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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 8, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Colby watched Asher sleep as Caleb looked on. Caleb asked the doctor about Asher's condition. The doctor explained that Asher had been sedated because he had been agitated the night before. The doctor thought it would help to have a medical history or any other information about Asher. The doctor inquired if Caleb was a friend of Asher's, and Caleb said he'd get back to the doctor.

Jackson arrived home and announced to Erica that the trial was over because Liza had blown his defense strategy apart. He recounted how Liza had revealed that Greenlee and Ryan had kissed at the courthouse. Jackson lamented that the outcome didn't look good. Erica wanted to take him out to dinner to distract him, but he wanted to start working on Greenlee's appeal. He appreciated Erica's desire to help, but he needed some time alone. An understanding Erica left.

Caleb returned to the stairwell and flashed back to Asher's fall. Erica found Caleb and called to him. They went into the hallway, and he explained that he was looking for Asher's wallet to give to the doctor. Erica assured him that the accident hadn't been his fault. Caleb blamed himself for not realizing that Asher was his son.

Erica asked Caleb what he was going to do to convince Asher not to hate him. Caleb didn't know what he had been thinking when he had given Asher up, other than that he had been scared. She believed that Caleb had thought that he had done the right thing. Erica said that Asher hated him at the moment, but she counseled that the hatred would only fester if Caleb did nothing about it. She needed Caleb at his best to get Palmer's business back. Erica thought that Palmer had also wanted Caleb to resolve his relationship with his son.

A worried Colby called Asher's name, and she was thrilled when he slowly woke up. She told him that he'd had an accident but would be all right. JR arrived, and Colby went to get the doctor. Asher asked JR where he was, and JR told him that he was in the hospital and that he had three guesses about who had put him there.

The doctor informed Asher that he would be all right, despite aggravating an old knee injury. Asher told JR and Colby that he remembered taking AJ to JR's office, but not what happened after that. JR implied that Caleb had been responsible for Asher's accident. Colby scolded JR for making the accident about his feud with Caleb.

JR was sorry for how things had turned out. Asher was still unclear about what had led to his accident, so Colby explained that Asher and Caleb had fought. Asher recalled having been at the top of the stairs, and Colby said that he had fallen, though JR hinted that the fall might not have been accidental. Colby said that nothing was certain and that Erica had been there after it happened. Colby informed Asher that both Erica and Caleb knew that he was Caleb's son. Asher grew noticeably upset.

Asher was angry because he had wanted to tell Caleb his secret on his own terms. Colby implored Asher to take it easy, but Asher grew increasingly agitated. JR warned him that the hospital would give him another sedative if he didn't calm down. Asher asked if he had been there all night alone. JR informed him that Colby had stayed with him, and he thanked her. He asked where Caleb had been. JR told him to take a look around, as Caleb was nowhere to be seen.

JR apologized for getting Asher riled up about Caleb. Colby suggested that since things were in the open, perhaps Asher and Caleb could work things out. Asher said they couldn't fix the fact that Caleb had killed his mom. JR proposed that they focus on getting Asher out of the hospital, and Asher agreed. JR said he owed Asher for helping him with AJ. JR left for a meeting. Colby mentioned Caleb again, but Asher wanted to talk about why she had stayed with him.

Colby reminded Asher that he had saved her life, so the least she could do was to hang out with him. She offered to get him food, but he said that he didn't want anything. She joked that he was obviously very sick since he never turned down a free meal. She told him that she'd be right back.

When Erica and Caleb arrived at the hospital, Erica suggested that Caleb give Asher his wallet. Caleb stated that Asher was unconscious, but Erica implored him to be there for his son when he woke up. He understood if she wanted to bail on their partnership, but she refused. She received a phone call from her office and left.

"Well, if it isn't the proud papa himself," JR sarcastically greeted Caleb. Caleb muttered that the vultures were still circling. JR stated that he wanted to be sure Asher pulled through. Caleb accused JR of not caring about Asher. JR scoffed that Caleb hardly knew Asher and that JR had a better relationship with Asher than Caleb did. Caleb warned him to stay away from Asher.

Caleb asserted that he was there for Asher, and he wasn't about to watch JR manipulate Asher. JR said that it was Caleb's territory to put a wedge between father and son. JR claimed that he didn't have to do anything to turn Asher against Caleb. Erica returned and asked whether Asher had regained consciousness. JR lied that he hadn't, perhaps because Asher didn't want to wake up after his father had abandoned him and almost killed him. Erica kept Caleb from hitting JR, who stalked off.

Caleb and Erica resolved to get Cortlandt Electronics back. She said that the SEC was reviewing their case and according to her contact, there was strong evidence to void the sale of the company to Chandler. Caleb thought that wasn't enough and wanted to force the SEC's hand. Caleb intended to drop off Asher's wallet at the nurses' station and then get back to work. Erica commented that work was easier than dealing with his son, and she walked off. Caleb peeked in on a snoozing Asher. Moments after Caleb left, Asher opened his eyes and looked at the empty doorway.

Later, Colby returned to Asher's room with an armload of food. Asher wanted to leave, but she reminded him that he had only been conscious for a few hours. He asked if Caleb had visited him, and Colby said that Caleb had been there the day before. Asher pointed out that Colby hadn't left his side even though he had lied about his reason for being in town, but Caleb hadn't even bothered to stick around.

Colby contended that families were complicated and advised that perhaps Asher didn't know the whole story about Caleb. Asher knew enough to want Caleb to suffer for killing his mother. She asked what he was going to do, but he said he couldn't do much while he was in the hospital. He blamed his demeanor on his medications and said that he just needed rest. He suggested that she go home, and she agreed as long as he got some sleep. He promised he would, but as soon as she left, he started to get out of bed.

Greenlee and Ryan arrived at his penthouse. They discussed the possibility that David had paid Nick to frame Ryan. Greenlee realized that David hadn't counted on Greenlee finding the planted vial of digitalis in Ryan's jacket. Ryan wanted to find Nick right away, even if it wasn't soon enough to affect the outcome of Greenlee's trial. They hoped that no matter what the jury decided, eventually the case would be dismissed and the nightmare would be over.

Ryan confirmed Greenlee's belief that if they found Nick, they'd be free. She felt responsible for everything because she had driven David to take desperate measures. Ryan insisted that David's actions hadn't been sane and that Greenlee shouldn't blame herself. He wanted to focus on finding Nick. Greenlee worried that with David's money, Nick could be anywhere. Greenlee looked forlorn as she realized Ryan's search could take a while, and if the jury found her guilty, he wouldn't be there when she was sent to prison.

Ryan didn't want Greenlee to feel like he was deserting her, and she swore that she didn't. Ryan insisted that he had to be the one to track down Nick, as Ryan was more motivated than anyone. Ryan refused to stop until he got Nick to talk. She understood and promised that she'd be fine, since she'd know he was out there helping her.

Greenlee and Ryan shared an intense stare, which was interrupted by Jackson's arrival. Ryan said that he had to leave, and Jackson asked where he was going, but Ryan said that Greenlee would fill him in. Ryan promised that they'd do something fun when he returned. She said she'd be waiting, and Jackson and Greenlee left.

Greenlee explained to Jackson that Tad had discovered Nick's connection to David. Jackson started to say that the information could be helpful for her appeal, and she realized that he expected her to be convicted. He admitted it was a possibility. She blamed herself for not being able to help him win, because her love for Ryan had been obvious. Jackson pointed out that Ryan was willing to do anything to save her, and he would gladly step aside to let Ryan play hero.

Ryan quizzed the ConFusion bartender about Nick's whereabouts, but she didn't remember anything. He handed her his card and a tip. Liza caught him on the way out and asked how he and Greenlee were doing. He was surprised that she cared. Liza reminded him that they had been friends and that she had just been doing her job. He asked how friendly she'd be when she found out she was wrong. Liza didn't blame him for being angry, but she told him to prepare himself, because the trial wasn't going to end like he wanted.

Ryan refused to listen to Liza. She insisted that the person responsible needed to pay. He agreed, but he believed that person wasn't Greenlee. He accused Liza of following the obvious clues without looking for the real truth. Liza said that if Greenlee were convicted, Liza would request that she be sent to a low-security prison near Pine Valley.

Jackson dropped off Greenlee at the Slaters' home and wanted to wait until Kendall arrived, but Greenlee told him that she needed time alone. He called himself an optimistic pragmatist and was glad that Ryan was still in her corner. He reluctantly left. She was startled by a noise and remembered the sound of the jail door slamming shut behind her. She grabbed her coat and opened the door to leave, but found Ryan standing on the doorstep.

Ryan asked where she was going, but she was surprised that he wasn't at the airport. He didn't want to leave her alone, but she reminded him that Nick was their only chance to prove her innocence. He asked her to join him and held out his hand.

On the phone at his office, JR told an unseen party that he didn't like it but he understood. Annie stopped by to check on him. He told her that the SEC was leaning against him regarding Chandler's takeover of Cortlandt. Annie pointed out that Caleb and Erica hadn't won yet, and the timing of Caleb learning Asher was his son was a huge distraction. JR recalled the look on Asher's face when JR had told him that Caleb hadn't visited him. JR thought that Caleb should have stayed up in the mountains.

At Erica's home, Caleb explained that he had dropped off the wallet, but Asher had still been unconscious. He changed the subject to how they could win the SEC over. She thought that PR was as important to the SEC as it was to any other business, so she suggested that they paint themselves as the underdog. She wanted to show how important their PR presence was.

JR and Annie brainstormed about a way to pressure the SEC. He instructed her to put some information together to rally the shareholders, while he spoke to the attorneys. There was a commotion outside, and JR and Annie found Erica and Caleb holding a press conference. Caleb announced that JR had masterminded one of the biggest corporate thefts of the decade.

Caleb explained that he had been sent by Palmer to take over a family business that had been stolen by JR. JR yelled for them to get out and for Annie to call security. Caleb demanded that everyone hear Palmer's voice. JR claimed that Caleb was no victim and warned Caleb against accusing the Chandlers of horrible crimes.

Caleb ranted that the Chandlers had cheated and robbed others in Pine Valley. Caleb vowed to get his company back and to restore his family name. Suddenly, Asher stormed in and scoffed at the idea of Caleb caring about his family name when Caleb had thrown his own son away. "Why don't we talk about that?" Asher spat as the reporters looked on.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

At the press conference, Erica told Asher that it wasn't the time or place to confront Caleb. Asher said it was the perfect time for Caleb to admit that he was a killer. Asher doubted that an innocent man would have fled to hide in the mountains. Asher claimed that Caleb had ignored him from the day he had been born, because Asher had reminded Caleb of what he had done. Erica implored Asher to speak to Caleb privately, but JR announced that it was time for Asher's secret to be revealed.

Caleb barked at JR to stay out of the situation. Erica instructed the reporter to stop the camera or else she'd trash his reputation, but she'd help his career if he sided with her. The reporter ordered his team to leave, to JR's dismay. JR told Caleb that his secret was out and that his plan to humiliate the Chandlers had blown up in his face. Asher asked to be alone with Caleb. Caleb warned Asher about JR's manipulations. Asher said it was better than being ignored for a lifetime, and he wasn't going to allow Caleb to ignore him anymore.

Caleb wished that he had known that Asher was his son. Caleb found the situation to be confusing, but Asher stated that he wasn't confused. Caleb wondered why Asher hadn't confronted him directly with the truth. Asher said that they were nothing to one another because of Caleb. Asher spat that he had waited for the moment when Caleb felt like Asher had his entire life.

In his office, JR gloated about the look on Caleb's face when Asher had exposed him. Annie warned him to be careful, but JR crowed that Caleb was going down. Annie received a phone call and asked JR to keep her posted. On her way out, she overheard Asher asking whether Caleb thought that Asher was trash. Caleb admitted that he didn't know Asher, and he thought he had done what was best when he had given Asher up. Asher vowed not to let Caleb get away with killing Asher's mother. Caleb told him that he didn't know all the facts.

Asher said that he had never met his mother and that his first day in life had been her last. He knew that she had gone to the mine to find Caleb. Asher thought that Caleb had just wanted to get rid of Sonia and accused him again of killing her. Asher physically attacked Caleb, and Caleb yelled for him to stop but didn't fight back. JR intervened. As JR led Asher out, it dawned on a pained Asher that Caleb hadn't denied his accusation.

Greenlee was stunned that Ryan wanted her to join him on his trip to find Nick. Ryan clarified that the outcome of her trial didn't look good, and he wanted to take Greenlee someplace safe until he tracked Nick down. Greenlee pointed out that if she left town, she'd be considered a fugitive if she was convicted. He swore he'd clear her name, but she claimed that she wasn't good at hiding. She said that if Nick was her last chance for freedom, they'd find him together.

Ryan was concerned that Greenlee was putting herself in danger, but she said that she could handle some risk. Ryan reminded her that David had been after him, but Greenlee contended that she had been the reason why, so she and Ryan needed to work together. Ryan began to leave, and Greenlee followed, explaining that she didn't want to vanish on Jackson. She appreciated Ryan's confidence in their plan, but she needed to talk to Jackson because she might never see him again.

After she hung up the phone on a reporter, Kendall fretted to Zach that the press had already convicted Greenlee. Kendall worried that Ryan wouldn't find Nick in time, but Zach told her to let Ryan fix it. She hugged him and told him he was right.

Kendall and Zach talked about Thanksgiving and how she had been on the run during the prior year's holiday. This year, she wanted to celebrate with her family and friends. She gushed about holiday plans. She answered a phone call and informed Zach that she had to leave. Kendall revealed that Ryan had called and he had sounded serious. She explained that it had something to do with Spike and speculated that it might have something to do with holidays. She kissed Zach goodbye, and he watched skeptically as she left.

Zach treated Spike and Ian to ice cream at Krystal's restaurant. Zach noticed Liza staring at them, and he asked her to spit out what she wanted to say. She stated that Greenlee was looking at a long prison sentence, and she hoped that Kendall wouldn't break the law to help Greenlee like she had done in the past, or Kendall would face the consequences. Zach led Liza away and warned her not to threaten his family in front of his sons. Zach returned to his table and promised his boys that he'd keep Kendall in check to ensure that they all would share a beautiful Thanksgiving together.

At ConFusion, Erica promised the reporter exclusive coverage of her life, including access to her home and office, if he didn't publish the story about Caleb. He agreed, and they made plans for their first interview. Jackson overheard and asked why she had bartered away their private life. She recounted the nasty confrontation between Caleb and Asher and explained that she had protected Caleb. He scolded her for exposing his personal life to keep Caleb's dirty laundry from being broadcast. Jackson was irritated that she didn't seem to care about his own needs, especially considering everything he was going through with the trial.

Erica apologized, but justified her actions by saying that there hadn't been time to check with Jackson. She had needed to prevent Asher's attack on Caleb from being all over the media. Jackson thought the incident was related to Asher's fall, but Erica explained that Asher believed that Caleb was responsible for Asher's mother's death. Erica said that she and Caleb were close to the having the SEC rule in their favor and didn't want them to change their minds. Jackson didn't think the SEC would allow Caleb's personal life to interfere with their decision, but Erica disagreed.

Erica worried that any negative media coverage could result in her failure to get back Cortlandt Electronics. Jack found it ironic that Caleb had found a son, and Jackson stood to lose a daughter. Erica swore that Greenlee would be acquitted and that she herself would get back Cortlandt, and then they could concentrate on themselves. She offered to spend some private time with Jackson, but he said that Greenlee was on the way. She began to leave, and Jack warned her against being associated with Caleb.

Greenlee arrived to meet Jackson. He suspected that she wanted an update about the jury, but she apologized for doubting his strategy and for not cooperating during the trial. He understood that she had been under stress. She wanted him to know that she loved him and was thankful for everything he'd done.

Liza eavesdropped on Jackson and Greenlee. Jackson told Greenlee that the worst case scenario was that they'd file an appeal and that Ryan would continue to look for their witness. Greenlee wondered what would happen if they found the witness before the jury finished deliberating. Jack's phone rang, and he asked her to stay put. He took the call, and when he turned back around, Greenlee was gone.

Liza asked Jackson if something was wrong and commented that his conversation with Greenlee had seemed intense. She thought Jackson seemed surprised that Greenlee had rushed out. Jackson played down Greenlee's abrupt exit, but Liza was suspicious. Later, Liza made a call to request that a watch be put on Greenlee in case she decided to skip bail.

Ryan told Kendall and Annie that he was going out of town, and he wanted to be sure that Emma and Spike would be all right. Ryan explained that their trial strategy had backfired, and Annie rolled her eyes when she realized his trip was about Greenlee. Ryan was determined to get a confession from Nick. His concern was that the kids were protected from the press, especially if Greenlee was found guilty. He asked them to kiss his kids every day and to tell them that he loved them.

Annie agreed and headed out, and Kendall closed the door after her. Kendall requested that Ryan tell her what was really going on. He said that he was linked to David's murder and just wanted to cover the bases, but she thought he was making a big deal about leaving town. Greenlee entered, and Kendall realized that he wasn't going alone.

Greenlee claimed that she simply had wanted to see Ryan off. A knowing Kendall demanded that they explain what was really going on. Greenlee admitted that they were leaving town together. Kendall recalled that she herself had been on the run and that it had been hell. Greenlee preferred it to prison and was determined to prove her innocence.

Greenlee answered her phone, and Jackson warned her that Liza suspected that Greenlee would violate her bail terms. Jackson begged her not to prove Liza right. Greenlee updated Ryan, who wanted to leave right away but was concerned about the local police spotting them. Kendall offered to help and said that the police would be looking for a couple. As she opened the front door, she explained that she'd drive a hidden Greenlee and Ryan out of Pine Valley with her sons in tow. Just then, Zach entered. He glared at Kendall as she realized he had overheard her plot.

Caleb returned to Wildwind, where a waiting Erica observed that he was obviously upset. She asked what had happened with his son. Caleb asked if the reporters had given Erica a hard time, but she promised that no one would see the footage. She pressed to know where things stood between Caleb and Asher. A terse Caleb simply said that Asher's attitude remained the same. Erica assured him that he wasn't responsible for the mine explosion and urged him to set Asher straight. Caleb didn't think Asher's opinion was wrong.

Caleb recalled that Sonia had written dozens of letters asking him to start over, but his pride had gotten in the way of forgiving her. Erica knew how destructive it was to hold in emotions. Erica advised him to try again to inform Asher of the truth. For years, Caleb had imagined his son happy and successful, but he regretted that instead, Asher had felt abandoned. Caleb thought that there were some things about Sonia that Asher was better off not knowing.

Erica recommended that Caleb trust Asher with the real story, or Asher would spend the rest of his life thinking the worst of Caleb. Erica thought that Caleb had been in shock when he had given Asher up, but Caleb told her that he had promised Palmer that he'd be back for his son, but he had never returned. Caleb believed that Asher had always been better off without him, and still was. Erica thought Asher didn't know the man Caleb had become.

At the Chandler mansion, JR praised Asher for putting on a great show, but Asher said that he had meant every word. JR proclaimed that Asher had gutted Caleb, but Asher seethed because Caleb hadn't admitted anything. JR complimented him for outing Caleb's tainted past. Colby overheard JR state that Caleb would soon be begging to go back to West Virginia. Colby ordered JR to leave Asher alone.

JR told Colby that Asher and Caleb's confrontation had been brilliant. She pointed out that JR was the only one doing a victory dance, because Asher couldn't even walk. She told Asher that he should be back at the hospital. JR thought that Asher had shown Caleb that he couldn't screw around with people's lives to get what he wanted, but Colby thought that was exactly what was JR doing. JR left for the office, and Colby commented that only JR seemed excited about the day's events. She asked Asher whether it had been painful to face his father.

Asher told Colby that he had rehearsed his encounter with his father in his head for years, but it hadn't gone as planned. Colby believed that Asher still had a chance at a relationship with Caleb. Asher had thought that he would feel better once he had confronted Caleb, but he felt the same. She moved over to sit closer and tentatively took his hand, then embraced him. They slowly pulled apart and then gave in to a kiss.

Annie returned to the office and remarked to JR that the building was still standing. She asked whether Asher and Caleb's argument had reminded him of Adam. He said he had been thinking more of AJ and how he never wanted anything like that to happen with his son. He worried that AJ would blame him for not fighting harder if he lost the custody battle. JR never wanted AJ to doubt that his son was the most important thing in his life. Annie looked visibly upset, and she admitted that she felt guilty for being part of what was keeping JR from what he wanted. JR vowed to win it all he'd have AJ, and things would be different between him and Annie.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

At Ryan's house, Zach was livid that Kendall had planned to use their boys as a cover to help Greenlee jump bail. Greenlee defended Kendall, who was just trying to help, and Ryan said they'd never endanger the boys. Zach stated that it was unwise of Greenlee to flee, but she and Ryan insisted upon finding Nick Pearson and proving that David had paid for Nick's testimony. Ryan promised that they'd be back, and he'd keep Greenlee safe. Kendall gave Greenlee a phone to use, just in case Greenlee's phone was being traced, and Ryan and Greenlee left

Zach took Kendall home, where she apologized for her hair-brained scheme. Zach wondered if she would have gone through with it, if Ryan and Greenlee had agreed. He imagined that sirens would have been wailing and guns would have been blazing, if they'd been caught. "And our little boys right in the middle of it," he said. Kendall claimed that she wouldn't have let that happen, but Zach asked how she would have stopped it.

Zach reminded Kendall that she'd promised to put her family first, and he insisted that she show some restraint with her "needy little friends." Kendall refused to choose between her family and friends. She insisted that she was passionate about both, and she couldn't sit back while her loved ones were in trouble. Zach ordered her to think about how her choices affected her family, because their family couldn't work unless she got her priorities straight.

Kendall claimed that her family was her priority. She figured that she'd always felt like an outsider until she'd finally found her family and met Zach in Pine Valley. She said she'd always be in the middle of her loved ones' lives. Though she'd try to restrain herself, it was just who she was. Zach didn't want her to change; he just desired for her to be herself in a safe and sensible way. He wanted to keep talking things through; however, Kendall kissed him instead, and they made out on the sofa.

At Wildwind, Caleb wondered what kind of a father he was. Erica advised him to tell Asher the truth, but Caleb doubted Asher wanted to hear that Caleb had run away after Sonia had cheated on him. Caleb turned his focus to their investment, and Erica claimed that she loved a good fight-especially against the Chandlers. "I've just begun to fight," she assured him.

Erica went home and was startled to find Ryan and Greenlee lurking in the shadows. Erica let them in, and guessing that they were running, she said that Jackson would be devastated. Ryan and Greenlee explained why they were running, and Erica was shocked at the theory that David had committed suicide to pin a murder on Ryan. Erica was still worried about Jackson, but Ryan stated that Jackson would never be able to live with himself if he were unable to save his own daughter from a conviction.

Ryan and Greenlee asked for Erica's help, and though she still believed that it would crush Jackson, she gave them the name of a jet service that she'd just chartered. She said she'd tell the pilot to take them wherever they wanted to go. They thanked her, and she claimed that she was doing it for Jackson. "Greenlee, I'll make sure that the fuel pump works before you take off," Erica cattily stated before Ryan and Greenlee left.

That evening, Erica was in a sea green silk robe when Jackson arrived home. The stressed Jackson hoped to God that Greenlee hadn't jumped bail to look for Pearson. Erica frowned and revealed that Greenlee and Ryan had set out to do just that. Jackson grimaced, and Erica added that she'd helped by lending them her jet.

Jackson exploded, guessing that Erica must have wanted Greenlee out of his life really badly. Erica couldn't believe that was what he thought. He said he didn't know what to think, except that she'd just put a target on Greenlee's back. Erica claimed that she'd done it to alleviate Jackson's guilt over Greenlee's possible conviction. Erica was sure that Ryan could find Pearson and return before anyone knew that they'd gone. Jackson asserted that Ryan and Greenlee would never return if they couldn't find Pearson and if the jury found Greenlee guilty.

Erica reminded Jackson of the intimacy and solidarity they'd had on their trip, and she implored him not to let that slip away. He said he was doing the best that he could. She felt that they'd been too caught up in other people's battles to take a moment for themselves. She said that what they had was amazing; they had to hold onto it, or they could lose everything.

At ConFusion, Ryan set up communication with the pilot via Kendall's phone. Greenlee gave Ryan a chance to bail on the plan, but he was certain that they'd return home soon. He received a text message from the pilot that the plane was ready. He asked if Greenlee trusted him. "With my life," she replied. He left the table, and Greenlee braced herself before exiting.

At the mansion, Colby comforted Asher with a hug that slowly turned into a kiss. Colby broke away and insisted that she was in love with Damon. Asher thought they'd been willingly kissing each other; however, Colby stated that there was a big line between them, and he couldn't cross it. Just then, Damon entered and wondered if everything was okay.

Colby and Asher played it off, and Damon apologized for slamming Asher for lying about who he was. Damon figured that Asher had his reasons, and no matter what had happened, Damon and Colby had Asher's back. Damon invited Asher to go with him and Colby to get something to eat, but upon seeing Colby's stern expression, Asher declined.

While eating at Krystal's restaurant, Damon said he'd been saving up some money, and he wanted to take Colby snowboarding. Colby was distracted as she remembered Asher's kiss. Damon noted her distraction, and she stammered to explain that she was worried about her family. He said that though her family was difficult, she had him. He felt that the more time they spent together, the better. Damon proposed the trip again, and she said it was perfect.

At Krystal's restaurant, Marissa was worried that she'd lose AJ because Caleb had become distracted by the situation with Asher. Bianca reassured Marissa, and JR entered to pick up AJ's favorite potpie. Marissa vowed not to give up, and JR said that he'd warned her about Caleb. She asserted that she trusted Caleb completely. JR revealed that Asher had accused Caleb of killing Asher's mother, and Caleb hadn't denied it.

Bianca intervened in the conversation to stand up for Caleb, but JR insisted that Asher had made the claims, not JR. JR told Marissa that Caleb was using her. After the two bickered more, JR warned her that she'd regret it if she didn't drop the custody suit.

JR went home to find Caleb in the parlor. Kicking an ottoman from his path, Caleb charged JR with having no human decency and using "a kid's pain" to get to Caleb. "I simply understood his pain. Would you like a French fry?" JR asked. Caleb huffed that JR knew what he could do with his fry, and Caleb demanded to know where Asher was. JR said that if Caleb would convince Marissa to drop the battle for AJ, then JR would stop spurring Asher on. "A son for a son. What do you think?" JR reasoned.

Caleb stated that he didn't make deals with people like JR; instead, he got even. Caleb roared that when Adam had crossed Caleb, Caleb had almost burned the house down. He warned JR not to make the same mistake. JR demanded to know what had gone on between Caleb and Adam, but Caleb just warned JR to stop messing with Caleb's son.

Later, JR was alone in the parlor when Asher entered. JR was eager to hear everything Asher knew about his father, especially regarding arson. Asher asked JR to admit that he was just using Asher and would toss Asher out after he'd served his purpose. JR said that he was using Asher, just as Asher was using JR; however, JR didn't toss away people who were loyal.

Asher asked about the arson question, and JR explained that Caleb had let it slip that he'd almost burned down the mansion twenty years earlier. JR vowed that he and Asher were in it together, and Caleb wouldn't get away that time.

JR inquired about Asher's knee, and Asher said the pain was a steady reminder. JR stood to get Asher some ice, and Asher expressed his gratitude. JR stated that Caleb and Dixie had been cousins. It meant that Asher was JR's family, and that would never change.

Caleb returned home, and Bianca and Marissa arrived soon after. He sighed and told Marissa that she might need a new lawyer. As Caleb drank, Marissa said that he'd helped her as a mentor and a friend. She wanted to help him in return, but he said he didn't need help. Bianca told him to be gruff and cranky all he wanted, but he was stuck with them.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Frankie approached Madison at Krystal's and joked about her difficult breakfast choices. She called Ryan's name and was embarrassed to see Frankie when she looked up. Frankie sympathized that breakups were always difficult, and he advised that she stay busy. They agreed that she needed to get over Ryan, so he suggested that she move forward and eventually find someone new.

A co-worker of Frankie's named Logan entered Krystal's, and Frankie greeted him warmly. Frankie introduced Logan to Madison, but they already recognized one another from when she had played nursemaid to Ryan at the hospital. Logan asked about how Ryan was doing, but Madison mentioned that she was no longer with Ryan. After they made some small talk, Logan joined Madison for breakfast, while Frankie told them to have fun before he headed out.

Logan told Madison a story about how he had been about to make a great play on the basketball court, but he had experienced a cramp. She flashed back to the memory of Ryan helping her with a cramp of her own. Madison asked Logan if he enjoyed traveling, and Logan mentioned that he loved New York. She daydreamed about her trip with Ryan to the Big Apple. Logan noticed she was distracted and asked if she was okay. She admitted that she wasn't.

Later, Madison found Frankie at the hospital, where Frankie kidded that he hoped Logan hadn't taken her there for their first date. She said that Logan was great, but he wasn't Ryan.

Zach caressed a sleeping Kendall's cheek, and she woke up. They wished one another good morning and fondly recalled their night of romance. Kendall worried about the boys, but Zach assured her that they were asleep. They started to get passionate again, but there was a knock at the door, and Jesse shouted out to Kendall. She thought his visit had to do with Greenlee.

Jesse reported that his men had been watching Greenlee. Kendall claimed that Greenlee wouldn't run because she could be acquitted. Jesse suspected that Greenlee had given the police the slip, and he asked if she had stayed with the Slaters the prior evening. Kendall and Zach both maintained that they had no idea where Greenlee was. Jesse disclosed that a private jet with no flight plan had left Pine Valley, but Zach and Kendall continued to keep mum.

Kendall stressed that Greenlee was innocent and reminded Jesse that he had helped Kendall when she had been in Greenlee's position. Jesse said that things were different, as he had Liza and the mayor on his back. He told them he'd be in touch, and he left. Kendall fretted that Jesse knew they were lying. Zach pointed out that the police hadn't tracked down the plane, and by the time they did, Greenlee and Ryan would be far away and safe.

Kendall worried that Nick wouldn't talk, even if Greenlee and Ryan found him. Zach urged her to stop expecting the worst. She regretted that she couldn't do anything else. Zach understood that she wanted to help, but Zach and her boys needed her safe at home. Just then, Spike and Ian entered. Spike was wearing an American Indian costume, and Kendall explained that Spike had won the lead role in his school's Thanksgiving play. Zach suggested that they practice, and they played with their sons.

The doorbell rang, and Kendall took the boys upstairs. Zach answered the door to Roger, his attorney, who wanted to finalize the sale of Zach's casinos. Zach signed the papers, and Roger reported that he had put everything from the yacht into storage, with the exception of some items that Zach had wanted. After he handed Zach a box, Roger left, and Kendall returned to the room. Zach announced that the casinos were history, and they embraced. She asked about the box that Roger had left, and Zach revealed that it was "the story of us."

Kendall opened a scrapbook she had made while they had been on the boat. He commented that it was romantic. She recalled that his first marriage proposal was the most unromantic moment in her life. They flashed back to various memories, including his original proposition that they marry for business purposes, and his admission that he loved her for the first time. She remembered that it was more romantic when he had divorced her, and she pulled out the lobster bib she had worn at their dinner to commemorate their divorce. He compared her to a lobster in that she was tough to crack, but worth the effort.

Kendall and Zach reflected on when she finally had admitted her love to him, the first time they had made love, and their real wedding. She asked him what he would change if he could go back and do it over again. At first he joked that he would have exchanged the lobsters for burgers because the latter didn't fight back, but he swore he wouldn't change a thing. They tenderly kissed.

Kendall said they had been through hard times, as well, but they were finally together and happy, and she vowed they'd stay that way. She said she couldn't wait to make another scrapbook. She looked forward to Spike and Ian's firsts. He teased her for being mushy and said that no one in their family would ever be boring. She told him to never let her forget that she had everything she wanted right there in their home. He amorously said that he wanted something in the bedroom, and they headed upstairs.

At the courthouse, Natalia and Brot discussed some testimony they had just seen. She handed him the case file and asked him to finish the paperwork, and he complained that she was dumping all the work on him. She reminded him that she was his superior, and he accused her of treating him shabbily because he had walked out on their date. She corrected that she had walked out on him, and she stalked off.

Later, Natalia snapped at Brot about how long he was taking. He barked that she should pull her own weight if she wanted to get their work done more quickly. They bickered, and Jesse interrupted them. He wanted to speak to them about their behavior, but Natalia said they had work to do. Jesse glared at her, and Natalia and Brot followed Jesse out of the courthouse.

At Krystal's, Natalia told Jesse that Brot had a problem with following her orders. Brot said that if she didn't constantly pull rank, he'd have a better attitude. Jesse implored them to tell the truth about what was going on between them. Brot said that he and Natalia had briefly dated. She confessed that they had thought that there might be something between them, but they had learned that there wasn't. Brot agreed. Jesse was glad, because otherwise he'd have to transfer one of them out of the department. Brot stated that it wouldn't be necessary. "Ever," Natalia confirmed.

Jesse thanked them for their honesty and told Brot to finish up his work at the courthouse. After Brot left, Natalia reiterated that she and Brot weren't involved. Jesse told Natalia that at one point he had wished that she and Brot would get together, but not once Brot had joined the force, because Jesse didn't want to lose either of them. He reassured her that she was one of the best detectives on the force, in part because she never let personal issues distract her. She was irritated when he implied that she was married to her work. He asked if that was how she wanted to live her life.

After Jesse took a call, he informed Natalia that Greenlee and Ryan were in California. Natalia changed the subject back to whether he really thought that she wanted to be married to her job. He noted that she spent all her free time at the station and that she didn't appear to have a social life, but acknowledged that to some people, work meant everything. An upset Natalia declared that she didn't want to go home alone every night, especially when she saw Jesse and Frankie in amazing relationships. She claimed that she wanted one for herself, too.

Jesse was glad that he and Natalia had talked and asked her why it was so hard for her to admit certain things to herself. He felt guilty for causing her pain by leaving her and Rebecca, but he wanted to help her get over being scared. He said that she had a huge heart with a lot of love. He advised her to take a risk by sharing it. Natalia recalled that Angie and Rebecca had suggested the same thing. Jesse said that she couldn't go wrong by following the advice of two of the smartest women he'd ever known.

Natalia found Brot at the courthouse. He handed her his completed paperwork and curtly asked, "Happy, boss?" She walked over and planted a kiss on him. Afterward, a smiling Natalia told him that she was happy.

Greenlee and Ryan arrived at the hotel where Nick was allegedly staying. Greenlee asked Ryan how they were going to get Nick to confess. Ryan said the first step was to find him, so Ryan needed to subtly ask some questions. Greenlee teased that he meant flirting with the girls at the front desk. A security guard approached, and they quickly hid. Ryan implored Greenlee to stay put, but she thought he was being overcautious, since they had made it to California. He said he wasn't taking any chances with her.

After the guard passed, Ryan and Greenlee returned to the hall. Ryan listened at a room door and said it sounded quiet inside. She was stunned when he broke in. He explained that they could relax while they figured out their next move. She collapsed into the bed and complained that she hadn't slept at all since they had left Pine Valley. She noticed him staring at her, and she realized that for a moment, things had seemed normal. She pointed out that he must also be exhausted, and he lay down on the far side of the bed. They gazed intently at one another.

Greenlee asked Ryan about his feelings for Madison. He confirmed that he had cared a great deal about her, and the last thing he had wanted was to hurt her, so Greenlee asked why he had broken off their relationship. He said he'd had no choice, because he cared about someone else more. There was a knock at the door and a male voice yelled that he knew they were there and who they were.

Ryan handed Greenlee her bags and instructed her to jump out the bathroom window and to meet him in the back alley. The security guard let himself in, and Ryan acted surprised as he emerged from the bathroom. The guard accused Ryan of being in a room that wasn't his. Meanwhile, Greenlee attempted to climb over a fence, but the heel of her shoe caught on the ledge and she fell onto the ground several feet below, where she remained motionless.

In the hotel room, Ryan pretended to be an FBI agent. He showed the guard fake identification and pulled out a picture of Nick. He spun a story about how Nick always evaded cops, which was why the FBI hadn't contacted local authorities. Mesmerized by the prospect of working with the FBI, the guard agreed to help find out Nick's whereabouts. Ryan said it was a matter of national security. The guard saluted and exited, and Ryan left to find Greenlee. He peered over the fence and saw her seemingly unconscious on the ground below. A panicked Ryan jumped the fence and was relieved to discover Greenlee groggy but awake.

Ryan led Greenlee to a storage shed, where he tended to her swollen ankle. She was grateful that her injuries weren't more severe, but she saw that he seemed alarmed. He said that when he had seen her motionless on the ground, he had realized that he loved her too much to lose her. She looked surprised, and asked him to say it again. He said that he loved her and that he'd never stopped. She admitted that she loved him, too.

Greenlee said she had been waiting a long time to confess her feelings, but it had never been the right time. She had been scared that something would always be in the way. They agreed that at last, they weren't scared and they were together. He claimed that he hadn't felt so much like himself since their wedding day. He apologized that he hadn't pursued her more persistently. She hadn't been able to see how right they were for one another at the time, but she finally did. He was sorry that he hadn't saved her after her accident, but she said that he just had.

Ryan explained that he had worked the security guard, who had agreed to help. Greenlee laughed when he presented her with his fake FBI badge. They couldn't wait to go home to start their life together. Ryan received a text message from Tad warning them that the cops had tracked them down.

Ryan left a message for Kendall to update her that it was too risky to use her phone and that they wouldn't be in touch until they were on their way back with the evidence they needed to clear Greenlee. He asked Greenlee if she minded losing the phone. Greenlee mused that she had everything she needed, and he smashed the phone to pieces. He promised her that they would get through everything together, and they finally gave in to a kiss.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Zach succeeded in convincing Kendall that they should ignore whoever had rung their doorbell. However, the culprit was Erica, and she let herself in with her own key, much to the surprise of the Slaters.

As Caleb settled his tab at ConFusion, footage of his confrontation with Asher aired on a nearby television. Caleb was transfixed as he watched the event. The footage was also viewed at the Slater household. Erica was outraged, as she'd made a deal to keep the footage private. Her phone rang, and she saw that Caleb was calling. Erica picked up instantly and asked if Caleb was okay. Caleb said that he and Erica needed to talk.

Erica met up with Caleb at ConFusion. Caleb wanted the name of the reporter, but Erica felt that Caleb had more important things to attend to. Caleb was angry that Asher's attempt to hurt Caleb in a public way was being aired. Erica said that Caleb needed to focus on fixing things with his son, and said she would deal with the reporter. Just then, Erica's phone rang. When she answered the call, she found the SEC on the other end -- and they were looking for Caleb.

Caleb spoke with the SEC briefly. When the call ended, Caleb said that the SEC wouldn't turn the company over to an alleged murderer. Caleb told Erica that she was no longer obligated to help him regain control of Cortlandt Electronics. Erica said that she had gotten into the fight for Palmer, and that the scandal wasn't scaring her. Erica was bound and determined to make JR pay for messing with her, and the people she cared about.

Erica suggested that she and Caleb go to Washington and address the SEC directly. Caleb was in favor of the trip until Erica started to pose mock questions. Caleb was incensed that his private life needed to be examined when dealing with a business matter. Erica made it clear that Caleb would have to let go of some of his privacy. Erica encouraged Caleb to break his silence about Sonja's death, and why he had given Asher away. Erica then abruptly announced that she would handle the SEC alone.

Kendall tried to sneak up on Zach as Zach fixed a toy for Spike. Zach pulled Kendall into his lap before she could make her presence known. After Zach and Kendall sent Spike to find his brother, Zach surprised Kendall with a sand dollar he'd given her. Kendall recalled the idyllic vacation, and Zach said they could go back some day. Kendall said that her family was all the paradise she needed. They kissed, and something caught Zach's eye when they parted. Zach pointed out that they'd received a phone message.

Zach and Kendall listened to an update from Ryan on the machine. When it ended, Kendall was alarmed and wanted to help. Kendall launched into a tirade about how she would be a hypocrite if she didn't do whatever she could to help her loved ones during the Thanksgiving season. Zach didn't feel that Kendall could handle an intervention on her own. Kendall felt that Zach could help. Although reluctant, Zach agreed to step in.

Zach packed a small bag, and then explained to his sons that he wouldn't be gone long. As Zach stood and prepared to leave, Kendall asked if Zach was sure about the trip. Zach said that he was sure that he wanted to do what he could to make Kendall happy. Shortly after Zach left, Kendall suggested that she and Spike make a Thanksgiving banner to welcome Zach when Zach returned home. Before they could get started, the phone rang. When Kendall answered, she only heard silence before the call cut off.

Colby was surprised when she saw Asher in the Chandler living room. Colby tried to act aloof as she attempted to grab her jacket before leaving for the office. Asher grabbed the jacket first, and asked if they could go to the office together. Colby told Asher that he shouldn't act as if nothing had happened between them. Colby reminded Asher that she loved Damon.

Asher said that if Colby wanted him to apologize again, he would. Colby said it was unnecessary. Asher tried to explain where his head had been before he kissed Colby, and Colby asked if he was blaming her for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Asher was frustrated, and told Colby that the kiss hadn't meant anything. Asher said that they needed to let it go. Asher left the house just as Damon got there.

When Damon walked into the Chandler living room, he pointed out to Colby that Asher had seemed tense. Damon suggested that they distract Asher from his problems with Caleb, but Colby seemed unwilling. Damon was confused because previously, Colby hadn't wanted to leave Asher's side. Colby started to grow teary-eyed, and Damon asked what was going on. Colby finally confessed that Asher had kissed her.

Colby slowly told Damon details about the kiss. Damon was irate that he'd been so nice to Asher, because he didn't know that Asher had made a move on Colby. Colby apologized and said that she knew she should have told Damon sooner. Colby said that the kiss had been a mistake. Damon was focused on his anger and wanted to confront Asher. Colby said that she didn't want to regret being honest with Damon.

Colby asked Damon to try to understand, but Damon wasn't willing. Damon asked for more details, and as Colby described the incident, Damon's anger flared. Colby told Damon that her feelings about Asher had changed since she'd accepted that Asher was a liar and couldn't be trusted. She asked Damon to help her forget that the kiss with Asher had ever happened. Damon did the only thing he knew to do, and kissed Colby.

Damon and Colby ended up in bed. Colby said that she'd wanted to show Damon how much he meant to her. Colby added that she didn't want Damon to have any doubts about her feelings. Damon said that he was sure of how Colby felt, but his expression said something different.

In their hideout, Greenlee admitted that she was afraid that all of the recent changes between her and Ryan would disappear. Ryan proved her wrong when he got Greenlee to say that she loved him, and he confessed that he loved her too. Ryan told Greenlee that nothing could take them away from what they'd rediscovered. Ryan looked directly into Greenlee's eyes and told her that he couldn't live without her.

Ryan and Greenlee kissed, but Ryan ended it prematurely. Ryan said that while he wanted to kiss Greenlee all day, the reality was that they needed to track down Pearson, the witness that David had paid off. Greenlee thought that her ankle would slow them down, but Ryan suggested that Greenlee simply lean on him. Greenlee said that it would probably be better if Ryan left her behind.

Greenlee said that she would be fine, and told Ryan to talk to the security guard about Pearson. Ryan didn't want to leave Greenlee on her own. Greenlee said that the last thing she wanted to do was be apart from Ryan, but she knew what needed to be done. They each expressed their love for each other, and then Ryan took off to find the guard.

Ryan met up with the guard outside of the room Pearson had rented. Ryan asked if the guard could grant access to the room. The guard said that Pearson had already left. Ryan said that if he were allowed to see the room, he would be able to determine Pearson's next stop. The guard let Ryan into the room, and Ryan examined every crack and crevice. Ryan found a travel guide in the trash can and noticed a page that had been bookmarked; he realized he knew where Pearson was headed.

Greenlee tested out her ankle in their hideout. When she realized it wasn't steady enough, she sat back and thought of all the times Ryan had told her they were meant to be together. When Ryan returned moments later, Greenlee told Ryan that she should have listened to him. Ryan grinned and agreed before Greenlee kissed him again.

Ryan wrapped Greenlee's ankle with a bandage he had found. They briefly discussed their next move, and then Greenlee lamented her actions. Greenlee said that she and Ryan would be in a completely different place in their relationship if she'd listened to him when she returned to town. Ryan said that the only thing that mattered was that they were together. Greenlee noted that she could go to prison for the rest of her life. Ryan said that he believed they would get through the ordeal, and asked Greenlee to believe.

Just as Ryan and Greenlee prepared to leave, they heard sirens. Greenlee panicked and wondered if the sirens were for her. Ryan knew from Tad's call that the authorities were trying to track them. When the sirens stopped outside of their hideout, Ryan and Greenlee were sure they'd been found.

Asher ran into Opal on his way out of Krystal's restaurant. Opal said that she'd been looking for Asher. Opal explained that because of her marriage to Palmer, she considered Asher family. Opal knew that Asher didn't want any part of the family, based on his interactions with Caleb. Opal told Asher that everyone was taxed with dealing with the hand they were dealt, and Asher's was far better than he realized.

Asher agreed to have lunch with Opal. Opal told Asher a little about who Palmer was as a person. Opal said that despite Palmer's bad traits, everyone who knew Palmer knew that he put family first. Asher scoffed at that because he believed Caleb didn't share that trait with Palmer. Opal knew what Asher was thinking, and said that Palmer wouldn't have approved of Asher teaming up with JR to exact revenge on Caleb.

Opal said that Palmer's dedication to his family was what had led him to put Caleb in his will and to write the letter to Asher. Opal added that Asher had probably been looking for something when he showed up in Pine Valley. Asher tried to joke his way out of a real answer, but Opal saw right through his act. Opal said that she needed to show Asher something and whisked him out of the restaurant.

Opal took Asher to Wildwind and showed him the picture of Palmer that sat above the fireplace. Asher said he'd seen it before. Opal told him that the picture was a reminder of who Palmer was -- and maybe of the person Asher could be.

Opal revealed that the footage of Asher's showdown with Caleb had been aired on television. Opal recognized that Asher had been hanging on to a lot of anger. Asher thought he was justified, but Opal posited that perhaps Asher didn't have all of the facts. Opal didn't believe that Palmer would have encouraged Asher to seek out his father if the things Asher believed about Caleb were true.

Opal left Asher at Wildwind to consider what she'd said. Asher took the letter Palmer had sent him out of his pocket and read it aloud. In the letter, Palmer admitted that he hadn't agreed with a lot of Caleb's choices after Asher was born, but understood. Palmer encouraged Asher not to waste his life holding on to grudges. At that moment, Caleb returned to Wildwind, and was stunned to see his son in the living room.



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