The future of relationships

by Dawn
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The future of relationships
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Todd and Blair have reunited once again. The question now remains, how long will it last?

A few weeks ago, I wondered if Blair and Todd could get back together without any lies, manipulation, or any other form of deceipt and actually make their relationship work. Since then, many people hav written to say that Todd and Blair are hopeless and should give up on being together. However, it looks like the powers that be disagree with that assessment, and Todd and Blair have reunited once again. The question now remains, how long will it last? If the past is a good predictor for the future, the answer is "Not long." However, maybe this is the time that Todd and Blair finally get their act together and get it right. The truth about Todd's involvement with Kelly's wrongdoings are looming on the horizon, but would that split Todd and Blair up? Would Blair leave Todd yet again, proclaiming that she is never going back, or would she stay by his side? While I am hestitant to say that Todd and Blair's problems are all in the past, they certianly were happy together last week. One good thing that has come out of this is that Starr learned that she didn't need to force her parents into getting back together. She stopped worrying about it, and things worked out. Maybe Starr realizes that that setting people up and tricking them is not the best way to get what she wants. Starr is still very much Todd and Blair's daughter, so I doubt she will change her ways completely. However, for the time being, she is enjoying being a kid and is not burdened with her parents' issues. Whatever happens with Todd and Blair, I hope that Starr and Jack are not placed in the middle again. Being in the middle of Todd and Blair's wars really affected Starr, and once Jack gets older, he will be affected more too. I realize that stability does not usually make for exciting television. In fact, if everyone on soaps were happy and carefree all of the time, I doubt many people would watch soaps at all. However, I think Todd and Blair are long overdue for stability and maybe even some happiness! Watching Todd and Blair successfully rebuild their relationship and raise Starr and Jack would be a nice change of pace from the other events they (and their fans) have endured. If the writers insist on putting Todd and Blair back together they should make it last and make it something people want to see.

While Todd and Blair are getting back together, Kelly and Kevin are busy breaking up. Is anyone surprised that Kevin left Kelly? Can anyone blame him? He has actually shown some patience towards Kelly, asking her for the truth and letting it go when she wouldn't respond. Kelly walks around everyday looking incredibly guilty and telling lies everytime she speaks. Living with someone like that has got to be draining. To make matters worse, Kelly has to be one of the worst liars ever; you can practically see her thinking of what lies she has already told. It is interesting how the characters who are the worst at lying have to do it the most! People are suspicious of her, and Kelly's secret might not be one for much longer. Not that Ace's paterinity is being questioned, it is only a matter of time before Kevin finds out that Ace is not his son. Kelly has painted herself into a corner, and there is no good way out of it. It is doubtful that Kelly will suddenly think that telling the truth is a good idea, so where does she go from here? Is the beginning of the end for this character? Will she have a nervous breakdown? Will she somehow manage to keep covering up her lies? Will she think of another scheme to get Kevin to come back to her? At this point, anything could happen, but I don't think Kelly can maintain the status quo for much longer. I found an old tape of OLTL with Gina Tognoni's version of Kelly, and it was just amazing to see how different Kelly is now. It is inexplicable how the old Kelly became the new Kelly. People change, but this is just drastic!

While I am on the topic of drastically changing characters, what has happened to Natalie? When she first came to Llanview, she had street smarts and she had a certain skepticism of most people (She was also mean-spririted at times, but I won't linger on that angle). Anyway, now she thinks that running off with Paul is a great idea. Where has her brain gone? She knows Paul has been involved in some shady activities and that there are people that want him dead. He says nice things to her sometimes, but who knows if he even means them. She is willing to put herself in danger for him? Maybe she is trying to push John away, or maybe she is trying to prove to herself that she can move on after losing Cristian. However, there are better and safer ways to do those things! Hopefully Natalie comes to her senses quickly, because she might find herself in a lot of trouble if she doesn't!

Speaking of choosing the wrong people to associate with, the saga of Lindsay and Rex continues. I was proud of Lindsay for sticking up for herself and not giving Rex the money. She had a moment of self-awareness, where she realized that she has made bad decisions in the past that ended up harming her in the long run. She stood her ground and did not cave into Rex's pleas. This moment of brilliance was feleting, ash she was went back to him by the end of the week, but she has at least made progress. I wish Lindsay had a bigger and better storyline than this. Catherine Hickland is an amazing actress, and she has been underutilized for a long time. That is not say I would like to see her conniving and trying to make people miserable, as she did in the past. However, she needs a storyline that is worthy of Catherine Hickland's talent and that does not make me wonder "Where is Lindsay?"

Random Thoughts....

I loved the scenes with Viki and Roxy last week. They have different persepctives on parenting and life, but they both wanted what was best for Natalie. Considering how Roxy was when she she first came on the show, it is amazing that she and Viki are having parenting conversations as they did. I also loved when Roxy threw the drink at Lindsay and R.J. She stood up for Rex and desperately wanted to help Natalie. She might not always make the best decisions, but she tries to do what she thinks is best.

I couldn't help but notice how many times Viki answered the door last week. She just had a heart transplant, and no one else is around to answer the door? Where are her employees?

Finally, I am glad Ben got a memorial services. Sometimes characters are killed off and are never mentioned again (i.e. Gabrielle), so I am glad that Ben did not suffer the same fate. It is a shame that Ben wasn't brought back, but at least he got a memorial!

Until next time, Dawn

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