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Rex and Echo forged a document in order to stop Gigi's heart from being transferred to Clint. Echo arranged for compromising photos of David and an actress to be sent to Dorian. James didn't like Starr's new friend, Baz, who happened to be Tomás' son. The man with Todd's old face pretended to be one of the agents. Todd paid to have Brad confess to the crime against Gigi.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 20, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, June 20, 2011

The man with Todd's original face walked out of the yard, only to be stopped at gunpoint. It was the guard who the man had knocked unconscious, and had stolen clothes from. The guard said he'd tracked the man down in order to kill him. The guard thought the man was disposable, but the man claimed to have what the guard had wanted. The man handed the picture from Todd and Blair's wedding to the guard.

Suddenly, there was the sound of glass breaking, and Sam entered. He asked if the guard was holding a real gun. The man confirmed it, but told Sam to go back into the house. The guard pointed the gun at Sam and said that Sam was a witness. The man kicked the gun out of the guard's hand, and the two wrestled over it. There was a gunshot.

Sam asked if the guard was dead. The man said that he was, and picked Sam up to get him away from the scene. Sam told the man that he "shouldn't shoot people," and asked if the man was "a bad man" like the guard. The man admitted that he wasn't sure. Sam knew the man was good, because he had saved Sam's life. The man thanked Sam for trying to take food to him, and Sam apologized for dropping it.

The man suggested that Sam not tell anyone about what had happened. Sam wondered if they should call 9-1-1, but the man promised to take care of things. Sam agreed to keep things between the two of them, and Sam went back into the house.

Natalie told Rex that, although she sympathized with the donor's family, the woman's death wouldn't be in vain if her heart was donated. Rex said that it would never happen. Natalie understood that he hated Clint, but the heart could save him. He blurted out that the donor heart being talked about was Gigi's. A shocked Natalie wondered what had happened, so Rex filled her in. He was especially heartbroken because he and Gigi had planned to get married that day.

The doctor arrived and began to talk to Rex about donating Gigi's heart. The doctor told Rex that Gigi was a match, and that she was registered as an organ donor. Rex didn't want Gigi's heart going to Clint. Natalie asked the doctor how much time he thought Clint had. He wasn't sure, but guessed that it wasn't long, considering Clint was at the top of the transplant list. Natalie pleaded that Clint was "our father." Rex said that Clint would get Gigi's heart "over my dead body," and went into Gigi's room.

Rex promised Gigi that he wouldn't let the transplant happen. He related that the doctor had told him that Gigi was gone, but she looked so beautiful. "I don't care what anyone else says or wants. Your heart stays with me," he vowed. A nurse entered to change Gigi's intravenous bag. Rex told Gigi that he'd be back after he took care of something.

Starr met with James at Llanview University, as a mysterious student looked on. She informed James that Matthew had been getting better, so she thought it would be a good summer. They talked about having a summer class together, and Starr looked forward to seeing him in class three times a week. James replied that she could see him as often as she wanted, if Hope didn't hate him. Starr didn't think Hope hated James, but James knew Hope was probably uneasy about a new guy being in Starr's life.

Ford returned to the motel room, and found the room empty. He immediately called James to beg for help. A short while later, James arrived at the motel. Ford updated James on how Ford had broken Tess out of St. Anne's, but she'd disappeared. James thought his brother was crazy, but Ford told James that he and Tess were in love. Ford feared that the people from St. Anne's had gotten her, but James insisted that Tess had played Ford.

Ford would have recognized if she'd been lying, and knew that something had happened to her. James suggested that Ford call St. Anne's to ask about Tess. Ford knew they wouldn't give him any information, so he begged for James's help. He handed James the nun's habit, and asked him to sneak into St. Anne's to look for Tess.

A short while later, James returned. He informed Ford that St. Anne's was in chaos, and that Tess hadn't been there. He couldn't believe that Ford had put a nun in a straitjacket. "That was Tess's idea," Ford said as he smiled. Ford wanted to see if Jessica's family had Tess, so he told James to stay in the room.

Blair listened in as Claude told Tomas that Tomas was making a mistake. Tomas told him that things had to be handled. Claude advised him to be careful, and Tomas walked into the hotel room. Blair tried to listen at the door, until her phone rang loudly. Blair ran away as Tomas exited the room to investigate. Satisfied, he went back into the room, and Blair answered her phone to Dorian. Dorian wanted to rant about a problem with David, but Blair couldn't talk. She related that she'd followed Tomas to New York, because there had been something weird about him and Claude.

Suddenly, Blair felt Claude's hand on her shoulder, and hung up the phone. Blair told Claude that she had wanted to surprise Tomas, but Claude warned her that Tomas wouldn't appreciate it. Claude related that the meeting with the art dealer could make or break Tomas' career, and Blair might ruin it. He said that if she went back to Llanview, Tomas wouldn't know that Blair had tried to spy. Blair agreed.

Starr was on the phone with Langston when Dorian called, wondering why Blair had hung up on her. Starr didn't know, but promised to call Dorian back later. She resumed her call with Langston, and said that she and James were doing great. As the mysterious student sat down near Starr, Starr told Langston about Starr and James's night at the Palace. Noticing the guy listening, she walked away for more privacy. She told Langston about Hope's problem with James, and that she didn't know what to do.

The mysterious student noticed Starr's MP3 player sitting on the chair, and picked it up. She didn't notice, because James called. James told her that he most likely wouldn't return. Starr offered to pick his books up for him, and hung up. She dug through her purse, looking for something. Not finding what she was looking for, she looked around. She noticed the other student listening to her MP3 player, and demanded to know what he was doing with it.

A short while later, Blair walked out of the elevator, laughing that Claude had no idea she'd returned. She picked up a glass from room service cart, and tried to use it to listen through the door. She heard Tomas tell someone that they "won't get away with this." She ran away as Tomas burst through the door, and angrily stormed away.

Blair looked into the room and cautiously entered. She noticed a file on the table, and opened it. She took out her phone and called Dorian. As she began to read the file to Dorian, a woman walked out. "Can I help you?" the surprised woman asked Blair. She wondered why Blair was in her room. Blair claimed to be housekeeping, but the woman wasn't fooled. Blair admitted that she was there to see Tomas, and wondered who the woman was. "I'm his wife," she answered.

Jessica wanted to hold Ryder, but Aubrey wouldn't let her. She wouldn't let Jessica have Ryder until a court ordered it. Brody entered, but Jessica ordered that he stay out of it. When Aubrey refused again, Jessica related that she needed to find Viki anyway. Brody told her that Viki was at the hospital. Upset, Jessica wondered why Viki was at the hospital. Brody explained Clint's condition to Jessica. Brody wanted to help Jessica. However, the only way he could help her was to pack up, and move out.

When Jessica was gone, Brody filled a shocked Aubrey in on what Jessica had walked in on earlier. Aubrey was distressed, because the return of Jessica meant that Ryder was no longer going to keep Joey and Aubrey together. Aubrey related that she really loved Joey, and just needed time to show him. She believed that love couldn't just disappear. She asked about Brody's love for Jessica, and whether he wanted Jessica or Natalie.

As Viki entered, Joey was assuring Clint that the transplant would happen that night. Noticing the solemn look on her face, Joey wondered what was wrong. Viki informed the men about Gigi's condition. Clint realized that the fiancé that the doctor needed to talk to was Rex, who "can't wait to dance on my grave." Viki's phone rang, and she answered it to someone from St. Anne's. She told Clint and Joey that Tess had escaped. Just then, Jessica entered the room.

Viki told the person on the phone that she'd call back, and hung up. After believing Jessica was Tess, Joey realized that Tess wouldn't have visited Clint. A happy Viki wondered how Jessica had gotten out of St. Anne's. She explained that Ford had helped Tess escape, and Jessica had fought her way back. Viki wondered if Brody knew. "So does Natalie," Jessica replied cryptically.

Natalie entered the room, clearly unhappy to see Jessica. Natalie told everyone that she'd seen Rex, and he wasn't doing very well. Viki explained to Jessica what had happened to Gigi. Clint knew he wouldn't get the heart. "I didn't fight my way back to lose you!" Jessica exclaimed. Viki told Jessica to be with her kids, but Jessica mentioned that Aubrey hadn't let her.

Joey said he'd take Jessica home. Jessica promised a concerned Viki that she'd make an appointment with her doctor the next morning. Clint told Joey to go home and "take out the trash." Joey promised to explain the comment to a confused Jessica on the way home, and the two left.

Gigi's doctor entered, looking for Clint's doctor. Natalie apologized to him for Rex's actions, but the doctor understood. Viki asked if she could see Gigi. The doctor said that she could, as long as the family didn't mind. Viki invited Natalie along, and the two left. Before the doctor could leave, Clint needed to ask him a question.

On the way to Gigi's room, Viki expressed how great it was that Jessica had returned. Natalie unenthusiastically agreed. A suspicious Viki wanted to know what had happened, because they could no longer have secrets if they wanted Jessica healthy. Natalie confessed that Jessica had walked in on her and Brody. Natalie tried to defend her actions, but Viki promised not to judge. Viki wanted clarification, so Natalie confided that she and Brody had been in bed together.

Natalie continued that Jessica had been angrier than Natalie had ever seen her, but Tess hadn't returned. Natalie refused to apologize for how she and Brody felt about each other. Viki hoped that Jessica could accept things, because Natalie deserved to be happy. Viki and Natalie entered Gigi's room, and wondered where Rex was.

Rex entered Clint's room, and spat that his father wouldn't be getting Gigi's heart. Clint informed Rex that Rex's permission wasn't needed. Because Rex and Gigi hadn't been married, Rex had no legal rights.

Joey followed Jessica into the nursery, and demanded that Aubrey give Ryder to Jessica. Jessica took Ryder, and walked out of the room to feed him. Joey told Aubrey that Jessica was back for good, so things were over between him and Aubrey. Aubrey thought that they should wait until a judge gave custody back to Jessica. Joey ordered her to pack, and to leave. She wondered where she was supposed to go. He suggested that she live with Cutter, but she refused. Joey informed Aubrey that he'd called a cab for her, so she needed to pack up.

A short while later, Jessica ignored Brody on her way back to the nursery. She put Ryder in his crib and promised to make up for lost time. She vowed to never leave again. Just then, Ford entered the nursery. "Tess!" he exclaimed happily.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

At Llanfair, Jessica leaned down to put Ryder into his crib. Ford walked in and pulled Jessica into a kiss. He was thrilled to have finally located Tess. Jessica pushed him away forcefully. "I'm Jessica," she exclaimed. Ford believed that Tess was pretending, and he announced that he had the signed divorce papers, courtesy of Cutter. Ford wanted to marry Tess as soon as possible.

Jessica snapped that she wasn't about to trade one "sleazeball" for another, and Ford realized that it was indeed Jessica that he was talking to. Jessica promised him that Tess would not be returning. Ford didn't understand, and he asked to speak to Tess. Jessica assured him that Tess was capable of hearing Ford, but Tess was only a part of Jessica. Tess didn't know the real meaning of love, and that was why Tess wasn't there, Jessica continued.

Jessica planned on claiming her life back, and Ford wasn't a part of it, Jessica asserted. She demanded that Ford leave the premises, but he refused. He wanted his son. Jessica began to argue with him. Tess had only had sex with Ford, and he'd given up his rights to Ryder when he had "played house" with Tess. Ford insisted that he had a connection with Tess, and Jessica couldn't shut him out.

Jessica accused Ford of trying to keep her out, but she'd regrouped. Ford had exploited her in the past. Ford replied that Jessica was the one who'd let Tess out when she couldn't cope, and she couldn't just pretend that he didn't exist. Jessica intended to call the police to get Ford to leave, but Ford stopped her. He would leave, but it wasn't over, he promised her. He would be back for Tess and Ryder.

At Llanview University, Starr grabbed her MP3 player out of the stranger's hands and asked what he was doing with her property. The young man explained that he'd updated her music, and he was positive that she would enjoy his music better than her own. Starr was livid, and she yelled at the man for vandalizing her things. She announced that she was going to call security. The young man tried to calm her down, and he informed her that he'd transferred her music to his own laptop. He would happily restore it to her MP3 under one condition, he stated.

"I'm not going out with you, buddy," Starr replied angrily. The young man assured her that he had no intentions of dating her. He merely wanted her to give his music a try. He was certain that she would find out that it was much better than the music she had listened to previously. He suggested that Starr expand her horizons. Starr thought he was "pretentious and snobby."

Reluctantly, Starr put the headphones on and listened to a selection. "Done," she noted matter-of-factly when the song was over. She admitted it was a "catchy" tune and she'd heard worse. "I made the music," the young man declared, much to Starr's surprise. Starr was impressed, and she advised him that while her opinion of the music was the same, her opinion of him had gone up.

The couple began to talk about music, and the man explained that he was a deejay. He was new to town, though, and he had been looking for local fans. He suggested that Starr be one of his "groupies." "A groupie?" Starr gasped. The man corrected himself. He had meant a fan, he said. He was hoping that others might follow her lead.

Starr insisted that she had no time for that, but she could tell him about the local clubs in town. Her mom owned Capricorn, Starr admitted, but that club wouldn't fit his "target audience." She thought that maybe Ultraviolet would be a good fit, and she knew the owner, Rex Balsom.

The young man restored Starr's music, but he was surprised when Starr asked him to add a couple of his tracks. He admitted that he already had, and he'd copied her playlist for himself also. She teased that it would be their secret. The man informed Starr that his name was Baz, and he was certain that she'd hear it in the future.

Blair found herself in a hotel room in New York with a woman who claimed to be Tomas' wife. Blair refused to believe the woman, who called Blair a "skinny little sex toy." Suddenly, the woman recognized Blair from Tomas' painting, and Blair recounted how Tomas had found the original wedding photo at a flea market. "Is this the story he told you?" the woman asked. The woman announced that she had always hated the painting. Blair declared that she didn't believe that the woman was married to Tomas.

"Ask him yourself," the woman urged. Blair turned around. Tomas had just returned to the room. Blair explained that she had wanted to surprise Tomas, but it appeared that she had been the one to be surprised. He had really gone to New York to see his wife, Blair added. Tomas wanted to explain, but Blair slapped him. "You lying bastard," she snapped, as she turned to leave.

Tomas grabbed Blair's arm. He informed her that while he was married, he and his wife had been separated for years. "He can't let go," the woman stated, but Tomas accused his wife of dragging her feet. Yvette was the one who wouldn't sign the papers, he said. He wondered if it hurt his chances with Blair.

Blair announced that it was too soon to make any kind of decision, and Yvette reminded her that Tomas had lied more than once. Yvette wondered if all Americans had low self-esteem to put up with that kind of behavior. Tomas insisted that he had shown up in New York to pick up the signed divorce papers, but Yvette had threatened to go back on her promise to sign.

Tomas turned to his wife and loudly proclaimed that their marriage was over, because she had destroyed it when she'd cheated on him. She'd had another man's baby, Tomas announced. Blair was clearly disturbed. "Just sign the damn papers," Tomas demanded of his wife. Yvette mentioned that Tomas' son was with her in the hotel. Tomas clarified that it was Yvette's son, not his, but Yvette retorted that the boy had always been Tomas' son, and she had lied about the paternity.

Yvette insisted that Tomas ask the boy, who was in the other room. Tomas strode to the bedroom and looked around. He informed the women that the boy, Sebastian, was gone. Blair's head was spinning.

A fellow police officer advised John that the forensics report from the site of Gigi's tragic carbon monoxide poisoning was still in the process of being put together.

Inside the interrogation room, Téa urged Jack to talk about what had happened to Gigi, and she promised that whatever he said would be confidential. She was afraid that Jack could be charged with murder, and they needed to plan a strategy. Before Jack could say anything, John walked into the room. He wanted to talk to Jack.

Jack insisted that what had happened to Gigi wasn't his fault. Téa demanded that Todd be released, but John noted that Todd's paperwork appeared to be missing. John returned to the subject of Jack's problems with Shane. Téa pointed out that while Shane had gotten into trouble in school, the same couldn't be said for Jack. John blamed Jack for what had happened to Gigi, emphasizing that Gigi had been lured to a trap meant for Shane.

Todd accused John of trying to get to him through Jack, who hadn't done anything. John alluded to the evidence that he was collecting that included fingerprints and hair from the scene, as well as online data. John wanted to hear Jack's side of the story. Téa stepped in and brusquely announced, in no uncertain terms, that Jack wouldn't discuss anything without any evidence from John. Just then a cop walked in with Todd's release papers.

John smirked. He had no idea where the keys to the handcuffs might be, and he walked out with the excuse that he had to look for them. "You totally kicked John's ass," Todd proclaimed to Téa. Jack was worried about the report that John had anticipated receiving, and he hoped that Gigi would get better. Téa didn't think that was likely, but hoped that perhaps Gigi would receive a miracle.

"Hey I found the keys," John said cheerfully when he returned. He planned on seeing Jack soon, once he'd obtained the report, John added. On the way out, Todd asked Téa to take care of things for Jack.

Natalie and Viki spent some time in Gigi's hospital room, but they wondered where Rex had gone. Natalie wanted to help her brother, but she wanted to help her father as well. She was torn and didn't know what to do. Viki suggested that she give Rex time alone, but she thought that Natalie should try to find him.

Left alone with Gigi, Viki spoke quietly to her friend and recalled how they had met. Viki noted how Gigi had lit up everywhere she'd been with her strength and love for everyone. Viki had been lost, and Gigi had helped Viki to find herself in Paris, Texas. Viki would never be able to repay Gigi, but she wanted Gigi to take Viki's love and strength in return.

Viki admitted that she had a secret. She had all of the rent money that Gigi had insisted on paying for the carriage house. Viki hadn't wanted to take away Gigi's pride, but Viki had never wanted the money. Viki had set it aside in a special account for Shane's college education, and she promised that she would see to it that Shane had his education. Viki didn't want Gigi to worry any longer, because Viki would take care of Gigi's family.

Rex was in Clint's room. Rex advised Clint that the older man would never receive Gigi's heart. Clint had news for Rex though. He advised Rex that Rex would not be able to challenge the results of Gigi's heart donation, because Rex had never been married to Gigi. Shane had no rights either, because Shane was a minor.

A furious Rex sputtered that he and Gigi had been engaged and living together, and they had been about to marry when Gigi's catastrophe had occurred. Rex vowed to fight. Clint was confident that he would win, and Rex would lose. Clint recommended that Rex spend his time with Gigi and hold her hand, and not waste time in the courtroom. He thought that Rex should express his love to Gigi and say goodbye to her.

"You first," Rex replied as he picked up a pillow and headed to Clint's bedside. He wanted to be certain to put Clint out of his misery. "You don't want to do this," Clint proclaimed. Rex retorted that he wanted to protect Gigi, and it had been a cruel and sick joke of the fates the way that things had turned out. Clint continued to try to talk Rex out of murdering him, but Rex's action was cut short when Natalie walked into the room and took the pillow away from Rex.

Rex shouted that Clint wanted to kill Gigi in order that he might live, but Clint disputed Rex's version. Clint indicated that he had only given Rex the facts, and Gigi had signed an organ donor card. He had also advised Rex that only Gigi's husband would have been able to challenge it. Natalie wasn't sure of what to say as she looked between her brother and her father. Rex only wanted her understanding. Clint would have to get out of bed and rip Rex with his bare hands in order to obtain Gigi's heart, Rex cried out.

Clint wanted to call the police after Rex left the room, but Natalie stopped him. She was sure that Rex wouldn't really have killed Clint, and she wouldn't stand by and allow Clint to manipulate Rex. It was obvious that Clint wanted to put Rex in jail so that Clint could get Gigi's heart. "I can't afford any delays," Clint stated. Natalie informed him, "This is gonna happen the way it's gonna happen." She wouldn't allow Clint to take Rex away from Gigi.

Furthermore, Natalie thought that Clint shouldn't antagonize Rex, and she deemed Clint to be cruel. Clint noted that Rex wouldn't give up the heart, and Clint had needed to find out about his legal rights.

Rex returned to Gigi's room, and he hugged a teary Viki who explained that she and Natalie had been worried about Rex. He walked over to Gigi and exclaimed that Gigi didn't look like herself. She looked smaller. They had been so close to getting everything they'd always wanted, Rex declared. He had been about to finally have the kind of family that he'd never had in the past. "How did this happen?" he asked sadly.

Viki promised Rex that she would be there for him. "Clint is trying to take Gigi's heart by force," Rex declared. He wouldn't let it happen. Clint had advised Rex that Rex had no say if he wasn't married to Gigi. Clint had been gloating, but Rex planned to fight. The fact that Clint had always treated Rex so poorly saddened Viki. She wanted Rex to count on her if he needed a shoulder to lean on or someone to talk to.

Alone with Gigi, Rex promised that he wouldn't let Clint take her heart. He would protect her. Just then, Téa walked into the room, claiming that she'd wanted to check on Gigi. Rex advised her that he didn't believe her for a minute, but Téa offered her help if he needed it at some point. She left the room.

Rex ran after Téa. He'd had second thoughts. He wanted to marry Gigi, and he wanted Téa's help.

Viki went back to Clint's room. She told both Clint and Natalie that Rex might never recover from the traumatic event. She berated Clint for not helping the situation. Clint insisted that he didn't want anyone to die, and he felt terrible. The fact was that Gigi was braindead, and he'd be able to live with Gigi's help. Rex would have to accept it, Clint declared. There was no choice.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

David followed Dorian through the front door at La Boulaie. She was upset with him, and she held up a red lacy bra to trigger his memory. David denied having any knowledge of the bra, and Dorian accused him of having an affair with an actress on their movie set. "This is our moment," David said enthusiastically. He reminded her of all that was perfect in their lives, including Clint's impending death. He ordered Dorian not to be so paranoid. He wanted to have a toast.

In the kitchen, with her MP3 player blasting in her ears, Starr went about preparing herself some food as she danced. She didn't hear James arrive and call her name, so he scared her when he drew close. She told him about the young man at school who had switched the music on her device. "And who is this jerk?" James inquired. Starr assured him that the man had reloaded her music, but she had to agree, the new music was great. She urged James to listen to it.

James grabbed Starr's headphones and listened to the music for a brief second. "I don't like it," he declared. Starr recommended that James not be jealous, though James insisted that he wasn't. He just didn't like what the man had done. He repeated that he wasn't jealous, and Starr teased him. James stated that he had no reason to be jealous, because he already had Starr. He kissed her and added that he intended to keep an eye out for the man at school.

David walked into the kitchen in search of champagne and caviar, because Dorian needed some pampering, he announced. He thought that Dorian was seeing things that weren't really there. He picked up Starr's music player, but Starr shouted at him to give it back. She didn't want David to touch it. After David left, James wondered why Starr had been so upset.

Starr claimed that David would never have returned it, and it had nothing to do with Baz. James was curious about the name, but Starr realized that she had to get ready for Nate's graduation, and James left. Starr made sure to tune in to her music again as she headed out of the kitchen.

While David was in the kitchen, Dorian answered the front door when the bell rang. It was a deliveryman, and he had a large brown envelope. David returned to Dorian. "Stick it," Dorian told him. She handed him a photo of the actress in question, who was seated half dressed, on David's lap. David was confused. Dorian handed him a stack of photos. David admitted they were real.

David pleaded his case and told Dorian that the actress had been crazy. She'd thrown herself at him, and she'd removed her clothes every chance she'd had. She'd visited him in his dressing room, and he'd felt violated. Dorian wondered why he'd kept it a secret. David insisted that he hadn't told her because she would have "flipped out," which was exactly what she was doing. He'd planned on telling her after their film had been completed.

Dorian reminded David that the film was finished, but David claimed that he had picked up the champagne and caviar to "soften the blow." He insisted that he hadn't had sex with the actress. Dorian was curious as to who had actually taken the photographs and why they had taken them. David didn't have an answer.

Tomas and Blair returned to their hotel room after searching the clubs for Tomas' son, without success. Tomas explained that he didn't know Sebastian, because Tomas and Yvette had broken up around the time that the boy had been born. Tomas was aware that Sebastian was spoiled and arrogant without any manners. "You forgot stupid and ugly," a voice said from behind Tomas.

Turning around, Blair and Tomas looked at Sebastian, who had just walked inside. Tomas revealed that he'd been searching for the young man since he'd learned that Sebastian was his son. Sebastian revealed that he'd only just learned the truth himself, which meant that his mother had lied to him his entire life. He added that Yvette had always been crazy. Tomas went off to phone Yvette, and Blair introduced herself. "My dad has good taste," Sebastian noted.

Sebastian revealed that he'd been told that his mother was pawning him off on Tomas, so he'd traveled to Llanview to see the town. He had nothing but awful things to say about the place and its people, and Blair took exception. She thought that Sebastian would have to be put in his place for being so rude. Tomas returned and ordered his son to apologize. While Sebastian thought that it was too late for Tomas to play daddy, he expressed his regrets for badmouthing Blair's home.

Sebastian couldn't help but add that the people in Llanview had "a music deficit" and they were clueless. He revealed that he'd met a cute girl with bad taste. Yvette arrived and yelled at her son for going off without notifying her. Sebastian advised her that he'd checked out Llanview and borrowed his mother's credit card. "He can leech off you now," Yvette advised Tomas.

Tomas announced that he would take care of his son if Yvette would sign the divorce papers. Sebastian reminded everyone that he wasn't a minor, and he didn't have to live with anyone. Blair congratulated Tomas for being out of a marriage that she hadn't even known about, and Yvette advised Tomas that he was free. They said goodbye, and Yvette hugged her son. "Get to know your father. If you can," she said.

Blair followed Yvette out into the hallway. She'd noticed that Yvette had said a couple of cryptic things since they'd met, and she wondered what Yvette had meant. Yvette stated that she had her reasons for keeping father and son apart, and she warned Blair to be careful. Blair returned to the room. Sebastian revealed that he was a deejay and music producer, as well as an adult. He thought he might go to Buenos Aires to visit the music scene.

Tomas suggested that his son return to Llanview and get acquainted with Téa and Dani, his aunt and cousin. Blair added that her own children were Dani's siblings, and he could meet them as well. Sebastian declined, but Tomas insisted that they get to know each other after the shock of learning that they were father and son. Blair announced that she owned a club, and she had all kinds of music equipment that Sebastian could use for free. Tomas offered room and board, and Sebastian changed his mind. He would go to Llanview.

At the Manning house, Todd grabbed the phone from Jack's hand as the teen spoke to his friend Brad. Todd reminded his son that there was to be no calling or texting, as Todd wouldn't put it past John to tap their phones. Todd was aware that John would use any evidence against Jack that the police could find, and Todd hoped that Jack hadn't left something behind in the basement of the vacant house. Sarcastically, Jack reminded Todd that he hadn't robbed a bank, and he hadn't made any attempt to hide anything. Todd was grateful that Téa was on their side, and he wasn't pleased with Jack's stab at a joke.

Todd was hopeful that Jack wouldn't be tried as an adult, or would get a light sentence because it was his first offense. Jack thought that his father should be able to make everything disappear, because Todd was rich, and he thought that Todd should offer "McPain" a million dollars. He accused Todd of not protecting him. Todd insisted that he was, but they were looking at more than a "schoolyard dispute." Todd was angry. He had warned Jack to stay away from Shane.

Jack complained that he'd had no choice, because Shane had dropped a weight on his foot. "Poor you," Todd retorted. He thought that the weight should have been on Jack's head instead. "Why couldn't you let it go?" Todd asked. "Like you let Marty Saybrooke go?" Jack pondered. Todd grabbed his son roughly. "Don't you go there with me, kid," Todd ordered.

Todd didn't think his son should be attempting to take the moral high ground, and he was angry. "Gigi's braindead because of you," Todd reminded his son. "At least I didn't rape someone," Jack snapped. "You don't talk to me like that," screamed Todd. He was livid, and he began to grab at his son roughly.

Rex sat by Gigi's side in the hospital and assured her that he was the one who knew her heart the best. He was fully aware that Gigi wouldn't want her heart inside of Clint, and Rex promised that he had a plan. Téa walked in and disclosed that she'd had no luck in trying to find someone who would marry Gigi and Rex. Rex replied that unscrupulous marriages were Téa's specialty, but she explained that with Gigi not fully alive, Gigi was unable to give consent.

Rex noted that Gigi had recently signed their marriage license, but Téa admitted that it wasn't official. Rex was upset and blamed Téa's "piece of garbage stepson." "You know I'm gonna go after that little bastard with everything I've got," Rex promised. He was convinced that Jack was the real reason that Téa couldn't help. Téa disagreed. She really wanted to help Rex out, but she couldn't. "Your stepson's going down for this," Rex replied. Téa advised him that there hadn't been any charges against Jack, but Rex was confident that there would be soon enough.

Echo arrived after Téa left, and she embraced her son. Echo had just heard about Gigi, and she was sorry. Echo explained that she'd been away on a job. She was also sorry about lying to Rex about his true father, and she'd lost Charlie. She'd had no choice but to lie, because Clint had threatened to toss Rex in jail. She had thought that Charlie would have been a better choice of a father anyway, and Rex agreed. He told her about Clint's heart transplant, and the fact that Rex couldn't make the decision, because he wasn't married to Gigi.

Rex added that Téa had let him down, but he would continue to refuse to allow Clint to have Gigi's heart. It would amount to Gigi being killed for a second time, Rex believed. Echo thought that Rex should be the one able to make the decision, though Rex thought it should be up to Gigi. Echo handed Rex a large envelope, something that Roxy had handed her when Echo had stopped at the carriage house. It was addressed to Gigi.

Echo wished she could help. Rex indicated that he planned to keep Clint from Gigi's heart, and he'd already thought about killing Clint. Echo left. She stopped to chat to a man who informed her that he'd dropped off the photos as Echo had requested. Echo vowed to ruin Dorian's relationship just the way that Dorian had ruined Echo's.

"You've got mail," Rex muttered as he opened the envelope. He was surprised to see several documents and a letter from a lawyer. Gigi had wanted to put her personal affairs in order prior to her marriage. The envelope included an updated will, a living will, and a health care proxy. The letter indicated that Gigi and Rex would be able to make decisions for each other if need be.

Rex was impressed, but he assumed that Gigi had always been so organized out of necessity as a single mother. He couldn't recall whether Gigi had mentioned the documents to him, but he thought that he might be able to sign her name in the space where it was required.

At the police station, Brody apologized for being late. He explained that he'd had a tough night without much sleep, because he'd moved back to Angel Square, where there had been lots of noise. At the look on John's face, Brody added that the situation was complicated even though Jessica had returned, and things hadn't gotten off to a good start. The forensics report from the vacant house was delivered, and the men looked at it. John noted that it was exactly what he had expected.

At Llanfair, Jessica saw Natalie and wondered why Natalie wasn't at a motel with her boyfriend. "Brody is not my boyfriend," Natalie insisted. Jessica wondered if the couple just hung around naked, and she indicated that she was through with all of it. Natalie admitted that she could understand Jessica's shock, but Brody and Natalie had grown close while Jessica had been gone. Natalie believed that Jessica and Brody could get back together, but Jessica thought it might be crowded with the three of them in the same bed. Jessica wondered if she should pretend it all hadn't happened.

Natalie again reminded Jessica that Jessica had been gone, and Brody had felt abandoned. Jessica accused Natalie of recognizing what she was doing when she slept with Brody the second time around, and she wondered how Natalie would feel if Jessica slept with John. Natalie admitted that she would feel awful. Jessica added that she'd never do it, but she wondered if she should change and not care about her conscience like her sister.

Natalie ordered Jessica to shut up. Jessica had given up her life, and Natalie wouldn't feel sorry for her any longer. "I'm done," Natalie snapped. She accused Jessica of taking off whenever things got tough for her, while Natalie had dealt with events on her own, like her child being taken. She stated that Brody had waited for Jessica for months, and he had tried to reach Jessica many times. Jessica had humiliated Brody while Tess had encounters with half of Llanview's male population.

In turn, Jessica accused Natalie of acting like a slut. "Works for you doesn't it?" Natalie asked. She and Brody had never meant for anything to happen, but they'd only wanted a normal life for themselves and their son, Natalie continued. Jessica had returned and had expected things to still be the same, but life had gone on without her, Natalie proclaimed. "Deal with it," she concluded.

Jessica announced that she had a doctor's appointment and then planned to stop to visit with Clint. Natalie was going to the hospital, also, and she was glad that Tess wasn't going to return. At least Tess hadn't tried to kill her, Natalie said as she grimaced. "Don't push me," Jessica said. Natalie wondered if that were a threat, but Jessica shook her head. Jessica would be the one to go after Natalie, not Tess. "I wonder what John McBain is up to," Jessica wondered.

Téa walked into the house just as Todd looked as though he were about to strike Jack. She yelled for Todd to stop. Todd inquired where Téa's had been, and she indicated that she'd had a business stop to make. "What were you doing?" she asked her husband. It looked as though he had been about to hit Jack, and she couldn't believe it.

"I'm losing it," Todd admitted. "I don't think I can handle this," he added. He had realized that Jack was "going down a dangerous path," and Todd was scared. He also thought it all looked familiar, and he'd felt as though he were channeling his father, Peter Manning. Téa urged her husband to not allow Jack to get to him, and Todd wasn't like either Peter Manning or Victor Lord. She wanted Todd to step back and take a breath. She thought he should remain calm, because Jack would need their help.

There was a knock at the door. "Candygram," John called out. He was there with Brody, and they wanted to see Jack. They didn't have questions for Jack, though, John clarified. They were there to arrest the teenager, who walked down the stairs to see what was going on. Jack's fingerprints had been all over the scene, John informed the Mannings. He was charging Jack with kidnapping and attempted murder.

Brody read Jack his rights as he put the handcuffs around Jack's wrists. Jack walked out with the cops, and Téa assured the boy that she and Todd would be at the station.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The man with Todd's original face got dressed in his room at the Minute Man Motel. He read the headline on the Sun: "McPain Martyrs Manning. 'I'm innocent,' sez Todd." There was a knock on the door, and the man pulled out his gun. Someone called out that they had a delivery, so the man put his gun away, and opened the door.

A boy in a hot dog costume handed the man a bag with food. The man gave the boy money, and told him to keep it all. "You deserve it," he said, and laughed, closing the door. He rationalized that it wasn't his money anyway. The man took out a wallet and phone that belonged to the agent he'd killed the previous day. He apologized to the agent, but reasoned that he wouldn't have let the agent kill Sam. He related how it made no sense that Sam had said that his father was Todd Manning, when the man was supposed to be Todd Manning.

The man realized that there were probably other agents out there trying to kill him. He wanted to stay in Llanview. The agent's phone rang, and the man answered it. Pretending to be the agent, he told the person on the other end that the man was dead, so there was no need to send anyone else. He asked the person on the other end about Todd Manning. When the person wouldn't tell him anything, he hung up. He thought it was time that he and Todd met "face-to-face."

At the police station, Téa told John that Jack didn't need to handcuffed, since he wasn't dangerous. "Tell that to Gigi Morasco," John shot back. Jack claimed that he didn't do anything to Gigi, but John replied that Jack's fingerprints had been found all over the basement. Téa explained that the house belonged to a family friend, so she would have been surprised if Jack's prints hadn't been found there.

John thought that Jack hadn't meant to hurt anyone, so he urged Jack to tell the truth. Téa advised Jack not to say a word. However, John thought that Jack's refusal to cooperate meant that Jack had something to hide, which made Jack look bad. "What if I want to tell?" Jack asked Téa. Before he could say anything more, an officer entered with a file for John. John left the room to talk to the officer.

A short while later, John returned with the file. He wondered if Jack had anything to say. Jack didn't, which pleased Todd. John explained about the computer found in Jack's backpack. Comicgurl15's correspondence with Shane had been found on the computer, and John knew that the alias belonged to Jack. Jack informed John that the computer wasn't his. Blair had taken his computer away, so the computer that had been found in his backpack had been a borrowed one.

Outside the room, John asked the officer if he'd checked on who owned the computer. The officer admitted that he'd assumed it was Jack's, since it had been found in Jack's backpack. John warned the officer to make sure the next time, and went back into the room. Téa said that John couldn't prove that anything on the computer was Jack's, so John needed to let Jack go. John refused, but Téa reminded John that he had nothing on Jack. John revealed that he had a witness.

Rex knew that Gigi's heart would stay in her body if he signed Gigi's will for her. Echo entered and wondered what Rex was doing. She wanted to help, so she grabbed the papers out of Rex's hand. Realizing what he wanted to do, she refused to let him forge Gigi's signature. Rex said that Clint wouldn't get Gigi's heart, "end of story." Rex told Echo to leave if she wasn't on his side. She assured him that she was always on his side. She told him to let her take care of things, and asked if there was anything around with Gigi's signature on it.

Bo told Matthew how much he missed his son. "I missed you too!" David replied from the doorway. He gave Bo a bone-crushing hug, and wondered if Matthew had asked for him. Bo revealed that Matthew hadn't yet spoken, but he'd been improving greatly. David knew Matthew would be better in time to walk with him on the red carpet for his movie premiere. David wondered who had hurt Matthew, and threatened violence on the person.

Bo admitted that they didn't know how Matthew had gotten hurt, and wouldn't know until Matthew could tell them. David wanted to talk to Matthew. Bo agreed, and warned David not to push Matthew. David excitedly sat down in Matthew's room. Matthew opened his eyes, and David said that he wanted to take Matthew out. He asked if Matthew remembered the escorts they had picked up one night. David had the women on speed dial. He held the phone up to Matthew's hand, and told him to press the number of the woman he wanted.

"David," Matthew rasped. David was excited that he had gotten Matthew to talk. "Thank God I'm here!" David exclaimed. "Don't tell Dorian, but you're my best friend!" he told Matthew, and ran out of the room.

Echo signed Gigi's name on the paper. Rex reminded her that it needed to be notarized. "Consider it done," she said, and left. Rex told Gigi that everything was going to be all right, just as there was a knock on the door. Bo entered. He wanted to make sure that everything was all right, because he'd seen Echo rush out of the room. Bo was sorry that Rex couldn't do anything about Gigi's heart going to Clint. "We'll see about that," Rex replied.

Suddenly, David entered and babbled to Bo about Matthew speaking. Rex told Bo not to worry about Rex, so David dragged Bo away. Soon after, a doctor entered in order to take Gigi to the operating room. Rex begged for five more minutes to say goodbye, and the doctor agreed. Echo returned and informed Rex that she'd somehow gotten the papers "predated, witnessed, signed, and filed." While at the courthouse, Echo had heard that Jack had been arrested, and was in police custody.

Rex happily hugged Echo. She assured him that she would be outside the room if he needed anything, and left the room. He told Gigi that Clint wouldn't be getting her heart. He was glad that Clint would go to hell, and Jack would go to prison. Rex vowed to make sure that Jack had no future and would never forget what Jack had done to Shane and Gigi.

Bo returned to Matthew. "Dad," Matthew struggled to say. Bo explained that Matthew was in the hospital, and it had been touch-and-go for a while. He'd sustained a serious brain injury, but he was finally out of the woods. Bo asked if Matthew remembered what had happened to him. "Yeah, I do," Matthew stated.

James left a message for Starr, and told her that he would wait inside the school for her at the graduation. Ford entered and glumly informed his brother that Jessica had returned. Ford told James what had happened, and that Jessica wouldn't let Ford near Ryder. Ford advised James to enjoy every minute he had with Starr.

Ford wondered where Starr was. "Probably off listening to music," James spat. James informed a confused Ford about the musician that Starr had met. As a "former player," Ford cautioned James to watch out for Baz, because he sounded desperate.

Starr asked Blair how her trip to New York had gone. Blair confided that she'd met Tomas' wife. Starr wondered when the "snake" had planned on telling Blair that he was married. Blair explained that Tomas and his wife had been separated for years. His wife, Yvette, had always refused to sign the divorce papers, and had used their son as a weapon. She continued that Tomas had only found out the day before that the boy was his son. Yvette had only signed the papers so Tomas would take their son, Sebastian, off her hands.

Blair went on that she would feel sorry for Sebastian if he hadn't been so "sarcastic, arrogant, and snooty." However, she'd had a hand in convincing Sebastian to return to Llanview with Tomas. Starr related that Téa would give Sebastian a much-needed attitude adjustment. Blair admitted that she'd promised Sebastian that Starr would hang out with him. Starr wondered when she would have time between taking care of Hope, doing schoolwork, and spending time with James.

Blair told Starr to get to Nate's graduation, but Starr accused Blair of changing the subject. She wondered what her mother was going to do about Tomas. Blair didn't know. She suggested that Dani would take Sebastian to the graduation with her. Starr finally agreed to go, and left.

Tomas arrived at Todd's with Baz. Dani walked down the stairs, so Tomas introduced Baz to his cousin. Dani wondered when Tomas had a son. He replied that he and Baz had only found out about Baz's paternity the night before, and they'd both been surprised. "Welcome to the club," Dani responded. Dani thought Baz was handling things better than she had when she'd found out about her paternity. When Baz expressed his curiosity, she promised to tell her story to him soon.

Baz challenged Tomas about Tomas being scared to let people know about their story. Tomas confessed that Yvette had engaged in an affair, and had always said that Baz was her lover's child. Baz wondered if Tomas had believed her because it had been convenient. Baz thought that, when Tomas had said that Baz and Dani would have a lot in common, it would be more than "daddy issues." Tomas said that they had music in common, because Dani was a singer. Dani insisted that her sister was a better singer than her.

Baz informed Dani that he was a composer. Dani told him that Tomas was a great composer as well. Dani had to leave for Nate's graduation, but was happy to leave Baz and Tomas to talk. Baz insisted on going with Dani. She agreed, and told Baz that he could meet her sister and friends. Dani suggested that Tomas fill Téa in on the situation while they were gone. She hugged her uncle, and left with Baz.

Tomas' phone rang, and he answered it to Blair. She wondered how Sebastian was doing. "He couldn't leave fast enough," he said sadly.

In the school gym, Nate and the rest of his class were congregated to receive their caps and gowns for graduation. Deanna entered and told Nate about Matthew's improving condition. Nate was scared that Matthew would tell his parents that Matthew's condition had been Nate's fault. Deanna assured Nate that he'd only punched Matthew because Matthew had killed Eddie. Matthew wouldn't want that information to get out, so he would keep quiet.

Deanna had done research, and found that most people with serious head injuries didn't remember what had happened to them anyway. Nate thanked her for her reassurance, and left to get his cap and gown. Rick suddenly appeared, and told Deanna about his new movie, Hold the Diploma. He needed a "hottie" for the lead. "You're recruiting for porn in a school?" a horrified Deanna asked.

Deanna threatened to call security. Rick advised her not to, since he knew about what Nate had done to Matthew. He thought that Bo would love to know the information. Deanna reasoned that it had been an accident. Rick informed her that, since Nate hadn't turned himself in, Deanna was an accessory. He promised to forget about everything if she would star in his next movie.

Deanna refused to do porn. She turned to leave, but Rick grabbed her, and threatened to call the cops. Ford and James appeared, and took Rick's hands off of her. Rick asked for her final answer, but Ford and James dragged Rick out of the gym. Nate walked over and wondered what had happened. Deanna said she'd met Rick when she lived at the Minute Man. She reluctantly informed Nate that Rick knew what Nate had done to Matthew.

As Ford and James dragged Rick out, Rick complimented the brothers' looks. He wondered if they'd ever considered careers in "low-budget films." Starr walked past the commotion, but didn't hear it due to the volume of her music.

Inside the gym, Dani was telling Baz about how angry she'd been to find out about her real father, but that it had turned out all right. She urged Baz to give it time to get used to Tomas, because Tomas was a good guy. Baz asked what had changed things for Dani and Todd, but Starr arrived. Dani spotted her, and pointed her out to Baz. Starr waved, and was shocked to see Baz standing with Dani.

Friday, June 24, 2011

For the graduation ceremony, in the high school gym, Dani introduced her cousin, Baz, to Starr, who appeared surprised to see him. Starr then remembered that her mom had just told her that Tomas had a son, Sebastian. Baz explained that he was called Baz for short, and Dani realized that she had to leave to meet Nate. Dani then asked Starr to please hang out with Baz.

Starr thought that it was weird that they had met just the prior week, but that Baz was already living at her dad's place. Baz and Starr discussed music, and Baz discovered that Starr had been listening to his music and asked her to check out his new song. James walked through the gym and saw them talking. Starr introduced Baz and James to each other and reminded James that she had told him about Baz. Starr related that Baz had just moved to Llanview.

Baz claimed that he and Starr were totally connected and then announced that he would stick around as long as Tomas paid his way. Baz revealed that he could see the possibilities of living in Llanview, and Starr explained to James that Baz wanted to record his new music with the equipment at Capricorn. Baz declared that it would be a great collaboration.

In another part of the gym, Deanna explained to Nate, who was dressed in a cap and gown, that a film director, Rick, knew what Nate had done to Matthew, because he had overheard them talking about it at the Buenos Dias Café. Nate panicked and cried that he had always known that Matthew could get better and remember about the incident, but that someone else also knew about what had happened to Matthew. Nate declared that both the district attorney and the police commissioner would be happy to put away the person, who had almost killed their son.

Nate asked Deanna what Rick wanted to keep him quiet and exclaimed that he did not have any blackmail money. Just as Deanna was about to tell Nate what Rick wanted, Dani ran up to them. After Deanna left to find a seat for graduation, Dani insisted that Nate had much to be proud of, such as being president of the film club and a member of the honor society, and for dealing with all of the craziness with his dad. Nate beamed and noted that it sounded like Dani was running to be president of his fan club. Dani exclaimed that she already was and kissed Nate.

Nate then opened the gift that Dani had bought him for graduation and found a new camera. Nate was thrilled but exclaimed that it was too much, however, Dani expressed her desire to take a picture of Nate in his cap and gown. When Dani reviewed the picture, she commented that it looked like Nate's mug shot. Nate frowned. Dani then grabbed the camera to take pictures during the graduation ceremony, and Nate thanked her for the camera. Nate also said that Dani was amazing and kissed her.

After Dani left, Deanna walked back up to Nate, who begged to know why Rick had chosen that time to reveal that he knew the truth. Deanna believed that it had something to do with Rick's production schedule and indicated that Nate probably would not like what Rick wanted from him. Nate replied, "Probably not, but whatever he wants, I'll do it. If I don't, then Matthew's parents are going to find out that I nearly killed their son." Deanna then revealed that she and Nate both had to star in Rick's new movie -- a porn movie.

In Matthew's room at the hospital, Bo asked Matthew who had caused Matthew to hit his head. Matthew croaked out that Eddie knew, and then Matthew went into seizures, as Nora ran in. Dr. Pryor arrived and asked Bo and Nora to leave the room, as she examined Matthew.

Bo told Nora that Matthew had tried to tell Bo who had caused his injury, and that Matthew had mentioned Eddie. Nora speculated that Matthew might have felt guilty about what had happened with Eddie Ford. However, Nora was thrilled that Matthew was communicating with them and hugged Bo. Dr. Pryor entered the hall and explained that although Matthew could understand and was communicating, he still had a lot of rehabilitation ahead. The doctor told Bo and Nora not to frustrate Matthew and then explained that she had just given Matthew a sedative.

In Clint's room at the hospital, Clint asked Viki if she had felt different after she had been given Ben's heart. Viki indicated that she had felt different, at first, but that her body had then adjusted. Viki also stressed that she had never forgotten that every day after had been a gift. Natalie pranced in and stated that the doctors would be prepping Clint for surgery; Rex then walked in and stated that Clint's surgery was off. Rex declared that he would not allow the doctors to cut up Gigi just to save Clint's miserable life.

Rex then revealed that he had been given Gigi's proxy, and that he had the power of attorney over Gigi. As Rex started to leave, Clint stopped him and said that he had something to say to Rex, "father to son." Clint related that Viki had indicated that once Clint received a new heart, he would be unable to take any more days for granted. Clint then exclaimed that he wished that he had gotten to know Rex better.

Rex wondered if, after the surgery, Clint would welcome Rex home with open arms, slap a cowboy hat on him, and say that Rex was a chip off of the old block. Rex howled, "Yesterday, I was a piece of garbage. You were lying here half dead already, and you still couldn't wish me well on my wedding day. And now you're asking me to give you Gigi's heart? You'll say anything." Rex realized that Clint had only seen Gigi as a bargaining chip that he could use and then discard, and that Clint had never cared about Gigi. Rex exclaimed that maybe God could forgive Clint, but that he could not, and stormed out of the room.

Natalie followed Rex into the hall and begged Rex to let Clint have the transplant, for her sake. Rex maintained that he could not let the doctors cut open Gigi to keep Clint Buchanan living. Natalie cried that Gigi was gone, and that she was "never coming back." When Rex insisted that it was justice, Natalie pleaded that Rex do it for her. After Viki walked into the hall and asked Natalie to sit with her father, Natalie wailed that she would, while she still had time left.

Viki informed Rex that she had been thinking about Gigi, and that Rex should be too. Rex replied that he only thought of Gigi and Shane. Viki reminisced about when she had first met Gigi and Shane in Paris, Texas, and about when Gigi had bought Viki lottery tickets, even though Gigi did not have much money, just to share her good fortune. Viki insisted that was how she would always remember Gigi. "Gigi Morasco is one of the most generous, loving souls I've ever met in my life. That's why she signed an organ donor card."

Viki understood that Gigi had wanted to help someone else live, however, Rex claimed that it would not have been Clint. Yet, Viki wondered if Gigi would let Clint die and not give Rex's father the chance to make it up to Rex. Viki pointed out that Gigi forgave. Viki pleaded with Rex to honor Gigi and her wishes, because that would be what Rex would want to tell Gigi's son. Viki left, and Bo walked out of the elevator.

Rex announced to Bo that there would be no transplant and showed Bo the proxy. Rex stated, "Lucky I got it in time," and Bo replied, "Yeah, lucky." Bo reminded Rex that Clint was Bo's brother but then remarked that he knew how Rex felt, because Bo and Nora had just gone through the same type of thing with Matthew. Bo insisted, "Whatever you decide to do is not going to change our friendship."

After Rex asked about Matthew, Bo revealed that Matthew had said a few words about who had tried to hurt him, and that he was getting better. Rex then indicated that he was on his way to watch the cops lock up Jack Manning, so he could tell Gigi that the person who had put her in that bed would pay.

When Bo walked into Clint's room, Viki announced that she and Natalie should return home to check on the boys. Bo regretted what was happening with Clint, but Clint believed that Bo thought it was justice. After Clint asked about Matthew, Bo stated that Matthew was getting better. Clint pleaded with Bo not to let Matthew try to clear Clint's name of Eddie Ford's murder, because Matthew deserved to have a clean slate. Clint wanted it all to stand, as his last good deed.

After Natalie and Viki rejoined Clint in his room, Natalie cried that she wished that Clint could see his grandsons again. Clint requested that Viki and Natalie get the family in to say their final goodbyes.

In John's office at the police station, John informed Todd, Téa, and Jack that a witness had seen the whole incident, and Brad stood at the office door. John indicated that they had an offer for Brad and asked if Jack thought those kids would continue to protect Jack. John noted that the courts did not treat bullies well. When Todd and Téa pointed out that none of the high school kids had seen the accident, John said that he would look into it and left his office.

Téa asked Jack what good it had done to provoke the detective and insisted that she needed to know everything that had happened the night of Gigi's accident. Téa then wondered what Brad would say to John. Jack yelled that Brad would say that it had all been Jack's idea. Téa claimed that she would give Jack the best defense she had, when Brad's dad arrived. Mr. Kozinski talked to the police officer outside of John's office door, and the cop escorted Brad's dad to Interrogation Room number two. Todd followed.

Todd stopped Mr. Kozinski in the hall and indicated that it had all been a prank, and that John was determined to turn it into a major crime. Todd insisted that Mr. Kozinski would need a good lawyer, since the incident had happened on his property. Back in John's office, Téa informed Jack that Gigi had no brain function, and that she was near death.

In Interrogation Room number two, John handed Brad a glass of water and asked him what had happened at the house that his family owned. When John indicated that ComicGirl15's profile had been created on Brad's account, Brad yelled that he had not done anything. However, John stated that it was not what Jack had said. John revealed that Jack had claimed that Brad had devised the whole plan. John then asked Brad for the truth.

John reminded Brad that he could "go down for attempted murder," and that all of the evidence pointed to him. Brad snickered and suspected that it was all a trick. John pondered if Jack would take the rap to protect Brad, or if Jack would let Brad be sentenced to jail for him. John asked Brad to tell him the truth, so that John could make it right. Brad was about to tell John the truth, when his father burst through the door and yelled, "Brad, don't say another word." Mr. Kozinski then announced that an attorney was on his way.

Todd returned to John's office and lied to Téa by claiming that he had left a message for Blair, but that Téa would handle Jack's arrest, and that it would all be over by the time that Blair received the message. Téa then asked Todd what he had done. John walked into his office and asked Todd how much it had cost to buy off Brad's dad.

John announced to Todd, Téa, and Jack that Brad had confessed to being ComicGirl15 and to locking Gigi into the basement. John stated that Brad had also claimed that Jack had nothing to do with it. Todd told Jack that he was free to leave, as Rex walked into the police station and yelled, "What?"

The man who resembled the original Todd looked through the window at La Boulaie, and when he saw Sam with an apple, he knocked on the window. Sam went outside and asked the man if he had taken care of the dead guy. Sam then exclaimed that the dead man should not have tried to shoot Sam. When the man asked Sam about his dad, Todd Manning, Sam revealed that his dad was not married to his mom. The man then asked if Sam's mother's name was Blair, and Sam stated that was correct, although he called her mom.

Sam also stated that he lived with his stepmom, Téa Delgado. The man heard a voice in his mind that he had been married to another wife named Téa. The man then asked Sam for his dad's address. The man explained, "Okay, Sam, you're not going to tell anybody that you gave me your father's address, right? No one at all. It's going to be our little secret the one we had with the bad man." Sam asked, "Are you going to sue my dad?" The man swore, "I can probably say this...nothing bad is going to happen to Todd Manning."

After Sam replied, "Good, " the man with the scar said, "Come on, let's get you inside." Sam wondered, "Am I going to see you again?" The man answered, "I hope so." Sam and the man butted hands, and Sam walked inside. The man who looked like the original Todd pulled out a gun and walked off.

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