All My Children Recaps: The week of June 14, 2004 on AMC

Ryan found Erica undergoing detoxification at the hospital. David received news about Bess and Babe's DNA tests. Greenlee confessed that she was in love with Ryan. JR implied that Babe was an unfit mother. Ryan and Kendall kissed. Maggie told Bianca that she loved her.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 14, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, June14

At the Fusion offices, Bianca can't understand why Greenlee isn't more upset about Kendall being in Vegas with Ryan. Greenlee tells her because "Kendall with Ryan beats Kendall with the SEC." Plus the last year has taught Greenlee that nothing good comes of going ballistic. "Keep your cool and keep your edge," Greenlee says.

In Vegas, as Zach listens in, Ryan is trying to figure out "which Kendall" he has with him. For once he'd like to have the "honest Kendall" he tells her. Kendall tells Ryan she can use what she heard to save him just as someone joins Zach asking if he has new information in the SEC investigation. Zach invites the man to join him. "The show is just getting started," Zach tells him. Ryan reminds Kendall he brought her to Vegas to help her mother not to discuss his marriage. He tells her he wants to be married to Greenlee and is staying married to her. Kendall says she wants to help her mother but wants to help "us" too. Ryan tells her there is no us. Ryan's cell rings. It's someone telling him Erica's location. He leaves Kendall behind and goes to find Erica. The SEC investigator comments to Zach that he can't wring much out of that conversation.

Leaning over an unconscious Liza, Dr. Ron Fitzgerald spies Krystal and asks her what she is doing there. She tells him she lives there and asks the same of him. As Liza begins coming to, Tad asks the doctor to concentrate on his patient. Dr. Fitzgerald asks Tad to gently elevate the patient's head. As Tad takes off his jacket to use for a pillow, he asks Krystal if it's true that Dr. Fitzgerald is Babe's father. She confirms he is and adds that he kicked her to the curb 20 years ago. The doctor takes Liza's pulse and says she seems fine whereupon Tad drops her head and takes his jacket back. Krystal and Ron trade words. Seems he was engaged and had his career to look after when she got pregnant. "What? Did you think a doctor's baby was your ticket out of the gutter?" Ron asks her. Ron thinks it's Krystal's fault he was dragged to Pine Valley. Krystal swears it's Liza's fault he's there. For once Krystal is telling the truth. Liza tries to pretend she's injured but the doctor assures her she's fine. Liza has to admit to bringing Dr. Fitzgerald to Pine Valley. She's proud of it and says she brought him in for a pediatric special on WRCW. Liza swears she didn't know he was Babe's dad but David enters and tells her, "Now, Liza. It's not nice to lie to your friends." David and Ron reintroduce themselves and David introduces him around the room. Krystal tells him not to dream of going near Babe. "Baayabe?" Ron says breaking it into a three syllable word imitating Krystal's southern twang and asks what kind of a name that is. Babe enters and asks what is going on. Krystal assures Babe everything is just fine. Liza comments again that she may have a concussion. Krystal tries to hustle Babe out of the room but before she can get her to leave Babe remembers her manners and introduces herself to Ron asking, "Who are you?" Ron introduces himself as "Dr. Fitzgerald, Dr. Hayward's friend." Krystal gets Babe to go take Bess for a walk in the park. As they leave Babe tells Dr. Fitzgerald it was nice meeting him. "Likewise," he says somewhat awestruck looking at his grandchild. David offers to take him out for lunch and tell him all about his offspring. Liza still wants to discuss Ron's appearance on her show but he has a reputation to protect. Liza tries to split too but Tad won't let her go until they thrash this out. "Right now," he tells her.

Reggie comes to Fusion to deliver a folder and instead runs into Danielle. Reggie is trying to throw her out but Danielle is there to apologize because she can't accept the job they offered. She tells them her Mom is picking her up today. She just wanted to say goodbye. She's going to New York to live for good. Reggie hears this and is obviously upset over Dani's impending departure. She tells him she also came to tell him goodbye. She does and he tells her "right back at ya" and warns her to watch who she "punks" in New York. At first they only share a goodbye handshake. Bianca comments, "Only a handshake?" So Dani gives Reggie a kiss on the cheek. To cheer Reggie up, Greenlee and Bianca go for chili cheeseburgers from BJ's for lunch.

Derek comes home to find boxes everywhere. Livia tells him Mimi had it delivered along with a note she reads to him. The note says Mimi has received a promotion and no longer has time to deal with Dani and her antics. She invites Derek to get to know his daughter and see the kind of hell she can raise just by waking up in the morning. Dani comes in just as Livia starts reading and overhears the entire letter. As Derek goes on about not having time to deal with Dani's traumas, Dani announces her presence. She was right. Her mom doesn't want her. And from the sounds of it her father doesn't either. He tells her she misunderstood him. Dani cries over Derek's harsh words. He apologizes and promises they'll work it out. After Derek leaves to go back to the office, Livia assures Dani her father loves her more than anything else. Dani begins unpacking boxes.

A knock on the door of the suite Ryan left Kendall in reveals room service. She tells the server she didn't order anything. Zach steps up and volunteers that he did as he enters the room. He thought she and Mr. Lavery might be hungry after their long trip. Zach acts like he thinks Ryan has gone gambling. Kendall tells him a phone call took him away. Zach inquires if it was news of her mother. Kendall doesn't know. She tells him it was on a need to know basis and she didn't make the cut. Zach tells Kendall her mother cares about her a great deal and also her sister. Zach tells her Erica's been reading the Pine Valley papers for news of them. This revelation tells Kendall Zach was lying when he said he didn't know she was Erica's daughter until she arrived there in person. She calls him on the lie. Zach admits he knew who she was all along but was keeping Erica's secret. He then plies her with compliments telling her she's as beautiful and headstrong as her mother said she was. Kendall wants to hear everything her mother has said and done. Everything. Zach tells Kendall that when Erica saw Mr. Lavery married someone else her first thought was of Kendall. Kendall wants to know what else she said. "She said you push love away as hard as you go for it," he tells her. He adds that even though Mr. Lavery is tagged, Erica hopes Kendall is still in the picture. Since they're in Vegas together, Zach questioningly assumes Erica was right and leaves the inquiry hanging in the air. Kendall tells him her and Ryan's relationship is none of his business. Zach feigns his concern is because he is a friend of Erica's. He tells Kendall about cutting Erica off at the bar and with room service. "But if what Erica wants is a drink, then God Herself couldn't stop her," he adds. Zach tells her did it because he cares. Kendall tells him Erica has plenty of people who care about her at home and that's where she should be. Zach comments that Kendall really loves Erica a lot and asks her to come with him without saying where he's inviting her to go.

Erica's screams for help and for them to let her out of there can be heard down the hall as Ryan enters the hospital corridor. Ryan enters her room to find Erica in arm and leg restraints. Ryan removes the restraints and is set on getting Erica out of there when a nurse interrupts. The nurse takes Ryan into the hallway and tells him Ms. Dubois was admitted against her will and cannot leave without the chief of staff's okay. Ryan tells the nurse to get him. He's off location but the nurse says she is paging him immediately. Security is alerted so Ryan can't just whisk Erica away. He tries to keep her calm while they wait. Erica swears they're all lying and says he must get her away from that hospital. It's where her father died and his spirit is strongest there. As she tells Ryan this she sees the silhouette of her father dealing cards behind a curtain. "He's just waiting for me to die," Erica says. Ryan wants to take her to Pine Valley. Erica tells him that's the last place she wants to go. He tells Erica that her family is worried about her and they want a fresh start. Erica tells him it's too late. Plus no one needs to worry about her because she's been living the life she always dreamed of. No pain, no past, and no baggage. She begs Ryan to get her away from the hospital. She will tell him all about the lies if he'll just take her somewhere where she can share her story over a drink. Ryan is not sure that is the best idea and asks if she's not in the best place for her right now. No, she's not, Erica assures him. Erica begs him to believe that everyone else is lying. They have all betrayed her and he is all she has left. She begs Ryan to promise her he won't take her back to Pine Valley. Taking her hand, Ryan promises he won't make her go anywhere she doesn't want to. All he cares about is her being healthy again. "Oh, thank you!" Erica exclaims. Then she talks about Jack and Zach betraying her. Ryan wants to know what Zach did. She tells Ryan that he's the one who had her locked up there and left her alone. Erica warns Ryan he cannot trust Zach Slater. Erica hugs Ryan and tells him she knows Chris' son would never betray her. Ryan promises to make sure she is safe. Just as they break apart, Zach enters the room with Kendall under his arm.

Greenlee chews her nails as she and Bianca wait for burgers at BJ's. Bianca offers her chips and says they taste better then asks if she's worried about the fall campaign. Greenlee admits it's Vegas she's worried about. Bianca asks what happened to keeping her cool. She knows Kendall is out there throwing herself at Ryan. Bianca says eventually Kendall will get used to the marriage and maybe even call a truce. Greenlee doesn't think that's likely no matter how long they're married. Bianca asks about the marriage and the SEC. Greenlee evades the question telling Bianca that marriage is work, "Didn't anyone ever tell you that?" Bianca wishes everyone could go to neutral corners and take a breather. Greenlee asks if Kendall can breathe in another orbit. Bianca just wants them all to be family and act like it. Then she encourages Greenlee to call Ryan.

Greenlee and Bianca return with the burgers to find Simone and Reggie talking in the office. Simone comments on Reggie's down mood. Reggie goes to leave without eating but Kendall tells him he's better off without Danielle and gets him to stay. Simone is glad to have something besides the health food Greenlee is always pushing. She spits as she digs in. She accidentally got Greenlee's tofu burger. Bianca asks Reggie if he really cared about Danielle. He says he did. For what it's worth, Bianca says she could tell she cared about him too. Reggie leaves. Simone and Bianca bemoan the lousy states of their love life. Simone is interested in a new dentist she just saw. Greenlee stays out of it and reminds them they need to get back to work. Simone leaves Bianca and Greenlee alone. Again Bianca urges Greenlee to call Ryan and tells her if Greenlee doesn't call then Bianca will call him herself. Greenlee calls "only to check on Erica" but gets Ryan's voicemail. Her imagination is still running wild. "What do you think he's doing?" Greenlee asks Bianca. "Not what you think he's doing," Bianca replies. Simone comes back with an ad poster that's exactly what Kendall wanted. Greenlee rejects it for no reason other than "Kendall doesn't get everything she wants." A handsome, slender man enters. A bit bowled over, Simone asks if she can help him. He's looking for Ryan Lavery. Greenlee tells him to "join the club."

Tuesday, June15

Ryan stepped into the hospital hallway to chastise Zach for committing Erica and demanded he have her released immediately. Zach told Ryan about her drinking problem and that he'd brought Erica to the hospital to help her and promised to keep Erica's privacy. Zach said he would release Erica into Kendall's care, as the daughter, but Ryan did not have a say in what happens.

In the room, Kendall explained Ryan hadn't wanted her along and she wasn't there to upset Erica. Erica asked for lipstick and was disappointed when Kendall handed her a Fusion product. Erica had trouble holding her hand steady enough to apply lipstick but asked Kendall to go back to Pine Valley and tell everyone she is just ducky. Kendall wondered how she could abandon everyone who loves her and Erica admitted she misses them and hoped Kendall had gotten what she came for. In the hall, Kendall agreed to have Erica released in her care. Ryan yelled at Kendall for ruining his chance to help Erica. He was surprised to hear that Zach hadn't told her he was taking her to Erica. Ryan believed Kendall and did not trust Zach. Kendall promised to keep Zach busy so he couldn't follow Ryan when he takes Erica out of the hospital. Zach strolled over and Kendall asked to sign Erica over to Ryan as the one she trusts.

Erica refused to leave with Ryan after he blindsided her by bringing Kendall. Ryan explained Zach brought Kendall to the hospital without his knowledge. He agreed to send Kendall home and stay in Las Vegas with her. Erica said she was afraid of seeing him again and Ryan assured her she would not have to see Zach. Erica called Zach clueless. Ryan promised to help her and she asked for a few minutes alone.

Kendall and Zach went back to the hotel and he surprised her with his knowledge of Bianca's past year. Kendall wondered if he was having an affair with Erica and he said no. Kendall told him she is not available either and he reminded her that Ryan is married to someone else. Kendall was wary, but he was prying for more information and told her she shouldn't trust him. He told her about his life working ranches, oil rigs, flying cargo planes, building roads and that he'd won his first casino in a card game and now owns five. She wondered about his relationship with Erica and he said he just tried to help her with her problem and that the important thing now is that Erica survive. Ryan walked in and interrupted Zach and Kendall's room service dinner by saying that Erica was gone.

In the Fusion office, Simone continued drooling over the stranger looking for Ryan as Greenlee had a meltdown over losing their California rep. Bianca tried to reason with Greenlee, assuming correctly she was really upset about not hearing back from Ryan. Greenlee just snarled about Kendall crawling after the two people who don't want her. Babe stopped by with the baby and Jamie was full of compliments for Babe. Everyone was amazed at how quiet Bess was in Bianca's arms. Greenlee returned and Simone offered to go to California and use her finely tuned gaydar, despite the current confusion over metrosexuals. Greenlee offered the task to Mia instead and she was thrilled. Bianca offered to let Greenlee hold the baby, but Greenlee refused. Babe and Jamie viewed wedding photos at the computer. Babe was clearly distracted watching Bianca hold Bess. Greenlee called Ryan and said she was tired of voicemail and on her way to Vegas.

Liza tried to get Tad's sympathy but he suggested they get married. She knew he didn't want that and he opined she didn't care about what he wants. He then offered to have sex on the desk, explaining if the only way to get her off Krystal's back was to get Liza on hers, he would do it. Tad wondered if she really could finish the game she started. Liza accused him of being cruel but he said he only wanted to get through to her and wondered when she started hating him. He reminded her that things don't work between them. She said her life is empty and she wants passion, the kind he gives her and that she can't accept him with white trash. Tad said they are done. Liza said she was the only woman who really cares about him and finally played the Dixie card and said she wouldn't approve of Tad's relationship with Krystal. Tad got angry and reminded Liza that the one person Dixie would not want him with was her. Tad begged her to leave Krystal alone. Liza then suggested that Krystal could have fixed the DNA tests, in order to save Babe's marriage and happiness. Liza accused Tad of thinking the same thing, but Tad was adamant that only he and Joe had known of the test. Liza persisted and Tad vowed he would make Liza pay if she hurts JR. Tad warned Liza that if she didn't stop, they will no longer be friends and she will be nothing to him.

Later, Mia rushed in to excitedly tell Liza about her trip to California, and how it might be for longer than the summer. She suggested Liza and Colby go with her, but Liza refused saying she was working on something big.

At BJ's, Krystal joined David and Babe's father, anxiously waiting for him to leave town. After she left the table, David wondered how Ron could have walked away from his own child and said Babe was a great kid who could use her father. Ron left and told Krystal goodbye. David wondered why Krystal never wanted Babe to know her father and she said she was protecting Babe. Krystal told David about the night she got dumped when Ron's real fiancée showed up at a party. As they talked, David realized he'd been at the same party and Krystal mentioned having a revenge makeout session with another stranger that night. Krystal said she would not let Ron hurt Babe and David remarked on how there wasn't much she wouldn't do for her daughter. Tad walked in and bought a round of drinks. They toasted to the seeing the last of Babe's father. David got a phone call saying the DNA test results were in.

Wednesday, June16

David, Krystal and Tad sat at a table in BJ's. He got a phone call telling him that the DNA samples he had tested were not a match. He hung up and turned to Krystal and asked if she ever regretted keeping her secret about the baby. Krystal was startled and tried to pretend she didn't know what he was talking about. David said "Were you going to take it to your grave, you and your daughter?" Tad thought he was talking about Babe's paternity and Krystal went along with that assumption. David began to get angry and ranted about a child having the right to know their biological parents and how it wasn't right to deny a child the chance at a connection with a parent. Krystal said she chose a lousy guy and Babe was better off not knowing. David said "At least now I know where you stand" and stormed off.

Babe and Jamie worked on the computer at Fusion. They were having a good time, laughing and talking, when JR walked in. He looked at them and grimly asked "Where's my baby?" In came Bianca holding Bess. JR glared at them and Bianca immediately handed Bess to him. He gave Bianca a half hearted smile then turned on Babe. He said he knew she didn't go right home because Bev the nanny told him. Babe wasn't pleased, and said she didn't like Bev. JR promised to talk to Bev about being so overly protective. Maggie came in and asked if Jamie and Bianca were "ready to hang." Babe commented that it sounded fun, to just hang out. She turned to JR and said she was ready to leave when he was. JR forcefully said "No, you're not coming home with us." Babe was a bit shocked until JR smiled and said she deserved to have some fun with her friends. Babe tried to argue but JR wouldn't take no for an answer. Bianca and Maggie were glad to have her join them. Babe told JR he deserves some time off too. JR said they'd both get exactly what they deserved and then made Jamie promise to make sure Babe has fun. He took Bess and left. Bianca went by the computer and saw the picture of her holding Bess at the christening. She was mesmerized. David walked in and saw Bianca looking at the picture of Bess. He asked if anyone worked around there and Bianca turned around. She was happy to see him until he said he was there because of some test results. David took Bianca off to the side and said he'd gotten some of her most recent tests back and was worried about anemia. He asked to take a blood sample so he could have it checked. He just happened to have his medical bag with him and Bianca agreed to give him some blood right then. They went into another room. Jamie asked Babe what she wanted to do that evening. Babe said she was "all about Bess" and would bore them silly. Jamie kept coming up with suggestions and Babe giggled and shot most of them down. David and Bianca returned and David watched Babe laughing with Jamie. He told Bianca he'd let her know when the results came back and left. Jamie asked Babe if they could start over as "maximum friends, minimum complications." Babe grinned and introduced herself as "Babe Chandler, glad to meet you." Bianca joined Maggie and told her that now that Lily was staying at Jack's, she needed a place to stay. Bianca asked if she could stay with Maggie and Jamie for awhile and Maggie jumped at the chance. She told Bianca she could "sleep in my bed." They awkwardly giggled and Maggie said that didn't come out right. She said she would sleep with Jamie and Bianca could have her room. They hugged and Bianca said it would be like old times. Maggie looked wistfully at Bianca. Babe called home to check on Bess. JR was rocking Bess and told Babe everything was fine and to take her time. When he hung up he began telling Bess a story about a princess, a daddy and a bad mommy, and how the daddy banished the bad mommy from the palace.

Tad and Krystal still sat at the restaurant and Tad tried to talk but Krystal was very distant. He asked what was wrong and she said it had been a long day. Tad apologized for what Liza did. Krystal said Liza hated her and wanted her out of town. Tad promised that Liza wouldn't turn him against Krystal. Krystal smiled and said she was sorry for whining about her life while they were at the hospital. Tad said it wasn't whining, it was "opening up." "If I didn't know better I'd think you liked me!" he quipped. Krystal smiled and said she does. Tad said he'd do the whole date over again but would guarantee she wouldn't get hurt this time. She laughed and Tad went over to a table with some construction workers and borrowed one of their hats. He put it on Krystal's head and they chuckled about it. He smiled at her and said "Am I crazy or does this feel really right?" Krystal asked what was next and Tad moved closer to her saying they could pick up where they left off. He leaned in and kissed her.

Greenlee and Jack met at the boathouse and she told him that Kendall followed Ryan to Las Vegas. She said she was afraid Kendall would ruin any chance Ryan had of bringing Erica home. His phone rang and it was a tipsy Erica. She said she had been thinking of him and knew he was worried. "I thought it was time to tell you how I feel" she slurred. Jack asked if she was still in Vegas and if Ryan was with her. Erica said she had seen Ryan and he was very sweet. Jack asked what they talked about and Erica got defensive and said Jack wouldn't let Ryan come alone and sent Kendall to run interference. Jack denied it but Erica said he made Kendall come with Ryan to make her feel guilty. She yelled and threw accusations at Jack. Finally Jack said he wasn't going to talk to her when she was drunk and hung up on Erica. Greenlee and Jack began to discuss Erica, Ryan and Kendall. Jack said Greenlee was pushing the panic button because she was afraid of what would happen between Ryan and Kendall in Vegas. Greenlee denied this and turned on Jack. After berating his relationship with Erica she finally asked "How many men has Erica married, including your brother? How come she never married you?" Jack was hurt but Greenlee said Erica plays him. He said she didn't and that Ryan was playing Greenlee. Greenlee said she loved her husband and Jack asked if he were really over Kendall. Greenlee just stared at him. She stood up and told Jack that the next time Erica turned him down not to take it out on her and walked away.

Ryan and Kendall were back at Erica's hotel room. He told Kendall that Erica had slipped away from him. Zach came in and said he'd have his men hunt her down. Kendall got very upset that Ryan had let Erica get away but Ryan said Erica was somewhere safe. Meanwhile Zach went to his observation room and spied on Ryan and Kendall. Kendall told Ryan what little she found out about Zach and that she didn't know what he could be after. Ryan said Erica would be fine and Kendall tried to bully Ryan into telling her where she was. Ryan said it would take time and trust to get Erica back to Pine Valley and that Erica had to want to come back. He tried to get Kendall to go home and wait but she refused. She said there was something she had to tell him and she wasn't leaving until he'd heard it. He said there wasn't time for drama and Kendall said she'd wait until he'd checked on Erica. He finally agreed. Ryan pulled Kendall into his arms and whispered in her ear a hotel name and room number and that he'd slip a key into her purse. Kendall whispered back "You don't trust Zach?" Ryan looked at her and slowly shook his head no. Zach spoke out loud, saying "That's right Lavery, the walls have ears." Ryan left and Kendall got ready to leave. Zach showed up and she told him she was going home. He offered to drive her to the airport but she refused. She walked out the door and Zach called someone saying "Find out where Lavery stashed Erica." Meanwhile in another hotel Erica stood before a mirror and tried to put on lipstick but had a hard time. She picked up a glass and took a sip and then hallucinated that she had on a wedding veil and Jack was standing there in a tux. Then it was gone. She took another drink. Soon Ryan showed up and found her all dressed up and ready to go out. She told him about the conversation she had with Jack and that he hung up on her. Erica poured them each a drink and said she wanted to go out on the town. Ryan said he wanted to stay in and Erica said he just wanted to lock her up. She said if he wouldn't go out with her she'd go alone. Across the hall Kendall took the key out of her purse and opened the door to a room. She went inside just as Erica came out of her room with Ryan following.

David spoke to the lab and said he was sending another sample. He said he wanted it tested against the infant's sample, "This one should be a dead on match."

Thursday, June17

As David yells into the phone to have the DNA results rushed, JR hurries in (accompanied by Maria) with "Bess", thinking there is something wrong because her breathing sounded funny. David, knowing the baby is really Miranda, is concerned that something may be seriously wrong. However, JR doesn't want David anywhere near "his daughter", and basically ignores him.

After questioning him about the night's events, Maria tells him that what JR was hearing was just her formula going through her system - but to reassure him, they could do a full work-up. While Maria is looking over the baby, JR confesses that he thinks he sounds silly. Maria tells him it's all a part of being a new dad.

With David still listening, she goes on to talk to him about a parenting class that he and Babe could take. JR tells her that he heard about that. David accuses JR of getting rid of the pamphlet, but JR admits that Babe said that they didn't need the class - that if a cat could raise a litter, she could raise one human being. He also mentions that he's worried because Krystal and Babe had it hard when Babe is growing up. JR gives the impression that he's worried Babe's life experience won't be able to help. David has another outburst where he asks if JR is suggesting Babe is a bad mother.

Enraged, JR launches into David once again, and finally Maria makes David leave the room. After he does, JR backs off his insinuations and says that all 3 of them are fine. As JR goes to leave, David meets him in the hall and demands that he take the best care of the baby. JR shoots back that David needs to stay away from his family and walks away. David's phone rings and he asks if the results have been finalized.

Jamie, Maggie, Bianca and Babe return to Jamie and Maggie's apartment, and Babe suggests that they play the game "I Never": you say a phrase that begins with "I never." If you haven't done it, you don't drink - but if you have done it, you have to drink. It takes a few minutes for Bianca to "get it" but once she does, she's ready to go.

They play for a while, and Bianca hasn't had as much to drink at the rest of them. Maggie is bound and determined to find out what Bianca has done. Jamie tells them they need to get the game out of the 3rd grade - and that he has an "I never" that will rock their worlds.

Jamie says, "I never lied to my best friend." He and Babe drink right off the bat, although Babe did so a little hesitantly. Bianca says that she never did and asks Maggie if she had. Slowly, Maggie takes a drink. Stunned, Bianca asks Maggie when she lied to her, and what it is that she doesn't know.

Meanwhile, in Vegas, Zach demands that his employee find out where Ryan has Erica hidden.

Over at the hotel, Kendall awakens from a dream of Ryan to realize that he's not really there. Practicing her newfound patience, she acknowledges that Ryan first has to save Erica - and then he can save her.

At that moment, Ryan and Erica are returning to her room, and Erica wants to have a nightcap. Ryan declines and tries to leave. Erica tells him that he can't leave - if he does, she will be lost. Wanting know what she means, Ryan waits for her to continue. Erica explains that she needs him to help her plan her new life - and stay on in the role of her confidante. She compares herself to a Native American tribe that burned down everything they owned and had built every year so they could move to a new place and attempt to start all over. Ryan notes that she can't really do that because she still has ties to people who love her, but Erica doesn't want to acknowledge that.

Slightly frustrated, Ryan tries to leave, encouraging her to get some sleep. Erica says, once again, that Ryan can't leave her - but this time says that if he does, "he" will come back. Confused, Ryan asks whom she is talking about - and Erica admits she is talking about her father. Ryan believes he understands and tries to be helpful by saying that her feelings are understandable because her father recently died. Erica says that her father is haunting her no matter what she tries. He isn't listening now - and that's no different than when she was a little girl.

She goes on to say that her father called her a fraud - and that she believes her father was one as well. Ryan admits that he thought that her father was a successful director. Erica agrees, but says that he was a miserable human being. Her father also told her that all of her relationships fail because she is completely unlovable - right down to her core.

Ryan, disturbed that a father could say such things to his daughter, promises that he will help Erica send her father back to hell. For the moment, Ryan just wanted her to sleep - and he said he would stay until she did.

Later, Ryan finally returns to his room. Kendall is still there and waiting to talk to him. Ryan's tired, and he wants Kendall to hurry up and tell him what she needs to so that she can go home.

She says that she will never tell what she overheard while hiding out in the trunk. While she's a slow learner, she finally gets it: he's a good man, and he's always taking care of people. He took care of her all this time, and he married Greenlee for the same reason. She, however, isn't as good of a woman, and she learned all of this too late. She thanks him for letting her be a part of his life. After a moment, Ryan tells her that if she thinks that he married Greenlee to give back Fusion and to hurt her, she doesn't know the half of it.

He says that he married Greenlee to protect himself from her. According to his view, Kendall brings nothing but chaos to every situation and he can't allow that in his life again. He had to live with it when he was growing up with the only father he knew - and he is not willing to repeat history. He says that the only future he and Kendall could have is not one that he wants - and that he married Greenlee for the peace it brings.

Kendall says that she is a lot like Erica but that she can stop herself from wreaking that level of chaos. She says there is no one in the world for her but him. Kendall makes Ryan an offer: What if he can have everything that he wants - Greenlee and Kendall?

Across the hall, Erica is running around the room trying to get away from "him." Everywhere she turns, every door she opens - "he" is there. At the final turn, "he" is revealed to be Zach, and then Erica wakes up.

Zach's employee returns and tells him that they found out where Ryan hid Erica. Incensed because it took so long, Zach tells him to find a way to bug the room - he wants to hear every word.

At Tempo, Edmund is on a rampage about how people are treating him on his first day back. He starts talking about how people - like the secretary and the ad department - should be fired for walking on eggshells around him. He doesn't think it's necessary because he hasn't changed. Brooke adds herself to the list because she isn't exactly sure how she should act either.

Frustrated, Edmund thinks that everyone needs to go if they can't handle how he is now - or maybe he should be the one to go. Adam walks into the middle of the open fire and tells Edmund that he owes Brooke an apology. Adam tells him that life is tough and that he caught a hard break that landed him in the wheelchair, but that fact doesn't give him a ticket to use Brooke as an emotional punching bag. Not wanting to hear any of it, Edmund takes off.

Brooke starts to chastise Adam, but he points out that he was only doing exactly what Edmund asked - and he did it first. To smooth over the situation, Adam asks if she would like to go get some coffee with him. Suspicious, Brook asks why - and Adam confesses that since his legacy (Chandler Enterprises) had been taken away, he was thinking of delving into philanthropy and needs her help. Brooke isn't convinced and thinks a plot is brewing.

She ends up taking a rain check because she has too much work to do at the magazine. She is willing to help him with his new "endeavor", but not tonight, and takes her leave.

Edmund returns a few minutes later, fully expecting Adam to leave - but Adam isn't done. He tells Edmund that he, having been in Edmund's place once, knows how frustrating it is. He is willing to bet that the most frustrating thing is that he has this beautiful and vibrant wife that he can't fully appreciate. Adam strongly suggests that he get a solid lock on his wife and hide the key. By the time Maria shows up to pick him up. Edmund is cold and distant - but he won't tell her why.

Friday, June18

David receives a phone call that confirms Bianca is the mother of Bess. He immediately rushes out of the hospital and heads over to find Bianca.

Reggie is in the park playing basketball, but he can't seem to get his mind off Danielle. He is surprised when he throws the ball away and Danielle catches it! Reggie figures Danielle got her way again by rejecting her mother and sucking her father into letting her stay with him. Danielle plays along and says her father is away all summer, Olivia is works all the time, so she pretty much swinging solo. Reggie says he is done with her and her crazy dad who is always trying to arrest him. Danielle slips up and says that Reggie is rejecting her just like her parents have. Reggie realizes that Danielle didn't reject her mom?her mom didn't want her. At first, Danielle denies that is what she meant, but when Reggie asks her to be honest, she tells that he is right. To get away from the drama, Reggie and Danielle play a game of basketball, with Reggie taking home the win. Danielle yells that he "king of the world" and they walk off, arm in arm.

Opal comes over to the Chandler mansion to visit a sleepy Krystal. She immediately tells Krystal that she heard through a friend about her date with Tad and there is no way Tad is going to date a woman like his mother! Opal surprisingly says that she and Krystal have a lot in common. They both blew into town unexpectedly and Opal is sure that it will take Krystal awhile to get as refined as her. She puts Krystal's parenting skills down by saying she raised a daughter who seems to get what she wants -- a rich husband, a mansion, and now a baby. Krystal gets upset and says she has always been a great mother to Babe. "I know what women like you may have done to survive," Opal says. Krystal tells Opal to go ask Tad what he thinks about her and prepares to go back to sleep, but Opal tells her she doesn't have to ask Tad anything. She has asked a higher power about Krystal and it showed that she has a deep dark secret that is tearing her soul up. Krystal tells her to mind her own business and Opal warns her not to hurt Tad before leaving.

Stuart and JR are in the nursery with Bess. JR tells Stuart that Babe spent the night with her friends and didn't bother to mention Bess's ER visit to Babe. Stuart admits he has a bad feeling about JR; it is the same feeling he gets when he is around Adam. JR assures him that he is the same person, just more grown up. Stuart tells him that he could always see Dixie's sweetness in JR's eyes, but now all he sees is anger. JR assures Stuart that he not angry, just a little scared about being a new daddy. Stuart seems to believe him and gives him a hug.

Kendall tells Ryan he can have his cake and eat it too by having an affair with Kendall and still being a husband to Greenlee, but Ryan says that the combo of all three of them is a deadly one. He reminds Kendall that he is a married man and although his marriage may be about business, he cares about Greenlee. Kendall tells him that she won't lie or be dishonest to him anymore, but Ryan doesn't believe it. After all, he's heard that line before. He says that if she wanted to change, she would have changed already. He adds that they can not fix what is wrong with their relationship -- they have tried and it never works. Kendall says that they can start over and if he decides he doesn't want her, she will walk away and leave the issue alone. She tells him she doesn't want to destroy his marriage, she just wants to give him all that he has given her. She begs for him to admit that he loves her and feels what she feels inside. He grabs her and passionately kisses her, confirming just what Kendall wanted! He pulls away and tells her that he can't do this anymore; he made a commitment to Greenlee and he has to stick to it. Kendall says that if Ryan can't control himself, then maybe his marriage was a mistake. Ryan tells Kendall he will not break his word to his wife and Kendall leaves, saying good-bye to him. Ryan promises to take care of Erica and get her back to Pine Valley.

When Bianca asks Maggie what she has lied about, Maggie awkwardly says "It's just a game." Then Bianca asks Babe what she lied about, but before she can say anything, there is a knock at the door. David walks in and cruelly tells Babe that while she was partying all night, Bess was in the hospital. Babe immediately gets frantic and says she has to leave. David tells her to clean herself up and then he will take her home so she can "pretend to e the mom Bess deserves." Jamie, Maggie, and Babe disappear and Bianca immediately attacks David for being so mean to Babe. He tells Bianca that she has no idea what Babe has done because she is blinded by the truth. Bianca defends Babe by recalling everything she has been through over the past few months and she is allowed to have some fun. Jamie, Maggie and Babe return. When Babe asks if Bess is ok, David tells her she is fine and Jamie offers to ride with them to watch after David. The three of them leave and then Maggie decides to tell Bianca the truth. She says that she thinks about the time her and Bianca shared a kiss and thinks about doing it again. "I think I'm in love with you," she says.

When Babe, Jamie, and David get to the Chandler mansion, Babe immediately starts calling out for JR. He rushes in with Bess in his arms and Babe coos over Bess. When Krystal asks her what is wrong, Jamie says that David told them Bess was taken to the ER last night. Krystal is shocked and Babe asks JR why he didn't tell her or Krystal. JR says Krystal was not there and since it was nothing serious, he didn't want to disturb Babe's fun. Jamie, JR and Babe go to the nursery with Bess and when Babe leaves to take a shower, JR questions Jamie about Babe's drinking the night before. Jamie says Babe wasn't drunk and that he is acting like Adam. After Jamie leaves, JR gives Bess and high five and says he has won another round. David and Krystal get into an argument outside and David tells her he knows the truth about Bess. Krystal denies it, but David sticks it to her when he says he took his own DNA test and it proved that she and Babe stole Bianca's baby and now its time to give her back!



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