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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 6, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Due to the Labor Day holiday, ABC did not air an original episode of All My Children. This programming change was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 7, and pick up where the Friday, September 3 episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chaos erupted at the Yacht Club after David fell from the deck. Krystal called for an ambulance. Greenlee instinctively began to run to David, but Kendall restrained her. Kendall wanted to know what Greenlee had meant when she had said that they had to protect Ryan from David. Kendall frantically asked where Ryan was.

Greenlee stood in shock as everyone stared at a motionless David. A blind Angie asked what was going on. Jesse sprang into action and called for Frankie and Jake. Jake administered CPR as Greenlee ran to David's side. "He's gone," Jake gently told her.

A distraught Greenlee asked what had happened. Jake explained that David had suffered blows to the head and face, but the cause of death needed to be determined. Jake admitted that it was possible that someone had killed him.

Jesse announced that the Yacht Club was a crime scene and ordered that all the guests stay to answer questions. He called the station for backup. Greenlee cried as Amanda tried to comfort her, but Greenlee refused to leave David. Amanda agreed to stay with her.

Greenlee asked Amanda if she knew Ryan's whereabouts. Amanda said that she hadn't seen Ryan all evening. Greenlee mused that perhaps he had left to tend to Emma. Amanda offered to call him, but Greenlee claimed that she didn't want to bother him. Amanda assured Greenlee that she wasn't alone.

Greenlee thanked Amanda for her kindness. Amanda promised that she'd be there if Greenlee needed her. Greenlee asked for a minute alone with her husband. She knelt over David's body and took his hand in hers. She lamented how things had become so ugly between them. Greenlee softly said that she didn't want his life to be over and that he had deserved better.

A bewildered Ryan stumbled out of David's room. He seemed surprised when he found that he had bruised knuckles and a gash on his face. Kendall found Ryan in the hallway. Ryan grimaced in pain and said that he must have hit his head. He didn't remember anything that had happened.

Kendall asked Ryan if he had seen David. Ryan didn't think so but wasn't sure, as his mind was a blank. Kendall peeked inside David's room, where there had obviously been a scuffle. She said that they needed to leave right away.

Kendall pushed Ryan to leave, but he wanted to attempt to figure out what had happened to him. She insisted that he do it elsewhere, but he didn't understand the urgency. She claimed that he needed to tend to the cut on his face. He wanted to go back to the party, but she implored him to clean himself up first. She recalled how he had helped her when he had found her in a terrified state after Stuart's murder. She asked him to trust her, and he allowed her to lead him away. As they left, a police officer entered David's room.

Colby fretted about what she and Asher should tell the police regarding the argument they had witnessed between Ryan and David. Asher pointed out that they had left before any punches had been thrown. She called Ryan a good guy and remembered that Ryan and Greenlee were once engaged. Asher asked what that had to do with him and Colby. She didn't want to get Ryan in trouble. "Then don't," Asher told her.

Colby was irritated that Asher thought that David's death was none of their business. Damon asked what Colby and Asher were whispering about. She told Damon about David and Ryan's argument, though Asher asserted that it didn't mean that Ryan had killed David just because the men had argued. Asher was convinced that it would cause unnecessary trouble to tell the cops what they had seen.

Angie was stunned to learn that David was dead. Jesse asked Tad to take her home, but she didn't want special treatment and insisted that she stay just like everyone else. Tad offered to look after Angie while Jesse took care of police business.

Natalia and several other officers arrived at the Yacht Club. She volunteered to take Angie home, but Angie urged her to assist Jesse. Jesse asked his officers to seal the exits and to get statements from all of the guests.

Jake told Jesse that David had been in a fight but that he couldn't say for certain what had killed David. Jake asked about Angie's vision, and Jesse informed him that her sight had been gone for several hours. Jake hoped that her blindness had not yet become permanent.

Jake tried to pull Greenlee away from David so the EMTs could do their jobs, but she said she wasn't ready. He helped a distraught Greenlee to her feet.

Amanda wanted to go home to bed, but Jake needed to go to the hospital. They discussed how it felt surreal that David was gone after everything he had put them through. Jake told Amanda to take the car and to kiss Trevor for him.

Jesse gently questioned Greenlee. She told him that she had last seen David an hour before by the docks, where they had argued. She quickly clarified that she was with Kendall when David fell. Jesse said that he would get a complete statement after the dust had settled. Greenlee doubted whether things would ever be normal again.

Caleb saw that Krystal was upset. Krystal worried about how the news of David's death would impact Marissa, who had already lost her adoptive parents. Caleb comforted her. Krystal admitted that David had tried to be a good father but that he just didn't know how.

At Krystal's restaurant, Marissa checked her phone messages and listened to a voicemail from David, who had wanted to see her. He had said that he had missed her smile and that he had hoped that she would let him make up for all the pain he had caused. She deleted the message and returned to her studies.

Caleb gave a terse statement to Natalia and shielded Krystal from Natalia's questions. Natalia ordered them not to leave, but he retorted that Natalia would have to arrest them to keep them there. A frustrated Natalia watched them go.

Caleb escorted Krystal to her restaurant, where he offered to leave so she and Marissa had privacy, but Krystal wanted him to stay. They entered and an oblivious Marissa complimented their formalwear and asked if the party had ended early. Krystal said that she needed to talk to Marissa. When Krystal found it difficult to get the words out, Marissa became concerned that something was wrong with AJ. After Krystal informed her daughter of David's death, Marissa froze in shock as Krystal hugged her.

Marissa asked how David had died, and Krystal told her that it appeared to have been from fight-related injuries. Krystal swore that the killer would pay. Marissa became upset that she had erased David's voicemail message, as those were his final words to her. Marissa regretted that she and her father would never have a future. She expressed remorse about how she had treated him and cried that she really had cared. Marissa broke down as she remembered the death of her adoptive parents. Krystal reassured her that she didn't have to grieve alone.

Liza called Mayor Blanco to inform her of David's death. Later, the mayor arrived at the Yacht Club and told Liza that as district attorney, it was Liza's duty to find and prosecute the killer. Liza wanted justice for David, as well, but she cited conflict of interest, since David had been her client. The mayor threatened to remove Liza from her position if she didn't take the case, so Liza relented.

Liza asked Jesse for an update regarding the investigation, and he spat that it was none of her business. He was surprised to learn that she was the new district attorney and would prosecute the case.

Jesse opined that the case would take a while to solve, as the list of suspects was very long. Liza swore that she'd get through it quickly. Jesse sarcastically said that he'd keep her posted and warned her to stay out of his way. Liza blasted Jesse for his attitude and pointed out that they had to work together whether he liked it or not.

Colby overheard Liza mention that she was the new district attorney. Colby asked if it was Liza's job to find out what had happened to David. Liza didn't want Colby involved and told her daughter to go home.

Angie asked how Jesse was doing. He described an undercurrent of joy in the room. Tad joked that life looked great without David in it. Angie felt sympathy for David's family. Jesse speculated that someone they knew was behind David's death.

Liza confronted Jesse again, and Jesse demanded that she let him do his job. Liza noticed that he constantly looked over at Angie, and she stated that Angie should be at the top of the suspect list. A livid Jesse claimed that David was sworn enemies with just about everyone. Jesse asserted that he had been with Angie all night.

Liza felt that they owed the public some answers. Jesse retorted that the public was glad that David was dead. As Liza continued to press Jesse to treat Angie like a suspect, he declared that it was impossible that his wife had committed the crime. In his fury, he blurted out that Angie was blind. Those within earshot were shocked to learn about Angie's condition.

Kendall and Ryan arrived at his penthouse, where she tended to his wounds. He wanted to go to the hospital, but she implored him to stay there with her.

As David's sheet-covered body was carried away, Greenlee answered her cell phone. Kendall asked her to meet Kendall and Ryan at the penthouse immediately. Greenlee said that she couldn't leave but inquired if Ryan was all right. Kendall explained that she had found Ryan outside of David's room and that it looked like Ryan had been in a fight. A worried Greenlee said she'd be there right away. Greenlee flashed back to tender moments that she and David had shared.

A police officer stopped Greenlee at the door when she tried to leave, but she told him that she was David's wife and that she wanted to follow the EMTs to the hospital. The cop offered his condolences and allowed her to exit.

Kendall told Ryan that Greenlee was en route and suggested that perhaps Greenlee knew more details about what had happened to Ryan. Kendall suspected that Ryan and David had fought. Ryan asked where David was.

Kendall told Ryan that David's room had been a mess. Ryan wanted to give a statement to Jesse before David had a chance to do the same. Greenlee arrived and declared that Kendall was right to get Ryan out of the Yacht Club. Ryan could see from the look on Greenlee's face that something was wrong. Greenlee stammered that David was dead.

A stunned Ryan realized that Greenlee thought that he had killed David. Ryan insisted that he couldn't remember anything. Greenlee disclosed that David had died from injuries sustained during a fight. "With me?" Ryan inquired. Greenlee didn't know, but she remarked that the brawl appeared to have been violent. Ryan looked down in horror at his bruised knuckles.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

At the Yacht Club, JR asked Colby what had happened while he'd been checking on AJ. She informed JR of David's demise and what she'd witnessed prior to it. JR urged her to talk to the police. He walked away, and Colby and Asher resumed their debate about whether to reveal what they'd seen transpire between Ryan and David. "For all we know, they could have ended up hugging it out or something," Asher reasoned, but Colby seriously doubted it.

When Asher spotted a police officer behind him, he abruptly said that he needed to find his jacket. He ducked out of the room and encountered JR in the lobby. JR guessed that Asher didn't like police. Asher claimed that he'd been traumatized in his youth when cops had crowded his living room to announce that his father had died in a car accident. Asher whispered that he just wanted to go, and JR replied that he'd never seen Asher, who then smiled and left.

In the dining area, Natalia questioned Colby about what she'd seen prior to David's collapse. In Colby's mind flashed her memory of the fight between David and Ryan, but she stated that she hadn't seen anything.

Once the police released them, Damon and Colby went to Krystal's restaurant. Colby hoped she wouldn't regret lying for Ryan. She and Damon wondered where Asher was. Behind them, Asher entered and overheard them remarking that they didn't know very much about Asher. Asher turned and left unseen.

Back at the Yacht Club, Jesse berated Liza for making him publicize Angie's impairment. He took Angie aside to apologize for revealing her secret with the press around. She said that everyone would know eventually, and she urged him to focus on the investigation.

Nearby, Tad accused Liza of costing Angie her job. Though sympathetic to Angie, Liza failed to see how that would be her fault. Tad claimed that Liza always pushed and pushed until she got what she wanted. "Well, excuse me for doing my job," Liza responded. Tad wondered what had happened to the woman who'd once made him laugh until he couldn't stop. Liza guessed that life had stopped being so funny.

Liza grew indignant at Tad's treatment of her. She said David had been her friend, and she was sure that Tad would pull out all the stops to find the killer of one of his friends. Liza felt that she wouldn't be true to herself if she slacked off just because others hated David. She stormed off, and JR approached. Tad and JR agreed that everyone was better off without David.

At the entrance, a police officer told Natalia that David's hotel room was in total disarray. Natalia ordered officers to seal off the room, and after Jesse sent Angie home with Tad, Jesse and Natalia met in David's room. While investigating, Natalia noted that her father was distracted, and he conveyed his worry about Angie's lingering blindness.

Liza ducked beneath the crime tape to enter the room. She requested an update for the mayor, and Jesse quipped that Blanco was probably already missing David's money. Jesse surmised that a struggle had occurred in the room, and Liza asked if he'd checked the hospital for a possibly injured assailant. Jesse snapped at Liza for trying to tell him how to do his job.

After Liza left, Jesse wished he could be with Angie instead of wasting his time on David's death. Natalia convinced her father to let her handle the investigation for the night, and Jesse took off to be with his wife.

When Tad dropped Angie off at home, he asked her not to blame Jesse for his earlier outburst. Angie said it was just as well, because her doctor had warned her that the vision loss could be permanent if it lasted more than 24 hours. Tad replied that it hadn't been 24 hours yet.

Jesse arrived, and Tad left. Jesse said he'd wanted to be there when Angie's sight returned, but she warned him that it might not. Hugging her, he said they'd face it as a family.

In the hospital morgue, Jake donned gloves and drew the sheet back from David's blanched face. As Jake examined David's head injuries, Amanda interrupted with a gasp. Jake covered David's face and asked why she wasn't with Trevor. She said she'd just needed to be with Jake. She wasn't sure why David's death had affected her so deeply, but she'd never thought that it would actually be over. Hugging her, Jake replied that it really was over.

Cliff Brown arrived to perform the autopsy. Cliff doubted that Jake was upset about David's passing, but Amanda asserted that, regardless of past grievances, no one deserved to die like that. Alone later, the couple discussed their feelings about David's death. Jake guessed that it affected him on some level, but he was more worried about the perpetrator than the victim.

Tad arrived and told Jake and Amanda that Liza had forced Jesse to reveal Angie's blindness to the world. Jake rasped that David was still hurting people from the grave.

At her office, Liza pulled out a file and opened an envelope. Upon reading the contents, she uttered, "Oh, God..." Liza went the morgue, flashed some identification, and asked for a moment with David before the autopsy began. Alone with David, she sarcastically thanked him for her new job. She figured that she'd be abhorred for pursuing the murderer, and if it were who she thought it was, things would get ugly. She said she'd go after the person, but not to spite "him." She declared she'd do it for David-and for herself. "Rest in peace, David, if you can," she uttered and covered his face.

At Ryan's house, an injured Ryan reeled at the death of David Hayward. Ryan didn't remember anything that had occurred at the party. He hugged Greenlee and said he was very sorry, but Kendall reasoned that they had no proof that Ryan was responsible for David's fate. "I am," Greenlee despondently murmured. She felt that she should have never let David out of her sight after they'd had the argument earlier.

Ryan tried to recall what had happened, but he couldn't remember anything after Liza had caught him in her office. Greenlee said she'd called him to tell him to stop everything, because she'd chosen to stay with David. She relayed that when Ryan had found her at the party, she wouldn't divulge her reasons for staying with David, so Ryan had stalked off to get answers.

Kendall remarked that it was the last they'd seen of Ryan before David's tumble into the party. Ryan remembered being in David's room, and he'd been sure that David was about to unleash the "evidence" against Greenlee. Kendall didn't think it meant that Ryan had harmed David, but Ryan told her not to ignore the obvious. "I killed David," Ryan stated.

Kendall, Greenlee, and Ryan watched a news update about David, and Kendall wondered what to make of Liza being the new district attorney. Ryan doubted that Liza would be in his corner, and Greenlee ordered him to stop talking like a suspect. He reasoned that someone might have witnessed him with David, or he might have left evidence in David's room. He asked the ladies to leave, because he didn't want the police thinking that there was a conspiracy.

While on their honeymoon, Scott barred Annie from watching television. As they kissed and discussed their happiness, Emma entered to say that a news story had frightened her. She'd seen flashing lights during a scary story about Pine Valley, and she wanted to call her father.

When Emma called Ryan, she said she'd heard sirens on the news. She asked if he were okay. He replied that after hearing her voice, he couldn't be better. Annie took the phone and asked Ryan what had happened. He assured Annie that it was nothing to worry about. He added that she had his permission to keep Emma on the honeymoon longer.

Ryan rushed off the phone, and Annie looked perplexed. She called JR, who guessed that she was bored on her honeymoon. Annie asked him for the news in Pine Valley, and he revealed that David had been murdered. Scott entered the room, and Annie hurried JR off the phone.

Annie started to worry about Ryan, and even though she didn't like Marissa, Annie was sure that Marissa would want to see Scott. As Annie decided to book them earlier flights home, Scott asked who'd called about the murder. "Just someone from the office," Annie lied.

At Wildwind later, Kendall escorted Greenlee into the house. "I don't want to be here," Greenlee stated, looking around. Kendall wished she could have taken Greenlee elsewhere, but Wildwind was where Kendall had been staying. Bianca expressed her sympathy to Greenlee and left to make tea. Kendall went upstairs to check on her sons.

Once alone, Greenlee vividly remembered special moments in the house with David. She sobbed, recalling him say that he'd be in love with her until the day he died. She sank to the floor and wailed. Bianca and Kendall returned, and Greenlee cried that she couldn't stay there. Kendall offered to go with Greenlee, but Greenlee hurriedly left the house.

Greenlee went to back Ryan's house, where she told him about the haunting memories of David. She wanted to go to the police to tell them everything, but Ryan doubted that it was the right move. He assured her that David's death wasn't her fault, but a guilt-ridden Greenlee didn't believe that. Ryan suggested that she stay while his doctor checked him out, but deciding that she needed some air, Greenlee left before the doctor arrived.

Later, Greenlee entered Fusion and experienced another memory of David. She grabbed a blanket and lay on the settee near the elevator. Swaddling herself in the blanket, she sobbed.

At the police station, Ryan left Madison an apologetic message. He approached Natalia and said, "I think I'm the guy you're looking for."

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Angie's doctor informed Angie, Jesse, and Frankie that it was significant that Angie's sight had been gone for 24 hours. After he reviewed her latest test results, the doctor declared her legally blind. Jesse and Frankie comforted her.

The doctor reassured Angie that she could live a full, productive life. He gave the Hubbards some contact information for organizations that could help her make adjustments. They thanked the doctor, and he left.

A strong Angie assured her family that her life wasn't over. They helped her to her feet as she proclaimed her readiness to make changes. She wanted to learn all that she needed to know right away so that she could properly care for her baby. She urged them not give up their own lives for her. Frankie and Jesse vowed their undying support. Angie lovingly said that she'd never forget what they looked like.

Jake stopped in to check on Angie and inquired how his favorite boss was doing. Angie conceded that she might not be his boss for much longer, and Frankie informed Jake about her blindness. Jake asked what he could do, but Angie said that he had already done enough.

Angie pushed Jesse to return to work. Jesse and Frankie spoke privately. Jesse didn't want Angie to be left alone. Frankie swore he'd watch out for Angie and admiringly said that Angie was the strongest of all of them. Jesse agreed, and father and son hugged.

Jake offered to help Angie deal with the hospital board of directors, but she didn't want him to risk the loss of his job or his medical license. Frankie returned and asked if she was ready to go, but she needed to make another stop. Jake hugged her and promised he'd be in touch. Frankie led Angie away. Jake made a call to an unseen person and said that Angie needed their help.

In her office on the phone with Mayor Blanco, Liza reaffirmed her commitment to find David's killer. As Colby entered, Liza informed the mayor that Liza was on the way to the police station and hung up. Colby asked if her mother had slept there, and Liza mentioned that it had been a rough first day on the job. Colby admitted that she had seen something before David's collapse that had upset her.

Liza gently pressured Colby to tell her what Colby had witnessed the night of David's murder. Colby asked if her words would stay between them. Liza couldn't make any promises but coaxed Colby to talk. Colby explained that she and Asher had heard yelling in the Yacht Club hallway and had seen Ryan and David in an altercation. Liza jumped to the conclusion that it had been a physical confrontation.

Colby claimed that David's door had been half-closed and that she hadn't seen Ryan actually hit David. Colby realized that Liza was treating her like a witness rather than like a daughter. Colby stated that she didn't want to get Ryan in trouble. Liza said that Colby and Asher's testimonies were evidence and that justice had to be served. Colby blasted Liza for putting her job before her own child.

After Jake gave Ryan a medical exam, Natalia asked how "the person of interest" was doing. Jake informed her that Ryan had suffered superficial cuts and bruises, as well as memory loss. Natalia pressed Jake to confirm whether Ryan's injuries had been sustained in a fight, but Jake refused to do so. Jake requested that the interrogation be postponed so Ryan could rest, but Ryan insisted that the police proceed with their investigation.

Natalia led Ryan into the interrogation room. Ryan refused to call a lawyer, though Natalia urged him to have counsel present. Ryan wanted to see Liza.

Madison arrived at the police station and demanded to speak with Ryan. She saw him inside the interrogation room and knocked on the door. Ryan asked for a moment alone with his girlfriend. Natalia hesitated but gave in to Ryan's plea. Madison entered and declared her belief in his innocence.

Madison was stunned to learn that Ryan had turned himself in even though he had no memory of the crime. Ryan pointed out that his own injuries and his past violent actions toward David indicated that Ryan had murdered David. Madison insisted that there was no solid evidence that proved Ryan had killed David, but Ryan had a gut feeling that he was the culprit.

Ryan stated that he might never remember what happened. Madison was willing to do whatever it would take to clear his name. Ryan didn't want Madison to be in the middle, but she said she already was. He was adamant that he not add to the turmoil that her father and husband had put her through. She refused to leave, but he insisted. She exited as she looked at him in shock and anger.

Kendall watched a news report about how an unidentified suspect had been taken into custody for David's murder. She hoped aloud that Ryan wasn't the killer. She called the police station, and Natalia confirmed that Ryan was the suspect in custody. Spike entered and asked for his daddy. Kendall hung up and assured her son that Ryan would be home soon.

Kendall arrived at Liza's office. Kendall claimed that she knew that Ryan was in custody and asked if there was any proof of his guilt. Liza crowed that there was plenty of incriminating evidence and Kendall would find out what it was at the trial. Kendall pointed out that David was no longer Liza's client and that Liza had been Ryan's friend. Liza sneered that just because Kendall had gotten away with murder didn't mean everyone could.

Kendall found it ironic that Liza was on the good side of the law after she had helped David blackmail Greenlee. Liza claimed that she had known nothing about the blackmail. Liza was confident that the evidence David had given her had provided Ryan with a motive to kill David. She warned Kendall not to repeat Ryan's attempt to break in to her office to look for the papers, as she kept them safe at all times. Liza pointedly picked up her briefcase.

In Colby's room, Asher startled Colby, who asked for an apology for his abrupt departure from the party. He said he hated when cops were around. She asked if he had been in trouble with the law. Asher explained that he had constantly made mischief while he had attended boarding school. He claimed that a headmaster had decided to teach him a lesson by having cops wake him up one night and grill him while shining flashlights in his face until he confessed to a prank. He asserted that the sight of cops caused him to flash back to the traumatic incident.

Colby said that she understood why Asher had left the party so suddenly. She admitted that she had told Liza about Ryan and David's argument. Colby worried that Liza was going to use the information against Ryan. She was sure that Ryan wasn't a murderer, but Asher mysteriously mused that anger could make people do things they normally wouldn't.

In the park, Madison left a message for Frankie and asked him to return her call. Natalia strolled by and Madison inquired if she knew where Frankie was. Natalia informed her that he was with Angie at a doctor's appointment. Madison wished that she hadn't left him the message, as Frankie had bigger worries than her problems. Natalia warned Madison to stay away from Frankie.

Madison insisted that she and Frankie were just friends. Natalia recounted how rough Randi and Frankie's lives had been before they had found one another. Natalia told Madison to stop leaning on Frankie and to focus on helping Ryan. Madison forlornly said that Ryan didn't want her help. Natalia was confident that Ryan would need her, but Frankie wouldn't. Madison scoffed that if Natalia had her own life, she could stop policing everyone else's.

Greenlee went to the hospital morgue to see David again. A doctor reminded her that she had already identified the body, but he hesitantly allowed her into the room where the corpse was being kept. She insisted that she see David's face, so the doctor pulled the sheet back. Greenlee stared in shock for a moment and then asked for a few minutes alone. The doctor obliged. "You saved my life, and now you've lost yours ... because of me," she remorsefully said to her dead husband.

Greenlee remembered how she had loved David for caring for her after her accident, but she regretted that she couldn't have given him what he wanted and needed -- all of her. She expressed guilt that he was gone because Ryan had wanted to save her, too. The doctor returned and asked her to leave so that he could start the autopsy. Greenlee took one last look at David before she exited in tears.

Greenlee's cell phone rang, and she answered it to Kendall, who had attempted repeatedly to reach her since the previous evening. A grieving Greenlee tried to end the call quickly, but Kendall informed Greenlee that Ryan had turned himself in to the police.

Later, Angie and Frankie arrived at the hospital morgue. She recalled how David had been a monster to the people she loved and a threat to the hospital, but she needed to let go of her anger and wanted to forgive him. They entered the room only to find that the corpse was gone. "Wherever you are, David, may you find peace," Angie whispered.

At Angie and Jesse's home, Angie requested that Frankie find her laptop so that she could write down her thoughts on screen. She quickly realized that she wouldn't be able to read or write. He reassured her that she just needed to adjust her way of thinking. She asked him to find the number for the local clinic for the blind. He dialed the number and handed her the phone. When she said her name, the person who answered thought that she had contacted the clinic on behalf of a patient, but she clarified that she had called for herself, because she was blind.

Angie told Frankie that she had scheduled a meeting with a representative from the clinic to start to learn some basic tools and tricks. Frankie said that he was proud of his mom. There was a knock at the door, and Frankie answered it to Jake and Amanda. Jake presented a petition full of signatures in support of Angie to remain as chief of staff, as well as a stack of kind letters from hospital staff and patients. Angie smiled through happy tears.

Ryan asked Jesse if Natalia had called Liza. Jesse said that Liza was on the way and requested that they talk off the record. Ryan wished that he could provide more information but he couldn't remember anything. Jesse purposefully told Ryan that he only needed to "remember" that he didn't throw the first punch. Greenlee arrived and begged to see Ryan. Jesse hoped that Greenlee could get through to Ryan. Ryan asked Greenlee to trust him, but Greenlee bemoaned that Ryan was in trouble and David was dead because of her.

Kendall stormed into the police station and insisted that Ryan shouldn't be questioned without an attorney. Liza followed in agreement, but she stated that they couldn't force counsel on him if he refused it. Kendall wanted to help Ryan, but Jesse told Kendall that it was up to Ryan to help himself.

Ryan implored Greenlee not to blame herself. Liza ordered Greenlee to leave so that Liza could question "the suspect." Greenlee was furious with Liza's cold treatment of Ryan. Liza listed the various pieces of evidence against Ryan, including eyewitness testimony and the motive provided by David's evidence. Greenlee wouldn't leave and demanded to know why Liza was going after Ryan. Liza inquired why Greenlee would defend the man who might have killed her husband.

Greenlee swore that Ryan hadn't killed David. Liza wasn't so sure and sarcastically said they should ask David who did. Greenlee blasted her for her callous comment. She reminded Liza that Greenlee had been his wife. Liza advised her to act like it. Ryan asked again for Greenlee to trust him. She agreed to leave but said she'd be back.

Ryan told Liza to cut the bull and asked if she wanted to make a deal involving the evidence. Liza said she had inspected the papers that David had given her, and they clearly implicated Greenlee in Erica's plane crash and the Miranda Center scandal. Ryan admitted that he couldn't prove the evidence was fabricated. He suggested that if Liza destroyed the papers, then he wouldn't tell everyone that she was David's right hand in the blackmail scheme.

Liza refused to tamper with the evidence. She maintained that she had no idea what the papers contained when David had given them to her, and there was no way Ryan could prove that she had.

Kendall asked if Greenlee was all right. Greenlee wondered if Ryan really had killed David. Kendall thought that Ryan was innocent but that even if he had committed the crime, David had deserved it. Greenlee disagreed, as she knew that David had loved her. Greenlee was torn between whether to seek justice or to mourn her husband. Kendall said that she should remember David but that Ryan didn't belong in jail. Greenlee fretted about the fake evidence, but Kendall slyly hinted that Liza couldn't use what she didn't have.

Greenlee recalled David's admission that if she ever professed her love to him, he would fight for her until the day he died. Kendall informed Greenlee that she thought the evidence was in Liza's briefcase, which Liza had carried when she had left her office but didn't have with her when she had entered the police station. Kendall covertly searched through Liza's coat for her car keys. She swore that her son's father wouldn't go to prison.

Jesse offered his condolences to Greenlee. She asked if he was sincere. He said that he didn't miss David but that he was sorry for her loss. She left to get coffee.

Liza exited the interrogation room, and an officer handed Jesse the DNA test results from the samples taken from under Ryan's fingernails. Liza caught a glance at the report and learned that the DNA matched David's. Liza insisted that Ryan be booked for murder. Liza grabbed her coat as she headed to her car to retrieve her briefcase, but as she started to leave, she realized her keys were gone. Greenlee returned as Jesse began to read a handcuffed Ryan his rights. Meanwhile, at Wildwind, a smirking Kendall threw Liza's keys in the trash and set the briefcase on a desk.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Marissa visited the Chandler mansion just as JR wrapped up a call. JR said that he was sorry about David's death. He tried to offer Marissa a comforting hug, but Marissa backed away. JR was insulted that they'd grown apart so quickly. Marissa told JR he didn't need to be sympathetic, since he and David hadn't gotten along.

Just then, the front door flew open, and Scott and Annie appeared in the doorway to the living room. Scott said they'd heard about David. Annie asked if Ryan was actually David's murderer. JR said that the only thing he'd heard was that Ryan had turned himself in. Annie said that she needed to see Ryan so that they could figure out what to say to Emma.

When Annie left, Scott asked Marissa how she was holding up. Marissa wasn't sure. Marissa asked JR if he'd broken the news of David's death to AJ. JR said that he wanted Marissa to be there when AJ found out. Marissa thanked JR, and offered to pick AJ up. JR said he could go with her, but Marissa rejected the offer. When Marissa left, Scott picked up a piece of paper from the coffee table. Scott knew immediately that JR had tried to obtain sole control of Chandler while Scott was gone. Scott told JR his plotting wouldn't work.

Scott continued to look over the paperwork and realized that JR had turned most of the management team against him. Scott said that if JR wanted a war, he would get one. JR was convinced that Scott was no longer a threat. JR assured Scott that his work would help JR to reclaim what was rightfully his, and would destroy Scott. Scott reminded JR that Adam hadn't wanted JR to have full control over the company. Scott suggested that they call Adam to see what he thought about JR's latest moves.

JR thought they should call Adam and share the news of Scott's wedding to Annie. JR thought with that knowledge, Adam would change his mind about giving any controlling interest to Scott. Scott implied that Annie was the only reason JR had chosen to try to derail Scott. Scott said that even if JR succeeded, Annie still wouldn't want him.

Jesse noticed Ryan's agitated state as he locked Ryan up. Ryan admitted that he'd had a plan when he turned himself in, but things had changed. Jesse wanted to help, but Ryan was hesitant to let the chief in. Ryan finally caved in and told Jesse about the fake evidence that David had created to implicate Greenlee in Erica's plane crash.

Ryan revealed that David had given the evidence to Liza for safekeeping. Ryan told Jesse that he'd broken into Liza's office to take the evidence back, but Liza had caught him. Ryan said that he'd proposed a deal: if Liza destroyed the evidence, Ryan wouldn't expose Liza's involvement. However, Liza had decided to utilize that evidence to her advantage. Ryan was frightened about what could happen to Greenlee without his protection.

Liza stormed back into the police station and announced that her car keys had been stolen. An officer asked if she'd misplaced them. Liza told the officer that her keys had been in her jacket pocket, which had been hanging in plain view. She further revealed that the culprit had taken a briefcase with confidential information from her car.

Jesse returned to the main floor and was confronted with Liza's theft claim. Jesse asked the officer to play back some recent video footage. The three were treated to a clear view of Kendall stealing Liza's keys. Liza said that Kendall needed to be tracked down before the evidence in the briefcase was tampered with or destroyed.

Annie was ushered into the holding area to see Ryan. Annie asked Ryan how he wanted her to tell Emma about his arrest. Ryan wasn't sure, so Annie instead questioned him about what had happened. Ryan told her what little he knew. Annie thought that Colby and her friend could be coerced into telling the cops that David had attacked Ryan. Ryan appreciated Annie's willingness to help, but said he wanted to handle his own defense. Annie said that she wanted to prevent Emma from losing her father.

Ryan begged Annie to refrain from scheming while he was in jail. Ryan also told Annie not to mess with JR any longer. Annie was incensed that Ryan would bring up the topic. Ryan explained that he needed Annie to be strong enough for both of them while he was locked up. Ryan hoped that the things that had plagued Annie before she'd married Scott wouldn't distract her. In turn, Annie noted her hope that Greenlee was worth everything that Ryan was putting himself through.

Annie went back to the Chandler house and walked into the living room as JR was wrapping up another call. JR told Annie that Scott wasn't home, then sat back in his chair with an uncontrollable smile. Annie asked why JR was amused, and JR said that he'd predicted Annie would cut her honeymoon with Scott short. Annie realized that JR thought she'd returned home early because she wanted to be with JR.

Greenlee approached the room she'd shared with David. Her phone rang before she could go inside. When Greenlee answered the phone, Kendall told her that she'd stolen Liza's briefcase, which contained David's fake evidence. Greenlee offered to help Kendall destroy the evidence, but Kendall didn't think they should both get in trouble. Greenlee thanked Kendall for taking a risk, and for believing that Greenlee hadn't sabotaged Erica's plane.

Once Greenlee ended the call, she again approached the door to her former room at the Yacht Club. She told the posted guard that she needed to pick up a suit for David's funeral. She attempted to dismiss the guard, but he'd been given orders to stay. Greenlee opened the closet and started to go through David's clothes. She alit on a somber-colored suit. David's apparition told her to pick something more vibrant, as he wanted to leave the mortal world in style.

Greenlee tried to ignore the specter, and David said that he could only stay as long as she let him. Greenlee asked what David wanted. He said he'd only wanted her to love him. Greenlee said that she had, but that David had twisted her love with his blackmail. David hadn't seen any other way to react to Greenlee's thoughts of leaving him. David asked if Greenlee believed David deserved to die for loving her. Greenlee told him no.

Greenlee ran into Marissa on the main floor of the Yacht Club. They exchanged condolences, and Marissa asked if Greenlee and David had been happy together. Greenlee didn't believe that David had been truly happy since he'd lost Leo and Leora. Marissa had been unaware of that part of David's past. Marissa blamed herself for her ignorance. Greenlee told Marissa that David had made it impossible to really get to know him. Greenlee said that David had loved Marissa and was sad that he wasn't able to be a bigger part of Marissa's life.

Marissa thanked Greenlee for sharing, and said that she would be open to talking more about David at another time. When Marissa left, David's ghost reappeared. David admired how neatly Greenlee had been able to summarize what David's motivations had been in life. David pointed out that Greenlee had never mentioned that he'd been in love with her. David also said that his love had never been enough because Ryan was the only person Greenlee ever truly cared about.

Greenlee made her way to the park, and hoped to clear her head. Her hopes were dashed when David appeared again. David wryly encouraged Greenlee to hurry to Ryan's side, since that was the only place she wanted to be. Greenlee begged for David to stop haunting her, but David refused to oblige her wish. David once again detailed how much he'd loved her and how devoted he'd been to her. David said that no one, not even Ryan, could love Greenlee as much as David had.

Kendall dragged out a toolbox and set to work with various instruments. She quickly grew frustrated when each tool she tried did little to help her gain access to the contents of the briefcase. Finally, Kendall threw the case to the floor in a flash of anger. The contents spilled out when the case hit the floor.

A short time later, Jesse and Liza banged on the door to Wildwind. Their arrival sent Kendall into panic mode. She threw the last of the evidence in the fire and tried to hide Liza's briefcase. Jesse forced the front door open, and Kendall tried to pretend that nothing was amiss. It didn't take much searching for Liza to find her empty briefcase. Jesse was forced to arrest Kendall for evidence tampering and obstruction of justice.

Jesse didn't have a cell ready for Kendall in the holding area, so he handcuffed her to a bench near Ryan's cell. After Jesse left, Kendall revealed that she had burned the fake evidence David had created. Ryan pointed out that Kendall was facing the possibility of jail time. Kendall said that the most important thing was that Greenlee was in the clear, and there was one less piece of evidence against Ryan. Ryan reluctantly thanked Kendall, and then asked if Zach knew what had happened. Kendall said that she had hoped to be free by the time Zach found out. Ryan didn't think it was possible.

On the main floor of the precinct, Liza demanded that an officer dust her car for Kendall's prints. Jesse thought it was overkill, but Liza knew Kendall had gotten away with worse crimes. Jesse noted that the destruction of the "evidence" didn't matter because it had been fabricated. Liza was defiant in the face of Jesse's claims, but Jesse didn't waver. Jesse said that he knew Liza had planned to use the evidence, so she had no right to try to lecture Jesse with the law.

Liza insisted that she was solely in the pursuit of justice. Jesse thought that Liza wanted to settle an old score against Kendall as well as close a case that would make her look good to the public. Liza said that she wasn't the only one that held grudges. Jesse reminded Liza that half the town had reason to want David dead. Jesse refused to let David hurt people from beyond the grave.

Greenlee showed up in the holding area, and Ryan updated her on what had happened with Kendall. Greenlee was genuinely upset that both Ryan and Kendall were being detained. Greenlee reflected on how she'd treated them when she returned to Pine Valley. Greenlee offered a heartfelt apology. Just then, Jesse returned to the holding area and said that Kendall had made bail. Before Kendall left, Greenlee thanked Kendall again. Kendall said Greenlee could count on her because they were friends.

Jesse escorted Kendall up to the main floor, where Liza was waiting. Liza barely contained her anger over Kendall's release. Kendall said that she wanted to knock Liza off of her high horse. Furious, Liza said that she would see Kendall in court and stalked out. Jesse informed Kendall that despite his support for what she'd done, the law said Kendall had to stay in town until after her trial. Kendall was upset because she was supposed to meet Zach in New York, but Jesse's decision was firm.

Alone with Ryan, Greenlee reiterated her gratitude for what Ryan had done. Greenlee vowed to help free Ryan so that he could see his children grow up. Ryan didn't want Greenlee's help, but Greenlee didn't give him that option. As David's ghost looked on, Greenlee told Ryan that she would do whatever it took to get him out of jail.

When Marissa picked AJ up from school, she found out that another student had broken the news about David's death. Marissa took AJ to Krystal's restaurant and said that she and JR had wanted to tell him together. AJ said that he wished David wasn't dead. Marissa agreed, but said that their loved ones were always nearby. Marissa answered a few more of AJ's questions before the young boy told Marissa that he didn't want her to die. Marissa hugged AJ close and promised that she would never leave him.

Scott went to Krystal's restaurant and headed directly to the bar. Marissa spotted Scott, and told AJ she would be back. Marissa approached Scott and told him what had happened to AJ at school. Scott was sure that Marissa's strength would help AJ get through the latest tragedy. Marissa watched as Scott started to gulp his drink, and she asked if he was okay. Scott tried to dismiss his sour mood, but Marissa refused to let it go.

Scott finally admitted that JR was out for blood and wouldn't stop until Scott was destroyed. Marissa was horrified at JR's choice to focus on the company when AJ was in so much pain. Scott said that he knew that JR would put winning over everything else. Scott said that he was glad Marissa was no longer with JR. Marissa knew there was something that Scott wasn't telling her. After some probing, Scott said that JR would likely go after Annie once he was done destroying Scott.

While JR feigned innocence, Annie made it clear that JR wasn't part of her reason for returning to Pine Valley early. Annie apologized for hurting JR, and then asked for a favor. Annie told JR that Colby and a friend had seen Ryan and David fighting. Annie asked JR to talk to Colby and see if Colby would tell the authorities that David was the instigator. JR was amazed that Annie claimed to love Scott, but when she needed help, she ran to JR. Annie said she only asked because JR and Colby had a close relationship.

Before JR could address Annie's request, his phone rang. When JR answered, Marissa told JR that another student had told AJ about David's death. She told JR that the little boy seemed to be coping okay. Marissa quickly told JR that she planned to take AJ for a walk, and then hung up before JR could complete his request to speak to AJ. Annie noted that it was amazing the kinds of things parents would do for their children.



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