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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 13, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, September 13, 2010

At the Chandler mansion, Damon slipped into Colby's room and then woke her up with kisses. Colby grumbled that she hadn't slept well the night before because she couldn't stop thinking about the fight that she had witnessed between Ryan and David, and David's death. Damon wondered if Colby had told Liza about the fight. Colby confirmed that she had; however, she was upset because Liza had decided to use the information to secure a conviction "at any cost."

Damon decided to treat Colby to some tender loving care because he felt that she deserved it. Colby was delighted when Damon returned from the kitchen with a cappuccino and a chocolate croissant. Colby smiled with joy when Damon showed her his new screensaver, a picture of Colby, and the video that he had made of them kissing and having fun in the park.

At Krystal's restaurant, AJ asked Marissa and Krystal if Grandpa David was in heaven. AJ explained that one of his classmates had accused David of being a bad man. Marissa reminded AJ of the time that AJ had been too sick to attend the opening of one of his favorite movies. Marissa recalled that David had picked up a video game for AJ and then had spent the entire day playing the game with AJ. Marissa insisted that David had done that because AJ had meant the world to him.

Krystal advised her grandson to focus on the good times that AJ and David had shared. Caleb entered the restaurant in time to hear Krystal's sage advice. Caleb offered his condolences to AJ, which prompted AJ to wonder if Caleb and Grandpa David had been friends. Caleb tactfully avoided the question as he headed to the bar. However, Caleb found himself eavesdropping on AJ's conversation with Marissa and Krystal.

AJ wondered if his mama were with Grandpa David in heaven. Marissa and Krystal admitted that they hoped so. AJ confessed that he missed his mother, so Marissa suggested that they take some flowers to Babe's grave. Krystal thought that it was a wonderful idea. Caleb complained that he couldn't concentrate, gathered his files, and then left.

Outside of Krystal's, Asher approached JR to thank him for setting up the job interview with Chandler Enterprises. JR confessed that Asher had completely charmed the Human Resources representative. However, JR admitted that there had been a snag. JR had discovered that the top university on Asher's résumé didn't have any record of Asher attending college. According to Asher, he had hacked into the school's computer system to change some grades for some of the football players.

The dean had kicked Asher out of school and taken steps to keep people from finding out about the changed grades by removing all traces of Asher. However, Asher assured JR that he had indeed been enrolled at the university for a couple of years. Asher admitted that he had done some questionable things, but he desperately wanted to work for JR. JR wondered why Asher thought that he'd hire someone like Asher. Asher figured that JR could use someone like him either in an official capacity or off the books.

After Asher left, Caleb bumped into JR as JR prepared to enter the restaurant. JR glanced inside to see AJ, Marissa, and Krystal, so he demanded to know why Caleb had been hanging out with JR's family. Caleb ignored the question to suggest that JR focus on AJ if he were so concerned. JR goaded Caleb by revealing that Cortlandt Electronics was fitting in nicely with the Chandler business empire. Caleb smiled confidently as he promised to get the electronics company back from JR. "Whatever Cooney," JR responded, unimpressed.

"It's Cortlandt now," Caleb reminded JR. Caleb warned JR that it never ended well for people who played the game the way that JR did. Caleb advised JR to ask Marissa's father if he didn't believe Caleb. JR brushed past Caleb and then entered the restaurant. At the bar, JR let Krystal know that he was there to pick up AJ. Marissa walked up to let JR know that AJ was in the kitchen. Krystal sensed the tension between Marissa and JR, so she decided to give them some time to speak privately.

JR was curious why Marissa seemed so angry. Marissa suggested that the only reason that JR wanted to take down Scott was because JR was desperate to get Annie back. JR denied it; he insisted that Annie was married. Marissa scoffed at the ridiculous argument; she reminded JR that wedding vows hadn't stopped him in the past. JR defensively pointed out that his private life was no longer Marissa's concern, but Marissa vehemently disagreed.

Marissa insisted that AJ should be JR's priority. As she spoke about AJ, JR realized that AJ might be having a difficult time dealing with David's death. Marissa confirmed JR suspicions. JR was confident that if they stopped talking about David then AJ would eventually forget his grandfather. Marissa was shocked by the suggestion. She reminded him that David was her father and even though AJ and David hadn't had a close relationship, they had shared some good memories. JR wondered if that included the time that David had tried to cut JR out of AJ's life.

Marissa was curious if JR intended to push every family member out of AJ's life until only JR was left. Before JR could answer her, Marissa informed him that AJ was happy with her. JR angrily demanded to know if that were true or if that were simply what Marissa had told AJ. Meanwhile, AJ wandered out of the kitchen to witness the argument between his parents. JR and Marissa quickly put on a united front for AJ's sake. A short time later, JR and AJ arrived home. JR sent AJ to his room to change.

Krystal found Caleb sitting on a bench outside of her restaurant. She realized that all the talk of pain and loss that he had overheard inside must have reminded him of the all the reasons that he had left civilization. Caleb didn't deny it, but he insisted that he had to get home. Krystal reminded Caleb of the color-coded filing system that they had set up for his briefs and motions, but Caleb seemed even more confused. He wondered if Krystal would join him at Wildwind to help him. Krystal chuckled as she confessed that she thought he'd never ask.

Asher turned up at Wildwind to gain access to Caleb's computer. He flirted with Amy, the nanny, until he persuaded her to check on the girls. Moments later, a computer technician showed up to check the computers for possible damage after the recent fire. Asher managed to get rid of the technician and then went to work hacking Caleb's computer. Asher quickly found Caleb's schedule for the month, which he promptly printed up. Asher tucked the paper away moments before Caleb and Krystal walked in.

Caleb demanded to know who Asher was, so Asher explained that Bianca had sent him over to check the computers. Caleb wasn't in the mood to deal with someone tinkering with his computer, so he sent Asher away with instructions to call to make an appointment. After Asher's departure, Krystal and Caleb went to work. Caleb quickly became frustrated when he couldn't find Angie's notes for a hospital board meeting. Krystal easily located the file and then handed it to Caleb.

Krystal sensed that Caleb was on edge and distracted. She wondered if it were because of the fire. She hoped that he didn't feel responsible because she insisted that he wasn't. Krystal believed that Caleb should be proud of himself for saving Miranda's life. Caleb gave all the credit to Angie. He appreciated Krystal's concern, but he assured her that he was okay.

Krystal confessed that many thought the world was a better place without David. She pointed to Palmer as an example of someone who had made a true difference and left a real legacy. Krystal insisted that people respected Caleb, and she believed that he was important to the town.

At the Chandler mansion, JR was surprised when Asher showed up to hand him a copy of Caleb's schedule. Asher wanted JR to know whose side Asher was on. JR glanced at the schedule and then spotted an appointment that Caleb had with JR's banker. Later, JR went looking for AJ in AJ's room, but the little boy was nowhere to be found. Frantic, JR began searching the mansion for his son.

Colby and Damon arrived at Krystal's to offer their condolences to Marissa. Colby wondered if there was anything that she could do to help Marissa. Marissa wanted Colby to keep an eye on AJ when he was at the mansion. Marissa explained that AJ was having difficulty with David's death and that she and JR were at odds over how to help AJ. Marissa confided that JR wanted to cease all mention of David, in an effort to get AJ to forget about his grandfather. Colby explained that a person couldn't forget their family.

At the police station, Kendall thanked Bianca for posting bail and not lecturing her about tampering with evidence. Bianca was surprised that Kendall hadn't called Zach to tell him about the arrest. Kendall confessed that she was worried that Zach would freak out, especially after he learned of the circumstances. Madison entered the room moments later to see if either woman had seen Ryan. Madison was stunned to learn that Kendall had been arrested for destroying evidence.

At Ryan's jail cell, Greenlee admitted that she couldn't understand how they had gotten to the point where David was dead and Ryan was behind bars. Ryan didn't think that Greenlee should be there with him, but Greenlee refused to leave. Moments later, Ryan's attorney, Roy Gibson, joined them. Ryan introduced Roy to Greenlee, who recognized Greenlee as David's widow. Roy explained that the autopsy results on David were expected at any moment, so he strongly advised Ryan to cut a deal before it was too late.

Greenlee insisted that Ryan hadn't murdered David. She pleaded with Ryan to fight the charges. Greenlee reminded Ryan that he had Spike and Emma to consider. After Roy left, Greenlee offered to enlist Jackson with Ryan's defense. Madison arrived to let Ryan and Greenlee know that the false evidence against Greenlee had been destroyed, so Greenlee would never have to worry about facing charges for a crime that she hadn't committed. Meanwhile, Ryan would remain in jail.

Madison couldn't hide her bitterness that Ryan and Kendall had paid a steep price to help Greenlee. Ryan tried to defend Greenlee, but Madison remained upset that he might spend the rest of his life in jail because he had tried to help Greenlee. Greenlee agreed that Madison had a point. Ryan asked to speak to Madison alone, so Greenlee left. Ryan explained to Madison that he couldn't ask her to wait for him because he didn't know what was in store for his future.

Madison reminded Ryan that she cared deeply about him. She refused to go anywhere. Madison considered Ryan to be an honorable man, so she wanted to help him. She made it clear that she would stand by his side, no matter what happened. Ryan wanted Madison to be happy. She assured him that he made her happy, so she refused to walk away. Madison was startled when Ryan called for a guard.

A short time later, Madison was shown to a room where Ryan was waiting. Madison admitted that she had been worried when he had asked for a guard. Ryan didn't give Madison an opportunity to finish the sentence as she pulled her into his arms and then kissed her passionately. When they pulled apart, Madison admitted that the kiss had blown her away. Ryan was moved by Madison's unconditional support. Madison reminded him that she wasn't in a position to judge, but she truly believed that he was innocent. Ryan kissed Madison again.

At Fusion, Kendall was determined to delve into work, but Bianca suggested that they spend time with the children instead. Kendall confessed that she knew what Ryan was going through because she had been in a similar situation not too long before. Bianca was frustrated because she believed that Greenlee was the cause of Ryan's trouble. Kendall wondered if Bianca thought that Ryan had deliberately killed David, but Bianca assured her that she believed that it had been a tragic accident.

Greenlee entered the office and then immediately begged Bianca and Kendall to help clear Ryan of the charges. Greenlee acknowledged that she should have stepped forward with the truth long before. Bianca and Kendall were curious what Greenlee had done. Greenlee admitted that she had tampered with the books to frame Erica and then later helped to cover up David's role in the plane crash that had nearly killed Erica. Bianca and Kendall were livid.

Bianca suggested that if Greenlee had spoken up then David would have been arrested, but alive. Greenlee apologized profusely for keeping quiet, but Bianca and Kendall weren't moved. Greenlee insisted that she had never meant to hurt anyone. Kendall disagreed; Greenlee's actions might have landed Erica in jail or worse. Bianca argued that Jackson had been worried sick while he had searched for Erica, and that Miranda and Gabby had suffered nightmares. Kendall also reminded Greenlee that the scandal could have destroyed Fusion.

Greenlee claimed that she had been sick over what had happened, but Bianca and Kendall didn't believe her because Greenlee had tried to protect herself by covering up what she and David had done. Greenlee explained that she had been hurt when she woke up from her coma because everyone, except David, had moved on. Kendall reminded Greenlee that she had risked her freedom and marriage to help Greenlee on the belief that Greenlee had been innocent.

Greenlee vowed to do whatever she could to fix things. Greenlee was certain that if they worked together, they could keep Kendall from going to prison and get Ryan out of jail. Bianca didn't think it was possible. After Greenlee left, Bianca and Kendall talked about Greenlee's confession. Kendall was surprised, but not shocked. Bianca blamed Greenlee for putting everything into motion.

Kendall was curious if Bianca believed Greenlee's claim that David had made Greenlee a different person. Bianca conceded that Greenlee had suffered a lot, but she was a strong woman who was responsible for the choices that had led her down the path with David. Kendall decided to call Zach to let him know what was going on, but she couldn't muster up the courage to tell him about the arrest once he was on the phone.

Greenlee arrived at the morgue to make arrangements for David's body to be taken to a funeral home. As she waited speak with the doctor, Greenlee imagined David appearing before her. David accused Greenlee of being worried about Ryan going to jail for life. Greenlee swore that she wouldn't let that happen. David claimed that Greenlee was the reason that Ryan had murdered him. He was curious if she was the least bit sorry about that.

"More than you can ever imagine," Greenlee confessed. Moments later, the doctor approached Greenlee. He revealed that the autopsy was complete, but David had not died as a result of the fight. Greenlee was stunned to learn that David had been poisoned.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

JR charged into the Chandler living room as he called AJ's name. Annie entered, and a worried JR asked if she had seen the boy. She hadn't and thought that AJ might be hiding. JR was concerned that his son was missing.

JR instructed Annie to call AJ's school while he frantically made calls to AJ's friends. No one had seen the boy. JR guessed that AJ was upset about David's death. Annie volunteered to search for AJ at his favorite places. JR thanked her for her support.

Krystal assisted Caleb with the organization of his legal files. Caleb admiringly noted that he could see who Marissa got her smarts from. He appreciated her help, and she invited him over for a home-cooked meal. He snickered at the memory of the last one, but she promised there would be no interruptions this time. He accepted her offer, and she inquired about where things stood between him and Erica.

Caleb claimed that Erica's life had nothing to do with him and wondered why Krystal had asked. "Good question," she murmured. She awkwardly recanted her dinner invitation because she wanted to attend Angie's hospital board hearing. The doorbell rang and Caleb answered it to JR. JR asked Krystal if Marissa was home. A confused Krystal said no and inquired whether something was wrong. JR informed her that AJ was missing. Marissa hadn't answered his calls, so JR requested that Krystal try to reach her daughter. Caleb assured JR that they'd find AJ.

Annie arrived at Krystal's restaurant and questioned a waiter whether he had seen AJ. Marissa demanded to know why Annie was there. Annie asked if AJ had called, but Marissa asserted that AJ was at the office with JR. Annie told Marissa that AJ was missing. Marissa angrily concluded that Annie had been with JR when AJ had disappeared, though Annie adamantly denied it.

JR and Annie searched for AJ in the park. JR blamed himself for being a bad father. Annie tried to be upbeat and reassured him that they'd have the boy home by dinner. As a frantic JR continued to call out for his son, Annie spotted a toy truck and found AJ hidden in the bushes. She gently held out her hand to him, and he willingly emerged from his hiding spot.

A relieved Annie hugged AJ and asked what had happened. He admitted that he had run away and whispered something in her ear. Marissa stumbled upon them, and Marissa and JR smothered AJ with hugs. JR asked his son why he had left. When AJ remained silent, Annie explained that AJ had told her that he had overheard JR and Marissa fighting about him.

Marissa apologized to AJ for upsetting him. As Annie observed from a park bench, JR and Marissa swore their love to their son. JR wanted to resume their plans to go to the office, but Marissa preferred to take AJ home to play with Kathy and Jenny. JR agreed. Annie handed AJ back his toy. As Marissa led AJ away, she glared back at JR and Annie. JR forlornly declared to Annie that he had almost lost his son. He doubted Annie's words that everything would be all right.

Marissa and AJ shared ice cream sandwiches in the park as she explained that she and JR had just argued about grown-up stuff, not him. AJ wished to stay with her that night, and she said he could stay with her for as long as he wanted.

At the Yacht Club, Krystal and Caleb looked for AJ. Krystal thanked Caleb for being there. Caleb conceded that sometimes it was nice to have someone around. She was surprised to hear him admit it. After Krystal learned that AJ had been found, she prepared to head over to Angie's hearing. Caleb asked Krystal to give Angie his best, and Krystal left.

At the Chandler mansion, JR thanked Annie for finding AJ. JR blamed himself for AJ's attempt to run away. JR realized that he had been too focused on work and compared himself to Adam, who had never given JR enough attention. JR questioned whether he was like Adam, because he wanted everything, no matter how much damage he caused.

Annie assured JR that he wasn't like Adam. She took his hand to comfort him. They shared an intense gaze before he broke away and quickly headed toward the door. He briefly paused as he contemplated whether to leave or stay. Just after he exited, Annie considered calling after him but stopped herself.

In the conference room where Angie's hearing was to take place, Jake presented Tad with a file that contained David's letters to the hospital board about Angie's alleged negligence. Amanda commented that they had their own petition and letters, but Tad was concerned because Angie had practiced medicine while she had experienced vision problems. Jake lamented that Angie might lose her career because of David's letters, but Tad professed that wouldn't happen if he had anything to say about it.

Bianca arrived at the hearing to speak on Angie's behalf. Brot entered, and Jake inquired about Brot's recuperation from eye surgery. Brot credited Angie for his smooth recovery. Tad had an idea and ran out to find "the perfect person."

Jesse, Angie, Natalia, Randi, and Frankie prepared to attend the hospital board hearing. Angie's family assured her that everyone was behind her. Angie admitted that David's complaints had merit because she hadn't disclosed her condition but had still treated patients. Frankie handed Angie a cane, but she claimed that she didn't need it because she had her family to lean on.

Angie wanted her family to join her in a prayer before they left for her hearing. The Hubbards held hands. Angie claimed that she loved her work, but she'd accept it if she lost her job because of her actions. She missed her sight, but she thanked God for her family, friends, and baby. She heard Natalia crying and said that there was no need for tears. Jesse professed that his wife didn't need to see to know that she was loved.

Ryan and Madison kissed at the police station. He said that she almost made him forget his troubles. She needed to leave to attend Angie's hearing. Ryan bemoaned that David still caused trouble even though he was dead. Madison promised to get Ryan a fresh shirt for his arraignment. Ryan affirmed that he knew she was there for him, and she left.

Greenlee was stunned when the autopsy revealed that David was poisoned with digitalis, a cardiac medication typically given in small amounts. The medical examiner disclosed that someone had administered a lethal dose of the drug to David. The examiner confirmed that David's injuries from a fight were superficial and had not killed him. He advised that the police should look for the person who poisoned David.

Greenlee burst into the police station to report David's cause of death. Ryan's lawyer left to call the district attorney's office. Greenlee declared that Ryan would be free, and Ryan embraced her in relief. Suddenly, he pulled away and wondered who had poisoned David.

Greenlee expressed remorse that Ryan had been in jail because he had tried to help her. She explained that Kendall and Bianca hated her, as Greenlee had admitted to them that she had known about David's sabotage of Erica's plane. Ryan thought everything would be fine because they could move forward. She asked if Ryan believed that was possible.

Tad burst in and said that he needed Greenlee. Tad was ecstatic when he learned that Ryan would be released because David had been poisoned, not beaten to death. Tad asked Greenlee to speak on Angie's behalf at the hearing. Greenlee agreed to do it for David, because he had been a brilliant doctor whose legacy should live on.

Angie arrived at her hearing, and Jake and Amanda embraced her. Angie smelled perfume and immediately knew Opal was present. Opal complimented Angie's "extra-sensory powers." Bianca kissed Angie on the cheek on behalf of Miranda. Brot offered his support, and she asked how his eye had been healing. He asked what he could do to thank her for her help with his surgery. She just wanted a hug, and he obliged.

The hospital board entered, and everyone sat down. A board member informed Angie that if David's accusations were true, she had exposed the hospital to serious litigation and financial loss. They were there to determine whether the charges were serious enough to warrant her dismissal. Angie stood and said there was a time when being a woman or African-American was considered a "handicap." She had never let preconceived notions stop her.

Angie explained that while she had been on the job, someone had always had her back, and she had never treated patients alone. The board inquired whether other doctors had known about her condition. She explained that when her vision first began to deteriorate, her blindness was only for short periods of time, so she had arranged for other doctors to fill in. She swore that she would never let a handicap prevent her from being a good doctor.

Angie stated that she had become infected when she had saved someone's life, and she would do it again. The board was skeptical that she could be an effective doctor without the ability to see. She was confident that she would be able to cope with her blindness so that she could still be a doctor, as well as chief of staff. Angie was determined to fight for her position because she believed she was capable of doing a good job. She asserted that they could take away her sight, but they could never take away the fact that she was a healer. Everyone in the room burst into applause.

Angie's supporters spoke on her behalf. Jake presented the board with a box full of letters from patients, their families, and co-workers who had attested to Angie's impact on their lives. Jake lauded her tradition of care throughout his father's reign as chief of staff. Amanda showed the board the petition that requested that Angie be retained as chief of staff. Amanda spoke about her mother's illness and how Angie had been supportive of both Janet and Amanda. Madison testified that she'd be homeless if Angie hadn't taken her in, despite the terrible things Madison had done to the Hubbard family.

Opal praised Angie's care when Opal had experienced heart problems. She said that though Angie was blind, Angie saw with her heart, which was a true gift. Brot admitted that he had been a terrible patient but that Angie had never backed down because of his attitude. He swore that Angie had always given her all, no matter how difficult the circumstances. Bianca recounted how Miranda had been in a fire and how Angie had saved Miranda's life even though Angie couldn't see. Bianca declared that her daughter was alive because of Angie.

Randi said that if hope was a cure, then Angie had cured more patients than any other doctor at the hospital. Natalia remembered that her mom had suffered from cancer, and while it would have been easy for Angie to turn the case over to another doctor, Angie had instead helped Rebecca to die in peace. Frankie spoke of how he had lost the use of his hands and how Angie's love, advice, and example had inspired him to become a doctor.

Greenlee gazed at David's picture on the hospital wall before she quietly slipped into the hearing. The board requested that Jake read David's letter aloud. Jake tried to discourage them from believing David's words, but they impatiently implored him to read the letter. David had written that Angie's unprofessional behavior had endangered patients and had left the hospital open to lawsuits. David had accused her of having broken the Hippocratic Oath and claimed that Angie's actions and lies about her condition had put patients in jeopardy.

Jake stopped reading and opined that the only threat to the hospital had been David, who had been pathologically jealous of Angie. He called David's letter trash, but the board urged him to finish reading it. Jake begrudgingly complied. David's letter recommended that the board take appropriate punitive action against Angie.

The board excused itself to deliberate, but Greenlee stood and insisted that as owner of the hospital, she wanted to address her husband's comments before the board rendered its opinion. The board offered their condolences to Greenlee and allowed her to speak.

Greenlee declared that she understood David's concerns and acknowledged that Angie had lied. However, Greenlee felt that Angie would never put a patient's life at risk. Greenlee thought that despite any infractions Angie had committed, she was the best person to provide leadership at the hospital. Greenlee proclaimed that though Angie and David had been constantly at war, it had been David's mission to save lives, and Angie had saved hundreds.

After the board left the room, Angie thanked Greenlee for her statement to the board. Greenlee thought that it was the least she could have done since Angie had saved her life. Greenlee hoped that the board would make the right decision.

Angie was grateful to everyone for their kind words and said she'd never felt so loved and appreciated. She asked everyone to leave, since the deliberations could take a while, but her friends refused to desert her. The board re-entered and announced their unanimous decision -- pending a review of her condition and performance, Angie would remain chief of staff. The crowd gleefully clapped and cheered.

At Ryan's penthouse, Madison was stunned to see Ryan walk through the door. He announced that he was free, and she ran into his arms.

Ryan told Madison that David had been poisoned. Ryan called it karma, since David himself had poisoned so many people. Madison was overjoyed that Ryan was free. She joked that she wouldn't be able to prove how incredible she was, since she no longer needed to stand by him through a trial or prison sentence. He said that he still thought she was incredible. They tenderly kissed.

Ryan and Madison began to make love, but she pulled away. He asked what was wrong. She claimed everything was right, but she thought Emma would want to see him right away. He said he'd spend a ton of time with his daughter after her practice was over. He resumed kissing Madison's neck, but she fretted that the practice was almost over. Ryan promised that they'd have plenty of time to celebrate.

Madison adjusted her clothes as Ryan wondered how he'd explain things to Emma, since he didn't remember what had happened the night of David's murder. Madison insisted all that mattered was that he hadn't killed David. She declared that he was innocent and free. Ryan looked doubtful as she prepared to pick up Emma.

Later, Greenlee entered Ryan's penthouse and called out for Ryan. When there was no response, she left an envelope on the coffee table. She called Ryan's lawyer to find out if Ryan was still at the police station, but the attorney told her that when he had left Ryan, Ryan had been trying to reach Madison. A surprised Greenlee hung up. She picked up Ryan's jacket and a vial fell out. She read the label, which stated that the vial contained digitalis. A stunned Greenlee recalled that the medical examiner had determined that digitalis was the drug that had killed David.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

At the Chandler mansion with Tad, JR blamed himself for AJ running off the other day. Tad recalled the mistakes he'd made with JR when Tad and Dixie had split up. JR wondered why Dixie had left them for David, and JR recalled his determination to keep David away from his mother. Tad said it had led JR to do drugs; however, they'd all made their way back to each other. JR reasoned that they'd never really gotten Dixie back, and David's death had caused JR to mourn his mother all over again. JR shed tears, and Tad squeezed his hand.

At Wildwind, Greenlee recalled the digitalis vial falling from the pocket of Ryan's jacket. Kendall arrived and demanded to know why Greenlee was there. Greenlee wanted to discuss Ryan, but Kendall asserted that Greenlee was trying to ease her conscience about the mayhem that she'd caused. Greenlee figured that Ryan or another loved one had committed the crime, and she asked Kendall to help her protect that person. Kendall retorted that she'd already spent her night in prison. "You're on your own," Kendall declared.

Greenlee decided to leave for David's funeral, but Kendall doubted that Greenlee would shed real tears when they lowered the casket into the ground. Greenlee claimed that David had acted out of love for her. He'd loved her more than anyone else ever had, so her tears would indeed be real.

At the Martin house, Krystal grappled with her conflicting emotions regarding David's death. She hugged Marissa, the one good thing that David had left behind. The women went to Krystal's restaurant, where Marissa muttered that everyone who hated David probably wished they'd been the one to end his life. She wondered what kind of daughter she was to believe that her father probably "had it coming."

Krystal figured that Marissa hadn't really known her father. She asked if Marissa knew that David's mother had driven his father to suicide. Krystal assumed David's mother had scarred David, too. Though he'd caused immeasurable pain, Krystal compared David to a little boy, who'd lashed out to combat his fear that he couldn't be loved. She'd seen the good in him the night that Babe and Marissa had been conceived. Krystal assured Marissa that she'd been created in love, and the women left for the funeral.

At the cemetery gate later, Marissa and Krystal met Greenlee for David's closed funeral service. Greenlee assured Marissa that David was with Leo, Babe, and Leonora, and he'd find the happiness that he hadn't had on earth.

After the burial, the subdued women resumed their conversation at the gate. Marissa asked if Greenlee knew who'd poisoned David, but Greenlee said she didn't. Though David hadn't been an upstanding man, Marissa hoped that his killer wouldn't get away. Krystal assured her daughter that Jesse and Liza would apprehend the person. Krystal invited Greenlee to join her and Marissa for a meal. Greenlee declined, and Krystal and Marissa left.

David appeared behind Greenlee. He said she'd buried him, but it wasn't over, because Ryan had poured poison down his throat. As she stared at the vial, David said, "Did he do it, or did he not? That is the question." She tucked the vial back into her purse, and David disappeared.

At the hospital, Angie and her blindness instructor, Shelly, ended their lesson in the lounge, where Jake and Frankie were having coffee. Angie thanked Jake for helping her keep her job, and Jake announced that David had been poisoned. The three doubted that there would be a crowd at David's funeral that day.

Angie reminded them that David had saved many lives, but Frankie rebutted that David had spent a lot of time wrecking lives, as well. Jake realized that Angie liked to see the good in people, but he couldn't wait to wash David out of his life. Frankie figured that many people wanted to do the same thing. Suddenly, Jake got an idea.

At the police station, Jesse laid out photos of the suspects in David's murder. Liza arrived, and Jesse theorized that David had taken the digitalis from his own medical stash and put it into a champagne glass, because he'd intended to poison someone, possibly Ryan. Jesse figured that Ryan's discovery of the plan had led to the fight between the men.

Liza asserted that David wasn't stupid enough to accidentally drink from the tainted glass found at the scene. She concluded that Ryan had poisoned David; however, Jesse warned that pouncing on the obvious could wind up ruining a man's life. She ordered him to investigate every single party guest until he found her a suspect that a jury would convict. "What did you do at the party, Liza Colby?" Jesse readily asked.

Liza considered herself an exception in the investigation, but Jesse reasoned that she might have committed murder to end a messy entanglement with her client, David Hayward. Liza wondered about Jesse, whose abhorrence of David was no secret. Just then, Angie called to invite Jesse to Krystal's restaurant, where a group of people were saying goodbye to David.

At Krystal's restaurant, Jake, Frankie, and Angie greeted Natalia and Randi, who seemed to be in a jovial mood. Angie cautioned them not to treat it like a party. Over the phone, Jake invited Ryan to the wake, but the last thing Ryan wanted to do was celebrate Hayward. Amanda, Bianca, and Kendall arrived, and JR and Tad entered next. Tad said he couldn't wait to have a drink and toast the man who'd made their lives hell.

Jesse arrived and was surprised to see Liza entering right behind him. She said that it was convenient to have all of David's enemies gathered in one room. Liza wondered if Jesse would party or do his job, and an irritated Jesse strode off to find Angie.

Nearby, Tad celebrated David's passing, and Opal warned him and JR not to speak ill of the dead. Jake entered the conversation to remind them about the "Libidozone" party, and Amanda joined them in recalling more of David's misdeeds. Jake asked how Liza had been able to work for David, and Liza guessed that everyone planned to make her the new bad guy. "Well, it's not me. It's whoever murdered David," she quipped.

Liza figured that no one deserved to be murdered; however, Tad continued to lead the group in decrying David. Marissa and Krystal entered just as the majority agreed that poison was too easy for David. Marissa shouted for them to stop, and Krystal ordered the group to have some respect for Marissa, who'd just lowered her father into the ground.

Tad apologized for instigating the insults. Jake and Amanda apologized, too, and Jesse and Angie gave Marissa their condolences. JR asked if Marissa would be okay, and she claimed that she had her mother and son for support. Krystal escorted Marissa out, and Angie decided to say a prayer for David. As she prayed, a montage of moments in David's life played on the screen. Angie asked God to give David the peace that he'd never found on the earth.

At home, Ryan was fixated on a newspaper article about the poisoning. Madison declared that he hadn't poisoned David, and Ryan guessed that the suspect list was probably a mile long. She figured that the police would start with the person closest to the victim, and a defensive Ryan asserted that Greenlee hadn't done it. Madison said she wouldn't blame Greenlee if she had done it, but Ryan dismissed the idea.

Madison said she'd heard Greenlee say she'd wanted to kill David. Sighing, Ryan claimed that it hadn't been a real threat. Madison figured that he was just still protecting Greenlee. He declared that he would indeed protect Greenlee, if Madison were accusing her of premeditated murder. Madison scowled, but apologized for the accusation. As she assured Ryan that they'd have brighter days ahead, Ryan found an envelope on his table. He guessed that Madison had left it there, but she denied it.

Upon opening the envelope, Ryan saw that it was a note from Greenlee, who congratulated him on his release. He figured she'd dropped the note off when he hadn't been home, but Madison found it strange that Greenlee entered and exited at will. Ryan said he'd talk to Greenlee about it, and Madison suggested that she, Ryan, and his kids take a short getaway.

A phone call interrupted them, and after Ryan took it, he resumed racking his brain to remember the night of David's murder. Madison again declared that Ryan hadn't poisoned anyone; however, he reasoned that he might have seen the person who had. Madison urged him to accept that he'd done all he could do, and it wasn't his job to catch the killer. She said Greenlee had been freed, which meant that Ryan was free to get on with his life. Desiring to help him do that, Madison started with a kiss. A knock at the door interrupted them.

Greenlee arrived and apologized for the disruption. Ryan asked Greenlee to return later, but she insisted upon discussing who'd poisoned David. A ticked-off Madison started to leave, but Ryan said they could talk in front of her. Greenlee, however, preferred to do it in private.

Just then, a worried Emma arrived home early from school to make sure that Ryan was safe. He promised that he wasn't going anywhere, but she made him swear that he wouldn't serve more jail time. Madison took Emma to the kitchen, and Greenlee decided that she no longer wanted to talk to Ryan. She hurried out, saying that she'd catch him later. Outside the door, she stared at the vial and then took off.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

At Fusion, Greenlee stared at the vial of digitalis and recalled when she had discovered it in Ryan's jacket pocket. She remembered the medical examiner's words that an overdose of the drug had caused David's death. Bianca entered with a box in her hands and asked why Greenlee was there. Bianca had expected Greenlee to take some time off after David's funeral, but Greenlee said that she had a lot of work to do.

Bianca noticed that Greenlee was wearing the same clothes that she had worn the day before. Greenlee asserted that she wanted to grieve in her own way. Bianca offered to take care of everything on Greenlee's behalf, but Greenlee proclaimed her dedication to Fusion and mentioned how David had helped her save it -- and almost ruin it.

Greenlee inquired about the package that Bianca was carrying. Bianca revealed that it was addressed to Greenlee. Greenlee opened it and realized that the contents were from David's storage unit. She rushed out with the box as Bianca called after her.

In the park, Greenlee looked through the box, which contained photos. She paused to gaze at a picture of Leo. She spoke to the photo as if it were Leo. She thought that Leo understood how hard things were for her and asked him what she should do. As she held the vial, she admitted that she had found the murder weapon in his best friend's jacket. Kendall spotted Greenlee and asked what Greenlee had in her hand.

Greenlee tried to walk away, but Kendall ran after her. Kendall could see that Greenlee was upset and wanted to know why. Greenlee refused to tell Kendall what she was holding, but Kendall wrestled the vial away from her. After she read the label, Kendall assumed that Greenlee had poisoned David.

Greenlee told Kendall that it wasn't Kendall's problem. Kendall reminded Greenlee that Kendall had been arrested while trying to help Greenlee, so Kendall thought it was her business. Greenlee claimed that she didn't know what the vial meant but insisted that she hadn't killed David. They bickered about how the vial had entered Greenlee's possession. Kendall accused Greenlee of letting Ryan take the fall for Greenlee.

Kendall threatened to take the vial to the police. Greenlee admitted that she had found it in Ryan's jacket and that she thought Ryan might have poisoned David. Kendall defended Ryan and claimed there was no way he would have had time to research digitalis. Neither woman could explain how the vial had ended up in Ryan's pocket. "I hate that my husband is dead, and I hate that the man who could have killed him is the guy that I..." Greenlee faltered. "Love?" Kendall finished.

Kendall called Greenlee a mess, as she was mourning David, falling back in love with Ryan, and taking everyone on a wild ride in the process. Kendall wanted to end the chaos, but Greenlee begged her not to tell the police because she knew that Ryan would turn himself in. Kendall reluctantly agreed and handed the vial back to Greenlee. Kendall ordered Greenlee to devise a plan, as they couldn't continue to lie indefinitely.

Caleb arrived to see Krystal at her home. He dropped off some study materials for Marissa's bar exam the next day. Caleb invited Krystal to celebrate with him after the exam. Krystal mused that they hadn't passed yet, but Caleb confidently professed that they would. Krystal balked at his invitation and claimed that she already had plans. She left to get Marissa. Tad overheard the exchange and taunted Caleb about Krystal's rejection.

Tad commented that Caleb's first date with Krystal hadn't gone very well. Caleb pressed Tad to investigate him if Tad was still suspicious of him. Tad conceded that despite everything he didn't like about Caleb, Caleb had handled himself well at the party, and Palmer and Dixie would have been proud of him. Tad implored him to deal with things -- and people -- differently if he planned to stay in Pine Valley. Marissa entered and Caleb offered study help at the Yacht Club that afternoon. Marissa felt overwhelmed, but Caleb assured her she'd do great. He repeated his celebration invitation to Krystal, but Krystal politely declined.

At the Chandler mansion, Annie listened as JR spoke on the phone with AJ. JR tried to convince his son to spend more time with him. It was apparent from JR's side of the conversation that AJ preferred to stay with Marissa. JR declared his love for his son, but AJ had already hung up. Annie observed that JR was in a lot of pain.

JR tried to push Annie away. She showed him compassion and said that divorce was a terrible thing for everyone. She assured JR that AJ would want to spend time with his dad, too. JR lamented all the losses that his son had suffered. Annie recalled that Emma had gone through a lot of turmoil, as well, and Annie had learned to understand that it was important that Emma spend time with Ryan. Annie had put her own needs aside for her daughter and urged JR to do the same for his son.

JR bemoaned that he didn't feel like a good parent. Annie thought that he still blamed himself for AJ's runaway attempt. JR said it was thanks to her that his son had been found. Annie hoped that they could be friends. Scott entered and declared that friendship was impossible because JR could never accept that he had lost Annie to Scott.

JR admitted that he and Scott might never trust one another, but JR said that they had to work together as a family. Scott was skeptical about JR's change of heart after JR's previous declaration of war. Annie suspected that AJ's problems had been a wake-up call for JR. JR asserted that they all loved the company and that they had to stand together to protect one another from Caleb and other outside threats. Annie believed JR was sincere. JR left to go to a meeting, and Annie assured Scott that all would work out.

Annie tried to calm Scott down. Scott thought JR would do anything to remain on top at Chandler. Annie was convinced that JR had meant his words. Scott answered a cell phone call, and after he hung up, he divulged that JR had already made a move against him. Annie demanded to know what was going on.

Scott informed Annie that JR had released a memo that announced that Scott had accepted a position in Europe, Chandler's weakest division. Annie was livid, not only because the statement was untrue but also because she was head of PR, and JR had pulled the prank behind her back. Scott realized that JR had him cornered. Annie was sure that JR wouldn't risk the company by exposing that Scott had stolen the nanotech project from Cortlandt. Scott thought JR would do anything to take Scott down. Annie was irate that JR's speech about family unity had been a lie. She declared that she was ready to play rough.

Annie suggested to Scott that they could play JR's game by telling lies to the press, just like JR had. Scott concluded that JR had anticipated that they would overreact and didn't want to play into JR's hands. Annie became upset at the thought of moving abroad and disrupting Emma's life again. Scott insisted that they weren't going to move and that they'd be ready for JR's next attack. Annie felt stupid for falling for JR's declaration of peace. Scott kissed her and said that they shouldn't let JR upset them. After he left, Annie looked like she had an idea and headed for the door.

As Ryan napped on his couch, he had memory flashes of his fight with David. He woke up with a start and reached for the phone.

Later, Ryan answered the door to Tad. Tad inquired about the job that Ryan had called him about. Tad assumed that the job was at the casino, but Ryan wanted him to investigate David's killer. Tad asked if he had a suspect in mind. "Me," Ryan declared.

Tad refused to take the job because he couldn't believe that Ryan had killed David. Ryan pointed out that Ryan had fought with David. Tad insisted that his instincts told him that Ryan wasn't capable of such a crime and scoffed at the idea that Ryan could have poisoned anyone. Ryan admitted that he could remember bits and pieces of what had happened the night of the murder but needed Tad to fill in the blanks. Tad contended that Ryan was wasting his money. Ryan hoped Tad was right, but Ryan wanted to know for sure. Tad asked what would happen if the investigation led to something Ryan didn't like.

Tad cautioned Ryan that usually murder investigations started with the victim's spouse and that typically only female culprits chose poison as a weapon. Ryan swore that Greenlee wasn't guilty. Ryan couldn't stand not knowing what happened on the night in question. Tad was hesitant to keep Jesse in the dark. Ryan understood if Tad wouldn't take the job. Tad sarcastically wished that he could send the bill to David's estate as he shook Ryan's hand in acceptance.

Marissa arrived to see Caleb at the Yacht Club. She apologized for being there early, but he wanted to speak with her. Caleb told her that he intended to fight to get back his company from Chandler Enterprises and that the battle could get ugly between him and JR. He wasn't sure Marissa understood what that meant. A confused Marissa asked if he wanted to fire her. He stated that he was giving her an opportunity to quit. Marissa insisted that she could stand up to JR and refused to bail on Caleb when things got tough. He agreed to keep her as an employee. Marissa left to find out why the person who Caleb was supposed to meet was late.

JR entered and informed Caleb that Caleb's meeting with a banker had been canceled. JR crowed that he had threatened to pull all the Chandler accounts from the bank if they conducted business with Caleb. JR threatened to do the same at every other bank in town. He sneered and said that Caleb hadn't yet learned that he couldn't win against the Chandlers. Caleb snarled that the Chandler name was all JR had.

JR admitted that he considered Caleb to be a real threat, so JR wasn't going to wait for Caleb to strike first. Marissa returned and berated JR for his treatment of Caleb. JR wanted to talk to her elsewhere, but Marissa refused and lectured him to treat people with more respect. She wanted to focus on the bar exam and not be sidetracked by her soon-to-be ex-husband's antics.

JR received a call from AJ's school principal about a fight AJ had started. The principal informed him that AJ was fine, but the other student had been taken to the hospital. The principal requested that JR and Marissa make time for a conference. JR said he'd be right over. JR stated to Marissa that he had to leave for the office and intentionally failed to mention the fight.

At AJ's school, the principal informed JR that AJ had been acting out frequently. JR downplayed AJ's behavior. The principal continued to express concern, as the other boy in the fight had needed eleven stitches. JR didn't think it was necessary for him and Marissa to arrange for a conference and offered a thinly veiled bribe to donate more equipment so the students wouldn't make trouble because they'd be kept busy. JR haughtily suggested that the principal worry about kids with fathers who didn't care so much.

Annie cautiously approached Caleb at the Yacht Club. He remembered her and invited her to sit at his table. He said he had issues with some of her family members and asked which one she was married to that day. Annie looked aghast.

Annie told Caleb that she was familiar with JR's methods and knew JR would lie, cheat, or steal to get what he wanted. She confessed that there had been tension in the Chandler family and that it didn't seem like a fair fight. Caleb called her a smart woman and stated that his own fight was with JR, not with Annie or Scott. He asked if she understood what he meant, and Annie thought that she did.

Later, Scott arrived to find Caleb alone. Caleb informed Scott that he had chatted with Annie and had asked her for some time to talk privately with Scott. Caleb asserted that neither one of them trusted JR as far as they could throw him, but Caleb proclaimed that he could throw JR pretty far.

Marissa studied at Krystal's restaurant. A stressed Marissa snapped at Krystal, so Krystal left her daughter alone. Bianca entered and said hello to Marissa, who warned Bianca that she was in a terrible mood. Bianca mentioned that Miranda had told her about AJ's fight at school, and Marissa was shocked that the school hadn't contacted her. Marissa excused herself and called the principal. She learned that JR had known about the fight but hadn't told her. She angrily informed Krystal that JR had attempted to bribe the principal and that he had instructed the school that any calls regarding AJ should be referred to JR only.

Krystal declared that JR couldn't get away with pushing Marissa out of AJ's life and offered to accompany Marissa when she confronted JR. Marissa didn't want AJ to witness another fight between his parents. Krystal expected JR would continue to interfere in Marissa's relationship with her son. Marissa's primary concern was to protect AJ.

Tad warned JR not to underestimate Caleb but reminded him that his main focus should be AJ. JR remembered his own bad behavior when he was young. JR blamed himself for his son's woes. Tad vowed that they would all get through the tough times and volunteered to take AJ over to his house, but JR wanted to convince AJ to stay with him. Tad pledged his support and exited.

AJ entered and worried about whether JR would tell Marissa about his fight. JR manipulatively suggested that AJ stay with him that night so Marissa wouldn't have to know anything. AJ nodded in agreement. JR smirked as he hugged his son.

Later, Annie arrived home, and JR greeted her. She slapped him across the face. He looked at her in shock as she seethed with hatred.

At the penthouse, Kendall stopped by to check on Ryan. She invited him to grab some food with the boys and commented that he looked tired. He said that it was tough to sleep when he couldn't remember a chunk of his life. He felt like the answers were close but that he couldn't get to them. Kendall pointed out that Greenlee had only suffered at the end of her marriage, but Ryan had been under stress since Greenlee and David had wed. Kendall suggested that a tremendous amount of pressure could cause someone to snap. Ryan realized that Kendall suspected that he had poisoned David.

Kendall promised that she wasn't accusing Ryan of anything. Ryan insisted that he was doing everything he could to find out what had happened. Kendall apologized and said that she would do what she could to help. Ryan asked if that meant she would stick by Greenlee, too. Kendall said no, because Greenlee had covered up David's role in Erica's plane crash. Ryan implored her to blame David, not Greenlee. She refused to discuss Greenlee any further.

Ryan left the room to get his keys. Kendall asked Ryan if she could use his phone to make a restaurant reservation. A look of concern washed over her face when she saw what appeared on the phone. "Oh, no," she gasped.

Greenlee stood in the hallway outside her Yacht Club room, which was sealed off with police tape. Tad discovered her and asked how she was doing. Tad mentioned Ryan's memory loss and wondered what she thought had happened. She claimed to have no idea. He asked her to contact him if she remembered anything.

Greenlee knelt down and pulled Leo's picture out of the box again. She felt like she couldn't talk to anyone but Leo. She confessed that she had married David for all the wrong reasons but that she really had cared about him. She expressed guilt that she had let Leo down.

Greenlee pondered what Leo would have done if Ryan had killed David for Greenlee's sake. She thought that perhaps Leo would have protected Ryan but wondered if she was just trying to convince herself that she was doing the right thing. She told Leo to tell David that she was sorry. Greenlee's phone rang, and Kendall asked her to meet at Ryan's immediately.

Greenlee arrived at Ryan's penthouse. Kendall asked Greenlee to hypothetically think that Kendall believed Greenlee's suspicion that Ryan had poisoned David. Kendall disclosed that she had found evidence that a search had been performed on Ryan's phone on the night of the murder for "digitalis poisoning death." A panicked Kendall asked what they should do. Ryan overheard her as he re-entered the room. "What do we do about what?" he innocently inquired. Kendall and Greenlee's eyes locked in alarm.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Kendall told Greenlee that she'd found a search for "digitalis poisoning" on Ryan's phone from the night of the murder. Ryan returned to the living room and overheard Kendall ask Greenlee what they should do. When Ryan asked what the two women were talking about, Kendall had to think fast. Kendall told Ryan that she and Greenlee wanted to figure out how to get the police to stop bothering Ryan.

Ryan said he appreciated the concern but pointed out that the police weren't harassing him. Kendall said that Ryan shouldn't even be a suspect. Ryan thought that the police were just doing their job. Ryan suggested that he could make things easier by going back to the station. Greenlee insisted that Ryan should stay out of the investigation.

Ryan said that he and the police wanted the same questions answered. Greenlee was afraid that Ryan might say something that the police could use against him. Ryan felt that he might get better treatment if he went directly to Jesse. Finally, Greenlee snapped and demanded that Ryan stop trying to be a hero, and live his life.

Ryan was determined to talk to Jesse. Greenlee continued to try to talk Ryan out of going to the station, but Ryan said that he knew what he was doing. Greenlee asked Kendall to get through to Ryan, but Kendall didn't think her words would do any good.

Greenlee reminded Ryan that Jesse was under a lot of pressure from the mayor and Liza, the new D.A. Greenlee said that Liza wanted to pin the murder on someone, and didn't care if the person blamed was actually guilty. Ryan said that he needed to talk to the police. He asked the two women to stay with Kendall's boys until he got back.

Greenlee attacked Kendall for not stopping Ryan. Kendall was sure that Ryan knew what he was doing. Greenlee reminded Kendall that Ryan didn't remember what he'd done the night of the murder and didn't know about the vial of digitalis Greenlee had found in his jacket. Greenlee knew nothing good would happen if Ryan talked to Jesse. Kendall said that if they shielded Ryan from the police, he would know something was wrong.

Greenlee felt that she needed to do something to spare Ryan an extended jail sentence. Kendall thought Greenlee would be wholly unsuccessful, given how passionate Ryan was about uncovering the truth. Greenlee wondered aloud if Ryan would stop digging if the vial of digitalis turned up in someone else's belongings. Kendall briefly considered the idea, but then shot it down. Kendall reminded Greenlee of the other bad ideas that Greenlee had taken part in -- and said she didn't want Greenlee to make another mistake.

Ryan arrived at the police station and went directly into Jesse's office. Ryan offered to tell Jesse everything he remembered about the night that David was murdered in exchange for all of the information Jesse had. Jesse said that as chief of police, he couldn't make that kind of deal. As Ryan's friend, Jesse was able to say that Liza wanted to pin the murder on Ryan, and the mayor was supportive of Liza's quest to find David's murderer.

Ryan asked what Jesse thought. Jesse speculated that out of desperation, David had prepared the poisoned drink for Ryan. Jesse thought that David wanted Ryan out of Greenlee's life for good. However, Jesse thought that somehow David had gotten confused and lost track of which glass had the drug, and accidentally poisoned himself. Ryan asked if Jesse had any proof. Jesse said that his line of thinking was only a theory.

Ryan returned home, and Greenlee was glad that Ryan hadn't found out anything new. Ryan revealed that he'd gotten the number of a hypnotherapist from Jesse. Greenlee was immediately resistant, and questioned the validity of being hypnotized. Ryan said that being hypnotized was his last option, and he planned to take it. Ryan went upstairs to get the boys ready to leave, and Kendall soon followed. Once alone, Greenlee spotted Ryan's phone. She used it to make a call to her own phone.

A short time later, Ryan invited Dr. Frankel into his house. Ryan briefed the doctor on the history of his head trauma. Ryan told her that his previous memory loss was linked to the physical trauma. Ryan felt that the fight with David had caused his inability to remember what happened. The doctor said repression could be an issue as well. Dr. Frankel said that she would help Ryan reach a state of deep relaxation, help him to explore his memories, and try to piece together what had happened. In the hall, Greenlee listened in on the session from her phone.

The hypnotherapist asked Ryan to think back to the night of the party and tell her what he'd done. Ryan slowly explained how his night progressed, up to the point where he went to David's room and he got into an argument with David. Ryan inhaled sharply, and Dr. Frankel asked what Ryan remembered. Ryan said that he was worried about Greenlee. Dr. Frankel asked why Ryan had been so concerned. As Greenlee listened, Ryan admitted that he still loved Greenlee.

Annie found JR at the Chandler house and immediately slapped him across the face. JR acted as though he had no idea why Annie was angry. Annie berated JR for his recent attacks on Scott, despite JR's claims to have the best interests of his family and the company in mind.

JR smugly noted that if Scott were truly committed to the company, he would take on the problems in Chandler's foreign locales. Annie was amazed that JR thought she and Scott would get wind of JR's bogus memo and simply pack up and leave Pine Valley. JR stepped uncomfortably close to Annie and said that he didn't think Annie would leave.

Annie said that JR needed to accept that Scott had done nothing but help the Chandler family, as well as Chandler Enterprises. JR said that Scott was in the way of JR getting everything that belonged to him. Annie remarked that JR thought that everything should be his -- the name, the money, the power.

Annie pointed out that she was the one thing JR couldn't have. JR reminded Annie that he'd already had her. Annie said that her connection to JR was long over. She told JR that she would do whatever it would take to give her husband everything he deserved. JR welcomed the challenge. JR felt that Annie and Scott were amateurs and would never measure up to JR.

Annie said that JR didn't want her as his enemy. JR said that he only wanted to give Annie everything her heart desired. JR continued to bait Annie. Annie made it clear that neither she nor Scott would be leaving Pine Valley. Annie told JR that he'd made his first mistake when he underestimated both her and Scott.

At the Yacht Club, Caleb offered Scott a seat at his table. Scott resisted the offer and said that he had nothing to talk about with Caleb. Scott added that he wasn't happy that Annie went behind his back and conned him into a meeting with Caleb. Caleb said that no harm would be done if Scott sat down and listened to what Caleb had to say.

Caleb mentioned the bogus press release that JR had issued. Scott wanted to know what Caleb wanted out of him. Caleb said that in order to run a multimillion-dollar corporation, a person needed experience, a level head, and a thirst for business. Caleb said that neither JR nor Scott had what it would take to keep Chandler successful.

Caleb said that he was willing to invest substantially in Chandler's Europe division. With that investment, Caleb felt that they could help JR take a dose of his own medicine. Scott felt that Caleb wanted to forge a path back to Cortlandt Electronics. Caleb said that Scott had a choice: either take a chance and have an ally in Caleb on the inside, or assume the worst. Scott decided to pass on Caleb's offer.

Annie did some work in her bedroom. A short time later, Scott joined her. Annie immediately apologized for not being truthful about the meeting with Caleb. Scott said that he needed to be able to trust Annie one hundred percent. Annie said that they needed Caleb on their side to fight JR. Scott said that they could fight JR on their own. Annie said that she loved Scott's integrity, but pointed out that JR planned to fight dirty, and they needed to do the same.

Scott refused to stoop to JR's level. Annie felt that they needed to be proactive instead of waiting to be blindsided by JR's next move. Annie didn't want to be passive, but Scott refused to compromise himself any more than he already had. Annie asked if Scott had talked to Caleb. Scott said Caleb had an interesting proposition, but it wasn't worth talking about, since Scott had declined the offer. Then, Scott made Annie promise that she wouldn't go behind his back anymore.

Annie agreed to let Scott handle JR, but asked him to reconsider the deal with Caleb. Annie felt that Caleb's strength as a lawyer would be a great asset in their fight against JR. Scott worried that teaming up with Caleb would give Caleb unmitigated access to the company. Scott didn't want Caleb to find out that Scott had stolen the nanotech project. Annie knew that Scott had been careful not to leave a trail. She said that the risk of Caleb finding out was worth the gamble.

Bianca and Miranda ran into Asher in the park. Miranda told her mother that Asher had fixed their computers. Asher explained that he was the technician that had checked for damage after the fire. He told Bianca that Caleb had kicked him out of the house before he was able to finish his work. Bianca said they hadn't experienced any problems, but Asher feared dormant problems. He asked Bianca if they could reschedule.

Krystal took a drink to Marissa's table at the restaurant, in case Marissa wanted a study break. Marissa decided to stop studying because it felt as though she wasn't retaining the information. Krystal thought that Marissa's concerns about AJ were the source of her distraction. Marissa said that she was afraid AJ was taking David's death harder than she thought. Krystal noted that Marissa might be having a hard time as well.

Marissa talked about how frustrated she was over JR's response to AJ's acting out. Krystal suggested that Marissa ignore JR's attempt to bribe AJ's principal. Krystal thought that for AJ's sake, Marissa needed to focus on not fighting with JR. Marissa was horrified at the suggestion, and refused to let JR get away with his bad behavior.

Asher called JR and told him that he'd secured access to Caleb's computer. Asher said that he would procure anything that JR wanted. Marissa showed up at the Chandler house, and JR quickly ended the call. Marissa ripped into JR for not being truthful about what had happened with AJ as school. JR acted as though AJ's fighting was a phase. Marissa also brought up the donation JR had made. Marissa said that JR couldn't make AJ's problems go away by paying people off.

Marissa said that AJ had picked up on his bullying behavior by watching JR in action. JR said that he couldn't be blamed for AJ's behavior. Marissa used JR's dealings with Caleb as an example of how poorly JR handled arguments. JR felt that he needed to defend himself against Caleb. Marissa next cited how hard it was to be David's daughter, and to hear the awful things that people said about David. JR said that he'd experienced something similar with Adam.

Marissa asked if JR wanted AJ to have to live with the pain of having to pay for the sins of his father. That struck a nerve, and JR lashed out. He told Marissa that everything he did was to protect his family, especially his son. JR said that he'd been protecting AJ since AJ had lost his real mother. JR realized too late the effect his words would have.

JR apologized, but Marissa hid her pain and changed the subject. She told JR that she had a meeting with Caleb. JR immediately noted the amount of time Marissa had been spending with Caleb. Marissa told JR that she would be taking the bar exam the next day. JR ignored Marissa's comment and said that Caleb was only spending time with Marissa to get a shot at JR. Irritated at his selfish behavior, Marissa walked out.

Kendall met up with Bianca at the Yacht Club. Kendall confessed that she hadn't told Zach about being arrested. Bianca urged Kendall to confess sooner rather than later. Kendall said that she couldn't control the outcome if she told Zach over the phone. Kendall suggested making the drive to New York to see Zach. Bianca reminded her sister that out-of-state travel would get Kendall arrested. Kendall realized that Bianca was right, and promised to stay in Pine Valley.

Asher showed up at Wildwind, and Caleb answered the door. Caleb was prepared to send Asher away. Asher told Caleb that he'd been hired to give Miranda computer lessons. Asher offered to get Miranda, but Caleb didn't trust him. Caleb told Asher to wait downstairs, and Caleb went to get the little girl himself.

Caleb returned to the living room a few minutes later and said Miranda was on her way. Asher attempted to fill the silence by asking questions about Caleb. Caleb ignored most of them until Asher asked about Palmer. Before Caleb walked away, he told Asher that Palmer used to be part of his family.

Caleb stopped by Krystal's restaurant. Krystal acted cross towards him, and Caleb asked if he'd given her the wrong impression. Krystal said that she wouldn't judge Caleb if he had his sights set on another woman. Caleb promised that his focus was solely on business. Caleb added that Krystal was better off not getting involved with him.

Krystal told Caleb that he needed to shield Marissa from any hurt that could arise from Caleb's battle against JR. Caleb said that he and Marissa had already talked, and Marissa felt that she could handle the fight. Krystal said that if Marissa got hurt, Caleb would have to contend with an angry mother. Caleb made a note of the warning and left.

Miranda accidentally spilled some water during her lesson with Asher. Bianca cleaned up the mess and said that Miranda would return once they got her into dry clothes. Asher said that he would set up another game that Miranda would love. Once alone, Asher got into Caleb's files and called JR. He asked if JR needed anything. JR told Asher that he might need more than just Asher's hacking skills. Asher said that he would help with whatever JR needed.

Caleb and Marissa finished their final bar exam review in the park. Marissa aced all of the questions, and said that the fresh air had helped. Marissa's phone rang and interrupted their conversation. Marissa found Scott on the other end of the line, looking for Caleb. Marissa gave the phone to Caleb. Scott said that he wanted to discuss Caleb's earlier offer, if it was still on the table. Caleb agreed to further discussions.

An officer pulled Jesse from a case he was working on because someone needed to see him. Jesse walked out into the general area and spotted Kendall. The officer told Jesse that Kendall had been pulled over for speeding at the state line. The officer said that Kendall was attempting to jump bail.

Kendall tried to explain that she needed to see Zach, but her excuses did little to sway Jesse to her side. Kendall asked what could be done. Jesse told Kendall that her only option was a night in the holding cell. Jesse said a judge would arraign her in the morning.



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