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Monday, November 1, 2010

As she tried to call Caleb, Erica thought about her conversation with him regarding the mine explosion 20 years earlier. Jack startled Erica out of her reverie when he asked Erica if everything was okay. Erica admitted that she was concerned that she couldn't get in touch with Caleb. Jack asked if Erica would be willing to tell him why.

Erica pointed out that Caleb had been distracted lately. Given Caleb's history of abruptly leaving town when things became too difficult emotionally, Erica felt that she had a good reason to be concerned. She told Jack that she needed Caleb to be 100 percent focused on his work in order to get Cortlandt Electronics out of Chandler hands.

Jack said that it wasn't always easy to separate emotion from work. Erica realized that Jack was facing the same type of scenario. Erica asked how Jack was feeling about having to put Greenlee on the stand. Jack said that he was dreading the moment, but knew that he had no other options. Erica reassured Jack that he was a brilliant lawyer, and said that she had faith that he would be successful.

The phone rang, and Erica saw on the caller ID that it was her contact from the SEC. She answered the call and asked if there was any news about Cortlandt Electronics. When Erica ended the call, she told Jack that Caleb's inquiry into the fraudulent sale of Palmer's company had convinced the committee to launch an investigation. Erica hoped that the investigation would return control of Cortlandt to Caleb swiftly.

Erica wanted to share the good news with Caleb immediately and placed a call to Wildwind. When she hung up a few moments later, she told Jack that Caleb had gone to the Chandler residence. Erica recalled aloud that Caleb didn't have a cell phone, and noted that she would have to wait to talk to Caleb. Jack knew that Erica wanted to go to the Chandler home. Erica tried to protest, and said that she didn't want to leave Jack. Jack encouraged Erica to go. Thrilled, Erica hugged him and dashed out the door.

Caleb answered the door when Krystal stopped by Wildwind to see Marissa. Caleb was confused because he thought that Marissa had left Wildwind in order to take Krystal some supplies. Krystal said that she hadn't made that request. At that moment, the nanny showed up in the living room and asked if either Caleb or Krystal had seen AJ. All of them became worried when they realized that the little boy had gone missing. Krystal started to call Marissa, but Caleb stopped her. He said that in the time it took to track Marissa down, they could likely find AJ and send JR to jail.

Asher and AJ arrived at the Chandler offices just as JR called to check in. Asher confirmed that the main entrance was secure. AJ asked to speak to his father, so Asher handed over the phone. JR told his son that he would meet up with them as soon as he took care of something. AJ was satisfied and promised to behave for Asher.

Asher took AJ to nearby door and punched in a code to gain access. Before he could finish, the door swung open and Colby emerged. Colby was surprised to see Asher but even more so when she saw that AJ was with Asher. AJ innocently told his aunt that he was waiting at the offices for JR. Colby asked if Marissa would show up, as well, but AJ didn't know. Colby suggested that they all wait in the office for JR to arrive. Once Asher input the code and the door opened, Colby ushered AJ inside. When the little boy was out of earshot, Colby told Asher that the night wouldn't end well.

After they got AJ settled with a video game, Colby asked to talk to Asher. They went to the other side of the room, and Colby asked if JR had told Asher to kidnap AJ. Asher tried to convince Colby that everything would be all right. Colby pointed out that kidnapping was a federal offense. Colby also reminded Asher that she'd been through a similar situation with her parents, and nothing good had happened.

Asher tried to get Colby to calm down. Colby knew that JR was completely at fault. Asher said that he didn't think JR had done anything wrong by wanting to spend time with his son. Asher recognized that JR's actions had been extreme. Asher said that his own father hadn't been interested in being involved the way JR wanted to be for AJ. Colby started to point out that the two situations weren't the same.

Asher quickly shut down any further discussion about his family, so Colby turned her attention to Asher's attire. She realized that his pants had been raggedly cut off at the knee. Asher confessed that he'd shredded his pants so that his costume met AJ's specifications. Colby knelt down to see if she could do anything to salvage the pants. As she inspected the edges, she saw a scar on Asher's left leg.

Colby asked about the scar, and Asher hesitated. Colby promised that she would keep what Asher told her confidential. Asher slowly revealed that Caleb was his father. Colby realized that Caleb was the reason that Asher had descended upon Pine Valley. Asher admitted that Palmer had sent a letter that directed him to visit Pine Valley if Asher wanted to meet his father. Colby asked if JR knew about the connection, and then answered her own question. Asher said that he knew JR was using him, but said he didn't care. The only thing that mattered was that Caleb got the punishment that he deserved.

Krystal and Caleb arrived at the Chandler home and demanded to see AJ. JR coolly pointed out that the last he knew, AJ had been at Wildwind. Krystal knew that JR wasn't being truthful because of JR's calm demeanor. Caleb said that they should let the police handle the situation. As if beckoned, the doorbell rang, and JR opened the door to Brot.

Brot said that a kidnapping had been called in. JR said that his son was missing, and Caleb added that a custody order stated that JR was to be kept separated from his son. JR said that he wanted Krystal and Caleb arrested for trespassing, but Brot stayed focused on the kidnapping charge. Brot asked if he would be allowed to look around. JR allowed Brot to search the house without protest.

Brot returned to the main floor and told Krystal and Caleb that he hadn't spotted AJ in the house. Brot said that he wasn't allowed to do more, but said that he would assign detectives to the case. After Brot left, Caleb told Krystal that they should look around the house themselves, as they might have better luck.

JR protested and said that Caleb and Krystal needed to leave. Caleb started to fiddle with something near the fireplace and JR wanted to know what Caleb was doing. When JR got close enough, Caleb handcuffed JR to the fireplace. Caleb walked away, and JR demanded to know if Krystal planned to leave him there. Krystal said that she had no intention of unlocking JR.

JR tried to convince Krystal that he should be released and said that he was a good father. JR begged Krystal not to be swayed by the bad blood between JR and Caleb. Krystal walked away, and said that JR's bad behavior had been the deciding factor.

Krystal and Caleb searched the Chandler house, to no avail. They were about to regroup and decide on what steps to take next when the phone rang. Krystal answered the call and found AJ on the other end. AJ quickly told Krystal where he was, and then asked when JR was going to show up and visit.

Colby and Asher found out that AJ had called the Chandler residence. Colby was quick to assure AJ that he was not in trouble, but said that they needed to take him back to Marissa right away. AJ begged to see his father first, so Colby agreed to swing by the Chandler home so that AJ could see JR. Colby turned to Asher and expressed her concern that Asher would face Caleb on his own. Asher said that he needed to face his father eventually, and encouraged Colby to leave before Caleb arrived.

Erica showed up at the Chandler residence and found JR cuffed to the fireplace. JR asked for her help in getting free, but Erica wanted to know why JR was chained to the wall. JR blamed Caleb, and Erica was momentarily distracted as she called out for her business partner. JR told Erica that Caleb had already left. Erica started to tell JR about the impending fraud investigation of the sale of Cortlandt Electronics, but an incoming phone call interrupted her story.

Erica answered the phone and found Judge Hale, the judge that JR had paid off to gain access to AJ, on the other end. Erica exchanged some small talk with the judge and then agreed to have JR call the judge back. Before she let the judge off the phone, Erica implored the judge to think twice about AJ and the custody battle. Erica insisted that every child needed his mother.

When Erica hung up the phone and sat it down on a nearby table, she spotted a file. Although JR protested, Erica picked up the file and began to read it. JR demanded that she put the file down, but Erica wouldn't listen. She stepped out into the foyer so that she could read the file without listening to JR's shouting. It only took a few moments for Erica to uncover that Asher was Caleb's son. At the same moment across town, Caleb arrived at Chandler Enterprises. To Caleb's surprise, Asher greeted him.

Zach thought he heard someone outside of the house, and wanted to investigate. He told Kendall to go upstairs so that he would be certain of her safety. Kendall was nervous and said that she wouldn't leave Zach alone. She tried to hand Zach a poker from the fireplace to use to defend himself. Zach disregarded the offer, swung the front door open, and saw Ryan. Ryan wondered aloud why Kendall was armed.

Kendall explained that she was unsure of who was outside, and Zach asked if Ryan had seen anyone lurking near the front door. Ryan said that he'd only seen trick-or-treaters outside. Kendall tried to make Ryan leave by saying that she and Zach were in the middle of something. Ryan said that he only wanted to interrupt briefly. Zach invited Ryan in and said that he had a simple question for Ryan. Zach asked if Ryan had killed David. Ryan was flabbergasted that Zach would suggest something like that. Zach wanted a yes or no answer, but Ryan was unable to comply.

Ryan said that because he couldn't remember what happened, it was still a possibility that he was the one who had killed David. Satisfied, Zach asked why Ryan had stopped by. Ryan asked that Zach do what he could to keep Kendall out of the murder trial. Kendall was incensed that the two men would talk about her as if she wasn't there.

Ryan apologized for what he'd done to stand in the way of Kendall and Zach being a family. Ryan said that he hoped that Kendall could let go and enjoy life with her family. Kendall said that she would back off, but asked that Ryan take care of Greenlee. Kendall added that Ryan needed to try to move on with his life.

After Ryan left, Zach told Kendall that their lawyer was certain another casino could be sold. Kendall asked how Zach felt about the sale, given the memories they both had at the casinos. Kendall recounted the story of how Zach shut down the casino on New Year's Eve just to tell Kendall that he loved her. Zach acted shocked that someone would do such a thing, but Kendall said that she had the husband and family to prove it. Zach gave up his innocent act and with a kiss, told his wife how much he still loved her.

Madison wasn't happy when Greenlee showed up at Ryan's penthouse. Madison told Greenlee that Ryan wasn't home, and returned to packing. Greenlee asked if Madison and Ryan were going on a trip. Madison broke the news that she and Ryan had split up. Greenlee reeled from the revelation, and initially wasn't very comforting. Madison said that the only thing that she needed was to gather the rest of her things and leave.

Greenlee offered to go away so that she wouldn't be in Madison's way. Before Greenlee could reach the door, Madison pointed out that Ryan could go to jail for making himself look guilty at Greenlee's trial. Greenlee swore that she wouldn't let Ryan get convicted. Madison said that the decision was out of Greenlee's hands. Instead, Madison suggested that Greenlee celebrate the demise of Ryan's relationship with Madison -- as that was what Greenlee had wanted all along.

Greenlee told Madison that she had loved David, and that she'd been happy with him for a while. Greenlee said that she didn't want Madison to think that she'd been pining for Ryan since she'd returned to Pine Valley. Madison reminded Greenlee that Ryan was risking his whole life to make sure that Greenlee went free. Greenlee said that saving others was something that Ryan always did. Madison pointed out that while Ryan and Greenlee would have their moments, there would always be someone to save.

Ryan returned home just as Madison was grabbing the last of her things. Madison tried to leave quickly. Ryan didn't want Madison to go out into the storm upset. Madison said that she didn't need Ryan to save her anymore. Madison said that Greenlee was facing a big day in court, and could use all of Ryan's support.

Madison asked if Ryan viewed her as someone he could save because they were no longer together. Ryan tried to brush aside all of the upsetting things he'd said and asked Madison if she would stay and talk to him. Madison reluctantly agreed. Ryan asked Greenlee if he could talk with her later. Greenlee consented and left the penthouse. With tears threatening to fall down her face, Madison said that all she'd wanted to do was break up with Ryan and move out without seeing Greenlee.

Ryan asked if there was anything he could do. Madison shook her head and stated that she was in a lot of pain over the breakup. Ryan wrapped Madison in his embrace. She resisted initially because she thought that Ryan was still trying to save her. Ryan pulled her back in and let her cry on his shoulder for a moment. Madison extracted herself, looked at Ryan longingly for a moment, then grabbed her things and left.

Kendall quickly went upstairs to check on her sons. When she returned, Zach apologized for scaring her earlier. He asked what she did when she was scared and he wasn't around. Her answers enticed Zach to place some kisses along Kendall's neck. At that moment, Greenlee marched into the house without knocking. Greenlee announced that Ryan and Madison had broken up, and said that she didn't know what it meant.

Greenlee admitted that the breakup would be weighing on her mind as she went into the last day of her trial, and possibly her last day of freedom. Zach assured Greenlee she could convince the jury of her innocence. Kendall said that she believed in Greenlee. Kendall added that if there were anything that Greenlee needed, Kendall and Zach would be supportive. Greenlee thanked them, but said that she was on her own.

As Greenlee somberly pondered what she considered to be her inevitable fate, the Slaters tried to convince Greenlee to have a more positive outlook. Then, the doorbell rang, and no one was surprised to see Ryan on the other side. Greenlee asked why Ryan was there. Ryan said that he needed Greenlee to leave with him. Ryan quickly escorted Greenlee out of the house, and left no room for questions.

Alone again with her husband, Kendall launched into her concerns about Ryan and Greenlee. Kendall noticed Zach disenchanted expression and realized that she needed to focus on enjoying her family. Kendall and Zach strolled down memory lane again and recalled all of the good times they'd seen in their house. They quickly decided that they needed more memories, and took in some quality face time.

Ryan took Greenlee to the courtroom. Ryan was certain that Greenlee would be unshakeable when she took the stand. Greenlee wasn't as sure but tried to hold on to Ryan's conviction. Greenlee asked if Ryan and Madison had broken up because of what Ryan had admitted on the stand. Before Ryan could answer the question, his cell phone rang. Ryan told Greenlee that Tad was calling, and that Tad might have information that would help her case. Greenlee thanked Ryan, and then exited the courtroom.

Madison returned to Ryan's penthouse after she knew he was gone. She left the key he had given to her under the mat, and left a note that asked him to take care of himself.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

At Krystal's restaurant, Jake and Amanda shared milkshakes as they reflected upon Trevor's second Halloween. They gushed that their son had been the cutest devil ever. Jake declared that it had been one of his favorite Halloweens. They recalled the parties that the Martins had thrown, and Jake vowed to keep traditions alive for Trevor. He thought it was their job to ensure that Trevor had great stories to tell about every holiday. Amanda commented that they were lucky, and they kissed.

Amanda teased Jake for putting cinnamon candy on his burger, and he offered her a bite. Amanda suddenly looked distant, and she mentioned that she had seen Annie and Emma trick-or-treating. Amanda worried that Annie was having a tough time, but Jake thought that Annie was responsible for her own problems. He reminded Amanda that the dinner they'd had with Annie and Scott had been torture. Amanda believed that Annie just wanted them to like her. Jake said that Annie blew things up when she tried to have things that she couldn't. Amanda compared herself to Annie and said that she herself had made all the wrong choices before Jake had returned from Africa.

Amanda fondly recalled first meeting Jake, when she had faked an injury to get his attention. She amorously said that she hadn't faked anything since. He joked that they should go home to dress up in their pirate costumes. Amanda recalled his calm demeanor when he had first treated her at the hospital, and she speculated that women all over the world had swooned over him. He scoffed at the idea, but she mentioned that at least one woman, his ex-wife, Carolyn, had fallen for him. Amanda wondered why Jake had never told her anything about his ex. Jake's phone rang and he had to leave for the hospital, and Amanda said she'd be home waiting to play dress-up.

At the Chandler mansion, a handcuffed JR shouted at Erica, who was stunned to read that Asher was Caleb's son. JR called after her as she rushed out. Later, JR heard someone at the door and yelled for help. Annie entered and was shocked to see that he had been handcuffed to the mantel. JR explained that Caleb had locked him up when Caleb had been there looking for AJ. Annie demanded to know what JR had done.

JR explained to Annie that the judge had agreed to void Marissa's custody order and grant a new one for JR. Annie wondered why JR would take AJ before JR had the order in hand. JR didn't think it was a big deal because it was Halloween, though he worried that he'd lose his son permanently because of Erica's conversation with the judge.

As she looked for something to try to pick the handcuff lock, Annie tried to discourage JR from snatching AJ. He was skeptical of her ability to pick the lock, but she reminded him that she had been married to a con. Annie warned him that he was playing a dangerous game where AJ was involved, but JR said that sometimes danger was the only option.

Annie successfully unlocked the handcuffs, and JR called her a lifesaver. Colby and AJ entered, and JR embraced his son. Father and son discussed AJ's Halloween activities as Colby glared at JR. She scolded him for his actions and explained that she had gotten AJ out of JR's office before Caleb had shown up. Colby was upset that JR had involved Asher in his scheme. Colby warned that both JR and Asher could go to prison.

JR informed Colby that the judge was going to overturn Marissa's custody order, but Colby thought that JR should have waited to take AJ. JR said that she had no idea what it was like for him to be separated from his child. Colby left to call Asher, and JR told Annie that he needed to buy time to ensure that Marissa didn't show up before the judge. Annie thought she could help.

Caleb and Asher faced off at JR's office. Asher said he was there to work his way up the corporate ladder. Caleb demanded to know where AJ was. Asher claimed that there weren't any kids at the office, but Caleb knew that AJ had been there when the boy had spoken with Krystal. Asher suggested that AJ was probably with his mom, and he pointedly inquired whether AJ had a mother, because not everyone did. Caleb asked again where AJ was, and Asher wondered if Caleb would kill him if Asher didn't do what Caleb wanted.

Caleb vowed to find AJ and to take him home to his mother. He threatened to charge Asher with being an accessory to kidnapping. Asher accused Caleb of not having his own life, so Caleb had the time to look for other people's kids. Caleb refused to listen and exited into the stairwell, but Asher followed him.

Asher tauntingly asked why Caleb cared so much about a kid he barely knew and angrily asked if Caleb had a guilty conscience. Caleb slammed Asher up against the wall and demanded to know what Asher had against him. They scuffled, and Asher fell down a flight of stairs. Erica arrived to find an unconscious Asher on the floor. She looked up at a panicked Caleb.

Erica called for an ambulance. Caleb checked to make sure that Asher was breathing. Erica asked what had happened. Caleb explained that he had been there to retrieve AJ, but he and Asher had fought, and Asher had lost his balance when he had tried to push Caleb. Erica assured him that Asher would be okay. Caleb insisted that Asher's fall was an accident. Caleb wondered what she was doing there, but the sound of the ambulance sirens distracted them.

The EMTs took Asher to the hospital, and Erica and Caleb followed. Jake ordered a battery of tests and asked if there was a family member the hospital could call, but Caleb had no information about Asher other than his name and the fact that he worked for JR. Erica escorted Caleb to the waiting area and told him that there was something he needed to know.

Erica gently told Caleb that Asher was his son. Caleb looked at her incredulously and claimed that it couldn't be true. Erica told him about the file that she had found at the Chandler mansion. He admitted that he'd had a son 20 years before, but he never thought he'd see him again after Sonia had died. Caleb realized that Asher's purpose in Pine Valley had been to find him. Caleb admitted that he had given his child away after Sonia had died. Overwhelmed with emotion, he choked back tears.

Caleb recounted to Erica that he had told Sonia that he had never wanted to see her again. He hadn't known that she was pregnant when he left for West Virginia to work at a mine. Sonia had found him to tell him that she was with child. Sonia got through mine security and searched for him in the mine, and there had been an explosion. When Caleb found her, she was in labor and barely clinging to life.

Caleb had delivered the baby, and all of his resentment had disappeared and his love for Sonia had flooded back. Sonia's last words were that she loved him, and she had handed him the baby before she died. Palmer had promised to find a family to care for the baby until Caleb was ready, but Caleb had left for the mountains. He couldn't believe that his son was in the next room. Erica comforted Caleb as he broke down in tears. A devastated Caleb stood vigil outside Asher's room. Erica urged Caleb to go to his son, as Asher would know his father was there with him. "I can't," Caleb said brokenly.

Krystal burst into Wildwind, and a concerned Marissa demanded to know why AJ wasn't there. Krystal tried to calm Marissa, but she reluctantly revealed that JR had taken him. Krystal explained that AJ was at JR's office and that Caleb was on the way to retrieve him. Marissa was furious that they hadn't told her as soon as AJ had gone missing. Krystal implored Marissa to not overreact, but to be smart and to use the incident against JR at the custody hearing. Krystal advised that if Marissa retaliated, JR could use it against Marissa. Krystal pressed her daughter to let Caleb handle things.

Marissa worried that Caleb hadn't returned with AJ yet. Krystal blamed herself for telling JR that AJ would be at Wildwind, but Marissa said it was JR's fault. Marissa thought that JR's actions validated her decision to pursue custody. Krystal wished that Marissa and JR had been able to work through things for AJ's sake. There was a knock at the door, and Marissa answered it to Annie, who blurted that she was sorry because she had taken AJ.

Annie spun a long-winded story about how Emma had wanted to go trick-or-treating with AJ, and Asher had overheard Emma's request. When Asher had arrived at Wildwind to find Colby, he had invited AJ to join them. Annie claimed that she had assumed that Asher had cleared things with Marissa, and she took responsibility for the miscommunication.

When Krystal noted that AJ had ended up at Chandler Enterprises, a nervous Annie went on to claim that AJ had talked about how much he missed JR on their favorite holiday. Annie had suggested that Asher take AJ to JR's office, since JR hadn't been answering his phone. When Annie mentioned that AJ was at the mansion with JR, Marissa blew up. Annie apologized profusely and swore that there had been no kidnapping, just a father and son spending time together on Halloween. Marissa threatened to have Annie thrown in jail.

Annie begged Marissa not to be upset with JR and to blame Annie instead. Marissa believed that JR had convinced Annie to take the fall. Krystal called the situation "vintage JR." Annie apologized again and insisted that JR had been completely surprised to see AJ. Marissa refused to believe Annie because Annie had lied so many times in the past. Marissa left to contact the police. Krystal shook her head in disgust at Annie and walked away. Once alone, Annie looked quite pleased with herself.

JR tried to reach the judge again, but he couldn't get through. Colby asked him to promise that he wouldn't put AJ in the middle of the war between him and Marissa. JR claimed that everything he was doing was for AJ. Colby worried that she couldn't reach Asher. JR offered to give Asher hazard pay, but Colby asked him to stop forcing things to happen the way he wanted.

Colby asked JR to do the right thing, but he called paying off the judge a Chandler tradition. She compared JR to Adam, but JR blamed Marissa for ambushing him. Colby fretted that JR would lose custody and that Asher would be in serious trouble. JR swore that everything would be fine because Annie was running interference for him. Colby said he had lost his mind if he expected Annie to fix things. He said that Annie was probably his only friend.

AJ snuck up on JR and popped up in his werewolf costume, startling his dad. JR pulled AJ to his lap and said that the holiday was more than tricks and treats -- it was about love. He felt lucky to spend time with his son, and they hugged.

Marissa entered to find JR and AJ reading a book. She calmly told AJ that it was time to go home. AJ left to get his bag of candy, and a police officer appeared behind Marissa. She told JR not to make things uglier than he already had. JR handed the officer the document from the appeals court that granted JR temporary custody. Marissa looked on in disbelief as JR repeated her words not to make things uglier than she already had. The officer confirmed that AJ needed to stay with JR. She vowed that there was no way JR would get away with his scheme.

Annie joined Amanda at Krystal's to help finish her dessert. Annie bragged that she had performed the selfless act of helping JR to spend quality time with his son. Amanda worried that Annie had done something illegal, but Annie said that while her behavior had been risky, she had done what she had needed to do. Amanda questioned why Annie would put herself in such a position. Annie knew what it was like to not be able to see her child. Amanda hoped that Annie wasn't looking for JR's eternal gratitude. Amanda thought that Annie and JR were together, but Annie denied it. Amanda realized that Annie loved JR.

JR swore to keep AJ safe at home, where he belonged. Suddenly, Colby bolted out the door to head to the hospital, as she had just learned about Asher's accident.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Due to ABC News coverage of a presidential news conference, All My Children did not air today. There will be no lost episodes as a result of this preemption. Regular programming will resume on Thursday, November 4 where the Tuesday, November 2 episode concluded.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Greenlee left a message for Ryan, and inquired about his investigation of Nick Pearson. She met Jackson at Krystal's restaurant and griped that her father hadn't been keeping her in the loop. She thought that her testimony would undo the damage that Ryan and Jackson's plan had caused. Jackson warned her that Liza wouldn't make things easy, but Greenlee vowed that she'd fix things.

Jackson commented that even if they found Nick, he might not help Greenlee's case. Jackson hoped Greenlee's testimony wouldn't make things worse, but Greenlee was certain that she would prove her innocence. Greenlee's attitude made Jackson wonder what Greenlee had been like as a child. He was sure that Greenlee would have fought every time he had said "no." She said it didn't matter because he hadn't known her then, but he swore that he would be there for her. Jackson wanted to work on her case, but Greenlee declared that there was something she had to do.

Kendall and Zach cuddled on their couch and marveled about the peace and quiet. Zach suggested that they enjoy it before the insanity of the holidays ensued. He requested that they keep the holidays small, with just them and their kids. Kendall didn't want to be without other loved ones, especially since she had so much to be thankful for. Zach admitted that he had already purchased the largest turkey he could find in preparation for sharing the holidays with their extended family and friends.

Kendall and Zach continued to happily discuss holiday plans when there was a knock at the door. Zach answered it to Greenlee, who worried that she was interrupting. Greenlee realized that Zach was in town to stay, and she embraced him. Zach left to check on the kids and joked that they could talk about him behind his back.

Kendall asked about Greenlee's upcoming testimony. Greenlee said that she was waiting to hear from Ryan about Nick. Kendall was concerned that Ryan would look guilty, but Greenlee stated that she wasn't going to tell anyone about finding the vial of digitalis in Ryan's pocket. Zach revealed himself and cautioned the women that the trick to keeping secrets was making sure no one else found them out.

Zach confronted Greenlee about the vial. Greenlee explained that Ryan was unaware that she had found the vial in his pocket. Zach inquired how the vial had gotten there, but Kendall and Greenlee thought it didn't matter. Kendall didn't want her son's father to go prison, but Zach wondered how Spike would feel if he knew his father had killed someone and hadn't accepted responsibility for it. Zach hated that they were involved in another mess so soon after they had returned to Pine Valley. Kendall begged her husband not to tell anyone about the vial.

Zach didn't know what he disliked more -- Greenlee and Kendall's cover-up, or the fact that he knew about it. He reluctantly agreed to keep quiet for all of their sakes. He advised Greenlee to keep her testimony simple and to watch out for Liza, who was dangerous because she needed to win the case. As Kendall escorted Greenlee out, Kendall told Greenlee that she had handled worse than Liza and would get through the trial. "Here we are again," an aggravated Zach said once he and Kendall were alone.

Kendall realized that Zach thought that there was more to the story about Ryan and the vial. Zach thought that if Ryan knew about the vial, Kendall wouldn't be involved in the situation. Kendall reminded him that Greenlee and Ryan were two of her best friends, and she asked that he accept the fact that she couldn't turn her back on them when they needed help. He asked whether Kendall had any more secrets, and she swore that she didn't.

JR and Colby stood by Asher's bedside, and Colby worried that Asher would be paralyzed, if he woke up at all. JR tried to assure her that Asher would be fine. Colby blamed JR for involving Asher in his plan to snatch AJ from Marissa. Colby wondered if Caleb had pushed Asher intentionally, and JR speculated that Caleb had. Colby declared that they had to take care of Asher because Asher didn't have anyone else.

Caleb remarked to Erica that he couldn't be a good father. Erica thought that Asher might want a relationship with Caleb, but Caleb thought Asher's intention was to get even with Caleb. Erica implored him to leave the door open, and Caleb said that he had no choice.

Erica advised Caleb not to revert back to being the man he had been on the mountain. She thought that he had changed and was willing to fight for what was his. He confirmed that he was ready to do so. She said that she knew what he felt because she had also given up a child who had returned full of anger and bitterness. She counseled that Caleb's feelings would consume him if he ignored them, but if he faced them, he could find something unexpectedly wonderful. She acknowledged that it was the hardest thing she had ever had to do. They shared an intense stare before she left.

JR confronted Caleb. Caleb thought that Asher's fall had been orchestrated as part of JR's plan to get to Caleb. "Congratulations, it's a boy," JR sarcastically said. Caleb accused JR of not caring about "the kid," but JR thought it was too late for Caleb to be a father to Asher. JR pointed out that Caleb couldn't even call Asher by his name and snarled that it was no wonder Asher hated him.

Caleb alleged that JR hadn't been man enough to confront Caleb directly. JR asked if Caleb had pushed Asher down the stairs. JR said that Caleb had been at the top of Asher's hate list before JR and Asher had even met. JR taunted him with the fact that the whole time Caleb had been helping Marissa take AJ, Asher had been assisting JR. Caleb looked in on Asher to find a worried Colby standing vigil.

Colby told an unconscious Asher that she had believed that her family was dysfunctional, but after she had contemplated everything he had been through, she realized why he'd avoided her questions about his personal life. She had wanted him to be straight with her and to trust her, but she hadn't understood the pain he had felt about his parents. She held his hand and said that she was sorry for not seeing his anguish. Damon arrived and asked why Colby hadn't called. She explained that she hadn't wanted to leave Asher's side.

Colby told a stunned Damon that Asher was Caleb's son. Damon was furious that Asher had lied to them and had dragged them into his revenge scheme. Damon thought that Asher had used Colby to make inroads with the Chandler family and blamed Asher for involving her in AJ's kidnapping. Colby swore that she hadn't been forced into anything and that she had stepped up because Marissa hadn't been fair to JR. Damon pointed out that Marissa had custody at the time JR had taken AJ, but Colby called it a judge's mistake that had since been reversed.

Damon didn't see how JR's actions had been any different from when Liza had taken Colby from Adam. Colby accused Damon of treating her like she didn't have a mind of her own. He acknowledged that they were both stressed and suggested that they go home, but Colby insisted that they were all Asher had. She vowed to be there when Asher woke up. Damon looked displeased, but he suggested that he and Colby get something to eat in the cafeteria, so she didn't end up in the next cubicle suffering from exhaustion. She hesitantly agreed, and they left.

Caleb saw Palmer's photo next to a sign for the Palmer Cortlandt Emergency Care Center and remarked that his uncle was everywhere. He asked Palmer what he should do, but then he stated that Asher was better off without him. Caleb blamed himself for pushing Sonia away to the point where she hadn't felt comfortable telling him that she had been pregnant with his child. He asked the doctor how Asher was doing, and the doctor informed him that Asher would be fine. Caleb looked relieved.

The doctor explained to Caleb that Asher should make a full recovery from the injuries sustained during his fall. Caleb asked the doctor about "the other thing." The doctor reminded him that no one could find out that he had been involved, and Caleb nodded. The doctor revealed that the DNA test he had performed had been positive -- Asher was Caleb's son.

At the beach cottage, Annie handed Emma a cherry-topped sundae, and Emma called her the best mom in the world. Annie explained that she had helped JR and AJ that day without expecting anything in return. A proud Emma said that Annie was a good person.

Annie spoke to a sleeping Emma and wished that she had been a better mother. She had remembered what it was like to be a good person that day and vowed to be the mother that Emma deserved, because all the toys and dresses in the world couldn't replace having a great mom. JR knocked on the door, but once he spotted Emma asleep, he promised not to stay long.

Annie could tell that something was wrong, and JR informed her about Asher's fall. JR explained that Caleb had been at the accident scene, and Annie realized that JR believed that Caleb was responsible. JR revealed that Asher was Caleb's son and speculated that Caleb had found that out just before the accident. JR said that he was there to thank her for covering for him with Marissa. He credited Annie with JR gaining temporary custody of AJ.

JR carried Emma to bed and remembered how much he had enjoyed watching AJ sleep. He was thankful to Annie for having that opportunity again. She admitted that she had surprised herself when she had offered to take responsibility for AJ's disappearance. Annie thought that Marissa had a right to hate JR, but she felt that it wasn't right that Marissa had used AJ to get back at JR. JR realized that many people thought AJ belonged with Marissa, but Annie insisted she wasn't one of those people.

JR called Annie a good mom, and Annie said that she was trying. Annie was grateful to be staying at a nice place like the beach cottage, but she worried that it would hurt his chances at his custody hearing. He thought that it was the least he could do. He said it was a special place, like an alternate universe, and perhaps that was why Palmer had given it to him to escape to. JR asked if he could visit Annie and Emma every once in a while. Annie said that it was his alternate universe and that he could stop by whenever he liked.

Erica arrived at Krystal's and playfully put her hands over Jackson's eyes. He guessed that it was the love of his life. He explained that he was there waiting for Greenlee so they could work on their trial strategy. Erica was confident about Jackson's abilities as an attorney. He appreciated her faith in him, even if she didn't believe in Greenlee's innocence. Erica insisted that she loved him and would support him no matter what the circumstances. She suddenly thought of a way that she could help and hurried out the door.

Greenlee sat at the ConFusion bar with a drink in hand, and Erica confronted her. Erica reminded Greenlee that Jack was slaving over her case, and Greenlee was supposed to have met him an hour before. Greenlee directly asked if Erica thought that Greenlee had murdered David, and Erica asserted that she did.

Greenlee asked if Jackson knew about Erica's feelings. Erica admitted that he did, but he also knew that she supported him. Greenlee commented that Jackson really loved Erica, and Erica countered that he loved Greenlee, too. Erica implored Greenlee to let go of her anger toward Jackson, as she'd break her father's heart if she didn't do everything she could to help him win her case. Greenlee confessed that she was scared and that she could lose everything. Erica understood, as she had been in Greenlee's position before. However, Erica pointed out that Greenlee had a father who would do anything for her and who also happened to be the best lawyer on the planet.

During a musical montage, Greenlee and Jackson discussed her case and shared a warm moment. JR and Annie wished one another a good night, but after they parted, they lingered on either side of the door and longed for one another. Kendall fetched wine glasses, but Zach distracted her with kisses. Caleb signed hospital forms and looked in on Asher. Erica arrived at the hospital to find Caleb watching over his son.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Jake read an email message, but he quickly covered up the screen when Amanda arrived at the hospital. Amanda wondered why he was hiding the message from her, but he claimed that he wasn't. He disclosed that he had received an email from Doctors Without Borders offering him a job in Africa. She asked if he missed his missionary work and if he felt restless in Pine Valley. Jake insisted that he was happy with his life with Amanda and Trevor. He swore that he his love for his family would never change.

Tad interrupted Jake and Amanda as they kissed. They asked about Greenlee's trial, and Amanda noted Tad's excitement about his private investigation work. She asked Tad if he thought that Jake missed Doctors Without Borders. Tad said that he had never seen Jake happier than when he was with Amanda. A satisfied Amanda left, and Jake told Tad about the job offer, which he had already decided not to accept. Tad wondered why Jake seemed so stressed if he wasn't interested in the job. Jake admitted that he had received the offer from Cara -- Carolyn Finn, his ex-wife.

Jake told Tad that it had been the first time he'd heard from Cara since she had left him. Tad realized that Jake was still hurting, though Jake didn't want to think about it. Jake remembered how he and Cara had loved one another and had done everything together, and then he had seen her suddenly drive off with another guy. Tad pointed out that Jake had never really talked about it.

Jake remembered that he and Cara had been newlyweds working in an impoverished country, and it probably hadn't been the best place to start a marriage. He still couldn't believe that Cara had left him without a word, though Tad recalled that Cara had left him a "Dear John" letter. Tad questioned whether the email was legitimate. Tad offered to use his P.I. skills to find out the real story, but Jake said that he wanted to leave things in the past.

Angie explained to Jesse that her doctor had run tests, including one to determine the sex of the baby. They agreed to each say whether they wanted to know the baby's sex or not on the count of three. She counted down, and he said yes, but she said no. Jesse contemplated what they'd do with all their blue baby clothes if their child were a girl, and he asked if she'd put a boy in pink. Angie joked that she couldn't see the clothes anyway, and she only cared that the baby was healthy.

Angie's doctor asked if Angie and Jesse were ready for good news. Angie wanted any bad news first, but the doctor announced that their baby was perfectly healthy. The Hubbards happily embraced, and Angie murmured that nothing else mattered. The doctor inquired whether they wanted to know the baby's sex, and they said "no" in unison. The doctor dropped a file regarding the baby's gender, and Jesse saw the results when he helped pick it up. Jesse gestured for the doctor to keep quiet, and Angie wondered what was wrong.

Jesse covered by saying that he had received a text. He left and ran into Amanda. Jesse informed Amanda that he had gotten some incredible, complicated news. He asked how he was supposed to keep quiet to Angie and hoped he didn't blow it. Amanda reminded him that it was a good secret and said that he could tell her, but he worried about more people knowing. He said he'd simply have to call the baby "the kid" until it was born.

Later, Angie and Jesse talked about how it had been a big day. Angie paused suddenly, and she placed his hand on her belly to feel the baby kick. Jake and Amanda congratulated them. The Hubbards left, and Jake told Amanda that he had turned down the job offer. He assured her that everything was great and they hugged, but he looked uneasy.

Outside the courtroom, Tad explained to Ryan that he had tracked down Nick, but Nick had refused to return to Pine Valley to testify, despite Tad offering him money. Tad had found it odd that Nick had refused cash after he had testified that he had suffered financial troubles ever since he had been fired. Tad informed Ryan that he had investigated further and had discovered that Nick had flown first-class to California. Tad showed Ryan records showing that a million dollars had been transferred into Nick's offshore accounts the day that David had died.

At the courthouse, Greenlee spoke on the phone with Kendall, who wished her luck from home. Greenlee encouraged Kendall not to attend the trial, and, before hanging up, Kendall said that she believed in her friend. Zach entered and informed Kendall that his business partner didn't want to negotiate. She offered her help, but he thought that she couldn't do anything to assist. He told Kendall to get her coat so they could go to the courthouse, since Greenlee needed her.

Kendall pointed out that they'd probably sit next to Ryan at the courthouse. Zach said that he should have sold all his casinos to Ryan, because then Zach would no longer have to deal with jerks. Kendall wished again that she could help with his business matters. He said it helped just telling her about his problems, and they vowed to do things as a team. Kendall asked Zach if he thought they were wrong not to tell Ryan about the vial. Zach didn't want to see Greenlee go to prison for something Ryan had done, but Kendall swore that wouldn't happen.

Greenlee declared to Jackson that it was a great day to testify. He wished that he could change her mind about taking the stand. She felt that they hadn't proved enough reasonable doubt, and she vowed to tell the truth and to convince the jury that she was innocent. Later, the trial resumed, and Greenlee was called to the stand. She locked eyes with Ryan as he walked in.

Jackson inquired about Greenlee's relationship with David. She explained that after her accident, David had found her and had saved her life. Her recovery had been difficult, but David had never lost patience. She had loved David for his devotion, and she had thought he had been the man she had wanted to spend her life with. Greenlee and David had started having problems when he realized that she couldn't love him the same way he had loved her. Tearfully, she admitted that she and David shouldn't have gotten married. She had wanted to end things amicably, but he had taken extreme action because he couldn't imagine his life without her.

Jackson asked if she had hated her husband. Greenlee said no, because David had saved her life. She assured the jury that she had been trapped in a terrible situation, but she hadn't wanted David dead and she was sorry that he was. She insisted that she missed him and had loved him.

Liza was incredulous that Greenlee hadn't hated David after he had blackmailed her. Greenlee said she had been angry, but she had understood his actions. Liza pointed out that Greenlee had worked with Ryan to get out of her marriage. Greenlee admitted that she had wanted to be free, but not to continue her relationship with Ryan. Liza recalled Ryan's declaration of love during his testimony, but Greenlee stated that those were his feelings.

Liza asked if Greenlee still had romantic feelings for Ryan. Greenlee denied it, but Liza revealed that she had witnessed them kiss outside the courtroom. Jackson objected, but Liza offered to show surveillance footage as evidence. Greenlee explained that she and Ryan had argued, and Ryan had kissed her to silence her. Liza asked Greenlee to explain why she had kissed him back.

Liza painted the picture that Greenlee had no longer wanted David once he had finished nursing her back to health, because he had no longer been useful to her. Greenlee explained that she had wanted out of her marriage because David had been blackmailing her, but Liza clarified that the blackmail had only occurred after Greenlee had told David that she intended to leave him.

Liza accused Greenlee of killing David because she had felt trapped, and Jackson objected. Liza asked how Greenlee had felt when she had seen David dead, and Greenlee said she had been horrified. Liza wondered why Greenlee hadn't accompanied his body to the hospital. Greenlee explained that she had been in shock. Liza thought that Greenlee had been relieved.

Liza summarized that all the evidence pointed to Greenlee being indifferent toward David and having feelings for Ryan. Liza inquired how Greenlee felt about David's death. "I'm sorry ... I'm very sorry," Greenlee cried. An exasperated Jackson realized that Greenlee appeared guiltier than ever. Liza had no further questions, and Jackson asked Greenlee what she was sorry for. She said she was sorry that she couldn't have loved David enough, but she swore that she hadn't killed him.

Liza delivered her closing argument, saying that Greenlee had taken from and had used people to get what she wanted, no matter who got hurt or ended up dead. Liza claimed that the situation was simple: Greenlee had wanted out of her marriage to return to her true love, Ryan. She reminded the jury of the most damning evidence, the vial of digitalis found in Greenlee's car. Liza said that Greenlee wanted to take the jury's understanding and sympathy, and Liza urged them not to become Greenlee's victims.

Jackson admitted that Greenlee and David had irreconcilable differences, but he asserted that she hadn't murdered her husband to end her marriage. He pointed out that many people in the community had hated David and had wished him dead. The police had only investigated Greenlee and no other possible suspects, which raised reasonable doubt. He declared that Greenlee was innocent until proven guilty under the law, and Liza's evidence had been purely circumstantial. The judge instructed the jury to begin their deliberations.

Ryan and Greenlee met outside the courtroom. He told her that she had done great, though she barely remembered what she had said. Ryan said that he had a lead on Nick and would continue to pursue it, as he thought it felt like a setup. Zach and Kendall entered, and Zach demanded that they tell Ryan the truth. Zach revealed that Greenlee had found the vial of digitalis in Ryan's jacket, but she had kept mum to protect him.

Greenlee was angry that Zach had betrayed her trust. Ryan was shocked that Greenlee had kept how she'd found the vial a secret. Zach got a call from his lawyer and had to leave, and Kendall insisted that she go with him. She said that she loved Greenlee before they left.

At home, Zach reiterated that they had done the right thing, though Kendall was worried that they had broken a promise. She thought that he wanted to stay out of other people's lives, but he said they were no longer involved because the secret was out. He didn't want secrets to destroy anyone, including themselves. Zach just wanted Ryan to have all the facts, since Ryan suspected someone was trying to set him up. Zach asked Kendall to leave while he spoke to his lawyer, but she refused.

Kendall massaged Zach's back and recalled how the ocean water had calmed him. She hoped he didn't consider moving back to Pine Valley a sacrifice. He said that home was a strange concept to him, but when he saw her with family and friends, he understood that it was important for their sons to have roots. He would never pick a life on the sea over one with her and their kids, as they were everything to him. He complained that he sounded like a little girl, and she laughed. "Always, only you," he said, and they kissed.

After a phone call with his attorney, Zach declared to Kendall that they were officially out of the casino business. She asked if he had any regrets, but he claimed that he was happy to move on. He thought that his partners had given in a little too easily, but Kendall implored him to enjoy the good news and celebrate. They playfully fell onto the couch.

Ryan wanted to tell Jackson about the vial. Greenlee hadn't wanted to hurt anyone else, especially Ryan, and begged him to forget that he knew about the vial. Ryan asked her how she had found it. She recalled how she had discovered it in his penthouse after the party, but he claimed that he'd left the jacket he'd worn to the party in his car. The one she had seen was a similar-looking one that he had intended to give away. They realized that someone had planted the vial to make it look like Ryan had killed David.

Liza told Jackson that it had been an honor to share the courtroom with him, but they both knew Greenlee was in trouble. Moments later, Liza told David's autopsy photo that she had done her best. Meanwhile, Tad announced to Ryan and Greenlee that he had traced Nick's bank transfers. Despite being deposited into various bank accounts, they had all originated from one source -- David Hayward.



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