her shoes under her arm as Bill yelled for her to wait.

Meanwhile, after Alan called his business associate to reschedule a meeting, Rafe called his name. Alan turned and grinned, saying, "I knew it!" They hugged each other. Alan ecstatically said Rafe looked wonderful and couldn't have returned at a better time since Natalia needed him. Rafe reminded Alan that Rafe was still wanted by the police. Alan said they'd get that cleared up. When Rafe asked how he was doing, Alan said he'd never felt better. Rafe asked Alan about his mother and Alan said Rafe needed to see her for himself.

Later Natalia opened the door to her room at the boardinghouse. She was stunned to see Rafe seated inside. Tears of joy sprang to her eyes as she wrapped her arms around him, saying, "Rafe! Thank God!" In the meantime, Alan went home and thoughtfully looked at a Springfield train schedule.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jeffrey was frustrated because his investigation of Alan wasn't going according to plan. While at the police station, he discovered that the police department had failed to put a twenty-four hour tail on Alan as he'd requested. When he learned that Marina was lead detective on the case, he called her to meet him at Harley's old house and asked her to bring the keys.

Mallet and Marina had just made love on a twin bed in his hotel room when she received Jeffrey's call. As she hopped out of bed and dressed, she suggested that they try her place next time. Mallet reminded her that she shared her room with Daisy, and Marina became frantic that she'd left a lovesick teenager alone in a room with a bed. Mallet thought Daisy was capable of obeying Marina's rule that G couldn't spend the night. A dubious Marina worried because she had to meet Jeffrey instead of checking up on Daisy.

Mallet accompanied Marina to Harley's old house. Marina let Jeffrey inside to search it; however, she worried about them entering with Harley's keys because the house was occupied by the Spauldings. Jeffrey shrugged, saying he'd knocked first and Lizzie was testifying in his case against Alan. Upon realizing that Jeffrey's whole case hinged on Lizzie, Marina pointed out that Lizzie had flaked on her deposition and said Lizzie was more unreliable than Daisy. Jeffrey found a train schedule on an end table and suspected that Alan had skipped town. While Jeffrey returned to the police station to request that an officer comb the police files for any information about Alan Spaulding, including parking tickets, Mallet and Marina stayed behind looking for clues. The two doubted that Alan would skip town. It just didn't seem to be Alan's style.

While Marina was busy with the search, Daisy lured Ashlee to Marina's room to talk by sending her a fake text message from Marina. Ashlee didn't appreciate the trick and wondered why Daisy couldn't talk to her family members. Daisy said that despite Ashlee acting like an ass at that particular moment, she missed her friend. Ashlee said she didn't want to talk about G. Daisy said it was about Rafe, not G. After Daisy told Ashlee everything that had happened with Rafe, Ashlee concluded that Rafe had come back to town for Daisy. Daisy didn't think so, saying that his mother lived in the same town. Ashlee replied that Rafe had seen Daisy before he'd gone to see his mother, which meant he still had feelings for Daisy. Daisy said she was, "With G-end of story." Despite Daisy's denials, Ashlee thought Daisy's feelings for G were just misplaced feelings for Rafe.

As Ashlee and Daisy gave themselves pedicures, Marina called Daisy to make sure she was alone. Daisy put Ashlee on the phone as proof that she wasn't with G. Marina said Harley's house was unoccupied at the moment and wondered if Daisy knew why. Daisy said no one talked to her about the rental house. The call ended when Daisy lied that she and Ashlee had spilled nail polish and Daisy said she had to go.

Remy chased Olivia down at the Beacon to understand why she'd banned him from seeing Ava. Outside her door, Olivia told him that he had no right to tell Ava about Max's passing without Olivia's consent. Olivia disregarded Remy's defense that Ava's doctor had suggested Remy tell Ava. Remy asked Olivia to give Ava the postcards he'd been writing to her, but Olivia told him that his correspondence made Ava sad. Olivia said the only thing Ava and Remy had had in common was Max, but Max was gone. Remy pursued Olivia down the hallway. As she scurried, Olivia wobbled on her heels. Remy steadied her. He asked her if she'd been taking her medication or seen her doctor. Olivia said she'd been too busy between Max's death and driving an hour each day to see Ava. Olivia wondered why Remy even cared, and Remy replied that he cared because Ava cared. Olivia obstinately replied that she wasn't letting him see Ava and she walked off.

Remy tracked down Jeffrey at the police station to talk about his problem with Olivia. Jeffrey took Remy for a drink at Towers to discuss it. Jeffrey asked Remy about his job. Remy told him that it had taken a while for him to get it back, but it was okay. When Remy told Jeffrey that Ava was refusing his emails and postcards, Jeffrey said he'd just been up to see Ava and knew she wasn't getting any emails or postcards from Remy. Remy was chagrined, saying, "Olivia." Jeffrey didn't follow, but Remy tipped his drink to his lips and murmured, "Karma."

After Jeffrey left, Remy saw Marina sit down at the bar. She was on the phone ordering double police units to look for Alan. Afterward, Remy asked for her advice. He was troubled because he'd found out something medically dangerous about someone that he didn't like. He didn't know why he should help this person because this person had given him so much grief. Marina said everyone has a little voice inside them that tells them right thing to do. Remy thanked her and left. Before getting on the elevator, he called Rick to say, "You didn't hear this from me, but Olivia's been skipping her doctor's appointments and I think she's in trouble."

Meanwhile, at the boardinghouse, Natalia thanked God and Gus for Rafe's return. Rafe explained that he and Harley had moved from town to town. He'd been traveling ahead of Harley to a new safe house, but because of Natalia's message that Gus said everything would be okay, he'd ditched Harley to take a plane to Springfield. Natalia corrected him, saying Alan had said everything would be okay. Rafe knew Gus had told Alan that and Rafe had faith in Gus. Rafe said no one had seen him when he'd gone to the Beacon. When Natalia realized he'd gone to see Daisy, she told him that Daisy had taken up with a murderous boyfriend. Rafe said he knew his girlfriend was with a murderer. Natalia retorted that Daisy was not his girlfriend and warned him that no one could see him before they contacted the police. Just then Olivia knocked on the door and then she opened it. When Olivia looked at Rafe, Rafe said that Olivia didn't see him. Natalia asked Rafe to wait and took Olivia down to Company.

After Natalia and Olivia left, Rafe called Daisy. Ashlee urged Daisy to answer the phone since Rafe had come all the way from Greece to see her. When Daisy answered, Rafe wanted to know if Daisy were still seeing G. Daisy told him that she knew a place where they could talk privately and asked him to meet her at Harley's old house. Once they met, Rafe said he'd had a lot of time to think about things. He said that through the whole Gus, Harley, and Natalia triangle and during the abortion issue, he had felt the need to take sides. He realized he should have been choosing Daisy over anyone else. He told Daisy that he wanted her back. He said that their relationship was all that mattered.

Meanwhile Olivia and Natalia sat in a booth a Company. Olivia readily assured Natalia that she understood what it meant for Natalia to have Rafe back and she didn't plan on sabotaging it. Natalia said she thought Rafe would be safer in Springfield, but she knew that he wouldn't be if he didn't start taking precautions. Olivia offered to talk to Jeffrey for Natalia, saying that it was something Gus would want her to do. Olivia felt she didn't need a vision to tell her that. Natalia thanked her and returned to her room alone to find Rafe had disappeared.

Natalia went to see Mallet at the police station to talk about Rafe. Mallet was still filled with much guilt for not knowing about Gus's illegal dealings on the force and for being unable to help Rafe. He swore to her that she could trust him. Natalia tearfully said she did trust him. Mallet then asked her what she wanted to say about Rafe. Crying, Natalia told him that Rafe was back and she was very worried that he was in trouble. Mallet said he'd do anything he could to help her. Natalia sobbed and then asked Mallet to arrest Rafe.

Olivia called Jeffrey to meet her at the mansion. When Jeffrey arrived, he asked her why there, and she said she'd been out to see Max's memorial. Jeffrey said he knew Olivia had banned Remy from Ava's room, and Olivia said she wasn't changing her mind. "Okay," Jeffrey uttered. Olivia was surprised that he didn't put up a fight. Jeffrey wearily said he didn't know how best to help their daughter anymore. Olivia thought that perhaps they could help someone else's child. She told him that Rafe was back in town, and Jeffrey immediately said he'd take care of Rafe in addition to all his other cases. Olivia told Jeffrey that he was spreading himself too thin, and if he weren't careful, he'd fail everyone. Just then, Olivia's knees buckled and Jeffrey caught her as she almost fainted.

After Jeffrey settled her into a chair at the twelve-person dining room table, she told him that she wasn't sick. Her pain was Gus's way of needling her into helping Rafe by helping Alan. If Jeffrey wanted to honor Tammy's life, she suggested he help Rafe, see Ava more, or just marry Reva already. She told Jeffrey that punishing himself by relentlessly persuing Alan wasn't going to bring Tammy back. Staring down at the table, Jeffrey sighed.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Rick paid Olivia a house call since he heard about her fainting spell from Remy. Rick suggested that she go to Cedars for some tests but Olivia told him that was not necessary-she had faith that she was okay. Rick told Olivia about the importance of her checkups and asked if she wanted to make it to Emma's next dance recital. Olivia continued to dismiss his concern by stating that she had someone watching over her. Rick knew that she was talking about Alan's visions of Gus, and told Olivia that she was a fool to put her life in Alan's hands-and if Gus were there, he'd agree with Rick. Olivia called Rick on being a natural skeptic and he replied that he did believe in miracles, just not Alan. Rick believed that Alan was only manipulating everyone.

Since the Spauldings were all out of town, Daisy and Rafe met at Harley's house. Daisy doubted Rafe's claim that he loved her. Daisy reminded Rafe that they had broken up, he left town and told her to forget all about him, and he never once talked to her, despite the fact that Harley had called many times. Rafe asked if Daisy really believed that he did not love her or if it was her way of telling him she was with another guy. Suddenly, Rafe's mother called and asked him to meet her at the house that Gus bought for them. Rafe had reservations, but Natalia insisted that it would be safe.

After convincing Rafe to meet her, Natalia, who was at the police station, lamented about lying to her son. Mallet assured Natalia that she did the right thing. Natalia asked if the judge would go easy on Rafe. Mallet told her that he believed he would, but there was no guarantee. Mallet increased Natalia's fears by warning her that Rafe would be tried as an adult.

Marina came home to find Grady standing there. Confronting him with pepper spray, Marina accused him of breaking and entering and lashed out at him for killing her best friend. Suddenly, Daisy arrived and made it clear that she had invited Grady. Grady told Daisy that he did not want to come between her and her family and beat a hasty retreat. Daisy was ready for Marina to give her a lecture but Marina stated that there was no point-Daisy would not listen to her anyway. After telling Daisy that Grady was not welcome there, Marina left. Immediately after, Grady returned, only to find Daisy angry with him. Daisy said that she did not think he was coming back. Talk turned to Rafe and when Daisy admitted that she met with Rafe, Grady commented that Rafe had a lot of nerve, dragging Daisy into his mess. Daisy found the irony in that statement, since from the time Grady had arrived in Springfield, Daisy was involved in his mess. Grady argued that his and Rafe's situations were totally different, since Rafe left her. Grady asked Daisy where Rafe's arrival left him, and Daisy assured him that nothing had changed.

At the police station, Marina ranted to Mallet about finding Grady Foley in her room. After ranting about Daisy's relationship with Grady, Marina realized that Mallet was ready to go out on a call and asked to join him. Mallet discouraged her by stating that he was just going in as backup to a domestic dispute.

Natalia met Rafe at the house that Gus bought them. Rafe was still confused as to why they had to meet there and Natalia answered that Company wasn't safe. Natalia saw Rafe with a duffle bag and he told his mother that he was leaving town with Daisy. An incredulous Natalia asked if that was his plan-to run off again. When Natalia asked if Daisy agreed, Rafe commented that he needed a few days to convince her. Natalia warned Rafe that every day he was in town and did not go to the police, things got more and more dangerous. Natalia stated that she lost Gus and she couldn't lose her son, too. Rafe realized that Natalia had turned him in. As they argued, Rafe spotted Mallet's car and ran off.

On the run, Rafe called Daisy, who was still with Grady, and told her about his mother turning him in. Daisy lied to Grady that Ashlee was on the line and asked for some privacy. Grady listened outside the door and overheard Daisy telling Rafe to go to Harley's house. When the call ended, Daisy continued her lie about speaking with Ashlee and told Grady that she needed to meet with her.

At the police station, Mallet assured a scared Natalia that he would bring Rafe in. Marina overheard and blasted Mallet about his domestic disturbance lie. When Mallet asked her to give him a break, Marina pulled rank and reminded him that she was the detective. She reminded him that just because they were sleeping together that didn't mean all the rules went out the window. He, as a patrolman, was not supposed to set up stings. Mallet stated that the reason he did not tell her that Rafe was in town was because she was already highly upset when he saw her and he did not want her to get any more emotional. This led Marina to get even more upset and she accused him of feeling guilty about the investigation that had led to Rafe shooting Jeffrey. Marina then demanded that they continue their conversation in the interrogation room. Despite Marina's declaration that they had to be discreet and professional, they wound up kissing in the interrogation room.

Olivia sat in the park and asked Gus to talk to her. Later, Natalia joined her and the pair commiserated over their children's problems. Talk turned to Olivia's heart and Rick's suggestion that she see a doctor versus Olivia going on faith. Natalia ultimately told Olivia that she should go to the doctor; if she could be helped without a miracle, that might free one up for Rafe.

Disguising his voice, Grady told the police where Rafe was and warned that he was holding a young girl hostage.

Daisy and Rafe met at Harley's house. She asked what he was doing. He replied that he was protecting himself since he was all alone. Daisy argued that he had his grandfather, but Rafe stated that he tried calling Alan and got his voicemail stating that he was unavailable. Daisy assured Rafe that he was not alone and he was still important to her. In response, Rafe kissed her. Suddenly, the police surrounded the house. Rafe accused her of turning him in. They realized that the police thought that Daisy was his hostage.

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