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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 20, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, June 20, 2011

At Krystal's restaurant, Marissa confessed that she had no idea what to make of JR. Marissa explained that one minute JR gave her a music box and surprised her with a special picnic in the park, but then the next moment he ripped into her because she hadn't done what he wanted her to do. Bianca suggested that it was understandable why Marissa would have doubts. "Doubts or excuses?" Marissa wondered. Bianca insisted that only Marissa could answer that question. Marissa was curious what Bianca would do, so Bianca advised Marissa to follow her heart.

Later, Marissa talked to her mother about the situation with JR. Krystal suggested that it was up to Marissa to decide what role JR would play in Marissa's life. Marissa confided that Bianca had said the same thing. Krystal smiled as she confessed that Bianca was a wise friend. Marissa revealed that Bianca thought that JR had changed. Krystal admitted that JR had vowed to prove himself to Marissa, and that he had realized that he had boxed Marissa into the role of caregiver and mother to AJ.

According to Krystal, JR hadn't appreciated what an amazing woman Marissa was until he had lost her. Marissa reminded her mother that JR knew how to talk a good game, but Krystal confessed that JR had sounded sincere. Marissa was surprised; it made her wonder if JR had been correct when he had accused her of being a coward.

At the Yacht Club, Jack and David were in a heated argument about Erica when Greenlee approached their table. Jack told his daughter about his concerns for Erica, but David insisted that Jack was upset because David and Erica were reconnecting as friends. Jack was certain that there was more to it, so he vowed to get to the bottom of things. Jack explained that Erica's agreement to help David get his medical license reinstated hadn't been about friendship, but rather blackmail. David suggested that Jack discuss his concerns with Erica and then left.

In Erica's faux bedroom, Erica refused to help Jane unless Jane let Erica go. Jane warned Erica that she could make Erica's stay uncomfortable if Erica didn't cooperate. Erica refused to be intimidated by the threat. Frustrated, Jane wondered how Erica managed to remain classy and glamorous without breaking a sweat, while people demanded Erica's time and attention. Erica wondered whom Jane was referring to.

"Everyone," Jane complained. Jane hated how people expected Erica to listen to their problems and offer them advice. Jane realized that Erica had suffered tragedy in her life, but Jane didn't understand how Erica managed not to let it get her down. Erica suspected that Jane might be referring to the accident that had claimed Jane's daughter's life, so Erica confessed that she knew about Lydia's death. Jane demanded to know how Erica had found out, so Erica revealed that Ben had told her.

Erica insisted that Jane not be angry with Ben and then admitted that she also knew the pain of losing a child. Jane argued that the past was over and that her present was fantastic. Erica reminded Jane that Jane was living Erica's life, not her own. Jane ignored Erica's remark. According to Jane, she had to leave because it was time for Jane to make a big power play. Erica warned Jane that, if it involved David, Jane was in over her head.

Jane realized that Erica was afraid that David would expose Kendall's secret. Erica didn't deny it; she was certain that Jane could appreciate a mother's concern. Jane refused to discuss it, so she turned off the intercom. Seconds later, Ben walked up. He was surprised to see Jane. Jane was curious if Ben had returned for another "tea party" with Erica.

Ben quickly apologized, but Jane was furious that he had told Erica about the crash. Jane felt betrayed, so she warned him not to say another word to Erica. Later, Jane went to David's room at the Yacht Club. She was curious what David had said to Jack because Jack had left several voicemail messages for her. David explained that Jack had been concerned about how much time David had been spending with her. Jane didn't understand why David couldn't just walk away from Jack, but David wondered where the fun would be in that.

Jane insisted that she couldn't take the pressure, so David handed her a bottle of beer. Jane hesitated to take it, but David assured her that it was just them. Jane accepted the beer as David wondered where she had been. Jane evaded the question by mentioning the sale of the hospital and her fear that people would start asking questions that she wouldn't be able to answer. David assured Jane that she had been doing a great job of impersonating Erica, although she had been a "bit heavy" on the jewelry. Jane seemed rattled when David leaned forward to take her necklace off.

David smiled, but was curious what her next move was. Jane suggested that she run the hospital for a year or two, and then ease David into it. David made it clear that he wasn't interested in waiting. Jane was surprised that someone as brilliant as David didn't understand that the world didn't revolve around his timetable. David insisted that they follow his plan. He assured her that he had everything under control.

Greenlee confessed that she was proud of Jack for not resorting to violence with David. Jack admitted that he was concerned about the influence that David had on Erica. He feared that David would find a way to use Erica to get reinstated at the hospital. Greenlee revealed that she was relieved to be selling the hospital because it had been the last link to David. Jack noted that Greenlee didn't look "all that happy," but she insisted that things could only get better.

Jack was frustrated when he failed to reach Erica by phone again. Greenlee assured him that Erica could take care of herself. Jack shifted gears to find out how things were going with Greenlee and Ryan. Greenlee admitted that she had been following Jack's advice to be patient. Jack assured Greenlee that Ryan loved her. Moments later, "Erica" walked up.

"Erica" explained that she had been reviewing the paperwork for the sale of the hospital. Jack reminded "Erica" that he had gone over the contract with a fine-tooth comb, so he assured her that it was fair to all parties. "Erica" suggested that they finalize the sale, but Jack wanted to discuss David's involvement. Jack admitted that he was concerned about David's claims of friendship, but "Erica" assured Jack that she didn't care what David thought because she had only been focused on buying the hospital. Jack realized that "Erica" was determined to sign the contract, so he stood back while "Erica" and Greenlee finalized the sale. David lurked nearby, watching everything unfold with a smile of satisfaction.

At the Yacht Club, JR was curious why Amanda hadn't taken Jake's call. Amanda thought that it was time for Jake to worry about her for a while. JR wondered if Amanda were certain that Jake had been unfaithful with Cara, so Amanda revealed that she had overheard Jake warn Cara that Amanda would be devastated if Amanda knew what had happened between Jake and Cara. JR pointed out that it didn't prove anything, but Amanda disagreed. JR suggested that it could have been a one-time thing between Jake and Cara, so Amanda might want to let it go.

Amanda explained that she couldn't because she sensed something between Jake and Cara that had nothing to do with sex. Amanda insisted that she saw it every time Jake and Cara were in the same room together. She realized that Cara was Jake's great love, and the one who had gotten away. JR advised Amanda not to underestimate herself, but Amanda wondered how JR would feel if Babe were to walk through the door. The expression on JR's face confirmed that no one would ever be able to compete against Babe in JR's heart.

JR argued that it didn't mean that Jake loved Amanda any less, but Amanda insisted that she couldn't ignore how Jake looked at Cara. JR admitted that he had a similar problem with Marissa. JR explained that he had tried to show Marissa that he was crazy about her, but she knew that Babe was his first love. JR insisted that he loved Marissa, but he acknowledged that his infidelity had caused their problems. He wondered if perhaps he was trying to fix something that was beyond repair.

Amanda confessed that every time she looked at Jake, she would think of Jake and Cara in the tent. Amanda leaned her head on JR's shoulder as she suggested that she and JR were a pair of "screw-ups." Sexual tension suddenly flared to life between them as JR agreed. JR kissed Amanda, but she pulled away after several heartbeats. Amanda insisted that she should leave. JR wondered if she planned to find Jake and then suggested that Jake might be with Cara.

JR quickly apologized for the harsh words when he saw Amanda's hurt expression. He confessed that he hated what Jake had done to Amanda, but he also knew what it felt like. JR kissed Amanda again, but instead of pulling away to leave, Amanda allowed JR to take off her dress. Afterwards, JR tried to comfort Amanda as tears of regret spilled from her eyes. JR tried to reassure her that they hadn't had revenge sex.

According to JR, they had been two friends who had needed comfort, but Amanda argued that they shouldn't have done it. Amanda was stunned when JR suggested that they could just return to their lives as if nothing had happened. She admitted that the only person who could make her feel better was Jake. JR apologized and then confessed that he had never meant to hurt her. Later, JR and Amanda got dressed.

JR insisted that Amanda couldn't leave unless she left the guilt at the door. Amanda explained that it wasn't just about her; she wondered, "What about Marissa?" JR seemed surprised by the question. He assured Amanda that Marissa knew how much he wanted to work things out, but Marissa had pulled away when he had put his feelings on the line. JR then insisted that his interlude with Amanda had been about two friends helping each other.

Amanda reminded JR that they hadn't always been friends. She glanced in the mirror and then admitted that all she saw when she looked at herself was the party girl who had jumped from bed to bed when she had first arrived in Pine Valley, except this time she had cheated on her husband. JR insisted that Amanda had a huge heart, which he had always known, and that they shared a connection because they understood each other. Amanda argued that she was a total failure, but JR argued that she was an amazing woman. He assured her that no one was to blame for what had happened between them and that he wouldn't tell anyone.

At the hospital, Angie checked on Jake after hearing about the quarantine. Jake assured Angie that he was fine, but Angie heard something in his voice that told her otherwise. Jake admitted that he might have blown it with Amanda. Angie doubted it, so he wondered, if that were true, why he couldn't find his wife. Angie was certain that whatever was wrong between Jake and Amanda could be fixed because Jake and Amanda loved each other. Jake feared that it was too late because something had happened, which Jake had been tempted to tell Amanda about.

Angie advised Jake that it was always best to be honest. She acknowledged that the truth could hurt sometimes, but Amanda needed to hear it from Jake rather than someone else. Jake insisted that he loved his wife. He called Amanda again, but her voicemail picked up. David sauntered in as Jake left Amanda a message. David ignored Jake's hostile greeting as he explained that he had been working on the treatment plan to restore Angie's eyesight.

Jake promised to review David's treatment plan, so David warned Jake that it would contain words that had "more than one syllable." Angie assured David that she would speak to him soon and then left. David lingered behind to taunt Jake about Amanda. David revealed that he had seen Amanda, who had been upset and drinking, but he refused to tell Jake where Amanda was. Jake warned David that he would try to block David's medical license from being reinstated, but David wasn't concerned because it wasn't up to Jake.

Jake vowed that David would never work at the hospital again, so David simply smiled. Later, Opal was focused on her Tai Chi when Jake arrived home. She jumped at the sound of Jake's voice. Jake apologized for startling her and then asked how Trevor was doing. Opal assured Jake that Trevor had been a joy to watch, so Jake wondered if Opal would be interested in watching Trevor for a few days while Jake and Amanda went away. Jake explained that he and Amanda needed some time alone to get things back on track.

Opal reminded Jake that Amanda loved him. She insisted that she saw Jake and Amanda celebrating their 50th anniversary, but Jake feared that they might not make it to their third one. Opal assured Jake that she would do whatever she could to help Jake and Amanda, including watching Trevor while Jake and Amanda took some time to get away. Later, Jake reserved a honeymoon suite on the waterfront and then made arrangements for rose petals to be scattered in the room, and champagne to be waiting upon their arrival. After Jake ended the call, Amanda arrived home. "Hi, where have you been?" Jake wondered.

JR arrived home to find Marissa waiting for him. Marissa apologized for her reaction in the park. She realized that JR had been brave because he had spoken from his heart. Marissa admitted that she had been wrong to react as she had. JR was surprised when Marissa threw her arms around him and then hugged him.

At the hospital, Greenlee told Angie that the sale of the hospital had been finalized. Angie was curious if there would be an official announcement. Greenlee suggested that, knowing Erica, it would "involve fire-dancers and a tight-rope act."

At the penthouse, Jack suggested that he and "Erica" have a quiet dinner for two. "Erica" loved the idea, but she explained that it would have to wait until after her news conference. Jack was surprised because he had thought that they would simply issue a press release about the purchase of the hospital. "Erica" revealed that her "PR guru" and a camera crew from a local news station would arrive shortly, so the announcement would be streamed live over the Internet. Jack was curious why she hadn't mentioned it sooner, but "Erica" assured him that she had thought everything through carefully. Jack wondered if there were anything else she would like to tell him.

"Erica" asked him to trust her and then went to get ready for the news conference. Later, as the cameras rolled, "Erica" read a prepared statement about the purchase of the hospital. She made her way to the front door to introduce her new partner in the venture. Jack was stunned when "Erica" opened the door to reveal David standing on the doorstep.

At Krystal's restaurant, Bianca and Krystal were shocked as they watched "Erica's" news conference. "This can't be happening," Bianca said in disbelief as "Erica" revealed that David would be running the hospital. "Jack had no idea it was coming," Krystal added. Meanwhile, Erica watched the news conference from her prison. "Oh my God, what have you done?" Erica whispered.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

During her news conference, "Erica" declared that David had saved members of her family as well as other patients, and she announced that she and David had partnered to run the hospital. David proclaimed that it might be the proudest day of his life. David praised "Erica" for taking a risk with him. David admitted that he'd made mistakes, but he explained that that he had empathy for others' suffering and that he desired to change lives. David vowed to continue to save lives as co-owner of the hospital, but his mission was also to offer good health and renewed hope.

Meanwhile, the citizens of Pine Valley were shocked by the newscast. At the hospital, Angie informed Frankie that they had a new boss. At her restaurant, Krystal wondered to Caleb why Jackson hadn't done anything to stop Erica. Krystal thought Erica had lost her mind to partner with David, and Caleb agreed. Krystal worried about Jackson, and she implored Caleb to talk sense into Erica. At the Martin home, Tad turned off the television and buried his face in his hands. An unknowing Griffin entered and suggested that Tad and Cara join him for a night out to celebrate Griffin's freedom. Griffin noticed their glum faces, and Cara said that David was "back -- in a big way."

Jackson glowered as the reporters left. David thanked "Erica" and asked Jackson if he had any questions, but Jackson said he'd follow up with "Erica" and requested David's departure. David insisted that the partnership was a good thing, and "Erica" agreed. David gleefully declared that "the real Erica Kane" was back, and he left. Jackson incredulously remarked, "The real Erica Kane ... who is he kidding?"

Jackson believed that the explosion had affected "Erica" more than he'd originally thought, and he wanted her to see a neurologist immediately. She refused, but he insisted that there was something wrong with her. She asserted that she was a businesswoman, but he noted that she hadn't cared about business for weeks. She retorted that she was driven and that she wasn't afraid to take chances. Jackson yelled that David had hurt everyone she cared about, but she claimed that everyone deserved the chance to start over. Jackson demanded to know if David was blackmailing her.

"Erica" insisted that she simply wanted to celebrate. Jackson offered to find a way to break the contract, but she maintained that it had been her decision. Caleb entered and said she couldn't finalize it without her partner. "Erica" refused to be bullied, but Caleb advised that a business deal had to be done right. "Erica" crowed that she'd done a fantastic job acquiring a prime piece of property and that she had used her own funds.

"Erica" argued that if a man had closed the deal, people would consider it genius. She declared that she'd been through hell and that she had the right to make her decisions whenever and with whomever she pleased. She stormed out, and Jackson moved to go after her, but Caleb stopped him and acknowledged that she was right. Jackson warned Caleb against backing the arrangement, but Caleb pointed out that she had been right in that if either Caleb or Jackson had brokered the deal, it would have been front-page news. Caleb called Erica smart, determined, and unpredictable.

Jake found Amanda at home and inquired why she had hadn't answered his calls. She countered that he was gone all the time, and she tersely stated that she was fine. He thought she seemed upset and nervous, and he wondered if he should assume the worst. Amanda sharply said he wasn't the only one with a job and that she couldn't blow off work. He took the blame for putting distance between them, and he wanted to talk about it.

Jake's phone rang, and he tried to tell Tad it wasn't a good time, but Tad informed him that David owned the hospital. Tad forced Jake to promise that Jake wouldn't do anything stupid. After Jake hung up, Amanda begged him to tell her it wasn't true. Jake said he had to find out how it had happened, and she advised him to stay away from David. She genuinely understood that he had to leave for the hospital. He declared that his family was his priority and that they needed to be honest about everything. She nodded guiltily, and he left.

Cara began to leave to stop Jake from killing David, but Griffin told her that it wasn't her job to protect Jake. Tad vowed not to give David the satisfaction of succeeding. Tad begged Cara not to put her career or her status with Immigration at risk. Tad reminded her that Agent Trumbull was still suspicious, and he proclaimed that he couldn't stand to lose her. She reluctantly agreed to stay home. Tad departed, and Griffin wondered if Cara had noticed how much Tad cared about her.

Frankie expressed disbelief that David was taking over, but Angie didn't think it could be helped. Frankie refused to work for David again, because David's cutbacks had been the reason Angie had lost her sight. Angie pointed out that David had also performed miracles, but Frankie was certain that David was playing her. Angie said she could use some comfort food from Krystal's.

Jake arrived at the hospital and asked Frankie if David's takeover was a joke. David approached them and bellowed that it was good to be back, and he sarcastically said he couldn't wait to catch up with Jake. David pointedly said that a talent like Frankie deserved to be closely watched, and Frankie walked away. Jake asked if David expected a parade. The men exchange barbs as Tad arrived, and David called it his lucky day. David looked forward to the challenge of rebuilding his reputation, and he asked if Tad was willing to move forward. Tad scoffed at the idea that David's reign would last, because Tad intended to thwart David's plans.

Jake was confident that the nightmare would be over after Joe spoke with the board. David announced that he already had board approval, because he'd called an emergency meeting without Joe, and the vote had been unanimous. Cara arrived and expressed concern for Jake. David feigned confusion about which brother Cara was married to. David suggested that the Martins let him take care of the hospital, so they could take care of their marriages. David revealed that he'd witnessed Amanda knocking back martinis earlier, and he taunted Jake by saying that Amanda had a tendency to stray. Jake menacingly removed his jacket as Cara tried to talk him down.

David said it was touching how Cara constantly leapt to Jake's defense. She protested, but David observed that Cara's loyalty didn't appear to upset Tad. Tad warned David that Jake had a job to consider, but there was nothing preventing Tad from hitting David. David voiced his suspicion that Cara was causing trouble in Amanda and Jake's marriage, but he quickly excused himself to run the hospital. Tad commended Jake for controlling his temper. Tad implored Jake to let him take care of things, and Tad left to call Joe. Jake complained to Cara about David's reinstatement, but Cara asserted that both David and the hospital still needed Jake.

Angie arrived at Krystal's, where Krystal called David pure evil. Angie thought that David was capable of good things every once in a while. Krystal was skeptical and recalled how David had made Angie's life hell. Angie explained that David had researched a procedure that could restore Angie's sight, and she was hopeful. Krystal warned that she herself had once believed in David, too, but he had taken advantage of her trust. Angie defended that even if there were only a small chance to see her daughter smile, she had to take the risk.

Amanda entered the restaurant, and Krystal asked her what Jake thought of the situation. Amanda forlornly said that Jake hadn't told her much lately. Angie invited Amanda to join her, and Krystal returned to work. Angie noted that Amanda sounded upset. Amanda tearfully asked Angie to tell her that everything would be okay. Angie advised Amanda to shut out the world and to focus on Jake. Amanda worried that it might be too late. Angie pointed out that Jesse had been gone 20 years and that it was never too late.

Amanda expressed frustration that she'd worked hard to turn her life around and that she had been proud of what she'd accomplished, but she didn't know what to do. Angie asked if she still loved Jake, and Amanda called him "the one." Angie urged Amanda to tell him that, because Jake would really need Amanda with everything else going on. Later, Amanda flashed back to having sex with JR. Krystal observed as Amanda ran out of the restaurant, clearly upset.

Caleb and Jackson arrived at Krystal's. Caleb commented that Erica was as headstrong as ever, and Jackson replied that he didn't need a lesson about Erica. Krystal greeted them, and Caleb headed for a table. Jackson noted that Erica wasn't there and started to leave, but Krystal stopped him to inform him that she couldn't work for him anymore, because he had his hands full with Erica. He suspected that she couldn't work with him because he was going after David, and she acknowledged that it was one of the reasons. He said the door was always open if she changed her mind, and he exited. Caleb told her she'd made a smart move. She reaffirmed her commitment to her restaurant, but Caleb suggested that she work for him.

Krystal explained that she and Erica didn't get along, but Caleb disclosed that Erica hadn't shown up for work since she had been rescued, and he needed the help. Krystal was sure that Erica wouldn't approve, but Caleb insisted that it was his company. Krystal was tired of dealing with Erica, and she was determined to run her own business. Krystal hoped Caleb found what he was looking for.

In his Yacht Club room, David popped open a bottle of champagne as Jane arrived. "To me," he said. "And to me," she echoed. He poured her a glass, and they shared a toast. He found it odd to see Erica's look-alike guzzle alcohol, and Jane indicated that after her altercation with Jackson, she might down the whole bottle. David complimented her presence in front of the camera, and he asked if she was taking criticism for her announcement. She said it would be worth it, if David continued to hold up his end of the bargain. She wondered if he intended to play her the way he had played everyone else.

Jane told David that Jackson thought David was using her, and David contended that nothing was ever good enough for Jackson. David insisted that she'd never please Jackson, but she didn't believe him. She declared that she hadn't survived so long to fail, and she berated him for admonishing Jackson. He called Jane a better Erica than Erica herself, and he asked how the real Erica was doing. She tersely stated that Erica was fine, but she refused to provide details. David shrugged and said they each had their reasons for their partnership, and she agreed.

Jane sipped from a champagne glass at the Yacht Club bar. Jackson entered and distrustfully asked what she was drinking. "Erica" claimed it was sparkling cider and offered him a taste. She questioned whether he was still angry, and he said he had only been concerned. She inquired whether he'd missed the "Erica Kane excitement" during her absence, and he said there hadn't been a dull moment since she'd returned. She surmised that he wouldn't love her if she were dull, and she told him that he thought too much and urged him to turn off his brain. She playfully ducked underneath his arm and pulled him intimately close to her, and she seductively asked, "Isn't that more exciting?"

David returned to the hospital and gazed happily at his hospital identification tag. Griffin congratulated David and told him to enjoy his big day. Griffin said that David's reputation in Pine Valley wasn't the same opinion Griffin had formed, as Griffin considered David to be the best doctor he'd ever known. Griffin praised David's talent, but he warned David never to mess with Cara to get back at Jake. David assured Griffin that they were on the same side, and he pushed Griffin to accept the offer of employment. Griffin maintained that he intended to leave town at the end of his community service. David said Griffin would regret it, because David planned to make amazing things happen.

Jake mused to Cara that it was easier for him to redirect his anger toward David rather than to face his wife. He speculated that Amanda doubted his love for her. He asked Cara how she'd told Tad about Jake and Cara's passionate encounter. Cara was stunned to realize that Jake hadn't yet confessed to Amanda. Amanda entered and inquired about David.

Cara uncomfortably stammered that Tad was conferring with Joe. Tad returned, and he confirmed that the deal was legitimate, even without Joe and JR's input. Cara murmured that some things couldn't be fixed. Jake disagreed and stated that there was always a way to fix something that was wrong. Jake and Amanda left, holding hands.

Tad asked Cara to get him out of the hospital before he punched David, but she seemed distant. Tad swore he'd never do anything to jeopardize her or Jake's jobs. When she remained silent, he asked what was on her mind, and Cara informed him that Jake was in process of telling Amanda the truth.

Jake and Amanda returned home, where he offered her a glass of wine. A frazzled Amanda barked that if he had something to say, he should just tell her. He admitted that he had been keeping something from her and that he should have told her when it had happened, because he wanted their marriage to work. She blurted that she already knew that he'd slept with Cara. Amanda was stunned when Jake earnestly informed her that he hadn't.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

At home, Tad and Cara worried about Jake. Tad wished Jake wouldn't put Amanda through the pain of knowing what had almost happened between Jake and Cara. Cara wanted Jake to be happy, so she suggested that Tad go to help Jake sort things out with Amanda.

Tad left, and Opal entered to thank Cara for keeping Tad happy. Opal explained that she'd been concerned; however, Cara had put a spring in Tad's step, and his girls adored her. Opal concluded that Cara had given a lot to the family, and the women hugged.

At their apartment, the irate Amanda accused Jake of sleeping with Cara. Jake said he hadn't, but Amanda replied that she'd heard the infidels discussing it. Jake claimed he and Cara had been discussing what had almost happened, and Amanda smacked him in the face.

Jake apologized for getting too close to Cara. He said his faithfulness in the end meant a lot. For him, it had closed a door that never should have been opened in the first place. With her back to him, Amanda sobbed, and Jake added that he and Cara had thrown the ring in the trash where it belonged. Amanda asked why he hadn't told her before. "Before what?" he asked.

Amanda turned away again, and Jake said that he didn't expect instant forgiveness. He asked her to go away with him so that they could get back on track. As he explained how good it would be for them, tears rolled down her face. She abruptly said that she was late for work, and JR was expecting her. Jake looked disappointed as she strode out the door.

Later, Tad arrived, and Jake said that his brother had been right. "I should have kept my big mouth shut," Jake said. Tad thought that Jake was still a good man, and Amanda would eventually remember that. Jake hoped his brother was right.

Tad returned home to tell Cara that things were bad between Jake and Amanda. Cara cited that Tad had readily forgiven the offence, but Tad said he and Cara didn't have a real marriage. Cara decided to get some air, and Tad wondered what he'd said wrong. As he grumbled about it to himself, Cara returned and asked if he were going with her, or not.

At Krystal's, JR remembered the sex with Amanda. Marissa arrived, and he said he was right where he wanted to be -- with her. Bianca entered and joined the couple at the table to discuss David and the hospital. After JR walked off to make inquiries into David's takeover, Marissa offered to talk to David. Bianca said she didn't want Marissa to get sucked back in by her father while Bianca was on a trip to a spa with her girls.

Marissa offered to go on the trip, and Bianca stammered in reply. JR returned and looked disappointed as Marissa bubbled about the spa trip. To JR and Marissa's surprise, Bianca said that JR was disappointed because he'd planned a surprise family trip to the Grand Canyon. JR went along with it, and Bianca left. He asked if Marissa would go, and she said she'd love to.

Later, JR was at home, making reservations, when Amanda arrived to say that she couldn't keep the secret about herself and JR. JR told her to not even think about going there, because Marissa couldn't find out about it. Amanda sobbed that Jake hadn't been unfaithful, but JR felt that was even more reason not to hurt Jake. Marissa entered and wondered what was going on.

JR pretended that Amanda was overwrought with work, and he said he'd suggested that she take time out for her family. After Amanda insisted that she was okay, Marissa told JR that it'd be great if they surprised AJ with the trip. Marissa left, and Amanda said she'd thought Marissa had ended it with JR. JR said he'd made a mistake, just like Amanda had with Jake. JR warned Amanda not to blow things for both of them.

Just then, Jake arrived and wondered if JR and Amanda ever worked at the office. JR said he'd been trying to convince Amanda to take some time off. He encouraged Amanda to go home with her husband, and the Martins left. Marissa entered after overhearing the exchange and remarked that JR had become a hopeless romantic. JR said that things would be crazy at work with Amanda on vacation, so he had to postpone the Grand Canyon trip.

Marissa returned to Krystal's as Bianca and her girls were preparing to leave for the spa. Marissa announced that she and AJ were joining them after all.

Jake took a guilt-ridden Amanda home to work things out. He guessed they wouldn't be taking a trip. As he pleaded with her to understand that he hadn't broken her trust, he got called in to work. He didn't want to go, but she urged him to. After he left, she sobbed on the sofa.

In the park, Griffin spotted Kendall striding with purpose. Assuming she was after David Hayward, Griffin stopped her to implore her to talk to Erica first. Kendall said her mother wasn't herself, and Kendall was determined to stop David from taking advantage of it.

At the hospital, David ordered someone to turn the fifth floor conference room into his office. Greenlee rasped that if she'd known about David's involvement, she never would have sold the hospital to Erica. David wondered why Greenlee even cared, since she'd claimed to have sold it to make time for her personal life.

Greenlee guessed David was holding something over Erica's head, but he assured her that he wasn't. Greenlee told him to enjoy his toy, and he remarked that his darker side made him understand her in a way that Ryan never would. Rolling her eyes, she stalked off.

Kendall charged up to David next. She theorized that he was using the shooting to get Erica to do his bidding. David claimed to be attempting to heal his relationships with the Kane women, but Kendall retorted that he lied more easily than breathing. David guessed it wasn't about Erica, but instead, about some unfinished business Kendall had with him about Zach.

Kendall admitted to being in a bad place when she'd shot David; however, she said Zach's real killer was behind bars. She implored David to show what a great healer he was by not screwing Erica over. Kendall believed that if he did that, it might be the start of a truce.

Griffin approached to see if things were okay. Kendall said that depended on David. She left, and Griffin said he didn't want to regret supporting David. David asked why Griffin cared, since Griffin was leaving town and giving up his chance at greatness.

An irritated Griffin left, too, and he wound up at the Yacht Club bar, where Kendall was ordering a drink. Griffin admitted that David knew how to push his buttons. Kendall said she hadn't wanted to kill David earlier, which had made her realize that she'd put the past behind her. For her, resenting David was pointless and wouldn't revive Zach. Griffin asked if they were "off the clock" for the Miranda Center, and Kendall wondered why. He stroked her cheek and shoulder. She grew uneasy and scurried out the door.

At Fusion, Ryan arrived to find Greenlee, but Randi said she was more concerned about Madison, who'd pulled an all-nighter. Ryan nudged Madison, and she awakened with a start. He advised her not to wear herself out, but she said she wasn't his problem anymore. Madison insisted that work distracted her from her disastrous life.

Madison spilled coffee on her drawing, and when Ryan looked at the paper, said that she was more talented that he'd thought. Madison became frazzled about a presentation, and Greenlee arrived in time to see Ryan comforting Madison about it. To Madison's surprise, Greenlee thanked her for picking up the slack at work. Greenlee was also impressed with Madison's drawing and decided that Madison should head the presentation that afternoon -- right after Madison took a nap and made herself presentable. Madison excitedly rushed home, and Ryan said Greenlee was amazing.

As Greenlee set up a video feed for the presentation, Ryan said that he and Greenlee's thoughts had been in sync, and they still worked well together. Kendall called, and Greenlee told her to knock some sense into Erica while Greenlee handled the presentation. Ryan took off with an idea to help with the Erica situation. At the hospital later, Ryan overheard David on the phone with "Erica." David thanked her for making the hospital deal. He remarked that only they knew the truth, and they were even.

In the park, Randi found Madison dozing off on a bench, and Madison hopped up. Randi said that the presentation would start soon, but Madison couldn't do it in her disheveled condition. Madison insisted that it was her idea, and she could see it through.

Randi returned to Fusion and asked Greenlee to postpone the presentation. Just then, Madison entered, and Greenlee was alarmed to see that Madison hadn't freshened up. Madison said she was fresh enough, and she began the video presentation confidently. During her speech, she said women understood how to protect their unborn babies. Suddenly, her mind flashed to special times during her pregnancy. She remembered losing her baby, and she froze on camera.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

At the Chandler mansion, Asher tapped his crutch as he listened to music on headphones with his eyes closed. Colby and Maya entered to see what the noise was, and Maya observed that he was going stir-crazy. Asher opened his eyes, and Maya suggested that he go outside, but he complained that he couldn't walk. Colby suggested they take the car to get some sun, and she told Maya to take the day off of work and join them. Maya admitted that she had a job interview at lunch, but she quickly clarified that she didn't intend to leave her job at the mansion. Asher got up and started to hobble to the door, and he asked for Colby's help.

Asher rolled his eyes when he and Colby arrived at the Yacht Club. She mused that she'd always wanted to sail away on Adam's yacht, but she could never get away from herself. Asher wondered why she'd want to. She noticed the place was empty, and the manager informed her that they were preparing for a graduation party that evening. She talked the manager into letting them stay on the terrace until the event started, and she bragged to Asher that it was a benefit of being a charter member. He disparagingly noted that the place was empty, but she turned on some music and called it a party.

Asher put on a song and was surprised when Colby recognized it. She grabbed the microphone and broke into song as she gave an animated performance. An amused Asher smiled at her. As she completed the song, she became embarrassed and asked if her effort had been painful for him to watch. He said she had an amazing voice, but she disagreed. He told her to stop putting herself down and assured her that there were a lot of amazing things about her.

At the hospital, Ryan congratulated a surprised David. Ryan questioned why Erica would partner with David to purchase the hospital. David stated that she'd gotten a good deal, but Ryan thought there was more to the story. Ryan admitted that he'd overheard David's phone call, during which David had stated that he and Erica were even. David retorted that it had been a private conversation between David and Erica.

Ryan threatened to follow up with Erica, but David claimed that he and Erica simply had a common interest to make the hospital a great medical facility. David felt that it was none of Ryan's business, but Ryan pointed out that Greenlee had been involved in the transaction. David remarked that Greenlee had been well compensated. Ryan suspected that David had a much bigger plan and that Greenlee was part of it. "My house, my rules," David jeered, and he walked away. Ryan left a message for Erica.

Jesse visited Angie at work, and he thought his wife seemed strangely calm about David's acquisition of the hospital. She informed him that she was preoccupied with getting her sight back. Jesse flipped through some paperwork that Angie had received from David, but he couldn't read it because it was in Braille. She said she was having the documents translated so Frankie could review them, but she verified that she was interested in the treatment David had suggested.

Jesse was skeptical about David's involvement, but Angie explained that it wasn't enough to only use her other senses to determine if her daughter was happy. Jesse said it was obvious that Lucy knew how much Angie loved her, but Angie wanted to see it for herself. Jesse asked if Angie could see other specialists, but Angie pointed out that other doctors had considered Lucy's healthy birth impossible, but the Hubbards had made it happen. She added that she'd also be able to keep an eye on David if she got her sight back.

Angie recalled the nightmare she'd had in which Lucy had been gone. She said she'd always feel fear as long as she couldn't see that Lucy was safe. She begged Jesse to understand, but his phone rang. He had to leave, but she noted he hadn't responded to her plea. He lovingly said he'd give her his eyes if he could, but she said he needed them, so they could see one another.

Angie told Frankie that Jesse was hesitant to have her work with David, and Frankie couldn't blame his father. Maya approached them, and Frankie called her a perfect fit as a babysitter for Lucy. Angie explained that she had a nanny, but she could use more help, since she was getting ready to start a new treatment plan. Angie asked if Maya had experience with babies, but David interrupted them to discuss the treatment plan. Angie asked Maya if they could finish their conversation later, and David invited Frankie to join them.

Angie insisted that the plans were preliminary and that she could handle it herself. Frankie kissed Angie on the cheek and warned David that he'd stay on top of the situation, and he departed. Angie informed David that she wanted her sight back, but she wasn't willing to give up her soul to get it. Angie spat that if David restored her sight, it wouldn't be out of the goodness of his heart, and she demanded to know what he wanted in return. He said he wanted her back on staff, because she was a valuable physician even if he didn't care for her as an administrator.

David knew Angie's family and friends had advised her against his recommended treatment, but he warned that if she listened to them, she'd only be able to hear Lucy's voice but never see her daughter's face. Angie responded by slapping David across the face. "Nice aim," David commented, and he noted how her other senses had become sharper. Angie cautioned him not to play God with her. He said that unlike the Martin doctors, he'd be brutally honest. Angie spat that David wasn't a nice person.

David admitted that he was usually out for himself and that he didn't have the inclination to play nice, but he'd rather spend his time getting Angie to see again. He counseled her to take a leap of faith, and she wondered if that leap would lead to a fall. He left the decision in her hands. Later, David responded to Angie's page and assumed she had decided to stay in the dark. "You could say that. I'm putting myself in your hands," she announced. She handed him a signed patient consent form and declared that she was ready to begin treatment.

Maya sadly touched her earring as Frankie approached, and he asked her what was wrong. Maya said she couldn't work for Angie, because it would be too difficult to take care of an infant after she'd given up her own, even though it had been by choice. Frankie called Maya a good parent and disclosed that Randi had suffered a miscarriage. He informed Maya that it had helped Randi to be around other babies, because they had healing magic. Maya couldn't give him an answer, and she rushed back to work.

Colby and Asher returned home, and Colby asked why Maya was working. Maya stated that it was her job. Colby handed Maya a cupcake, which Maya coldly accepted. Colby invited her to join them, but Maya snapped that she didn't get paid to hang out and abruptly left. Asher wondered what was wrong. Maya answered a call and apologized for not calling back, but the person on the line hung up on her.

During her Fusion presentation, Madison spoke about how women wanted to protect their unborn babies, and she flashed back to being pregnant with Sara. Madison managed to stammer a statement about avoiding harmful ingredients, but she became overwhelmed with memories of Sara's death. Greenlee whispered Madison's name, but Madison stared blankly at the camera. Madison suddenly snapped back to reality, and she ran out. Randi followed Madison while Greenlee stepped in to finish the presentation.

Randi asked where Madison was going. Madison replied that she was tired. Randi noted that Madison had been doing a great job, but Madison insisted that she had to get out of there. Once alone in the elevator, she sank to the floor in tears. Moments later, Madison staggered aimlessly through the park.

Greenlee wrapped up her presentation by speaking about the natural touch between mother and baby. Randi complimented Greenlee, who credited Madison and asked how Madison was doing. Randi said it had been too early for Madison return to work, and Greenlee defensively stated that she'd told Madison to take as much time off as she needed. Randi countered that a mother never got over such a loss, and Greenlee realized that there was no way she could win. Greenlee instructed Randi to go home with pay to take care of Madison. Randi left, and Greenlee buried her face in her hands. Jackson entered with cotton candy.

Jackson implored Greenlee to talk. She was sympathetic about Ryan and Madison's loss, but Jackson understood it was tough for Greenlee not to be painted as a villain. Jackson said she'd never get back the time she'd had apart from Ryan, and she claimed that all she wanted was the time she had left. Jackson believed that she had been cheated in her childhood and that part of her expected that what she had with Ryan would be taken away.

Jackson said he grieved for the moments he'd lost with Greenlee, but he had realized that the past was over and that all that mattered was that she was in his life in the present. He joked that he'd received some odd looks while he'd carried cotton candy around, but it had been worth it to share it with her. She tearfully realized that he was telling her to make the present count. He advised her to stop being afraid of losing what she had.

At the Lavery penthouse, Jesse arrived to see Ryan, who thought there was a story behind David's return to the hospital. Jesse thought that Erica had seemed genuinely willing to partner with David during her news conference. Jesse admitted that David had been messing with Angie regarding the possibility of restoring her sight, and he was committed to keeping her from being hurt. Ryan said he'd just seen David, and Ryan believed that David had a much bigger agenda in mind.

Jesse realized that Ryan suspected that David had blackmailed Erica. Jesse reported that the police hadn't learned anything more about Erica's kidnapping. Ryan wondered if David had been behind Erica's abduction. Ryan and Jesse recounted how there had only been family and close friends present when Erica had been kidnapped and how there had been no ransom demand for weeks. Ryan found it odd that after Erica had been rescued, her kidnappers had disappeared.

Ryan recalled Greenlee's motorcycle accident and wondered if David had orchestrated it in an elaborate plan to use Greenlee to rebuild his life. Jesse saw the possibility of a pattern if Ryan's speculations were true. Ryan said that prior to both the accident and the kidnapping, David had been at low points in his career and personal life. Jesse wondered how David could have arranged Erica's abduction.

Jesse regretted that he couldn't investigate as police chief, but he noted that nothing was in the way for Ryan to follow his hunch. They agreed to keep in touch, and Ryan showed Jesse out as Greenlee returned home. Ryan refused to let David pull anything on Greenlee again, and he explained that he and Jesse had planned to work together to figure out David's true intentions. She thanked Ryan for looking out for her, and he admitted that his mind had been elsewhere lately. She recognized his loss and apologized for acting out to get his attention. He said she had it, and he pulled her into a kiss.

In the park, Kendall gazed up at the blue sky and then closed her eyes. Griffin approached her and asked why she'd left the Yacht Club without a word. "Because of you," she replied. Griffin asked what he'd said that had scared her off, and she explained that she had needed to get away from their conversation about Zach's death and her ordeal with Ricky. Griffin commented that she'd had a lot to handle, and she felt that she had always been running from or chasing something and had to catch her breath.

Kendall declared that she wasn't stuck in the past and that she simply wanted to enjoy a beautiful day in the park. Griffin stepped closer and asked what she wanted to do, since she'd stopped running. She proclaimed that she wanted to race him. She tossed her heels aside and ran toward a tree in the distance. Griffin chased a barefoot Kendall to the tree as they breathlessly squealed in childlike glee. He pulled her into his arms and drew her close, but she spotted a disoriented Madison and realized something was wrong.

Griffin observed that Madison's heart was racing, and he wanted to take her to the hospital, but Madison was adamant that she didn't want to go. She suddenly fainted, and Griffin began to take her to the hospital anyway, but Kendall backed Madison's wish and advised him not to make Madison wake up in the place where Madison had lost her baby. Griffin relented.

Madison awakened at Kendall's home, and Griffin explained that he'd carried her there after she'd fainted. Griffin asked when Madison had last eaten or slept, and he reported that she was suffering from extreme exhaustion. Kendall offered to make some food and suggested that Madison get some sleep, and Madison forlornly said that was fine, as long as she didn't wake up. Kendall said she herself had also lost someone she loved, and she knew what it was like to feel that it was impossible to recover. She assured Madison that one day, the memories would outweigh the pain.

Griffin covered a sleeping Madison with a blanket. He pulled Kendall aside and said Madison would be fine, and he complimented Kendall's ability to get Madison to sleep. Kendall reminded him that he was the doctor, but he observed that Kendall's words had comforted Madison. Meanwhile, Madison dreamed of entering Fusion and shooting Greenlee.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Greenlee stopped by to see Kendall. When Kendall answered the door, Greenlee immediately launched into a caustic complaint about how Madison had ruined the previous day's marketing pitch. Kendall tried to staunch Greenlee's word flow but was unsuccessful. Greenlee was shocked into silence when Madison revealed her presence. Madison gathered her things and thanked Kendall for letting her sleep over. Madison apologized to Greenlee and admitted that she hadn't been ready to make the pitch.

Kendall walked Madison out, and asked if Madison was leaving because of Greenlee. Madison said she needed to go to work. Kendall wasn't sure if that was a good idea. After Kendall returned to the living room, Greenlee asked how Madison had ended up sleeping at the Slater house. Kendall related the story of running into Madison at the park moments before Madison passed out. Greenlee remarked that Madison had great timing. Kendall realized that Greenlee thought Madison had faked the episode.

Kendall said that what she'd seen of Madison in the park was real, but Greenlee was uncertain. Kendall reminded Greenlee that Griffin had been there and, as a doctor, he would have known if Madison had been faking. Kendall understood Greenlee's perspective. Greenlee said that it didn't matter which approach she took because she always looked like the bad guy, which caused Madison to call on Ryan. Kendall revealed that Madison hadn't called Ryan, and Greenlee thought Madison had acted wisely.

Greenlee said that because she'd lost a baby, she knew what Madison was going through. Kendall was amazed at how deeply entrenched Greenlee was in the belief that Madison still wanted Ryan. Kendall pointed out that it didn't matter if what Greenlee believed was true because Ryan only wanted to be with Greenlee. Greenlee thought a moment, and said that she wished Kendall wouldn't be so sympathetic towards Madison.

Bianca and Marissa arrived at their vacation spot with the kids. Marissa apologized for reserving the adjoining room, and hoped that she and AJ wouldn't cause too much disruption while Bianca worked. AJ piped up at that moment and asked if the kids could stay in one room while the moms stayed in the other, but Marissa denied his request.

After the kids sat dejectedly off to the side, Marissa pointed out that Bianca had been quiet and asked if Bianca was okay. Bianca said that she was thinking about her meeting. Marissa offered to entertain the children. Bianca initially resisted but when Marissa said that Miranda and Gabi were like family, Bianca caved in.

Marissa took the kids to the pool so that Bianca could get ready for her meeting. When Bianca stopped by, she found that Miranda had fallen. Marissa was able to distract the little girl long enough for Bianca to bandage the wound. When Miranda went back to play with the other children, Marissa noticed that Bianca had blood on her jacket sleeve.

Before Bianca could tend to the stain herself, Marissa grabbed Bianca's hand and used a wipe to remove the spot. Bianca jerked her hand away and stood to leave. Bianca claimed that she was late, but Marissa spoke specifically to how Bianca seemed to recoil from Marissa's touch. Marissa asked Bianca to be honest and admit what was wrong.

Bianca said that she always felt jumpy before donor meetings. Bianca pretended that she felt better, but Marissa didn't quite buy it. Marissa tried to put her bracelet on Bianca, but even that touch was too much for Bianca to bear. Marissa tried not to appear concerned when Bianca insisted on finishing the task herself. Marissa promised there wouldn't be any additional injuries and wished Bianca good luck at the meeting.

Bianca returned from her meeting and found Marissa relaxing in the hotel bed. Marissa said that the kids had all fallen asleep in the other room. Marissa invited Bianca to join her on the bed, so Bianca sat uncomfortably on the edge. After a few moments, Marissa practically ordered Bianca to move closer to her, lie back, and relax. Bianca worried about lessening their proximity to each other but found a way to do as asked.

Bianca and Marissa watched TV for a while, but when Marissa moved closer, Bianca immediately put more distance between them. Marissa was confused, and Bianca finally grew tired of inventing excuses. Although she stumbled for a few minutes, Bianca managed to blurt out that she was attracted to Marissa.

Colby arrived home, laden with the bounty from a fruitful shopping trip. She spotted JR and asked why he hadn't gone on vacation with Marissa and AJ. JR confessed that he'd postponed the family vacation due to Chandler business. After Colby vacated the first floor, JR tried to place a call to Amanda. JR flashed back to when Amanda had said that she couldn't continue to lie to Jake. JR vowed that he would force Amanda to stay silent.

Amanda sat in the park, lost in thought, while Jake played with their son a few feet away. Jake was certain that Amanda was still angry with him, and attempted to smooth things over again. Amanda, wracked with guilt, admitted that when she believed Jake had slept with Cara, she hadn't felt like herself. Amanda said that she had also believed Jake was still in love with Cara.

Jake apologized and said that Amanda didn't deserve that kind of pain. Amanda suggested that she might have deserved it because she had done something wrong. Before Amanda could blurt out the words, her phone rang again. Amanda said that she was ignoring the phone because it was supposed to be her day off. Jake noticed that Amanda was rattled and blamed himself. Jake promised that he wouldn't let his past hurt Amanda ever again.

After three attempts, JR decided to leave a message for Amanda. JR warned Amanda that telling Jake that she'd slept with JR was a bad idea. Moments later, in the park, Amanda started to confess, but Jake's pager sounded an alert. Jake saw that it was the hospital, and said he needed to call in. Jake told Amanda that he forgave her for whatever she'd done, and walked away.

Amanda told her son to stay where he was while she retrieved his shovel. As she searched, her phone rang again. As she answered it, she failed to notice that Trevor ran off. Amanda angrily demanded that JR stop calling. When she turned around, Amanda saw that her son was gone. Amanda ran around the park and yelled out Trevor's name. A few moments later, JR approached Amanda with Trevor in his arms.

After Amanda hugged her son close and soothed her frayed nerves, she sent her son off to play with a friend nearby. Amanda blasted JR for scaring her. JR was unapologetic, and took the conversation quickly to the point. JR guessed that Amanda hadn't told Jake that she'd slept with JR. Amanda quickly said that she planned to confess. JR said that if Amanda told Jake what had happened, Jake would sue for full custody of Trevor.

Amanda didn't believe that would happen, but JR said he had felt the same way until Marissa had filed for sole custody of AJ. JR swore that he had both of their best interests at heart. Amanda knew that JR was just worried that Marissa would find out he hadn't changed. Amanda started to leave, but JR called out a warning to remember what he'd said.

Unable to see in front of her, Colby staggered into a spare bedroom and unceremoniously dumped all of her bags on the bed. Colby was startled when Maya scrambled from beneath the bags and hopped to her feet. Colby apologized profusely, but Maya brushed it off. Colby didn't care, but noted that Maya had slept in the Chandler house before. Colby asked if there was something wrong at Maya's house. Uncomfortable, May a denied the inquiry. Before Colby could protest, May a scurried out.

A short time later, Colby found Maya in the living room. Colby wanted to share some responses she'd gotten from a recent blog post. Maya insisted she needed to work. Colby convinced Maya to take a break. Maya enjoyed some of the stories Colby related. When Colby read an account of a woman who sought advice about an abusive boyfriend, Colby immediately responded that the woman needed to leave.

Maya quietly asked if Colby would offer the same advice if the woman and her boyfriend really loved each other. Colby stared at Maya, incredulous. Distressed, May a walked away. Colby wouldn't let the issue go and followed Maya. Colby asked how a woman could love someone who hurt her. Maya said that the situation wasn't always simple.

Colby knew that her inquiry had touched a nerve, but continued to push. Colby asked about a new bruise she'd noticed on Maya. Frightened, May a tried to pretend she didn't know what Colby was talking about. When Maya's phone started to ring, she fished the phone out of her pocket but didn't take the call. Colby asked who was calling and why Maya was afraid to answer.

Maya asked why Colby cared, and Colby said that she considered Maya to be a friend. Colby said that she wanted to help Maya. Maya looked at Colby sadly and said that no one could help her. Colby suggested that they call the police, and Maya panicked. Maya made Colby promise that she wouldn't involve the authorities. Colby reluctantly agreed, but said that she would always be available if Maya needed to talk. Maya rejected the hug that Colby offered and insisted that everything was fine.

Madison arrived at Fusion, and Randi was immediately relieved. Randi said that she and Frankie had been worried when Madison hadn't returned home. Madison reluctantly told Randi what had happened, and Randi demanded to know why Madison was at work. Randi offered to take Madison home, but Madison refused. Madison said that when she was at Fusion, she could drown herself in work instead of obsessing about Sara.

Madison begged Randi not to make her leave. Randi said that she knew what it was like to lose a baby. Randi said that she was able to survive the loss because of Frankie and his family. Madison pointed out that she didn't have a family. Randi mentioned Scott and said that he loved Madison. Madison said that she couldn't see Scott without thinking about how and why her relationship with Scott had started.

As if beckoned, Greenlee walked into the Fusion office. Randi handed over messages regarding the new mother and baby line. Madison offered to follow up on the calls to make up for her blunder with the pitch. Greenlee agreed, and then asked Randi if she could get materials for a different line. When Randi walked away, Greenlee attempted to keep things neutral and asked Madison to pick up proofs from the printer.

Moments later, Kendall walked in and told Greenlee that they needed to finish their conversation. Greenlee thought that the conversation was over, but Kendall was certain that if she didn't force Greenlee to talk, Greenlee would explode. Greenlee talked about random things until Kendall had heard enough of Greenlee's avoidance. Greenlee complained for a few minutes before Kendall stopped her. Kendall said that Greenlee was wasting her time, whining about Madison instead of focusing on Ryan, the man who loved her.

Greenlee said that she was having a hard time forgetting about what Madison wanted from Ryan. Kendall wondered why the two of them had such a hard time appreciating what they had. Kendall reminded Greenlee that the relationship that Greenlee and Ryan shared was one that many people were envious of. Kendall told Greenlee to think about that the next time thoughts of Madison plagued her.

Jake went to the hospital but was unable to find out who had paged him. When Jake saw Opal nearby, he called her over and asked if she was the culprit. Opal denied it but said that she was always happy to see Jake. Opal asked if Jake had made the reservations for his getaway with Amanda. Jake said that with Hayward at the helm of the hospital again, it felt like the wrong time to leave. Opal pointed out that Hayward would likely make it his mission to break Jake and Amanda up. Jake wasn't worried because he said that he and Amanda put each other first.

Amanda took Trevor to Krystal's restaurant. Much to her chagrin, JR followed them and insisted on continuing their conversation from the park. They stepped away from the table, and JR said that if Amanda confessed and Marissa found out, the chance of reuniting AJ's family would be destroyed. JR asserted that what had happened with them had been a one-time thing because they were both hurting.

Amanda didn't think that their pain gave them license to lie. Amanda pointed out that JR was comfortable with lying because that was all he ever did. Amanda said that her relationship with Jake was built on trust, so she had no choice but to be honest. JR questioned the trust Amanda supposedly shared with Jake when Amanda so willingly cheated on her husband. At that moment, Jake walked into the restaurant.

Jake asked if JR was harassing Amanda. JR said that there was a public relations issue that needed to be dealt with immediately. After JR walked away, Jake offered to talk to JR about letting Amanda have her days off to herself. Amanda appreciated the gesture but said that she needed to be able to handle her own job. Amanda walked over to JR and quietly told him that she would keep their affair a secret.

JR asked why Amanda had changed her mind. Amanda said that she was afraid of the look on Jake's face when she confessed that she'd betrayed her wedding vows. JR felt that Amanda had made the right decision for both of their families. JR said that eventually, the memory of what they'd done would fade away.



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