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June 14, 2004 columns
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Erica Kane is far from FINE. She has come unglued, her drinking and behavior is out of control, and her demons are running rampant. She had me envision my worst nightmare, lying in a casket reaching out to your loved ones while you are still alive, supposedly. The only thing worse than thinking you are dead and asking your family not to leave you there, is being in that casket and not having anyone appear/visit. Unfortunately for an alcoholic, they have to reach bottom before they realize how bad off they are. I think Erica is definitely on the bottom looking up now and has reached out to Ryan for help. She took an important step at reaching out and realizing she needs someone. Perfect timing as Jack's entire family is gathered for his birthday. I like the way they are bringing these young people together under Jack's wing and being there for him in his sadness. He is totally helpless and has to allow Erica to go through this alone, he loves her that much. I am so impressed with Lily's presence and portrayal of Jack's autistic daughter. This is a wonderful addition and learning process about her condition. I needed my box of tissues for the scene where Lily gives her father the ultimate gift, a sincere HUG. Reggie's protective brother nature is heartwarming too.

Meanwhile, who is this Zachary Slater? He seems to be very familiar and interested in Erica Kane, Maria Santos-Grey, and Ryan Lavery. Is this Ryan's brother who was to appear in Pine Valley? Then it would have to be a connection to Chris as these three are the only ones you see grieve and visit his grave. There are going to be a few additions to the cast this summer, hopefully all interesting ones. They still have long-time cast members they need to use more often, so will this be put under consideration first? I heard some rumors that Babe will be David's daughter from his Stanford University days, not Ron Fitzgerald. Dr. Hayward will also find out the true paternity of Bess, will he share it? I surely hope so and above all, start tying up this baby-switching storyline. Mary's choice for Fan Spotlight of the Week was from Vonya: "It is wrong for the producers to go so long without letting Bianca know that Babe's baby is really Miranda and this is where people in real life pick up so much negativity and stupidity about things that are going on in the world. They try to duplicate what they see on TV. Babe and Krystal should be written off AMC. I don't feel sorry for Babe if JR walks out on her tomorrow". Yes, the majority of fans we hear from are still very upset for the length of this secret. Any sympathy I had for Babe dissipated when she chose not to share the paternity of her daughter at the wedding/baptism. It was the perfect opportunity and would have been forgivable. JR is already one angry guy and on his own mission. It was amazing how much he loved his wife one day and would rather see her dead the next. I know there is a fine line between love and hate, but surely Adam hasn't taken over his softer attributes Dixie (and Tad) instilled all his life. It is nice to see him with an edge, but not to an extreme. I have lost count of how many dislike Krystal. This all stems from her deceit and betrayal and has just escalated. She now has Tad totally under her spell; it will be interesting to see how this plays out. My wish is that Liza finds her pride and quits this obsession to bring down Krystal and win back Tad.

It is difficult enough to watch Kendall as the "ultimate woman scorned" and continue to stalk Ryan in the hopes of getting him back from Greenlee. I thought I had seen it all until that psychedelic chest appeared in Ryan's condo with her in it. OMG, no wonder Bianca had a hard time containing her surprise at finding her sister in such a position. It might have worked in easing her pain knowing Ryan and Greenlee are married on paper only. But what did she gain? It empowered her to save them at the stockholders' meeting but it is dangerous ammunition. Most of all it is a very scary way to live. If they are going to preserve Fusion, then these four women should be working together as friends/a team and having the time of their lives. Greenlee is happy with her arrangement, Kendall is trying desperately to sabotage Greens' marriage, Simone is nursing a broken heart, and Mia has very little to say or do. Thus, she will not be renewing her contract and moving on. Things did not work out for her in Pine Valley living near her sister, Liza, nor with men like Ryan, Jake, and Aidan. Let's hope life in San Francisco will be much better for her. If her last airdate is 6/14, I guess we can expect another quick no-fanfare exit. We did lose a day of AMC this past week with the National Day of Mourning for former President Ronald Reagan. Very touching services for this famous actor, governor, and president. May he rest in peace.

Nice girl talk between Maria and Livia on very touchy subjects. Maria has had a lot to deal with and not being able to be as intimate and close to her beloved husband is more than she can bear. This has been handled very realistically overall. Other scenes this past week worth mentioning were #1 between Bianca and Kendall in the park. I loved the way the younger sister told her sibling she was the only reason she wasn't the one married to Ryan. Kendall always needs proof and doesn't believe, can't give her heart and take that leap of faith. It always amazes me how strong, mature and wise-beyond-her-years Ms Montgomery is. She has always been that way with her family members and friends. I sure hope Eden decides to renew her contract, as now it is hard to envision anyone else playing the part of Bianca. #2 was Pretty (or maybe not so) in Pink scenes with Erica in her dressing room preparing (?) to go on stage. Sorry, but it is almost comical the way she slyly drinks with little animated sips. Her savior (Bobby has disappeared) Zach is there to rescue her from falling on her face and locking her up for the duration. He/we finally get to see the brunette Susan Lucci as she is forced to sober up and deal with her drinking. It was great when she got on her high horse and told him not to talk to a lady like he was (as he told her she was feeling sorry for herself and punishing all who loved her with her drinking) and he walked her to the mirror to find "the lady". He took his manager's provocative to lock her in for her own good. Thus, her SOS to Ryan with Kendall following close behind in the jet to be part of the rescue team. When they get to the hotel suite, her room is trashed and the damsel in distress is gone. They have an encounter with Zach and Ryan instinctively doesn't trust the man. It appears he is watching and listening to them on videotape. Again, what is this man's agenda and history?

Other scenes were Babe appearing at the chapel in the woods to pray for her departed baby son. Krystal was at the ballpark with Tad in a suit and her in a short skirt (sitting in bleachers no less) after being examined by Dr. Hayward. Liza discovering David attended college with Babe's father and he later appears at Chandler Enterprises as Krystal knocks down Liza. A little flash of Krystal Carrington (blonde) and Alexis Colby (brunette diva) during Dynasty days. Flashing on those forces me to remember Michael Nader as Alexis' husband and how I miss him as Dimitri. Gone are the days of Dimitri, Uncle Pork Chop Trevor, and other great characters. It has been very inspiring to see the new opening credits and scenes during the breaks best said by Wild Bill in Chicago, " I praise the new openings with the same great music but so much more jazzier with the pictures, including the clips during the breaks. Not only are they updated and new with all the "I see dead people" gone but they pay homage to the old days with some older pics. Plus they open and close with Erica, the real star of the show. Kudos to whoever came up with this!!" I definitely like it all better too, and the closing book is like the first time 34 years ago. It moves very quickly so I had to rewind several times to see if I was missing it, but do you see that AIDAN is not in the opening credits? Surely, he is returning, that was the information we got and have seen posted in various places and nothing to the contrary. Be still my heart, please tell me he will be back!!!

Thanks to everyone who shared the updates on Paul in Llanview. It appears he is alive but in hiding. Please keep me posted, as I am lucky to be able to watch OUR FAVORITE SHOW let alone add another to my viewing pleasure. In fact, I am getting ready to take a vacation to visit special friends and family members in Illinois and Wisconsin in 10 days extending into the holiday weekend. Thus, I won't be back on board until 7/11, but my illustrious co-columnist has again graciously offered to cover me. So you will hear her thoughts on AMC the next three weeks. Be safe and enjoy our country's birthday in however you choose to celebrate!!!!

Back to you in two weeks, Suellen

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