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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 13, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, June 13, 2011

At the Yacht Club, Jack was stunned when he saw "Erica" reach for a cocktail at the bar. He immediately snatched the drink out of her hand and then demanded to know what she was doing. Jane seemed startled by the question, but quickly recovered as she threw herself into Jack's arms. "Oh Jack, you saved me," Jane cried as she desperately tried to cover her tracks. Jack expected an explanation, so Jane tried to brush it off as a moment of weakness, but Jack wasn't satisfied.

Jane claimed that she had been distracted, so she hadn't even realized that she had picked up the drink. She was stunned when Jack suggested that she attend a meeting. Jane assured him that it wasn't necessary and then tried to put Jack on the defensive by implying that she wouldn't have been so frazzled if he hadn't been pressuring her about Kendall and Bianca. The tactic failed, so Jane pretended that she had forgotten that she had an important meeting for Cortlandt Electronics. Jane dashed off before Jack could stop her.

At the apartment, Ryan was looking for his shirt when Greenlee appeared in the living room with the shirt dangling from her hand. Ryan reached out to grab the shirt, but Greenlee teasingly held it out of reach. Ryan eventually managed to get his hands on the shirt, but to Greenlee's disappointment, he opted to get dressed, rather than kiss her. Afterwards, Greenlee and Ryan went to ConFusion where Kendall met them. Kendall noticed the bottle of champagne, so she was curious what they were celebrating.

Kendall's good humor fled when Griffin arrived. "Oh, I guess this is why you ditched me," Kendall accused Griffin. Griffin denied that he had done any such thing. Greenlee tried to stop the argument by explaining that she had invited Kendall and Griffin to celebrate Griffin's freedom. Ryan jumped up to invite Kendall to sit next to Greenlee and then offered a chair to Griffin. Greenlee whispered an apology to Kendall, who sarcastically replied, "No problem," and then quipped that she loved being "ambushed."

At Fusion, Madison was rattled when she found a present for her daughter. Moments later, Scott walked in. Madison tried to ignore him, but Scott wondered if she were curious to know why he was there. Still shaken by the reminder of her loss, Madison snapped at Scott that she didn't want to talk to him. Scott was curious how long Madison intended to be mad at him. He realized that she was in pain, so he wanted to help her.

Scott expressed his frustration that Madison wouldn't even try to remember what they had once shared. Madison argued that they'd never had anything between them, but Scott insisted that he loved her. Madison ordered him not to say that to her again because she didn't believe him. She reminded Scott that he'd had a million opportunities to tell her the truth about his deal with Greenlee, but he had never said a thing. Scott confessed that he had been afraid that he would lose her. Furious, Madison repeatedly screamed, "Get out," as she began to throw whatever was within reach.

Scott reluctantly made his way to the elevator and then left. A short time later, Scott approached Ryan in ConFusion to ask to speak to Ryan privately. After Ryan excused himself from the table, Scott explained that Madison was in bad shape, so Scott wanted Ryan to check on her. Ryan returned to the table to explain to Greenlee that he had to see Madison. Greenlee offered to go with Ryan, but Ryan insisted that it would be best if he went alone. Ryan entered Fusion minutes later and found Madison crumpled on the floor, clutching the baby gift to her chest.

Ryan gently asked if Madison were okay. Madison cried that she had been trying to push the tragedy away, but she was continually reminded of their daughter's loss. Ryan wrapped his arms around Madison as she succumbed to a fresh wave of tears. Afterwards, Madison wondered what Ryan was doing at Fusion. Ryan admitted that Scott had been worried about Madison, so he had asked Ryan to check on her. Madison revealed that she had let Scott have it when Scott had been there earlier.

Ryan reminded Madison that Scott cared deeply for her. Madison argued that Scott thought that they could start over; however, she explained that she simply couldn't. Ryan wondered if Madison wanted him to take her to Frankie and Randi's place, but Madison declined. She insisted on working, so Ryan offered to help. Madison admitted that she could use his assistance cleaning up the mess. After Ryan left, Madison dropped the baby gift in the wastebasket and then sat down at her desk to work.

At ConFusion, Kendall received a call from Jack about Erica. Jack explained that he needed Bianca and Kendall's help, so he asked Kendall to meet him. Kendall grew concerned when Jack revealed that nothing that Erica did or said made sense anymore. Kendall ended the call and then offered her apologies to Greenlee and Griffin because she had to leave. Afterwards, Greenlee turned to Griffin as she noted, "It's just you and me." Greenlee confessed that she didn't know whether to hug him or hate him. Griffin confessed, "I get that a lot."

A short time later, Jane entered ConFusion. A reporter recognized her as Erica, so he asked if he could take her picture. Jane beamed with delight as she quickly posed for several pictures. Her smile brightened when she spotted Greenlee at a nearby table. Jane promised to give the reporter a really big scoop and then flounced off to talk to Greenlee. Griffin quickly excused himself to give Erica and Greenlee some privacy.

Jane was curious if Greenlee had given any more thought to selling the hospital. "Why?" Greenlee wondered. Jane explained that she wanted to buy it. Greenlee warned "Erica" that running a hospital was nothing like running a cosmetic company. Jane assured Greenlee that she would put someone in charge of running the day-to-day operations of the hospital and that the hospital would be a "subsidy" of Cortlandt Electronics. "Subsidiary," Greenlee corrected "Erica."

Jane promised Greenlee that it would be an "amazing opportunity" for Greenlee, but Greenlee wondered what was in it for "Erica." Jane reminded Greenlee of all the great doctors who had treated Erica's loved ones over the years and then vowed to make Pine Valley Hospital the best medical facility in the country. Greenlee was genuinely impressed with "Erica's" plan, so she advised "Erica" to talk to the hospital's attorneys. Satisfied, Jane let the reporter know that he could take a few more pictures. Greenlee smiled uncomfortably as the reporter snapped a few pictures of "Erica" and Greenlee together.

Afterwards, Greenlee was curious what the pictures had been about. Jane explained that she had wanted to "shake on it," and then stepped away to take a call from Jack. Jack ordered "Erica" to meet him at Kendall's house, so Jane argued that she was in a meeting. Jack informed her that he had spoken to Caleb, so he knew that she had lied about the meeting. He warned her not to make him track her down.

Griffin returned to the table after Jane left, so Greenlee decided to get some insight into the male psyche. Griffin didn't want to get in the middle of her relationship with Ryan, so he refused to answer her questions. Greenlee was frustrated by the desire of some men to rescue damsels in distress. Griffin confided that, from what he could see, Ryan cared about Greenlee and was committed to her. Shortly after Griffin left, Greenlee spotted Scott drinking, so she approached him at the bar.

Greenlee was curious why he had turned to Ryan for help with Madison, instead of handling it himself. Scott chuckled without humor and then warned Greenlee that she wouldn't be able to keep Ryan and Madison apart, "this time." Greenlee denied that she wanted to do that, but she didn't think that it would help anyone to keep throwing them together. Scott admitted that it killed him that Ryan was the only person who could help Madison. Greenlee felt terrible for Madison's loss, but Greenlee insisted that Madison wasn't the only person who was in pain. Greenlee believed that Ryan deserved to have the life with her that he had always dreamed of, so Greenlee refused to apologize for wanting that.

Scott suggested that Greenlee face reality; Greenlee's efforts to keep Madison and Ryan apart only made them closer. Greenlee was clearly rattled as she watched Scott walk away. Later, Ryan returned to ConFusion. Greenlee was curious how Madison was doing. Ryan admitted that Madison wasn't doing great, but she had insisted on working, so he had left her alone.

Ryan realized that Greenlee hadn't been happy with his decision to see Madison, but Greenlee argued that she hadn't said that. Ryan explained that he and Madison had lost a child, so they needed to get through the loss together. Later, Greenlee found Ryan sitting on the bottom step of the staircase leading to their living room. He was deep in thought, so she sat down next to him and then put her arms around him to comfort him. Ryan dropped his head and then quietly wept.

At Krystal's restaurant, Marissa and Bianca sat at a table while they watched JR entertain Krystal with an amusing story. Marissa confessed that JR had made progress with Krystal because a couple of months before, Krystal would never have laughed at anything that JR had said. Bianca's smile became strained when Marissa confessed that she had been considering giving JR another chance. Meanwhile, at the bar, Krystal admitted that she appreciated the effort that JR had made, but she warned JR not to hurt Marissa. JR promised that he wouldn't; he was determined to prove to everyone that he and Marissa belonged together.

At the table, Bianca realized that Marissa believed that JR had changed. "In some ways," Marissa admitted. However, Marissa clarified that she wasn't as na´ve as she had been. Marissa confided that she just wanted to be able to build a relationship based on honesty and trust, and to provide AJ with a stable home. Marissa asked Bianca to say something, so Bianca assured her friend that she was happy for Marissa if JR were truly what Marissa wanted. Marissa was relieved; she had known that Bianca would understand.

Moments later, Bianca received a call from Jack about Erica, so Bianca explained that she had to leave. Marissa reminded Bianca that Bianca had mentioned giving something to Marissa. Bianca claimed that she had forgotten it, so she would give it to Marissa another time. Bianca passed JR on her way out, so she stopped to give him the music box. Bianca explained that the music box's melody was to a song that Marissa's father had sung to Marissa when she was a little girl. Bianca then revealed that Marissa hummed the melody whenever Marissa was scared, so the music box would calm Marissa.

JR was surprised by Bianca's effort to help him woo back Marissa, but he was curious how Bianca had managed to find a music box with the melody. Bianca brushed it off and then assured him that the music box would make Marissa feel safe. JR sensed that Bianca wanted to give the present to Marissa, but Bianca insisted that JR give it to Marissa. At Kendall's house, Jack, Kendall, and Bianca were waiting when Jane arrived. Jane wondered what had prompted the family gathering, so Jack revealed that he would let Kendall and Bianca explain. He kissed "Erica" goodbye and then left.

Jane assumed that it had something to do with her lie about going to a Cortlandt Electronics meeting, but Kendall surprised Jane by asking if she had been drinking. Jane immediately tried to downplay the incident at the Yacht Club, but Bianca insisted that Erica had worked hard to be sober. Jane became increasingly uncomfortable as Kendall and Bianca talked about their struggles in the past, which Erica had helped them through. Jane assured them that she wasn't in denial and that she was better than ever, but Kendall and Bianca didn't believe her. They were curious why "Erica" had been avoiding them, and not returning their phone calls. Jane claimed that it had been for their own good because she had been worried about the kidnappers still being out there somewhere.

Kendall and Bianca promised that the kidnappers would be found, so Jane quickly changed the subject. Jane insisted that she wanted to stop dwelling on bad things, so she suggested that they go shopping. Jane squirmed when Kendall and Bianca unexpectedly wrapped their arms around their mother for a group hug. Jane resorted to lying by pretending that her cell phone had vibrated. Jane made a show of checking her messages and then announced that she needed to leave because she was working on a surprise for them. Jane dashed out of the door before Kendall or Bianca could question her further.

Later, Griffin stopped by Kendall's place to check on Kendall, and to drop off some food. He admitted that she had seemed stressed when she had left ConFusion. Kendall revealed that she had been dealing with Erica, but she didn't elaborate. Kendall gratefully accepted the bag of food and then started to eat. Griffin smiled as he noticed that she had gotten something on her dress. Kendall grew quiet, which worried Griffin.

Kendall explained that the last time that she had worn the dress had been when Zach had been alive. She told him about the last day that she had worn the dress, when she, Zach, and the boys had enjoyed an outing. Kendall revealed that it had been difficult to look at the dress since Zach had died because it was a painful reminder of what she had lost. However, she had slipped on the dress that morning without a second thought.

At Krystal's restaurant, Jack was waiting at a table when Opal arrived. Opal was curious why Jack had called her, so Jack told her about his concerns that Erica might be on the verge of a relapse. Opal became worried as Jack told her about the incident at the yacht club and Erica's reaction to being caught with a drink. Opal feared that Erica might be in worse shape than anyone had realized.

JR snapped some pictures of Miranda and AJ in the park while Marissa tried to call someone on her cell phone. She decided to put her phone away when JR joined her. JR wondered if she had been trying to call Scott, but instead of answering the question, she was curious if it would be a problem. JR deftly changed the subject, handing her the gift that Bianca had given to him. Marissa was moved to tears when she heard the melody of the music box. She was curious how he had managed to find it.

JR lied as he told her that it hadn't been easy. Marissa was touched that he had remembered what the song had meant to her. She confessed that she hadn't thought that he had been listening when she had told him about it. JR promised her that he always heard everything that she said. Marissa confessed that the music box was the most thoughtful gift that she had ever received. "You ain't seen nothing yet," JR replied. Bianca stood nearby watching as JR kissed Marissa.

Erica continued to languish in her prison, so she called out to Ben when he slid a tray of food into her room. Erica invited Ben into the room and then promised not to bite. After several heartbeats, Ben opened the door. He suggested that she eat her food before it grew cold. Erica tried to strike up a conversation by asking how he had ended up guarding her. Ben decided to leave rather than answer the question.

Later, Ben returned to pick up the tray, so Erica remarked that it was obvious that his life hadn't turned out the way that he had planned. Ben reminded her that he was there for the tray, but Erica was certain that Ben wanted someone to talk to as much as she did. Erica was curious if Jane were blackmailing Ben. Ben warned Erica that she was asking too many questions. Erica explained that she was just trying to figure out why Jane thought that she could control people.

Erica insisted that she and Ben were in similar situations, except Ben was free to leave if he chose. Ben denied that he could. "Why?" Erica wondered. "Because I'm the reason she did all of this," Ben replied. Erica was stunned as she watched Ben walk out. She turned to the mirror, certain that Ben was watching her through the two-way glass, as she argued that Ben was a decent and compassionate man.

Erica refused to believe that Ben was the cause for everything that had happened to her and then suggested that Jane had manipulated Ben into believing that, in order to get Ben to take the blame for all of Jane's crimes. Erica vowed to help Ben, so Ben returned to tell her that it was impossible. Ben explained that he was responsible for everything and then admitted, "What she lost? I'll never forget that terrible day." "Don't say another word," Jane ordered Ben over the intercom. Ben immediately retreated. Alone, Erica smiled with satisfaction because she was resolved to find out what Jane's secret was.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

At the Martin home, a pajama-clad Cara wished Tad a good morning. He noted that she was underdressed for a christening, but she balked at attending, since she wasn't family. He assured her that she had done the right thing by confessing to her kiss with Jake. Tad encouraged Cara to accompany him, and she agreed with Griffin's assessment that Tad was "the best." She explained that she had to check on a patient at the hospital, but she promised to meet Tad later.

Opal trimmed Tad's hair. Tad claimed that he wanted to look presentable for the christening, but Opal knew he wanted to impress Cara. Opal said that she liked Cara, and she noted that Cara was the reason for the spring in Tad's step. She speculated that Tad and Cara's relationship was turning into a real marriage. An uncomfortable Tad tried to change the subject. Opal realized that Tad was concerned that Cara wasn't over Jake, and she vowed to fix the situation.

Opal presented Tad with a men's hair coloring kit, and Tad snickered. Opal suggested that he throw himself into his marriage. Tad said it didn't matter whether Cara was hung up on Jake, because Jake and Cara would always have history. Opal countered that everyone entered a relationship with their own baggage. She told Tad it was his choice to be the baggage handler of the past, or to fly full speed into the future. Tad guffawed when Opal earnestly continued to push her hair dye idea.

Angie, Jesse, and Lucy strolled through the park. Angie thought that it felt right to hold Lucy's christening in the hospital chapel, since so many of their prayers had been answered there. Brot encountered them and snapped a photo. Jesse pulled Brot aside and credited him for making the day possible. The men observed as Angie lovingly tended to the baby. Jesse was relieved that no one had claimed Lucy and that Angie was really happy. Jesse handed Brot a cigar. Jesse requested a few minutes alone with his daughter, so Brot and Angie headed to the chapel.

Ryan approached and cautiously asked if Jesse had a cigar for him, too. Ryan said he was truly happy for Angie and Jesse, but Jesse realized that the christening couldn't make Ryan's loss any easier. Ryan told Jesse not to let anything detract from their daughter's special day. Ryan picked Lucy up and admired her. Ryan called both Jesse and Lucy lucky to have such a beautiful family. Ryan told Jesse that Lucy was a gift.

Ryan felt lucky to have had his children, regardless of whether or not they were still with him. Lucy began to cry, and Jesse took her from Ryan. Ryan congratulated Jesse and accepted a cigar. Ryan gently touched the baby's blanket and walked away. Jesse murmured to Lucy that every baby was a gift, and he vowed that they'd pray for her sister, Ellie, because she'd be there with them at the christening.

Maya stopped by the hospital to pick up a prescription for AJ. She perused a flyer about newborn babies and flashed back to holding her own child. Frankie greeted Maya, who assured him that she was simply running an errand. He asked how things were going at the Chandler mansion. She gushed that everyone was nice and that the job had made her see that she'd made the right decision. Frankie wondered what she meant, but Angie interrupted them. Frankie introduced the women.

A nurse handed Maya the prescription, and Maya commented that it was great that Frankie and Angie were both doctors who could work together. Frankie sarcastically cracked that it was fun having his mom as a boss. Frankie informed Maya that they were about to christen his baby sister. Angie regretted not being able to see Lucy, but she declared her faith in miracles. Maya hoped both Angie and Lucy found one. The Hubbards left for the christening.

At Fusion, Greenlee said that Madison needed to leave immediately. A defensive Madison refused to go anywhere, but Greenlee explained that Madison had experienced a devastating loss, and Greenlee understood how it felt. Madison retorted that Greenlee had no idea what it was like to have someone else pay a man to woo her. Greenlee offered to have Fusion pay for Madison's maternity leave and follow-up care. Madison took offense and accused Greenlee of considering Madison to be a mental case. Madison believed that Greenlee's true intent was keeping Madison away from Ryan.

Greenlee claimed that her offer had nothing to do with Ryan, but Madison replied that Greenlee's actions were always about him. Greenlee volunteered to call Scott, but Madison declared that she was through with Scott's lies. Greenlee pointed out that Scott loved Madison and had stood by her throughout her pregnancy. Greenlee thought Madison didn't consider any man good enough except Ryan, and she asserted that Ryan was Greenlee's and that they were rebuilding their marriage. Madison spat that Greenlee and Ryan weren't really married, and Greenlee snapped that Madison wasn't having Ryan's baby anymore. Ryan arrived and warned Greenlee to back off.

Ryan expressed disbelief that Greenlee had thrown Madison's grief in her face. Greenlee admitted she had sounded harsh, but she argued that she had only responded to what Madison had said. Ryan felt that nothing could justify Greenlee's insensitive words, and Madison dared Greenlee to fire her. Greenlee said she had no intention of doing so. Greenlee started to defend herself, but then she declared that Ryan had already decided whose corner he was in, and she stormed off. Ryan apologized to Madison, who said she was sorry, too.

Madison admitted to Ryan that she'd reminded Greenlee that the Laverys weren't really married. Madison regretted it, and she explained that she'd been going through an emotional time. Ryan revealed that he hadn't realized his own depth of emotions until he'd bumped into the Hubbards on the way to Lucy's christening. He immediately wished he hadn't mentioned the event, but Madison said they should be able to talk to one another. She stated that Ryan had helped her, and she didn't want him to be alone. She took his hand and led him to the elevator.

Madison escorted Ryan to the park, and he said he felt like he was part of the christening even though he wasn't there. She was glad to be part of something bigger than her own grief. Ryan mused that Sara would be blessed that day, too.

Amanda arrived at the hospital to meet Jake for the christening. She reminded him that they were the godparents and couldn't be late. Cara stopped by to pick up a chart, and Amanda was surprised that Jake hadn't mentioned that Cara had returned to work. Amanda skeptically asked if Cara's reinstatement had just slipped Jake's mind, and Cara claimed that Tad had been behind it. Amanda calmed herself and called Cara an asset to the hospital, and she pushed Jake to leave for the christening. Jake said he'd wrap things up and meet her at the chapel, and Amanda said she'd see them both later. After Amanda left, Cara asked why he had kept Amanda in the dark.

Jake stammered that he had been waiting for the right moment to tell Amanda about Cara's return to the hospital, because it hadn't been easy to explain the situation. Cara recounted how they'd thrown away her wedding ring and put the past behind them, but he still felt guilty. Cara was confident that they'd make things work. Jake received a page about a patient, and they bickered over who should provide treatment. She proclaimed that they would handle it together.

At the hospital, Tad greeted Cara and mentioned his haircut, but he noticed that she was visibly distracted. She explained that she was tired of talking about her problems and just wanted everyone to be happy. She lamented that she had made Tad's life difficult. He grabbed a napkin and jotted down a list of the ways she'd supposedly made his life miserable -- their wedding, Griffin's legal troubles, her transgression with Jake. Tad commended her honesty and admitted that their crazy marriage made him excruciatingly happy. He proclaimed that the happiness outweighed everything else. She smoothed his hair and suggested he tell Opal to cut it a bit shorter in the back.

Greenlee barged in on Jake as he changed for the christening. She demanded to know why she hadn't been informed that Cara had been put back on staff. Greenlee continued on a tirade about Cara and Griffin's behavior, but Jake realized that her anger had nothing to do with the Castillos. Greenlee bemoaned that Madison knew how to play men with her pitiful routine, and Ryan had fallen for it. Jake quipped that men were born stupid and only got stupider.

Greenlee asked whose idea it had been to reinstate Cara, and Jake defended that Cara was a great doctor. Greenlee asked if Jake still had feelings for his ex, and Jake maintained that he was married and that Cara was part of his past. Greenlee remarked that first love was hard to get over, but since Jake was Amanda's first love, he should have an idea of what Amanda was feeling. Jake abruptly left for the christening.

Greenlee returned to Fusion and called out for Ryan and Madison. She looked frustrated to find herself alone. Later, Greenlee found Ryan at the penthouse and apologized for lashing out at Madison. Ryan said he wasn't angry. Greenlee informed him that Jake had told her about the christening, and she wished Ryan had called, because he shouldn't have been alone. He said he hadn't been. Greenlee wasn't thrilled that he had been with Madison, but he said he'd never felt so isolated. Greenlee understood that he and Madison shared a painful loss, but she advised him not to forget that her own relationship with Ryan was worth fighting for. He promised that he wouldn't.

Madison returned to Fusion and vowed not to give up her job. She was determined to honor Sara by staying strong and not allowing anyone to hurt her again. Madison glanced at some sketches, and she looked up and spotted a photo of Greenlee and Ryan. She slammed it facedown onto the desk and returned to work.

At the chapel, Jesse worried that Jake wasn't at the chapel yet, but Angie was sure Jake wouldn't let them down. Amanda looked worriedly at the door as the christening began. Jake arrived just as the minister asked who was presenting the baby for baptism. Angie handed Lucy to Amanda, and Jake and Amanda accepted their duties as godparents. The minister completed Lucy's baptism, and Jesse and Angie beamed with happiness. The group planned to meet at Krystal's later. Angie commented that Maya seemed nice, and Frankie suggested that Maya babysit Lucy.

At Krystal's, Tad, Cara, Jake, and Amanda made polite conversation about the christening. Amanda mentioned Jake's late arrival, and Tad recalled a comic memory of Jake rushing off to the hospital to tend to an emergency after forgetting to put on his pants. Jake claimed that he had to return to the hospital, and Amanda said she had errands to run. They left, and Tad and Cara commented about the awkwardness of the conversation. A frazzled Cara purported that she needed to take care of some things at the clinic, and Tad announced that he had a surprise for her later.

Maya walked through the park, where Brot recognized her from her visit to the police station. They walked to Krystal's together. Brot noted that Maya had appeared to be upset when she'd stopped by the station and that she had left suddenly. She explained that the police had seemed busy with more important matters, so she'd handled her issue herself. Jesse called to Brot to join the Hubbards, and Maya commented that they looked like a nice family. She looked forlornly at the baby basket, and she left.

Tad informed Opal that Cara had held his hand throughout the baptism, and Opal thought it was characteristic of a happy couple. She encouraged Tad to put his entire self into winning Cara's heart. He asked if Opal still had the hair dye, and he hesitantly asked if she was sure it would work. She ordered him into a chair and proclaimed that Cara wouldn't be able to keep her hands off him.

From the clinic, Jake called the hospital to report that he was on the way there. He flashed back to his passionate encounter with Cara. He heard a noise and called out for Cara. "No, it's your wife," Amanda said suspiciously. Amanda explained that she had expected Jake to be at the hospital, so she had been surprised when she'd spotted his car outside the clinic.

Jake disclosed that he'd stopped by to pick up some paperwork. Amanda wondered if the clinic reminded him of the time he'd spent with Cara in the field. Amanda wailed that she felt like she was fighting a battle for their family. She begged him not to push her away, because life with her could be just as spontaneous and dangerous as his life with Cara. Amanda pulled Jake into a passionate kiss, and they began to make love as an unsuspecting Cara walked in.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

At the mansion, Caleb expressed his appreciation to JR for taking care of Asher, but then remarked that JR's company was having problems. JR guessed Caleb was planning a takeover. Denying it, Caleb advised JR not to "take his eye off the ball."

JR left, and Marissa arrived. After chatting with her a bit, Caleb told her to watch her step around JR. Caleb then found Asher in the parlor. Asher said he and Colby were in a good place. Caleb reminded Asher that there was room at Wildwind if Asher ever tired of the mansion.

Upstairs with Maya, Colby expressed how proud she was of what she'd accomplished on her own. Life was going well for Colby, who was also thrilled to get a second chance to "reboot" things with Asher. Colby vowed not to screw it up.

Asher entered, and Maya left to find his shirt. Looking at all the "swag" that companies had sent Colby, Asher said she'd really created something. Colby revealed that a morning talk show wanted to interview her. She wondered if she were fooling everyone, because inside, she was really a mess. Asher dubbed her a masterpiece in progress.

Colby still doubted herself, but Asher advised her to stay focused. He said he'd learned a lot from her brother, and Colby shouldn't oversaturate her brand. Because the Chandler name meant quality, he advised her to use it if she had to. Colby hugged him and said he was a genius.

Later, Colby was alone when Liza entered with an invitation to get pampered. Colby refused the bribe, but Liza stated that she was really trying to make amends. Liza swore she'd changed, and she was seeing the good in people. Liza asked for a fresh start, but Colby couldn't get over what had happened with Damon.

Liza said the pain had turned into something good for Colby, but Colby snapped that her newfound path didn't have "Cougar Mom" stamped all over it. Liza agreed that Colby had done well, despite her mother, but Liza was still waiting for the day when Colby would accept her back. Liza left, and Colby made a video about people screwing with her head.

Once Colby finished, May a entered to clean. Colby noticed a large bruise on Maya's arm, but Maya pretended it was nothing. Colby said that friends helped friends, but a retreating Maya insisted that no help was needed.

At Krystal's restaurant, Marissa eagerly showed Bianca the music box from JR. Marissa had been deeply touched by the gift, which had been given by someone who really cared about her. Bianca said that Marissa deserved nice surprises. Marissa proposed a girls' night out, which they both deserved. Bianca accepted, and Marissa called it a date. After Marissa left, Bianca said to herself that it sounded perfect.

Later, Bianca was at work when JR entered to thank her for the music box. Hugging her, he said it had worked wonders, and it seemed as if Bianca could read Marissa's mind. He noted that Marissa was looking at him as she had when they'd first fallen in love, and he wanted Bianca's advice about a special night he'd planned for Marissa.

JR had planned dinner and a play in Philadelphia, but didn't know what restaurant to choose. Bianca advised him to go with Italian. He said he felt as nervous as a teenager about the evening, but he couldn't go wrong with her direction. Before he could leave, Bianca admitted that she'd just given him bad advice, and he'd planned the worst date of Marissa's life.

Bianca claimed she'd just recalled that the play he'd chosen was about someone's parents being killed in a car accident. "Nice catch," JR stated, remembering that Marissa's parents had been killed in one, too. Bianca advised him to forget all the fancy plays and dinners and do something simple to make Marissa laugh.

Later, JR arrived home and invited Marissa out the next night. Marissa said she was booked. He asked to do it that evening, but she said she had plans with Bianca. Marissa left, and JR called Bianca for another favor. After the call, Bianca phoned Marissa to cancel their plans. Bianca suggested Marissa make other plans, and Marissa mentioned JR's invitation. Bianca urged Marissa to have fun with him.

In the hospital tent, Amanda and Jake kissed, and Cara slipped out. Jake thought he'd heard someone, but then guessed he'd been hearing things. Amanda said getting caught used to be part of the fun. "I think it's just this place," Jake uttered, losing the mood.

Jake explained the tragedy he'd seen in the African tents, but Amanda said he'd had hopeful times, too, while working with Cara. He said he'd be with Amanda anywhere but there, because the place had ghosts, or something. He claimed that when he'd been there once to deliver a file, an unfazed Cara hadn't correlated the memories. Jake promised he'd ravish Amanda once his shift ended. Amanda grinned in her agreement, but frowned when he left.

At home, Opal smoothed coloring into Tad's hair, and he made her assure him that it would gradually go from gray to his natural color. When he hopped up to answer the door, Opal read the product instructions, and her brows rose. Later, she rinsed the solution out and dried Tad's hair. "Oh, Lord," she groaned, peeking beneath the towel.

At the Yacht Club later, Cara saw Tad enter, wearing a baseball cap under a hoodie, and she asked what he was hiding. He grumbled about Opal helping him, and he whipped off the items to reveal his ink-blue hair. "You're married to a middle-aged Smurf," he quipped.

Cara wondered why he'd wanted to dye his hair. He said that he'd done it for her, so she'd feel more comfortable going out with him. She thought that had been a sweet, but unnecessary, action. Cara went for her camera, but he stopped her. She said it didn't matter because the image was burned into her brain.

Cara went to work, where Jake briefed her on patients. He asked if she'd been in the tent earlier, because he'd "felt her." Cara said she hadn't wanted to interrupt, and he told her that he was sorry. She felt the married Jake had nothing to be sorry about, but he thanked her for understanding.

Amanda strode down the hall, but hid behind a wall upon seeing Jake and Cara. Jake left, and Amanda approached Cara to chat about the tent. Amanda remarked that Jake had steered clear of it until that day, because it had reminded him of Africa. Cara guessed that was why she'd never seen him out there. Cara left, and Amanda remembered Jake saying he'd gone to the tent once to give Cara a file. "They're lying," Amanda uttered to herself.

Farther down the corridor, Tad pulled Jake aside and asked for help with his "blueberry-jam" hair. Jake advised his brother to seek professional help before shaving it off. Jake confided that he'd frozen up in the tent earlier while kissing his wife, and Tad hoped Jake hadn't told Amanda about making out with Cara in the tent. Jake said he could never do that.

Tad insisted that nothing had happened, and Jake hadn't crossed any lines with Cara. Tad suggested that Jake forget about it before he ruined the progress he and Amanda had made. Jake concluded that, though Tad looked ridiculous, he was a good brother.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

At the Martin house, an energetic Cara handed Tad a muffin and coffee and declared that it was time to fix his blue hair. He wondered what was really going on, because he could tell that she was wired. She relayed that Amanda had interrogated her about working at the clinic, and Cara had claimed she'd never seen Jake there. Cara wished they could all move on, and Tad assured her that they could. He said it would take time for things to settle down, but in the meantime, he requested her help to restore his hair color.

As Cara applied hair dye to Tad's head, she recalled how she'd helped to color her mom's hair. Cara said her mother had experienced a lot of stress, between Cara's dad's absence and Cara's illness. Cara had vowed not to fall in love, but Jake had changed everything. A guilty Cara reflected that she had left Jake the same way her dad had left her mom. She apologized for being insensitive for going on about Jake, but Tad understood that she had loved Jake and that moving on was difficult. She said that it helped having someone like Tad in her life.

Tad complained about the cold water Cara had used to rinse his hair, and Cara feigned shock at the results. He looked in a mirror and gasped in surprise that he looked normal again. She admiringly called him "muy caliente" and gave him a brief but affectionate kiss on the lips. Tad jokingly called himself suave and sprightly, and she realized that he was trying to downplay her kiss.

Cara said she hadn't expected fireworks, but the kiss had been nice. Tad agreed, but he didn't want her to feel like she owed him. She said she hadn't kissed him because of what had happened with Jake. She admitted that she'd hung on to Jake for a long time, but she was ready to move on, and she was where she wanted to be. Cara received a page, and she announced that she had to go to the hospital. She started to head upstairs to change, but she turned back to tell Tad that she liked the hair, the kiss, and him.

At the hospital, Angie informed Jake that she'd lined up his chief of staff replacement for when Jake took his family vacation, but he wasn't sure if a trip was the right answer. Angie thought some time away would reinvigorate his marriage. She suggested that he surprise Amanda with the trip of a lifetime. He agreed to follow her advice, and Angie shooed him off to contact a travel agent.

Amanda arrived at the Chandler mansion for a business meeting, but JR informed her that he had canceled the meeting so he could spend more time with Marissa. Amanda testily noted that things were going great in JR and Marissa's relationship, and JR detected problems in Amanda's marriage. She said the only problem was Cara, who had refused to leave Jake alone. Amanda conveyed her suspicion that Jake and Cara were lying about something.

Amanda ranted to JR that Jake had said he'd been at the clinic before, but Cara had a different story. Amanda revealed that Jake hadn't returned home the night before and that she didn't know what to believe. JR warned Amanda not to jump to conclusions, and to make sure Jake and Cara had actually done something wrong before Amanda made any accusations.

Amanda found Angie at the hospital and asked where Jake was, and Angie fibbed that he'd be in a meeting for a while. Amanda dejectedly stated that he'd been gone all night, and Angie advised her to check back in an hour. Angie left, and Amanda asked a nurse to call when Jake got out of his meeting. The nurse appeared confused, and she revealed that Jake had left the hospital. Amanda stopped another nurse and learned that Cara wasn't scheduled to work that day.

Tad and Angie strolled with Lucy through the park. Tad was worried about Angie working with David to restore her sight. She thought about being able to see Lucy smile, and Tad understood that Angie had to take a chance. Tad asked if she'd spoken with Jake, and she mentioned that Jake was making arrangements to whisk Amanda away on a surprise vacation. Tad lamented that there were too many secrets, and he expressed concern that someone would get burned.

Amanda arrived at the clinic, and a doctor informed her that he hadn't seen Cara that day. Amanda remembered JR's words and searched frantically through papers on the desk. She seemed about to give up, but then she spotted some supplies on the floor and found a button among them. She flashed back to seeing a button missing on Jake's shirt. She clutched the button as a look of horror crossed her face.

Jake showed vacation brochures to a nurse. Cara approached and pulled Jake aside to inform him that Amanda had questioned her the prior day, and Cara had said that Jake hadn't ever been at the clinic. Jake confessed that he'd told Amanda the opposite. Jake promised he'd work things out, and Cara asked if he planned to tell Amanda the whole story. Amanda eavesdropped as Jake told Cara that he'd never tell his wife the truth, because Amanda would be devastated.

At Krystal's restaurant, "Erica" complained to Krystal about the food. Krystal pointed out that "Erica" kept returning to eat there, and she accused "Erica" of doing so to simply give Krystal grief. Bianca entered and was happy to see "Erica," who looked disappointed when Bianca sat down. Bianca was surprised to see "Erica" eating fries for breakfast and inquired whether "Erica" was feeling okay. "Erica" snapped that there was no vodka in her juice and ranted that she wished people would stop watching her. David entered and smirked at Jane.

Bianca worried about "Erica's" erratic behavior, and "Erica" admitted that she had been on edge but that she wasn't about to fall off the wagon. "Erica" excused herself to speak with David, which aroused Bianca's suspicions. Bianca cautioned "Erica" of what David was capable of, but "Erica" proclaimed that she knew how to handle him. "Erica" used Marissa's entrance as an opportunity to leave the table. Jane complained to David that Bianca had been driving her crazy. David warned her that the real Erica would never speak that way about her daughter, and he counseled Jane to be more careful.

David noted that Jane was jumpy. Jane retorted that he was blackmailing her and that her family was all over her case. David suspected there was more, and Jane said she'd almost given in to a moment of weakness by taking a drink, and Jackson had arranged for an intervention. David explained that Erica's family cared about her, but Jane felt smothered. David reminded Jane that she had gone out of her way to live Erica's life. Jane complained that she wanted the excitement and glamour without the motherhood, and he said he understood. He speculated that being around Erica's daughters stirred up painful memories for Jane. Jane abruptly left to supposedly attend a meeting.

Bianca asked about Marissa's date with JR, and Marissa excitedly recounted that they'd had a lot of fun. Bianca expressed concern to Marissa about the time that Erica was spending with David. Bianca told Marissa that Erica had almost taken a drink, but Erica had insisted that Bianca and Kendall had overreacted. Marissa sympathized with everything Bianca was going through. Marissa took Bianca's hand and asked how she could make things better. Bianca pulled her hand away and said that Marissa couldn't.

Marissa gushed about how much she and JR had laughed at a comedy club the night before. Marissa noticed that Bianca seemed distracted, and she apologized for babbling about her love life. Bianca observed that Marissa looked happy, and Marissa admitted that she was, but she was scared, too. JR arrived and announced that he had postponed his business meeting to hang out with Marissa that morning. Marissa hesitated to leave Bianca, but Bianca claimed that she had to go to the Miranda Center. Marissa's phone rang, and she left to take a call from a client.

JR thanked Bianca for her comedy club suggestion. She asked about his plans for the day, and he disclosed that he had arranged a catered meal in the park. Bianca reacted unenthusiastically, and JR asked what she'd recommend. Bianca advised him to do something simple and meaningful, like sharing orange soda and doughnuts in the park, because Marissa had done that with her parents. JR wondered how Bianca knew so much about Marissa, and Bianca shrugged and attributed it to her good memory.

Bianca said that Marissa deserved to have fun and to be happy, and JR vowed to learn his wife's likes and dislikes. Bianca warned him not to forget them. Bianca noted that Marissa had really responded to him. JR insisted that he regretted his mistakes, and Bianca urged him not to make more. He said he wouldn't, and Bianca threatened to hurt him if he hurt Marissa. Marissa returned, and JR took her hand and declared that their plans involved something orange.

Bianca informed Krystal that Marissa and JR had gone to the park. Krystal commented that JR never gave up, but she believed JR was sincere. Bianca said she'd already put him on notice. Krystal thought that Marissa was lucky to have Bianca.

In the park, Marissa expressed disbelief that JR had stopped in a convenience store to prepare for their day together. They sat on a bench, and he presented her with boxed doughnuts and orange soda. She looked at him in amazement, because she'd never told him how she'd routinely shared the same snack with her parents. JR claimed that Marissa had mentioned the memory when they'd discussed traditions they'd wanted to establish for AJ, but she didn't remember doing so. He called her an incredible woman, and he vowed to make her happy, because he had never stopped loving her.

In her faux bedroom, Erica performed exercises and pretended to collapse on the floor in pain. Ben entered and lifted her from the floor. "Thank goodness I have you," she gushed, and she hugged him. Ben inspected Erica's ankle and assessed that it was a sprain at worst. She asked if he had medical experience, and he assembled pillows to elevate her foot. She said she owed him, but he disagreed. She pointed out that he felt that he owed Jane because of a terrible day, and she gently pushed him to talk about it, but he refused.

Erica begged Ben to help her understand why he felt obligated to help Jane. Erica said she'd grown to care about him, and she guessed that Ben was also Jane's prisoner. Ben clarified that he wanted to help Jane, and Erica asked why. Ben referred briefly to an accident, but then he apologized and abruptly left. He returned with tape for Erica's ankle, and she apologized for upsetting him. She advised him to talk to someone and to not keep his emotions bottled up. He said it had happened suddenly, and he became choked up. He vaguely declared that it was his fault and that he'd killed her.

Ben confessed that he had been driving in a snowstorm to go to work, but his snow tires had been useless against ice. He had been driving around a curve and hadn't been able to stay on his side of the road, and he'd smashed into Jane's car. Jane had been driving with her daughter, who hadn't stood a chance of survival. He hadn't expected Jane to make it, either. Ben bemoaned that no one could help him.

Jane returned to Erica's penthouse and was surprised when David called to her from the open doorway. He informed her that he'd done research on her reconstructive surgery, which had been extensive. He said they would be partners at the hospital, and he wanted to know everything about her. He speculated that she missed the daughter she'd lost in a car accident.

David informed Jane that he hadn't told anyone else why he had gathered the information on her. He asked if it had helped becoming someone else. She explained that Jane Campbell had been hideous and that even her parents hadn't been able to stand the sight of her. David asked about the rest of her family, and she said she'd had none until she'd adopted Lydia, who had loved Jane unconditionally. Jane remembered how beautiful Lydia had been, and Jane had wanted her daughter to have the life Jane had never had, with friends, boyfriends, and an adoring mother. She cried that it had been ripped away.

David asked why Jane had targeted Erica, and Jane said she'd been Erica's biggest fan. She recalled how she'd coped with her miserable life by closing her eyes and pretending she was as beautiful as Erica. She recounted how Erica had been scheduled to make a public appearance in New York, and Jane hadn't wanted to leave Lydia with a sitter. They'd been on their way to the appearance when the accident had occurred. Jane hadn't been able to live with herself after the accident, so she'd transformed herself into Erica.

David said that he had found Jane's plastic surgeon, who'd also worked on Erica. David revealed that he had also seen Jane's chart, and he was surprised that Jane had survived such serious injuries. David had suspected that something traumatic had happened for Jane to go to such great lengths. She insisted that she was no longer Jane Campbell, since she felt that Jane had died the same night as her daughter.

David empathized with Jane, and she inquired whether he had lost a child. She was saddened when he informed her that he'd lost both Leora and Babe. He said it had been a few years since his daughters had died, but he felt like it had happened the day before, because it had been like losing his heart. Jane began to sob, and David took her into his arms.

Friday, June 17, 2011

At Erica's penthouse, David urged Jane to talk about the accident that had claimed her daughter's life. According to Jane, she had become Erica Kane to avoid thinking about the past, so she refused to talk about Lydia's death. David warned Jane that he knew from personal experience that she couldn't run away from the loss of a child. "Watch me," Jane replied as she headed for the door, but David grabbed her arm to stop her. Jane couldn't understand why he wouldn't let it go. She explained that she had stepped into Erica's life to avoid the past, so she refused to become "that grieving mother" again.

"So this is your answer?" David wondered. Jane assured David that she would do as he asked provided that he stopped talking about her former life. Jane opened the front door to let David know that she wanted him to leave, but she promised that she would be in touch. David hesitated a moment and then left.

Jack was surprised to find "Erica" at home when he entered the penthouse. He quickly grew concerned when he noticed that she seemed upset. "Erica" insisted that she was fine as she quickly touched up her makeup. Jack wanted to know what was going on, but "Erica" was spared from having to answer his questions when a reporter arrived for a scheduled interview. Jack worried about the timing, but "Erica" assured Jack that she didn't mind. Roger, the reporter, wondered if he could snap some pictures of "Erica" while they did the interview.

"Erica" eagerly posed for pictures, while Roger asked her about the wedding. "Erica" claimed that she and Jack had been too busy to discuss the wedding, but she promised that when they finally made it to the altar, it would be that much sweeter because of everything that they had overcome. "That's beautiful," Roger admitted. "Erica" smiled as she turned to look at Jack and then confessed, "So is our love story." Jack's tension melted away as he gazed lovingly back at "Erica."

After Roger left, "Erica" remarked that the interview had been fun, and the perfect escape. Jack was curious what "Erica" was escaping from, but she didn't want to talk about it. Jack suspected that it had something to do with the kidnappers. "Erica" revealed that she feared that the nightmare of the abduction would never end because no one would let her forget it.

In Erica's faux bedroom, Erica realized that Ben felt guilty about the accident. Ben reminded her that a little girl had died because of him. Erica argued that Jane shouldn't have blamed Ben for what had happened, but Ben revealed that Jane blamed herself, not him. Erica switched tactics by admitting that she thought that he was an impressive man. Ben seemed startled that she would think that of a man who had caused the death of a child, so Erica clarified that she thought highly of him because he had given up his life to help Jane. However, Erica warned him that what he had done was illegal, so he could go to jail.

Erica promised to help Ben if he returned the courtesy. Ben glared at Erica and then left. Erica called out to him, but Ben ignored her. Later, Erica was startled when Jane spoke to her through the intercom to ask for help.

Tad was surprised when Agent Trumbull stopped by to talk to Cara, so Tad explained that Cara was at the hospital. Agent Trumbull found it curious that Cara was with her ex-husband instead of her current husband, so Tad explained that Cara was working, not visiting Jake. Agent Trumbull wondered how married life was treating Tad. Tad gushed about what a wonderful person Cara was. According to Tad, Cara was at the hospital because she was a brilliant doctor who belonged there.

Tad insisted that there wasn't anything that he wouldn't do for his wife. Tad was certain that the agent could figure out how Tad felt about Cara because Agent Trumbull had been present at the wedding. Later, Kathy entered the living room looking for her bank because she had found a penny. Tad took the penny from Kathy and then hoisted her on his lap to play the wish game. Kathy insisted that wishes were for babies, which shocked Tad. Tad explained that wishes were a big part of life.

Tad acknowledged that wishes weren't always granted immediately, but it was important that they be put out there. Kathy smiled, so Tad pressed the penny to her forehead as Kathy squeezed her eyes shut to make her wish.

Amanda lurked around a corner as Jake warned Cara that Amanda couldn't find out what had happened between them. "It would devastate her," Jake warned his ex-wife. "Oh, my God," Amanda whispered as her shock slowly turned to anger. Amanda started to step forward to confront Jake and Cara, but Opal suddenly appeared and pulled Amanda away. Opal revealed that Janine had been trying to reach Amanda. Amanda immediately asked if Trevor were okay, so Opal explained that Janine was too sick to take care of Trevor.

Amanda wondered if Opal could watch Trevor for a while because Amanda needed to talk to Jake. Opal confessed that she had caught a glimpse of Jake and Cara with their heads together, and that she hadn't liked it. Opal agreed to watch Trevor, so that Amanda could fix things with Jake for everyone's sake, including Tad. Moments later, Amanda approached Jake to tell him that they needed to talk. Jake agreed, but he explained that he and Cara had a patient who needed their attention, so he would call her when he was done. Amanda didn't try to hide her annoyance as she told him, "Go."

Later, Frankie entered the doctor's lounge to deliver some bad news to Jake and Cara. Frankie explained that Jake and Cara's patient might have meningitis, SARS, or the flu, so they needed to run some tests. Meanwhile, Jake and Cara had to be quarantined in the doctor's lounge until the results were in. After Frankie left, Jake and Cara decided to talk about their situation. Cara admitted that she didn't want what had happened between them at the clinic to mess up what they had with Tad and Amanda, so Jake suggested that they simply not let it.

Jake and Cara decided to call their spouses to tell them about the quarantine. Afterwards, Cara wondered how Amanda had taken the news. Jake confessed that Amanda wasn't happy. He admitted that he would throw himself in front of a train for his wife and son, so he realized that it might be best to tell Amanda the truth about what had happened at the clinic. Cara confessed that she and Tad were closer because they had decided to be honest with each other. She admitted that it had been scary, but it had made her feel like part of a real couple for the first time.

"Really," Jake replied. Cara was curious if it bothered him. Jake assured her that he loved his brother, so he wanted Tad and Cara to be happy. However, in the next breath, Jake confessed that it had been a lie. He admitted that the idea of anyone touching her made him jealous, which he realized was crazy. Cara wished that she could agree, but she confided that there was a huge part of her that wanted him to love her "the most." Cara seemed startled that she had told him that, so Jake suggested that they blame it on the isolation.

Moments later, Tad and Frankie entered the room to announce that the patient had viral meningitis, so Jake and Cara were free to leave. Jake watched as Tad and Cara hugged and then left. A short time later, Tad and Cara arrived home. Tad apologized for going to the hospital, but he confessed that he had been worried about her. Cara assured Tad that she appreciated that he cared. Tad confessed that he had told everyone, except Cara, how much he cared about her, so he wanted her to know that she meant a lot to him.

Cara was surprised when Tad told her about Agent Trumbull's visit and then reiterated that he cared about her. "I know," Cara replied. Meanwhile, at an undisclosed location, Dixie huddled under covers as she dreamed about the past. In the dream, Dixie told David that Kate was alive, but she didn't know where her daughter was. David insisted that Dixie had been a victim, but Dixie had argued that he had no way of knowing that. David disagreed because he couldn't imagine what Dixie could have done to deserve "that kind of hell."

Dixie's dream then shifted to another conversation in the past when Tad had told her that hope didn't have to die. Tad had reminded Dixie that faith had helped them to find each other again, so he was certain that it would lead them to Kate.

At the hospital, Bianca thanked Scott for helping her out with a project for the Miranda Center. She admitted that she hadn't been on top of things because she had been busy with plans to build the new clinic. Bianca then revealed that she knew about Madison's baby, so she was curious how Scott was holding up. Scott confessed that he had been trying to keep busy by rebuilding the gatehouse. Bianca had heard about it from Marissa, so she knew that JR had been helping Scott out.

Scott quickly clarified that the extent of JR's help had been JR driving by the gatehouse and waving. Bianca suggested that JR was trying, "at least when it comes to Marissa." Scott warned Bianca that JR would hurt Marissa again, so Scott was surprised that Bianca would root for JR. Bianca quickly explained that she was rooting for Marissa. She believed that, deep down inside, Marissa had never stopped loving JR, so it would solve a lot of problems if Marissa and JR reconciled.

"What problems?" Scott wondered. Bianca brushed off the question by insisting that Marissa deserved the world. Bianca hoped that Marissa went for it if JR were the person to give it to Marissa. Meanwhile, in the park, JR assured Marissa that she deserved to be happy and to have fun. JR assured Marissa that he had never stopped loving her and then kissed her.

Marissa explained that it was too soon as she pulled away. JR couldn't believe that he had misread the signs. He told her that he had gone to great lengths to show her how much he loved her. Marissa assured him that she didn't question his love. JR wondered what it would take to be a family with her, but Marissa explained that she was confused, so she didn't have an answer.

JR's hurt turned to anger as he jumped to the conclusion that Marissa's hesitancy stemmed from her feelings for Scott. Marissa was stunned as JR began to rant about Scott and to accuse her of throwing everything away because of fear. Marissa quickly reminded JR that their marriage had tanked because him. JR realized that, but he argued that she couldn't hold it over his head forever. Marissa explained that she was trying to make smart choices for herself and for AJ, but JR reminded her that AJ wanted them to reconcile. Marissa informed JR that his outburst had been a much-needed reality check because it had made her realize that he resented not having control over the situation.

JR watched helplessly as Marissa stormed off. A short time later, he returned to the mansion and then placed a call to Amanda. JR explained that he had forgotten an important meeting at the Yacht Club, so he needed Amanda to work her magic by keeping the potential investor from bailing on them. JR told her that he had a suite reserved, with the proposal waiting. Amanda reminded JR that it wasn't her job, but JR confided that Chandler Enterprises had cash-flow problems, so the meeting was critical. Amanda warned him that she had been having a bad day, so JR promised her that he would be there soon.

At Krystal's restaurant, Bianca was surprised to see Marissa sitting at one of the tables. Bianca was curious how Marissa's date with JR had gone, so Marissa revealed that JR had accused her of having feelings for her best friend, Scott. Marissa quickly corrected herself because she realized that Bianca was actually her best friend, since Marissa could tell her anything. Marissa wondered if perhaps JR might have been right about Marissa being scared. Bianca didn't think that there was anything wrong with a person protecting herself. Marissa was curious what was worse: feeling hurt or not feeling anything at all.

At the Yacht Club, Amanda ordered a drink at the bar. Seconds later, David asked if she would like some company. Amanda doubted that "no" would stop him. David smiled and then ordered a drink as he took a seat next to her. David was all ears when Jake called moments later to tell Amanda about the quarantine. "Tell Cara I said hi," Amanda snapped and then ended the call.

Later, David called the hospital for an update on the quarantine. Amanda was surprised that anyone would give David information, so David explained that he still had a few connections at the hospital. However, he refused to tell her who they were because he suspected that she would ask Jake to fire them. Amanda doubted that Jake would listen to her, so she suggested that David not tell Cara. David smiled as he realized why Amanda was in a foul mood. Amanda informed David that he had rotten bedside manners and then marched off.

Later, Amanda showed JR's potential investor, Mason, the proposal. Mason recognized Amanda as a supermodel. Amanda was flattered, but she used the opportunity to talk up Chandler Enterprises. JR arrived a few minutes later. JR apologized for being late and then offered to go over the proposal, but Mason assured JR that it wasn't necessary. Mason explained that he was in thanks to Amanda's pitch. JR was delighted, so after Mason left, he offered Amanda a drink to celebrate.

Amanda declined because she doubted that it would make her day any better. JR felt bad for Amanda when she told him about Jake and Cara being quarantined together. He knew that Amanda had her suspicions about her husband. Amanda quickly clarified that they weren't suspicions; they were facts. Amanda realized that JR had rented the room for the night, so she asked if he minded if she spent the night there. JR didn't have a problem with it, so Amanda called Opal.

Opal was curious if Amanda had talked to Jake. As if on cue, Jake called Amanda, so she ended the call with Opal and then let Jake's call go to voicemail. Amanda thought it was time for Jake to worry about her. She was unaware that Jake's call was connected to Opal's call. Jake wondered where Amanda was, so Opal explained that Amanda had asked her to watch Trevor for the evening because Amanda needed some time to herself.



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