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After years of searching for the missing Kate, it just had to come down to the fact that ADAM is the person who found out that Kathy is Kate.

It's a special week, AMC fans. This week you will receive not one, but two Two Scoops columns as we begin our first wave of AMC Two Scoops auditions here on Soap Central fans. In this column, Becky has offered up a column for your enjoyment. Please take some time to read over it and then drop us a line to let us know what you think, whether you'd like to read more from Becky every week -- or if you'd like to wait to read from someone else. When you are done reading, please be sure to click over to our other column, written by David.

After years of searching for the missing Kate, it just had to come down to the fact that ADAM is the person who found out that Kathy is Kate. And I shouldn't be surprised that it appears he's going to taunt Tad with his new Kate/Kathy information. Here's the question that I have - why was it so easy for Adam's sidekick Barry to find out that Kathy and Kate are one and the same? If Madden covered his adoption tracks as well as he did, this was an easy figure-it-out in the end, don't you think? But, it's Christmas, so I suppose 'tis the season to finally reunite Tad with his long lost daughter. Hmmm.... Wonder if Dixie (as an angel) will drop in for the big moment. You know the one, Julia will tell Kathy in child-talk that her favorite friend, the one she's always had an unexplainable bond with, is her father. Kathy will squeal with joy and run into Tad's arms, Tad cries...sweet.

And then there's Krystal - and Tad - and Adam - and Tad and a baby. Man, this is all so familiar. And frankly, stale. Same song, second verse (or is it the third or fourth verse)...This is me - yawning.

By the way, am I the only one that gets a warm and fuzzy when Tad mentions baby Jenny? I can't help it. My memories take me back to Greg/Jenny/Angie/Jesse....ahh...good times. Those were the days of true All My Children bliss. And the good news - Angie (and apparently Jesse) are on their way back to Pine Valley! Yea! This should be good. Will they bring back Brooke (the producers of the show should grovel to get her back), and maybe Jesse will grab Dixie out of heaven and bring her back to Pine Valley, too. Can't wait to see how this all plays out.

Slithering snakebite, Batman!
So, this week in the storm shelter, we've got Zach possessed with digging his way out (am I crazy, but isn't digging a little risky? Can anyone say "cave in?"), Greenlee is still her whining self and then - as luck would have it - reaches down to pick up the 'love letters' in the shelter --- and ouch, gets bitten by a snake! Oh, the drama. Now, I suppose a snake could just suddenly show up in this small, enclosed shelter that has been shut off to the outside world for weeks. But, I'll admit, I found it odd. Where did he come from? I don't think snakes burrow their way through dirt, but I could be wrong.

Zach sucks out the venom and all is well... and speaking of wells - Aidan stumbled onto one with his new pal Quentin (I'm going to take a stab at predicting that Quentin may have something to do with the Angie/Jesse return? Could he really be Frankie? I'm just saying... )

Maybe, if we're lucky, Zach and Greenlee get rescued soon - perhaps Father Clarence (who is sure to start dropping in on the citizens of Pine Valley any day now) will be strolling through the woods and run into Aidan and give him a big hint!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... It's obvious to me now that since Rebecca Budig is returning as the 'real' Greenlee, the writers are working hard to undo the damage they've done to the character since she's come back to Pine Valley. Kendall is full of regrets, Ryan is full of regrets...they spend a moment remembering how much they both loved Greenlee. Then Joe shows up and drops the bomb! Spike would have gone deaf regardless of the accident! Uh oh - no reason for Kendall to hang on to her resentment now...it's going to be fun to see Kendall try to fix this one.

Does anyone really care about Jack andErica anymore?
I didn't think so. But Jack and Julia - ick. Not even close. And, while we're going down the list of potential couples, how about Tad and Hannah - nope; I just don't see any chemistry between those two. I'll admit that a Tad/Julia pairing wouldn't be a bad thing, but the previous Jamie/Julia thing makes that pairing a double ick. But, honestly, it's soap world - I've seen worse. And bottom line - the writers need to do something with Julia! Come on!

Let's chat a moment about Richie. The creep. Kudos to the Lavery boys for getting to the bottom of the mess with him - trying to get himself killed so he can blame his sister - wow, what a freak. But how funny is it going to be for Richie and Janet to do some damage. This could be entertaining.... Please, please, please writers --- let Janet knock off Richie! I love Janet - she always entertains. And speaking of Janet --- we can't go the week without giving a shout out to Amanda! You go girl. Collect your 5 million and the yacht! Way to finally take charge and cash in. I just knew someday your father's (Trevor) good sense would kick in!

But...can someone tell me why Adam just put the 'alibi-disc-that-will-save-JR' in the safe? And even more twisted - asking JR to put the disc in the safe? What's up with that? Why wouldn't Adam take it straight to the police? Or Amanda take it to the police since she got her pay off? Did I miss something somewhere?

JR grows a spine! It's so nice to see JR taking responsibility for his short-comings. But we should enjoy it while we can, because we all know that JR will eventually return to his Chandler ways.

Sweetest moment of the week: Jonathan and Lily. Jonathan is the only person that can pull Lily out of her funk. Ok, I'll say it - I love Jonathan and Lily (not the 'Ava' substitute) --- maybe Jonathan can get clunked on the head, or hit by a car...so he can go back to being 'simple, sweet Jonathan,' then he and Lily can live happily ever after.

Well, 2007 is winding down for our Pine Valley folks. Let's hope for all our sakes that the storylines in 2008 will be engaging, entertaining and fun. This past year has been a confusing one for fans...as an All My Children viewer for over 35 years, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that good things are on the horizon!

-- Becky

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