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Too many newbies!
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Too many new characters/actors at one time can really take a show down. With good writing this can be less of a problem, but unfortunately for AMC this isn't the case. We have Lily, Danielle, Jonathon (Ryan's brother), Zach and his assistant, Anita, Bobby, Isabella, another staged to enter is Aidan's brother and briefly Ron Fitzgerald. Why aren't the veterans being used?

Too many new characters/actors at one time can really take a show down. With good writing this can be less of a problem, but unfortunately for AMC this isn't the case. We have Lily, Danielle, Jonathon (Ryan's brother), Zach and his assistant, Anita, Bobby, Isabella, another staged to enter is Aidan's brother and briefly Ron Fitzgerald. Why aren't the veterans being used? Rumors of Marcy Walker's (Liza) eminent departure are rampant and appear to be well founded. Does anyone wonder why? I don't as Liza has become a shell of the character she used to be. I will miss the old Liza and wish Marcy Walker much success in her next venture. Can it be long before other long time characters opt out of this charade? AMC does a terrible job of utilizing any actress over the age of 40 no matter their ability unless it's Susan Lucci. Although many more Vegas plots and she could be headed for parts unknown. Unfortunately for Marcy and Julia Barr (Brooke) they don't have the luxury of any storylines. Both of these actresses are much more talented and enjoyable than Krystal, yet we continually have to endure Krystal front burner day after day. I've heard that Liza may be killed off. If that's true we had both Krystal and Tad threatening her this week, but I for one would prefer not to have another murder mystery. They are too drawn out for any suspense or enjoyment. With the lousy way McTavish writes people off the show Liza may just disappear one day by joining Mia in San Francisco. I didn't know Fusion had any other offices around the world/US. It's not like they even have a functioning PV office!! Mia left uneventfully.

I've received several emails regarding autism and AMC's lack of realism portraying Lily. It's unfortunate that shows go down the road of incorporating such issues. If these characters can not be convincingly depicted, perhaps it would be better to stay away from such storylines as there are plenty other storylines available.

Krystal attacking Liza because she brings Dr. Fitzgerald to town was really pointless. AMC had Simone acting like this for a while and now they have Krystal beating up Liza and slapping David. Excuse me but this is totally unacceptable behavior. Why does no one in PV press charges when they are physically attacked? I'm very tired of seeing Tad hold off all these women. It's boring and inane. Tad has changed and not for the better as he persistently defends and sees Krystal through rose-colored glasses. I repeatedly receive anti-Krystal emails. It seems people are open to forgiving Babe and giving her a second chance since Krystal constantly pushes Babe to do the wrong thing but everyone wants Krystal ousted.

Now we know that Krystal has always been a slut since she slept with the first guy she met after Ron dumped her at the party. What surprises me is David. Not that he would have a one-nighter back at his Stanford days, but that he would so completely forget the woman. Must be her performance wasn't memorable ---- LOL!!!!

AMC is going down a dangerous path again by taking someone out of character. That someone is MY David. No matter how mean and vindictive David can be, he would NEVER keep Bianca's child away from her. He knows all too well what it's like to lose a baby. David instead would share in the joy of Bianca being reunited with Miranda. I do believe he would go to Babe, find out she was involved in the cover up and give her an ultimatum of doing the right thing instead of ratting her out immediately. David could then console Babe and be a caring father to her since she's greatly lacked that. I say this because it appears to be imminent that David will turn out to be Babe's father.

Even though I am sick of the merry go round Ryan and Kendall have been on, their on screen chemistry is evident. A little comedy was attempted by Ryan and Kendall when they talked about Zach potentially being a vampire. Yes, that did indeed occur back on Port Charles. So far Zach seems to have an interest in everybody in PV with all the various newspaper clippings he has accumulated. I'm glad he shaved, but I'm just not warming to him very easily. JR should take Ryan's razor and shave off that ridiculous bit of hair under his lower lip. I know this is a new fashion, but a bad one. TPTB truly messed up when they chose to allow the marriage of Ryan and Greenlee. Greenlee was back to her old nasty self this week. She plays that role so well. There is NO excuse for Greenlee being so hateful and mean to Jackson about Erica. Erica is the love of Jackson's life and I believe they will reunite - perhaps by November sweeps time!

Erica hasn't stopped drinking and Ryan is there to take care of her. I'm not sure when Ryan got the designated "hero" role, but it really doesn't fit him that well. Once he convinces Erica to get some sleep he's free to listen to Kendall's "I've changed" speech. --- again. Ryan shows his true feelings to Kendall and is there a reason no one is allowed to be happy on this show? Suellen's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from an anonymous AMC fan: "I can't believe Erica is still in Vegas. She might as well set up a new cosmetics line in Sin City. I wish Kendall would get over Ryan and move on to David, Aidan, or anyone else. There is no way David is Babe's father as Krystal should have said something when she first came to PV. Hopefully he will return the baby to Binks right away or Leo will roll over in his grave. Someone please do a DNA test on JR, Paul, and Jamie!!!" Lots of folks want that DNA test to determine who's the daddy of Babe's child.

Maggie thinks she's gay now???? Where did this plot come from and when will it stop? It was strange that Bianca immediately leapt to the conclusion that Maggie's lied to best friend was Bianca during that juvenile drinking game. Maggie has surely had best friends in the past. JR's plan against Babe is in full swing. Stuart's little talk with JR didn't seem to help but it was great seeing Stuart. Opal's visit to see Krystal was enjoyable even though too short.

Edmund wants everyone to treat him the way they used to before he was in that wheelchair. Why? He certainly isn't treating anyone else the way he used to. I loved Adam's presence in the scene with Edmund and Brooke. He was definitely the cruel Adam we've always known! Didn't Brooke look great? Julia Barr is just such a lovely person. Please, please, please give her something to do besides be filler.

What's up with the wardrobe department? Babe looks ludicrous in that hat and Maggie is always unbecomingly dressed. Both of these actresses are cute and could look great, but.......

An update on the homeless kitty that we "acquired." We were able to find a "no-kill" shelter which with a donation accepted the cat and will adopt him out. I am thankful for that and appreciate all those who wrote in about the kitty's welfare. See you next week.

Mary Page
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