One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 13, 2010 on OLTL

Eli turned up alive with Ross's help. Ross produced a copy of Téa's will that named him as Dani's guardian. Layla suggested that she and Cris have a long-distance relationship. Langston set up Ford in order to have him fired. Greg continued to keep Téa in hiding.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 13, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, September 13, 2010

"You found me," John said when Natalie stumbled upon him at the shooting range. He asked her for a copy of their baby's sonogram, and he wondered how Jessica was doing. Natalie kept it brief and said that Jessica was upset over something that had to do with Brody. She inquired about Eli's DNA results from Tahiti, and John informed her that they were "corrupted." Natalie reminded him that Eli was dead, but John wanted proof. He tried to change the subject, and while the pair joked about their baby, Natalie continually got their discussion back on track.

Jessica showed up at Brody's place and revealed that she had spoken to Ford after searching for Brody. Brody explained that he had been enraged and had wanted to kill Ford for what he had done to her. While Jessica reiterated that she had only had sex with Ford once, Brody stressed that the baby could still be Ford's. Jessica was apologetic.

Both she and Brody admitted that they had spoken to Natalie about their dilemma. Jessica needed someone to talk to, and Brody revealed that Natalie had reminded him that "these things happen." Jessica spoke about prom night again and emphasized that in her mind she was only seventeen years old and had "lost it." Ford had been available, and she needed to rid herself of the pain she was feeling. Brody assured her he understood and didn't blame her, since he had done his own stupid deeds. He silently recalled his own version of prom night.

Jessica thought that Brody had probably changed his mind about marrying her, and she wanted to offer him the chance to back out of it. Instead, Brody proposed and presented her with an engagement ring. Jessica began to sob, and Brody blamed Ford for having unprotected sex. It was unforgivable, he said. Jessica longed to change the turn of events, and Brody agreed that he too, would have liked the same chance. Jessica advised Brody that she couldn't marry him even though she wanted to. Everything was different.

Brody promised that he still loved her, but Jessica wondered if he would be able to love a baby that might not be his. Brody didn't have the answers, but he knew that he couldn't love Bree more than he did. He guaranteed that it would be the same with the new little one. He was unhappy that he had been so angry because he recalled that things had been worse when they were locked away in St. Anne's. He knew their love would get them through, and he believed that she felt the same way. He got down on one knee and held out the ring to Jessica. He urged her to have faith and planted the ring on her finger. They sealed it with a kiss and a hug.

Vivian and Shaun invited Destiny and Darren to have dinner with them at Rodi's. Darren presented Vivian with flowers, and she teased Shaun for not doing the same in a long time. Destiny announced that Greg had left town and gone to a retreat, because he felt responsible for Téa's death. Shaun noted that his brother hadn't been himself lately, though Vivian didn't think the action sounded like Greg at all.

The young couple at the table shared loving looks, and Darren was his usual charming and poetic self towards Destiny. Suddenly, Vivian interrupted and asked if the couple were having safe sex. Shaun choked on his food, and Vivian had to help him out, stopping short of using the Heimlich Maneuver. She wondered how old Shaun had been when he first had sex, but Shaun wasn't talking. Instead, he lectured Darren on having sex with Destiny. His sister spoke up and firmly advised Shaun that he was not her father, and therefore none of it was his business. An uncomfortable Darren jumped up to put money in the jukebox.

Shaun emphasized that Destiny was too young to have sex, but Vivian thought otherwise. It was her job, and she would help Destiny in whatever way she could. Destiny promised that both she and Darren were smart, though Vivian thought they should have a plan. She already knew of two people who had unprotected sex and found themselves in a predicament. Darren returned to the table and announced that he and Destiny had not had sex yet. He respected Destiny, and they would do it right when they were both ready. He sang Destiny's praises and swore that he would never hurt her. They both wanted what was best. Shaun was mortified as the conversation about his sister's sex life continued.

The teens left the table, and Destiny apologized for her brother's behavior. She was impressed that Darren had stood up to Shaun. Darren insisted that he meant what he said, and he wasn't ready yet. Destiny agreed that she wasn't either. Back at the table, Shaun advised Vivian that his parents would be quite upset to hear that Vivian had spoken to their daughter about sex. Vivian disclosed that his mother was the one who had asked Vivian to talk to Destiny.

"You're alive," Greg uttered when he saw Eli in the bed that Téa had used at the St. Kitts hospice. He couldn't believe his eyes and stared in awe at the battered and bruised man. "You were expecting someone else?" Eli asked. Greg had received a call but had been sure it was a hoax and not really Eli at all. He had hoped that Eli wasn't alive, but Eli chuckled and pointed out that he hardly had a scratch. He thought it was too bad that Téa couldn't turn up too.

Dani returned to Todd's place, and both father and daughter admitted they had lied to the other. Neither wanted to go first, but finally Todd explained that he had lied about Ross having committed a lot of crimes, and John hadn't accused him of anything after all. Dani was thrilled, since she knew Ross couldn't have done those evil things, and she wanted to tell him about Téa's death. Todd didn't want her to reach out to Ross, afraid of what might happen if she did. He would panic if Dani were to choose Ross over him, he said somberly. Dani assured Todd that he wouldn't lose her. As the pair spoke, someone spied on them from the bushes.

Dani took her turn and admitted she had lied about the text message. Todd guessed it had been from Ross though there was no proof. She was sure Ross wouldn't risk returning for her. She was sorry she lied. Todd wanted to be informed if there were any further suspicious text messages. He was sorry for his lie too. Dani tried to explain that she had been raised with Ross, and he had been the only father she knew growing up. Her feelings for him wouldn't just go away.

Cristian met with an official at Llanview University and told her he had decided not to accept the grant and teaching position. Layla walked in on the discussion and informed the official not to listen to him, because Cristian would be accepting the grant. The couple began to bicker about it, and the official stood up awkwardly. She thought that Layla and Cristian should arrive at a decision, and then let her know right away.

Layla was adamant that Cristian not give up the grant, since the benefits they would provide would be beyond Cristian's wildest dreams. Her own dream job in Paris could not be held for her, so she planned to give it up. She would remain in Llanview and in her current job at the police station. The couple went back and forth and around in circles, as they each offered to give up their newly appointed positions for the one they loved.

Finally, they compromised. Neither of them had to sacrifice anything, and it would only be for a year. They would each accept their new positions and visit each other when they could. Cristian wanted to hurry and plan their wedding, but Layla voiced her dissent. She didn't think they should get married.

Eli wanted Greg's help because he wasn't finished in Llanview yet. Greg admitted that everyone believed Eli to be dead, and Eli revealed that his brother had helped him out. Families were good like that, he said. Look at all the help that Greg had given his own family, Eli pointed out in a threatening tone. Eli wasn't afraid of anything, he just wasn't about to give up his "personal freedoms." Everything had been going according to plan until Kelly made her phone call to Blair. He let Blair find his gun, the one that contained blanks. He assumed that Blair would try to shoot him, and he had been prepared. She never knew there were blanks in the gun, and John wouldn't know either, he added.

Ross had helped him, and even the fire had been intentional, Eli continued. It hadn't worked out exactly as they thought it would, because John had shown up. Ross helped him out of the house after he had been "shot," though he would have been unscathed if it hadn't been for John. The ceiling fell in before he could get away at first. The other body had been carried in and dumped, and all of the necessary evidence like the wedding ring, photo and passport, had been planted.

Greg wondered why Eli had returned to the hospice, and Eli informed him that he wanted help. Their deal was still in affect. Greg reminded Eli that he was "dead," but Eli noted that Ross wasn't, and he might be checking in on Greg's family as they spoke. Greg pointed out that Ross couldn't take the chance to go to Llanview. "Not so fast Dr. Evans," Eli replied.

John and Natalie went over the turn of events in Tahiti, and John thought it was likely that Ross helped his brother out. Natalie pointed out that the shooting and fire had been accidental according to Blair, but John thought it was possible that Eli had set Blair up. Natalie wondered about the body and the identification that was found with it, and John had questions about that too. He noted that the photo of the wedding and the passport had only been charred around the edges, and that didn't make sense. Natalie asked how Eli might have worked things out, and John pointed out that the Tahitian police had released Ross.

He studied the gun and wondered out loud why Eli had allowed Blair to find it in the first place. He and Natalie re-created the scene and the possible struggle over the gun. Since John was larger and stronger, he naturally won custody of the gun. John felt that Eli had allowed himself to get shot. The pair decided that there had been blanks in the gun, even though Natalie reminded John that they had the bullet that had entered Eli, directly from the gun that had been used. John pronounced it possible that the bullet had not been recovered from Eli's body.

Natalie was surprised to hear that perhaps the body that was burned in the fire was not Eli's, and she realized that Eli had killed someone else. Either Eli or Ross had done the killing, John concluded. Things were intense, and Eli was smart, Natalie decided. She wondered why they had not been able to get the DNA results, and John explained that the brothers had taken care of it. John couldn't prove anything they had just worked out, and they needed to be prepared. Natalie wondered where Eli could be and who could be hurt next.

Dani explained that she had never seen Ross's bad side until the events that transpired in Seattle after Todd had shown up. Todd regretted that he hadn't known Dani when she was young, though Dani assured him that she thought of him as her father, especially after all he had done to help her and Nate. He asked if she would be able to call him dad.

Dani found it amusing and stated that dad was just a word. She wanted to try it out. "Dad," she said. She and Todd turned as Ross walked through the door.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rex found a disheartened Gigi working at Rodi's. She explained that her first day at Llanview University had been less than remarkable, and she felt defeated and miserable. The calculus class was over her head, and her philosophy class was incomprehensible. She pointed to a group of younger students sitting nearby and told him that not only could they text and type notes at the same time, but they understood everything that went on in class. "I'm done," she declared.

Rex suggested that Gigi drop the philosophy class and sign up for something else. He didn't want her to quit. Gigi was adamant that being a college co-ed was not her, and she felt humiliated. It was too far of a leap from her own life. Rex did his best to encourage her, and he thought it would be great for their son to see her succeed. Gigi asked how Shane would feel if she failed, but Rex suggested that it depended on what her next step would be. He promised to help her in any way he could.

"Please don't give up," he told her. In ten years she'd be able to look back and talk about the path she had chosen. Shane would love her no matter what, and Rex only wanted her to be happy. Gigi proclaimed that she wasn't happy, either waitressing or at school. Rex was positive she'd be able to find the right classes, and she agreed that was a possibility.

At a nearby table, Layla and Cristian discussed their final decision that involved both of them accepting their new positions in different countries. Layla was determined to have her dream wedding and wanted to put off their marriage until she had her year of being a "bridezilla." Cristian reluctantly agreed to wait, though he had his doubts about their living apart for an entire year.

Layla was disappointed because she thought they had already agreed to be apart for a year. Cristian admitted he had thought about it a little longer, but Layla played up all of the benefits they would each obtain. They made a pact to have an online chat every single night, and they thought it would work out if they really wanted it to. Layla guaranteed that she would return.

Layla and Cristian wanted a bottle of champagne, because they wanted to celebrate not getting married. Rex and Gigi were confused but they shared in the toast with the happy couple. Layla and Cristian toasted their new positions, and Gigi toasted her start at school. She declared that she would "restart" the next day. Layla suggested she take Cristian's class, and that seemed promising. Rex's toast was a wish for his next profitable case.

Bo and Nora sat a table in the Palace and waited for Dorian to show up for a budget meeting. They were both surprised when Inez showed up and apologized for being late. She had just received the message about dinner with Mr. Buchanan, but she wasn't prepared to take notes. Clint appeared and explained that the message was from his secretary, and he was sorry that she hadn't been clear. He was the one who wanted to take Inez to dinner. She was reluctant but finally accepted his invitation. "Well, well, well," was all that Nora was able to mumble.

As Nora crunched numbers, Bo was deep in thought. He barely acknowledged Nora's comments as he watched Inez and Clint at another table. They laughed out loud and appeared to be having a good time. Bo thought Clint had "sandbagged" Inez, but Nora pointed out that things certainly didn't seem that way. She wondered why Bo seemed upset about the dinner date. "It's odd," Bo said. He couldn't figure out why Clint would want to go out with Bo's assistant.

Nora thought it was nice to see Clint with a "normal girl" who had not just gotten off of a pole. She thought they owed it to Clint. Bo was stymied and mentioned that he was also concerned with the internship that Clint had just offered to Matthew. All of a sudden, Clint was around, Bo noted.

Inez was ill at ease and admitted that she wasn't sure about the etiquette of the situation. She was out with her boss's brother, and she was concerned about her job. She considered herself expendable, and she really needed the work. Clint informed her that Bo was married to Clint's ex-wife, and Inez was surprised, since she wasn't up on town gossip. He and his brother had been through a lot, Clint added, but he thought that Bo and Nora belonged together. It had all worked out. He admitted that the evening was turning into one of the nicest he'd had in a while.

Dorian remained in bed at La Boulaie and continued to read David's MyFace page. She flew under the blankets when Kelly walked in and announced that Dorian was due at a meeting. Dorian was determined to remain in her house even though Kelly tried to persuade her that her constituents and her fellow government personnel needed her.

Kelly didn't think her aunt should feel embarrassed in public, because it was David who had walked out. Dorian admitted that she didn't want to be pitied, and she was able to sense that other people looked at her that way. She knew the Buchanans were gushing with it. Kelly was sure that both Bo and Nora had other things on their minds. She pulled the blankets from the bed and threatened to expose Dorian in a Sun cover story, complete with doctored photos. She had already taken care of Dorian, and it was time for Dorian to leave the comfort of her home.

Dorian wondered where her "compassionate angel" had gone, and insisted that she wanted to stay in her bed. Kelly was afraid that her aunt's new routine would start to feel too normal to her, and she would turn into a "crazy cat lady who collected tin foil and string."

Kelly finally managed to get Dorian up and out of the house. They strolled into the Palace with a sense of purpose, and Dorian sat down with Bo and Nora. Kelly excused herself. Dorian advised the couple that she wanted them to slash twenty percent from their budget, an amount that Nora was unwilling to compromise on. As the trio disagreed about the effects of a budget cut, Dorian imagined that Bo and Nora were actually talking and laughing about her.

"Can you imagine my handsome young son married to that?" Dorian thought she heard Bo say. He couldn't believe that he was almost Dorian's father-in-law, she thought she heard him add. Dorian imagined she heard the couple make several rude comments, and she called them on it. Needless to say, they were perplexed.

Suddenly, her voice grew loud, and Dorian yelled, "How dare you?" She heard them, and they had shown their true natures, she accused them. The other restaurant patrons paused to stare, and Dorian poured a drink onto both Bo and Nora. Clint began to smirk, and Kelly rushed over to help. Clint advised Inez that all of the Kramer women were "loosely packed." He sensed that it was time for Dorian to unravel. Kelly finally managed to drag her aunt out of the restaurant.

Bo thought that Dorian had snapped and lost her mind. Inez was sympathetic and thought that Dorian obviously had a broken heart. Clint walked up to Bo and stated that Bo's son had done a "number" on Dorian. He said that David "always was and always would be worthless trash." Bo interjected that "it takes two."

In the St. Kitts hospice, Eli advised Greg that he wanted someone he could trust to check him out. He had work to do in Llanview and needed to get on a plane as soon as possible. Greg examined him, and Eli admitted that he still had pain from the beam that had crashed down upon him. Eli was willing to accept some pain medication, but Greg assured him that a headache would only be the least of Eli's problems.

He proceeded to test Eli with some questions that Eli couldn't answer, and a toss of a ball that Eli couldn't catch. Eli agreed that he was slow and, though hesitant, accepted Greg's offer to do some further testing. When Greg was finished, he made Eli aware that there was a problem. Eli had a subdural hematoma, a pool of blood in his brain. There was pressure building up, and in the worst-case scenario, Eli could die. He needed to be monitored and could require surgery, Greg concluded. Eli was doubtful and ordered Greg to just do the surgery. Greg tried to explain that Eli should remain in bed, though Eli was adamant that he get on a plane right away.

That was impossible, Greg indicated. The plane would create havoc with the problem in Eli's head. Suddenly, Eli asked if Greg just wanted to prevent him from reaching Llanview. Eli had something to collect in that town, because his brother would be getting something valuable.

Dani and Todd were stunned to see Ross walk into the house, and Dani ran to him as he exclaimed, "Daddy's here." She gave him a big hug and told him how thrilled she was to see him. Todd stood by and had a sarcastic comment for everything that Ross said. Todd picked up the phone and called the police. He wanted to report that a fugitive was there and asked to speak to Bo. Dani begged Todd to hang up the phone. Todd accused Ross of having "some nerve" showing up, and he thought it would have been better if Ross had remained dead.

As Dani continued pleading with Todd, he finally agreed to give her two minutes with Ross. He wanted to know, though, how Ross had helped his crazy brother. Ross denied aiding Eli and claimed to be as shocked as anyone at what Eli had done. His brother claimed to have changed his name due to a bankruptcy. He had never known his brother growing up, and he admitted that Eli was "messed up." Other than Dani, Eli was his only family. Dani told Ross that he still had her. At that point, Todd determined that time was up, and he ordered Ross to leave.

Ross declared that he wouldn't leave without his daughter. Todd retorted that she was not Ross's daughter. Ross was sorry that he had sent Dani away, and said he was the one she grew up with. He was her real father in every sense of the word. The men continued to argue back and forth as Dani stood between the two of them. Ross insisted that his entire life was about Dani.

Todd asserted that Ross had no legal right to Dani, but Ross announced that the law was on his side. "Téa put it there," he proclaimed. Todd and Dani exchanged baffled looks as Ross removed some papers from his pocket. He had a copy of Téa's will, and it was signed and notarized. She knew that Dani belonged with him because he loved her as much as Téa did, Ross said. He was Dani's legal guardian.

Kelly and Dorian returned to La Boulaie, and Dorian headed straight to her bed. Kelly wondered what had happened. Dorian responded that both Bo and Nora had insinuated that Dorian had gotten what she deserved. She quickly turned to her computer to read David's latest MyFace update.

Everyone at the Palace said goodbye. Bo caught Clint accessing the computer with his phone, and Clint claimed to be updating a page for business purposes. Clint wanted Bo and Nora to stay for dessert.

Layla had to pack, and Cristian had to get ready for his new class to begin. Gigi's shift was over and she wanted to sign up for Cristian's class. She thanked Rex for not giving up on her. Soon after, Kelly walked in and offered Rex a job. She would pay him double, and she wanted him full-time. She asked him to search for David.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

At Rodi's, Kelly asked Rex to search for David, but Rex was reluctant. He didn't understand how his search could benefit Dorian, who he knew hated David for abandoning her, but he swiftly changed his tune when Kelly told him the job meant a free trip to Europe. Rex asked Kelly if she thought Dorian wanted David back despite his MyFace boasts of numerous female conquests, and Kelly said that Dorian was through with David -- she felt all Mayor Lord really needed was payback, so as not to continue to feel powerless. Kelly explained that she wanted David dragged back to Llanview so Dorian could woo him and make him beg for Dorian to take him back, only to dump him once and for all.

Rex was skeptical of the plan, but Kelly felt confident that it would give Dorian the closure she needed. She feared Dorian's behavior at the Palace was symptomatic of the Cramer family's mental illness, and worried that Dorian's depression could lead to a downward spiral if not properly treated. Rex wondered if Kelly herself was crazy, and warned her that chasing David around the world would cost her. Kelly reminded Rex that David was updating his MyFace page seemingly every hour, and said she had faith in Rex's abilities as a detective. Rex couldn't believe Kelly was willing to spend a fortune just so Dorian could find David and dump him again, but Kelly was determined to quell her beloved aunt's despair before it led to something even worse.

Rex told Kelly her money was too good to refuse, and took the job -- he would find David Vickers, wherever in the world he was. He explained that he needed the money to help boost the Balsom family finances with Gigi back in school; he wanted to have more funds ready in case Gigi's tuition cost more than she bargained for. "You know something, Balsom, you're okay," Kelly marveled. "Gigi's a lucky girl." Kelly and Rex sealed the deal with a handshake, and Kelly asked him where he would start in his search for David. Rex said he would start where he always started: "Family."

At the St. Kitts hospice, Elijah told Greg that his "something valuable" was a girl. Greg immediately deduced that Eli was talking about Danielle, and Eli explained that his plan had led to Ross and Todd clashing over Téa's will, which disputed who custody of Dani would go to after Téa's death. Greg asked if Eli and Ross had been working together all along, and Eli said that after the police had foiled his original plan, he had adapted and targeted Dani, the most lucrative option available. "Todd Manning will pay dearly to hold onto his little girl," Eli declared, and said that he had swapped Téa's will for a forgery, which she had signed, and which had given custody over to Ross without her realizing it.

Greg asked Eli if he was planning to ransom Dani to Todd and split the proceeds with Ross. "Something like that," Eli admitted. Greg was outraged, and told Eli that his scam wasn't what Téa had wanted for her daughter; he was playing with a grieving, traumatized girl's life, a girl he claimed to love. Eli reminded Greg that it was a little late to display "moral qualms" after what he had done to Téa. "Téa isn't -- " Greg began, then trailed off. "...What?" Eli asked.

Recovering, Greg told Eli that Téa wasn't an issue anymore; however, Danielle was an innocent, and didn't deserve to be part of his scheme. Rising from his hospital bed, Eli calmly said Greg didn't have to be a part of Eli's plan; he could turn around, walk out the door, and forget all about Eli. But, he added, it would be much wiser for Greg to help fix Eli up and accomplish Eli's goals, and then Eli promised never to bother Greg again. "We both know that's not an option," Greg muttered, and Eli called him a smart man.

Greg asked how Ross would manage to take Dani and walk out of Llanview, given his wanted status. "I've taken care of that," Eli replied. Greg agreed to help Eli, but warned that Eli needed to stay in the hospice and recover from his subdural hematoma. Eli asked how long he would have to convalesce, and accused Greg of stalling his plans. Greg warned Eli that if he pushed, his hematoma would burst and he would die instantly.

Eli agreed to trust Greg's diagnosis, and Greg prepared to head back to Llanview for Téa's memorial service. "Give Téa my respects, too," Eli cracked. "Oh, and Doc? I hope you're not trying to play me." "Why would I do that?" Greg asked, frightened. Eli replied that he didn't know, but warned the doctor of the consequences if he ever did attempt to double-cross Eli.

Back in Llanview, Ross confronted Todd and Danielle at Todd's house, and informed them that Téa's will named him as Dani's legal guardian. Todd didn't believe it was possible, and Ross presented him with the signed documents legitimizing the claim. Dani was shocked, and Ross told her that it had been a surprise to him, as well, but he knew that it was what Téa had wanted for her. Todd was sure it was a mistake, and reacted violently when Ross embraced Dani. He ordered Ross to let go of his daughter and get out of his house.

Dani asked how they could be sure the will was real, and Ross explained that Eli had drawn up the document prior to Téa's passing, an answer that elicited jeers from Todd. Ross reminded Todd that Eli had been a lawyer first, serial killer second, and claimed his brother had executed Téa's wishes to the letter. Confused, Danielle was unsure of the truth, and Todd demanded Ross fess up to his copy of the will being another con job by the Rayburn brothers. But Ross pleaded his innocence, and said that he hadn't known anything about the will prior to Eli and Téa's deaths. Hugging Dani, he told her how sorry he was about his ex's untimely demise, as Todd looked on, baffled.

At La Boulaie, Dorian sat in bed with her laptop, fuming over David's alleged MyFace updates. His latest told of a "hot night in Hamburg -- this is some foxy frauleins!" "What, David?" Dorian scoffed, disgusted. "No overt details?" There was a knock at the door, and Blair entered the bedroom, immediately informing her aunt that she didn't want to talk about Eli or Tahiti, but instead Téa's memorial service. Blair wanted the Cramers to open their home and their hearts to Dani as an honorary member of the family, and hoped to have the reception after Téa's service at La Boulaie.

Noticing Dorian hiding under the covers, Blair confronted her and asked what was wrong. Emerging from her cocoon, Dorian recounted her altercation at the Palace with Bo and Nora, and groused about how humiliated she'd felt; she blamed Kelly for making her face the world too soon. Blair wasn't surprised, and suspected that Dorian was exhibiting symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Dorian realized that Blair had been having a terrible month, as well, particularly her situation with Eli, her serial killer groom -- "Operas have been written about less," the elder Cramer noted. Blair said that the one-two punch of Eli's betrayal and Téa's death had nearly crippled her, but working on Téa's service kept her sane, and gave her a much-needed distraction from her grief and pain.

Blair said Dorian needed her own distraction from David's rejection, and ordered her to stop sitting around wallowing in self-pity. She asked Dorian to help her plan Téa's service, for Dani's sake. Dorian told Blair that she was welcome to hold the service at the house, but Dorian wouldn't be there; however, Blair insisted on all the Cramers in residence being present. Blair said that it was a "family thing," and from then on, they would all be obligated to Dani, in accordance with Téa's dying wish for Blair to raise the girl.

Just then, Todd called Blair and told her it was an emergency, and he needed her right away. Blair rushed off to deal with Todd's latest crisis.

At Todd's, Ross told Danielle he had missed her very much. "I missed you too," Dani replied, uncertain. "We're gonna be together forever," Ross promised, and said they would finally have the life together Téa had wanted them to have. Sulking in the doorway, Todd asked Ross how that would be possible with Ross's wanted status in Seattle.

Blair arrived and was stunned to see Ross back in the States. She asked how he had escaped custody in Tahiti, and Todd presented her with Téa's will naming Ross as Dani's father. Blair didn't understand what she was reading; she knew what Téa had wanted, and she was positive Téa had asked for Todd to get custody with Blair as backup legal guardian. Ross replied that Blair was still in the document, but he would be primary custodian instead of Todd. Neither Todd nor Blair bought Ross's argument, and as they bickered with the con man, Danielle grew hysterical, asking them who she was to live with, and who her mother had wanted to raise her.

Blair soothed Danielle, and told Ross that she didn't care what was written in the will -- she had promised Téa she would be a mother to Dani, and that was exactly what she would do. "Call the cops, Todd," she ordered, and Todd complied. Ross begged him to stop, and asked him to think of Dani. Dani pleaded with Todd, reminding him of his promise to let Ross go free, but Todd said he no longer had a choice.

At the Palace Hotel, Renee let John and Natalie into Eli's old suite on police business. She wasn't sure what was left for them to investigate with Eli dead, but John claimed it was merely a routine follow-up. After Renee left them alone, Natalie asked John why they hadn't told Renee the truth about their search for a DNA sample. John explained that there was no need to scare anyone until they acquired proof of whether Eli was dead or alive.

As the crime-busting couple combed the room, they found themselves stymied; Natalie couldn't find a single trace of Eli, but John was sure that no criminal got away clean. Natalie said that even if they found something of Eli's, they would have to compare it against the burnt corpse in Tahiti. John informed her that they weren't going to Tahiti together, because Natalie wasn't going anywhere. Natalie told her beau that he needed her forensics expertise, but John reminded her that she was pregnant, and didn't need to be flying or taking any unnecessary risks, even in her first trimester. Natalie couldn't imagine what risks there were -- she was pregnant, not an invalid -- and asked John what was the worst that could possibly happen.

As John grew silent and morose, Natalie realized her mistake, and acknowledged his fear of history repeating itself in a miscarriage like John and Marty's recent loss. She apologized for putting her foot in her mouth, but John said she hadn't done anything wrong, and he simply didn't want her to be reckless. "Me?" Natalie quipped. Turning serious, she promised to stay behind for his sake; she understood his concern, and she was touched that he cared so much. Natalie promised John that the baby would be first, always.

Just then, John's phone rang, and Todd ordered him to help deal with Ross Rayburn. Exasperated, John made tracks for Todd's house.

Natalie continued to search Eli's room alone, but Renee interrupted her and had hoped to congratulate both John and Natalie on Natalie's pregnancy. She told Natalie how much the baby would have meant to Asa, who had always known Natalie was a true Buchanan with a good head on her shoulders. Renee warned Natalie that the baby would be one tough cookie, "one half Buchanan, one half McBain." Natalie said she was proud to carry Asa's great-grandchild, and admitted she missed him terribly. Renee told her that Asa would live on in Natalie's "little one."

Natalie was irritated at the lack of clues in the room, and told Renee it was as though Eli had never even been in the suite. She was sure she was missing a vital clue. Renee bemoaned Eli's two-faced nature, and said he had seemed like such a nice man, even when he and Blair were demolishing furniture in their sexcapades; in fact, he had passed out envelopes and tipped all the hotel staff on his way out of town in thanks for their help in cleaning up the mess. Her interest piqued, Natalie asked Renee if the envelopes had been sealed, and if there were any left. When Renee said one envelope was still unclaimed, Natalie asked for it, and said it could be very important.

Later, Natalie was alone in the darkened suite, bagging Eli's sealed envelope. She envisioned Eli sitting at his desk, licking the envelope closed. "That's our DNA evidence," she said triumphantly. It was just as John had told her -- no one got away clean, and there was always one fatal mistake.

In the Palace restaurant, Clint and Inez attempted to tempt Bo and Nora into staying longer for their dinner by dangling the promise of Nora's favorite dessert, baked Alaska. Bo quickly took his wife aside, suspicious of Clint's motives. Nora, still preoccupied by the prospect of baked Alaska, was sure Clint was merely hoping to reach out to them. "Plus, it's baked Alaska!" she reasoned. "Why didn't you tell me you wanted baked Alaska?" Bo groused. "We could've ordered it ourselves!"

Nora didn't see the harm in Clint's overtures towards Matthew and Inez, and Bo finally relented in the face of her reasoning. Turning to Clint, he agreed to stay, only for Inez to inform the trio that she had to leave and tend to Nate. Clint asked her to stay longer, but Inez thanked him for the night out. Clint told her he hoped they could do it again.

As Inez left, Clint blamed Bo for scaring off his date with the obvious tension between the three of them. "That's not fair," Nora replied, but Clint needled Bo, asking if he had overstepped his bounds with his brother and his ex-wife by offering a hand to both Bo's son and new assistant. Bo snapped that he wasn't angry at all, and asked what more Clint wanted from him after he had let Matthew take the job at Buchanan Enterprises. Clint asked if Bo was fine with his courtship of Inez as well. Fuming, Bo insisted he had no objection; Inez was a grown woman and could make her own choices.

Stressing the baked Alaska, Nora persuaded Bo to stay and finish their meal. Just then, Rex arrived and asked the Buchanan brothers if they knew where David was. When Rex explained that Kelly had hired them to find the wayward Buchanan scion, Clint's ears perked up, and he asked what Kelly wanted with David. Rex said that Kelly felt Dorian needed to find a way past her grief over David, and Nora agreed that Dorian was falling apart.

Bo told Rex he didn't have any idea where David was, and didn't expect to hear from his prodigal son. Nora invited Rex to stay for some baked Alaska. "Yeah, I love things that are flaming!" Rex replied excitedly, but his face fell when he realized he was still "on the clock" and had to get back to work. As Rex left the dining area, Clint quickly told Bo and Nora he was taking his leave, as well, and departed.

With Clint gone, Bo and Nora sat alone at their table, with Nora lamenting the loss of her promised baked Alaska. Bo seethed over Clint's insinuation into their lives, and told Nora he felt Clint was getting "too close for comfort." Nora felt Clint was merely hoping to normalize the situation between the three of them and stop making them his enemies, and told Bo they needed to encourage Clint's generosity. Bo agreed, but warned Nora that she also needed to stop feeling guilty about leaving Clint -- they were married, and happy, and what was done was done. Glad for it, Nora gave Bo a kiss.

Bo and Nora were startled to realize Clint had stiffed them with the check for dinner. Bo was irritated at the exorbitant amount Clint had spent on wine for him and Inez, but Nora said Clint had every right to pursue the fetching single mom. However, Bo still couldn't help but think Clint was attempting to stick it to them. "He did," Nora said, eyeing the check. "And I don't blame him."

In the lobby, Clint intercepted Rex on his way out of the hotel. He suggested that everyone in Llanview would be better off if David stayed gone, and reminded Rex that David was a reckless, destructive troublemaker. He was sure Dorian would be much better off without her ex. When Rex noted Clint's extreme dislike of his newfound nephew and recalled Clint's outburst at Bo and Nora's wedding, Clint agreed that he had good reason to hate David for costing him his marriage to Kim. As Clint stormed off, he told Rex that if he ever saw David again it would be too soon.

Back at La Boulaie, Kelly knocked before entering Dorian's room, bearing apologies. She was sorry she had forced Dorian to face the public so soon. Dorian primly accepted Kelly's penitence, but said the only thing that could make her feel better was telling David off. "What if you could?" Kelly asked.

"Kelly dear, keep it real," Dorian sighed, and said that David was long gone, globetrotting around the world; she couldn't face him even if she wanted to. Kelly asked Dorian to pretend that Kelly was David, and channel her anger into Kelly. Dorian said she didn't need "psychobabble" to deal with her problems, but Kelly insisted it would be therapeutic to get revenge on the man who had broken her heart twice over. "Don't tempt me," Dorian growled. "I wanna deck the guy." "Okay," Kelly replied. "Slug me!"

Grabbing a throw pillow for protection, Kelly urged the reluctant Dorian to attack her as though she were David. Launching into an imitation of David, Kelly listed David's many youthful conquests, and called Dorian a "battleaxe" David was glad to be rid of. Dorian's temper boiled over and she slammed her fist into the pillow over Kelly's midsection, causing Kelly to fall back onto the bed. Dorian rushed to Kelly's side, apologizing for her outburst, but a breathless Kelly insisted that it was fine, and asked if Dorian felt better. Dorian said she did, and gave her niece a high-five.

Dorian told Kelly that her pillow fight was her only solace, as she would never be able to confront David for real with him traveling across Europe. "You never know," Kelly mused. "Life is full of surprises."

Back at Todd's house, Dani was furious that Todd had called the cops on Ross. Todd and Blair struggled to calm her, but Dani clung to Ross, fearful that he would be sent back to prison. Ross consoled her as Dani told him that he was her dad who had raised her; he was all she had left with her mother gone. Blair reminded Dani of what Ross had done to them in Seattle, but Dani said that her foster dad had been desperate. Blair told her to take a long, hard look at Ross; he had doctored Téa's will, and what he was doing was wrong.

Dani begged Ross to flee before the police arrived, but Ross told her that Todd and Blair were right; he needed to face the music for his crimes and move forward. Holding Dani, he promised never to turn his back on her again. Todd didn't buy his "noble act," and said Ross was only afraid of being apprehended once more.

John arrived with a uniformed officer, who handcuffed Ross. Todd showed John Téa's "will," and ordered Ross to be charged with fraud. As John alerted the Seattle police to Ross's arrest, the strangely calm Ross told Dani everything would be fine. Blair wanted to take Dani back to La Boulaie, but Dani insisted on remaining with Ross until she found out the truth about Téa's last wishes.

Getting off the phone, John gave Todd and Blair bad news: there were no outstanding warrants for Ross in Seattle, as the charges against him had been dropped. Todd blamed Eli's legal chicanery, and he and Blair demanded justice. "That son of a bitch is guilty!" Todd yelled. John said there was nothing he could do, and told Ross he was free to go. Ross smiled at Dani as he was uncuffed.

Powerless, Todd and Blair watched as Ross and Dani hugged. Ross told Dani he had missed her terribly. "Come on," he said. "I'm gonna take you home."

Thursday, September 16, 2010

At Rodi's, James and Ford talked about everything Ford had done to try to get Langston back. James assured his brother that he would find someone new. Starr and Cole walked in, happy to have a night out. James spotted them, and Ford assured his brother that he would also find someone new. Ford asked his brother if he wanted to go somewhere else, but James said he would be all right. At the same time, Starr told Cole that they could go somewhere else, but Cole insisted he would be all right.

Starr informed Cole about all that had happened with Ford and Jess. Starr couldn't believe that Ford had almost convinced Langston that he had changed. Starr reminded Cole that, even though Ford wasn't teaching her class anymore, she would still be in class with James. Cole was all right with it because he trusted in their love.

At La Boulaie, Langston was looking for Dorian, but only found Kelly. Kelly offered her help, so Langston explained how close she had been to giving Ford a second chance, until she found out that Ford might be the father of Jessica's baby. Langston was surprised to learn that Kelly already knew about it, but both agreed that they were just worried about Jessica. Langston said that, despite that part of her that hated Ford, there was a part of her that wanted him back.

Kelly thought that, just like Dorian, Langston needed closure. Dorian was in no shape to help Langston, but Kelly gave Langston a piece of advice that Dorian would approve of: "Don't get mad, get even." Kelly left to check on Dorian as Langston took out her phone. She called Ford and told him that she needed to see him. She wanted to meet him at his place and said that if he'd ever cared about her, he'd say yes. He said yes and gave James, who knew it was Langston, money to get dessert. "I may have a chance after all!" Ford said happily, and left.

As Starr left the table to call the babysitter, Cole went over to James and asked why he was still there. James assured Cole he understood the message when Cole had talked to him earlier. Starr returned and overheard. Covering for Cole, James promised Starr that Cole just wanted to make sure nothing was going to happen between James and Starr, and that Cole couldn't have been more polite about it. Starr and Cole went back to their table, and Starr once again assured him that he was the only guy for her. They shared a kiss, which James unhappily witnessed.

Also at Rodi's, Gigi told Rex that she had signed up for Cristian's art class, but the supplies were very expensive. Rex explained that he would help her out because Kelly had hired him for another case. "How many dead mothers does she have?" Gigi wondered. Rex assured her that she had no reason to be jealous because Kelly was just a client. Gigi countered that Kelly had seen Rex without clothes more frequently recently than Gigi had.

Rex told her about how Kelly wanted to find David so Dorian could get closure. Gigi thought Kelly just wanted to see Rex without clothes again, but Rex reassured her. He explained that he had a lead, so he had to go.

Recognizing James from school, Gigi walked over and asked him if he had applied for the grant they had talked about. James said he hadn't because his brother was a member of the faculty, so he got a full ride. Gigi returned to the bar and began to calculate how she would pay for the art supplies she needed. Just then, Starr and Cole got up and left Rodi's. Starr gave James a long look that he didn't see and walked out.

As Ford tried on different shirts, there was a knock on the door. He quickly chose a shirt and answered the door to Langston, who immediately kissed him. She explained that she believed that he had changed, and she wanted a real relationship with him. She didn't care what her family said about it because she had strong feelings for him. She said she was happy that they could be together since he wasn't teaching her class anymore, even though she knew he was. He told her that he was teaching it, but that they would work it out.

Ford promised that he wouldn't mess it up again. Langston had to get home because she didn't want their relationship to be all "quickies," like the last time. She said she'd see him the next day and kissed him. After he closed the door, she walked over to a nearby plant and removed a camera from it. She replayed what it had recorded -- Ford kissing her -- and left, satisfied.

Todd informed Ross that he wasn't leaving with Dani. John looked at Téa's will and said there was a problem. Ross couldn't take Dani until all the confusion about the will was sorted out. John left it up to Todd, Blair, and Ross to figure out what to do with Dani for the time being. As John walked out, he told the officer with him to follow Ross and keep track of what he did.

As Todd and Ross argued over Dani, she stopped them, annoyed that they were talking about her like she wasn't there. She wanted everyone to listen to what she had to say, and Blair assured her that they were all listening. Dani told Ross that she couldn't go with him because she had friends in Llanview, and that Téa's memorial was coming up. Blair invited Ross to the memorial, which he accepted.

Obviously faking niceness for Dani's benefit, Todd offered for Ross to stay at the Palace on him. He hugged Dani, and Blair walked him out. She told him that if Eli had drafted the will, it probably wasn't valid. Ross left, and the officer followed him. Dani was tired and said she wanted to go to bed. Todd asked Blair what he was supposed to do. She said the best thing was to get the best lawyer. Todd gave her a look, and she said, "Second-best lawyer." Blair gave Todd a drink. As Dani listened in, he said that he wouldn't lose his daughter.

As Natalie stood outside of John's apartment, Jess and Brody walked up. Jess was appreciative that Natalie had helped Brody after he'd found out about Ford. Jess showed Natalie her new engagement ring, and the two excitedly hugged. Jess went into Brody's apartment, and Brody told her he had a "work thing" to talk to Natalie about. Brody informed Natalie that he had decided that he wouldn't tell Jess about what had happened between him and Natalie.

Back at La Boulaie, Kelly made sure Langston was gone and called Jess. She asked Jess if everything was all right with Brody. Jess told her that Brody had been upset at first, but decided that he could accept the child if it turned out to be Ford's. Jess confided that she wasn't sure if she could accept things if the situation were reversed. As Kelly undressed for a bath, Jess thanked Kelly for all of her support. Jess hoped Kelly would find someone as amazing as Brody.

John entered and congratulated Brody on his engagement, and Brody went into his apartment. He overheard the nice things Jess said about him. After Jess hung up, he gave her a book about "knowing your child." She was very appreciative and the two began to make love.

Kelly, in a towel, walked out of Dorian's room and was startled to see Rex. Her towel fell to the floor as Rex shielded his eyes. Through Dorian's bedroom door, Rex explained that Jack had sent him up. Kelly exited the room in a robe and asked if he had found David. Rex thought that Clint had something to do with it, but asked Kelly if he should drop it, since Clint was Zane's great-grandfather. Kelly said that Dorian was her family, too, so he shouldn't drop it. Rex asked if Kelly could get him into Buchanan Enterprises after hours to look at Clint's records, and she agreed. The two shook hands, and Rex left.

At John's apartment, Natalie asked John what had happened at Todd's. John explained that Ross had returned and that Eli had gotten all the charges against Ross dropped. He told her about how Téa's will had been changed to say that Ross would get custody of Dani. He related that Téa had made a mess of things by lying about who Dani's father was.

Natalie told John about how she had found an envelope, possibly with Eli's DNA on it. They could compare it with the DNA of the charred body in Tahiti. John didn't like leaving Natalie, but they needed to find Eli before he hurt anyone else. They talked more about work and their plans for how to go about handling the case. John put his files down and made Natalie close her computer, and the two began to make love.

Friday, September 17, 2010

In Ford's office at the university, James asked if Bobby was still the teacher of the advanced writing class, because James knew that Ford and Langston had "hooked up." Bobby told James to never give up, because if Langston could return to Ford, anything was possible. Ford insisted that he was serious about Langston. Bobby also claimed that it was good that their mom was in Llanview, so that he could see "why I am like I am." When James questioned why Langston had given Ford a second chance, Bobby answered that Langston had taken "a leap of faith."

Starr signed the book at Téa's memorial service. When Blair revealed that she had once heard Téa singing "Dancing Queen," Starr stated that she had not known that Téa was an ABBA fan. Blair had hoped that the memorial would have helped Todd deal with Téa's death, only Ross had taken Dani away.

At the ceremony, after Todd requested that Shaun "do a hit" for him, Shaun warned Todd to behave. Otherwise, Shaun would kick Todd out of the memorial service.

Langston commented that Blair had done a great job with the arrangements but regretted that Blair had dealt with the lies from Eli. "It's easy to believe someone, when you love them." Blair responded, "And that's a good lesson for you to learn about Ford." Langston stressed that she would never allow Ford to hurt her again. Langston then asked Blair if a part of her wished that Eli were still alive, so that Blair could make Eli as miserable as he had made her. Blair voiced, "Sweetheart, you have no idea."

Dani introduced Nate to Ross, who noted that Nate was his "little girl's boyfriend." When Dani admitted that she was embarrassed, Ross stated, "Hey, I'm your father. It's my right to embarrass you." As Nate asked Ross if he would remain in Llanview, Todd strode up and insisted that Ross would leave that night. When Ross told Todd that Téa's will had spelled out what was best for Dani, Todd blared, "Ah, that will was faked by your psycho brother. Oh, tell you, if he wasn't already dead, I'd kill him myself."

Ross reflected that the day was supposed to be about Téa, not Todd. Starr grabbed Todd's arm and pulled him aside. Starr stressed that the lawyers would fight the will, and that as for Ross, Todd would "blow him away." Starr reminded Todd that Ross had been Dani's only father for years and pleaded with Todd to do nothing. Starr believed that Dani should decide what to do to be happy.

Nate explained to Ross that he and Dani needed to return to school. Ross claimed that once the judge had dealt with the will, no attorney would be able to overturn it. As they left, Eli called Ross and claimed that Dani would be Ross's again and insisted, "Ross, that document is air-tight. No judge can change it." When Ross appreciated what Eli had done for him, Eli pointed out that he had done it as much for himself as he had for Ross.

Blair rushed up and demanded to know if a phone call was Ross's way to pay his respects to Téa. Ross explained that he had been talking to his attorney. Still on the phone, Eli guessed that it was Blair, and Ross stormed off into another room. "Yeah, who do you think? She wasn't too happy to see me either. I wonder why."

Dani told Starr that she needed to get away from "the dueling dads," and Starr understood completely. As Starr hugged Dani, she wished that Dani would stay in Llanview but knew that Dani had to arrive at a decision that would make her happy.

Starr and Langston ran into the university classroom late, and after a snaky remark, Ford started class. Dean McKenzie walked into the room and asked to speak to Ford in private. In the hall, the dean asked Ford if he were romantically involved with Langston, and Ford denied that he was still involved with her. Dean McKenzie showed Bobby the photos of a kiss between Ford and Langston. The dean reminded Ford of the school policy, which was "one strike and you're out," so she said that she would "have to let him go." Dean McKenzie walked back into the classroom and announced to the class that they would have a new professor for their next class session, due to Ford's inappropriate behavior with a student.

As they walked out of the classroom, Starr questioned why Ford would be with another student, since he had been trying to work things out with Langston, but Langston stormed off. Starr asked James if Langston had known about the other student. James replied, "You could say that." James then informed Starr that Ford had actually been with Langston.

Langston located Ford in the park. When Ford wondered who had taken the pictures of them together, Langston acted innocent. After Ford asked who had hated him enough to get him fired, Langston announced that she had.

As they strolled outside, Nate and Dani discussed Dani's two dads, and Nate reminded Dani that he did not have a dad. Dani speculated that she had a spare to give him but immediately realized that her comment had been a bad joke. Dani confirmed that the text had been from Ross and then explained about Téa's will, which had stated that Dani was to be with Ross. When Nate asked about her wishes, Dani thought that Nate was asking which father she would choose. Dani questioned if the will was "real" and just wanted to know what her mother would have wanted. Nate asked Dani again what she wanted.

Dani stated that, at one time, she had missed her dad, Ross, and had wanted him to take her from Llanview. But she said that she was not so sure about that anymore. Dani confessed that she had finally gotten to know "the real Todd," after he had shown that he would do anything for Téa. Dani realized that she did not want to leave Blair and her sister, Starr. Dani claimed that she loved Ross but did not want to give up everything -- and that included Nate.

Dani wished to have both of her dads in Llanview. Her desire was that Todd and Ross would get along, so that she could have both of her fathers. "More than that, more than anything, I wish my mom were still alive."

Blair insisted to Todd that they leave for the reception, but Todd asked for the chance to say one last goodbye to Téa. After Blair left, Todd confronted Ross and asked how much money it would take for Ross to go away, and to never hurt Dani. Todd demanded that Ross take the money, or Ross would be a dead man. Ross asked if he decided not take the money, whether Todd would kill him, and Todd pulled out a gun. "That's exactly what I'm going to do."

Ross wondered how Todd would be a father to Dani, while he was in prison, and Todd insisted that he would never be sent to prison. ""Yeah, while you were at the Palace, watching pay-per-view on my dime, I got the bill. Thanks a lot. I spoke to some people who work for me, and I have someone to dispose of your body. I've got a guy who will have your name on his passport, and a bunch of witnesses, who just saw me leave this memorial before you." When Ross mentioned that Todd was taking his time pulling the trigger, Todd reflected that he had pulled a trigger before. "So, what's it going to be? The money or the bullet?"

Blair walked into the room, as Todd pointed the gun at Ross. Blair begged Todd not to kill someone that Dani loved and asked if Todd really wanted to put Dani "through that kind of pain." Blair insisted that Téa's spirit was watching over them. "Don't do this to Dani. Don't let her lose somebody she loves, please."

Todd yelled for Ross to leave, before he changed his mind, and Ross ran out. Blair admitted that she would have preferred that Todd had shot Ross, but that she had remembered that she had made a promise to Téa to protect Dani. Blair cried that she always kept her promises.

From his hospital bed at St. Kitts, Eli called Greg, who was at Rodi's. When Eli asked if Greg would be on the next plane back, Greg insisted that he had needed more time, and that he had also needed to pay his respects to Téa. Eli demanded that Greg be on the next plane. "And I need you to give me a clean bill of health. I've got so much to do. And I am bored to death of being dead."

Greg announced that Eli's prognosis was not good, and that Eli had to remain in the hospital. Eli suspected that Greg had motives and warned Greg that he had better be on the next plane. Greg answered, "I will get there, when I get there," as Shaun walked up to his table.

When Greg offered to buy Shaun a drink, Shaun refused. Shaun asked Greg what was up with him, and Greg brushed off his telephone call and stated that he had just returned from Téa's memorial service. Shaun suspected that something else was going on, but Greg explained that he had regretted that he had to tell Todd and Dani that they had been too late to see Téa at the hospice. Shaun indicated that Greg had looked shady at the memorial and declared that he knew trouble, because that was his business. "I know how to keep people out of it. I know how to get them through it, when they're in it. And I can smell it twenty feet away."

Shaun insisted that he could help Greg out of his trouble. Shaun then glimpsed Téa's file on the table and questioned why Greg still had Téa's medical file with him. Greg claimed that he had the file to verify that he had not missed anything with her condition. When Shaun refused to believe him, Greg begged Shaun to "stay out of it" for Shaun's and Destiny's sakes. Greg warned that Shaun would put the three of them in danger if he did not back off. After Greg insisted that he could handle it, Shaun said, "If you need me, I'm there," and left.

Eli called Ross and stressed that it would only be a few more hours until the judge validated the will. Eli declared, "Soon you will be on your way to having everything you wanted, and so will I."

John and Natalie entered John's apartment, and after they sat on the couch, John rubbed Natalie's feet and asked her if she was okay. Natalie claimed that she just felt sad for Dani. Then Natalie announced that she had received a text message that had stated that the DNA from the burnt body was in, and she handed John a sonogram picture of the baby to take with him to Tahiti. When John revealed that he would not be traveling to Tahiti, because the Tahitian police had lost the body, Natalie cried that there was no evidence left to prove that Eli was alive. John said, "Not necessarily."

John held up a plastic bag and showed Natalie the wedding ring that Eli had put on the body and requested that Natalie get DNA evidence off of the ring. When Natalie told John to accompany her to the lab, he handed Natalie her shoes.

When John and Natalie returned to their apartment, Natalie yawned, so John insisted that she take a nap. Natalie agreed to lie down but insisted that she would be unable to sleep until they received the DNA report that would reveal if Eli were dead or alive.

When John hung up his cell phone, Natalie leaped up in bed, while she claimed that she had not fallen asleep, and asked about the call. John responded, "That was the lab. Well, the DNA from Clarke's envelope doesn't match the ring." Natalie remarked, "So you were right." When John announced, "It wasn't Clarke's body," Natalie confirmed, "He's alive." John nodded.

Still at the memorial, with a picture of Téa in the background, as Blair looked above, she felt that Téa would be proud that Blair had stopped Todd from killing Ross. Blair said, "Well, I told Todd that I don't make promises that I can't keep. I know. We both know that that's not true, and that I would have said anything to make him put the gun down. Finally, I guess I really do believe that you are here. I'm standing here talking to you, aren't I? Yeah, well, girlfriend, if there ever was a time that we needed you, it's right now."

As Todd gazed at Téa's urn in another room at the memorial, Todd stated, "I never believe in promises anyway. The only truth that I know is that you left me. You died and left me. I don't want your spirit anyway. I want you. I want you standing here, right here, to tell me what a jackass I am. I couldn't last two minutes without you. I'd love to hear you say that. I'd let you say that. I could forgive you for saying that. I don't think that I can forgive you for dying on me. I can't do this. I can't do this without you, Téa. I want you back. Why don't you just come back to me? Just come back to me."

Greg grabbed a chart and walked into a hospital room. He adjusted a monitor and checked on Téa, as she lay in the hospital bed.

Todd yelled into the air, "Come back to me -- please!"

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