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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 30, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, August 30, 2010

In the honeymoon suite, Annie woke up to find Scott watching her. She smiled brightly as she confessed that she was thrilled to be Mrs. Scott Chandler. Scott felt terrible that Annie had to learn about his one-night stand with Marissa before the wedding, but he was relieved that they didn't have any more secrets between them. Annie conceded that she had been hurt, but she loved Scott, so she wanted to have a future with him.

Scott smiled and then announced that breakfast had been delivered. Annie was famished, but before she could dig in, Scott's phone rang. It was someone from Chandler Enterprises, calling to let Scott know that there was a problem. After Scott ended the call, he told Annie that JR was trying to make a move against him. Annie offered to cancel their honeymoon, so that Scott could deal with JR, but Scott refused to consider it. Scott wouldn't let anything, including JR, ruin their honeymoon.

At Krystal's, Annie picked up a take-out order just as Marissa entered the restaurant. Annie's voice dripped with sarcasm as she informed Marissa that Scott was at the hotel, if Marissa wanted to throw herself at him. Marissa quickly clarified, "That's not what happened." Marissa apologized for the affair, but Annie didn't believe that Marissa was the least bit sorry. Annie accused Marissa of hating Annie and of being jealous because JR had always wanted Annie more than he had wanted Marissa.

Annie suspected that Marissa had thrown herself at Scott to get back at Annie for sleeping with JR. Marissa found it ludicrous that Annie, who had torn the family apart, would have the nerve to play the victim. Annie smugly informed Marissa that she didn't view herself as a victim because Scott had assured Annie that Marissa had meant nothing to him. Annie took delight in pointing out that while she and Scott were starting their lives as a happily married couple, Marissa and JR were headed for divorce.

Annie was certain that her marriage to Scott would be a long and happy one. Marissa wished Annie good luck, but Annie doubted Marissa's sincerity; she believed that Marissa wanted Annie and Scott to crash and burn, which would never happen because Annie and Scott had made promises to each other. Marissa reminded Annie that Marissa and JR had also made promises on their wedding day, but they had meant nothing in the end. Marissa suggested that, historically, Annie had a very bad track record with marriage.

Annie's smile disappeared as she insisted that it was different with Scott. Marissa observed that all of Annie's failed marriages had one thing in common: Annie. Annie lashed out by gloating that JR had tried to stop the wedding. Marissa managed to hide the sting of pain as she warned Annie that it was possible to forgive an infidelity, but Annie would never forget that her husband had been naked with the woman that Annie hated. Marissa congratulated Annie on the marriage and then left.

In the parlor, JR was on the phone with a Chandler employee. JR explained that Scott would be off for a few weeks, enjoying his honeymoon, so JR would be in charge of the nanotechnology project. JR assured the employee that Scott was fully aware of JR's plans, so he ordered the person to send over all of the files on the nanotechnology. JR ended the call just as Marissa walked into the room. Marissa wanted to let JR know that she intended to file for divorce.

Marissa feared that prolonging the inevitable would only make things worse, so she wanted to end things while they could still be friends. JR assured Marissa that he wouldn't stand in her way. He was fully prepared to work things out amicably, so he offered to find a mediator. Marissa was surprised when JR suggested that they follow Krystal and Tad's lead by living together at the Chandler mansion, so that they could raise AJ together. Marissa appreciated the offer, but she declined because too much had happened.

JR assumed that she was referring to Scott and Annie, so he assured Marissa that Scott and Annie would move out as soon as they returned from their honeymoon. Marissa wanted to make a clean break of things, so she thought that it would be best for her to look for a place of her own. JR was disappointed, but he agreed to respect her decision. He suggested that they tell AJ about the divorce, but Marissa wasn't ready. JR suggested that she take all the time that she needed, but he wanted her to know how sorry he was for hurting her.

Marissa hoped that JR found happiness and then turned to leave. In the hallway, Marissa bumped into Colby. Colby could sense that Marissa was upset, but Marissa assured her that she would be fine. After Marissa left, Colby entered the parlor to check on JR. JR told Colby about Marissa's decision to file for divorce, so he intended to focus his energy on the family and building Chandler Enterprises.

"Spoken like a true Chandler," Colby observed. JR smiled as he responded, "It takes one to know one." Colby was stunned when JR suddenly suggested that Colby join the family business by working on the nanotechnology project. Colby reminded him that she was still in school, so JR suggested that she work on a part-time basis. Colby wondered how Scott felt about it, since the nanotechnology was Scott's project.

JR announced his intentions to move the company in a new direction, so he had plans to force Scott out. Colby argued that Scott and JR were equal partners, but JR vowed that it would be war until Scott was out. JR demanded to know where Colby stood. Colby refused to take sides because Scott had been good to her. Colby feared that JR was turning into what he hated most: their father.

Scott entered the parlor in time to hear the argument between the siblings. JR freely admitted that he wanted Scott out of the mansion, the family company, and his life. Scott made it clear that he would not be ousted from the company. JR and Scott continued to argue, despite Colby's efforts to get them to calm down. Things didn't improve when Colby stormed out of the parlor. Scott accused JR of being jealous because Annie had gone through with the wedding.

Colby opened the front door to find Damon and Asher standing on the doorstep. The young men had stopped by to go swimming. Damon immediately recognized that Colby was upset. Colby explained that JR and Scott were arguing over Chandler Enterprises. She also revealed that JR wanted her to work for the family company. Colby was frustrated because she couldn't understand why the Chandlers couldn't act like a real family.

In the parlor, the argument between JR and Scott continued to escalate. Colby, Damon, and Asher walked in just as JR snidely wondered if he had wrecked Scott and Annie's wedding night. JR bragged that he had intimate knowledge of how good Annie was in bed. Scott lunged at JR, but Damon and Asher managed to keep the cousins from trading punches. Scott decided that JR wasn't worth it, so he walked out.

Colby angrily demanded to know who JR thought he was. "Exactly who I'm supposed to be, finally," JR answered. Colby, Damon, and Asher followed Scott out. In the foyer, Colby plopped down on the bottom step of the staircase as she lamented about her feuding family. Asher wondered why Colby didn't take the job that JR had offered to her.

According to Asher, it might put her in a perfect position to play peacemaker. Colby thanked Asher for his input, but she didn't need any career counseling or family advice from him. She was curious why he was so interested in her family. Asher explained that he had appreciated all that Colby had done for him, so he wanted to help her in some way. Colby was curious about Asher's family and why he never mentioned them. Damon agreed.

Asher explained that his mother had died during Asher's birth and that his father had been gone shortly afterwards. "Gone?" Colby wondered. "Car accident," Asher clarified. According to Asher, a relative had taken him in and then sent him to boarding school as soon as Asher had been old enough to be shipped off. Colby sheepishly apologized, but Asher assured her that it wasn't necessary.

Damon admitted that he understood what it was like to have a family who didn't want anything to do with him. Asher shifted the focus back to Colby's family by suggesting that all of the screaming and yelling meant that the Chandlers cared for each other. Damon was curious if Colby wanted to work for her brother. Colby admitted that she had always harbored a secret desire to be a part of Chandler Enterprises, but she had never felt as if she were good enough. However, Colby was tempted to take the job.

In the parlor, JR was contemplating a bottle of booze when Annie breezed in through the patio doors. She stopped short when she spotted JR sitting in the room alone. Annie wondered where Scott was. JR suggested that Scott was probably packing for the honeymoon. Annie was a little surprised that JR wasn't trying to talk her out of it, but JR confessed that he didn't want to.

Annie was happy that JR had finally accepted that she loved Scott. JR laughed. He warned Annie that her marriage to Scott had been the biggest mistake of her life. JR was confident that Annie would realize it when she woke up to find Scott's face next to her every morning.

At Ryan's place, Ryan announced that he had to drop off a toy that Spike had left behind. Greenlee explained that she had merely stopped by to let Ryan know that David was trying to ramp up the search for the mechanic. She realized that Ryan had a lot on his plate with Madison, so she suggested that he needn't continue to try to help her with David. Ryan appreciated that Greenlee was a strong and capable woman, but he was determined to get her out of her marriage to David. Greenlee insisted that she knew David better than anyone else, so she could handle him, but Ryan refused to change his mind.

Ryan surprised Greenlee by apologizing for being so hard on Greenlee when she had dropped by unexpectedly. Greenlee was also sorry for not calling first. She realized that Madison was probably looking for a bear trap to set up outside the front door for Greenlee's next visit. Ryan chuckled, but assured her that Madison understood. Greenlee managed to muster up a smile as she admitted that Madison was great. A few minutes later, Kendall called Ryan with news. Ryan decided to head to the Yacht Club to meet Kendall, so Greenlee wanted to go with him. Ryan urged Greenlee to act normal by going to work instead.

At the Yacht Club, Liza made it clear to Kendall that she was not in the mood for games. Kendall explained that she wanted to know what was going on between David and Liza because she had some legal matters at Fusion that she was considering hiring Liza to take care of. Liza knew that Jackson handled all of Fusion's legal matters, but Kendall reminded Liza that Jack and Erica were out of the country indefinitely. However, Kendall had reservations about David's role in Erica's plane crash, so she was unsure about Liza handling their legal matters while she represented David. Liza assured Kendall that David hadn't had anything to do with Erica's crash, but even if he had, Liza couldn't discuss it because of attorney-client privilege.

Later, Kendall managed to sneak a call to Ryan to let him know that she had seen David hand Liza an envelope at Krystal's. In return, Liza had handed a key to David. Ryan made plans to meet Kendall at the Yacht Club and then ended the call. A short time later, Ryan arrived at club. He immediately approached Liza to ask her if she were busy.

Liza became suspicious when Ryan mentioned David. Ryan admitted that he suspected that David had tried to kill Erica. Liza insisted that there wasn't any evidence to corroborate that, so she warned him to back off because messing with David was like kicking a hornet's nest; Ryan would get stung. After Liza left, Kendall approached Ryan. Ryan admitted that he was certain that Liza knew that David was blackmailing Greenlee.

Ryan appreciated Kendall's help, but he didn't think that Zach wanted her to get more deeply involved. Kendall refused to step back because she was worried about Greenlee. Ryan promised that he could take care of Greenlee. Kendall didn't doubt it, but she was curious where things stood between Ryan and Greenlee. Ryan insisted that it was over between them; he just wanted to help Greenlee get out of her disastrous marriage to David.

Kendall tried to compare Ryan and Greenlee to her and Zach, but Ryan cut her off. Ryan explained that once Greenlee was free of David, he intended to move forward with Madison.

At Krystal's, David questioned Madison about Ryan. Madison insisted that everything was great with Ryan, but David didn't believe her. He noticed that Madison seemed to become upset whenever he mentioned Ryan's name. David imagined that a relationship with Ryan might be complicated. Madison wasn't interested in what David had to say, but David suggested that he and Madison could be friends because they had similar goals; they both wanted Ryan out of Greenlee's life.

David was curious what Madison was willing to do to ensure that Greenlee and Ryan stayed far apart. Madison assured David that she and Ryan were "rock solid," but David highly doubted it. Madison made it clear that she didn't trust David. David suggested that getting Ryan was easy, but keeping his attention was the difficult part. Madison was curious why David was still married to Greenlee when he obviously didn't trust her.

Greenlee arrived at Fusion to find Madison already working. Greenlee was curious how Madison's meeting had gone. "Fine," Madison answered. Greenlee realized that Madison was keeping something from her, so she encouraged Madison to open up. Eventually Madison revealed that she had bumped into David. Madison realized, more than ever, that Greenlee truly needed Ryan's help. According to Madison, David had tried to turn her against Greenlee.

Later, Ryan stopped by Fusion to see Madison. He promised her that everything would be over soon, so they would be able to pick up where they had left off. Madison smiled as Ryan leaned down to kiss her. Madison admitted that she thought that Ryan was one of the good guys, so she had complete confidence in him.

Liza went to see David in his room at the Yacht Club. Liza had decided to give him back all of the evidence on Erica's crash. David was curious what had happened. She admitted that she was starting to feel uncomfortable with everything. David surprised her by revealing that he had been thinking of destroying the evidence against Greenlee.

David admitted that he had never intended to blackmail Greenlee forever. David believed that Greenlee had been working hard to convince him that she could be trusted. He was certain that Greenlee was committed to their marriage. David wanted Greenlee to love him, so destroying the incriminating papers seemed to be the only option. Liza thought that David was crazy to think that Greenlee would forgive him for blackmailing her.

David didn't think that Liza would ever be able to understand what had driven him to blackmail his wife, but Liza assured him that she did. David smiled his appreciation and then showed her to the door. David froze when he found Greenlee standing on the doorstep. After Liza left, Greenlee angrily demanded to know why David had been talking to Madison.

Greenlee was tried of David's lack of trust. She also hated feeling as if David were plotting and scheming against her. She didn't know how he expected her to trust him if he doubted her all of the time. David smiled as he confessed that he didn't know whether to kiss her or duck. "How about you trust me?" she suggested.

David admitted that he hadn't felt close to someone in a long time. He wondered what she would do if he destroyed the evidence he had been using to blackmail her with. Greenlee was astounded; she was curious if he meant it. David confessed that he had never liked blackmailing her, so he wanted her to prove to him that she loved him. "I can do that," Greenlee promised.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Amanda and Jake kissed passionately at the hospital. Amanda called him a superhero since he had just finished a double shift. Jake groaned that he would work even longer hours if he became chief of staff. Amanda was confused, as she thought that he had found a way out of accepting the chief position. Angie overheard their conversation and confronted Jake about his hesitation to take over for Angie. Jake admitted that he didn't want to become chief of staff, but he said that it didn't matter because he could never take Angie's place.

Angie appreciated Jake's faith in her but said that she could no longer perform her duties as chief of staff. Jake believed that she could, because she was strong and the staff respected her. Angie begged him not to fight her decision to step down. She needed to know right away if Jake would accept the position. Jake agreed to do it on a temporary basis while she was on maternity leave. He insisted that she could overcome her disability because of her love of medicine. Angie retracted the job offer.

Angie assured Jake that she had wanted him to succeed her as chief of staff, but she realized that he truly didn't want to assume the role. She didn't doubt his ability, but she felt that there was too much at stake at the hospital, and she needed someone fully committed to the fight against David. She mentioned that she had a backup plan. Angie thanked Jake for his support and shooed Jake and Amanda out of the hospital so they could enjoy his time off.

Angie's cell phone rang as her vision blurred. She quickly answered and ended the call as she disguised her vision loss. She then called a cab.

As a frazzled Bianca finished a phone call, Caleb chased Miranda around the Wildwind living room. He grumbled that her kids drove him nuts, but Bianca knew that he loved them. Bianca requested his assistance with planning Palmer's end-of-summer bash, but he claimed that he was in the middle of some wiring repairs. Caleb and Bianca argued good-naturedly about the party plans, and Bianca pointed out that Palmer had chosen him to co-host the event. Caleb dared her to try to push him into doing something that he didn't want to do.

Bianca insisted that she wasn't trying to force him into anything. "I don't do parties," Caleb reiterated. He said that he was busy and suggested that Bianca hire someone to do the planning. She asked why Caleb was so worried that a party would change who he was. Caleb told her to ask "Uncle Pete" and refused to be compared to Palmer. Caleb swore that he didn't like people, but a smiling Bianca admitted that she had seen Caleb help Miranda make a sundial, so obviously he liked some people.

Caleb was certain that the party would be a nightmare, but Bianca reminded him that it was a charity event for a cause that he cared about. Bianca refused to believe that he was as self-absorbed as he seemed. Miranda ran in and he playfully grabbed her. Caleb inquired why Miranda was laughing. "At you ... pretending to be mean," Miranda giggled. As Bianca exited, she commented that Caleb would look great in a tux, and he called after her with a refusal to wear one. Caleb and Miranda continued to play affectionately.

At the Chandler mansion, Annie insisted to JR that marrying Scott was the best decision that she had ever made and that she finally had the life she had always wanted. She claimed to be over JR and labeled her involvement with JR a mistake. Scott entered and accused JR of upsetting Annie, but JR said that he had simply wished her a happy honeymoon.

Annie lied that she and JR had been discussing who would cover her PR duties while she was on her honeymoon with Scott. She turned to JR and proclaimed that she didn't care about work, as she'd be in paradise with her husband. JR sarcastically said that he expected a postcard and sauntered out. Scott worried about JR's harassment, but Annie insisted that JR was just angry that JR didn't have the same happiness that Annie and Scott shared.

Scott presented Annie with a gift box. She opened it, and Scott revealed that he had bought matching sundresses for her and Emma to wear on the private island that he had booked for their honeymoon. An excited Annie wanted to know more details. Scott said that there was only one house on the island and described the ocean and the beach. He wanted to give Annie the world but would start with the island. She declared her love for her husband.

Annie tried on the dress and Scott whistled in admiration. Annie was grateful that their wedding had happened as planned and that she hadn't ended up alone. She happily talked about their future and referred to her past disastrous relationships. Scott swore that she didn't have to be afraid because he would take care of her forever. They kissed, and she asked him to take her to their bedroom. They giddily ran up the stairs.

Marissa and Krystal talked at Krystal's restaurant, where Marissa had planned to meet JR so they could tell AJ about their impending divorce. Marissa hated the thought of putting AJ through any pain, but Krystal insisted that AJ was a strong boy. Marissa vowed to stay strong for AJ. Marissa told Krystal that JR had accepted the end of their marriage but that he was still angry with Scott. Krystal warned her to stay out of the crossfire between the Chandler men.

Marissa wasn't worried about JR, only AJ, who she loved as if he were her own son. Krystal said that Babe would be proud of her and called Marissa a wonderful mother. Krystal was surprised to hear that JR had agreed to joint custody, as Chandler men tended to be possessive of their children. AJ ran in and called Marissa "Mommy" as he handed her a cookie. She looked sad and he asked her what was wrong. She assured him that she was fine and hugged him.

JR arrived at the restaurant, and Krystal informed him that Marissa and JR were in the back. JR tried to apologize to Krystal, but Krystal blasted him for hurting Marissa. Krystal said that Marissa would get through their breakup but implored JR not to make things difficult. AJ ran into JR's arms.

Caleb entered the restaurant, and Krystal stopped him at the door to avoid a confrontation between Caleb and JR. She escorted Caleb out the door as JR, Marissa and AJ sat down at a table. JR gently touched AJ's shoulder and announced that JR and Marissa needed to talk to him about something.

JR and Marissa proclaimed that their love for AJ would never change and that they would always be his parents. Marissa explained that she and JR were not going to be married anymore and that they would be living separately. AJ thought that Marissa was his mom only because she had married his dad and sadly murmured that all moms left. She assured him that AJ made her happier than anyone else in the world and that she would love him and would protect him forever. AJ wanted to know if he could stay with Marissa that night and the conversation turned to what the boy wanted to pack. After AJ left to grab a book, JR complimented her mothering skills but Marissa insisted that JR leave.

At the Chandler mansion, JR answered his cell phone to Annie, who was alone in bed while Scott showered. She asked JR to meet her in the park.

In the park, Krystal requested that she and Caleb not discuss JR. Krystal inquired about Palmer's party plans and Caleb scoffed that she should ask Bianca. Krystal pointed out that Palmer had wanted Caleb to meet the people of Pine Valley. Caleb snarled that he'd rather have a root canal than go to the party. Krystal tried to convince him that it would be fun. Caleb suggested that she accompany him to the event. She laughed and asked if it would be a date. He looked embarrassed and rambled that he was obligated to attend, so he thought that they could drive together. She accepted his invitation.

Krystal returned to her restaurant and asked how Marissa and AJ were doing. AJ exited to watch television, and Marissa felt confident that AJ would be all right, even though he'd have questions. Krystal assured Marissa that she would be okay, too. Marissa began to cry and admitted that she had really loved JR. Krystal hugged her daughter.

Scott stopped by Krystal's restaurant to check on Marissa. Marissa informed him that she and JR had told AJ about their divorce. Scott apologized for everything, but Marissa didn't blame him. She said that she and JR should never have gotten together, though she was happy that she still had AJ in her life. She told Scott that she and JR were going to raise AJ together, but Scott doubted that JR was really willing to share custody.

Marissa proclaimed that JR was a good father who would never hurt AJ, but Scott asserted that JR was also a sore loser who couldn't control his anger. Scott was skeptical that JR could be friends with Marissa or that JR would ever forgive Scott. Scott insisted that JR's top priority was revenge. Scott urged Marissa to be there for AJ if JR's focus shifted away from AJ and toward JR's battle with Scott. Marissa said that she couldn't save her marriage but that she would always be there for her son.

Annie and JR met in the park. JR demanded to know why she had summoned him. Annie wanted him to stop taunting her about how her marriage to Scott was a mistake. She accused him of trying to destroy her marriage because JR wanted her for himself. JR insisted that she tell him why it was so important that she heard those words from him.

JR claimed that he wanted nothing to do with Annie's personal life. She refused to believe him and thought he was jealous. He denied the allegation and told her to go back to her husband and to enjoy her honeymoon. As she watched him walk away, she was obviously upset that he hadn't admitted his feelings for her.

Bianca recruited Opal to help with the preparations for Palmer's party. At the Martin house, Opal complained about Caleb's disinterest in fulfilling Palmer's last wishes. She called Caleb a stubborn old mule who was just like Palmer. Jake and Amanda arrived, and Opal put the couple to work stuffing envelopes. Bianca and Opal left to tend to other duties. Amanda suggested that it would be more fun if they pretended like they were reliving their own wedding. They recreated their first dance, but she saw that he was distracted and they discussed Angie's backup plan. Jake hoped that Angie's chief of staff candidate was strong enough to take on David.

Amanda and Jake kissed as Opal entered and scolded them for getting distracted. Opal gave them separate assignments so that they would accomplish their tasks. Krystal arrived and asked why Caleb wasn't there to assist. Opal chided Caleb's lack of effort. Opal worried that Caleb would be an embarrassment to Palmer's memory at the gala, but Krystal assured her that Krystal would keep an eye on him. Opal was stunned to hear that Krystal planned to attend the party with Caleb, though Krystal insisted it wasn't a date. Krystal speculated that Caleb might surprise them all.

Angie visited Wildwind, where she hoped to meet with Caleb, but he wasn't home. Miranda asked her nanny if she could stay with Angie while Angie waited for Caleb. After the nanny exited to check on Gabrielle, Angie had another bout of vision loss. She tried to cover and felt her way over to the couch. Miranda gazed at Angie quizzically and asked why Angie's face looked funny. Angie explained that sometimes she didn't see very well. Miranda ran upstairs to get her "magic glasses." Meanwhile, traces of smoke drifted out of a vent.

Angie heard a noise and called out to Miranda. Caleb made his presence known, and Angie asked if Caleb had found any proof that David's acquisition of the hospital was illegal. He said it would take time, and she emotionally declared that he needed to work faster. She frantically flailed her arms as she blindly tried to find her purse. Caleb wondered why she appeared to be acting strangely and handed her purse to her. She explained her condition and disclosed that she would likely lose her sight permanently.

Caleb expressed his sympathy and asked how he could help, but Angie said that the best thing he could do would be to find evidence to nail David. She confessed that David had found out about Angie's condition and that David would jump at the chance to fire her. She asserted that her top priority was to secure a new chief of staff who would ensure the hospital wouldn't fall apart under David's reign. Angie suddenly looked worried, and she said she smelled smoke.

Caleb didn't believe Angie since the smoke alarms hadn't gone off, but then he remembered that he had worked on the electrical wiring. He ran upstairs to find Miranda and Angie called 911. Caleb carried an unconscious Miranda downstairs and claimed that he had found her in a room full of smoke. Caleb said that the girl might not be breathing and that there wasn't time for the fire department to arrive. He told a panicked Angie that she had to save Miranda.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In her room at the Yacht Club, Greenlee spoke on the speakerphone with Ryan, who urged her to find the key that Liza had given David. Just as Greenlee located it taped in the desk drawer, David entered. Greenlee flipped off the speakerphone before Ryan could speak again.

David asked why the room was in disarray. Greenlee claimed that she'd done it after having a horribly vivid dream about her motorcycle accident. In the dream, she'd fallen and fallen, but David hadn't been there to save her. He reminded her that in reality, he had been there, and he'd saved her. She said she wanted to hate David, but couldn't after all he'd done for her. Though he appreciated her words, he felt that they didn't explain what she'd been searching all over the room for.

Greenlee lied that her nightmare had caused her to panic and tear up the room in search of her misplaced wedding ring. David retrieved the ring from the bathroom, where she'd left it the night before, and said he'd always be there to save her. She announced that she was going for a walk, and she left with the key hidden between her fingers.

At home, Ryan sensed that Greenlee was in trouble. He called Kendall for help, but then decided to take care of it himself. When he swung open the front door, he saw Madison on the threshold. She presented him with some dice-shaped cufflinks to wear to the party. The distracted Ryan thanked her, and she assumed he'd been hurrying to leave because of Greenlee. He promised to make things up to Madison, but she said she wasn't keeping score. "Much," she murmured after Ryan left.

Later, Ryan encountered Greenlee in the park, and she presented the key that she'd found. Ryan cited that it was the key to her freedom. He figured that while he found a way into Liza's office, Greenlee would continue conning David. Greenlee bragged that her part was easy, but she worried that rescuing her had become Ryan's full-time job.

Ryan recalled his disillusionment after her accident and the mistakes they'd made upon her return. He claimed that freeing her from David would give her and Ryan closure. Placing her hand on his neck, Greenlee said that no matter what, Ryan would always have a special place in her heart. They expressed that they wanted each other to be happy.

Ryan planned to make a copy of the key, so that Greenlee could replace the original one in the drawer. He said that he'd slip away from the party to get the evidence, and she'd then confront David with it. "Right there in the middle of at the party," she nervously said. Sighing, she decided that she liked the idea, because it'd be like a party to celebrate her freedom.

Behind them, David strode through the park with a bouquet of flowers. He ducked behind a tree when he saw his wife and Ryan intimately conversing on a bench. Ryan stroked Greenlee's hand, and David scowled. Though David couldn't hear them, he intently watched them laughing together. Shaking his head, he crushed the flowers beneath his heel and strode off.

David went to the Yacht Club to find Liza. She seemed uneasy as she explained that Ryan and Kendall had been cozying up to her to learn about her dealings with David. When Liza cited that her relationship to David could hamper her career, he told her to just fire him. "Really? Just like that?" she asked and wondered what the catch was. For David, there was no catch. He just had a feeling that she'd be moving onto much bigger things, and so would he.

David knew about Liza's desire to be the district attorney. Since he'd saved the mayor's daughter a few years earlier, he was confident that he could get Liza the job. Liza figured that there was a catch to that, as well. David replied that she'd get the job she'd always wanted, and he'd get a friendly district attorney-just in case. "Oh, David what are you up to now?" Liza asked, groaning. David strode off without answering.

In her office later, Liza toiled over her encounter with David. She pulled out his evidence files to read, but changing her mind, she locked them back in the drawer. She looked in the mirror and said, "Madame District Attorney...I can work with that."

Back at the Yacht Club, Greenlee taped the key into place. David entered and saw her poking around in the drawer. Startled, she turned around, and a smiling David asked how her walk had been. She claimed that it had given her time to refocus on the positive things in her life, and she expressed her excitement about accompanying him to the party. She felt that it would be a turning point for them. Chuckling, David replied that he'd been thinking the same thing. As they hugged, he ominously said that he had such wonderful plans for them.

When Ryan returned home, he told Madison that David would be out of their lives soon. Ryan and she looked forward to the party, and he apologized for making her wait around so much. She stated that his gallantry showed her what kind of man he was. He was sure she'd get sick of him hanging around all the time, but she reasoned that it'd be good for a change. He assured her that after the party, everything would change.

At the hospital, Jesse met the mayor, who ordered him to investigate her assistant's carjacking. Jesse thanked Iris for returning his badge, and a departing Iris said if he wanted to keep it, he'd stay away from David.

Natalia approached and asked if Jesse would really follow Iris' directive. Jesse replied that he was like a dog with a bone where David was concerned. While congratulating him on returning to work, Natalia received a call about the fire at Wildwind. She told Jesse that Angie was involved, and he rushed out to handle it.

At Wildwind, the blinded Angie evaluated Miranda and determined that she was still breathing. Angie urged the child to wake up, and Caleb rushed in with one of David's old medical bags. After Angie instructed Caleb to apply an oxygen mask to Miranda, Miranda awakened and coughed. Angie encouraged the child to keep breathing.

Later, paramedics took Caleb and Miranda to the hospital, and firefighters arrived at Wildwind. When Jesse entered, Angie hugged him and admitted that she wouldn't have been any help to Miranda without Caleb. Angie felt that she had to stop kidding herself about practicing medicine. "I can't be a doctor anymore. I can't!" Angie declared.

Jesse thought Angie was overreacting, because despite the blindness, she'd calmly handled the situation and saved the patient. He figured that she couldn't quit, because she needed to be there for the next patient in need. Angie called Jesse a smooth-talker, and he proudly whipped out his badge for her approval. She hugged him, and he said that if he could get his job back, then they could surely find a way for her to keep hers.

At the hospital, Frankie admitted Miranda to the emergency room, but made the distraught Caleb wait in the lobby. Bianca arrived and frantically rushed to Miranda's side. In an exam room later, Frankie explained that Miranda had a sore throat, but Caleb had rescued her before any serious damage had occurred. The child uttered that Caleb had saved her, and though Caleb diminished his role in the rescue, Bianca still expressed her gratitude.

Deeply affected by events, Caleb hung his head and wandered to the lounge. Bianca followed him to discover the problem. "When I walked into that room, and I saw Sonia -- Miranda..." Caleb uttered, and Bianca asked who Sonia was. At his silence, Bianca wondered if he'd been involved in a previous fire. Caleb avoided discussing it, and she offered to listen if Caleb ever wanted to talk. Hugging him, she said she was glad that he'd entered their lives.

When Angie arrived, Bianca thanked her and left to check on Miranda. Angie approached Caleb, who praised her work during the fire. She explained that not many people knew about her "handicap," but he pretended not to know what she was talking about. Extending her hand, she said her friends called her "Angie." He shook her hand and replied that it was good to know her.

In the corridor, Jesse offered Angie a ride home before he went to work. She noted that he couldn't insist that she was capable, but then worry about how she'd get home. Angie's confidence in her work had returned, and she realized that she didn't have to resign, as David wanted her to. She figured that she had a future in the business -- once David was out of her way.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

At the Hubbard home, a formally dressed Angie suffered from another bout of vision loss. She was frustrated that she couldn't find out what time it was from the television. Jesse entered and checked his watch for her. She realized that her episode had lasted for over an hour, and she wondered if her blindness was permanent.

Angie reassured Jesse that she was confident that she could handle her sight loss and pregnancy, but she wasn't ready to never see his face again. Jesse promised that they would get through everything together, and they professed their love.

Jesse suggested that they skip the party and stay home, but Angie insisted that they attend. She was hopeful that her vision would return and wanted to make sure that David didn't gain any advantage in her absence. She was determined to keep her job after her maternity leave and her adjustment to her blindness. She didn't want to make her condition public knowledge, but she felt that she could do anything with Jesse by her side. "My start, my middle, my finish," she called her husband. "Everything," he replied.

At Ryan's penthouse, Ryan and Kendall discussed their plan for him to break into Liza's office during the party. Ryan hoped that Greenlee would be free of David before the party was over. Kendall wondered what would happen once Greenlee was alone. Ryan insisted that they would simply move on with their separate lives. Kendall thought that things might be more complicated, as Greenlee never gave up when she wanted something.

Ryan said that he and Greenlee would simply "part ways" once David was out of her life. Kendall worried that David wouldn't let Greenlee go. Ryan thanked Kendall for her help but didn't want her to get even more involved. Madison entered, dressed in a glamorous gown and sneakers. Kendall said that she would see them that evening and left.

Ryan complimented Madison's outfit, particularly her footwear. Madison remembered her mismatched shoe fiasco at Jake and Amanda's wedding. Madison had treated herself to a shoe-shopping spree and wanted Ryan to help her pick out which heels to wear. Ryan grabbed a shoe from her bag, and she remarked that she half-expected him to pull out a glass slipper. He laughed and jokingly said that his car would turn into a pumpkin at midnight.

After Ryan dressed for the party, he volunteered to double-check to be sure Madison's shoes matched. They shared a playful moment, and he offered to pay for all of her shoe purchases as a gift. Madison appreciated the gesture, but she said that she had worked hard to get out of debt and wanted to be independent. Madison asked if he thought that Greenlee and David were already at the party, and he replied that there was only one way to find out.

At Wildwind, Bianca was relieved that Miranda had fallen asleep after their long night at the hospital. Caleb advised Bianca that she should rest, too. Bianca thanked him for the stuffed gorilla he had given Miranda and reminded him that he had a party to host. She noticed that Caleb had coughed regularly since the fire and urged him to see a doctor. He said that he was allergic to hospitals and to people who talked too much. Bianca informed him that she had called Erica to tell her mom about how Caleb had saved Miranda. Caleb wondered if Erica would show up at the party, since it was a high-profile event.

Bianca was certain that Erica wouldn't attend the party, but she planned to send Erica pictures, including one of Caleb in his tux. He looked at her sheepishly and mumbled that he had to get ready. "How did I end up here?" he mused to himself, but Bianca assured him the party wouldn't be so bad. They briefly spoke about Miranda, and Bianca gently pressed him to talk about Sonia. Caleb cryptically said that the fire had stirred an old memory, and he left to get dressed for the party.

Bianca and Kendall commiserated over how helpless they had felt when their children had been hurt or sick. Bianca mentioned Caleb's affection for Miranda and said that she was starting to understand what Erica saw in Caleb. Kendall wondered what she meant. Bianca said that Erica and Caleb had shared some "moments" on the mountain. Kendall laughed as she imagined Erica without luxuries.

Bianca compared Erica and Jackson's trip to Kendall and Zach's travels. Bianca realized that Kendall was worried about the Slaters' return to Pine Valley. Bianca claimed that while it wasn't always easy to be home, she was happy to be there because she never had to face obstacles alone. Kendall looked lost in thought, and Bianca assured her big sister that she would always be there for Kendall. The women hugged before Kendall went upstairs to prepare for the party.

Alone in the Wildwind living room, Caleb addressed Palmer's portrait. Caleb vowed that he would go through with the party and win back the company for Palmer. He mentioned his rescue of Miranda and how he was glad that he had "saved the kid in time, not like before."

In his Yacht Club room, David's face darkened as he recalled seeing an oblivious Greenlee and Ryan together in the park. Greenlee entered with their outfits for the evening. He put on a false smile and said that she had no idea how much he was looking forward to the party.

David suggested that he and Greenlee go on a vacation together to put some distance between them and other distractions. She pretended to like the idea. He promised that if all went well on their trip, he would destroy the plane crash evidence. She seemed surprised, but he declared that he was done with all the lies and pointedly asked if she was, too.

Greenlee claimed that she wanted a real relationship with David. He acknowledged that she had made an effort to get past his actions. David looked forward to the day that they could reaffirm their commitment as husband and wife. He embraced her, and she winced.

David and Greenlee got ready for the party together. He said that she looked breathtaking and that he got a thrill whenever he walked into a room with her on his arm. She left the room to touch up her makeup, and he spoke about their first "big entrance" -- their wedding, when they had been at such a different point in their lives and things had been so uncertain. "Pretty crazy," she mused nonchalantly. "Crazy," he repeated to himself as a sinister look crossed his face.

At the Martin home, Krystal presented Opal with two dresses and asked for Opal's opinion about which one Krystal should wear to the party. Opal inquired which one Caleb would prefer, but Krystal said that she wasn't dressing for Caleb. Tad entered and asked if they were ready to leave. He grew irritated when he learned that Krystal had agreed to attend the event with Caleb. Tad sarcastically inquired how Caleb would transport Krystal. "By car, or mule?" Tad scoffed.

Krystal thought that Tad was overreacting and diminished the importance of a single date. He was incensed that she considered her plans with Caleb to be a "date." She realized that Tad had assumed that she would attend the party with Tad. Opal took Krystal's side and asserted that Krystal was entitled to make her own decisions. After Krystal left to change into her dress, Tad berated Opal for pushing Caleb and Krystal together. Opal admitted that her main motivation was to prevent Caleb from interfering in Erica and Jackson's relationship.

Caleb arrived at the Martin house to pick up Krystal. Opal warmly invited him in as Tad glared at her. Caleb was uncharacteristically polite and complimented Opal's attire, but Tad greeted Caleb with snarky comments. She tried to ease the tension between Tad and Caleb, but the men exchanged barbs about one another's living arrangements. Krystal entered, and Caleb offered her his arm as he escorted her out the door. She soothingly commented that he was doing just fine. Opal teased Tad for being embarrassed about how he had treated Caleb.

At the Yacht Club, Caleb glanced at his watch and grumbled that people weren't on time. Krystal told him that it was normal for guests to be fashionably late and they bantered about the "phonies" in the town. He appreciated her efforts to humor him.

As guests continued to arrive, Caleb made his way around the room to welcome everyone. David and Greenlee stiffly greeted Ryan and Madison. Angie and Jesse arrived, and she asked that her husband stay close to her. Caleb approached the Hubbards, but Krystal could see that Angie had vision problems and protectively asked if Angie wanted to talk privately.

Angie announced that Caleb was aware of her condition and informed Krystal of Caleb's heroism during the fire at Wildwind. Krystal was surprised that Caleb hadn't told her what had happened. Angie thanked Caleb again. Jesse declared that Caleb had saved not only Miranda, but also Angie's career, since Angie had planned to give up her job before the incident. Caleb questioned why Angie would abandon her medical career and stated that the world needed good doctors.

David confronted Angie and Jesse and realized that Angie couldn't see. He taunted her that she wouldn't be chief of staff for long, and she pointed out that she hadn't resigned. David disclosed that he had written letters to the board of directors, the medical board, and the hospital staff to inform everyone that Angie had put patients at risk since she had treated them in spite of her condition. Jesse warned David to stop messing with his family, but Angie pulled Jesse away to dance.

As Angie and Jesse danced, he inquired whether there had been any change in her vision. She appreciated that he had waited so long to ask, but she admitted that there had been no improvement. She sensed that Jesse was smiling, and he remarked that it was their first family dance with their baby.

Madison left to use the ladies' room. Ryan used the chance to ask Greenlee if she was okay. She told him about David's vacation suggestion. Ryan was pleased because it appeared that David didn't suspect a thing. Ryan urged Greenlee to pretend to go along with David's travel plans. Ryan was confident that she would be out of her marriage that night.

As David noticed Greenlee and Ryan together, Ryan commented that he saw something good in her eyes. She said that she had hope and looked forward to her confrontation with David during the party.

Tad was adamant that he didn't trust Caleb, so Opal decided to ask Caleb to dance in an effort to find out more about the mysterious mountain man. Krystal introduced Liza to Caleb, but they had already researched one another. Opal pulled a resistant Caleb to the dance floor. She tried to get him to talk about himself, but he remained tight-lipped. Kendall interrupted their dance to thank Caleb for his actions during the fire. Opal was shocked to hear the news. Krystal joined their conversation to help make Caleb feel more comfortable.

Ryan pulled Kendall aside and whispered that it was time to put their plan in motion. Kendall agreed to watch Liza, and Ryan kissed Madison before he slipped out. Kendall awkwardly approached Liza, who was skeptical of Kendall's intentions and walked away.

Greenlee asked if David was having fun. He mentioned the tense moment with the Hubbards and asked her to dance. They headed to the dance floor. Ryan broke into Liza's office as a security guard made his rounds.

Opal informed Tad that Caleb was a hero, but Tad wasn't impressed. Krystal defended Caleb to Tad. Liza watched as an overprotective Tad hovered over Krystal. Kendall asked if Liza was all right. An upset Liza planned to go to her office, but Kendall insisted that she couldn't.

Madison saw the exchange between Liza and Kendall and called Ryan, whose cell phone rang. He frantically grabbed for his phone and accidentally dropped it. The guard heard the noise and called out to inquire whether anyone was in Liza's office.

David pressured Greenlee to leave on their trip that night. She rattled off a number of excuses, but he insisted that he would take care of everything. He refused to take no for an answer.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The party at the Yacht Club was in full swing. Frankie caught Madison engrossed in something on her cell phone. He tried to make a joke to get Madison to put her phone away, but Madison was oblivious. Frankie disrupted Madison's focus and asked if she was okay. With a puzzled look, Madison said she was unsure.

Frankie asked why Ryan wasn't with Madison. Madison said that Ryan had to run an errand. Frankie knew he wasn't getting the whole story. Frankie asked why Ryan hadn't picked up his phone when Madison called earlier. Madison made some more excuses, and then started to down some glasses of wine.

Liza was irritated when Kendall said Liza couldn't leave the party. Kendall said that the Liza Colby she knew wouldn't leave an event simply because Tad showed up. Liza said that leaving was a valid choice, and wanted to know why Kendall cared.

Kendall said she was worried Liza would want to revisit her fling with Zach. Kendall said that if Liza could explain in detail why it would never occur, Kendall would feel more secure. Liza offered that Kendall would be better off seeking a marriage counselor or a shrink, and walked away. Kendall quickly tried to call Ryan.

Opal told Caleb that he would be the talk of the town after his party ended. Caleb blew off the compliment and said that people liked free alcohol. Bianca admonished Caleb and reminded him that the event was garnering a lot of donations for the Miranda Center. Caleb acknowledged that the donation aspect was good, but still wanted to know when everyone planned to go home.

Greenlee was stunned that David wanted to leave for their vacation directly after the party. Greenlee suggested that they wait until morning, as she would be a much better travel partner after some sleep. David grabbed Greenlee and revealed that he had seen Greenlee laughing in the park with Ryan. David said that he'd figured out Greenlee had been lying to him.

Greenlee tried to explain, but David told her not to insult him. David asked Greenlee if she had ever really wanted to fix their marriage. Greenlee remained silent, so David said that they should find a secluded place to talk further about their issues. David said that Greenlee wouldn't want others to hear what he had to say.

David and Greenlee walked to a deserted part of the deck. David asked if Greenlee had ever really loved him. Greenlee didn't have a ready answer, so she took a few moments to compose herself. She said that David should have known that their relationship was over when he blackmailed her. Greenlee said that if they both accepted that that the relationship was done, they would realize they were better off alone. David insisted that he wasn't leaving her, and that Greenlee wouldn't leave him.

David had warned when they first got together that they would be bonded if she let him fall in love with her. Greenlee said that the only thing that kept them together was the blackmail David had. Greenlee vowed that she would get her hands on the evidence.

David said that even with Ryan's help, Greenlee wouldn't be able to find the evidence. David also demanded that Greenlee find a way to make Ryan leave them alone. Greenlee said that she didn't have the power to make Ryan do something he didn't want to do. David said that Ryan had no business being involved in their lives. Greenlee asked if David had plans to harm Ryan.

David was irate that Greenlee could only focus on Ryan's well-being. David asked if he would still be blamed if something random happened to Ryan. Greenlee begged David not to hurt Ryan, but David said he didn't give a damn. Greenlee wondered how she could have ever loved someone as cruel as David. David insisted that Greenlee wasn't thinking clearly, but said she would once they left town.

Greenlee refused to leave town with David, but David didn't give her a choice. David stormed off, which gave Kendall a chance to talk to Greenlee. Kendall revealed that Liza had left the party. Kendall also said that she'd tried to call Ryan, but Ryan didn't answer his phone. Greenlee was flustered but said she would take care of things.

As Asher waited for Colby in the Chandler living room, he gazed at a picture of Adam. Colby arrived in the doorway of the living room moments later and was impressed with Asher's attire. Asher assured her that it was a rental. Colby noted that they needed to leave so that she would be at the party in time for Damon's first break.

Asher asked if Damon was okay with the two of them going to the party together. Colby said that they all knew the connection between Colby and Asher was purely platonic. They started to leave when JR showed up. Colby introduced Asher, but JR was unconcerned with the Asher's name. JR wanted to know if Asher was interested in Colby or in the Chandler house.

Colby told Asher that JR had a tendency to be overprotective when his family was involved. Colby vouched for Asher by telling JR about how Asher had saved her life when the railing gave way on a rooftop in town. Colby added that Asher was the reason she was considering the position at Chandler that JR had offered her.

JR hugged his sister in excitement over the prospect, and apologized to Asher for behaving so rudely. After Colby and Asher left, JR realized that the picture of his father was lying face-down on the table. JR righted the picture of Adam.

Tad called JR to find out why JR wasn't at the party. JR claimed he had work to do and had planned on skipping the party. Tad wanted JR to live his life, but JR said he was fine. Tad pointed out that no one was "fine" after the end of a marriage. JR realized that Tad wouldn't give up, and agreed to attend the party.

Bianca told Caleb that Palmer would have been proud about the success of the party. Caleb quipped that he would have been able to avoid the party if Palmer had been in attendance. Bianca said that Caleb's gruff demeanor still didn't fool her. Bianca urged him to mingle with the guests and prove that he wasn't as mean as they thought.

Colby and Asher arrived at the Yacht Club. Colby told Asher that Pine Valley was known to throw high-end soirees. Colby spotted Damon and tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. Damon turned and immediately kissed Colby. He said that seeing Colby and Asher was the best thing that had happened to him all night.

Colby asked when Damon would get a break. Damon said that the caterer wasn't allowing breaks. Damon realized the caterer had spotted him not working, and said he would find Colby and Asher later. After Damon walked away, Colby and Asher danced.

A few feet away, Krystal and Caleb decided to dance as well. Krystal was impressed at how well Caleb danced. She then pointed out that Caleb should address the guests of the party. Caleb was unsure of what to say. Before Krystal could make any suggestions, Asher and Colby accidentally ran into them. Asher apologized to Caleb and then, as JR showed up in the doorway, continued to spin Colby around the floor.

JR asked how Asher had gotten Colby to agree to work at Chandler. Asher said that he reminded Colby about the importance of supporting family. JR said he was grateful, and Asher suggested that JR could repay Asher by offering Asher a job. JR handed over his card and told Asher to call the office. JR promised to see if he could help Asher out.

Tad tracked JR down at the party and asked how JR was holding up. JR said that he was preparing to run Chandler on his own. Tad asked if Scott knew about the shift in power. JR assured Tad that Scott was aware of what was going on. Tad asked about Annie, and JR said Annie would soon tire of being with a loser like Scott.

Tad intended to delve deeper, but Krystal approached the duo. Krystal said that the only reason she had chosen not to make a scene was out of respect to Caleb and Palmer. Tad told Krystal that he had suggested that JR should attend. Krystal didn't think it had been a good idea. JR tried to explain what had happened between him and Marissa, but Krystal wasn't interested.

A security guard heard a noise in Liza's office and called out for Liza. Inside, Ryan tried to decide where he could conceal himself. The guard made his way into the office but didn't see anything amiss. Another guard asked over the radio if the floor was secure. The guard in Liza's office reported that the noise he heard must have been caused by mice, and locked the office again.

Ryan searched through Liza's office until he happened upon a lockbox in a drawer. Just as Ryan started to open it, he heard the elevator door. He quickly hid behind the door. Liza opened the door and flicked on the light. Ryan didn't make his presence known until Liza was behind her desk. Liza demanded to know what Ryan wanted. Ryan told her that he was after the "evidence" David had asked her to hide. Liza feigned innocence, but Ryan knew better.

Ryan rhetorically asked why David was able to make Liza disregard her sound judgment. Ryan then told Liza that David had fabricated the evidence against Greenlee. Ryan begged Liza to do the right thing by giving him what she was holding for David. As she considered the request, the phone rang. Liza picked it up, but the person on the other end started to talk before she could say anything. A few moments passed, then Liza held the phone out and told Ryan that the call was for him.

Ryan grabbed the phone and found Greenlee on the other end. Greenlee told him she no longer needed his help. Ryan asked what had happened, but Greenlee, who David was watching, didn't say anything. Ryan told Greenlee to stay where she was and that he would find her. Ryan hung up the phone and started to leave. Liza said that they hadn't finished their conversation, but Ryan declared it over and walked out.

Kendall dashed out to the nearly deserted deck at the Yacht Club. She ran into Caleb and they exchanged brief explanations as to why they'd left the party. They fell into an uncomfortable silence after Caleb remarked how much Kendall reminded him of Erica. Finally, they decided to return to the party.

Greenlee left an urgent message on Ryan's cell phone and told him to stay away. At that moment, Ryan strode out onto the deck. Madison approached him and wanted to know why Ryan had been delayed. Ryan promised to explain everything as soon as he dealt with a problem. Ryan walked over to Greenlee and demanded an explanation. Greenlee refused to divulge any more secrets and told Ryan to stay away from her. As David watched, Greenlee loudly announced that she planned to stay with David.

Ryan suspected that Greenlee was lying to him. Greenlee said that even if they were able to unearth David's evidence, David likely had a backup plan. Ryan said that he would work with Greenlee on a counterattack. Greenlee wanted to forget battling David and settle into a drama-free life. Ryan told Greenlee that she wouldn't ever have that with David.

Greenlee again told Ryan to stay out of her problems with David. Ryan realized that David had somehow gotten to Greenlee. He asked if Liza had gotten in touch with David. When Greenlee wouldn't answer, Ryan determined that he wouldn't be able to get the truth out of Greenlee. Ryan told Greenlee he would find out on his own.

Kendall asked why Greenlee and Ryan had been fighting. Greenlee tried to downplay her encounter with Ryan, but Kendall didn't believe her. Greenlee tried to walk away, but Kendall ran after her, claiming that she and Ryan only wanted to help.

David went up to his room. As he twirled his wedding ring on his finger, David considered his next move. Soon, there was a knock on his door. David opened it and found Ryan on the other side. David said that he'd been expecting Ryan to show up.

Ryan demanded to know what David was holding over Greenlee's head. David suggested that he and Ryan try to talk things over like adults, and tried to hand Ryan a drink. Ryan wasn't interested and knocked the drink out of David's. Then, Ryan grabbed the David's lapels and tossed David around the room. Colby and Asher passed by in the hallway, saw the fight, and immediately knew that they needed to leave.

David demanded that Ryan stop trying to rough him up. Ryan wanted to know what David had done to get Greenlee to stay with him. David turned the tables and talked about how Ryan had filled Greenlee's head with lies. Ryan said that the only thing he wanted was for Greenlee to be away from David.

David said that Greenlee was his, and he would never let her go. Enraged, Ryan threw the first couple of punches. David regained his footing and managed to land a few blows on Ryan. Ryan pulled back and landed a sound punch squarely into the side of David's head.

Liza returned to the party and was almost immediately approached by the mayor. Although Liza tried to delay their inevitable chat, the mayor ignored Liza's request. The mayor told Liza that the governor had just signed off on Liza's appointment as interim district attorney. The mayor said that David had spoken highly of Liza. Liza was stunned, but accepted the job. The mayor said that she thought Liza would do well.

Moments after the mayor walked away, Tad strolled by. Liza told Tad about her new appointment. Tad was taken aback because he didn't think it was something Liza wanted. Liza said that the job appealed to her because she wouldn't have to take on clients simply to cover her overhead. Tad mentioned that she could remove herself from David's payroll. Pleased with the move, Tad congratulated Liza.

Frankie found Madison drinking heavily, and Frankie urged Madison to slow down. Madison said that she'd spent a lot of time worrying about what Greenlee would do if she ever freed herself from David. Madison admitted that she should have been more concerned with Ryan. Frankie suggested that he and Madison find Angie and Jesse and leave the party. Madison declined, downed one more glass of wine and left.

Caleb ran into JR. Caleb said that he thought JR would have stayed away from the party. JR said that Caleb needed to realize that many people in Pine Valley had connections to Palmer. JR added that Caleb's primetime had passed, but Caleb didn't know it yet.

Opal saw trouble brewing between the two men, and interrupted. She hauled Caleb away under the guise of prepping Caleb for his speech. Tad walked up to JR and advised his son not antagonize Caleb, but JR had never backed down from a challenge.

Caleb asked for everyone's attention. Caleb told the guests that initially, he hadn't wanted to attend the party. However, over the course of the night, he'd started to see what Palmer loved about Pine Valley. Moreover, Caleb was impressed with the generosity of the attendees. Through their donations, the Miranda Center was guaranteed to be in existence for years.

Caleb talked about how Palmer had built Cortlandt Electronics and how he'd sustained it by surrounding himself with quality people. Caleb said that he couldn't do what Palmer did, but promised to honor Palmer's legacy in many ways. Caleb's first move was to officially change his last name from Cooney to Cortlandt.

Kendall continued to prod Greenlee. Greenlee finally admitted that she would stay with David as a way to keep Ryan alive. Just then, a bloodied David stumbled out onto the deck. He stumbled over to a railing, and then fell over it. The crowd gasped as David lay on the ground, unconscious.



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