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We all know that it's only a matter of time before Julian and Ivy's secrets come out. Sam and Grace will reunite, but whether Julian and Eve will hook up or not is still up in the air, so why not put Julian and Ivy back together?

Okay, I admit it. This show is getting me hooked. First we have Rebecca admitting that the reason she married for money is because she knew no man would ever love her. Then we have Ivy and Eve bond over the fact that they are about to lose everything. Now, (and this is my favorite by far) Julian and Ivy are friends. They realize they made life horrible for each other and want to remedy that. I am so excited about this.

We all know it's only a matter of time before Julian and Ivy's secrets come out. Sam and Grace will reunite. Its still up in the air whether or not Julian and Eve hook up, so why not put Julian and Ivy back together. I was their strongest advocate the first go round. They love each other in a way Sam and Eve never will. Their marriage couldn't have been all that bad, I mean they have three children together. (Originally four, but Ethan turned out to be brain dead so he doesn't count) You can't possibly convince me in some thirty odd years Ivy and Julian had sex three times. No no, there is more to this story than we know.

I am loving Aunt Irma. Marla Gibbs is a fantastic actress, but then again so is Kathleen Noone. That is my biggest fear with Aunt Irma. She will become just a one note, loon of a character, that repeats herself over and over again like Edna. The less scenes she has with Liz, the better to prevent this.

Show of hands, who is sorry Kay can't have any more children. She kind of deserves it because she brought all this on herself. And her trying to guilt Miguel into staying with her isn't going to work. If having his daughter isn't enough to keep him by her side, guilt sure as heck ain't gonna do it. And Tabby can stop trying to shoo Charity away with guilt too. Charity wants Miguel and Ivy has convinced her to go for it and Kay really doesn't stand a chance. But at least it gave Tabby something to do.

Martin and Katherine bore me to tears. I really don't care why they left. I wish now they had stayed gone. Their acting is horrible and that shrieking Katherine does gets on my very last nerve. Kill them Alistair, PLEASE!!!!!!!

Luis gets sentenced to twenty five years, but Sheridan suddenly remembers her love for him saving him. What the hell is this? We are led to believe that Sheridan and Luis are soul mates, yet a little electro shock therapy can make their love disappear. I have to hand it to Antonio. He called a spade a spade when he asked Sheridan why she wanted a man who already has commitments to a woman he has no intention of marrying and a child he has no intention of raising. Funny how easily Beth and her child are forgotten for Luis.

Luis and Antonio scuffle and then Alistair shows up trying once again to pull the strings. Julian and Sheridan notice how Alistair gets scared when Katherine's name is mentioned and feel they can investigate him further on this count. Then Big Al reminds Antonio that Luis kidnapped Sheridan, and turn about is fair play. So our blonde bombshell is in harms way yet again. Yawn.

We saw a little bit of Theresa this week as she laid into Whitney who was complaining about her horrible life. Yeah it is so horrible. She doesn't work, she doesn't go to school, but she has tons of money to spend on her best friend. And she has a gorgeous man in love with her (Fox). To some people that would be THE life. Who does she think she is snooping in Fox's emails? Last time I checked, that was invading privacy.

Highest point of the week: It's storming and Chad is driving kinda fast. Hopefully he'll wreck his car!!!!

Lowest point of the week: Kay's wailing. Katherine and Martin.

Until next week friends,

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