One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 6, 2010 on OLTL

Jessica confessed that Brody might not be the father of her child. Brody confronted Ford. Natalie decided not to tell John about her one-night stand with Brody. Dani and Todd received an urn with Téa's ashes. Someone sent Greg an anonymous text message, urging him to keep quiet. Clint asked Inez out on a date.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 6, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Due to the Labor Day holiday, ABC did not air an original episode of One Life to Live. This programming change was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 7, and pick up where the Friday, September 3 episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

At the Angel Square Hotel, Natalie knocked loudly on John's door, but he wasn't there. Roxy wandered by, her arms laden with clean towels. She stopped to open the door with her master key and disclosed that she had just returned from a visit to Schuyler at Statesville. Roxy wondered how life might have turned out if Schuyler had known she was his real mother. She hadn't known he was her son, either, and she had lied to Rex about his father, but everything had turned out all right. She was excited that Natalie would be having her sonogram that day, and she babbled on about John and Natalie until Natalie yelled at Roxy to shut up.

Natalie stated that everyone made mistakes, and Roxy agreed that the world would be a boring one if there weren't people making mistakes all of the time. Natalie smiled slightly, and Roxy was pleased to see that Natalie had cheered up some. Roxy asked about baby names and hoped that the baby would be named Roxanne if it turned out to be a girl. She felt somewhat responsible for the pregnancy because she was the one who had gotten Natalie and John back together. She was happy that Natalie hadn't done anything stupid that night. Natalie admitted that she had, but Roxy assumed it was something related to Natalie leaving Rodi's and almost getting on the plane the night the couple finally reconciled.

Jessica and Brody nervously waited for Dr. Wright so they could proceed to their sonogram appointment. Brody was filled with excitement, but the doctor finally appeared and asked to speak to Jessica alone. Brody was confused, but the doctor assured him that everything was okay. Alone with her patient, she wanted Jessica to be aware of the fact that Brody had asked questions about the Rh disease and had stated that he and Jessica were compatible, so there would be no need for any treatment. Dr. Wright had scheduled the procedure for the vaccine, and she promised that she wouldn't say anything about it in front of Brody. They should be concerned about the baby's health, she said, and she didn't want Jessica to be stressed about anything.

The sonogram proceeded, and Brody told the women how happy he was that the Rh factor wasn't an issue in Jessica's pregnancy. He bubbled over with happiness as they looked at the baby. "Look what we created out of love," he exclaimed. Jessica was close to tears as Brody continued to chatter, and he thanked the doctor for everything. After the doctor left the room, Brody expressed his amazement at seeing his child for the first time. He thought that Jessica might not understand, since she had a large family. Jessica was all that he had. He stated that no one would ever be able to take his baby away from him.

Jessica cried out that she couldn't do it anymore. She loved Brody more than anything, and she knew he would probably hate her. "This baby, there's a chance it might not be yours," she told him.

Rex and Gigi spread a blanket out on the ground at the quarry and looked forward to a day of relaxation. Rex had a surprise for Gigi, and he ran off to retrieve his special briefcase. He urged her to open it, and she found it filled with brand new school supplies. She was quite excited, but informed him that he was not to buy her a new computer. She would share their old one with Shane. It was all she would need along with Rex's support.

Gigi decided to spend the day filling out her grant application from school. It was called "Live and Learn Grant," she explained to Rex. She had to write about all she had done since she had been in school and why it was important. She hadn't done anything important for society, she sighed. Rex corrected her. She had been a mother and raised a child alone for ten years. That was the most important thing she could have done, he said gently.

Outside of the Buenos Dias Café, Greg tried unsuccessfully to reach Eli. He wanted Eli to get in touch with him so they could talk about Téa's death. Destiny approached him and asked about the call. As they headed inside, he explained that he had been playing "phone tag" with another doctor. Destiny wandered over to visit with Layla and Cristian, who had been having a discussion about their new jobs. She expressed sorrow for their loss, since she knew that Cristian had been friendly with Téa. The couple was unaware of Téa's death, and they were saddened that they hadn't been able to say goodbye to her. Destiny quickly let them know that Greg had been the only party present during Téa's last moments.

Greg awkwardly joined the group and admitted he was sorry that he hadn't been able to save Téa's life. Layla mentioned the latest news about Eli, and Greg was taken aback. He had worked with Eli in the courtroom, he stuttered. Claiming to have a surgery, he took off for the hospital before anyone could say anything.

Jack arrived at his father's house and gave Dani a hug. He was sorry about her mother's death, because he had truly adored Téa. He especially liked her more than Eli, he admitted. Quietly, Todd announced that Eli was not around any longer. Dani was stunned, though Todd was unable to provide many details. She noted that her father resided in Tahiti, but Todd quickly reminded her that he was her father. Eli was not who Dani thought he was, Todd stated.

Jack was quick to point out that he had nailed Eli as a psycho killer like the man in the movie he had seen. Todd noted that there were lots of people dead because of Eli. Dani could only shake her head in disbelief. She thought there had to be a misunderstanding, but Todd briefly told her about Eli's past, and his several identities, and missing wives. Todd was sympathetic as his daughter refused to accept the facts. She had trusted Eli, and he had turned out to be a murderer. She couldn't see why she should trust anyone, and she ran off. Jack asked Todd why he hadn't followed Dani, but Todd knew she needed her mother.

John accompanied Blair home from Tahiti and made sure that she was safely inside at La Boulaie. She told Kelly she was a new bride, a widow, and a murderer all at once, but she was happy to be home. She only wanted to take a long shower, because she felt dirty after being with Eli. She thanked John for everything and walked slowly upstairs. Kelly asked John for details, and he obliged. He was still waiting for information on the cause for Eli's death, he explained. The man had been "burned to a crisp," but Eli's personal effects had been recovered at the scene, along with the bullet in his shooting.

Kelly revealed that she was disappointed, since she had looked forward to telling Eli off in person. John thought that words were overrated, but Kelly supposed it would have made her feel better. Kelly's mom would have been proud of Kelly, John stated, and he wanted to thank Kelly too. They had nabbed Eli because of her. Kelly reminded him that she had made him mad during the investigation, but John assured her he was always mad. Kelly thought it was time she got back to her real life, since she had been sidetracked for so long.

Later, Blair descended the stairs after her shower, and Kelly asked her for more facts. Blair urged her cousin to say "I told you so," but Kelly swore she would never say such a thing. Blair thought otherwise, but she believed it was appropriate. Even Jack had warned his mother not to marry Eli. Kelly claimed that she'd merely had a few clues, and she had been lucky to learn the truth about Eli. Blair was grateful.

Kelly wondered if Eli had spoken about Melinda, and Blair admitted that she had been able to get Eli to confess to all of his crimes. Apparently, Melinda had shown a photo of Blair and Eli to Rodney, who had recognized Eli as Bennett Thompson. Melinda had called Blair to warn her, but had gotten Eli on the phone instead. Blair apologized for having Eli around their family, but Kelly assured her that she was a victim too. Blair asked that Kelly tell everyone that Blair was fine, but Blair needed to get to Dani. Kelly revealed that she had horrible news, too, and Blair guessed that it was about Téa. Kelly comforted her as Blair broke down in tears.

Blair couldn't believe how times had changed, and she was crying on Kelly's shoulder. Kelly pointed out that it was also strange to find that Blair and Téa had been friends. Blair apologized again for not believing Kelly's warnings about Eli, and Kelly shrugged. She had been worried about Blair, she told her cousin. Blair was sorry that she disliked the vase that Melinda had made, but it really had been ugly, she confided to Kelly. "A vase that only a daughter could love," Kelly said sadly, as Blair departed for Todd's house.

Just as Natalie started to correct Roxy's assumption, John walked in. He gave Natalie a huge hug, and Roxy warned him about Natalie's mood swings. She hugged and kissed the pair awkwardly and took a hint to leave. Blair's entire planned life with Eli had all been a lie, John said. Natalie asked John about his trip to Tahiti, and he told her about the latest turn of events. The cops had arrested Ross, because they had thought he was Eli. Natalie realized that Ross had been in on his brother's misdeeds. John was waiting for the medical examiner's report, but he agreed with Natalie's assessment of justifiable homicide, in the event that Eli had died from his bullet wound. John would want someone dead if they did "that" to him, he said adamantly.

Natalie was glad to hear that Blair wasn't physically hurt. Gruffly, John told her that Eli had committed his crimes just because he had wanted to stop the truth. "Lying never works," he said simply. Natalie nervously offered to change her doctor's appointment in the event that John was too tired to go, but he was excited and just wanted to take a shower. When he finished up, Natalie was sitting on the edge of the bed and sulking. He asked what was wrong, and she stood up. She had to tell him something, she said uneasily.

Rex decided to go for a swim and left Gigi to her application. Instead, he saw Kelly as she stood on the bridge with an urn filled with her mother's ashes. Kelly explained that Melinda had loved the quarry, and they had spent a special day there one time. It was a day when Melinda had been clear of mind, and Kelly had promised to take her back there some day. She "introduced" her mother to Rex and whispered that Rex had believed in them. Rex left Kelly alone and headed back to sit with Gigi, who had completed her application.

Kelly said goodbye to her mother and told her she loved her. She slowly poured her mother's ashes into the water.

Layla and Cristian continued to urge each other to accept their new jobs, even though Layla would be off to Paris while Cristian remained behind in Llanview. Each admitted they had asked for job deferments in order to please the other. They couldn't figure out what to do. Destiny overheard the conversation from her own booth nearby, and she turned to join in on the discussion. She compared the couple's dilemma to a science fiction book she was reading. The couple in the book were separated by time, though, with one person in the past, and the other in the present. She hadn't finished yet, so she was not familiar with the ending. She also couldn't remember if it was a romance or a tragedy.

Blair arrived at Todd's house, and Jack hugged his mother. He was glad she was okay, but he reminded her that he hadn't wanted her to marry Eli. He went to get Dani, and Blair had a moment alone with Todd. He was happy that she was back, and he was amused that she had shot Eli. She and Todd both admitted that they weren't really okay like they had been telling everyone. Dani and Jack returned, and Dani wondered if all she had heard about Eli were true. Blair told her it was, and he had fooled lots of people. She was there for Dani and sorry she had left in the first place. Dani assured her she was fine, but Blair knew she wasn't. "It all just sucks," Blair said as she wrapped her arms around the teen.

Shortly after, everyone left except for Todd. He wanted to wait for Greg, who was accompanying Téa's remains. He just needed Téa, and Dani needed Blair, he told his ex-wife. Blair expressed her sympathy for Todd's loss. Greg arrived as expected, but he didn't have Téa's ashes. He had something to tell Todd about Téa.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In John and Natalie's apartment, John asked Natalie what Brody had to do with their baby. Before Natalie could speak, there was a knock at the door. John told Natalie not to answer it, but Natalie expected Roxy butting in again and went to shoo her foster mom away. Instead, she found Marty waiting outside.

Welcoming the interruption, Natalie let Marty in. Embracing John, Marty told him she had heard all about Elijah, and thanked him for his efforts to nail the murderer of their unborn child. John confirmed that Eli had been killed in the fire in Tahiti, but wished he had been able to take the murderer back to Llanview to face the music. He told Marty that Eli had murdered their child simply to pull John out of Kelly's investigation, and blamed himself for allowing the baby to become collateral damage.

Marty assured John that he had done everything he could, and that the important thing was that Eli couldn't hurt them or their loved ones ever again. She was ready to move on, and suggested that John and Natalie had a very good reason to do the same. The truth would help her deal with her loss. Commenting on the awkwardness of the situation between the three of them, Marty told John and Natalie that despite everything, she was happy for them, and glad that John had a second chance at being a father. Natalie listened with trepidation to Marty's words of wisdom, and remained silent as John walked his ex-girlfriend out of the apartment.

Returning to Natalie, John told her they didn't have much time before the sonogram appointment, and asked her what she had to tell him about Brody and the baby. Stumbling over her words, Natalie managed to spin a cover story about how she had run into Brody at the obstetrician's office, and learned about Jessica testing their baby's Rh factor. Natalie claimed that she had been spurred by her encounter with Brody to think of all the things that could go wrong in a pregnancy, and asked if John was okay with the risks.

"I wouldn't say I'm okay with it," John philosophized, "but when life throws you a curve ball, you swing away." "So if something happens," Natalie began, wrestling with her secret. "...We deal with it," John finished, but said that all he was planning on was living his life with her and their child. Hugging Natalie, he told her nothing was going to get in the way of that dream.

However, Natalie remained uncertain about the future. She told John she was worried about Jessica's pregnancy as well as her own, and knew from past experience that anything could happen. John felt that there was no point living in fear and worrying constantly, but promised that he would do the worrying for "the three of us," as long as Natalie made the next nine months the happiest of their lives. As they embraced, Natalie told him he had a deal, and walked out of the apartment with John by her side.

Arriving at the hospital, John and Natalie met with Dr. Wright. As she signed in, Natalie noticed Jessica's signature above hers on the form, and was surprised to learn that Brody and her sister had a sonogram appointment on the same day. Dr. Wright assured her that all was well with Brody and Jessica's child, and led John and Natalie to an open exam room.

In another exam room, a less happy scene unfolded as Jessica told a shocked Brody that he might not be the father of her baby, and that she had slept with someone else. Weeping, she explained her indiscretion on prom night, and said she hadn't been in her right mind when she had made love with the wrong man. Brody couldn't believe someone would have taken advantage of Jessica in her fragile state, but even as Jessica took pains to hide her bedmate's identity, Brody quickly realized that she had slept with Ford when she had gone to Cristian's apartment that night.

Jessica explained that Ford had repeatedly denied the truth until she confronted him with his recent Hepatitis C test. She had blocked out their lovemaking, but Ford remembered it all. Stunned, Brody reasoned that since she had only been with Ford once, the lecherous professor might not be the baby's father. Brody's face fell when Jessica explained that she and Ford hadn't used protection.

Brody raged over Ford's irresponsible behavior, but Jessica said it was her fault as well; she had fled the truth about Cristian's love for Layla, and about her traumatic experience with Mitch. "You were fragile and Ford used that," Brody spat, disgusted. Jessica admitted that Ford had swayed her by saying all the right things. She had kept quiet about the possibility that the baby was Ford's, until she learned he was Rh-positive, and she hadn't wanted to hide the truth. Brody was stricken to realize that Dr. Wright knew the truth as well.

Brody stood in shell-shocked silence as Jessica explained that after seeing their baby for the first time during the sonogram, she hadn't been able to lie anymore. She couldn't bear to think what it would do to Brody if Ford were the father instead, and feared Brody wouldn't want anything to do with her or the child. Brody's face grew more and more downcast as Jessica said she knew he would never have kept such a secret if their situations were reversed. She still loved him and wanted to marry him, and promised that whether or not the baby was biologically his, she would still want Brody to be the child's father and wouldn't let Ford near it. "This is your baby," Jessica vowed through her tears, "and we love you, if you still want us."

Jessica begged Brody to say something. Dumbstruck, Brody finally told her he had to go and fled the exam room, ignoring her pleas for him to return. Sobbing, Jessica stared at the sonogram photograph of her baby.

In another exam room, Dr. Wright led John and Natalie through their first sonogram. Natalie wept as she saw the baby's face. "Looks good to me," John marveled. Wright asked them if they wanted to know the baby's sex, and John and Natalie voted to keep it a surprise.

Dr. Wright told the couple that their baby appeared to be healthy and normal. Touched, John kissed Natalie's forehead. "I'm the luckiest guy on earth," he declared.

At Todd's house, Todd was infuriated when Greg said that he didn't have Téa's ashes. Todd demanded to know where the remains were. "That's what I'm trying to tell you," Greg began. "Téa's -- " Just then, he received an anonymous text message, which read, "Don't say another word."

Spooked, Greg lied to Todd and said that the St. Kitts authorities were forcing him to send Téa's ashes home separately. Todd was baffled by Greg's insistence on stopping by with useless information, and asked if Greg was hoping to ease his conscience - he had hidden Téa from her loved ones in her final hours, and the guilt was eating away at him. Rattled, Greg told Todd his conscience was clear and insisted he had only done what his patient wanted. Todd asked Greg if he had ever wondered if Téa's tumor had eaten away at her, as well, stripping away her ability to reason and think in her right mind. As Todd railed at him, Greg grappled with his emotions, and finally blurted out that Téa had changed her mind and asked for Todd and Danielle before passing away.

Pinning Greg to the wall, Todd demanded to know the details of Téa's last request. Greg confirmed that Téa had a moment of clarity and had asked him to summon her family. "Why didn't you call me?" Todd hissed. Greg said he had thought Téa was having one of a series of delusional episodes, but claimed he had tried to reach Todd and Danielle anyway; unfortunately, they had already left Llanview, and when they arrived in St. Kitts, it was too late.

Todd was deflated to realize Téa had needed him, and he hadn't been there. Greg apologized for not telling Todd sooner, but claimed to have not wanted to add to the family's grief. Fed up, Todd told Greg to get out. As Greg left the house, he checked his phone again, troubled by the mysterious text message.

At Llanview University, Langston searched for her classroom on a campus map. When Ford offered to step in and help, Langston shrugged him off, even though it was his classroom she was searching for. Brandishing a copy of the university's student-teacher fraternization policy, Langston warned her ex that since he was her professor for the fall semester, he would have to find someone else to play with, and stormed off. "But you're the only one that I want," Ford mused aloud.

In Ford's classroom, Starr was surprised when James arrived and asked if the seat beside her was taken. James was equally surprised that Starr had made it to class for the first day, given her family strife. Starr told James that on top of her mother's ordeal with Eli, she had Téa's death to contend with, and a memorial to plan. James gave Starr his condolences, and asked if there was anything he could do. "You're already doing it," Starr said with a smile.

James asked Starr if all her troubles had led her and Cole to put their issues as a couple on hold. "Not exactly," Starr said as she sighed. She explained that she had been at Todd's all night, and Cole had been gone when she woke up. They kept missing each other, and hadn't talked things out. Starr admitted she didn't know what they would say to each other when they finally found the time.

Just then, Cole appeared in the doorway. He told Starr that he had another class to attend, but wanted to make time for her and wish her luck on her first day. Cole was perturbed to see James sharing a class with Starr, and asked when the junior Ford had given up stealing cars. James explained that he had gotten his GED and was attending Ford's class while awaiting full acceptance into L.U. "Well, lucky for you, the admissions office is asleep at the wheel," Cole groused.

At Starr's prompting, Cole apologized for his snide remark and said he just wanted a few minutes of her time. "I'm sure good old James will cover for you for the first few minutes of class," he added as he steered Starr out of the classroom.

Soon, Langston arrived and James explained that Cole had dragged Starr out. Langston teased him about his jealousy, but James said that he and Starr were friends, period, "just like you and Bobby." Langston corrected him, and said that she and Ford weren't friends, but strictly student and teacher. James expressed skepticism about things staying professional between the two, but Langston promised that she would have nothing to do with Ford on a personal level as long as he was her instructor.

Langston and James noted how empty the classroom was. A passing faculty member quickly informed them that the class had been canceled for the day, as the instructor was being replaced. The man told the teens that Ford had decided he couldn't teach the class, and that it was "something about a conflict of interest."

In the student union, Starr and Cole had it out. Cole accused Starr of avoiding him, but Starr said she was only hoping to avert an argument. Cole said they couldn't pretend things were okay between them, and Starr admitted that she was still angry at him for hiding the truth about Eli. Cole reminded her that it hadn't been his call, as John and the police had ordered him to keep quiet for fear that the truth would've led to the situation spinning out of control and endangering Blair and Starr. Starr shot back that John wasn't always right, and that Cole wasn't a cop, but the man she loved.

Starr was stunned that Cole had chosen to keep secrets from her even after all they had been through. Cole insisted that he had lied to her for her own good, and said that if he had to do it over again, he wouldn't have changed a thing. "You're starting to sound exactly like my father," Starr muttered. "You did not just compare me to your dad," Cole growled. Starr said that she didn't need Cole to protect her, and the frustrated Cole asked her just what she did need him for.

Exasperated, Starr told Cole she loved him and didn't want to fight. Cole agreed, and asked if they couldn't put all their issues aside and let things be the way they were supposed to be between them. Starr said she wanted that as well, but she had to get to class. "With James?" Cole asked, then apologized for jumping on the inference, and vowed to be nicer.

"Okay," Starr mumbled, heading down the hall. As Starr left, Cole told her to have a good first day, but before he could finish getting the words out, she was already around the corner and gone.

Back in Ford's classroom, Starr found James waiting for her with the news about the cancellation. James asked if she and Cole had kissed and made up, then apologized for overreaching, and admitted he didn't know the rules of their friendship. "That makes two of us," Starr said with a sigh. She said that she and Cole were always apologizing and fighting, and James compared it to the animal instinct of "fight or flight," from Starr's favorite subject, biology. "You're not someone who flies," James said, and told her that from their days on the run together, he knew she was a fighter who wasn't ready to give up on Cole, though James hated to admit it.

Starr admitted that James was right: she couldn't give up on Cole. Putting his hands on Starr's shoulders, James told her to go to Cole and talk things out once and for all, as that was the only way their relationship would work. Just then, Cole passed by the classroom, and spotted Starr and James deep in their hushed conversation.

Back at the hospital, Todd barged into Marty's office, ignoring her protests about his latest intrusion. He pleaded for her help, and said he needed to do something and couldn't without her expertise, even though she was the last person in the world he wanted to kowtow to. Todd asked Marty how she had moved on after Patrick had died and left her and Cole alone in the world. Spotting the picture of Starr, Cole, and Hope on Marty's desk, Todd stressed that he didn't want her pity over Téa's death, but just wanted to know how to handle the grief and the loss.

Marty told Todd she had bad news for him, as there was no "quick fix" for a death in the family, and said that he and Danielle would be hurting for a long time. All they could do was get through each day together, and in time they would learn to live with their loss. "Téa may be dead but she's not gone," Marty reasoned, and said that Todd would see Téa in Dani, just as Marty saw Patrick in Cole. Dissatisfied, Todd told Marty he found her sage advice lame, and rejected her offer of a referral to another doctor. "I hate shrinks," Todd growled, storming out. "I hate all doctors."

After Todd's departure, Marty greeted another surprise visitor: Greg. Marty assumed he was there to discuss a patient, but Greg told her he was the patient. The agitated Dr. Evans said he needed to talk to her, and that Marty was the only one he could trust.

Todd returned home and received a package from the funeral home in St. Kitts. Opening it, he found an urn containing Téa's ashes. As he sat on the couch in the living room, he recalled his good times with Téa in her final months, including their wedding and her "bucket list" achievements. Todd sank back onto the couch, clutching the urn to his chest.

At the Llanview University student union, Langston confronted Ford about his "conflict of interest" that had led him to withdraw from teaching her course. Throwing the student-teacher fraternization policy back in Langston's face, Ford told her that his conflict was his desire to get her back. The fraternization policy only applied if she was his student in his class; therefore, he had withdrawn. Langston told Ford that whether or not he was her teacher, he didn't have another chance with her, for plenty of reasons. Ford vowed that he wouldn't stop until he shot all her reasons down, and won her heart once more.

Ford assured Langston that she didn't have to take him back that day. "Tomorrow's not lookin' so hot either," Langston quipped, and called him cocky and foolish. Ford said he had reasons to be confident, and swore that all the old names she used to throw at him -- "player," "bastard," and so on -- would soon fail to apply, as he was entering therapy with Marty Saybrooke to deal with his issues with women and fidelity. He was taking her and his brother's advice about his problems, and wanted to become a better man, for her. He pleaded with her to give him a chance, as he was trying to change.

Langston was dumbfounded, and told Ford that it would take much more than a mere attempt to win her favor again. Ford assured her that he would stop at nothing to make her happy, and said that when he was through, she wouldn't even recognize the lying bastard he used to be. Just then, Brody burst into the student union and punched Ford out before Langston's stunned eyes.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Greg entered Marty's office, asking for her help. He made sure that everything he said would be confidential and admitted that he had done something terrible to Téa. Marty assured him that he had given Téa the best care possible, and that there was nothing else he could have done. Greg countered that there was something else he could have done. Greg confessed that Téa had changed her mind about wanting her family by her side, buy Greg hadn't been able to make it happen. Someone else "didn't want it to happen," and he was just following orders.

Marty wanted to know who objected and how they'd forced him, but Greg couldn't say anything else. He confided that people he loved would get hurt. He also knew that Marty would be obligated to report certain things. Giving him a strange look, Marty said she could only report someone planning a murder, or someone who knew of a murder plan.

Greg looked at the text on his phone that said, "don't say another word," and decided that he couldn't say anything else to Marty. Marty didn't know what was going on, but advised Greg to be careful. As Greg left Marty's office, his phone rang. He answered it, asking who it was on the other end, and got very upset.

At the police station, Inez offered lunch to Bo as a peace offering. She hadn't realized that Bo hiring her would cause such problems between Bo and Matthew. Clint entered and asked Bo why he'd been called in. The two went into Bo's office, and Bo wondered why Clint would offer Matthew a job without consulting Bo and Nora first. Clint said that it was his way of making amends for all that had happened between them. Bo wasn't happy about it, but he would let Matthew take the job as long as his grades weren't affected.

On the way out of Bo's office, Clint noticed Inez's small salad. He offered to take her to the Palace, where they had big, good salads. He said he'd give her a call and left. Bo apologized for his brother hitting on her, but she thought Clint just felt bad for her. Bo asked Inez if the DNA results on Eli were back yet, but they weren't.

At school, Nate couldn't believe that Dani had shown up. Dani imagined her mother saying that the only good excuse for missing school was a fever over one hundred. Nate thought Téa would be proud of Dani and kissed her. Matthew saw, but proceeded to practice for the basketball tryouts. Destiny interrupted Matthew and told him not to go to the dark side, making Matthew take notice of Nate. Matthew assured her that Nate had nothing to worry about.

Nate walked over and started shooting at the same hoop as Matthew, who wondered why Nate picked the same sport to do as Matthew. Nate explained that it would look good on his college applications and asked why Matthew thought everything was about him. Matthew informed Nate that he would make Nate regret signing up to try out. The two began to play one-on-one.

The tryouts began, and Matthew and Nate were on opposite teams for a scrimmage. A smug Matthew shoved Nate. As Matthew deliberately tripped Nate, Destiny told Darren Matthew was playing dirty, and that she could see why Dani chose Nate. As Matthew and Nate took their places next to each other for a foul shot, Matthew said Dani wanted to have sex with him. Nate pushed Matthew, who fell, and yelled about his leg. Matthew claimed that Nate had pushed him out of nowhere, so the coach benched Nate. Clint looked on, pleased.

After the tryout, Matthew wondered how long Clint had been there. Clint had seen what Matthew had done to Nate and thought that Matthew had "killer instincts." On the other side of the gym, Nate told Destiny that he shouldn't have lost it, but Destiny thought Nate did the right thing. Destiny wondered what Matthew had said to Nate, but Nate said it didn't matter.

In an exam room at the hospital, Natalie and John were excited about what the future held for their child. They wondered what their baby would be like, but Natalie just wanted a baby like John.

Down the hall, Jess thought about Brody's reaction when he found out that the baby might not be his. She walked out of the exam room, crying, and dropped her ultrasound picture.

Exiting the exam room, Natalie found Jess's ultrasound picture and saw Jess crying. Jess assured a questioning Natalie that the baby was all right. John left to go to work and left Natalie to talk to her sister. Jess told her sister that her baby might not be Brody's. Jess told Natalie the story about how she and Ford had slept together. She hadn't planned to tell Brody about it, but he had seemed so happy when he saw the ultrasound, she couldn't lie anymore.

Jess thought that it might tear her and Brody apart, but Natalie assured her that things would work out. Natalie blamed Ford and asked Jess what would happen if it turned out to be Ford's baby. Jess thought that Brody would try to love the baby, but she wasn't sure if they could work through it. Natalie was confident that they could get past it and told Jess to have faith. Jess left to find Brody. At Llanview University, Brody beat Ford up, as Langston demanded to know what was going on. She ran to get security. Langston returned with a security guard, who asked what was going on. "Ask Jessica," Brody replied.

Brody enlightened Langston about what had happened between Ford and Jessica. Langston wondered where Ford had fit sleeping with Jessica in, "before or after Karen? And me?" Ford told her that she didn't know the whole story, but she didn't want to. Brody threatened to charge Ford with statutory rape. Ford assured Brody that Jess loved Brody, that they would all get past it, and that he was sorry. He tried to convince Langston that he had been a different person then, and that he was trying to change, but Langston said it was too late. "Hear me out," Ford pleaded.

Langston blasted Ford, asking if he intended to punish the entire female population for his mother walking out on him. Ford promised that, if he had the chance, he wouldn't make the same choice. He implored her to not let Brody spoil the fact that she was starting to believe in him. Langston wanted to thank Brody for reminding her of what kind of guy Ford was. She left Ford to nurse his wounds. Jess entered and saw Ford. She knew Brody had found him. "You just missed him," Ford informed her.

Brody entered the hospital and found Natalie. He asked where Jessica was. Natalie informed Brody that Jess had told her everything, and that Jess had gone to find him. A very angry Brody ranted to Natalie about how the baby was "supposed to be" his.

Todd put the urn with Téa's ashes on the desk, wondering if it was really her. Dani walked in and saw it, becoming upset. Todd told Dani about Greg's visit, and how Téa had changed her mind about having her family with her. Dani angrily asked why they hadn't been there. Dani had known her mother would change her mind. She wished Greg would "go to hell," which Todd seconded. The doorbell rang, and Todd answered it to John.

John offered his condolences to Todd and Dani and sang Téa's praises. Dani thanked John and went back into the living room. Listening in, she heard John ask if Dani had heard from Ross. She hadn't, but Todd would let John know if Ross got in contact with Dani. Todd asked if John thought that the brothers had teamed up. John said there was no evidence of it and left.

Dani asked if John had said something about Ross. She had been thinking about him and thought he deserved to know that Téa had died. Todd warned her to steer clear of Ross. Changing the subject, Dani asked what they should do with Téa's ashes. Todd told her that, if she knew what Téa wanted done with her remains, she should tell him. As she wished her mom wanted her ashes to be in Tahiti, she received a text message that said, "I'm coming for you." Todd asked whom it was from, but Dani lied and said that it was from Nate checking on her.

John arrived at the police station and asked Bo if anything had arrived from Tahiti. Bo wondered if John knew something that Bo didn't. Bo asked if John thought Eli and Ross were working together. John told him that there was always a connection between brothers. Bo asked if John thought Eli was still alive. John only said that he needed the DNA results "now."

Friday, September 10, 2010

As she walked outside, Starr called Cole on her phone and left a message, in which she apologized and pleaded with Cole to call her back. Langston joined Starr, and Starr acknowledged that Ford had canceled the writing class and asked if Langston would give Bobby Ford another chance. Langston updated Starr on what had happened between Ford and Jessica on prom night. She also revealed that Brody had punched out Ford, after he'd claimed that Ford had taken advantage of Jessica that night. Langston whined that Ford had vowed to change, but she did not see that Ford had changed at all. Langston explained that Ford had slept with Jessica on prom night, after he had already been with Karen, and after he had also "hit on" Langston. Langston announced that Jessica's baby could be Ford's.

Langston maintained that even though the incident on prom night had happened months before, if Ford had changed, it no longer mattered. Langston then asked Starr why she had been late to class. When Starr related that Cole had arrived just before class to talk to her, Langston believed that Starr and Cole would work out whatever had been wrong between them. Starr pointed out that more was wrong between them, and that James was part of the problem.

Starr believed that Cole still saw James as a threat and admitted that she still did not trust Hannah also. However, Langston felt that Starr and Cole had "what it takes to stay together," unlike Langston and Ford. Langston stated that she had to pretend that Ford had never existed.

Langston stressed that Starr needed to remember how she and Cole had felt, when they had first met. Starr reflected that she and Cole had started out as friends, but that their relationship had turned into "so much more." Starr agreed that she and Cole should go back to the beginning. She then pointed out that Bobby had backed out of the class, so that he could be with Langston. However, Langston emphasized that it would never happen. "I don't ever want to see him again." Starr bid Langston goodbye, and they hugged.

Cole pounded on the Fords' door and demanded that James stay away from Starr. James hesitated then allowed Cole in. Cole indicated that he was at the apartment to educate James on the relationship between Starr and Cole and reminded James of Hope. When James claimed that he understood, Cole replied, "I don't think you do. You see, we're not just a couple of clueless kids trying to figure out what we want to do, when we grow up. We're already grownup, and unfortunately, we had to do it really fast." James wished to know the point of Cole's visit, and Cole exclaimed, "The point is we might be going through a rough time right now, but we've gone through a lot more, because we love each other, and we always will. So, if you could stop complicating things, that'd be really nice."

James stated that Starr had made it very clear that Starr and Cole were a couple, so he had backed off. James then wondered if Cole would no longer allow James to be friends with Starr. Cole insisted that he had seen how James had acted around Starr and claimed that James only wore the bullet around his neck to remind Starr of the "great adventure" that they had shared. Yet, James claimed that he wore the bullet around his neck to remind himself of how close he had been to dying. James then insisted that Cole worry about his relationship with Starr, before "you lose the best thing that's ever happened to you."

James promised not to interfere with Starr and Cole and insisted that all he wanted was for Starr to be happy. James warned Cole that he was giving Cole another chance with Starr. "Don't screw it up."

At the school, Cole found Starr at her locker. He invited Starr to coffee before their next class, and she accepted.

In the hospital lounge, as Bobby Ford nursed his injured mouth, he joined Jessica at a table and related that he understood why Brody had been upset about Jessica's baby. When Jessica asked if Brody was okay, Ford answered, "Okay? The guy found out that the kid he thought was his could be mine. It's pretty hard to see the sunny side of that." Ford insisted that even if he was proven to be the father, Brody and Jessica could raise the baby, because Ford did not want the child. However, Jessica declared that she had no longer been able to lie to Brody. "Yeah, well, if it turns out it's your baby, Brody may not want it either."

Jessica only wished that the baby belonged to Brody. Ford announced that he did not want anyone but Langston, and that because of Jessica, Langston was "out of my life for good." Jessica and Ford discussed their guilt for what had happened on prom night, and Jessica agreed that she had been partially to blame. Jessica realized that she had been feeling hurt and, therefore, had done "something really stupid." Jessica acknowledged, "The only one who hasn't done anything wrong is Brody."

Jessica declared that she was leaving to find Brody, and that she hoped that he had the strength to deal with the situation. Ford emphasized that Brody loved Jessica, but she was unsure. Ford exclaimed, "Are you kidding? It's only because of you, he decided to spare my life. So, don't give up on him." Jessica left.

Bobby entered his apartment, as James stared at the bullet on his necklace. James was upset that Ford had quit the writing class, but Ford claimed that was his plan, so that there would be no conflict of interest. At a picnic table, Langston angrily scratched out Ford's name on her class schedule.

In an exam room at the hospital, Brody cried that it had never occurred to him that he was not the father of Jessica's baby. Brody told Natalie that when Jessica had given him the news, his only desire was to punch out Ford. "What am I supposed to do now, huh? Just go on like nothing's wrong...or wait until the baby's born and see who it looks like?"

Brody blamed himself for prom night, because he had told Jessica that Mitch was her biological father. Brody then realized that he could be the father of two children, of zero children, or of one child with "the wrong woman." Brody believed that it was karma, since he had made his mistake with Natalie. When Natalie pondered, "My twin sister and I are almost in the exact same situation," Brody pointed out that Jessica had actually told him the truth, but that he and Natalie were still lying. Natalie insisted that she had tried to tell John the truth, but that something had always stopped her.

Brody realized that it was not fair to blame Jessica for something that he had done himself and announced that he intended on telling Jessica the truth. However, Natalie wondered how it could be fair for two couples to break up, when it would result in two confused children. Natalie insisted that Jessica and Brody loved each other, and that they would marry and raise Jessica's baby. Brody pondered if Jessica would think that Brody was attempting to get back at her, if he told her the truth.

When Natalie begged Brody to tell her first, once he had decided what to do, Brody promised that he would. Natalie voiced, "And Brody, try to remember the good side of this. We've got two brand new lives, two miracles, that could really bring a lot of joy to our lives, if we let them." Brody nodded and left the room.

Natalie called John and left a message, which said that "this kid is going to be a real looker." She hoped that the baby had John's eyes and then asked for John to meet her at the station to look over the sonogram pictures again.

As Brody called and left Jessica a message, which stated that they needed to talk, he heard a knock on the door. Brody answered the door and found Jessica.

In the high school gym, Nate bounced a basketball, as Dani walked up to him. Dani cried that Todd had appeared lost after he had received Téa's ashes. "It's just so unreal to think that's my mom...that that's all that's left in that container." Nate hugged Dani and kissed her cheek.

Dani insisted to Nate that she was fine and remarked that she had received the text, "I'm coming for you." Dani stated that the number had been blocked, but that she thought she knew who had sent it. Dani believed that Ross had sent the message. Dani felt that Ross was reaching out to her, however, Nate thought that it sounded like a threat.

Dani revealed that she and Ross had played a game in the ocean, where she would swim, and Ross would act as a monster and would state that he was "coming for" her. Dani remarked that she had told Todd that the text was from Nate, however, she believed that Todd had lied first.

Dani insisted that Ross would not help Eli with his crimes, yet Dani was thankful that Todd had helped her while her mom was sick. Dani claimed that she did not know where Ross was, but Nate believed that Ross already knew about Téa, which was why he was "coming for" her. Nate was concerned that Dani might have to choose between Ross and Todd.

Dani admitted that her relationship with Todd had changed, since she had first hated him, and that she felt "horrible" about lying about the text. Plus Dani believed that Ross would be arrested if he tried to enter Llanview. Nate hoped that Dani would never have to worry about choosing between her two dads.

Greg located Destiny at her high school locker and yelled that he was relieved to see that she was fine. Greg covered and stated that he knew that high schools had hazing, and Destiny claimed that everyone at the school had been treating her fine. Destiny suspected that Greg was worried due to what had happened to Dani's mom. Destiny told Greg that it made sense that he was overprotective and announced that she and Shaun should treat Greg to hamburgers at Rodi's. Greg regretfully stated that he had to leave to "take care of something," and Destiny understood that Greg needed to clear his head. As he hugged her, Greg told Destiny to never forget that he loved her and left.

Destiny discovered Nate in the gym and mentioned that Matthew should be sent to reform school for what he had done to Nate. However, Nate reported that Dani was having a difficult time dealing with her troubles, and Destiny insisted that Greg was also.

At an unknown place, Greg unlocked a door, and just as he entered the room, he cried, "You're alive!"

At Todd's mansion, Todd answered the doorbell to Kelly. When Kelly asked how Todd was doing, he sarcastically joked that Téa was in the living room, if Kelly wanted to say hi. Kelly explained that she needed Todd's advice about her next column, and Todd suggested, "Bloody Brothers...Murdering Sibs in Cahoots in Tahiti." Kelly asked Todd if he had known that Ross was alive and was "aiding and abetting" Eli, and Todd responded, "That's what 'in cahoots' means."

Todd insisted that Kelly return to the office, but Kelly stated that she needed to get a quote from John McBain first. Todd told Kelly to forget it, and Kelly wondered what Todd was "up to this time." Kelly speculated that John would cast doubt on Todd's exclusive story and guessed that Todd was fine with lying to the public. Todd claimed that he did not care about the public; he only cared about Dani.

When Kelly asked if Todd was lying to Dani, Todd exclaimed that he had to stop Dani from telling Ross about Tea's death, and that he had to "nip it in the bud." Todd revealed that he would use his newspaper to claim that Ross was involved in Eli's crimes. Kelly believed that using the newspaper would be extreme, but Todd did not want his bond with Dani to change. When Kelly stated that she understood, Todd exclaimed, "I'm not sure that you do. I just lost my wife. I'm not going to lose my daughter too."

Kelly insisted that Todd would lose Dani if Todd lied about the person who had raised her. Kelly advised Todd to tell Dani that he had said negative things about Ross in the past for his own selfish reasons. Kelly also observed that when Todd felt cornered, he would do something crazy like kissing Kelly. She believed that it was time for Todd and Kelly to discuss the kiss.

Kelly believed that the kiss had happened at the time, when she was still recovering from the breakup with Kevin, and when Todd was dealing with Téa's illness. When Kelly expressed her hope to have a friendship with Todd, he said, "You know, I'm not real big on the whole friendship thing, but if I were, you'd probably make the cut." Kelly replied, "Oh, gee, thanks. So, can I run with the story that I'd originally planned, before I was so rudely interrupted?" Todd asked, "What story's that?" After Kelly handed Todd a paper, Todd read, "'Téa Delgado Manning...A Tribute,'" and then said, "Yeah, run with it."

After Todd escorted Kelly out on the lawn and she left, Dani walked up. Todd announced, "Hey, there's something I need to tell you. I lied about Ross." Dani revealed, "So did I," as someone unseen peered at them through the bushes.

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