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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 14, 2004 on GL
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Monday, June 14, 2004

Gus is stunned when a lone figure returns to the wine cellar to retrieve Vinnie's drug money. It's not Brad, but rather...his Aunt Alex. Gus, betrayed and disgusted, tells Alex he's going to enjoy having her arrested for this. She begs for him to protect her, but he is having none of it. She becomes defiant and insists he has no proof but Alan arrives and says he does, admitting he's been shadowing Alex for months. Under pressure from Alan and Gus, Alex admits to her role in the scheme Brad dreamed up to sell drugs to the mob. But, she insists, she got into it thinking it was purely a money laundering scheme, and didn't know the full scope of it until it was too late. Alan throws Gus for a loop by asking him to protect Alex and keep her involvement a secret between them. Gus is outraged, but Alan appeals to him as a Spaulding. Alan's appeals get at Gus but he wonders how they will stop Brad from squealing on Alex.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Harley sees Brad with the stash of cash, heading for the door. She waylays him long enough to send him into the arms of a waiting FBI agent. When Brad realizes the jig is up, he panics, screams he wasn't alone and suddenly falls ill with a massive heart attack. He tries to tell Harley more but cannot form the words. Downstairs, Gus gets a radio call: Brad is dead.

At the Social Club, Danny's thrown to see Reva there. He does everything he can to get her out. But before he can accomplish this, Vinnie sees sharpshooters outside on the roof across the street and realizes he's been set up. Danny still tries to control the situation, but as he's talking to him, Vinnie sees the earpiece he's wearing and realizes he's in on the sting. He cold-cocks Danny and then drags Reva outside to use her as a human shield. Jeffrey tries to offer himself up but Vinnie doesn't bite. Reva then tries to play with Vinnie's mind, and convinces him she senses his gun has no bullets; therefore she's just going to walk away. Vinnie doesn't buy this but is unnerved long enough for Danny to fly out the door and take him down.

Phillip is all sweetness and light at the Gala but when he gets Olivia home he spins on her with unexpected fury, telling her she looked like a tramp in that dress tonight. She's thrown, especially since he's the one who bought it. But Phillip shows her a receipt, insisting she bought it. He goes, leaving Olivia's head spinning, wondering how much he knows about her stock fraud.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Gus rushes upstairs to see Brad, dead of a heart attack, lying on the floor. Gone with him is any proof that Alex was involved in his drug running scheme.

As paramedics arrive to work on Brad, Harley reveals he did try to implicate someone with his dying breath. Alex and Alan wait anxiously as Gus decides to protect his family and keep quiet about what he knows.

Danny returns to the ICU to tell Michelle it's over: the mob's been busted up, and she can safely recover without fear of Vinnie coming around, trying to find out what she knows. Jeffrey comes to thank Danny for what he did to help in the sting operation. But Danny lashes out at Jeffrey, telling him if he really wants to thank him for all he's done, he'll bring his wife back to him and return the weeks he's lost with her and his son.

Cassie's tracked Edmund down and is stunned to see him in their room packing his belongings. She knows she messed up by thinking the worst of him, but swears it was a one time mistake from which she'll learn. But Edmund thinks it wasn't an isolated incident and that she'll always have a reason to suspect him. She begs him not to give up on them but Edmund walks out on her.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Olivia tries to do damage control after wearing the inappropriate gown at the Festival. Phillip finds her at the Beacon waiting to meet one of the board members dressed conservatively but when she refuses to talk to him, he decides to do some damage control of his own.

Jeffrey enters and Phillip questions him on what the punishment would be if someone had been involved in illegal stock trading. Jeffrey tells him that the punishment would definitely involve jail time and that if Phillip doesn't handle it internally, he will handle it criminally.

Gus meets Alan and Alex in Olivia's Bar and informs them that the only way he will keep their secret and not give Alex up to the Feds is if Alan stops selling Antimonius and destroys the formula. The only way he can live with his decision to look the other way is if no one can ever be hurt by the drug again. They are pleased that he is a loyal member of the Spaulding clan.

Tammy is distraught that Joey left her the prom tickets and a curt note. She agonizes over what went wrong when Lizzie admits to telling him about her kissing Edmund. She swears she thought he already knew but it falls on deaf ears as Tammy tries desperately to find Joey and explain for herself. When he arrives at her room in answer to her message, he tells her that he can't get past the hurt and deception. He tells her that they're through.

In the meantime, Lizzie has caught up with Alan in the bar and tries to convince him to put Joey and her together in the 'pairs' part of the intern contest. She then goes back to Tammy to swear she'll try to get Tammy and Joey back together. Tammy tells her not to interfere, that this is something she'll have to deal with herself.

Bill goes back to Eden's apartment and deals with being there alone. In his hurt and his anger he goes on a destructive rampage. Olivia, still trying to do damage control, comes by to ask him about their kiss the other night. He tells her that it didn't mean anything and not to worry about it. When Olivia goes back to the Beacon, Phillip informs her that by selling his stock with a proxy she obtained while he was incapacitated, she committed fraud.

Danny goes to the ICU to show Michelle the newspaper that proclaims him a hero. Ross comes by to visit her and asks Danny about the explosion, telling him that something about the scene of the accident didn't seem right. He promises Danny that if he finds out that there was more to it, he will pursue it. Danny continues to talk to Michelle's comatose form, and doesn't notice when her finger starts to move.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Cassie is still reeling from Edmund's decision to move out of the Beacon and return to Towers. Despite Reva's pep talk and her own fighting spirit, Cassie's misplaced suspicion appears to have cost her the man she loves.

But Jeffrey won't let her quit. Now that he's become less a sparring partner and more a friend, he gives her the swift kick she needs to go to Edmund and bring him home where he belongs.

But before she can get to him, Tammy pays Edmund a visit. She knows he's moved out and assumes it's all her fault. Edmund is quick to reassure her but Tammy's suffered her own first heartbreak and needs to believe that true love can still exist. Edmund is touched by Tammy's desire to set everything right but when Cassie comes to him and they 're alone, he tells her he doesn't want to live his life on trial every minute of the day. Cassie's taught him to believe in himself. And since she can't share that faith in him, maybe they should go their separate ways.

Gus returns to the police station and receives a hero's welcome. Jeffrey even stops by with a commendation from the Mayor for Gus and Harley. But Gus is uneasy in the hero's role. When Alex arrives to join in the celebration, Gus's inner conflict threatens to boil over. Harley senses something is wrong but when Gus surprises her by setting the date for their wedding, the dark cloud that hangs over him seems to vanish.

Phillip threatens to go to the DA with proof of Olivia's stock fraud, unless she agrees to his terms, which include an eventual divorce and surrendering of baby Emma to her father and his family. Olivia is horrified, but at least the gloves are off and she and Phillip can now openly hate each other.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Beth arrives at the Beacon to talk to Olivia. Before Olivia can explain what she wanted, Phillip arrives to take Emma. With Beth out of earshot, Olivia tries to get Phillip to tell her where he's talking Emma, but he doesn't give her a straight answer. When she accuses him of using Emma as a pawn, he states that she did the same thing to him. He tells her that he's in control of her and Emma's lives now and leaves. With Phillip gone, Beth returns and Olivia insists that she help her grind Phillip into the dirt. Reacting off Beth's shocked expression, Olivia informs Beth that Phillip is blackmailing her. Seeing that Beth's not very sympathetic, Olivia tells her of Phillip's physical intimidation of her; she's convinced that Phillip's still not well and is out to destroy her. Beth is doubtful, but tells Olivia that if Phillip was sick, it was Olivia's deception that made him that way. They finally get to the matter at hand----Olivia wants to build a power base at Spaulding and needs Beth's shares as well as the shares of Phillip's other exes. She reminds Beth that Phillip did try to take Beth's children away when she married Edmund, but Beth refuses to turn against Phillip. Before a testy Olivia leaves, Beth informs her that even if she and the others gave Olivia their shares, Olivia would need a lot more than that to oust the Spauldings. Olivia's confident that she'll get what she wants. Later, she makes a call to Bill asking to meet him.

Alex visits Gus at the police station and expresses her gratitude for his keeping silent by giving him a wedding planner. She tells him that she intends to throw a real Spaulding wedding for a real Spaulding. About this time, Frank sees the two and learns that Gus and Harley have set a date, the end of July. When Frank expresses surprise that Harley is letting Alex plan the wedding, Gus admits that Harley doesn't know yet. He tries to get Frank to tell her, but Frank begs off and leaves. Alone, Gus and Alex go over wedding plans. When Gus expresses concerns that Harley should be involved, Alex agrees but thinks Gus should be the one to tell her. She tells him that she and Harley were close in the past and she wants to be close again. She assures him that she is sincere in her wish to throw Harley a big wedding to welcome her into the family. Alex's talk of family makes Gus uncomfortable though. Alex senses that he doubts her sincerity and assures him that is very grateful for what he did for her and she wants to give him a gift in return The gift is not only the wedding, but also some advice. She urges him to simply let go of the guilt he feels about keeping the full truth of the Antimonious affair from Harley. She insists that if he simply lets it go, instead of wondering how he can live with it, he'll have a happier life. Much later, Gus spots Beth at the Beacon and asks to speak to her about the Spauldings. After telling him that her relationship with the family hasn't come easily, she tells him that the key is knowing that no matter how much you berate them for doing the wrong thing, they will never change. But she also tells him that they are loyal to their own and once you're in; you're in. She tells him that she believes the Spauldings could fill a void in his life if he'll let them.

In the Beacon lobby, Phillip tells Rick about his blackmail of Olivia. Olivia does what he says or she goes to jail. Rick's a little chocked and asks Phillip if he'd really want to hurt the mother of his child like that? He warns Phillip to stop playing games because the one who's going to get hurt is Emma. Phillip then leaves for a bit and Alex runs into Rick in the lobby. he and Rick make small talk and Rick and Leah leave, leaving Alex with Emma. When Phillip returns, he asks Alex for the name of Spaulding's best hatchet man. He wants a woman to be left with absolutely nothing, credit cards cancelled, bank account frozen, passport suspended. Alex promptly hands him a number. Bill's at the hospital with Michelle. He asks Rick about Michelle moving her hand but Rick believes it was an involuntary spasm. It doesn't necessarily mean she's coming around. When they both leave the room, Michelle dreams of Tony.

Danny is at the police station ready to post Tony's bail and is surprised to see that Tony's already out--via his mob lawyer. Danny tries to talk to Tony again about going legit, and maybe working for him, but Tony's not interested; this is the life he wants. Danny reminds Tony that he only has immunity for crimes he committed in the past, but Tony insists that it's not Danny's problem Danny's still can't understand why Tony isn't taking this second chance he has and appeals to him as Robbie's godfather to set a good example. But that tactic doesn't work since Tony tells him that he'll stay out of Robbie's life if he wants, he just won't be something he's not. Realizing he won't change Tony's mind, Danny asks him to hold off making any definite plans because right now he needs a friend. The pair then go to see Michelle and see Bill. When Bill starts gushing over Danny's heroic nabbing of Salerno, Tony warns him not to do this. Seeing that Bill is bitter, Danny tries to apologize for what happened but suggests that Bill get over it. He tells him to keep his problems away from Michelle since compared to her, none of them have problems. Bill exits. Olivia arrives at Bill's apartment to find him sulking. She suggests that they join forces. She confesses to him that she's been buying Spaulding stock to secure a power base, as has someone else. He guesses that she thinks he can find out who that someone is. He tells her he can, and then asks her how badly she wants it?

At Cedars, Danny leaves Michelle's room to call Robbie, leaving Tony with Michelle. Tony tries to build up Danny and tells Michelle that she can now live the life she wants. She then squeezes his hand. Surprised, Tony urges Michelle to open her eyes. She does begin to stir and then wakes up saying "It's you. You're here."

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