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Marty was furious at Natalie for revealing that Cole's fingerprints were on the murder weapon. Cole turned himself in. Echo told Clint that Rex was their son. It was revealed that Greg had covered up the accidental death of Destiny's biological mother. Jessica and Brody had a paternity test. Natalie decided to have an amniocentesis.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 1, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, November 1, 2010

Cole was on cloud nine when Hope and Starr walked into the apartment. He began to cry, but for a good reason this time. Starr ran into his arms as Cole held Hope. He never thought he'd see Starr again, Cole said. His family was back where they belonged. Starr told him how brave Hope had been. Cole was proud of both of his girls, and he blamed himself for not being there to protect them. He had prayed for their safe return every night, he confessed, and he would have done anything or paid any price to get them back.

Starr revealed that it had been Hannah who'd imprisoned Starr and Hope, and Hannah was finally in police custody. Cole vowed that nothing would tear his family apart ever again. Starr told Cole that she and Hope had escaped from Eli, and she had been able to hide in a room at the Cherryvale Clinic. She had tried to phone Cole, but Hannah had answered the call and had shown up herself after she'd promised to relate the information to Cole. Hannah was "sicker than I thought," Starr stated, and the young woman only wanted Cole. She had tried to kill them. Hesitating, Starr revealed that it had been James who had saved them.

At the hospital, Kelly and Langston kept Blair company as they waited for a doctor to check Blair out after the warehouse explosion. Langston was unable to reach James on the telephone, but Blair urged her to keep trying. Blair was in agony due to worry about Starr and Hope. Suddenly, Langston received a call from James, and he announced that he'd found the girls. They were doing fine, he assured her, but he wanted news on his brother Bobby. Langston promised that Bobby was also doing well. Langston gave Blair and Kelly the good news, and the two older women hugged each other with joy.

Blair wanted more information, but Langston related that the girls had gone home. Blair was thankful, and she wanted to leave the hospital right away. Kelly insisted that Blair have herself checked out first, but Blair furiously noted that there must have been a shortage of doctors. Both Blair and Kelly bombarded Langston with questions, but Langston wasn't able to answer them. She only knew that Hannah had tried to kill Starr. Kelly was angry, and she wondered why Hannah had been released in the first place. Blair thought it was a good idea to ask the "neighborhood quack" who had allowed a psycho to be on the loose." She had nothing but outraged feelings towards Marty.

Kelly pointed out that Eli had been able to stay out of confinement, also, but that was a sore subject with Blair. Langston added that Hannah had fooled everyone. Blair insisted that Marty was a doctor who should have known that Hannah needed to be locked up. The women began to argue loudly about Marty.

Dorian got off of the elevator and ran into Clint, who was holding his half-heart necklace, recently retrieved from New Mexico. She noted that the necklace was quite tawdry and "so middle-school." She asked whom Clint had wasted money on. Clint assured her that the necklace merely had sentimental value, but it was something that Dorian would never understand. He changed the subject and asked Dorian if she'd heard from David. Dorian replied that she had, but she wouldn't take David's call and hadn't spoken to him directly.

It was Dorian's turn to change the subject, and she inquired about Echo. Clint wondered if Dorian had enjoyed seeing her "old buddy," but Dorian made it known that she didn't have any buddies. If she did, Echo wouldn't be one of them, Dorian pronounced. Clint mentioned his murder charge and the fact that Dorian had testified in Echo's behalf. She had only been doing her "civic duty," Dorian clarified.

She noted that Echo had been busy visiting her "old triumphs" and had succeeded in getting "under Viki's skin." Dorian was certain it was only a matter of time before Echo did the same to Clint. He had only himself to blame for spending time with a "slut," Dorian said. Clint assured her that it wouldn't happen again, and he wouldn't allow Echo to get to him. Dorian hoped that Viki felt the same, since Echo had set her sights on Charlie. She wondered why Viki had hired a private investigator, and she thought that Viki was desperate. Clint promised that he had nothing to fear, and he was certain he'd be able to handle Echo. "Will you?" Dorian asked.

At Llanfair, Echo remained composed as she looked at Rex's photo of the half-heart necklace and asked him where he'd obtained it. Rex informed Echo that the necklace was hers, as he'd taken the photograph in her room. He emphasized that he'd had a key, and therefore had not broken into her room as she accused him of doing. Viki admitted that she'd hired Rex as a private investigator, because she wanted to find out what Echo had been up to. The necklace was of interest to Rex, and they wanted to know Echo's connection to it. Echo refused to divulge any information and threatened to go to the police instead.

Rex accused Echo of being a thief, and he advised her that the necklace had belonged to his father. His parents had each owned a half of the necklace and before he could explain what it meant, Echo interrupted. Echo maintained that she had done some research on the necklace, and it symbolized "constant life." She asked Rex who his father was, but Rex admitted that he didn't know. He had some letters from Rick to Lili, and he had one that mentioned the necklace. As he read it out loud, Viki frowned.

Rex explained that he only had his father's portion of the necklace, and the other half, which had belonged to his mother, had been left with Rex in the hospital when he was born. Privately, Echo reflected on her previous conversation with Clint when she'd told him about leaving her necklace at the hospital. Rex asked Echo how she knew his father.

He pressed her for information, but Echo swore that she'd never known anyone named Rick. She thought that perhaps Rex was confused. She wanted to see the other half of the necklace, but Rex explained that he had left it on Lili's grave. He had gone back to New Mexico to get it, but it was gone. Echo expressed how sad the entire story was, but she wasn't too certain she believed it. She thought it was time to leave, though she accused Viki of being scared of her.

"Forewarned is forearmed," Viki replied, as she defended her reason for hiring Rex. She thought that if someone who "looks like a tramp and walks like a tramp..." Echo warned Viki that she could play dirty too. "And better." She walked out of Llanfair. "That went well," Rex said. Viki was sorry she had antagonized Echo instead of obtaining information for Rex. She was certain that Echo had been lying about the necklace, but they'd get it out of her eventually.

Viki thought there was "more than meets the eye" regarding Rick's letters to Lili, and she asked Rex if she might read them. There was something bothering her, but the portion that Rex had read almost sounded familiar.

While Natalie claimed that she was still waiting for additional forensics information, Marty insisted that she was the one who'd shot Eli. John was skeptical, but he suggested that Marty get herself an attorney. Marty wanted to waive her rights, and she felt an attorney wasn't necessary. Just then, James walked into the police station while a police officer escorted a handcuffed Hannah. James proclaimed that they didn't have to worry about Starr and Hope any longer. He explained that Hannah had taken over from Eli, and she had locked the girls in an attic. He enlightened them on Hannah's burial attempt at the cemetery.

Hannah declared that Cole belonged with her, because he was no longer happy being with Starr and Hope. She had tried to set Cole free, but he would be stuck with his girls, she added. She claimed that she was better thanks to Marty. John wanted James to give a statement, and Hannah would be arraigned. Hannah wanted Marty to appear at her arraignment in order to let the judge know that Hannah should not be held.

Marty and Hannah began a screaming match after Marty assured Hannah that Hannah didn't deserve to be let go. Hannah couldn't be fixed, Marty yelled, and it was obvious that Hannah had never really wanted to change. Marty had trusted Hannah, who yelled that she had trusted Marty. Hannah continued to scream as the cops led her away. John noted that some people were good at hiding things. He walked over to Marty and proposed that it would be the same if someone had told him about Marty shooting a person in police custody. He wouldn't have believed them, he said softly. "I guess I would have been wrong, right?" he asked her.

Marty demanded that she be kept far away from Hannah during imprisonment, even though she didn't expect any special treatment. John stooped to pick up a paper that Natalie had dropped from her file. As he handed it back to her, he looked at the paper and did a double take. He saw that the testing had really been completed, though Natalie had told him otherwise. He asked if Marty's prints had been found on the gun. Natalie admitted they had been, though Cole's had been there also.

Natalie was vague and insisted that she was still waiting for some additional testing to be completed. She admitted that there had not been any gunpowder residue found on Marty, but Marty had scrubbed her hands before testing. Marty spoke up and told Natalie to forget it. "John's not buying it," Marty contended. "No, he's not," John responded. He informed Marty that she couldn't take the blame for Cole. He looked around and wondered where James had gone off to.

Marty begged John to allow her to protect her son, since Cole had a record. She wanted John to help her to do that. John explained that if it were only him, then perhaps he'd be able to help out, but Natalie was also involved, and she could go to jail if she distorted the evidence. He couldn't allow that to happen.

"I never wanted this," Natalie said as she walked over to Marty. She really wanted to help out, and if there were a way to stop the truth, she would have. She would have protected Cole if she'd been able to, Natalie vowed. Marty slapped Natalie's face, and she wasn't sorry. She promised to make Natalie pay for destroying Marty's family.

Dorian walked into the examination room as her family members continued to shout and argue. She'd only wanted to see Blair for herself. Blair continued to rant and rave about Marty, but Dorian quieted her down. She thought that everyone owed Marty a "debt of gratitude." Marty had murdered Eli, she announced. Blair complained about Marty again, but Dorian noticed that Kelly appeared upset. Kelly wondered if Eli were really dead. Dorian revealed that she had seen his body. Marty had been a "crack shot" even if she were a terrible doctor.

Starr finished telling Cole about her experience, and she listened in disbelief as Cole related what had happened with Eli and his explosives at the warehouse. Everyone had believed that Starr and Hope were inside and had died after the explosion. He assured her that Dani was okay. "I lost it. I went crazy. That's why..." he started and stopped. He admitted to killing Eli. Starr lost it, though Cole assured her that the police weren't aware that he had done it. Marty had told him to run. He also didn't want to lose Starr again.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, and Starr didn't want Cole to answer it. Firmly, he told her he had to. It wasn't the police, but James, and Cole wasn't happy to see him. James asked if Cole had killed Eli, since he had overheard the news at the police station. He had also learned that Marty had confessed, but apparently the evidence had proved that she hadn't committed the crime. James had wanted to warn Cole, who couldn't believe what his mother had done. He thought that it was necessary for him to fix things, and he had to confess. Starr was against it, since Cole had a record, and she began to cry.

Clint returned to the Buchanan mansion, and he and Nigel admired the half-heart necklace. Nigel wondered if his boss had planned on giving it to someone as a gift. Clint advised him that he already had. Nigel inquired about the missing piece, but after Clint didn't answer, Nigel awkwardly changed the subject. He noted that he'd had a conversation with Roxy, and she had a new friend named Echo. He recalled that the same woman had caused problems for Clint in the past. She was in the area, and he wanted Clint to know. Clint advised the butler that he'd already encountered her several times.

It was time for Nigel to go upstairs and get some reading done. Clint agreed that was a good idea, and he pulled a book from one of the many bookshelves in the room. He settled in and began to read "The Love Letters of Rick and Lili," by Blaize Pardee.

Echo returned to her room at the Angel Square Hotel and pulled out the box that contained the half-heart necklace from the dresser. She went to her computer and began to look at photos of Rex.

Blair was tired of waiting for a doctor, and she wanted Dorian to help her to get released. She only wanted to see her daughter. She received her wish when Starr arrived with Hope in her arms. There was a big hug as all of the women celebrated a Cramer family reunion.

John knocked on Cole's door and called out for Cole. The door opened slowly, but it was James who answered it. John wanted to know where he could find Cole.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dani and Starr bumped into each other in a hospital corridor and each girl was thrilled to see the other.

Téa woke up from a bad dream, but she was happy to see that Todd was really sitting next to her by the hospital bed. She'd had the same bad dream while she was away, and had always expected to see Todd there. He promised that he would never leave her again. Dani and Starr walked into the room, and the family had a happy reunion. Starr heard what Greg had done to Téa, and how Todd had happened to find Téa after the warehouse explosion.

Todd also told Starr that Cole had killed Eli, and he was probably in custody at that very moment. Starr acted surprised and reported that she didn't have any knowledge of Cole's act. Téa offered to recommend a good lawyer. "It's too late for that," Starr muttered. Her statement confused the others, and she claimed that she had meant that a lawyer wouldn't be able to help Cole, since there had been so many charges leveled at him. Todd asked Téa to represent Cole, but she hardly felt she was in a position to do that. She had some advice for Starr though. "Don't do anything stupid. Play by the rules," Téa advised.

Dani was certain that things would all work out for Starr, just the way they had for the entire family. Téa was ready to go home, but she hadn't been officially released yet. She had to wait for the paperwork to be completed. Todd moaned about that, and Dani assumed he'd have something to say. Todd turned to Starr and said, "We're the Mannings. We play by our own rules. Am I right, Starr?"

Starr had to check on news of Cole, but she thought she finally believed in miracles after hugging Téa and seeing what had happened with her. She remembered the family photo she had picked up at Cherryvale and handed it to Dani. She thought Dani had dropped it. Téa disclosed that it was her photo, and it had been by her bedside. Dani couldn't believe that she had been in that room only moments after Téa had left.

Viki paid a visit to Clint, because she wanted to know if he had any information on the reason why Echo had shown up in Llanview. She advised him that Rex had obtained some personal details from his investigation. Clint laid his book aside, and rose to fix himself a drink. Viki told Clint about Rex and his half-heart necklace, and the fact that Echo had possessed the other half. Clint suggested that the necklace might have changed hands many times over the years, and the possibility existed that Echo wasn't even the original owner. Viki didn't buy that theory given Echo's reaction to the fact that Rex had the other half.

Clint tried to defend Echo, but Viki considered Echo to be a "manipulator." She was certain that Echo was back in Llanview for a ghastly reason, and she thought it had to do with Rex's real parents. Clint revealed that his own investigation hadn't turned up anything, and he thought that Viki should put it all aside. She admitted that Charlie had felt the same way as Clint, but Charlie had a "fondness" for Echo. They had argued about it several times, and Charlie had been upset with Viki's investigation, she admitted. Viki was still certain that Echo was there to cause trouble between Viki and Charlie. Clint pointed out that it appeared there had already been trouble with all of the arguing.

Viki agreed, since she and Charlie had been fighting since Echo's arrival. She couldn't help it, but she was afraid that Echo was there to destroy another of Viki's marriages. Charlie had insisted he wasn't Clint, though, Viki stated awkwardly. Clint wasn't offended, and he concurred that Charlie loved Viki. "So did you," Viki challenged Clint. "I loved you Viki, and you know that," Clint replied. He was still sorry for what he had done. Echo had been a mistake. "I'd still be paying for it if I hadn't done what I did," Clint said cryptically. "What did you do?" Viki asked him.

Clint meant that he'd begged for Viki's forgiveness, and they'd been able to put Echo behind them. He thought that Viki was stronger than Echo, and he felt that Viki should just push Echo out of her thoughts. He thought that they'd be better served if they thought about their daughters and new grandchildren. "Love conquers all," Viki quoted. That made her think about the love letters that Rex had, and she mentioned how familiar one letter had sounded when Rex had read it out loud. Clint made certain to keep his copy of The Love Letters of Rick and Lili from Viki's view.

Viki thought that the letter Rex had read out loud was very romantic, but she still couldn't place it. She knew it was something she'd heard before. She left the Buchanan mansion and headed for home. Clint picked up his book after she had gone. The half-heart necklace was laying underneath it.

Still at Llanfair, Rex re-read a portion of one of the letters that Rick had sent to Lili. Gigi hoped that Rex had managed to learn more about his parents after meeting with Echo. Rex noted that he had been shocked when he saw Echo's reaction after she heard that he had possession of the other half of the necklace. She had acted strangely after the necklace discussion, and after she heard a portion of Rick's letter to Lili. Echo had to have a connection to Rex's parents, Rex believed, and in fact she'd also lied about returning to Llanview after her trial. She had received a speeding ticket at that time, Rex explained.

Suddenly, it dawned on him that it had been around the time that he was born. He thought Echo might have a connection to his mother and not his father as he had previously thought. Maybe she had been with his mother during the delivery, Rex suggested. He had shown her photo around in New Mexico, though, and no one had recognized Echo. He and Gigi wondered about Rex's father, and Gigi pondered that Rex might even have siblings. Cristian arrived with an announcement. He had an offer of a lifetime for Gigi.

He had applied to be a guest artist at a conference in Paris, and he was amazed to learn that he had been chosen. He wanted Gigi to accompany him, and he was leaving the next day. He had been able to include Gigi thanks to the grant he'd received for his college class, and he wanted her to help him out. She could set things up, do some odd jobs and run "interference" so that he could see Layla.

Gigi was unable to talk, but Rex thought it was a fantastic opportunity, and he wanted Gigi to go. Gigi didn't think she could be ready so quickly, and she didn't have a passport. Cristian had the information so that she could obtain an expedited passport, and Rex believed that Gigi could be ready in no time. He said that he and Roxy would look after Shane. Cristian admitted that he wouldn't be able to go if Gigi wasn't able to go with him.

Gigi groaned and accused Cristian of emotionally blackmailing her. Finally, Rex succeeded in persuading her to take advantage of the free trip.

While Echo sat in her room at the Angel Square Hotel and looked at photos of Rex online, she didn't hear a knock at her door. Roxy walked in and demanded to know why Echo was looking at Rex's photos. Echo revealed that she was merely investigating Rex because Viki had hired him to investigate Echo. Rex even admitted he had broken into Echo's room. Roxy declared that Rex had a key and could have been delivering towels. There was no need to call the police, since the commissioner was Rex's best friend, Roxy added. Echo agreed that Rex had claimed to be in the wrong room, but he had gone through her things, even though she had nothing to hide.

Roxy explained that Rex's job paid well, and he needed money with his girlfriend in college and a young son to take care of. Echo's eyes lit up, and she asked about Rex's child. Roxy pulled out a photo of Rex and Shane, and she asked about the glamour shots that Echo had offered to take. Echo agreed that it was a good time for a photo shoot, and Roxy went off to change her clothes. Echo smiled as she picked up the photo that Roxy had left behind.

A nervous Roxy returned in a new outfit. She had a bottle of alcohol to calm her down, since she'd never modeled for a professional before, she informed Echo. The photographer wanted Roxy to remain sober so that she could focus. Echo suggested that Roxy relax and talk about what was important in her life. Roxy perked up and thought that was a great idea. She mentioned the strip poker night she planned on having at her hair salon. Echo recommended that Roxy talk about her family instead, and Roxy agreed that she could do that all of the time.

She told Echo how much Rex loved Gigi, and that he had been married to Dorian's daughter previously. She revealed that Rex had also been a ladies' man prior to his marriage. As Roxy spoke, she changed her poses, and Echo snapped photos of her. Echo informed Roxy that she was aware that Roxy wasn't Rex's biological mother, and Roxy quickly stopped posing. She wondered how Echo knew about that. Echo calmly stated that it had been cited during conversation regarding Rex's search for his real parents.

Roxy accepted Echo's response and related details on how Rex's search had led to Santa Fe. She loved Rex as if he were her own, Roxy declared. She wondered if Echo had any children. Echo explained that it would have been too difficult to raise children with her international style of living. She asked about Rex as a child, and Roxy revealed that she hadn't raised Rex. It was complicated, but she had not been with him until he was a teen. He had been a con artist and "gold-digger," she stated. "If you didn't know Rex and me weren't blood-related, you'd think he had traits just like his mother," Roxy chattered.

The women continued to talk about Rex as Echo asked questions, and Roxy willingly answered them. Roxy revealed that Rex's parents had been Indians. Echo corrected her and advised her that they'd been Native Americans, though she didn't think it made much sense. Rex didn't look like a Native American, Echo noted. Roxy didn't understand that, but the letters that Rex possessed only proved that his parents were exactly who they thought.

Marty slapped Natalie and promised that she'd make Natalie pay for ruining her family. She shouted that she'd begged Natalie for help, "woman to woman and mother to mother." Cole had snapped after thinking his family was dead. She asked if Natalie were happy that Cole might be going to jail for the rest of his life. "You selfish little whore," Marty hissed at Natalie. She accused Natalie of being jealous when Marty was with John and about to have his baby. Natalie had hoped the baby would disappear, and she got her wish.

Marty was about to lose Cole. "Your day will come," she threatened Natalie. She added that a baby produced both happiness and heartbreak, and she hoped that Natalie's heart broke someday, because Marty would be there to laugh.

John had his men search Cole's apartment for any signs of Cole, while John questioned James on Cole's whereabouts. James insisted that he hadn't seen Cole, but Starr had gone to see her family. John accused James of lying and reminded him that he was supposed to be at the police station to make a statement. James had thought he should visit Starr instead, since she'd probably needed a friend, James replied.

John asked whether James was being a friend to Starr just like he was a friend to Dani when he had hidden her from Ross. James agreed that adventure hadn't gone "according to plan," and an angry John advised James that he shouldn't be taking matters into his own hands. James pointed out that if he hadn't, then Starr would probably be dead. "Oh, and you'd risk everything for Starr. Is that it?" John asked him. The cops finished their search of the apartment, and one announced that Cole had definitely been there. The clothes he had worn when he'd shot Eli were on the floor. John told James to consider starting his story over.

John returned to the station with James in tow, though James still maintained that he didn't know where Cole had gone. John accused him of covering for Cole, but James denied it. Actually, he'd be happy when Cole was "out of the picture," James revealed. He wanted Starr for himself. "That may be the first true thing that's come out of your mouth," John retorted. Marty was happy to hear that Cole had gotten away.

John still wanted James's story, though James insisted that it wasn't a story. John warned the young man that he'd charge him with obstruction of justice and as an accomplice to murder. John advised Marty that he had men posted at her house in case Cole showed up. Marty hoped her son wouldn't appear, though John thought it would be for the best if Cole turned himself in. Marty charged John with no longer caring about Cole, but John disagreed. "You have a funny way of showing it," she retorted.

John walked over to Natalie and asked how she was doing. He couldn't help but notice that she appeared upset. Natalie informed him that Marty had said some "pretty brutal things" to her. She knew that Marty was only trying to cope, but Marty had blamed Natalie for turning over the evidence that would place blame squarely on Cole. John reminded Natalie that she had been doing her job. Natalie figured it would be debatable if Cole weren't found. John turned and stared at James.

John advised Marty that she should leave, and he would call her if they had any word on Cole. Marty hoped that Cole had ended up in a place where he'd never be found. Next, John sat down with James. "What do you say we cut the crap," he proposed. He knew that James thought he was helping Starr out, but he was making things worse. He shouldn't want to see her hurt, John stated. Starr could get into trouble if she was found to be helping Cole. He wanted James to tell the truth, or Starr could be in danger.

John told Natalie to go home and get some rest. "I'm really glad you're alive," she told him. "So am I," he replied. They shared a kiss, and Natalie left. "Hey anything to tell me?" he called out to James. When there was no answer, John determined that he would put James in lock-up for the night. Suddenly, James spoke up. He knew where Cole was.

Viki returned to Llanfair and began to read through Rex's letters. She suddenly realized where she had seen the writing, and she began to search through her bookshelves. Finally, she found what she was looking for. It was her own copy of The Love Letters of Rick and Lili.

Roxy left the photo session to don a new outfit, but Echo thought they should end the photography for the night. She thought a model should stay "fresh." Roxy remembered to pick up her photo of Rex and Shane before she left Echo's room.

Clint put his book away and received a phone call from Echo. She wanted to see him right away. It was urgent.

Todd helped Téa as they finally left the hospital. On the way out, they ran into Greg, who was in handcuffs. Some police officers were ushering him through the corridor.

Cole was sitting in his room at the Minute Man Motel when there was a knock on his door. He opened it slowly. "I was so afraid you wouldn't come," he said to his visitor. "Of course I came," Starr replied.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Todd, Téa, and Danielle glared at Greg as they ran into him in the hospital corridor. Greg asked the guard escorting him to continue on, but Todd stopped him and ordered him to explain his criminal misdeeds. "How could you do that to me?" Téa asked Greg. "To my family?" Greg told the Mannings he was sorry, but his apology fell on less than sympathetic ears, and Todd had to be dissuaded from assaulting the not-so-good doctor.

Téa told Greg to wait as she gave him a piece of her mind. She reminded him that he was her doctor, that he had taken an oath to do no harm -- instead, he had poisoned her and driven her from her home and family to die alone. Greg repeated his apology, but Danielle reminded him of how he had misled her during her search for a cure for Téa's supposed illness, and said he wasn't sorry enough. Téa told Greg that nothing could justify his crimes.

Greg admitted that he hadn't had the courage to stand up to Eli, but reminded the Mannings that he had saved Téa's life. "If you weren't in custody right now, I'd rip your heart out with my bare hands," Todd snapped. "Be my guest," Shaun added as he walked into the hallway with Vivian on his heels. He greeted Téa with a bear hug and told her how delighted he was to see her alive and well, and promised to be there for her if she needed anything.

As the Mannings walked out, Shaun and Vivian confronted Greg. Shaun was through with Greg's evasions, and was determined to find out what had happened to his ex-girlfriend, Charlene, while he was behind bars. Pressured, Greg explained that Charlene had wanted to keep Destiny, while Greg had wanted to put the baby girl up for adoption. They had argued, and Charlene had turned to storm out, only for her heel to get caught on the carpet -- she had taken a bad fall, hit her head, and died. "I tried to save her," Greg mumbled, "but she was gone."

"You killed Charlene?" Shaun snarled, incredulous, but Greg repeated that Charlene's death had been an accident. He admitted that he hadn't taken Charlene to the hospital or called the police -- instead, fearful of scrutiny that would jeopardize his medical career, he had disposed of the body himself, and covered up her accidental demise. Shaun was horrified that his brother could have let a family friend disappear with no burial, no service, and no word to her family. Thinking of Charlene's parents, he was disgusted that they had no idea Destiny was their grandchild.

As the guard ushered Greg away, Shaun turned to Vivian for comfort. He said Greg wasn't the man he had thought, but Vivian told him that Greg had simply been a frightened young man afraid to fail, as opposed to the "family superstar" the Evans clan had envisioned. Reminiscing about Charlene, Shaun choked back tears as he told Vivian that she had been strong and independent, with a fiery temper, just like Destiny. Overcome, he embraced Vivian, who told him it was okay to grieve for the woman he had loved.

At the police station, James agreed to tell John where Cole was, but said he needed guarantees -- he wanted to be left out of the investigation, and he wanted no criminal charges filed against Starr. "I can't make that deal," John said with a sigh. "Then I can't help you," James replied. When John suggested calling Inez or Ford regarding James's stubbornness, James relented and claimed that Cole was hiding out at the Pine Cone Motel in Pine Valley. After a call to Jesse Hubbard, however, John discovered that Cole wasn't staying at the Pine Cone Motel, and confronted James with the truth.

John decided to head for Inez's home to break the news in person that James was being arrested for obstruction of justice. James played it cool, sneering and saying that John had nothing on him. "This isn't the way to help Starr," John growled. He told the boy that Cole was going to be booked on a murder charge no matter what. He asked if James really wanted to go to jail for obstruction, and have Starr caught in the middle of the crossfire when the cops tracked Cole down.

Faced with stony silence, John gave up on James and ordered him to leave. As James hurried out, John sank into his desk chair, frustrated.

Inside Bo's office, Richard and Phylicia Evans pleaded Greg's case to Bo and Nora, reminding them of Greg's heroic efforts to help Matthew regain use of his legs. Richard said that Greg wasn't a bad man, only a man who had made a mistake and deserved clemency. Choosing her words carefully, Nora said that Greg was a wonderful surgeon who was cooperating with the police, but that the charges against him were very serious. She warned the Evanses that Greg would almost certainly lose his license and face prison time.

Phylicia insisted that Eli Clarke was the true villain who had forced Greg to help him, and reminded Bo and Nora that Greg had saved Téa's life. She hoped the judge would take Greg's actions into consideration, but Nora admitted that Greg wouldn't be able to avoid prison.

Alone in Bo's office, Phylicia spoke with Nora privately. She grew emotional as she lamented Greg's fate, and said she didn't know what to say to Destiny after years of deception. "She doesn't think of me as her mom anymore," Phylicia said softly. "But you are," Nora replied, and urged Phylicia to give the girl time. The two women hugged.

In the waiting area, Richard and Bo shared their own conversation as they awaited Greg's arrival from the hospital. Richard said he understood that Greg had to face justice, but he couldn't help but want the best for his son. Bo agreed that it was all any parent wanted for their children.

Stepping away from Richard, Bo noticed John brooding at his desk. "What are you still doing here?" he asked his top cop. "Cole's still missing and I hate talking to kids," John grumbled, and admitted that the hunt for Cole was one case he didn't want to solve. Bo suggested John go home and see Natalie, the mother of his child -- "that's an order." "Yessir, "John replied, and exited.

Inside Bo's office, Richard and Phylicia spotted Greg being led in from Llanview Hospital. Rushing back into the waiting area, they shared a silent glance with their son as he was hauled off to lockup. "Oh, Richard, we've lost him," Phylicia sobbed. Holding his wife, Richard told her to pray that they hadn't lost Destiny as well.

Natalie returned to Llanfair just as Brody was entering the foyer to get Jessica some milk. He asked Natalie if she was okay, and she said she was far from it. After recounting her run-in with Marty, she said she had made a terrible mistake giving John her evidence against Cole, as Marty would never forgive her and was out for blood.

As they moved into the drawing room, Brody attempted to assuage Natalie's fears -- he told her she couldn't have let Marty take the rap for Cole, and that Marty would learn to cope with the situation. He told Natalie that she couldn't have kept another secret from John, either, and suggested that Cole might avoid jail time given the extenuating circumstances. "No," Natalie sighed, "he's going away." She didn't think Marty would forgive or forget; she feared that Marty knew something about her and the baby, and would do anything to hurt her. Brody was sure Marty had no inkling of their secret, but said there was only one way to put the issue to rest -- he wanted Natalie to take a paternity test, just as he and Jessica were poised to do for their baby the following day.

Brody asked Natalie if she and John could really be happy with the secret hidden between them, and told her that Marty couldn't hurt her if she knew the whole truth. "I was sure this was John's baby," Natalie murmured, but admitted she had doubts, and feared that taking the test would be "tempting fate." Brody handed her a copy of the DNA test he had done at the hospital, and suggested Natalie simply check her baby's results against his to see if they matched.

Just then, John arrived and asked what he had missed. Brody quickly said goodnight and headed upstairs, while John and Natalie each fretted over the other after the events of the day. John asked her if she was too exhausted to go home with him. "Never," Natalie replied, and grabbed her things. After slipping Brody's test results into her bag, she accompanied John out of Llanfair.

At the Minute Man Motel, Starr entered Cole's room and told him no one had followed her, and the police weren't on their trail, thanks to James's diversion. Cole griped that he hadn't wanted to drag her into his crisis, but Starr was glad to be involved, and even more grateful that James had warned them about the cops in time for Cole to escape their apartment. "He's just always there for you, isn't he?" Cole muttered, unable to hide his jealousy. He pushed Starr to admit that James was important to her, and said he hated owing the hunky Ford brother his freedom. Starr declared that it didn't matter who helped them, as long as they had more time together to figure out how to save Cole from prison.

Cole castigated himself for not seeing through Hannah's manipulations, and said what was happening to him was his own fault -- it was over for him. Starr refused to believe it, and asked what would happen to her and Hope without him. Cole said he had put his whole family at risk at the warehouse, only for James to be the one to save them from Hannah. "Don't make this about James," Starr pleaded. "He's in love with you," Cole replied. "And I'm in love with you," she shot back -- she was grateful to James for saving her and Hope, but she said she loved Cole and that they could have it all, if only Cole still believed in them.

James knocked on the motel room door, and whispered for Starr to let him in. As James entered, he told the teens that he had lost his police tail, but that John was onto him and would be searching for the young lovers. He apologized to Starr for being unable to do more, but both Starr and Cole thanked him for his help. Starr and James shared a mournful look as James left, dejected.

Starr locked the door behind James and retreated onto the bed with Cole, crawling into his arms. Cole asked her to go back home and leave him to his fate, but Starr refused -- she needed him, and so did Hope. Cole warned her that John would charge him with murder. "We'll figure it out tomorrow," Starr whispered, burying herself in his embrace, but Cole looked crestfallen.

The Manning family returned home to Todd's house, and Téa was instantly overcome; she had once thought she would never see their home again. As she and Danielle hugged, Todd told the ladies to forget their tears and head inside for a game of "Money Honey."

Later, Todd and Téa curled up together on the living room couch, enjoying a moment of solitude. The moment was broken as Téa noticed her "funeral urn" sitting on the dining table. Fascinated, she approached it. "Was that supposed to be me?" she asked Todd. Todd moved to take the urn and dispose of it, but a suddenly steely Téa ordered him to give it to her -- "it's mine."

Fighting back sobs, Téa stared at the urn, wondering aloud how Eli and Greg could have reduced her to ash when she was still alive, and made Todd and Danielle look at it everyday. Screaming that it was "a jar of lies," she hurled the urn to the floor and began smashing the shattered pieces with a fireplace poker. Todd attempted to intervene, but Téa fought him off and unloaded her rage onto the broken container, ranting and raving about how she had believed Greg's lies. Finally, she collapsed into Todd's arms, weeping.

Retreating to the couch, Todd and Téa held each other as Todd told her that they were back together, and their ordeal was over -- in time, the wounds would heal. "Hey, we're together," he cracked. "I'm sure it's going to be smooth sailing from here on -- as smooth as it ever gets with me." He promised to be a better husband, because he knew what his life was like without her; he told Téa he had almost "chucked it in," if not for the children. "I can't do it without you, Téa," Todd explained, and Téa said she couldn't do it without him, either. Todd joked that there was one thing she would have to do alone, however -- clean up her broken urn.

Danielle met Destiny at the front door, where Destiny said she was there to apologize on behalf of Greg and her family. Destiny said she would understand if Danielle hated her, but Danielle said Greg's actions weren't Destiny's fault, and that they would always be best friends regardless of her brother. "He's not my brother," Destiny blurted out, but refused to elaborate just yet. The girls hugged, and Dani asked Destiny to enter and say hi to her parents, but Destiny begged off and said Dani needed to be with her family for the evening. She promised to see Danielle the following day, and said goodnight.

Walking away from the Manning house, Destiny glimpsed Todd and Téa through the front window. Listening to a voicemail from Phylicia pleading with her to return home, she was seized by guilt and deleted the message.

Inside, Danielle returned to the living room, surprised to find Todd and Téa cleaning up the pieces of the broken urn. "Of course," Todd joked, "it's a fresh start!" As Danielle handed her mother a mug of tea, the trio cuddled up on the couch together as a reunited family.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

In bed, Téa asked if she was dreaming. "I hope not," Todd replied. She was starting to feel like herself again. Téa brought up the fact that Todd had married her because she was dying. Since she was "here to stay," she told Todd that if he wanted to reconsider being married to her, she would understand. Todd asked her if the drugs had fried her brain. Todd told her to stop thinking, but Téa wanted to know what to do instead. He had an idea, but had to show her instead of telling her. They shared a smiling kiss.

"Some wedding night," Todd said. Téa reminded him that they'd already had one, but Todd asked why they couldn't have another one. Todd wanted another wedding -- a big one. Téa was confused as to why Todd was so cheerful, but Todd informed her that he was happy. He wanted to celebrate by having a combined wedding and "Téa's alive" party.

Dani opened the front door of Todd's to Nate. He held a box full of flowers and cards that people had left by her locker at school. He told her there was no amount of cards that could tell her how much he had missed her. Dani and Nate agreed about how thankful they were to James for finding Starr. "He has a sixth sense when it comes to Starr," Dani said. Nate told Dani that the Manning daughters were "irresistible."

Dani told Nate about how her parents had a handwritten "Do Not Disturb" sign on their bedroom door. She was glad her mother was home, but she didn't want to think about it. Nate related that he didn't have to, since his parents had split up before he was born.

As Dani and Nate shared a kiss, Todd and Téa walked downstairs. Since Todd wasn't immediately mean to Nate, Dani asked if Todd was all right. Todd said he was very happy and that they were going to throw a party. Todd then told Téa and Nate to leave because he needed a minute alone with his daughter. When Téa asked why, Todd said it was none of their business.

Téa and Nate stood outside the living room and wondered what was going on. Behind the closed doors of the living room, Todd asked Dani, "What do you say?" Dani wasn't sure about what Todd was asking her to do. Todd said he understood if Dani didn't want to make her mother happy. That got to Dani and she agreed, which pleased Todd.

John tried to coax the baby to kick. Natalie explained that the baby didn't do anything on command, just like John. John left to take a shower, and Natalie begged for the baby to be John's.

Jess woke up in Brody's arms and asked why he wasn't already at the station. He claimed to be on bed rest with the mother of his child. Jess told him that they could finally have the paternity test that day. Brody promised that everything would be all right. His phone rang, and he answered it to Natalie. Brody acted like he was talking to someone from the station, so Natalie said she would call back. Before she hung up, she told Brody he was right about the fact that she needed to find out who the father of her baby was.

John entered and asked Natalie whom she was talking to. Covering, she explained the situation with Jess and Brody to John. He said that was probably the reason why Brody had been edgy lately. Clearly alluding to herself, as well, Natalie explained that Jess's night with Ford had been a "one-night thing," and a huge mistake. She hoped Jess's baby was Brody's. She asked John what he would do if he were in the same situation.

John said he would "rip Ford's head off." Natalie related that Brody had tried to. As John told her that Brody would see Ford's face every time he looked at the child, Natalie became glum. John asked if her sudden mood change was about Jess and Brody, or something else. As she said it was just the hormones, the baby kicked. John put his hand to her stomach, happy. He left to go to work.

Echo was on the phone with Clint as she held the necklace. She said she needed to see him about something important. Clint claimed to be busy and hung up.

Echo opened her door to Viki. Viki handed Echo a book, Love Letters of Rick and Lili, and walked in. Viki said she knew that Echo had copied letters out of the book to make them look like they were Rex's parents' letters. Echo didn't know what Viki was talking about, but Viki informed her that Rex had read one of the letters to her, and she had recognized it from the book. She also knew that the book had taken place in New Mexico, which was where Echo had gone after her affair with Clint.

Echo wondered why she would want to fool someone she didn't know, but Viki related that, if she knew the answer, she wouldn't be asking. Echo wanted to know why Viki was accusing her of scheming; she ordered Viki to leave. Viki acquiesced, but warned Echo that she wouldn't let Echo hurt Rex. Echo promised that she would never hurt Rex and slammed the door behind Viki. "We'll see," Viki said.

Outside of John's room, Natalie looked at Brody's DNA results. Viki walked by, and a surprised Natalie dropped the paper. Viki bent down to get it for Natalie and asked what it was. Natalie said it was something for the police department and that she had to go. Viki asked if something was wrong, but Natalie just said she was in a hurry and left.

At the station, Clint watched as Inez talked to Bo. Rex appeared and asked if Clint was spying on Bo. Clint was there for Inez and said that he was tired of Rex butting into his business. Rex said he was there for Bo. Rex asked Clint if he was trying to replace Kim with Inez, then added that if Inez was smart, she should run screaming like Kim had. Clint told Rex to watch what he said because Clint could make sure that Gigi couldn't afford college. In return, Rex said he could tell Bo what Clint had done with David.

Bo told Inez he had to talk to her about James. She was proud of James for saving Starr, but asked what he'd done. Bo informed Inez of James's lies about Cole's whereabouts. He wanted Inez to talk to him. She said she would because she didn't want another son in trouble. She confided in Bo about Ford's beating. Bo continued and told her that they couldn't let it go, and that they would arrest James. She understood, thanked Bo, and left.

Bo's phone rang, and he answered it to Detective Price. He asked if the detective had any information about Cole.

As Inez walked away, Clint asked her if he could take her to lunch. She said she had something to take care of, and left. Rex appeared suddenly and mocked Clint by telling the "old man" that Inez had blown him off. Rex knocked on Bo's door and asked if Bo was busy. Already off the phone, Bo told Rex that he always had time for Rex. Rex confided that the mystery of who his parents were had resurfaced.

Clint answered his phone to Echo and told her that, if she didn't stop harassing him, he would get his number changed. She related that she knew where he lived anyway. She would keep "hounding" him unless he met with her. Later, Clint knocked on Echo's door. She answered, and he asked what she wanted to talk to him about. "My son," she replied.

James entered Ford's hospital room as Ford read the front page of the paper with James's and Starr's pictures and the headline of "Buried Alive!" Ford was happy to see that James was all right and asked if Starr had run into James's arms. James explained that Starr loved Cole, and that he hadn't saved her just so he could have her. He didn't expect anything in return and was just glad that Starr was all right.

James explained to Ford how he was helping cover for Cole. Ford was upset with James, asking if he would stop trying to help Starr when he was in a jail cell right next to Cole. James was protecting a killer, but James threw it right back at Ford for protecting the person who had beaten him up. Ford said that he had deserved it, but James related it to the beatings their father had given them. Ford said it wasn't the same, but James said no one deserved to get hurt like that.

Ford told James that he would reveal who had beaten him up if James didn't say or do anything to anyone. As Ford was about to tell James, Inez walked into the room. She had talked to Ford's doctor, who said that Ford was well enough to go home that day. Inez told James that she was also worried about him, and passed on what Bo had told her. She begged him to cooperate with the cops so he wouldn't end up in jail like his father.

As Ford changed, James left, and Inez made the bed. Ford thanked her for talking to James about going to the cops. They were both worried about him. Inez related that she was worried about Ford and who had beaten him up. He told her to leave it alone. She left, wanting to see if she could speed up Ford's release.

In the motel room, Cole told Starr that the night before was the last night they were going to spend together because Cole was going to turn himself in. Upset, Starr said they could get Hope and run away from Llanview. Cole didn't want to make Starr and Hope live that way. He related that the cops would always be looking for him. "What if the cops were surrounding the place right now?" he asked as there was a loud knock on the door.

Starr ordered Cole to go out the back window as the door opened. A maid entered and apologized for thinking that no one was in the room; she left. Cole asked Starr if she wanted to live her life like that, terrified every time someone was at the door. She said she did, as long as it was with him. She urged him to say yes, and they began to make love.

Later, Starr described to Cole how their life could be in a country town and a city. Cole described how their life could be in a small town. Starr needed to take a shower, then they could get Hope and leave. She went into the bathroom and Cole's phone rang. He answered it to James, who wanted to warn Cole that he had to tell the cops the truth. He was giving Cole a head start to leave the motel.

Later, Starr got out of the shower and talked to Cole from the bathroom about how she thought they should travel separately. When she got no response, she walked out of the bathroom to find a note in Cole's place. In the note, Cole said he knew that Starr couldn't be away from her family and that he wanted her and Hope to be happy, free, and safe. He needed to pay for his crime. He told her to watch their daughter grow up to be "beautiful and good" like Starr, and that he loved her. Starr began to sob.

Jess and Brody walked through the hospital. As she told him that she had a good feeling about the day, Ford walked out of his hospital room right in front of the couple.

John talked to a cop about information on Cole. James entered the station and John asked if he was going to cooperate. A little later, as John was putting handcuffs on James, Cole walked in.

Friday, November 5, 2010

In the Llanview Hospital hall, Natalie ran into Marty and asked about Cole. Marty answered that the police had not yet found Cole, and that if there were any justice, they never would. A doctor walked by and informed Marty that the meeting would start shortly. Marty informed Natalie that she would have to defend her decision to help Hannah, and that Marty could lose her license. Marty's phone rang, and Natalie left to fill out her admission form for the paternity test.

In the Llanview Police Station, as a police officer placed James in handcuffs, Cole walked in. "I'm turning myself in for the murder of Eli Clarke," he said. John requested that the officer remove the handcuffs from James. John then arrested Cole, as Starr ran into the station. When Starr begged Cole not to confess, Cole asked James to take Starr home. When Nora arrived, John asked what Cole's charge was. Nora requested that John "hold off" on the official charge, so that she could try to find a charge that would not send Cole to prison.

Starr cried to Cole that she had found his letter, as Marty ran in and threw her arms around Cole. When Nora announced that Cole would be booked and arraigned for murder, Marty exclaimed that she would get Cole a lawyer. After Marty left, Starr told Cole that her dad had claimed that he would do anything to help Cole. Starr then consulted with Cole about what she should tell Hope.

Marty stressed to Nora that, at the time of the murder, Cole had believed that Eli had killed Starr and Hope. Marty also remarked that she would be the one in jail, if Natalie had kept her mouth shut. "She has no idea what it means to be a mother."

Marty cried to Cole that she should have been the one arrested for killing Eli, however, Cole said that his arrest had been "the right thing." John told Starr that if she cared about James, even only as a friend, she should tell him to stop undermining the police. When Starr pleaded with Nora to tell the court what Eli had done, Nora noted that the courts had overruled her in the past, and that Cole "could get life in prison."

After John announced that it was "time to put the cuffs on" Cole, Starr cried out to Cole, "I hate...I hate you for leaving me." Cole sadly responded, "Me, too." Starr claimed that she would find a way to get Cole out of the charge, as John led Cole out in handcuffs.

In the hospital, when Jessica and Brody spotted Ford, Jessica revealed that she was at the hospital for the paternity test. "After this, we'll know who the baby's father is," she said. Ford questioned if Jessica was taking an unnecessary risk with the baby by having the test, especially since both she and Brody believed that Brody was the father. However, Jessica responded that the test would be safe.

Jessica asked Bobby if he knew of any genetic defects in his family's history. "No, the Ford boys are all healthy...except for getting the S.O.B. gene from the old man," he replied. Jessica indicated that she would tell Ford if the results affected him, then the nurse arrived to escort her to the examination room. Brody then told Jessica that he would check her into the hospital.

Still at the hospital, Natalie entered the examination room and informed Dr. Vivian Wright that the baby's father was not with her. Natalie revealed that John did not know that Natalie was at the hospital for the test, and that she was not certain that John was the father of her child.

Natalie's phone rang, and she answered to John, who asked, "Are you okay? I heard you were at the hospital." Natalie covered that she was at the hospital to pick up vitamins. When John informed Natalie that Cole had turned himself in, Natalie thought it was for the best and told John that she would see him later.

Natalie exclaimed to Dr. Wright that she wanted to finish the paternity test, so she would no longer have to lie to John. As Natalie prepared to take the sonogram, Brody popped his head through the door. He revealed that Jessica was also in the hospital for her appointment.

When the testing had been completed, Vivian stated that she would let Natalie know when the results were in. Just as Natalie told Brody that they would soon have their answer, Jessica shrieked when she saw her sister. Jessica was surprised to see her sister and asked why she was at the hospital. Natalie lied that she was there to pick up vitamins. Vivian called Jessica into the examination room for her test.

In Ford's apartment, Bobby googled information regarding risks of the paternity test for an unborn child, as James flew into the room. James demanded to know when Bobby had been "sprung" from the hospital. James then revealed that Cole had turned himself in at the police station to spare Starr from further pain. Ford was astonished that two young men would continue to "trip over themselves" to help Starr.

Ford then wondered how James "could turn out so decent" after he had lived with their "old man" and dealt with their "M.I.A. mom." Ford hoped that if he was the father of Jessica's baby, that the child would turn out to be like Jessica. Bobby then questioned why James did not try to comfort Starr, since Cole was "such a jerk." James pointed out that Starr had "lots of friends" that included Langston and insisted that Bobby try to win Langston back. However, Ford realized that he "was toast," the minute he had slept with Jessica.

As Marty walked through the hospital lobby, she overheard Natalie ask when she would learn about the test results. The nurse replied, "A few days. Then you'll know everything about your baby."

In the exam room, Dr. Wright told Jessica that there was very little chance that Jessica would pass on her hepatitis C to her baby. When Jessica and Brody asked about when they would learn the test results, Vivian answered, "It will take a few days, but then you'll know everything about this baby."

Back at the Ford apartment, Bobby revealed to James that Jessica was in the hospital to take the paternity test, which would determine if the father was Ford or Brody. "Well, the results will be in in a few days. Then we'll know everything there is to know about the kid," Ford said.

James and Bobby discussed Ford's search on the computer, when they heard a knock on the door. James answered the door and gulped, "Dad?"

In Bo's office, Rex insisted to Bo that Echo knew his father or mother -- or both -- because Echo had something that had belonged to Rick and Lili. Rex claimed that Echo had the other half of his mother's necklace, so that meant that she had known his dad. Rex told Bo that Echo had "freaked out," when Rex had asked her about the necklace, but that she then had stonewalled him.

At Llanfair, Viki, who held the book of Rick and Lili's love letters, informed Charlie that she had proof that Echo was "up to something." Viki declared that Rick and Lili were only characters in the book, and that Rex had discovered something important among Echo's possessions. Viki revealed that Rex had found the other half of Rex's necklace, therefore, Echo must know who Rex's father was. Viki claimed that Echo had lied about not knowing who Rex's parents were, and that Viki was not "going to let it go."

Still in Bo's office, Rex knew that he had "to let it go," since his mother was dead. However, Rex believed that Echo might know something about his father. Rex declared that he had given up his search in New Mexico, when he had been unable to find his father. Rex acknowledged, "If I need a dad, I know who to call." Bo quickly agreed that Rex could always call him at any time. However, Bo felt that Rex should pursue the clue with Echo, because Rex would not be satisfied until he got the answers to his questions.

Bo remembered that Clint and Echo had once had an affair, but Rex did not want Clint anywhere near his search. When Bo asked for the reason, Rex covered that since Echo had set up Clint on a murder charge, Echo and Clint could not possibly be the best of friends.

When Bo requested to check out the necklace, Rex indicated that he had been technically breaking and entering into Echo's room at the time of his discovery. Rex added that he did have a master key to enter the room, but that Echo would still be able to "make the case" for breaking and entering. Bo told Rex to ask Echo for the answers. "You will find that honesty breeds honesty," Bo said.

Later, Nora informed Bo in his office that Starr was "in shreds" over Cole's arrest. Nora added that she did not understand what was going on with Marty. "I don't know what she is going to do when they lock the door on her son," Nora said.

Back at Llanfair, Viki insisted to Charlie that Echo had acted strangely, when Rex had read out one of the letters from Rick and Lili. Viki then realized that she had recognized the passage from the book. Charlie wondered if Viki had asked Echo about the letters. "Well, of course I did. 'But I don't know anything about the letters. I don't know what you're talking about. And get the hell out of my room.' And you don't even blame her," Viki said. Charlie questioned why Echo would forge the letters, but Viki did not know -- yet.

Charlie wondered if Echo would have wanted money, but Viki said no. When Charlie asked why Viki had confronted Echo directly, Viki admitted that she had thought that she would know the truth once she had seen Echo's face. When Viki feared that Rex would only have more questions, Charlie declared that he did not know or care who forged the letters. However, Charlie felt bad for Rex.

Viki screamed out, "Oh no," as she ran over to her desk and pulled out Echo's speeding ticket. Viki realized that the day of the ticket had been the same day that the baby had been left at the hospital with the half-heart necklace. Viki asked Charlie, "What if Echo is Rex's mother?"

Charlie observed, "That is quite a stretch from a speeding ticket to Echo being a mother who abandoned her child." Viki recollected that Echo had insisted that she would never hurt a child. Charlie replied, "What? And that makes Rex her son? Come on, if Echo is Rex's mother, then who's his father? Hmm?"

In Echo's room, Clint demanded to know why Echo had wanted to see him. Echo replied, "My son." Echo announced that she had seen her son in Llanview, and that her son was Rex Balsom.

Echo declared that Viki had made her realize the truth, when Viki had revealed that Rex had half of the half-heart necklace. Echo added that Rex had stated that his birth mother had left it for him. Confused, Echo mentioned that for some reason, Rex had believed that his half had belonged to Lili, but that it actually had belonged to Echo. "The half-heart necklace. It's one of a kind, Clint. There's no question. I'm Rex Balsom's mother."

Clint again denied that he had ever seen the necklace before, however, Echo declared that Clint had given it to her on the very day that she had gotten pregnant. "Clint, you're Rex Balsom's father."

Clint yelled that her statement was "a load of crap" and demanded to know if Echo wanted blackmail or extortion. Echo revealed that she had not known that she was pregnant with Clint's child when she had left Llanview. She insisted that she had returned to town to find Clint, so that she could show him her precious baby. Echo declared that when she had found Clint and Viki "so happy" and had discovered that Viki was willing to give Clint another chance, Echo had decided to leave the baby at the hospital with the necklace. Echo had just wanted for Rex to have "a little piece" of his mother.

Echo told Clint that she had made sure that Giles would never find her or the baby, so that he could not extort money from the Buchanans. "I left my son...but I never let him go. He always had half of my heart."

Clint reminded Echo that Rex had already found his parents, however, Echo revealed that the letters were from a romance novel written by Blaze Pardee. Echo then realized that Blaze Pardee was Asa's grandmother. Echo knew that the person who had forged and planted the letters had to have had power and money. Echo cried out, "You forged those letters, didn't you, Clint?"

Clint admitted, "All right, I forged the damn letters." Echo screamed, "Why? Why? Why would you do that? You purposely sent Rex on a wild good chase. Why?" As Rex walked through the hall, Clint declared, "You know the answer to that in an instant." When Echo yelled out, "No," Clint exclaimed, "I did whatever it took to make sure that little bastard, Rex, didn't find out he was my son." Rex stood outside of the room.

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